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  1. Mo Farah wins historic 'triple-double' with 5,000m victory in Beijing
  2. Shelayna Oskan-Clarke fifth in women's 800m final
  3. Other finals include the men's discus and women's & men's 4x100m relay finals
  4. Click play icon to watch live coverage

Live Reporting

By Saj Chowdhury

All times stated are UK

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At the end of the day...

Aries Merritt

For all the joy, disappointment, anger and disbelief, it's worth remembering that there is life outside competition.

Aries Merritt, who won a bronze in the 110m hurdle on Friday, spoke earlier to Gabby Logan, about his upcoming kidney transplant on 1 September. 

"Me being here was a distraction from what is pending. I have been able to focus on winning a medal and not think about the operation.

"I have had to modify my training, training is incredibly difficult to recover from, I can't eat as much protein as I would like, I can't process potassium to combat cramps, oxygen can't get to my muscles properly and I am anaemic.

"Having my heats a day apart has really helped me, if the races had been on the same day I wouldn't be here. It has been tough but I have pulled it off."

Thanks for joining us today.

Gatlin's champs in summary: arrives as 100m World no.1, beaten by Bolt. 200m World no.1, beaten by Bolt. 4x1: beaten by Bolt, disqualified

Where did it go wrong?

Men's 4x100m relay final

First leg - Richard Kilty: "We were easily in the running for a bronze. I don't know what went on in the third change. It's not a team we've practiced a lot. We messed up on the third change."

Second leg - Daniel Talbot:  "We win as a team, we lose as a team. It's not just us four here. It would've been nice to bring back a medal for everyone. We need to sort this out in the global championships and make sure we get it right for Rio next year."

Third leg - James Ellington:  My speed (going into the changeover) was OK, I need to watch it back. Maybe CJ went a bit early."

Final leg - Chijindu Ujah: "I felt like I went late. I didn't even get away to a fast start."

Greater Britain

That means all four golds of London 2012 have been repeated in Beijing - Britain's best ever gold medal haul at the World Championships.

Lather, rinse, repeat

The moment Usain Bolt crossed the line to win his 11th world gold - and win gold for Jamaica.

Men's 100m relay
BBC Sport

Kilty kicking off

Men's 4x100m relay final

Steve Cram

BBC athletics commentator

BBC Sport

Kilty's not happy. There's no point being like that though. It's a team race.

Farah receives gold medal

He's used to all this, but no doubt this moment on the podium is as special as all the others.

Mo Farah
BBC Sport

Breaking - USA 4x100m team disqualified

Why were they disqualified? Mike Rodgers did not take the baton in time before he crossed the yellow line. 

So China take silver - what a result for the home team. And Canada are handed bronze - in doing so they have achieved their best ever haul of six medals.

Winner - Jamaica win men's 4x100m

Usain Bolt wins his 11th world gold having cruised through the final leg. He crossed the line in 37.36 seconds.

 USA took silver in 37.77, with Mike Rodgers on the final leg (although it did not look like a clean exchange).

And China... yes China take bronze in 38.01.

Great Britain? Oh Great Britain. 

They were in bronze medal position going into the final leg, but the exchange between James Ellington and Chijindu Ujah... well... did not happen.

Men's 100m relay
BBC Sport

Men's 4x100m final - live

Tune into BBC One and click on the video link on this page now.


Men's 4x100m final (14:10 BST)

BBC Sport

"Contenders ready?"

The men's teams come through the double doors, into the Bird's Nest arena and face the camera - touch of Going for Gold too.

USA's Mike Rodgers, on the final leg, folds his arms and looks at the camera.

The Jamaica team put their hands together in unison and bow - I think more suited to a Japanese audience guys. 

The Canada team just embarrass themselves - arms folded in some bad 1990s pop combo style.

BBC Sport
BBC Sport

Men's 4x100m final

14:10 BST

A reminder of the British quartet. Chijindu Ujah comes in for the rather unhappy Harry Aikines-Aryeetey, who was part of the group that helped GB qualify for the final.

BREAKING: Men's 4x100 Relay Final team @RKilty1 @DannyRakeTalbot @Jellington100m @Chijindu_Ujah #Beijing2015
BREAKING: Men's 4x100 Relay Final team @RKilty1 @DannyRakeTalbot @Jellington100m @Chijindu_Ujah #Beijing2015
BREAKING: Men's 4x100 Relay Final team @RKilty1 @DannyRakeTalbot @Jellington100m @Chijindu_Ujah #Beijing2015
BREAKING: Men's 4x100 Relay Final team @RKilty1 @DannyRakeTalbot @Jellington100m @Chijindu_Ujah #Beijing2015

BREAKING: Men's 4x100 Relay Final team @RKilty1 @DannyRakeTalbot @Jellington100m @Chijindu_Ujah #Beijing2015

Men's 4x100m final

14:10 BST

Whatever you do, don't drop this. The final event of the day is coming right up: Bolt, Gatlin, Gay etc

relay baton
Louise Bloor

Winner - Piotr Malachowski wins men's discus

Congratulations to Poland's Piotr Malachowski, your new discus world champion with 67.40m!

Congratulations to Poland's Piotr Malachowski, your new discus world champion with 67.40m!

Winner - Jamaica win women's 4x100m

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce brings the baton home first as Jamaica complete the sprint lap in a championship record of 41.07 seconds.

The USA took silver in 41.68 and Trinidad and Tobago took bronze in 42.03.

Great Britain were fourth but... but... set a new national record - 42.10.

Excellent work all round.

Women's 4x100m relay final
BBC Sport

Women's 4x100m final

(13:50 BST)

Two more finals to go. The USA and Jamaica are hot favourites. Can 200m champion Dafne Schippers inspire the Dutch team?

Dina Asher-Smith, unsurprisingly, comes in and Bianca Williams makes way for Great Britain.

The quartets have just come out in the way the Gladiators used to come out on the former ITV Saturday evening show.

A reminder of the GB quartet:

BREAKING: Women's 4x100 Relay Final team @MissAshaPhilip @dinaashersmith @JodieAlicia27 @DesireeLHenry #Beijing2015
BREAKING: Women's 4x100 Relay Final team @MissAshaPhilip @dinaashersmith @JodieAlicia27 @DesireeLHenry #Beijing2015
BREAKING: Women's 4x100 Relay Final team @MissAshaPhilip @dinaashersmith @JodieAlicia27 @DesireeLHenry #Beijing2015
BREAKING: Women's 4x100 Relay Final team @MissAshaPhilip @dinaashersmith @JodieAlicia27 @DesireeLHenry #Beijing2015

BREAKING: Women's 4x100 Relay Final team @MissAshaPhilip @dinaashersmith @JodieAlicia27 @DesireeLHenry #Beijing2015

Farah achieves 5,000m & 10,000m double

@jimmycarr: Just watched Mo Farah do the triple double - that last 120m was just incredible. #GreatestEverBritishAthlete - I think so.

Unhappy Harry Aikines-Aryeetey

Men's 4x100m relay final (14:10 BST)

We reported earlier that Harry Aikines-Aryeetey was the one who made way for CJ Ujah in the GB team for the 4x100m relay final.

He has been retweeting others' shock at his exclusion. It's his 27th birthday today too.

In bits I won't be running in the final. Wishing the guys all the best 👊🏾🏃🏾🇬🇧💨

Bolt v Gatlin: The Battle of Batons

Women's and men's 4x100m relay finals (13:50 BST and 14:10 BST)

Ashton Eaton is slumped against the scoreboard showing his WR total. The thing is he needs to get out of the way because we've got the sprint relays coming up - you know, Bolt v Gatlin: Episode III.

Two British teams in the women's and men's finals. 

Usain Bolt and Justin Gatlin
Getty Images

'Eaton was brilliant'

Daley Thompson

Two-time Olympic decathlon champion on BBC TV

He's done a brilliant job. Sometimes you stand there before the 1500m and because of the mental stress of everything that has gone before you're sometimes not quite as focused. But he's done brilliantly. I think he can score higher because all of his personal bests add up to more.

Winner - Ashton Eaton breaks decathlon world record

The USA great breaks his own world record. The Olympic champion defends his world title - which we knew he was going to do - and finishes second in the 1500m in 4:17.52.

He sets a new best of 9,045 points - it was previously 9,039.

Ashton Eaton
BBC Sport

Is Mo the greatest?


Jaunty Johnson:  Farah is fantastic, don't think he is the greatest ever though... Steve Redgrave has 4 olympic golds and 9 world championships

Eaton eyes decathlon world record

Just a brief breather from Mo Farah. 

USA's Ashton Eaton, who has similar superhero powers to the Briton, will win gold but needs to run about 4:18 in the 1500m to break the world record.

It is live on BBC One and this website.

Farah wins 5,000m & 10,000m double

Had breakfast with Mo this AM, just saw him win his 2nd title of the champs & got to throw him my flag for his lap!

Had breakfast with Mo this AM, just saw him win his 2nd title of the champs & got to throw him my flag for his lap!

So that's where the flag came from.

Relive Farah's 5,000m victory

World Athletics: Mo Farah sprints to 5,000m world title

Let's watch the closing moments again eh?

The triple double

Farah's achievements
BBC Sport

Surely some burger chain will start selling the Triple-Double?

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Richard Carter: #Mo Farah Britain's best sportsman? Will have to get Sir Steve in the Cube to settle it @Schofe#bbcathletics

Farah wins 5,000m & 10,000m double

Mo Farah, on being called the greatest British sportsman by Brendan Foster:  "That is amazing. 

"We had people such as David Beckham and the rest of the guys, we have had so many legends and to be in the same category as them is amazing. If you believe in something you can get there. Do what you can." 

"I never doubt myself. I love the sport I love what I do and I just want to continue that. Everything comes with obstacles and you just have to get them out of the way. Sometimes you have to appreciate, you see me on the ground and that is when I appreciate."

Farah wins 5,000m & 10,000m double

Mo Farah
BBC Sport

Mo Farah, speaking to BBC Sport: "It is great to make history. I didn't feel great, my hammy was playing up a bit but the medical team helped me through it and tonight come out here and make a double means so much to me. 

"I was kinda getting nervous for the first time in a little while but thanks to all the medical team. It was amazing to do it.

"Hopefully the younger kids watching me will be encouraged. I want to be able to do something for them. 

"I am so looking forward to spending time with my family. I just want to go home and celebrate with them."

Winner - Maria Kuchina wins women's high jump

Apologies for not giving you a blow-by-blow of the high jump - we were sidelined by some British athlete who just won the triple-double.

Anyway, Russia's Maria Kuchina had a faultless competition and won at a height of 2.01m. 

Croat Blanka Vlasic (silver) also cleared the height as did Russia Anna Chicherova (bronze), but all three failed at 2.03m so the gold went to the only athlete who cleared the heghts at the first time of asking.

Is Farah the greatest?

Is Mo Farah Britain's greatest ever sportsperson?

Let us know using #bbcathletics

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Mo Farah is Britain's greatest ever athlete! What a performance! So proud #bbcathletics #WorldChampionships

Farah wins 5,000 & 10,000m double

Paula Radcliffe

Women's marathon world record holder on BBC TV

Mo Farah
Getty Images

"Mo is like a magician and he puts a spell over the whole field. He is playing mind games, he plays mind games at the start when he is jogging to get the water. He messes with them and goes to the front and controls the race but the whole time his mind is working and is ready to react whenever anyone might try to upset his plan. There is nothing they can do."

Relive Mo Farah's historic win

World Athletics: Mo Farah sprints to 5,000m world title

Farah wins the 5,000m & 10,000m double

Mo Farah is using a selfie sticks. I guess not everyone is perfect.

Farah wins the 5,000m & 10,000m double

Michael Johnson

400m world record holder on BBC TV

"He is fantastic. There is a great Mike Tyson quote 'everyone has a plan until they get knocked out'. 

"Mo's rivals got knocked out by Mo today."

Brendan Foster

Olympic medallist and BBC athletics commentator

"Mo is up there with the greats of distance running. Haile Gebrselassie, Kenenisa Bekele, Emil Zatopek and Lasse Viren. Nobody has worked out how to beat him and he's got the Rio Olympics next year and then maybe the Worlds again in London in 2017.

"This guy is still adding to his record books. He is getting better as he gets older.

"He has always been a hard worker and that work is channelled into one thing - him producing in the finishing straight.

"I reckon they held the start of the Newcastle-Arsenal match so they could watch Mo Farah."