Nottingham Panthers: Corey Neilson and Craig Kowalski re-sign

Corey Neilson

Nottingham Panthers coach Corey Neilson and netminder Craig Kowalski have both signed new contracts for next season.

Neilson, 36, who has just retired as a player, joined Panthers in 2006 and recently guided the club to their first league title in 57 years.

American Kowalski, 32, first joined Nottingham in 2010.

"I love playing for Corey. Things have worked out since I came here and he's been coach. Hopefully it continues," Kowalski told BBC Radio Nottingham.

"He's kind of a hockey nerd. He breaks things down pretty well, he gives us a plan and it's our job to go out and execute it - and we have done a pretty good job of that.

"I'm happy to be back and I am looking forward to finishing this season well and having a great next season too. I've been playing well and cannot really complain how things have worked out here."

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