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  1. Good evening


    Right then. That's it from us this evening. 

    We'll leave you with some words from Chelsea technical director Michael Emenalo, who has just been speaking to Chelsea TV.

    He's had some pretty interesting things to say about why Mourinho was sacked, including the line of there having been a "palpable discord between manager and players."

    For more on that one, head over here.

    Thanks for all your comments and we'll see you bright and early for another Sportsday, tomorrow morning from 08:00 GMT.

    This story is going to run, and run...

  2. What next for Chelsea?


    Definitely think Diego Simeone's got the character to handle the flour flying around in the kitchen while you've got to ice a lemon drizzle...

  3. 'It's not cake making'


    Chris Sutton

    Former Norwich striker on BBC Radio 5 live

    "It's not cake making, this is football, there are harsh words in dressing rooms. 

    "These are brutal places to be and if you can't cope you are outed, you have to have character to be at the top level."

  4. Who next for Chelsea?

    Pep Guardiola? Diego Simeone?

    BBC Radio 5 Live

    Sun journalist Rob Beasley: "Why would two of the most in-demand managers in the world want to go to Chelsea? 

    "You've got more chance of having two or three years at Manchester United or Manchester City than you have of a full season at Chelsea."

  5. Who next for Chelsea?

    Diego Simeone?

    BBC Radio 5 Live

    European football journalist Graham Hunter: "The bet has to be no but in football nothing is impossible when you have the persuasive powers of Chelsea. Simeone is known to have Abramovich's appreciation of him but Atletico Madrid is the club he is most passionate about, everything he has asked for he has been given." 

    You can listen live to BBC Radio 5 live's discussion panel using the links at the top of this page.

  6. Who next for Chelsea?


    So who is next for Chelsea? 

    Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone's been linked, and Guus Hiddink in a caretaker role until the end of the season has been widely reported. 

    There's been a few other names thrown out there which are, let's say, more interesting?

    Juande Ramos anyone? Brendan Rodgers?.. (Dare I even type the name...) Avram Grant?

    Diego Simeone
    Image caption: One word to describe Simeone? Surely has to be slick? He reminds me a bit of Razor Ramon...
  7. 'Mourinho would have turned it around'


    Alec Stewart

    Ex-England captain on Radio 5 live

    "I go to every game and I’m a paid up season ticket holder and the side I’ve watched this year is nothing compared to what it was last year. Something obviously has happened and I don’t think you just blame one person, you have to look at the bigger picture.

    "As a fan I wanted Mourinho to stay and I believe he would have turned it around."

  8. 'Abramovich had no choice'


    Here's former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher's take, speaking on Sky: “At times he’s hung the players out to dry publicly and he's probably done it privately too. 

    “I’m a massive fan of Jose Mourinho, but with the results, something had to change. The only way you can change it right now is change the manager. You can’t change the players.

    “It was the only decision the owner could make really.”

  9. 'This wasn't civil war...'


    BBC Radio 5 Live

    Daily Telegraph journalist Jason Burt:"When Jose Mourinho went in 2007, it was basically civil war at Chelsea. He was arguing with everyone at the club. 

    "This time it has not been like that. If anything the club has probably tried too much to help him, but results just haven't been good enough."

    Listen to tonight's special panel discussion of Jose Mourinho's sacking as Chelsea manager using the link at the top of this page.

  10. Get Involved

    Text us on 81111

    Alex: Chelsea have had this coming for years. They've allowed players to dictate how long a manager stays with the club and when the players get bored, they stop playing for them and Abramovich gets them a new manager. As soon as the players got it in their heads that Jose is going nowhere, they would have started playing for him and results would picked up. Abramovich should have come out and said Jose will see out his contract and the players will have to either play for him or get out. Utterly disgraceful. There isn't anyone else that can create a Chelsea dynasty other than him. Sir Alex Ferguson was successful because all the players knew he was going anywhere and couldn't get away with slacking. 

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  11. A penny for your thoughts, Roman


    There’s been a lot of talk about how this affects Jose Mourinho’s reputation.

    But what about Chelsea’s? Will managers now think twice before signing up knowing that a dip in form won’t be given time to resolve?

    Jose Mourinho
    Image caption: Not at all awkward, this...
  12. 'Players haven't played'


    Alec Stewart

    Ex-England captain on Radio 5 live

    "The players haven’t played for the manager. I would say they haven’t played for the club and they haven’t played for their teammates. 

    "That’s why this decision has been taken, which I think is bitterly disappointing."

  13. 'Hazard showed no stomach for fight'


    BBC Radio 5 Live

    Journalist Rob Beasley: "If you watched Eden Hazard the other night at Leicester, if that wasn't a guy that showed no guts or stomach for the fight I have never seen one. 

    "When you have players like that you are going to have problems as a manager no matter who you are."

    Eden Hazard
  14. Get involved


    Neil Osmond: A sad day. Players paid millions to sulk and not give their all. Dedicated fans lose out. Get a grip football!

    Steve T Davies: I think he should've stayed but now we must move on. CFC is bigger than Jose. Players must respond and turn season round.

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  15. Could Eden have done more?


    BBC Radio 5 Live

    A lot of the chat onBBC Radio 5 live's panel discussionis honing in on Eden Hazard as the man who has let Jose Mourinho and Chelsea down this year...

    Would you agree with that Blues fans?  

    Don't forget you can listen along using the links at the top of this page. Or just turn your radio on...

    Eden Hazaard
  16. Vote results...


    Earlier on we asked you to vote on whether Chelsea were right to sack Jose Mourinho. 

    The results are in, and it's good news Jose. Not that it'll get you your job back...

    Yes: 38%

    No: 62% 

  17. 'Call me the ___ one'


    "Call me the Special One."

    Jose Mourinho is a man who once told us he was everything.

    On his return to Chelsea for this ill-fated second spell in charge, he was "the Happy One".

    But what is he now?  

    Jose Mourinho
    Image caption: Answers on a Christmas card please
  18. 'Enormous Egos' at Chelsea'


    Chris Sutton

    Former Norwich striker on BBC Radio 5 live

    "The truth is there are a lot of enormous egos in that dressing room and some of them have downed tools. It is not acceptable but it is nearly always the manager that carries the can.

    "Cesc Fabregas was one of those players. Diego Costa was, Branislav Ivanovic, Nemanja Matic, Eden Hazard. 

    "The other night Mourinho was inferring there wasn't an awful lot wrong with Hazard when he had to come off at Leicester..."

  19. KP aghast at Mourinho departure

    Former England batsman Kevin Pietersen has got some bad news if you're waking up in Australia (or anywhere else for that matter)...

  20. Get Involved

    Text us on 81111

    Geb: I still believe that Jose is the best in the business from a tactical viewpoint. However, this has often been achieved by adopting a "win at all costs" boring football style. As a long - term season ticket holder l agree with Roman and want to be entertained. Jose's Chelsea don't give us this, nor are we getting results. Sorry Jose, you had to go.

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  21. 'Jose will be successful elsewhere'


    Pat Nevin

    Former Chelsea winger on BBC Radio 5 live

    "There was a desperation from Chelsea to change the system – they wanted to try and build a dynasty but they obviously felt they had to act. 

    "If you are into short-termism it is the right decision. But Jose Mourinho is a great manager. I think he will go somewhere else and be very successful."

  22. Where next for Jose?


    If you're out there thinking this is the end for Jose Mourinho, I'd say you were in the minority. He'll be on the blower in no time.

    But where next for the manager formerly known as the Special One? 

    Manchester United if Louis van Gaal goes? Or Bayern Munich if Pep Guardiola moves on? Back to Real Madrid?

    Jose Mourinho and Alex Ferguson
    Image caption: Remember this? Mourinho is now the same age as Ferguson was when he won his first league title with Manchester United...
  23. Get involved


    Surely not? Lies, damn lies and statistics...

  24. Get involved


    Alan Vaughan: People say JM had lost the players, not the majority. But even worse Roman Abramovich has lost the fans, he will not be forgiven, ever.

    Will Clarke: Very bad decision. I don't know a fan who wanted him to leave .. Players have a lot to answer for. Jose the best.

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  25. 'Are we really suprised?'


    Chris Sutton

    Former Chelsea striker on BBC Radio 5 live

    "I keep hear people saying they are surprised by Mourinho's sacking. After Monday night, how can they be? 

    "For me he had lost the dressing room earlier on in the season. I have sat in dressing rooms. I know what it is like when big players are upset - they don’t just turn round and say: 'Oh alright.'

    "After what Mourinho said about betrayal he knew he had to go. He is not daft. He knew there would be consequences after the words he used."

  26. Mourinho and the Chelsea family


    Martin Keown

    Former Arsenal & Aston Villa defender on BBC Radio 5 live

    Here's Martin Keown's thoughts on that relationship between manager and players. 

    "Everyone talks about this family. It isn't actually. You need to be one step removed. 

    "We say things within our own families that we don't get away with in a work environment. Simply, Mourinho's spoken too much to the players and it's almost imploded in front of our own eyes."

  27. Did Mourinho lose his players' support?


    Some of this really does boil down to the misty workings of that wholly unknowable place - professional football's dressing room. 

    To the outside observer it is a most mysterious thing. An entity almost - it is something you can 'lose' after all...

    And what did Jose mean when he said his work had been "betrayed" by his players, after Monday's 2-1 defeat by Leicester?

    Jose Mourinho
    Image caption: Were the players playing for him?
    Image caption: For this man though Monday's result was perfection - and a kind of revenge?
  28. Get Involved


  29. The making of Mourinho


    Martin Keown

    Former Arsenal & Aston Villa defender on BBC Radio 5 live

    Some of the most interesting reaction I heard this afternoon came from former Arsenal defender Martin Keown.

    "It would have been the making of him if he could come through this," he said. 

    "I'm disappointed that he's gone because we wanted to see how he'll cope when his team is getting beaten.

    "It was astonishing in that last game against Leicester to capitulate the way they did.  He's lost players and there's no trust there. Respect has gone. It's easier to change the manager than it is 22 players."

  30. Get Involved


    BBC Radio 5 Live

    Over the next hour and a half, we'll be accompanying a special BBC Radio 5 live programme discussing Jose Mourinho's departure from Chelsea. 

    Listen using the links at the top of this very page, or tune in on your radio. 

    We'd love you to get involved as well. Tweet us on #bbcsportsday or text us on 81111 (UK only - and please include a name)

  31. What next?


    We're all here because of the many, many questions this most dramatic of managerial sackings stirs up.

    There is the practical: Who next? For how long? Where next? And how much?

    Then there is the long game. Reputations, personalities, emotions.

    There is data to be mined and views to be opined. Welcome to this Sportsday special.

    Jose Mourinho
    Image caption: Shocked? Surprised? Happy? Sad?
  32. What. A. Day.


    And so Chelsea bid farewell to the Special one. 

    Jose Mourinho's second spell is broken.  

    Jose Mourinho
    Image caption: From Premier League champions in May, to one point above the relegation zone in December. How?
    Jose Mourinho appears to prey
    Image caption: There was a fair bit of this...
    Jose Mourinho remonstrates with his players
    Image caption: Was his work "betrayed" by the Chelsea players?..
    Jose Mourinho
    Image caption: This hooded chap was spotted on his way out of Chelsea's training ground earlier today - is that Jose?
  33. Coming up...


    And you'll be able to listen live using the links at the top of this very page.

    We're going into Sportsday extra-time today...

  34. How Mourinho antics dominated social media

    Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho

    Jose Mourinho has barely been out of the headlines all season.

    From disputes with his club doctor to compelling television interviews, talk of getting an "electronic tag" and a series of increasingly damaging defeats, his demise as Chelsea manager has captivated social media.

    Here, we chart the key moments in his downfall and look at how his profile on Twitter compared with those of his rival managers.

    Jose Mourinho graphic
  35. Looking forward...

    Jose Mourinho sacked by Chelsea

  36. Players will be pleased to see back of him

    Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho

    Former Liverpool midfielder Jamie Redknapp told Sky Sports News: "I wasn't that surprised at the announcement.

    "After Monday's result against Leicester, when words like 'betrayal' were used, unfortunately you felt like there was going to be an ending where the manager has to leave. You can't get rid of players obviously because they have long contracts."

    Cesc Fabregas

    "It's always light and shade with Jose but it just feels this year there's been a lot more shade. 

    "It's unprecedented what's happened to Chelsea after winning the title seven months ago. 

    "A lot of players who have fallen out with him will be pleased to see the back of him."

  37. When will Mourinho manage in the Champions League again?

    Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho

  38. A stop-gap appointment?

    Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho

    Former Chelsea and Netherlands midfielder Boudewijn Zenden has given his views on the potential appointment of Dutchman Guus Hiddink.

    “He’s of course someone who is a people manager, if you want to call it that way," Zenden told the BBC World Service. 

    Bolo Zenden

    "He is one of the options, a very experienced manager that has earned the stripes and probably the players to listen to. He had a tough time with the national team in Holland, that is why he is available. 

    "Chelsea have to make a decision on who is best to take on the job as an interim manager because as far as I can see they want to appoint someone new in the summer.”

  39. How the Mourinho story unfolded

    Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho

    BBC Sport editor Dan Roan broke the news of Mourinho's sacking 31 minutes before it was confirmed by Chelsea.

    Dan Roan
  40. On Claudio Nine

    Everton v Leicester (Sat, 15:00 GMT)

    And as you can imagine, Claudio Ranieri, speaking before Jose Mourinho's sacking was announced,says he's a very happy man at Leicester.

    Claudio Ranieri

    “When other teams play against us, maybe they think twice. For us, it’s not important what they think, but how we play," he said.

    "It is important to maintain this friendly group. In every match they help each other. I love it.

    "I am very glad when I see our fans happy."

  41. Ranieri on win over Chelsea

    Everton v Leicester (Sat, 15:00 GMT)

    Foxes boss Claudio Ranieri also reflected on his side's victory over Chelsea this week that was Jose Mourinho's last game in charge of last year's champions.

    “It was a great result for our team and for the fans - not because it was Chelsea, but because it was three points," he said.

    "We understood to beat the champions was not easy. Now it’s important the players clear their minds."

  42. Remember the Foxes?

    Everton v Leicester (Sat, 15:00 GMT)

    So Chelsea's title defence is going to be an unsuccessful one, but what about current Premier League leaders Leicester?

    Well they had a press conference earlier while Jose Mourinho was getting his marching orders and here are some of the best quotes from it.  

    Danny Drinkwater

    Starting off with some bad news for Foxes fans as boss Claudio Ranieri says Jeffrey Schlupp could be out for up to 10 weeks with a hamstring injury.

    But good news immediately followed with Ranieri adding that Danny Drinkwater's hamstring injury is not serious and the midfielder (pictured) will be back soon.

  43. Lose to Leicester and lose your job

    Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho

    Time for Roberto Martinez to be worried? Maybe so.

  44. Mourinho the fifth to go

    Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho

    Former Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho became the fifth Premier League manager to lose his job this season:

    • Dick Advocaat (Sunderland) 4 October: The Dutchman saved the Black Cats from relegation last season but left after an eight-game winless run.
    • Brendan Rodgers (Liverpool) 4 October: Rodgers took the Reds to the brink of their first Premier League title in 2014 but was sacked hours after a Premier League draw against Everton.
    • Tim Sherwood (Aston Villa) 25 October: Sherwood guided Villa to the 2015 FA Cup final but won only one of their 12 league games this season.
    • Garry Monk (Swansea) 9 December: Led the club to a record points total last season, but a run of one win in 12 ended Monk's tenure.
    • Jose Mourinho (Chelsea) 17 December: Premier League and League Cup winners last season, but nine defeats in 16 league games this campaign left them one point above the drop zone. Mourinho was a gonner.
    Brendan Rodgers and Tim Sherwood
    Image caption: Brendan Rodgers and Tim Sherwood also know what it is like to be sacked this season
  45. The worldwide reaction to Mourinho's sacking

    Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho

    In the 20 minutes after the news of Mourinho's sacking there were 113,000 tweets sent about it.

    Between 15:00 GMT - 16:00 GMT, 339,000 tweets were sent and by 18:00, 641, 537 posts about Jose Mourinho had been tweeted.

    The term 'Jose Mourinho' has been trending in cities and countries around the world


    The term 'Jose Mourinho' has been trending in cities and countries around the world  

  46. Mourinho in world's top three - Barton

    Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho

    Burnley midfielder Joey Barton has tweeted his thoughts on the Chelsea managerial situation.

  47. Who next at Stamford Bridge

    Could Terry move from the captain's role to the manager's job?

    John Terry

    In every list of potential next managers there is also a speculative suggestion. So, why not, let's go for one.

    Name: John Terry.

    Status: Chelsea captain.

    Managerial record: Unproven.

    The club captain, now 35, has been reading management books for the last few years and recently had Sir Alex Ferguson's "Leading" for company on a flight back from a match. Some have argued Terry has been in charge of Chelsea for years, maybe he could be handed the opportunity to prove it.  

  48. Who next at Stamford Bridge?

    Diego Simeone to enter the Premier League?

    Diego Simeone

    Name: Diego Simeone

    Status: Atletico Madrid manager

    Premier League record: Unproven

    The former Argentina midfielder has enjoyed a fine period as Atletico Madrid boss, breaching the two-team dominance of Barca and rivals Real with an attractive style, while beating Chelsea in the UEFA Super Cup and Champions League in the process. The Blues have looked to Atletico for players, now for a manager?

  49. Who next at Stamford Bridge?

    An unlikely England return for Ramos?

    Juande Ramos

    Name: Juande Ramos

    Status: Out of work

    Premier League record: Sacked by Tottenham after less than a year in 2008

    The former Tottenham boss would be a left-field appointment but has been mentioned often over recent days.

    Has a long and well-travelled career and most recently took charge of Dnipro. Would in no way be a long-term appointment. But with Roman Abramovich in charge of Chelsea, not every decision is predictable. Remember Avram Grant?

  50. Who next at Stamford Bridge?

    Hiddink as interim boss again?

    Guus Hiddink

    Name: Guus Hiddink

    Status: Out of work

    Premier League record: Third and an FA Cup win as interim manager (2009)

    If Chelsea need a stop-gap option, they could look to someone who has done the job before. No, not Rafael Benitez, who is now Real Madrid boss, but Dutchman Hiddink.

    His three-month spell from February 2009, after the departure of Luiz Felipe Scolari, saw Chelsea win the FA Cup and finish third in the Premier League.

  51. A sad looking Terry

    Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho

  52. Who next at Stamford Bridge?

    Pep Guardiola to manage in England?

    Pep Guardiola

    Name: Pep Guardiola

    Status: Bayern Munich manager

    Premier League record: Unproven

    The former Barcelona boss was reportedly coveted by Roman Abramovich while on sabbatical before the former Spain midfielder opted for Bayern Munich.

    His contract with the Bavarians ends this summer and speculation of a switch to Manchester City is growing in strength. But Chelsea may still try to tempt him. 

  53. Who next at Stamford Bridge?

    Carlo Ancelotti to return?

    So who is going to replace Jose Mourinho at Chelsea? Let's profile six of the likely lads.

    Name: Carlo Ancelotti

    Status: Out of work

    Premier League record: Chelsea 2009-11 (champions 2010)

    Will Chelsea return for another man who enjoyed great success? The Italian, who won the 2010 Premier League and FA Cup double and finished second the following season before being sacked, is available after leaving Real Madrid where he won the Champions League.

    Carlo Ancelotti
  54. 'No manager is safe'

    Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho

    Bournemouth's Glenn Murray, who scored the winner against Chelsea on 5 December, tweets his shock at the sacking of Jose Mourinho.

  55. Mourinho's Chelsea record - part two



    Trophies won:

    • 1 x Premier League
    • 1 x League Cup
  56. Mourinho's Chelsea record - part one


    Jose Mourinho

    Trophies won: 

    2 x Premier League

    1 x FA Cup

    2 x League Cup

  57. Get Involved


    Fancy Jose Mourinho at your club?

    Peter White: Considering starting a petition for fellow United fans called 'Van Gaal out, Jose in...

    Lee Parkinson: The rate we are going through managers it's only a matter of time before Mourinho arrives at Elland Road #LUFC

  58. I owe Mourinho a lot - Fabregas

    Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho

    Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas has tweeted his support for his former boss.

  59. Let go too soon?

    Statistics: Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho

  60. Where will Mourinho go next?

    Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho

    Phil McNulty

    BBC Sport chief football writer

    Louis van Gaal

    "There will be no shortage of offers. Real Madrid may come calling again if Rafael Benitez continues to struggle but what about Manchester United?

    "It is the sort of stage he craves and if Louis van Gaal does not improve things at Old Trafford and Mourinho is still available next summer...why not?"

  61. Who will succeed Mourinho?

    Analysis: Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho

    Phil McNulty

    BBC Sport chief football writer

    Diego Simeone

    "Pep Guardiola has always been the dream appointment for Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich but he looks destined for Manchester City if, as expected he leaves Bayern Munich. 

    "Carlo Ancelotti is then a likely target for the Bundesliga champions so expect the name of Atletico Madrid's Diego Simeone to figure in discussions."

  62. Is it all Mourinho's fault?

    Analysis: Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho

    Phil McNulty

    BBC Sport chief football writer

    Diego Costa and Jose Mourinho

    "No. Chelsea's players must examine themselves closely.

    "Eden Hazard and Diego Costa, the driving forces behind that title win, have been virtually non-existent and their relationship with the manager has been called into question. 

    "Costa threw a bib at Mourinho when he was an unused sub at Spurs while Hazard appeared to substitute himself early in that final loss at Leicester City."

  63. Why have Chelsea sacked Jose Mourinho?

    Analysis: Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho

    Phil McNulty

    BBC Sport chief football writer

    Jose Mourinho and Eva Carneiro

    "The oldest reason of all. Nine losses in 16 games was a decline even Mourinho could not survive - not even with the credit in the bank from last season's Premier League title.

    "Chelsea's season has been chaotic from day one, when Mourinho's row with team doctor Eva Carneiro that led to her removal provided the backdrop of the rest of his stay at Stamford Bridge. The 3-0 loss at Manchester City exposed the on-field flaws and Chelsea and Mourinho have simply not recovered."    

  64. How did we get here?

    Chelsea sack Jack Mourinho

    So why have today's events unfolded? We have asked BBC Sport's chief football writer Phil McNulty for his thoughts, and this is what he has said...

  65. McIlroy's plea to Mourinho

    Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho

    Ah, nothing like a backtracking tweet from a famous football fan.

    Golf superstar Rory McIlroy, who is of course a Manchester United fan, tweeted #TaxiForJose on 31 October, following Chelsea's 3-1 loss to Liverpool at Stamford Bridge.

    Well McIlroy is clearly not as happy as he was with United boss Louis van Gaal as this is his tweet today...

    Rory McIlroy
  66. Wikipedia hand the job to Guus Hiddink

    Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho

    We asked who is next, well it is already decided, according to Wikipedia. They have gone a bit early in appointing Guus Hiddink as Jose Mourinho's replacement. 

    He of course managed the club on an interim basis and won the FA Cup in 2009.

    This is what it says on his Wikipedia page.

  67. Who's next at Chelsea?

    Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho

    Next Jose Mourinho managers

    Bayern Munich boss Pep Guardiola, ex-Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers, Juande Ramos, who was once at Tottenham, and former boss Guus Hiddink have all been touted as possible successors to Jose Mourinho.

  68. Get Involved #BBCSportsday

    Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho

    A sad day for some, got to feel for them... :-(

    famakin olawole‏: Wow I feel so sad, Jose sacked as Chelsea boss, you are still the special one Jose!!!!

    James Shanley:#Mourinho deserved better, players have forced him to go, proving beyond all doubt they rule clubs. Im sad for football

    Lucy Ferman: Sad but increasingly inevitable so right call. Lost love for him over #EvaCaneiro incident. Can we have her back now?

  69. 17 Dec - Gone...but not forgotten

    Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho - from the title to the sack


    Two spells in charge. Three Premier League titles. One FA Cup. Three League Cups. One Community Shield. 

    Thanks for the memories, Jose.

  70. "Ashamed" - one of Mourinho's final words

    Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho

    Jose Mourinho

    In what turned out to be his final Chelsea interview, an "ashamed" Jose Mourinho said his Chelsea side have "no chance" of finishing in the Premier League top four after losing 2-1 to Leicester at King Power Stadium.  

    Watch the interview here

  71. Ranieri's redemption

    Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho

    Funny how football works...

    Leicester boss Claudio Ranieri was sacked by Chelsea in 2004 and Jose Mourinho was brought in to replace him.

    Eleven years later, it's a defeat against Ranieri's Leicester that ends up costing Mourinho his job.

    Claudio Ranieri
  72. 14 Dec - Red Leicester

    Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho - from the title to the sack


    Chelsea managers past and present are in the dug outs as the Blues slump to yet another defeat at Leicester. Claudio Ranieri, who was sacked by the Blues in 2004, shakes hands with Jose Mourinho at the end of Leicester's 2-1 win...and Mourinho disappears down the tunnel for the last time.

  73. 5 December - New low

    Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho - from title to the sack

    Chelsea sink to their eighth defeat in 15 games as Bournemouth become the first promoted side to beat the Blues at home since Charlton in April 2001.

    "There is no chance that Chelsea will be fighting relegation," says Mourinho as his side are left three points above the bottom three.

  74. Get Involved


    Keep sending your reaction to #bbcsportsday. Here is what some of you have been saying:

    Martin McHugh‏: Bad managing should get the sack, but also players with mega salaries not giving 100% every match also the sack!

    Michael Ward: Mourinho, fair weather coach. Can't accept blame when it goes wrong, quickly leads to resentment and division.

    D.Tee: Mourinho's sacking. A case of player power?

  75. 'Chelsea have some of the greatest players'

    Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho

    More quotes from former Arsenal striker Thierry Henry. "Carlo Ancelotti would have been a great fit and a great choice so I don't know where they go from here," Henry tells Sky Sports.

    "You have to be careful who is available and who will come. Is it going to be a manager who is coming in the short term or long term? You need to bring in someone who can bring back the desire and commitment to win games. Chelsea have some of the greatest players in the league.

    "You can't sack the players so go for the manager. I am now thinking if I am going into the right profession? You have to have sympathy for Jose Mourinho. He put Chelsea on the map - you can take that away from him."

  76. History repeats itself

    Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho

  77. Players have to take responsibility - Henry

    Chelsea sack Mourinho

    Former Arsenal striker Thierry Henry, speaking on Sky Sports, says: "They needed a change to spark a reaction, but they have sacked the best manager in their history and the best manager in the game.

    "The players should be held accountable. You cannot sack all the players so sack the manager - whether right or wrong.

    "What happened in some of the games is not all down to Mourinho. There was a lack of desire and commitment.

    "I kept saying Chelsea will turn it around but they didn't. I don't know if he would have turned it around but you have to be careful what you wish for. It's a sad day if you are a Chelsea fan. The media are losing a great character and hopefully he can bounce back."

  78. 29 Nov - Bib baby

    Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho - from the title to the sack


    Chelsea secure a point in a 0-0 draw at Tottenham but a lack of harmony between Jose Mourinho and striker Diego Costa is evident.

    Costa is left out of the side and petulantly threw his bib towards his Portuguese manager after failing to be sent on as a substitute.

    "If he wants to hurt me it would not be with a bib. I have a good relationship with him," says Mourinho afterwards.

  79. 21 Nov - Mission impossible?

    Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho - from the title to the sack

    Quote Message: Fourth position for me is not an impossible mission. If you ask me about winning the the title, I would say impossible mission. Maybe Tom Cruise can do it but it's complicated." from Jose Mourinho
    Jose Mourinho
  80. Jose has really let himself down - Sutton

    Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho

    BBC News Channel

    Former Chelsea striker Chris Sutton, speaking on the BBC News channel, says: "The writing was on the wall after his interview on Monday night. He certainly hasn’t covered himself in glory this season with his behaviour.

    "Previously he was perceived as intelligent, charming and witty but some of his antics this season he has really let himself down.

    "There were cracks appearing when he subbed Matic and had a dressing down with Hazard. He clearly had lost the players earlier in the season. Performance wise, he must have seen things weren’t getting any better. You can’t doubt Mourinho’s coaching credentials but he has clearly lost the dressing room."

  81. Hiddink in?

    Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho

    Jose Mourinho is already forgotten about as the next man is already in, according to the Telegraph...

  82. A winner dismissed

    Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho

    Jose Mourinho
  83. One team's loss another's gain?

    Tweet us on #bbcsportsday

    BBC Radio presenter Danny Baker has some advice for Manchester United...

  84. 7 Nov - Banned from Stoke

    Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho - from the title to the sack


    Jose Mourinho is forced to watch his side's 1-0 defeat at Stoke from a television at the team hotel as he serves a stadium ban. 

    "Jose did the pre-match talk at the hotel and that was it," says Chelsea's former Stoke keeper Asmir Begovic afterwards.

    Chelsea's third successive league defeat leaves them with 11 points from 12 games.

  85. 2 Nov - Day to forget

    Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho - from the title to the sack


    Jose Mourinho discovers he is to be the subject of individual legal action from former Chelsea team doctor Eva Carneiro. It means he will have to appear at an employment tribunal unless there is an out of court settlement.

    Carneiro was dropped from first-team duties after Mourinho said she was"naive" for treating Eden Hazard during a draw with Swansea.

    On the same day Mournho also finds out he is to serve a one-match stadium ban, as well as being hit with a £40,000 fine, for his conduct against West Ham.

  86. Get Involved #BBCSportsday

    Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho

    Former Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho once called Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger "a specialist in failure".

    The fans haven't forgotten that one...

    Fraser Lawrence:#Mourinho has he blamed Mr Wenger yet? Now who is the specialist in failure?

    Mo Shirazi‏: Sacked from the same job twice. #specialistinfailure! @ChelseaFC#JoseMourinho

    mrinal‏: Hahahahha!! The one who can't last for at least three years in a club is a specialist in failure.

    Mourinho and Wenger
  87. 'Mourinho doesn't have the staying power'

    Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho

    More quotes from former Arsenal defender Martin Keown, who doubts whether Jose Mourinho "has the patience" to stay at any club for the long-term.

    "It has imploded in front of our eyes," Keown tells BBC Radio 5 live. "It is astonishing. I saw players who were not giving everything.

    "He has lost the players. There is no trust there, respect is gone. Ultimately it is easier to change a manager than 22 players."

  88. 'An accident waiting to happen'

    Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho

    Former Arsenal defender Martin Keown is asked if Chelsea's players should be embarrassed on BBC Radio 5 live: "Embarrassed? No I don't think so. This has been an accident waiting to happen.

    "Mourinho talked about betrayal this weekend. Go back to October and he was talking about rats within the camp. There have been big problems right from the start of the season.

    "I take you back to the Community Shield. What about his reaction to a non-handshake from Arsene Wenger. He then threw his medal."

  89. BBC Radio 5 live special from 19:00

    Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho

    BBC Radio 5 Live

    BBC Radio 5 live Sport has a special programme tonight from 19:00 GMT reacting to Jose Mourinho’s departure.

    The panel consists of former Chelsea midfielder Andy Townsend, former Chelsea striker Chris Sutton and journalists Neil Ashton and Rob Beasley.

    It is going to be well worth a listen.

  90. 31 Oct - Another game, another defeat

    Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho - from the title to the sack

    Jose Mourinho gathers his staff on the Stamford Bridge pitch after a 3-1 home defeat to Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp's first league win as Reds boss.

    The result leaves the champions with 11 points from 11 games.

    "The fans are not stupid, I don't need to tell them anything. They know how much myself and the players are trying," says Mourinho afterwards.

    "They know why they are getting bad results. The fight goes on, but sometimes there are fights very impossible to win. You go to a fight with different ammunition."

  91. 24 Oct - Red card day at Upton Park

    Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho - From the title to the sack


    West Ham 2-1 Chelsea...yet another defeat for the champions and it goes from bad to worse for Jose Mourinho.

    The Chelsea manager, midfielder Nemanja Matic and Blues' assistant first-team coach Silvino Louro are all sent off.

    "The lads are devastated. Not many words are being said at the moment," says defender Gary Cahill after the game. 

  92. One fall out too many - Shearer

    Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho

    Match of the Day pundit Alan Shearer reacts to Jose Mourinho's sacking on BBC Radio 5 live: "Once you fall out with players then it is a very difficult situation you find yourself in.

    "If you fall out with two or three you can move them on. But when you go over that you're talking about half a dressing room. You can't sack all the players. Then you have a decision to make."

  93. Get Involved


    Mixed reaction on the news that Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has been sacked...

    411 Sports Lady‏: Jose Mourinho was given plenty of time to turn things around, but unfortunately, it didn't work out for him.

    Sarah Morgan: Chelsea not considered players' under performance enough but Mourinho should have lost job when cost doctor hers.

    Tony Ross‏: Makes no sense to sack #Mourinho now and has been let down by the players #Guardiola must have already agreed to go to Chelsea

  94. Who's to blame

    Chelsea sack Jose Mourinho

    BBC Match of the Day commentator Conor McNamara has access to emojis, and knowledge of cheesy 1970s songs. And is not afraid to use both.

    Conor McNamara