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  1. Post update

    So what a night of boxing. Chris Eubank Jr was masterful in his victory against Dmitry Chudinov, Tyson Fury never looked in danger against Christian Hammer before Carl Frampton blew Chris Avalos away.

    We leave you now to enjoy what is left of your Saturday night. You would have to go some to beat the evening those in Belfast are going to have though.

    It's been a pleasure. Cheerio.

  2. "That was my best performance"

    Carl Frampton v Chris Avalos

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Carl Frampton tells 5 live Sport: "That was a good performance. The lad was very slow and plodding. I kept my composure and I felt I could see everything coming. I felt comfortable. I can punch, and I believe I'm the biggest punching super-bantamweight in the world.

    "I think that was my best performance. He is a good, hungry, game fighter, but I feel I am in my prime now. I did over 200 rounds of sparring, and I think that was the reason for my performance. I am the world champion."

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    The top boxing nicknames

    Thomas 'Hitman' Hearns
  4. Reaction

    Carl Frampton v Chris Avalos

    BBC Radio 5 live

    More McGuigan, on 5 live Sport: "I know what I see every day in the gym. This kid is unbelievable. I really think he can be one of the best Irish fighters there has ever been. This is the most atmospheric arena in the world. There is nothing like it. You have got to be here to sample it - it is incredible."

  5. Reaction

    Carl Frampton v Chris Avalos

    Barry McGuigan, Frampton's manager and trainer, tells ITV: "I have said this before. This is the best super-bantamweight in the world, and that includes Scott Quigg. And we aim to prove that. He won tonight in third gear. This guy can do 15 rounds in the gym, he's a sensational fighter, and over the next couple of years we intend to prove that."

  6. Reaction

    Carl Frampton v Chris Avalos

    Carl Frampton, in the centre of the ring, tells ITV: "Amazing atmosphere, as always, in here. Better and better every time. I felt great in there tonight, absolutely amazing. And to be honest that was easy, very easy. He punched very slow. When he turned his back on me he wanted out, that was obvious. He's a tough guy and he kept his feet, so give him credit.

    "Scott Quigg and I would both love a summer showdown between the two of us. Scott needs to remember who's the real world champion. It's a massive fight and it should happen. I would leave Belfast if I have to."

  7. Post update

    Carl Frampton v Chris Avalos

    The referee Howard Foster, at the centre of controversy when he controversially stopped the first Carl Froch v George Groves bout, did an excellent job ending that when he did. Avalos is back on his feet, Frampton is seeking acclaim, and Belfast can go on partying long into the night.

  8. Post update

    Carl Frampton v Chris Avalos

    A few jeers are sounded by the partisan as Scott Quigg makes his way into the ring to be interviewed. We will bring you what is said soon.

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    The top boxing nicknames

    Alexis Arguello
  10. Post update

    Carl Frampton v Chris Avalos

    Barry McGuigan is absolutely loving this. While 'the Jackal' is looking calm, composed, cool, his manager is jumping around like a madman and whipping up the already vocal crowd into more of a fervour. Party in Belfast this evening? I think so.

  11. Post update

    Carl Frampton v Chris Avalos

    That was mightily impressive. The watching Scott Quigg must have been impressed by that - although he will never admit it. A unification bout between these two is now surely on the cards?

  12. Frampton wins

    Carl Frampton v Chris Avalos

    English super-middleweight George Groves

    5 live Sport

    "Carl Frampton certainly has the potential to go on and be a very successful, and long-reigning, world champion."

  13. Frampton wins

    Carl Frampton v Chris Avalos

    An oxygen mask is strapped to the face of Chris Avalos. A precautionary measure, we all hope. He fought bravely, gallantly, but he was simply not at Frampton's level.

  14. Frampton wins

    Carl Frampton v Chris Avalos

    English super-middleweight George Groves

    5 live Sport

    "Frampton was landing at will, and in the end Howard Foster had to make the right, the only, decision - he stopped the fight."

  15. Frampton wins

    Carl Frampton v Chris Avalos

    Barry McGuigan is jumping around around like Tigger in the ring. Joyous scenes.

  16. Round five - Fight stopped

    Carl Frampton v Chris Avalos

    Still the punches come. Right, left, uppercut. Avalos is in real trouble. Ref has stopped it. It is all over.

  17. Round five

    Carl Frampton v Chris Avalos

    A flurry of punches rock Avalos back. The American is on the ropes and the referee moves in. Frampton wrestles Avalos to the floor. No knock down.

  18. Post update

    Carl Frampton v Chris Avalos

    English super-middleweight George Groves

    5 live Sport

    "Carl Frampton now has the measure of his man. He is landing shots at will at times. His shots were having a significant effect in that round, and Avalos' legs dipped. Avalos is not finding his range with his own jab, and he's ending up tied up with Frampton outworking him."

  19. Round four

    Carl Frampton v Chris Avalos

    Right hand over the top lands from Avalos but Frampton reacts well with a couple of strong shots himself. Avalos's head rocks back as Frampton connects with another shot. Manager Barry McGuigan will be enjoying this on his 54th birthday but Avalos isn't done yet as he gets through with a another shot to the head.

    Frampton is on his toes and leaps into another right, left combination. Avalos doesn't look hurt yet but a huge left lands as the ball goes and Avalos is up against it.

  20. Post update

    Carl Frampton v Chris Avalos

    English super-middleweight George Groves

    5 live Sport

    "There was definitely an edge taken off Avalos' punches in that round, and he wasn't landing the jab as cleanly as he did in the first two rounds. Frampton is very good, and he's coming inside and finding Avalos' body."

  21. Round three

    Carl Frampton v Chris Avalos

    Good body work by Carl Frampton. The crowd are egging him on and he wants something special here. Frampton steps away from the clinch and connects with a right and then a left combination.

    Swelling appears at the right eye of Frampton but still he comes. Brilliant combination again lands and Avalos is struggling here. 'Easy, easy' is the chant from the crowd as Frampton lands again with a right.

    All Frampton so far as he wanders back to the corner to a hero's ovation.

  22. Get involved via #bbcboxing

    Adam Laycock: Chris Avalos looking resplendent in those blue and black shorts.

    Andrew Priestley: You'd hate to be sitting beside Barry McGuigan at ringside. The man is ducking and weaving like he's in the ring himself!

    Rob Denholm: Come on Frampton. Anyone using Phil Collins for their ring walk music needs to be taught a lesson!

    Get in touch using #bbcboxing on Twitter or drop us a line on the BBC Sport Facebook or Google+ page. You can also text us on 81111 in the UK only - but please don't forget to add your name and location.

  23. Post update

    Carl Frampton v Chris Avalos

    English super-middleweight George Groves

    5 live Sport

    "Frampton was well within his right to go after Avalos, who had started walking away. The rule is to protect yourself at all times. But Avalos then decided to box and get back into his action. Frampton, to his credit, took his advantage in that round and started to land some good, heavy shots."

  24. Round two

    Frampton lands with a crisp short right. A jab by Avalos connects and the American comes forward again. Frampton misses with a few shots as his timing is a bit off. Bang. Another right lands from Frampton. Lots of holding, lots of missing. This is coming to the boil already.

    Avalos misses a jab and Frampton takes advantage with a scoring right. Avalos claiming his right arm is injured after it is caught in a clinch. He wants a time out, the referee says nothing and Frampton comes straight at him, catching him off guard. Avalos looks OK though as he takes a crunching right hand to the head.

    The bell is met with big cheers as Frampton takes the round.

  25. Post update

    Carl Frampton v Chris Avalos

    English super-middleweight George Groves

    5 live Sport

    "Very good start from both fighters. Frampton dealt with that round well and his jab is working really well. Carl had the more telling shots. Both fighters look like their instruction from their corners was to go out and establish themselves early. A good round from both fighters, but I give that one to Frampton because he landed the bigger shots."

  26. Round one

    Carl Frampton v Chris Avalos

    Avalos is talking to Carl Frampton, trying to goad him, trying to wind him up. The American comes forward but misses with a few punches. Frampton's turn to miss with a right, before he lands with a right over the top. Big right landed on the side of Avalos's head. Time out called by the referee as Avalos hits on the break for the second time. 'I didn't hear you' was his reply. Fair point.

  27. Fight on

    Carl Frampton v Chris Avalos

    'Just me and you' says Chris Avalos as they touch gloves. Carl Frampton looking focused. We are under way.

  28. Post update

    Carl Frampton v Chris Avalos

    Boos and derision swirl around the Belfast air as Chris Avalos is introduced. It then morphs into adulation for The Jackal, who has his game-face on. 19 fights, 19 victories and 13 knockouts for Carl Frampton. Undefeated, reigning, defending and here in front of his adoring public.

  29. Post update

    Michael Buffer

    Cacophonous inside the Odyssey Arena. Michael Buffer, that silver-haired golden-voiced maestro, is announcing in the very centre of the ring.

    "Llllet's get ready to rummmmmble!"

  30. Post update

    Carl Frampton v Chris Avalos

    English super-middleweight George Groves

    5 live Sport

    "Frampton looks focused. Straight into the ring. He's not trying to antagonise Avalos, which is a good sign. He's just thinking about himself and his own fight. He just looks ready to go."

  31. Post update

    Carl Frampton v Chris Avalos

    What. A. Noise. Here comes the Belfast boy with his blue cloak and hood up. A nation's darling. Sigma's Nobody to Love blares out but you can't hear it as the crowd cheer their favourite. Scenes.

  32. Post update

    Carl Frampton v Chris Avalos

    English super-middleweight George Groves

    5 live Sport

    "Avalos looks very pumped here. He's jumped up to every corner of the ring. Maybe he just wants to get the crowd even more animated, so he can absorb their energy before the first bell."

  33. Post update

    Carl Frampton v Chris Avalos

    Here come the fighters. Chris Avalos is first in and he enters to predictable jeers and to Phil Collins' song 'In the Air Tonight'. This is intimidating stuff but he doesn't care as he blows kisses to the crowd. He is winding them up here.

  34. Post update

    Carl Frampton v Chris Avalos

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Former heavyweight champion David Haye on 5 live Sport: "If Carl can compose himself, if he doesn't look to trade too early, then he can outbox and break down Avalos. Frampton can box long and to a script, and I see him winning late doors."

  35. Advantage Frampton

    Carl Frampton v Chris Avalos

    Carl Frampton has the weight advantage this evening.

    Chris Avalos weighed in at 121.9 pounds; whereas Frampton came in right at the super bantamweight limit at 122 pounds.

  36. Get involved via Facebook

    Danny Robinson: C'mon Carl, show him who's boss!

    Glenn Dorrian: Greatest city on earth, Belfast. C'on Carl, get into him. He's easy.

    Carol Scott: C'mon Carl, give him a good hammering!

    Get in touch using #bbcboxing on Twitter or drop us a line on the BBC Sport Facebook or Google+ page. You can also text us on 81111 in the UK only - but please don't forget to add your name and location.

  37. Post update

    Carl Frampton v Chris Avalos

    BBC Radio 5 live

    This is like a huge karaoke session. The Belfast punters are now belting out some 'Don't Stop Me Now' by Queen as they wait for the boxers. Brilliant stuff. You can't help but tap your toes...

    Don't forget you can listen to all of this now on BBC Radio 5 live.

  38. Post update

    Carl Frampton v Chris Avalos

    Chris Avalos

    Carl Frampton's challenger, Chris Avalos, speaking to ITV4: "I've fought undefeated fighters and I've fought in people's backyards. This is not new to me - I have done this before. I have been here before, and I'm excited about tonight."

  39. "I'm a much improved fighter"

    Fury bt Hammer

    Tyson Fury at ringside on BoxNation: "I'm here to entertain. I came here to box a very worthy opponent who was very tough. He took a lot of punishment and his corner knew they had to pull him out. I was going through the motions, really. It was a bit of flair and tear.

    "I have come a long, long way in the last three or four years. I went back to basic for this fight, and I'm a much improved fighter. And that's why I'm ready for Klitschko next."

  40. Quigg lying in wait

    Scott Quigg

    WBO super-featherweight title holder Scott Quigg is ringside this evening and is plumping for his rival to make a unification bout possible.

    "That's the fight I want, that's the fight he apparently wants," he said. "He has been very vocal about it so hopefully he comes through and sticks to what he says and the fight can be made. I am a million per cent I will beat him if it is made.

  41. Get involved via #bbcboxing

    Carl Frampton tweets: I'm fighting for my family and for the nation of people I have behind me. Lets make it noisy!!!

  42. Post update

    Fury bt Hammer

    Tyson Fury singing

    Fury's grasping a microphone in the middle of the ring: "I said that I would sing a song after I won this fight. Elvis sang me in, so I'm going to sing a bit of Elvis myself: 'Put on my blue suede shoes / And I boarded the plane / Touched down in the land of the Delta Blues / In the middle of the pouring rain...'

    "I want Klitschko next!"

    Well, that was something....

  43. Post update

    Carl Frampton v Chris Avalos

    "If I turn up, I'll win the fight, simple as that," predicts Frampton, ahead of his first title defence.

    "I want to keep on winning and look explosive in every single contest. He's cocky but I'll knock that out of him."

    Nothing like confidence Carl...

  44. Post update

    The top boxing nicknames

    Bernard Hopkins
  45. Get involved via #bbcboxing

    More of your boxing nicknames...

    Carl Bedford: Ray boom boom Mancini, smokin Joe Frazier.

    Chris Dee: I'd be Chris "he likes a pint" Dee. Because I do indeed like a pint.

    Paul Fraser: ‏My boxing nickname would be Paul "Sugar Free" Fraser. Diabetic pun!

    Get in touch using #bbcboxing on Twitter or drop us a line on the BBC Sport Facebook or Google+ page. You can also text us on 81111 in the UK only - but please don't forget to add your name and location.

  46. Chewing gum-gate

    Carl Frampton

    Belfast boxer Carl Frampton claims opponent Chris Avalos' mother spat chewing gum at him during Friday's weigh-in.

    Things got heated after the fighters had stepped on the scales with Avalos shoving the IBF Super Bantamweight champion.

    Frampton later tweeted: "Thank you for the amazing support as usual. On another note, Avalos' mother hit me with a bit of chewing gum straight out of her mouth. Lovely lady she is."

  47. Post update

    Great timing - it is almost as though they planned it. Now our focus lies completely with Carl Frampton and Belfast. The Odyssey is jumping as they await their darling.

  48. Hammer retired

    Fury v Hammer

    Well, that's that. Boos echo around the Arena and I can see why - why's the towel been thrown in by Hammer's corner?

    I suppose he had been taking an absolute battering, and will have been miles behind on the scorecards. Still, a damp squib of an ending, particularly after the bombastic climax of the Eubank contest.

    "Boom, boom, boom!" cries Fury to the camera. "Klitschko next, baby!"

  49. Round eight

    Fury v Hammer

    Peter Fury keeps telling his heavyweight charge to jab, and when he does Tyson is enjoying success. But Hammer is intelligent, crowding his taller opponent. Hammer has gained a little in confidence, and the atmosphere inside the O2 Arena is not exactly crackling. Fury's opponent's head will have cleared, and he's always got a puncher's chance. Will he land a big one? Will we witness Hammer's Time? Sorry...

  50. The panto continues

    Carl Frampton v Chris Avalos

    Enjoy the pantomime of the war of words? Well, here is some more.

    Avalos's management team challenged Frampton to put some of his purse for the fight on a bet with the American as the victor - if he was feeling so confident.

    Frampton responded, to huge cheers: "I wouldn't like to take your money off you. You've been wearing that same tracksuit top on four days. Every time I see you you've been wearing that coat."

    You get the feeling neither will be going short of money after this.

  51. It's all kicking off

    Carl Frampton v Chris Avalos

    There has been a feeling of ill-will between the two boxers ever since the fight was announced and the weigh in did little to calm the animosity.

    Chris Avalos accused Frampton of having been born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

    The response from the defending IBF super bantam weight world champion? - "I've had a silver spoon? I'm from the ghetto. I'm from T (Tiger's) Bay - that's the ghetto mate!"

    Class wars now.

  52. Post update

    Fury's corner: "He's buying time. When he holds, try to twist him around. Then you'll be able to bang him easily. How are you feeling? Deep breath. Deep breath again."

  53. Round seven

    Fury v Hammer

    Clubbing body shots from the Fury, and the big Mancunian keeps turning his opponent around and around, so Hammer doesn't really know where he's standing inside the ring. Hammer's solution? To grab and hold until the referee tells them to break. More reprimands from the referee, and since that Fury flurry in round five we've seen little.

  54. Post update

    Carl Frampton v Chris Avalos

    Chris Avalos
  55. The challenger

    Carl Frampton v Chris Avalos

    So who does Frampton have to beat to stay on track for that mouth watering Scott Quigg unification bout?

    Californian Chris Avalos, 24, stopped Yasutaka Ishimoto in May to become the IBF's mandatory challenger for the title and since then he has beaten Jose Cen Torres to take his career statistics to 25 wins and two losses.

    The American's two losses have come against Christopher Martin and Jonatan Romero and his defeat of Ishimoto in China is the only time he has fought outside the United States.

    It shouldn't be a problem should it? It is an incredible atmosphere in Belfast with the party in full swing. A little bit like an Irish wedding with some Neil Diamond 'Sweet Caroline' being sung along to.

  56. Post update

    Carl Frampton v Chris Avalos

    Carl Frampton

    He is the man of the moment. Can Chris Avalos stop him?

  57. Post update

    Fury's corner: "He's still dangerous. Hit him with crisp, clean shots and he'll go."

  58. Round six

    Fury v Hammer

    Christian Hammer and Tyson Fury in action

    Studious from Fury, stalking Hammer around the ring. The big Romanian is cautioned by the referee at one point for using his head, but sees out the round and sits down heavily on his stool. Fury struts back to his corner.

  59. Post update

    Carl Frampton v Chris Avalos

    BBC Radio 5 live

    The fight itself is live from Belfast from about 22:45 GMT on BBC Radio 5 live.

    The commentary team are boxing correspondent Mike Costello and super middleweight contender George Groves - the man defeated by Carl Froch last year at Wembley in one of the biggest British fights of all time.

  60. Post update

    Carl Frampton v Chris Avalos

    Over in Belfast, the atmosphere in building. Carl Frampton v Chris Avalos is not far away...

  61. Post update

    Fury's corner: "See what I said to you about taking your time then taking your chance? Enjoy it. Don't load up - throw crisp shots."

  62. Post update

    The top boxing nicknames

    Oscar de la Hoya
  63. Get involved via #bbcboxing

    Danny Payne: I vaguely recall a boxer nicknamed "Canvas Back", and surely "Butter Bean" has to be up there too.

    Tom the tank Taylor: I'd be Tom "The Tank" Taylor!

    Jon Morgan: Best boxing nickname is Henry "Sugar Poo" Buchanan, obviously.

    If you are wondering, this is a real nickname.

  64. Round five

    Fury v Hammer

    Christian Hammer in action

    Now the Mancunian comes forward and looks to end it quickly. Hammer is holding on for dear life but Fury is landing with some big shots to the head. The bell saves Hammer.

  65. Round five

    Fury v Hammer

    Fury lands with a big shot and Hammer is floored. He is up and beats the count.

  66. Post update

    Fury's corner: "Switch up and move around. Do different things. Work the jab and punish him. You're winning every round anyway. Listen, this is an eliminator for a world title fight. Don't take any chances. Focus on him."

  67. Round four

    Fury v Hammer

    None of the action we saw in the Eubank victory earlier this evening. Fury still jabbing and retreating. Easy, easy for Fury so far. Not sure Hammer has won a round.

  68. Post update

    Fury's corner: "Use your hands to block, just to be sure. Watch for his hooks. This round use your hands more, keep moving on your feet. Yes?"

  69. Get involved

    The top boxing nicknames

    Oliver McCall
  70. Round three

    Dull stuff so far with Fury completely in control. Hammer is trying to wind himself up for a big shot but he just can't get near. Just as I say that the Romanian does land with a right - probably his first of the fight. Fury though responds with a flurry of punches before retreating sharply. Hammer is missing a lot of punches.

  71. Get involved via #bbcboxing

    We asked for your boxing nicknames...

    Graeme Leigh: I'd be Graeme 'The Honey Badger' Leigh #HoneyBadger

  72. Post update

    Tyson Fury

    Fury's corner: "Water, please! Basically, stay nice and relaxed. Ram the jab in then lean back out. Keep boxing orthodox, then switch it up a bit. When he comes in, punish him."

  73. Round two

    Fury v Hammer

    Tyson Fury in a fight

    Hammer can't get near Fury early on. Jab, jab, jab, Fury is in control. The Mancunian finds time to laugh at a shout from someone in the crowd, he is enjoying himself out here. An uppercut connects before the bell as Fury surely wins his second round out of two.

  74. Post update

    Fury's corner: "Keep touching him up, the odd uppercut, having a look at him. He's flailing away when he comes in. We've got the first round out of the way and we know what he's about. He's trying to walk you down. Enjoy it in here - he's a journeyman. When we're ready we'll step it up."

    Fury's trainer is his uncle, Peter.

  75. Round one

    Fury v Hammer

    Fury goads Hammer early on. He is calling the Romanian forward, smiling at him as he dances around the ring. At 6ft 9ins, Fury is staying away from Hammer and landing the jab with his huge reach. A confident start from the home boxer as he lands a left before connecting with a right and left combination.

  76. Post update

    Fury v Hammer

    Tyson Fury mocks his opponent as the referee calls them together. Hammer refuses to touch gloves but is called back to do just that. Fight on.

  77. Post update

    Fury v Hammer

    A delay even before we start as a split glove for Tyson Fury needs to be fixed. Won't be long before we are under way.

  78. Post update

    Fury v Hammer

    Christian Hammer is making his debut in the UK. No one expects the Romanian to upset Tyson Fury but upsets can happen.

  79. Get involved

    Top boxing nicknames

    Mike Tyson
  80. Post update

    Tyson Fury v Christian Hammer

    Tyson Fury
  81. Post update

    Fury v Hammer

    Fury is wearing some quite horrific green shorts sporting the name 'Prince'. He is enjoying himself out here - let's hope the fans are come the end.

  82. Post update

    Fury v Hammer

    Steve Bunce

    Boxing expert on BoxNation

    "I don't think we'll see a dancing and thinking Tyson Fury. We'll see an old Fury tonight, where he'll jump in the ring and be all over Christian Hammer. I don't see this going even eight rounds."

  83. Post update

    Fury v Hammer

    Elvis Presley

    Anyway back to London and the O2 Arena as Tyson Fury looks to move a step nearer to a world title shot against Wladimir Klitschko. The Brit is up against Christian Hammer, who was born in Romania but lives in Germany.

    Hammer is already in the ring, while Fury enters to an Elvis impersonator in the ring singing 'Trouble'. Extraordinary scenes.

  84. Post update

    Billy Joe Saunders, British middleweight, on BoxNation: "Tyson is too clever. He's come all this way in terms of development, he's looking for that big title fight against Wladimir Klitschko, and he's just one fight away."

  85. "Huge opportunities for Carl"

    Carl Frampton's manager and promoter is the legend that is Barry McGuigan, and he hyped up his fighter to BBC Sport in the week.

    "The combination of the two fighters' styles should make for a great contest," McGuigan said. "It's not just about winning the world title - it's about winning fights emphatically and making as many defences as we can.

    "There are potential unification fights to consider too, so there are huge opportunities for Carl."

  86. Lofty ambitions

    The hype surrounding Carl Frampton has persuaded ITV to bring boxing back to terrestrial TV for the first time in almost a decade.

    And the Jackal is under no illusions how important it is to entertain as he looks to find global stardom - with the fight being aired in 55 countries.

    He said: "I'm on the brink of something big now. I can't afford any slip-ups at this stage and I need to continue to impress. There's too much at stake.

    "My ambition is not celebrity but to become acknowledged as the best super-bantamweight. Then, if I can do that, I will move up in weight in the hope that being a two-division world champion might be enough for me to be elected to the Hall of Fame."

  87. Get involved

    The top boxing nicknames

    Muhammad Ali
  88. Get involved


    It wouldn't be boxing if we didn't have a few nicknames in the mix and Carl 'the Jackal' Frampton doesn't disappoint.

    That got me thinking about what I would call myself if I was boxer. How does Andy 'the Wurzel' Cryer sound? Fair enough, not great.

    Can you do better then? Send us your boxing nicknames for sporting celebrities and the reasons why. Any Sport.

    We also want to hear your thoughts on tonight's action. Tweet #bbcboxing or text 81111 (UK users only).

  89. Get involved

    Ben Dirs

    BBC Sport

    "To the Odyssey in Belfast. A little over an hour until Frampton and Avalos enter the ring and this place will require a new roof."

  90. Eubank reaction

    Chris Eubank Sr speaking to BoxNation at ringside: "Christopher has it, you saw it tonight, but he didn't use his jab in the Billy Joe Saunders fight. Tonight was an explosive competition, and my son made Britain proud with that performance.

    "I'm shocked, stunned and amazed that the referee didn't stop it sooner. Incredible really. But that's boxing, it's a sexy sort of sport. And this man [Eubank Jnr] is bringing sexy back to the sport."

  91. Eubank reaction

    Chris Eubank Jr speaking on BoxNation at ringside: "Hats off to Chudonov. I have never hit somebody so many times and the guy hasn't gone down. I had to stop beating him up in the 12th and say that he's a hell of a fighter. An incredible chin.

    "This result is redemption and I'm back. And I want that rematch, Billy Joe Saunders. I'm coming for you. I know what Billy is about, and the boxing public know that I'm a league above him. I now know I can go 12 rounds and turn up in the 12th.

    "I'm a complete fighter and I'm ready for redemption. I went in there to box the guy and show my skills, so I knew boxing wouldn't be enough and I just have to give him punches. I'll happily fight him again - he deserves it."

  92. Get involved #bbcboxing

    Chris D'Cunha: An excellent performance from Chris Eubank. That boy has got an engine. Future world champion for sure.

    Paul Wadieh: Congrats and great comeback from Chris Eubank! TKO. Gotta love #bbcboxing for keeping me updated!

    You're very welcome, Paul.

  93. Post update

    Carl Frampton
  94. Master and apprentice

    Carl Frampton v Chris Avalos

    As if Carl Frampton wasn't popular enough on his own among his fellow countrymen, the small matter of having former world champion. Barry McGuigan as his manager just adds to the cocktail.

    The 'Clones Cyclone' is a hero to many in Northern Ireland but some are tipping Frampton to emulate his many successes.

    He would have some career if he does.

  95. Still to come

    Don't forget that was just for starters this evening. Tyson Fury v Christian Hammer next at the O2 before Carl Frampton defends his world title against Chris Avalos in Belfast. If the last two fights are as good as that we are in for a treat.

  96. Eubank wins

    Eubank v Chudinov

    Chris Eubank Jnr

    A brilliant performance from Chris Eubank Jr from the first bell. It is hard to see how Chudinov won a round and he is now sitting in his corner with a bloody eye, a swollen jaw and a broken spirit. The Russian deserves huge credit for his resilience and Eubank acknowledges that. Great fight.

  97. Round 12 - Fight stopped

    Eubank v Chudinov

    Brutal stuff. Eubank is taking no prisoners as he throws an avalanche of punches. At last the referee stops it with about a minute left.

  98. Get involved #bbcboxing

    Sam Heaton: He's taken some punishment tonight, Chudinov. Dear me. Hard bloke, no doubt.

    Get in touch using #bbcboxing on Twitter or drop us a line on the BBC Sport Facebook or Google+ page. You can also text us on 81111 in the UK only - but please don't forget to add your name and location.

  99. Round 12

    Eubank v Chudinov

    Eubank catches Chudinov with a huge left hand. He follows with punch after punch after punch. How is Chudinov still standing? He is though. Eubank looks amazed himself that flurry didn't win him the fight. Into the last two minutes.

  100. Post update

    Chris Eubank Jnr is given advice by his father

    Eubank Jr's corner: "When he comes back at you get back on your jab. It's been a beautiful performance - I'm very pleased."

  101. Round 11

    Eubank v Chudinov

    For all Eubank's domination, Chudinov has not been rocked back once. His face is a mess, he knows he is beaten but he has reached the final round. Impressive, impressive stuff from Eubank though.

  102. Post update

    Eubank Jr's corner: "This guy's blood is all over you, man! Water him down! Keep on your jab, because you're measuring him and he'll walk into it. Vaseline! Don't give him any round, right? Be the boss. The fight is well won - don't give him nothing. Nice little jabs. Play with your jab."

  103. Round 11

    Eubank v Chudinov

    Dmitry Chudinov

    It has been brutal stuff and Chudinov's face tells the story. Blood everywhere but, into the eleventh, and he continues to come forward. Brave stuff from the beaten Russian.

  104. Get involved #bbcboxing

    Fight Label: Pearl white and metallic blue lamb nappa leather with Swarovski crystals made for Chris Eubank Jr!

    Eubank shorts

    I, your humble live text commentator, am wearing blue denim and a short-sleeved check shirt. If you're interested...

  105. Round 10

    Eubank v Chudinov

    Right, left, right, left. Body shot. Jab. Eubank throws more and more but he is beginning to look a tad tired. It doesn't stop him egging the Russian forward though. Chudinov unloads a big right, Eubank simply ducks and lands with a shot of his own. It looks like this is going all the way.

  106. Post update

    Eubank Jr's corner: "Where's the towel? Give me the towel! Load up, and when you load up and throw five or six or seven then stand up and have a rest. Stand tall and walk, you understand me?"

  107. Post update

    Chudinov may be cut above his left eye, and yes it's pretty grizzy stuff, but it's not a patch on our 'Enry from 1966...

    Henry Cooper
  108. Round nine

    Eubank v Chudinov

    Dmitry Chudinov fights Chris Euband Junior

    Chudinov's gum shield comes out as Eubank does a bit of posing around the ring. This is an onslaught but Chudinov just won't give up. Eubank is giving a boxing master class the longer this fight goes on. More showboating as Eubank turns his back before throwing a right. A string of nine punches thrown at the Russian, not all land, but this is just relentless.

  109. Round nine

    Eubank v Chudinov

    Chudinov turns to a bit of wrestling as he throws his opponent into the ropes. Eubank though comes forward again and he lands punch after punch. Surely almost all over?

  110. Round nine

    Eubank v Chudinov

    Fight still going on despite Chudinov's eye being a real mess - the cut is creeping along his left eyelid with each passing round.

  111. Round eight

    Eubank v Chudinov

    The Russian lands with a right but Eubank comes forward again and ends the round on the attack. Chudinov's gum shield is out as Eubank throws and connects with some big punches. How Chudinov is still standing only he knows. Brave stuff.

  112. Round eight

    Eubank v Chudinov

    The referee is taking a close look at Chudinov's eye. Not sure there is long left here and Eubank continues to land at will.

  113. Round seven

    Eubank v Chudinov

    The doctor takes a close look at Chudinov's eye and gives a nod to the referee. The fight continues...for the moment.

  114. Post update

    Chirs Eubank Jnr

    Eubank Jr's corner: "Relax, and just pick him off now. When you use your two hands use them short and come for the middle, because he's there for you. And your uppercuts are perfectly ready for you to use them. They will score. All angles now."

  115. Round seven

    Eubank v Chudinov

    Chudinov's eye is getting worse as he continues to blink furiously. Eubank lands with a body shot, then a jab, he is picking him off at will here. Another straight right knocks Chudinov back but still the brave Russian comes at him. The home favourite is turning it on though as he throws a beautiful left before landing a right to the body. A master class from Eubank. as Chudinov retreats to his corner with blood dripping from his eye.

  116. Get involved #bbcboxing

    Chris Eubank Jr

    Boxing promoter Frank Warren: Good scrap so far between Eubank and Chudinov. Eubank letting his hands go with some busy flurries.

  117. Post update

    Eubank Jr's corner: "Once you've thrown a flurry go for a walk sometimes. And watch your guard, because he's getting desperate."

  118. Round six

    Eubank v Chudinov

    A little bit of show boating from a confident Eubank. A grin towards his opponent but Chudinov looks undeterred as he refuses to be broken. Some extravagant ducking and diving from Eubank as Chudinov misses with a flurry of punches. The crowd are loving it. Chudinov made to miss before Eubank finishes aggressively. Fair play to the Russian though, he is still standing.

  119. Post update

    Eubank Jr's corner: "Steady yourself down then crack that right hand across, I'm telling you. Use both hands and hook. Just sit down a little bit behind your jab."

  120. Round five

    Eubank v Chudinov

    As Eubank comes forward he is caught by a big left and is clearly rattled. He hits back with his own shots though as he keeps coming forward. The crowd are brought to their feet as Eubank lands with another big right, and another, and another. Eubank going for the kill as he throws punch after punch. Chudinov blinking furiously as his bloody eye gets worse. Another round to Eubank.

  121. Post update

    Chris Eubank Jr

    Eubank Jr's corner: "Both hands. One-two. Huh-huh!"

  122. Round four

    Eubank v Chudinov

    Nice jabs from Eubank but Chudinov then catches him with a big right to the body. No quarter being given by either and Eubank enjoying the better of a flurry of close exchanges. There is little defence from the home man though as he goes for the big one. Blood coming from the nose of Eubank while the claret still falls from Chudinov's eye. Eubank's round again and signs the Russian is tiring.

  123. Get involved #bbcboxing

    Boxing manager Andrew Mikhail: This Chudinov is no muppet. I think they are trying to run too fast with Eubank. We'll soon see.

  124. Post update

    Eubank Jr's corner: "Short shots, now. Because he's coming in, so just keep them short. Hands up, but short, one-two. You don't have to go looking for him, he's there for it. Especially if you aim for the chest, because he's walking into it. There's no lateral movement, so aim for his chest and you will catch him."

  125. Round three

    Eubank v Chudinov

    This is a real scrap. Every time Eubank gets hit, he responds with his own solid shot. Forget tactics, these two are just going toe-to-toe. Great stuff. Both close with some big shots but again Eubank Jr probably just about does enough.

  126. Round three

    Eubank v Chudinov

    Chudinov's eye looks a bit of a mess after either a stray elbow or head from Eubank brings about a cut. The claret is stemmed but one to watch.

  127. Post update

    Eubank Jr's corner: "Use your uppercut, use it!"

  128. Round two

    Eubank v Chudinov

    Eubank holds on and is staying tight to Chudinov. Little sign of the home boxer throwing the jabs as instructed by his corner. Couple of big lefts score from the solid Russian. Eubank responds with an explosive right of his own. Better from Eubank as he lands with a body shot and follows up with a good combination. A good finish surely gives the home favourite that right.

  129. Post update

    Chris Eubank Jnr

    Eubank Jr's corner: "Make it easy for yourself, don't wait. Stick to your jabs, one-two. I want to see more jabs. He's there for your jab, OK? Pepper him, sometimes walk, and make him chase you sometimes."

    Maximo Pierret is Eubank Jnr's trainer, but all that motivational talk came from his famous father...

  130. Round one

    Eubank v Chudinov

    This fight was almost off this evening after an argument over neutral officials. It got a stay of execution just minutes before the fight though and Eubank has started well enough. A good one-two combination to the Russian's head gets the crowd going but Chudinov responds with a blow to the head and a solid right to the body. Eubank has a job on his hands but a flurry of punches from the boy from Brighton late on again brings the crowd to their feet.

  131. Fight on

    Eubank v Chudinov

    There is a lot of hype around Chris Eubank Jr but he will have to start better than he did against Billy Joe Saunders last time out. He finished the fight like a steam train but he left himself too much to do. Any repeat of that and the undefeated Dmitry Chudinov will be celebrating again.

    Fight on

  132. Get Involved

    Eubank v Chudinov

    Steve Bunce

    Boxing expert on BoxNation

    "I think it will be Chris Eubank on points. But it won't be easy, and don't be surprised if Dmitry Chudinov takes it to 12 rounds just like Billy Joe Saunders did."

  133. Chris Eubank Junior v Dimitry Chudinov

    Chris Eubank Sr claims his son is the most talented boxer since Sugar Ray Leonard.

    He is looking to bounce back from his first professional loss at the hands of Billy Joe Saunders when he challenges unbeaten Interim WBA World Middleweight champion Dmitry Chudinov.

    "The last person who had this ability was Sugar Ray Leonard," said Eubank Sr. "My son is the most dangerous young man I've ever come across in boxing, the most dangerous fighter on the planet.

    "I was the benchmark, I was the beacon, I was the one everyone was measured against. And I can't even measure him against me. I have never seen anything like him. The great British public has a great journey in front of them over the next 10 years."

  134. What's on

    Good evening and let's get ready to rumble.

    Frampton v Avalos from Belfast will be our main course this evening but we have some sumptuous appetisers before that.

    On another card at the O2 Arena in London, Mancunian Tyson Fury will defend his European Heavyweight title against Romanian Christian Hammer.

    But first, Chris Eubank Junior is in action against unbeaten Interim WBA World Middleweight champion Dmitry Chudinov. They are in the ring and this live text will tell you the tale of that fight.

  135. The Belfast darling

    Carl Frampton v Chris Avalos

    Yes, Belfast will be jumping this evening as home darling Carl Frampton defends his IBF World super bantamweight title against American Chris Avalos at the Odyssey indoor arena.

    Frampton, unbeaten with a record of 19-0, is about to make his first defence of the title he won back in September against Kiko Martinez.

    The 28-year-old is on his way to becoming a superstar of the sport, and a win this weekend would bring us closer to a potential unification fight with Mancunian Scott Quigg.

    That would be a belter.

  136. Party time in Belfast

    Carl Frampton

    Sixteen thousand Ulstermen. A Belfast sporting darling on home turf. And one of the nations's greatest ever heroes as a mentor.

    No prizes for guessing where the party is this evening...