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  1. Thank you and goodnight

    That is all from Sportsday for today. Thank you for following our coverage of the Fifa presidential election, which saw Sepp Blatter re-elected for a fifth term. You can find reaction to that news on the BBC News and Sport websites, with more to come throughout the evening.

    Sportsday will return on Monday at 08:00 BST. We'll see you then.

  2. 'This is not over...'

    Fifa presidential election

    More from FA chairman Greg Dyke: "This is not over by any means.

    "To quote the Attorney General this is the beginning of the process, not the end.

    "The idea Blatter could reform FIFA is suspect. I'd be very surprised if he was still in this job in two years time."

  3. 'This is the beginning, not the end'

    Fifa presidential election

    Football Association chairman Greg Dyke on Sepp Blatter's re-election, talking to Sky News:

    "We think that's the impact of the events of this week, but this isn't over by any means. The events of this week were so dramatic for FIFA, but I cannot see FIFA reforming itself under Blatter. He's had 16 years to reform it but he hasn't done it.

    "England won't withdraw from anything on its own and you can be absolutely certain about that. That would be ridiculous. There will be discussions I think in FIFA about this result and what FIFA should do next but that won't be England alone."

    "This is the beginning not the end. I think there is a lot more of this to play out."

  4. Post update

    Fifa presidential election

    Gary Lineker

    BBC Sport presenter on Twitter

    "The only way this revolting organisation will change is if the major football federations walk out. It's time to grow a pair of footballs."

  5. Luis Figo reaction

    Fifa presidential election

    Former Portugal international Luis Figo, who pulled out of the race to succeed Sepp Blatter as Fifa president last week, has given his reaction to today's vote...

    "Today was another dark day in Zurich," began Figo. before going on to say, "Fifa has lost, but above everything, football has lost and everyone who truly cares about it has lost too.

    "Mr. Blatter had a very cynical reaction when he said that he couldn't control everyone. It offends everyone's intelligence. These persons, whom Mr. Blatter has promoted through years, turned, with him, Fifa in to a decadent organization.

    "If Mr. Blatter were minimally concerned about football, he would have given up of the re-election. If he has a minimal of decency, he will resign in the next few days."

  6. 'Thinking to be done'

    Fifa presidential election

    Irish FA chief executive Patrick Nelson on BBC Radio 5 live:

    "It's a little too early to be thinking about things like breaking from Fifa. Things are best dealt with in the cold light of day.

    "Anything could be on the table but it's a stretch to think about radical solutions at the moment. There's a lot of thinking to be done."

  7. Get involved at #bbcsportsday

    Fifa presidential election

    Wilbur: If the leading nations do not do something to spark major reform now then they deserve Fifa & Blatter.

    John Durham: My football craze has ended! This is the most corrupt sport now. Shocking Blatter got in. Fifa you're a disgrace.

    Ross Parker: I don't see the big fuss made over the Fifa arrests. Nothing has changed, Fifa are corrupt and Blatter carries on.

  8. Villa's road to the final

    FA Cup final

    Aston Villa

    As Aston Villa prepare to face Arsenal in the FA Cup final at Wembley on Saturday, BBC Sport looks back at the Villans' route to the final.

    Starting with a last-gasp win over Blackpool at Villa Park, Villa then beat Bournemouth, Leicester and West Brom before their surprise semi-final victory over Liverpool.

    Click here to view the video

  9. Top of the Pops

    FA Cup final


    To celebrate one of the most famous cup traditions, Top of the Pops 2 has gathered together a selection of the best FA Cup songs.

    Featuring Chas & Dave, Hot Stuff Arsenal, Status Quo and the unforgettable rapping talents of Liverpool's John Barnes.

    Click here to watch the video

  10. Get involved at #bbcsportsday

    Fifa presidential election

    Chris Ludlow: So, the inmates are still running the asylum. What a disgrace!

    Rory: Time for new organisation. Can't be just Euro - get Brazil Argentina USA Canada Australia + anyone willing & you have World Cup

    Viva F1: 'I will be in command of this boat called Fifa' by which I assume Blatter means he intends to go down with the sinking ship

  11. Former team-mates reunited

    FA Cup final

    Alan Shearer - Tim Sherwood

    Alan Shearer meets former Blackburn team-mate and Aston Villa manager Tim Sherwood ahead of his side's appearance in the FA Cup final.

    Sherwood says he has definitely taken managerial attributes from former Blackburn boss Kenny Dalglish, and admits to sharing his fear of losing.

    Click here to watch the full interview

  12. Football

    FA Cup final

    The Fifa presidential election has dominated the agenda this afternoon, but let's not forget that the FA Cup final is taking place this Saturday. We have plenty of content on the game, to provide you with all you need to know ahead of Arsenal v Aston Villa at Wembley.

  13. 'Now I'm president of everybody'

    Fifa presidential election

    After not talking for a bit, Sepp Blatter is talking again:

    "I like you, you brought me again into Fifa. All those that have voted for Prince Ali, I congratulate you - he is a good candidate.

    "But now I'm president of everybody. I am president of Fifa."

  14. Post update

    Fifa presidential election

    Sepp Blatter is enjoying himself now in the hall. He is continuing his address with extended closing words for the delegates. "I am now the president of everybody," he declares, perhaps over-estimating his remit. That probably didn't come across how he intended. "I am the president of Fifa," he clarifies before signing off and leaving the stage, not before sharing a brief chat and handshake with Uefa president Michel Platini. Thus ends the conference.

  15. 'I like you and I like my job'

    Fifa presidential election

    And finally, 79-year-old Sepp Blatter ends with these words of wisdom:

    "The age is no problem. Some people are 50 and look old.

    "I like you and I like my job and I would like to be with you. I am not perfect but we will do a good job together. Let's go Fifa, let's go Fifa!"

  16. 'I am a faithful man'

    Fifa presidential election

    More from continuing Fifa president Sepp Blatter:

    "We have some organisational problems. We need women in this committee, we have to do more. I will not touch the World Cup, it is too important.

    "I take responsibility to bring back Fifa, with you we will do it, I am convinced.

    "I am a faithful man, now God, Allah or whoever we believe in, they will help us to bring back Fifa. I promise you at the end of my term I will give Fifa to my successor in a very strong position."

  17. 'I will be in command of this boat called Fifa'

    Fifa presidential election

    Sepp Blatter

    Sepp Blatter's victory speech:

    "First of all I would like to give compliments and express gratitude to Prince Ali. Because he was a challenger and he has obtained a very good result.

    "He could have said 'no, let's go further and perhaps I would have received more votes'.

    "But I thank you for accepting me for the next four years. I will be in command of this boat called Fifa and we will bring it back to shore."

  18. Get involved at #bbcsportsday

    Fifa presidential election

    Rob Perry: Goodbye Fifa you've destroyed something beautiful. Time for Europe to sort it all out for you.

    Ralph Lifeway: Fifa is not only for the FA and Uefa. We acknowledge you are powerful but without you, Fifa can survive.

    David: Fifa is a joke. Blatter in charge for 16 of their 25 years of corruption and gets re-elected.

  19. Boos for Blatter

    Fifa presidential election

    There are a couple of boos as Sepp Blatter is introduced to the stage to deliver his victory speech. Blatter doesnt react, instead clasping his hands and raising them in triumph.

  20. 'Thank you to those brave enough to support me'

    Fifa presidential election

    Prince Ali bin al-Hussein has addressed the audience with a brief statement.

    "It has been a wonderful journey. I want to thank all those brave enough to support me, but I will be withdrawing from the race. I wish you all the best of luck for the future."

  21. Sepp Blatter re-elected as Fifa president

    Fifa presidential election

    It is over. We have been spared a second vote by the withdrawal of Prince Ali bin al-Hussein. And so Sepp Blatter is re-elected for a fifth term as Fifa president.

    Prince Ali leaves the stage receiving handshakes and hugs from fellow delegates as he does so.

  22. Prince Ali withdraws

    Fifa presidential election

    Prince Ali bin al-Hussein withdraws from Fifa presidential election.

  23. Post update

    Fifa presidential election

    Jerome Valcke has just announced that round two of voting will begin again in five minutes. Should only take a few hours. I think he was sobbing when he said it. Oh, wait, no that's me sobbing.

  24. Post update

    Fifa presidential election

    Richard Conway

    BBC Radio 5 live sports news correspondent on Twitter

    "Revised figures. 3 ballots spoiled so Blatter 5 short of 138 needed for 1st round win."

  25. Post update

    Fifa presidential election

    So, we have to go through all this again. With a simple majority the aim. A majority like the one we just got in the first round. So, unless 32 of the delegates in the hall have a sudden change of heart, Sepp Blatter will be remaining in charge of Fifa.

  26. Post update

    Fifa presidential election

    Dan Roan

    BBC sports editor on BBC News

    "This is hugely encouraging to Sepp Blatter's opponents. Not winning in the first round is a bloodied-nose for the Fifa president, even if he goes on to a fifth term."

  27. Post update

    Fifa presidential election

    It would appear that three delegates failed to return a valid ballot paper for the first round, with only 206 of the 209 ballots deemed acceptable.

  28. Post update

    Fifa presidential election

    The official first-round result is as follows...

    Prince Ali bin al-Hussein got 73 of the votes. Sepp Blatter got 133 of them.

    140 votes was needed for a first-round majority. Blatter is surely favourite for the second round.

  29. Second round required

    Fifa presidential election

    We are going to a second round of voting.

  30. Post update

    Get involved at #bbcsportsday

    Christophe Talbotski: Are they using Alan Partridge's keyboard for the incidental music? 'A few gremlins in the system. Ghosts in the machine...'

    Martin: The good news is if FIFA bring out 'now that's what I call FIFA' album there will be a five pound note in each one

    Grumpy Expat: This is like following a penalty shoot out on #BBCSportsday. You know your team will lose, but there is that little ray of hope..

  31. Post update

    Fifa presidential election

    A paper is being passed between the delegates. This must be the sign off. Result pending. Here we go...

  32. Post update

    Fifa presidential election

    We've now got a very ominous, clock-ticking kind of music in the hall. It's a bit like a Nine Inch Nails version of the Countdown clock music. Does this mean we're getting close?

  33. Post update

    Fifa presidential election

    Surely we can't be far off a result now? As far as I can see, every piece of paper is either in one pile or another. These officials sure know how to crank up the tension. I'm betting they go to a commercial break before announcing the result. And if Louis sends this to deadlock I'm outta here.

  34. Post update

    Fifa presidential election

    It looks like we're done. No more votes to count. Michel Platini looks very pensive sat in the important seats on the stage. He's holding his phone, perhaps ready to send off a reactive tweet. Will it be smiley or frowny face, though? The music switches up again with a more upbeat number. Maybe they'll sweep the chairs away at the end of this, get out a table with some quartered pork pies on and have a bit of disco?

  35. Post update

    Get involved at #bbcsportsday

    Garry Benfold: As the FIFA election could be over 2 rounds will Blatter try using the away votes rule?

    Jason R: The second round of voting only makes sense if you narrow it down from 3+ to 2 candidates. Doubt anyone changes now

    Ken Kramer: Jerome Valcke has a real future in calling BINGO after his performance in this Fifa election

    Sally Anders: So if there is only a 60% majority, they all vote again to find that...wait for's a 60% majority...FIFA eh?

  36. Post update

    Fifa presidential election

    I can only assume we'll get a 'Now That's What I Call Fifa' album after this.

  37. Post update

    Fifa presidential election

    Two piles are starting to form on either end of the table. The one on the right looks a bit healthier than the left. This is a sorry state of affairs. It's like being at a really cheap fairground, trying to figure out which pile of paper is the biggest. Wait... a change of music. Now we've got a seductive tune to see us home. They've really captured the mood. This is sexy stuff.

  38. Post update

    Fifa presidential election

    I guess we now play the waiting game. The boxes are being opened and the ballot papers tipped out on to a big table at the front of the conference hall. There are some nervous faces in the room now. A few of the delegates are taking photos of the counting process. Those'll be keepers. One for the 'people sifting through paper' folder on their C drive.

  39. Round two?

    Fifa presidential election

    If you're questioning why there could be a second round of voting, you've asked a very good question. Here is the answer.

    A candidate can only win in the first round if they pick up a two-thirds majority. If no candidate picks up a two-thirds majority, then we have a second round.

    So even if, let's say, Sepp Blatter got 59% of the vote, we'd need to do it all again. Bonkers, right?

    Well, it's a rule designed for when there are more than two candidates, with the least popular candidate eliminated from the next round.

    Theoretically, people could change their vote for round two, but it's unlikely.

  40. Post update

    Fifa presidential election

    Things have gone all Ferris Bueller as Valcke can't find Uzbekistan. "Uzbekistan... Uzbekistan... Uzbekistan." Eventually, the delegate makes his way to the booth. And with Zambia we are all done. That is the end of the election. It's counting time.

  41. Post update

    Fifa presidential election

    We're almost there people. And that middle of the road mood music is still playing. That'll be the soundtrack to my nightmares tonight as I'm called to booth two by Jerome Valcke only to realise that I've forgotten to put on any pants.

  42. Post update

    Fifa presidential election

    We are into the business end of the election now as Turkmenistan need to be told at least seven times to be in booth two. Valcke is now telling delegates to be ready before he sends them to vote, like a fed-up attendant at the top of a water slide.

  43. Post update

    Fifa presidential election

    Yep, Jerome is ready to snap. Tonga are the latest to feel his wrath. "Yes, I see you" he snaps at their delegate. "And are you chewing Trinidad and Tobago?"

  44. T time

    Fifa presidential election

    Valcke has got annoyed a couple of times now with delegates not doing what they're told. He's starting to remind me of the swimming teacher played by David Schneider in The Day Today, when he can't get his class of kids to do what he tells them. I reckon midway through the Ts he'll just give up and shout "Ok, free vote everyone. Free vote."

  45. Handed a boost?

    Fifa presidential election

    Bad news. Spain are in booth one, like England. Is that this election's booth of death?

  46. Scottish Cup final

    Falkirk v Inverness CT (Sat, 17:00 BST)

    Speaking of Scotland. Quite the coup this... Sean Connery narrating the opening sequence to BBC Scotland's Scottish Cup final coverage.

    Big Tam is accompanied by another great Scottish voice - that of commentator Archie Macpherson - to introduce this year's battle to win the oldest competition in football.

    Sportscene will be live from 13:00 BST on Saturday on BBC One Scotland and online.

  47. Post update

    Fifa presidential election

    The Scottish delegate is firing off a quick text. "Don't think I'll be home for tea, love. We're only up to Singapore."

  48. Second round looming?

    Fifa presidential election

    So, apparently, if a two-third majority is not reached in this first round, the outcome will be decided in a second round that is decided by a simple majority. Erm... would it be too obvious to suggest they just skip straight to the round two approach?

  49. Ding ding... Round two?

    Fifa presidential election

    Richard Conway

    BBC Radio 5 live sports news correspondent

    BBC understands there's optimism amongst Prince Ali's team the Jordanian can secure enough votes to take the Fifa presidential election into a second round.

  50. Long way from home

    Fifa presidential election

    Sky News sports correspondent Paul Kelso tweets: "New Caledonia voting. Met the man from New Caledonia. Nice chap. took him 28 hours to get here."

  51. One at a time

    Fifa presidential election

    Fifa vote

    Surely there is a more technologically advanced way of deciding the matter than this? But then again Fifa are not the quickest when it comes to employing technology.

  52. Up to the Ms

    Fifa presidential election

    Cracks are starting to show in Jerome Valcke's calm demeanour. He's done a fine job of herding the delegates to their booths but first Libya and then Malaysia test his patience by dawdling. I think Fifa missed a trick not getting Terry Wogan in to read out the countries. We are up to the Ms.

  53. BBC coverage

    Canada v England

    As we trudge past the Ks and limp into the Ls in Zurich, we have some BBC football coverage news to bring you. England face Canada (Sat, 00:00 BST) in their final game before the Women's World Cup and you can follow the friendly live on the BBC Red Button, website, mobiles and app.

  54. Tense in Zurich

    Fifa presidential election

    One delegate is biting his nails before heading to the booth to vote. He's feeling the tension. He's the only one.

    Hang on; chaos! Iceland briefly don't know which booth they are going to! Jerome Valcke comes to the rescue by pointing them in the right direction. Crisis averted.

  55. The rights and wrongs of playing Qatar


    Amid this Fifa farrago, it should be noted that Scotland will face Qatar in a friendly next Thursday. The Gulf side also face Northern Ireland on Sunday and are based at St George's Park in Burton.

    But should the welcome mat be rolled out to the visitors?

  56. Penalty shoot-out

    Fifa presidential election

    We are into the Gs. It would have been a lot easier to decide this with a penalty shoot-out.

  57. McCullum gone


    First ball after tea, Brendan McCullum tries chipping one over mid-off, but only manages to give Mark Wood a dolly of a catch. Dangerman gone. New Zealand 123-4.

    Follow live text of that match here

  58. England are up

    Fifa presidential election

    Voting booth 1 for ENGLAND.

    Greg Dyke is in, behind the black curtain he goes. Will he have a late change of heart? Will he put his cross next to Joseph S Blatter's name?

    Into the box he pops his slip. Well played lad, textbook. He seems happy with that.

  59. Reasons to support Blatter

    Fifa presidential election

    Sepp Blatter

    German newspaper Das Zeit have filed a story "Why Sepp Blatter deserves our support" on its website. It's completely blank, except for an invitation to click through to a second page of "Even more reasons to support Blatter". That's blank as well. The first comment at the bottom of the page complains: "There's nothing, all blank. Did you mean it?

    Click here to "read" the piece

  60. Come on down!

    Fifa presidential election

    Voting booth

    With the terrible bland music being played and the small group of suited men at each sterile, white, square booth, it looks like a beach bar imagined by George Orwell.

    We've rocketed into the Cs. Chile, come on down!

  61. Fifa presidential election

    Get involved at #bbcsportsday

    Adam Cooke: Starting to think the Hollywood ending of the FBI busting the door down mid-speech isn't going to happen

    Simon Goodall: Why doesn't Blatter just make himself Hon. Life President and have done with it?

    Pete Crowson: FIFA vote only has a 209 votes to count but it still takes until 19:00BST? They should get Sunderland to count it.

    Sunderland South was the first constituency to declare a result in this month's General Election. It took them 50 minutes.

  62. And relax...

    Fifa presidential election

    They are piping some red-hot lift music into the hall in Zurich. Sounds like the kind of thing you'd get on Chilled Out Middle of the Road Moods 2. Perhaps after the week they have had, Fifa think it will calm everyone down.

  63. Turn up for the books

    Fifa presidential election

    England have lasted longer in this than they did in the last World Cup...

  64. How else can members show opposition?

    Fifa presidential election


    In 2011, the English FA called for a delay in the vote because of corruption allegations, but only 16 other states backed their motion and the election went ahead.

    Uefa chief Michel Platini called on Sepp Blatter to stand down on Thursday but he refused to do so. The organisation had also asked for the vote to be postponed - a call not supported by other confederations.

    The BBC has learned that Uefa could call for an extraordinary general meeting of Fifa's Congress if Blatter. If 20% of members agree, the meeting would have to be held within three months - and a motion of no confidence would almost certainly be put forward.

  65. 'Customer 48, please'

    Fifa presidential election

    The voting booth has been set up in the conference hall in Zurich. Must have been an Ikea job*. We are about ready to get this vote under way. Michel Platini is doing a bit of mingling as Bangladesh and Belarus are called up to booths one and two respectively. It's actually a lot like collecting your items at the Argos+ counter.

    *Other ready-to-assemble furniture shops are available.

    +Other catalogue retailers are available.

    Michel Platini
  66. Who?

    Fifa presidential election

    Aruba are up to vote. Can genuinely say I have never heard of them.

    Speak for yourself, Shamoon...

  67. Zzzzz

    Fifa presidential election

    A long wait for Zambia and Zimbabwe. They're probably sat together playing noughts and crosses, or doing a wordsearch. Or taking selfies.

  68. A long process

    Fifa presidential election

    Candidates will come up to vote one by one, but there are two booths.

    Afghanistan and Albania first up, being done in alphabetical order.

  69. Why does half the world love Blatter?

    Fifa presidential election

    Matthew Kenyon, of BBC Sport Africa, explains why: "Development? Benefits? Equity? We're talking about two things really - the first is concrete investment, often literally so. The second is respect."

  70. Fifa presidential election

    Get involved at #bbcsportsday

    Greg Evans: The only way to made a stand is to boycott the world cup! For the whole of Europe to withdraw!

    Kenneth Barr: The only action that would restore any confidence in Blatter is the immediate release of the Garcia Report.

    Steve Howes: Football's fast moving, It needs a younger man, with fresh outlook & no baggage to get things done. Not a 10-year non achiever.

  71. Voting explanation

    Fifa presidential election

    In the first ballot, candidate needs 2/3 of the vote to be elected. If that does not happen, there will be a second ballot in which the candidate needs a majority.

    Simple, although it may take until 19:00 BST. Stay with us.

  72. Sepp Blatter speech

    Fifa Congress

    "Football means more than a game, it needs a strong and experienced leader. One that knows all the ins and outs and can work with our partners."

    Sepp Blatter leaves the stage to applause from the crowd. Has that final gambit secured his place as president again?

  73. Sepp Blatter speech

    Fifa Congress

    "We need to recover our good name, we will do this tomorrow morning."

    Blatter says the time he has spent at Fifa is short. He has been in power since 1998. Some may think otherwise.

  74. Sepp Blatter speech

    Fifa Congress

    "We need to protect our house not just from corruption but racism, match-fixing, doping and violence.

    "Football touches the world to prepare a better world. There is this notion of peace, I'll speak about the handshake of peace."

    Blatter talking about the handshake that took place between the Israel and Palestine delegates an hour or so ago.

  75. Headingley update


    Brendon McCullum

    New Zealand have reached the 100-mark in the second Test against England without losing a fourth wicket as Brendon McCullum, who lofted his first ball over cover for six, consolidated with Tom Latham at the crease. Tea is about 15 minutes away and the tourists are 103-3.

    Follow the game live here.

  76. Sepp Blatter speech

    Fifa Congress

    "We will change things in the future, starting tomorrow.

    "Fifa is about clubs, players, leagues, referees. Professional football needs greater recognition in Fifa. I will install a department for football where there will be representatives from clubs and leagues, which we already have for referees.

    "We need to keep the World Cup - it is the goose of the golden egg."

  77. Post update

    Football writer and broadcaster Phillippe Auclair tweets: "Never forget this is not a speech addressed to the world. It is a speech addressed to 209 people. And that's that."

  78. Sepp Blatter speech

    Fifa Congress

    "We don't need revolutions, but we always need evolution.

    "Yesterday, the day before and today, I am being held accountable for the current storm. OK so be it. I will shoulder that responsibility. Just as I said, I will take it upon myself. I will accept it and I want to fix Fifa together with you.

    "I want to hand over a Fifa that will have emerged from the storm. A Fifa that will have enough safeguards which will not need the political interventions. I promise you this."

    Fighting talk from the wee man...

  79. Sepp Blatter speech

    Fifa Congress

    We've found a translator...

    "Now you are giving me this opportunity to be with you, here. I have an opportunity now to tell you, thank you. Thank you for following the development of Fifa which started 40 years ago."

    He's thanking a lot of people at the moment. It's like an Oscar acceptance speech.

  80. Sepp Blatter speech

    Fifa Congress

    Sepp Blatter

    Sepp Blatter is up. Pin drop silence in the arena...

    Ah, he's speaking in French. Bear with us. Je suis confus...

  81. Prince Ali speech

    Fifa Congress

    "I ask you for the honour of your confidence in me. I humbly ask you for your vote. I ask you to listen to your conscience."

    Prince Ali wants to hold hands and take Fifa forward. So sweet.

    And with five minutes to spare, he makes his way off stage.

  82. Prince Ali speech

    Fifa Congress

    "I give you my word I will honour the game, without interference."

    Prince Ali giving the spiel about having honour, "making dreams a reality".

    He thanks Michael van Praag and Luis Figo, who have supported him and pulled out of the race for the presidency.

  83. Prince Ali speech

    Fifa Congress

    Runny nose alert. Someone get Prince Ali a tissue please.

  84. Prince Ali speech

    Fifa Congress

    Prince Ali

    Prince Ali: "Nothing in life exists without hope. Even the darkest night can be broken with a new dawn.

    "We want transparency, inclusiveness and accountability. Everyone pulling in the same direction for the good of Fifa and football.

    "Today is about taken the first step to change. We must show the world the Fifa family is committed to the game.

    "We stand here today at a crossroads for football and a strong leader is needed to fix the mess we are in. I will stand as that."

    Does anyone else think Prince Ali sounds like a Church of England minister delivering a sermon?

  85. Live coverage

    Fifa presidential election

    You can follow the election live on the BBC News Channel by clicking the play button somewhere above this entry...

  86. Prince Ali speech

    Fifa Congress

    Prince Ali is up on stage.Here he goes:

    "It is an incredible honour to stand as a candidate. Everything is at stake for the game, for the world.

    "We are guardians of the game, a game that is cherished by the world. A game that can unite and heal. About men and women who give their all and who inspire the youth."

    The former Sandhurst student is speaking in superb English, by the way.

  87. In for the long haul

    Fifa Congress


    Snuggle up peeps...

    "Take your seats. It's a long process," says Fifa general secretary Jerome Valcke.

    The Scottish FA's chief Stewart Regan has tweeted #bbcsportsday to warn it will take up to three hours should it go to a second ballot.

  88. Blatter to retain Asian support?

    Fifa presidential election

    Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah

    Is this an indication that Sepp Blatter will retain his role as president of Fifa?

    Kuwait's Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah, who basically calls the tune in the Asian confederation, has been speaking to Reuters about Blatter.

    "FIFA should have a leader with a lot of experience," the FIFA executive committee member said.

  89. Arsenal's road to the final

    FA Cup final

    Alexis Sanchez

    As Arsenal prepare to face Aston Villa in the FA Cup final at Wembley on Saturday, BBC Sport looks back at the Gunners' route to the final.

    Starting with a repeat of last season's final victory against Hull, Arsenal saw off Brighton, Middlesbrough and Manchester United before their extra-time semi-final victory over Reading.

    Click here to view the video

  90. Headingley update


    Ross Taylor has just gifted England their third wicket in the second Test at Headingley, offering no stroke to a straight, full ball from Stuart Broad. New Zealand are 68-3.

    Follow the game live here.

  91. Get Involved


    Evo Hashtagger in Warsaw, Poland: People are simply either unfair or outright stupid in their judgements. Blatter, a self-made king of Fifa, has made it into one of the most prosperous organisations globally, something few would have bet on 20 years ago.

    His challenger is a son of the king, someone who has never achieved anything in life. Sport is the only area of life where there is democracy. Keep politics out of it.

  92. Fifa fun

    Fifa Congress

    In the break, Fifa have organised the playing of some sweet, swing tunes, although I can't see any delegates - or Sepp Blatter himself - grabbing a partner for a dance on the stage.

    They will reconvene shortly.

  93. Headingley update



    New Zealand are battling back after losing two early wickets against England in the second Test at Headingley. Tom Latham is 38 not out, with Ross Taylor unbeaten on 16. The total has moved to 64-2 following a flurry of boundaries.

    You can follow the game here.

  94. Irish Open latest


    Padraig Harrington at the Irish Open

    Padraig Harrington had a two-shot lead in the Irish Open earlier today. He is now two shots off the lead following a +2 round of 73. Scotland's Richie Ramsey and Austria's Bernd Wiesberger share the clubhouse lead on -4, with Denmark's Soren Kjeldsen a shot better off and still out on the course.

  95. World Have Your Say

    Fifa presidential election

    World Have Your Say

    World Have Your Say is now live on the BBC World Service and today they are asking their guests whether or not Sepp Blatter is the right man to lead Fifa.

  96. Interval

    Fifa Congress

    Toot toot. Jerome Valcke has blown his whistle and called a 10-minute break, before the commencement of Item 17 in the Fifa Congress... the election.

  97. Get involved


    Gordon Braid: Blatter looks like an old delusional man who is wandering around not knowing what is going on around him. He reminds me of patients I used to see in the psychiatric hospitals I worked in.

    Gavin Williams: Fifa has been stagnant and corrupt for years only in a totalitarian society would any leader have lasted so many elections. Blatter at 79 is past it and offers nothing to the future of the game. Prince Ali is fresh and could bring in a refreshed out look.

  98. Fifa incomings

    Fifa Congress

    The new members of Fifa executive committee members are heading on stage to receive a brown envelo... sorry, a medal.

    This includes FA vice-chairman David Gill, who tries to get away from Sepp Blatter as quickly as possible, but is called back for a hugely awkward picture.

    It could be a short-lived stay in the position for Gill, who has said he will resign should Blatter be re-elected.

  99. Fifa outgoings

    Fifa Congress

    The Fifa executive committee members who are leaving are now on stage shaking Sepp Blatter's hand and receiving a pennant from the president.

    It included a respectful - if brief - handshake between Blatter and his rival for the top job Prince Ali.

    Fifa secretary general Jerome Valke is MC-ing this caper, incidentally. He's not exactly enthusing the audience.

  100. Wenger in awe of Wembley as a child

    FA Cup final

    Arsene Wenger

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger tells Gabby Logan he has been watching Wembley FA Cup finals in awe since he was nine-years-old.

    The Gunners boss admits it was the spirit of English football that attracted him to the game and believes the FA Cup plays a bit part in that for fans.

    Wenger describes the "stunning pitch" and the brilliant white ball as being vivid in his first memories of the famous cup final.

    Click here to watch the video

  101. What happens next?

    Fifa Congress

    Just to keep you appraised with what's going on in Zurich...

    It appears the Fifa Congress is running late and still have to introduce the new members of the Executive Committee - including the FA's David Gill - before getting to the election.

    Even then, though, there could be more interventions from the floor and both Sepp Blatter and Prince Ali are entitled to address the hall for 15 minutes before the voting actually begins.

    And there's always the chance they could halt proceedings at any time for a leisurely drink and some canapes.

  102. Heysel - 30 years on


    Ian Rush twitter

    Former Liverpool striker Ian Rush played in the 1985 European Cup final at Heysel Stadium, which will forever be remembered for the death of 39 Juventus supporters.

  103. 'Grealish could be Villa hero'

    FA Cup final

    Jack Grealish

    BBC football expert Pat Nevin examines Aston Villa's chances in Saturday's FA Cup final, and believes teenager Jack Grealish could be pivotal for the Villains.

    Grealish has flourished under manager Tim Sherwood, and Nevin believes the 19-year-old's composure and decision-making will be key if the midlands club are to stand any chance of beating holders Arsenal.

    Click here to view the video

  104. Radwanska to play at Nottingham Open



    Former world number two and 2012 Wimbledon finalist Agnieszka Radwanska will compete at Nottingham's inaugural WTA event in June.

    The 26-year-old, who lost in the first round of the French Open on Monday, has won 14 career WTA singles titles.

    "It is special to be a part of this tournament in its first year," said the Polish world number 14. "My best results have come on grass in Britain.

    "Hopefully this will be the preparation I need going into Wimbledon."

  105. Unfortunate choice of words

    Fifa Congress

    Daily Telegraph football correspondent Henry Winter tweets: "Debate over Palestine/Israel at Fifa Congress. 'Where is our lawyer?' shouts Sepp Blatter. Probably not the first time he's shouted that recently."

  106. Brownlee brothers go head-to-head


    Brownlee brothers

    Alistair Brownlee says "the fittest, fastest person will win" as he races against brother Jonathan Brownlee for the first time this season at the World Triathlon Series in London.

    The brothers go head-to-head after victories for younger brother Jonathan in Auckland and the Gold Coast, whilst Olympic champion Alistair took a stunning win in Cape Town.

    Click here to watch the video

  107. 'Cazorla the danger man'

    FA Cup final

    Santi Cazorla

    BBC football expert Pat Nevin analyses Arsenal's chances in Saturday's FA Cup final against Aston Villa at Wembley, and explains why midfielder Santi Cazorla could be the Gunners' key man.

    Nevin believes the Spaniard's positioning, skill and intelligence will be crucial if Arsenal are to retain the trophy they won 12 months ago with victory over Hull.

    Click here to view the video

  108. Magic Weekend heads to Newcastle

    Rugby League

    Magic Weekend

    The Super League's Magic Weekend heads to Newcastle with all 12-top flight clubs facing each other at St James' Park.

    Various team captains look ahead to the the fixtures which see Wigan face Leeds, the Hull derby and St Helens against Warrington among the games.

    Click here to view the video

  109. Successful return for Treve

    Horse Racing

    Cornelius Lysaght

    BBC horse racing correspondent

    Treve, the French-trained two-time winner of flat racing's Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe, has made a successful return to the track when running away with the Prix Corrida at Saint Cloud in France.

  110. Palestine drop suspension proposal

    Fifa Congress

    Latest news from the Fifa Congress: The Palestinian FA president confirms he is dropping a proposal at Fifa congress to suspend Israel from international football.

  111. Ramsey dismisses Barcelona rumours


    Aaron Ramsey

    Aaron Ramsey has dismissed rumours linking him with a £50m move from Arsenal to Spanish giants Barcelona.

    Barcelona have reportedly scouted the 24-year-old Wales midfielder several times this season, even though they are under a transfer ban until 2016.

    But Ramsey, who has four years left on his Arsenal contract, was cool when asked if a move would appeal to him.

    "No, not at this time. I'm focusing on the FA Cup so that's what appeals to me at this moment in time," Ramsey said.

    Click here to read the full piece

  112. What leads to hiring and firing?


    Manager's chart

    The news that manager sackings have reached a 13-year high prompted our man Alistair Magowan to investigate whether all the firing is down to plain bad hiring.

    Southampton's Les Reed and former Liverpool and Tottenham director of football Damien Comolli offer insight.

    Click here to read the full piece

  113. Scottish Cup final build up

    Falkirk v Inverness CT (Sat, 15:00 BST)

    Falkirk and Inverness meet at Hampden on Saturday but how did these two relatively unheralded teams reach the Scottish Cup final? Watch this clip to find out...

  114. Who scored the best goal in an FA Cup final?


    Ricky Villa scores in the 1981 FA Cup final

    Ricky Villa? Norman Whiteside? Stuart Pearce? Steven Gerrard? All have scored cracking FA Cup final goals. But which was the best?

    Ahead of Saturday's FA Cup final showdown between Arsenal and Aston Villa, which will be shown live on the BBC, we wanted you to let us know which is your favourite final goal.

    To find out which were included in the top 10, which were omitted, and which came out on top, click here.

  115. McIlroy searches for spark

    Irish Open

    Rory McIlroy has started his second round at the Irish Open, with the world number one attempting to repair the damage caused by an opening round 80.

    The Northern Irishman is level par for his round after three holes and sits nine over, with the projected cut currently at four over.

  116. Stay safe in Zurich

    Fifa Congress

    Richard Conway

    BBC Radio 5 live sports news correspondent

    Fifa congress

    Welcome to Fifa Congress 2015.

  117. Prince William nervous ahead of final

    FA Cup final

    Prince William

    Aston Villa fan Prince William says he is starting to feel the nerves ahead of Saturday's FA Cup final with Arsenal.

    The Duke of Cambridge, who is also the FA president, will be at Wembley to watch the game and present the trophy to the winning side.

    In an interview with Gary Lineker for Football Focus, Prince William, 32, said: "I'm nervous now. I'm terrified."

    Prince William also spoke of his hopes Prince George and Princess Charlotte will grow up to be Aston Villa fans.

    Click here to read the full interview

  118. Kell Brook v Frankie Gavin

    IBF welterweight title fight

    Kell Brook (left) and Frankie Gavin (right)

    Defending champion Kell Brook weighs in at 10st 6lb 4ozs, while opponent Frankie Gavin comes in slightly heavier at 10st 6lbs 9ozs.

    "I am not making this a boring fight," said Brook. "I am going to be explosive, to seek and destroy. I am looking to take heads off.

    "Top of the bill at the O2, I am getting where I want to be and looking to excel in this game."

  119. Another one down


    Jimmy Anderson celebrates

    Jimmy Anderson is on a roll, already closing in on 500 Test wickets for England. Kane Williamson goes quacking off and New Zealand are 2-2.

    Follow live text of that match here

  120. Question of Sport teaser

    FA Cup final

    Eric Cantona (right) scores in the FA Cup final against Liverpool in 1996

    We asked which six players, between 1990 and 2014, have scored in more than one FA Cup final.

    The answers? Eric Cantona, Roberto Di Matteo, Didier Drogba, Mark Hughes, Freddie Ljungberg and Ian Wright.

  121. Can members abstain?

    Fifa presidential election


    Throughout today we have been giving you all the info you need to know about the Fifa presidential election. Up next: can members abstain?

    Yes - and six states did so during the last presidential election in 2011. One of them, the English FA, did so after Sepp Blatter's only rival, Mohammed bin Hammam, pulled out days before the election after being suspended over bribery allegations.

    Blatter was re-elected after receiving 186 of the 203 votes cast.

  122. Anderson makes history


    And there it is, the 400th Test wicket for England bowler Jimmy Anderson. He removes New Zealand opener Martin Guptill for a duck and the Kiwis fall 2-1.

    Follow live text of that match here

  123. Weigh in


    Kevin Johnson, booed by the fans at the O2 Arena, weighs in at 16st 1lb, while undefeated British opponent Anthony Joshua comes in heavier at 17st 10lbs.

    "He put his hand on my heart and says he can feel it," said Joshua. "He is confident but it gives me the opportunity to break him down and show what I am made of.

    "I am not fazed by it. I want to punch his head and get the victory."

  124. 'Joshua is a big baby'


    Anthony Joshua (left) and Kevin Johnson (right)

    "He's nothing but a grown man in a diaper - I will expose that to the world."

    That is American Kevin Johnson there, talking about British heavyweight Anthony Joshua. He is welcome to say that. We wouldn't dare. He is the one on the left in the photo above. Seriously, look at the size of him!

    The two will meet in London on Saturday with Joshua looking to extend his record of 12 knock-out wins from 12 fights.

  125. Play at Headingley!


    Make your mind up, weather. A bit of drizzle leads to the covers coming back on at Headingley but before they've even been fully wheeled out, the sun is back out and the groundsmen flip into reverse.

    Out come the umpires, followed by the players. England v New Zealand. Second Test. Game on.

  126. Woodward announcement on Sunday?

    Rugby Union

    Chris Jones

    BBC Radio 5 live rugby reporter

    "Away from Dylan Hartley, am told FFR will be announcing their new head coach on Sunday."

    Reports in the French press earlier this month suggested former England coach Sir Clive Woodward is in contention to replace Philippe Saint-Andre as the French Rugby Federation's head coach.

  127. Pro 12 final

    Glasgow Warriors v Munster (Sat, 18:30 BST)

    Gregor Townsend

    Captains Al Kellock and Peter O'Mahony drop out their respective starting line-ups for Saturday's Pro12 final between Glasgow Warriors and Munster.

    Kellock is on the Glasgow bench, while DTH van der Merwe's winning try in the semi-final win over Ulster last Saturday earns the winger a start ahead of Niko Matawalu. Rob Harley and Dougie Hall return to the pack.

    O'Mahony and scrum-half Conor Murray miss out for Munster through injury. But Simon Zebo has been passed fit to play in Belfast following concussion.

    Coverage of the match will be live on the BBC Red Button and the BBC Sport website.

  128. The Friday Sports Panel

    BBC Radio 5 live

    The show has just got underway with Eleanor Oldroyd and her guests from the world of squash (Laura Massaro), athletics (Christian Malcolm) and cricket (James Taylor).

    Listen live here.

  129. How will members vote?

    Fifa presidential election

    Depends how today's lobbying goes...

    The ballot is secret but many of the six confederations, in which member states are grouped, have already declared.

    • Europe (53 associations) will vote for Prince Ali
    • Africa (54 members) will back Sepp Blatter
    • Asia (46 voters) will do likewise

    Blatter has also traditionally enjoyed support from the North American federation, Concacaf, whose president, Jeffrey Webb, was among those arrested on Thursday. It is not yet known how members in South America and Oceania plan to vote.

  130. Get involved at #bbcsportsday


    Vitor Silva from Sao Paulo, Brazil: Football here has been affected by corruption for many years. What is so sad is this corruption off the pitch has been reflected on the pitch now, with bad matches, clubs without money and many other problems.

    Magala Daniel in Kampala, Uganda: Let's support America and the West in rescuing our football from Russia. Shame upon Africans for easily forgetting how Russians treat us in their teams.

    Pierre Chamoun in Lebanon: If it was a government caught in a corruption case, heads would roll. For years Blatter alone was responsible for where this organisation is today and is still allowed to be defiant in the face of justice.

  131. England can emulate Big Bash - Arafat


    Yasir Arafat

    Speaking of cricket, Hampshire and Pakistan all-rounder Yasir Arafat says England's T20 Blast competition can emulate the success of Australia's Big Bash equivalent by reducing the number of teams involved.

    The 33-year-old, who is set to play his 200th career T20 match when Hampshire take on Glamorgan on Friday, hit the winning run in this year's Big Bash final for Perth.

    All 18 county sides play in the T20 Blast, while just eight teams take part in Australia's twenty-over version.

    "I think it's exceptional. They've got less teams but they televise every game," Arafat told BBC Radio Solent.

  132. England win the toss and will bowl


    England have won the toss at Headingley and Alastair Cook has opted to bowl first. England are unchanged from the side that beat New Zealand in the first Test.

    Play will start in about 30 minutes time and you can follow all the action here.

  133. Blatter should go - Cameron

    Fifa presidential election

    Sepp Blatter (left) and David Cameron (right)

    Prime Minister David Cameron has waded into the debate over Fifa by calling for president Sepp Blatter to resign, saying "the sooner that happens the better".

    He added: "In my view, he should go. You can't have accusations of corruption at this level and on this scale in this organisation and pretend the person currently leading it is the right person to take it forward.

    "That can't be the case. Frankly what we have seen is the ugly side of the beautiful game."

  134. Play soon at Headingley


    Joe Root at Headingley

    Looks like we're going to get some cricket at Headingley, where England are facing New Zealand in the second Test. After a morning of rain in Leeds, the skies have brightened considerably and we will be getting a toss at 13:00 BSt with a view to the game starting 30 minutes later.

    You can follow the game via our live text commentary or on BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra.

  135. Murray through in doubles

    French Open

    Jamie Murray talks tactics with his partner John Peers

    An early update from Roland Garros, where Britain's Jamie Murray and Australian partner John Peers have eased into the third round of the men's doubles with a win over Santiago Giraldo and Dusan Lajovic.

  136. The African connection

    Fifa presidential election

    Sepp Blatter

    Sepp Blatter's powerbase is in Africa, but why? Zambian journalist Kennedy Gondwe explains to BBC World Service.

    "Sepp Blatter is at least a person who has done or has been able to deliver on a number of things he has promised Africa," Gondwe told Outside Source. "He has come to understand what Africans need. Sometimes what is viewed as corruption in Europe is not exactly corruption here in Africa.

    "As far as an African is concerned, it's Sepp Blatter who's given them the World Cup. An African is going to ask: "what if Sepp Blatter goes? Am I still going to have these same privileges?"'

  137. All clear

    Fifa Congress

    Richard Conway

    BBC Radio 5 live sports news correspondent

    Fifa general secretary Jerome Valcke says: "A bomb threat was received. In consultation with authorities we decided to search the room. The premises have been cleared by authorities and we can start again."

    The media centre was, of course, not evacuated...

  138. Serious Fraud office confirm Fifa probe

    Fifa Congress

    Fifa headquarters

    The UK's Serious Fraud Office (SFO) says it is actively assessing "material in its possession" relating to Fifa corruption allegations.

    It said its probe had been ongoing for months, before the US Justice Department indictments against 14 people for racketeering, wire fraud and money laundering conspiracy.

  139. Who can vote?

    Fifa presidential election

    Throughout today we will talk you through the process of the Fifa presidential election. Earlier, we told you how the vote works. Now, we tell you who can vote...

    Each of the 209 associations have an equal vote - so Montserrat, a British territory in the Caribbean with 4,900 residents, has the same voice as India, that has a population of more than 1.2bn people.

  140. Back in the building

    Fifa Congress

    Richard Conway

    BBC Radio 5 live sports news correspondent

    Now, about that bomb threat...

    "Fifa congress is to reconvene at 12:30 BST following the reported bomb threat. Fifa general secretary Jerome Valcke is to make comments and explain the threat when they restart."