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  1. Good evening


    What's next for Mourinho and Chelsea? It's got all the hallmarks of a Shakespearean classic. King Lear? Or Much Ado About Nothing?

    For now though, Sportsday is wrapping up.

    Thanks for all your comments. We''ll be back with another edition, tomorrow morning from 08:00 GMT.

    Until then, we'll be seeing you!

  2. Mourinho: Stay or go?

    Text us on 81111

    Is this just a fallow year? A blip in the upward trend? Or has Mourinho at Chelsea simply run its course?    

    Josh Finlay: Realistically, he has to go. I don't think Chelsea would be in this position if it wasn't for mourinho's poor attitude towards the game. He's the one demoralising the players.

    Chris: Mourinho should definitely stay, I think this season will live long in the memory as being full of surprises, normality will resume next year. 

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  3. 'The disease of winning'


    Joey Barton

    Burnley midfielder on BBC Radio 5 live

    "It's difficult to know why the likes of Nemanja Matic, Diego Costa, Cesc Fabregas and Eden Hazard haven't reached the heights of last season this year.

    "The great American basketball coach Pat Riley talked about the "disease of more", where success leads to disaster.

    "Everyone has got a limit and who knows if these Chelsea players have now reached theirs?

    "The question is: How does Mourinho inspire that hunger again now?"

    Chelsea's players
  4. The votes are in...


    Earlier on we asked you to vote on whether Chelsea should sack Jose Mourinho as manager, or not. 

    The votes are in, the people have spoken... You can breathe easy, Jose. Here are the results:

    Sack him, he’s lost the plot 29%

    Hold on to see if they hammer Sunderland 8%

    Be patient… decide at the end of the season 44%

    You can’t sack Jose Mourinho 18%

    Jose Mourinho
  5. Has Mourinho brought in his players?


    Pat Nevin

    Former Chelsea winger on BBC Radio 5 live

    "I didn't think they were that good last year, Chelsea. Even though they won the league. 

    "The first part of the season they were good, but other than that they were well drilled and hard to beat - but they weren't great. 

    "I wonder whether Mourinho has made the changes he wanted? Look at the great Liverpool sides of the past, they strengthened from a position of strength. If Frank Lampard had been on the pitch I think they'd be about sixth now."

    Image caption: Was this man holding Chelsea together?
  6. Mourinho: Who could replace him?


    Nigel Pearson is certainly one of the more 'out there' ideas, Matt...

    Would you have Carlo Ancelotti back Chelsea fans? Diego Simeone? Or erm... Juande Ramos?..

    Juande ramos
    Image caption: Remember the former Tottenham manager? Would that be a problem?
  7. Mourinho: Stay or go?

    Text us on 81111

    Is this just a fallow year? A blip in the upward trend? Or has Mourinho at Chelsea simply run its course?  

    Matt, Yorkshire: I find it interesting that everyone mentions that Mourinho 'has never been in this position before' as if that's some sort of proof he'll be able to get out of it. Surely it's the complete opposite? What Chelsea need is someone who's brought a team back from the dead and turned them into potential title winners. Anyone at Chelsea have Nigel Pearson's number?

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    Nigel Pearson
  8. 'This dip in form is unheard of'


    Joey Barton

    Burnley midfielder on BBC Radio 5 live

    "There are a lot of noises coming out of Chelsea, which is uncharted waters for them and Mourinho won't be best pleased about that.

    "We're talking about the reigning champions though so they've obviously got enough character in the building but something is clearly off now.

    "The players have all had a dip in form at the same time, which is almost unheard of in the same title-winning side."

  9. Mourinho: How do the players feel?


    You really do have to wonder what the Chelsea players make of all this - especially the betrayal comments. 

    Yesterday, Spanish midfielder Cesc Fabregas had this to say: 

    "If you are a big player and paid like a big player, you must play like a big player and behave like a big player.

    "I am not saying you can't have a bad season and bad games but the attitude must be spot on.

    "We must always be at the top of our games and the behaviour has to be better than what we are seeing right now from every single Chelsea player."

    Cesc Fabregas
  10. Mourinho: Stay or go?

    Text us on 81111

    Is this just a fallow year? A blip in the upward trend? Or has Mourinho at Chelsea simply run its course?

    Kieren: I just can't see him lasting till the end of the season because it seems as if he has lost belief in the players. They need fresh faces, it is pretty much the same team playing every week, it's either a change of manager or a shape up in the team.    

    James, Leicester fan: Drawing no real comparisons between the clubs but Leicester overcame adversity last season and look at them now. Chelsea, with Mourinho at the helm, could clear up next season because of this. Keep the faith.     

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  11. 'Hazard's injury was very strange'


    Joey Barton

    Burnley midfielder on BBC Radio 5 live

    "I found Eden Hazard's injury very strange - I'm not questioning him at all as it's his body. But the interaction between him and Mourinho was very interesting.

    "That was a key moment in the game - were Mourinho's comments after so barbed because of that?"

    Eden Hazard goes off injured at Leicester
  12. Mourinho: A penny for your thoughts


    It really would be intriguing to know who (if anyone) Mourinho had in mind when talking about how he had been "betrayed".

    Was it just somebody tracking the wrong player at a corner? Or does it go deeper than that?

    Jose Mourinho
    Image caption: Getting into Mourinho's head would probably be like trying to hang on in a rodeo...
  13. Mourinho: Stay or go?


    Is this just a fallow year? A blip in the upward trend? Or has Mourinho at Chelsea simply run its course?      

    Get involved using #bbcsportsday on Twitter, or text us on 81111 (UK only and please include a name)

  14. 'Or is this another masterstroke?'


    Joey Barton

    Burnley midfielder on BBC Radio 5 live

    "Semantics can be really difficult here - has Mourinho directly accused anyone of betrayal?

    "If he did then there is no way back - he tends to build an incredible bond with players and backs them to the hilt in the media.

    "But is this another one of his masterstrokes? Is he deflecting away from the result and the run of form they're on?"

  15. 'Did Mourinho hit the nuclear button?'


    Pat Nevin

    Former Chelsea winger on BBC Radio 5 live

    "That word betrayal jumped out at everyone. The jump from let down, to betrayal is simple. Let down is your players didn't mean to put in a bad performance. Betrayal - that means they meant it. 

    "That is a really extreme option. I would love to ask him if he meant that, because if he did, who was it aimed at?

    "I wonder if he is aware how strong that word is. Because if he is, it was a nuclear option."

  16. Mourinho: Was it betrayal?


    Listening to Mourinho himself doesn't cast too much light on what is going wrong.

    "One of my best qualities is to read the game for my players and I feel likemy work was betrayed," he said after Monday's defeat by Leicester.

    "One possibility is that I did an amazing job last season and brought the players to a level that is not their level and now they can't maintain it.

    "We can't finish top four, but we can still finish top six because so many teams are dropping points," he said.

    "At the moment, we are in a zone where I feel ashamed."

  17. Mourinho: Stay or go?

    Text us on 81111

    Is this just a fallow year? A blip in the upward trend? Or has Mourinho at Chelsea simply run its course?      

    Tom, Sheffield: I want him to stay just because I'm intrigued to see how long this 'slump' can last.I don't dislike Chelsea as such, but there is nothing greater than seeing a once mighty team fall to its knees whilst a team which barely survived the season before plays there way to the top. Let him stay just so this story can go on, because for me I can't see him turning it around, and as cruel as that may be, I think that's fantastic.

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  18. 'Mourinho is still one of the world's best'


    Joey Barton

    Burnley midfielder on BBC Radio 5 live

    "I can't believe I'm saying this but I do feel sorry for him...  

    "Mourinho looks like a man on the edge but results haven't gone his way this year and there are issues with Eden Hazard and Diego Costa, his star players last year.

    "If you look at the Leicester game, if Branislav Ivanovic knocks it in at the back post and Diego Costa scores the one-on-one then Chelsea come through that acid test and we're talking about Mourinho staying on.

    "He's a victim of his success but he's still one of the top three managers in the world - and there's not an abundance of people out there who could replace him."

  19. 'It builds up and it ebbs away...'


    Pat Nevin

    Former Chelsea winger on BBC Radio 5 live

    "I would agree the manager's future has been in doubt for months, 100%. But that doesn't mean he will go.  

    "It builds up every time and then it ebbs away, he's not going to go." 

  20. Mourinho believes. Does Roman?


    To listen to him, Mourinho certainly believes he is the right man to steer the Blues back on course. 

    "The only thing I can say is that I want to be the manager," Mourinho said after Monday's 2-1 defeat by Leicester. 

    "I have no doubts and I think you know me well enough to know that I am not afraid of a big challenge and in this moment it is a really big challenge.

    "I want to stay and I hope Mr Roman Abramovich and the board want me to stay because I want to stay."

    Jose Mourinho
    Image caption: The really key question is: Does Abramovich believe, too? Answers on postcard on that one...
  21. Mourinho: Stay or go?

    Get involved using #bbcsportsday

    BBC Radio 5 Live

    Is this just a fallow year? A blip in the upward trend? Or has Mourinho at Chelsea simply run its course?    

    Get involved using #bbcsportsday on Twitter, or text us on 81111 (UK only and please include a name)

  22. Mourinho: Stay or go?


    We're all here because right now, it's not clear whether Mourinho will be in charge for Chelsea's home game with fellow strugglers Sunderland on Saturday.

    His future at the club is in question, with discussions about his position having taken place between the Blues' board of directors.

    Owner Roman Abramovich led the talks after Monday's 2-1 defeat by Leicester. 

    That defeat - Chelsea's ninth in 16 Premier League games - leaves last year's Premier League champions a point above the relegation places.

    Jose Mourinho
  23. Mourinho: Stay or go?

    Get involved using #bbcsportsday

    BBC Radio 5 Live

    As Joey Barton,Jason Burt and Pat Nevin join Mark Chapman for a special panel programme on BBC Radio 5 live, that's what we're to discuss.

    Listen along using the links at the top of this page - or just tune your radio - and let us know your thoughts on what must be the murkiest Premier League mystery in years...

  24. Mourinho: Stay or go?


    I know this has all been said before, but seriously - just what on earth is going on with Chelsea?

    Chelsea Premier League winners
    Image caption: How do you go from this...
    Chelsea players
    Image caption: To this...
    Chelsea players on bench
    Image caption: ...and this...
    Diego Costa frustrated
    Image caption: ...all in the space of a few months?
  25. Coming up

    Radio 5 live from 19:00 GMT

  26. Mourinho: Stay or go?

    Get involved using #bbcsportsday

    Is this just a fallow year? A blip in the upward trend? Or has Mourinho simply run his course?

    Get involved using #bbcsportsday on Twitter, or text us on 81111 (UK only and please include a name)

  27. Should he stay or go?


    You will now see we have a vote, asking you what should Chelsea do about Mourinho.

    You can vote on desktop by finding the vote at the top right of this page or on mobile by clicking the vote tab at the top of the page.

    The vote closes at 19:45 GMT and we will bring you the results later.

  28. Mourinho special


    cesc fabregas

    Chelsea's players need to justify their "big wages" and start playing like "big players", according to Cesc Fabregas.

    The Premier League champions are only one point above the relegation zone after Monday's defeat at Leicester, their ninth loss of the season.

    After the game, boss Jose Mourinho said his "work was betrayed" by his players.

    "If you are a big player and paid like a big player, you must play like a big player and behave like a big player," said Blues midfielder Fabregas.

  29. Top Google searches

    Rugby Union

    The Rugby World Cup was the third most searched term in the UK on Google in 2015, according to the tech firm's annual review of its users' activity.

    The Grand National was seventh on the list.

    For the whole as a whole, basketball player Lamar Odom topped the list followed by Charlie Hebdo.

    rugby world cup
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  31. Mourinho special


  32. Get Involved


  33. Rovers' Tomlinson apologises to fan


    Ben Tomlinson

    On-loan Tranmere striker Ben Tomlinson has apologised to the fan he swore at in their FA Trophy loss to Wrexham. 

    The 26-year-old was part of the Rovers team that lost 4-2 to their National League rivals at Prenton Park. 

    Tomlinson, who is on loan from Barnet, will also donate some toys to Tranmere's Christmas appeal. 

    "At Saturday's game against Wrexham I swore at a supporter and I would like to apologise unreservedly for doing this," he told the club website.

  34. Get Involved


  35. Get Involved


    To coincide with a Radio 5 live special on Jose Mourinho and Chelsea at 19:00 GMT, we are asking a simple question:

    Jose Mourinho, should he stay or should he go?

    Get in touch via Twitter on #bbcsportsday.

  36. Club's Christmas jumpers


    A very smiley snowman on City's festive knit to finish our tour of the Premier League's Christmas jumpers.

    And as pointed out by John Caley on Twitter, here is a video of Yaya Toure and Gael Clichy racing to see how many jumpers they can put on.

    Manchester City
  37. Mourinho special


    BBC Radio 5 Live

    You get an extra hour of Sportsday tonight as we will be bringing you live coverage of the Jose Mourinho special on Radio 5 live tonight.

    Earlier we told you how the Chelsea manager's future at the club is in question, following discussions about his position between the Blues' board of directors.

    The Blues have lost nine of 16 Premier League games this season and sit a point above the relegation place.

    Joey Barton and Pat Nevin will be among the guests from 19:00 GMT, so stayed tuned.

  38. FA Cup second round replay

    Whitehawk v Dag & Red (19:45 GMT)

    Sussex sideWhitehawkfaceDagenham & Redbridgein the FA Cup second Round replay at the Enclosed Ground at 19:45 GMT.

    There will be live commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra from 19:40 GMT.

    The winners will take on Everton at Goodison Park.

  39. Club's Christmas jumpers


    A Tottenham Santa, a Stoke Santa...

  40. Trouble at Roma


    Italian Serie A club Roma have been knocked out of the Coppa Italia after losing on penalties to second division side Spezia, who now progress to the quarter-finals.

  41. Boateng the record breaker


    For the non-German speaking among you, this is Bayern Munich defenderJermone Boateng,who is pictured with his certificate for the Guinness Book of World Records.

    The German international was entered into the prestigious book for playing in 56 unbeaten Bundesliga games in a row from 3 November 2012 to 19 December 2014.

  42. Club's Christmas jumpers


    More of the same generic snowman from Southampton, bit too grey for my liking...


    And this Santa suit from Liverpool, which perhaps is on Jurgen Klopp's list?

  43. Some headlines at 17:00 GMT

    If you're just heading home from work or have been busy Christmas shopping, the headlines today so far:

    • Chelsea have held a meeting where the position of manager Jose Mourinho was discussed.
    • Michel Platini will not attend a hearing with Fifa's ethics committee as he thinks a decision on his future has already been made. Platini could be banned from football for life.
    • England take control of warm-up match in South Africa
    • Amelie Mauresmo to continue coaching Andy Murray but Jonas Bjorkman leaves team.
  44. Sturridge to miss Watford - reports


    Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge is unlikely to play on Sunday against Watford, according to the Liverpool Echo.

    Boss Jurgen Klopp had hoped the Reds striker would be available for the trip to Vicarage Road but he’s not yet ready to return to full training.

    Sturridge is still receiving treatment on the hamstring injury he suffered in the 2-0 defeat at Newcastle United on 6 December. That was just his third appearance for Liverpool following eight weeks out with knee and foot problems

    Daniel Sturridge
  45. From hospital to handcycling

    Disability Sport

     "I am not the sort of person who is going to sit in the corner and cry about what happened. "Life's for living."

    Those are the words of Dan Metcalfe-Hall, some 18 months on from an accident which left him unable to walk.

    Now, the 27-year-old has his eyes set on becoming one of the best handcyclists in the UK.

    To read more on his incredibly emotional 18 months click here.

  46. Madrid stadium blow


    Santiago Bernabeu

    Real Madrid have had plans to upgrade the Santiago Bernabeu rejected by the city's council.

    The Spanish club have been told any proposal must be in the interests of the general public

    Los Blancos hope to add a hotel and shopping centre to the stadium, built in 1947.

  47. Monk would go abroad


    Map of Europe

    Former Swansea City manager Garry Monk reveals he is desperate to get straight back into management in an in depthinterview in The Times.

    Monk, 36, was sacked last week after a run of one win in 12 games.

    "I want to get back in at the highest level," he says. "My energy is as high as it's ever been, my motivation is as high as it will ever be, I just feel ready."

    Asked about managing overseas he adds: "I would go, I'm open to everything."

  48. Club's Christmas jumpers


    As if we would Christopher...

  49. Diouf speaks about tragedy


    Stoke striker Mame Diouf said the tragedy of losing his mother took its toll on him.

    The Senegal striker's mum was one of 1,200 people crushed to death during a stampede at Mecca in September.

    Mark Hughes granted him compassionate leave and he has since started just one game, in the League Cup against Chelsea.

    Speaking to the Stoke Sentinel he said: "It was long, long, long, long days, but now I am getting back and trying to stay together with the family.

    "Now I am really fully focused. It's been a long time being away, not away, but away in the head. But now I am focused on football."

  50. Platini could lose FA backing


    The Football Association would find it "difficult" to support Michel Platini even if he is cleared by FIFA's ethics committee this week over the £1.3m payment he received from the world governing body. 

    Platini - who was set to run to become Fifa president -  is due before a hearing on Friday but his lawyers say he will not turn up as he feels his fate has already been decided.

    FA chief executive Martin Glenn said: "FIFA and football need to change and need to be seen to be changing, so I think it would be difficult if that accusation was not totally laid to rest and I think it's quite hard to do that, so I think it would be difficult." 

  51. The big decision...

    It seems Christmas jumpers have got you all talking and Andy has just tweeted us to say he's not sure whether to go for the Bradford City jumper or cardigan. We've all been there Andy, a tough decision.

  52. How We Won the Ashes

    Thursday, 19:30 GMT, BBC Radio 5 live

    Joe Root and Stuart Broad

    Joe Root and Stuart Broad are currently playing for England in Potchefstroom, but you'll be able to hear a special programme on Thursday evening on 5 live with them both reminiscing about England's Ashes victory from the summer. 

    They cover everything from David Warner's sledging, to what inspired Broad ahead of his incredible 8-15 spell at Trent Bridge. 

    You'll be able to download the programme afterwards as a podcast from the 5 live website. 

    Joe Root and Stuart Broad
  53. South Africa XI v England

    Close of play

    Henry Moeran

    BBC Test Match Special in Potchefstroom

    England finished on 99-3, holding a lead of 381.

    A decent day certainly with the ball, with Broad, Footitt and Stokes amongst the wickets as they bowled their opponents out for 188. However, low scores for Hales (8) and Compton (15) won’t sit as comfortably with the England selectors.

    One day left in the match, with Root and Ballance the not-out batsmen overnight.

    Ben Stokes celebrates with his teammates
  54. Evans v Redfearn Round Two


    Steve Evans

    Leeds United manager Steve Evans has hit back at comments made by the manager of his former club Neil Redfearn.

    The Rotherham boss said on Tuesday that his side had been undone by poor summer recruitment when the Millers were under Evans.

    Evans, who succeeded Redfearn at Leeds, said: "I could have said that here couldn't I but I have got too much professionalism about myself.

    "I have read those comments and it just sounds like a man as if he is under extreme pressure and wonders what happens if he loses the next one."

  55. Get Involved

    Greatest sporting records

    Abby Wambach makes her final appearance for USA tonight and as she holds some amazing records, we want your view on the greatest record in sport. So far a lot of you have referenced Ed Moses, but Jack focuses on Southampton striker Sadio Mane...

    Mane struck three goals in two minutes and 56 seconds against Aston Villa.

  56. 'He ain't no friend of mine'


    Gerard Pique

    Barcelona defender Gerard Pique has refused to be drawn on an ongoing spat with Real Madrid's Sergio Ramos and Alvaro Arbeloa.

    Barca are currently in Japan, seeking a record third Club World Cup title.

    Pique has caused controversy after appearing to insult Arbeloa on Twitter, leading to Ramos asking the ex-Manchester United defender to show respect.

    "Look, I said (Arbeloa) wasn't a friend, make of it what you want," Pique told reporters, adding he respected Ramos for defending his team-mate.

  57. Club's Christmas jumpers


    What do Leicester's table toppers wear?

    Perhaps this Foxes-themed elf jumper...

  58. Banned for leaving the field


    A top-tier Bulgarian club have been banned from the league after their players left the pitch in protest of a referee decision.

    Litex Lovech - fourth in the table - left the field when leading 1-0 against Levski Sofia.

    The league leaders had just been awarded a penalty and Litex reduced to nine men. 

    "It was the only possible decision according to disciplinary rules," the Bulgarian Football Union said of the ban.

  59. Groves takes new direction


    George Groves and Shane McGuigan

    George Groves announces Shane McGuigan, son of former world champion Barry, will be his new trainer.

    Groves, 27, lost world title shots against Carl Froch in 2013 and 2014, before being beaten when challenging Badou Jack for the WBC super-middleweight title in September.

    McGuigan, who trains world champion Carl Frampton, takes over from Groves' former trainer Paddy Fitzpatrick.

  60. Club's Christmas jumpers


    If anything can cheer up Jose Mourinho it has to be this penguin-themed Christmas jumper...

  61. Wambach bows out


    United States striker Abby Wambach, the world's all-time leading international goalscorer, is set to play the final game of her career.

    Wambach has scored 184 goals in 254 matches, the most of any man or woman in international football history.

    Having won the World Cup this year, she will retire after the last game of her country's victory tour, against China on 16 December (Thursday 01:00 GMT).

    And she has tweeted ahead of tonight's match...

  62. Frank on the move...


  63. Carlisle v Hartlepool postponed


    Carlisle United have postponed their festive fixture with Hartlepool United,on Monday 28 December, in the wake of last weekend’s flooding.

    The match will now be played on Tuesday 23 February at 19:45 GMT.

    Their home game against Notts County on Saturdayis being played at Preston North End's ground.

  64. Club's Christmas jumpers


    Everton have gone for this left field design of a reindeer holding onto a sign post for dear life.

  65. Questions over Alex Hales

    South Africa XI v England

    Henry Moeran

    BBC Test Match Special in Potchefstroom

    Failure once again for England’s opening partnership will be a cause for concern, with those questioning whether Alex Hales is suited to opening in a Test match now having more ammunition. 

    Eight from 42 balls is not characteristic of a man who’s built a reputation for big hitting and fast scoring – he famously hit 116 off 64 balls in a World T20 match in 2014.

    Alex Hales

    England have suggested Hales will open in the first Test in Durban on Boxing Day, but a big score – or certainly a more positive innings – will be needed in the next warm-up match in Pietermaritzburg to help cement that position.

    There’s no question Hales has the ability, but needs to find the balance between attack and defence fast.

  66. Ancelotti to Bayern - reports



    Are we about to see a case of managerial dominoes play out?

    Bayern Munich have lined up Carlo Ancelotti as a replacement for Pep Guardiola, reports The Daily Telegraph.

    As we told you earlier, reports in Spain say Guardiola has told the club he will not renew his contract this summer.

  67. Club's Christmas jumpers


    Swansea's Spanish defender Jordi Amat is clearly a big fan of his club's Christmas jumper..

  68. Get Involved

    Greatest sporting records

    Ronnie O'Sullivan

    What is the greatest sporting record? Tweet us on #bbcsportsday.

  69. 'Woods has a shot at my record'


    Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus

    Jack Nicklaus.believes his record of 18 major wins can still be bettered by Tiger Woods.

    Woods, on 14, managed just one top-10 finish in 2015 and the 39-year-old is currently out of the game through injury.

    "Tiger has work ethic, desire and he has an unfinished goal in front of him with my record," Nicklaus tells the Golf Channel. "I still think he has a good shot at it. I've seen him come along and absolutely dominate. Why would I not think he would come back?

    "We're all beat up. We've all played hurt. He's a little beyond that, he'll come back, just give him time."

  70. The Unhappy One


    BBC Sport has taken a look back at some of Chelsea's manager Jose Mourinho's unhappier moments since he returned to Stamford Bridge, when he declared himself "the happy one" in June 2013.

    You can watch it here.

  71. Ford extends Rec stay


    George Ford

    England fly-half George Ford signs a new contract at Bath.

    The 22-year-old moved to the Rec from Leicester in 2013 and says he "always wanted to stay".

    Ford tells BBC Radio 5 live: "I feel like I've become a better player since joining, and I'm very excited about the next couple of years, being part of this team and hopefully being successful at this club."

  72. Flood-affected football clubs get funds


    Grassroots football clubs affected by flooding caused by Storm Desmond will be provided with a £750,000 emergency fund by the sport's supporting bodies.

    The Football Association, the Premier League and Sport England have combined to make available the funds, which will be administered by six County FAs in the north of England.

  73. Sydney storms


    You may have heard about the storms that have caused havoc in Sydney this week. 

    Australia batsman David Warner has tweeted about the cricket ground in Coogee, a suburb of Sydney. 

  74. Club's Christmas jumpers


    Fabio Borini models Sunderland's effort, the question is will the Italian be wearing this on the big day?

  75. No lump sum for Mourinho - reports


    Jose Mourinho

    Jose Mourinho will not receive a lucrative pay off from Chelsea if he is sacked, reports the London Evening Standard.

    The under-pressure manager is under contract until 2019. When he was sacked by the club during his former reign, he received around £18m in compensation.

    But a new policy at Chelsea means that if sacked, he will continue to be paid his £163,000 a week wage until he finds a new job, rather than being given a lump sum.

  76. Club's Christmas jumpers


    Newcastle have kept it plain and simple for their festive effort.

    Team name, few reindeer, stars and Christmas trees...a classic.

  77. South Africa XI v England


    Henry Moeran

    BBC Test Match Special in Potchefstroom

    Pretty much job done for England’s bowlers, dismissing the South African Invitational XI for 188 and leaving them trailing by 282 runs.

    Stuart Broad is congratulated by Moeen Ali

    Three wickets for Stuart Broad and a couple each for Mark Footitt and Ben Stokes were the standout performances, though Chris Woakes was unfortunate to pick up just the one.

    It was a first opportunity to see Footitt in an England shirt and while he impressed with pace and bounce, his economy of 4.25 from his twelve overs was comfortably higher than those others who bowled meaningful spells.

    Now to the batsmen, and a chance for Alastair Cook and Alex Hales to improve upon their disappointing performances yesterday.

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    Greatest sporting records

    As Abby Wambach gets set to play her final football match, we want to know what you feel are the greatest records in sport? Tweet #bbcsportsday or comment on the BBC Sport Facebook page.

  79. Guardiola to leave - reports


    Speaking of Pep Guardiola, reports in Spain are emerging which claim he will announce he is to leave Bayern Munich.

    The 44-year-old - heavily linked with a move to Manchester City - will be out of contract next summer.

    Since joining in 2013, Guardiola has guided Bayern to two successive Bundesliga titles.

  80. On this day...

  81. England Lions beat Pakistan A


    England Lions ended their T20 series against Pakistan A in Dubai in the same dramatic manner as the senior England team had last month, as Surrey youngster Tom Curran held his nerve in a Super Over.

    Tom Curran (right) with teammate Reece Topley
    Image caption: Tom Curran (right) with teammate Reece Topley

    Dawid Malan had been the hero for most of the match, stroking a superb 81 as the Lions chased a tough target of 165 for three – only to be run out off the last ball to leave the scores tied.

    Malan then hit two boundaries off England’s Super Over from the Pakistan A captain Junaid Khan, to post a challenging score of 12.

    The Lions showed their faith in Curran, the youngest player in the team, by giving him the responsibility of bowling. Sharjeel Khan hit his second ball for four but Curran kept cool and had Sohaib Maqsood caught by Ross Whiteley at long-off later in the over.

    Sharjeel needed four off the last ball to tie but could not even manage a single, and Curran was mobbed by his team-mates as the Lions secured a 3-2 series win.

  82. Birthday cake for...

    Happy birthday to the one, the only, Bobby George - 70 today.

    Bobby George

    Others celebrating a birthday include former Chelsea midfielder Dennis Wise (49), Bournemouth defender Sylvain Distin (38) and 1996 Olympic 100m champion Donovan Bailey (48).

  83. Liverpool eye midfielder - reports


    Liverpool remain keen to sign highly-rated Red Star Belgrade midfielder Marko Grujic - but no deal is yet in place, reports the Liverpool Echo.

    The 19-year-old Serbia Under-21 international is also wanted by Inter Milan.

  84. Rooney return - reports


    Wayne Rooney is close to returning for Manchester United after stepping up his recovery from an ankle injury, reports the Manchester Evening News.

    Rooney has missed three games but could face Norwich at Old Trafford on Saturday.

  85. Club's Christmas jumpers


    It is turning into a winter of discontent at Old Trafford, perhaps all Louis van Gaal and co need to do is pull on one of these Christmas jumpers to cheer them up?

    Manchester United
  86. Aguero back in training


    Some good news for City fans...

    The Argentina striker has not played since 28 November due to a heel injury.

  87. Swansea chairman returns to UK


    Huw Jenkins

    Swansea City chairman Huw Jenkins has returned to the UK, BBC Wales Sport understands.

    Jenkins had travelled to South America, with Argentine Marcelo Bielsa the odds-on favourite to replace Garry Monk as Swansea boss.

    Chile boss Jorge Sampaoli has also been linked with the vacancy at the Liberty Stadium.

    Swansea host West Ham in the Premier League on Sunday.

  88. Platini will not attend hearing


    Suspended Uefa president Michel Platini will not attend his personal hearing before the Fifa ethics committee on Friday.

    It has been recommended the 60-year-old serve a life-long ban from football for allegedly receiving a £1.35m payment in 2011.

    His lawyers say the verdict has already been made known to the press "in disregard of fundamental rights."

  89. Club's Christmas jumpers


    Sunglasses on a reindeer?

    This is West Ham's effort.

    west ham
  90. KP is same old KP


    Exiled England cricketer Kevin Pietersen may not have played Test cricket for almost two years, but he still believes he could play at the highest level.

    "The way that I’m batting I’d score two Test hundreds against South Africa," Pietersen told the Telegraph.

  91. Fifa Club World Cup


    River Plate have reached the final of the Club World Cup after beating Sanfrecce Hiroshima 1-0.

    The Argentine side will face either Barcelona or FC Guangzhou Evergrande, who play their semi-final on Thursday.

  92. Mahrez to stay past January


    Riyad Mahrez and Danny Simpson

    Leicester wingerRiyad Mahrezsays the Premier League leaders will not win the title and will stay at the club past the January transfer window.

    Mahrez has scored 12 goals for his club this season, form which has led to his side suffering just one loss in 16 league matches.

    "We are not going to win the league, no. I don't think we have broad enough shoulders to do it," Mahrez told French radio station RMC. "The big teams will wake up at some point."

    On his future he adds:"It's best for me to stay until the end of the season."

  93. Get Involved

    Greatest sporting records

    As US soccer star Abby Wambach prepares for her final game before retirement later, we are asking you what you think the greatest records in sport are. Tweet us on #bbcsportsday.

  94. Fifa Club World Cup


    Lucas Alario has put Argentina's River Plate 1-0 up against Japan's Sanfrecce Hiroshima in the Fifa Club World Cup semi-final.

    There is 14 minutes remaining in the match and the winners will face either Barcelona or FC Guangzhou Evergrande who play on Thursday.

    Lucas Alario
  95. Club's Christmas jumpers


    Santa Claus in goal, on a Christmas jumper, ready to save a penalty.

    It's official, West Brom's festive knitwear has it all.

    West Brom
  96. Mourinho out, Ramos in - reports


    Juande Ramos

    "Juande Ramos is the shock candidate being considered as a potential caretaker manager by Chelsea should they decide to sack José Mourinho before the end of the season," writes Matt Hughes in The Times.

    The paper reports Chelsea could turn to an 'interim' appointment until the end of the season if Mourinho is sacked by the club for a second time. Guus Hiddink - another former manager at Stamford Bridge - is also a short-term option, the paer reports.

    Ramos, 61, had a disastrous spell in charge of Tottenham in 2007 and left Ukraine's Dnipro for family reasons last year.

  97. South Africa XI v Potchefstroom


    Henry Moeran

    BBC Test Match Special in Potchefstroom

    Two wickets since lunch have put England further in control of the match with the Invitational XI 130-7 at drinks, still 340 runs behind.

    The wickets to fall have gone to Mark Footitt, who had Qasim Adams trapped in front with a full delivery, and Moeen Ali who saw the dangerous Heinrich Klaasen caught well by Alastair Cook at slip for 48.

    Mark Footitt

    Since lunch, we’ve also seen Jimmy Anderson making his first appearance in the match, but he’s yet to make a breakthrough in his four overs.

    England, as perhaps expected, are in a very dominant position, having batted well on day one and done the job with the ball so far today.

  98. Murray retains Mauresmo as coach

    Jonas Bjorkman leaves coaching setup

    Russell Fuller

    BBC tennis correspondent on Radio 5 live

    Andy Murray had been very keen to retain the services of Amelie Mauresmo but was adamant she would need to commit to at least 20 weeks of the year - so it is a huge boost she has signed up just four months after becoming a mother. 

    Murray still has a huge amount of time for Jonas Bjorkman but the relationship was not an unqualified success. 

    Amelie Mauresmo and Andy Murray

    Murray won the Masters event in Montreal after Mauresmo went on maternity leave, but was beaten in the fourth round of the US Open and his on court demeanour has at times been unduly negative. 

    The new assistant coaching role may end up as a full-time position - in the way Dani Vallverdu complemented Ivan Lendl so well.

  99. Club's Christmas jumpers


    Rudolph the green-nosed reindeer.

    Doesn't quite have the same ring about it, does it?

    Here is Norwich's festive knitwear, people would definitely see you coming in this Canary yellow jumper.

  100. Man Utd never put in bid for Alcantara



    Remember that summer when David Moyes chased everyone in his first trasfer window at Manchester United, only to end up with a bushy-haired Belgian.

    And remember when everyone thought United would sign Thiago Alcantara from Barcelona but he instead signed for Bayern Munich?

    Well turns out there was here was "never any firm proposal" from Old Trafford, according to the Spain midfielder.

    And it looks like the Alcantara isn't planning a move to England anytime judging by this interview with the Daily Mail.

    "'All I will say is that it is an amazing league,' he replies. 'It is probably the best league in the world but I'm very happy at Bayern and fulfilled with what I am doing."