Andrew Shaw scores 'greatest ice hockey goal that never was'

Andrew Shaw header
Shaw pounced on a scramble and leapt to head the loose puck into the net

An ice hockey puck can reach speeds of 100mph or more but that did not stop one Canadian player from deciding to head one into the net.

Chicago Blackhawks centre Andrew Shaw produced a leap even Stoke City's Peter Crouch would be proud of to head home in his side's NHL Western Conference final against Anaheim Ducks.external-link

The 23-year-old raced away to celebrate but officials ruled the effort out, citing NHL rules which state goals can only be deliberately scored with use of the stick.

"I understand, but I think if anyone can ever pull that off it should still be a goal," Shaw said. "I was just out there using my head."

American broadcaster NBC called the goal "the greatest that never was"external-link and on social media some fans joked that the player would soon be signed up by Manchester United and Barcelona.

Hockey tweets
Social media was awash with comment on Andrew Shaw's header in the second period of overtime

Blackhawks forward Patrick Sharpe said: "That was a heck of a play. I'm not sure why that's not allowed. I know it's in the rule book but that's a pretty athletic play and a pretty entertaining play as well."

Shaw's effort in the second period of overtime ended a scramble near the Anaheim goal as he leapt to apply the finishing touch but after a review by officials, celebrations were ended.

If that was not enough entertainment, the Blackhawks eventually took the match 3-2, needing three periods of overtime in what was the longest match in their 89-year history and the 17th longest ever in the NHL.

It tied their best of seven series at 1-1 ahead of game three on Thursday where after Shaw's rare attempt, no one on the ice will be in any doubt as to the rules on headed goals.

Andrew Shaw header
Andrew Shaw and the Blackhawks celebrated but officials conducted a review of the incident

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