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  1. A night that had it all...

    Come back for DeGale v Bute at 04:15 GMT

    A spectacle...

    Klitschko v Fury

    A war... (not forgetting Team Fury's decision to call it off when they didn't like the way Klitschko had his hands wrapped).

    Klitschko v Fury

    A champion dethroned...

    Klitschko v Fury

    And a new era, with a British fighter at the helm. Ladies and gentlemen, the first British world heavyweight champion in six years - Tyson Fury.


    Klitschko v Fury
  2. Fury- I'd be happy to be half as good as Wlad

    Ron Lewis from The Times has tweeted this quote from Tyson Fury's first post-fight news conference as the new champion of the world...

  3. More to come...

    James DeGale and Lucian Bute

    The boxing is not over yet folks, not by a long chalk. 

    If you're up partying, or just want to roll out of bed in your pyjamas, we will have a live text rolling from around 04:00 GMT as James DeGale defends his super-middleweight world title against Lucian Bute in Quebec.

  4. The boxing world unites

    The whole boxing world has united to congratulate its new heavyweight king Tyson Fury. 

    Ricky Hatton is delighted, Hall of Fame legend Oscar De La Hoya pays tribute to Klitschko for his service and the great Evander Holyfield wonders who is next to challenge the furious one? 

  5. Where does the champion turn?

    So what options does Tyson Fury have now? Simple answer - lots.

    He could take on the big American, Deontay Wilder in a fight which would see all four of the heavyweight titles on the line in one match.

    Anthony Joshua - though young - has decimated everyone before him and would prove a massive money contest if the two Britons collided.

    And you'd think Wladimir Klitschko will use a rematch clause - assuming there was one in the contract. But after being so heavily outpointed, big changes would be needed to return with the titles.

  6. Reaction


    So Tyson Fury upset the form book tonight by ending the nine-year reign of Wladimir Klitschko. 

    What did you think of Fury's performance? Tweet us using #bbcboxing

  7. What about this Manchester?

    Terry Flanagan, Scott Quigg, Tyson Fury and Anthony Crolla

    Terry Flanagan, Scott Quigg, Tyson Fury and Anthony Crolla all hold world titles?

    If boxing was a team sport, the city would be tough to beat at the moment.

  8. Final thoughts from Dusseldorf

    Richie Woodhall

    Former world champion on BBC Radio 5 live

    "I think it's the greatest night of boxing I've ever commentated on. My hat goes off to him. He excelled in every department tonight and deserves to be heavyweight champion of the world."

  9. Flawless?

    Listen on BBC Radio 5 live

    Steve Bunce

    BBC Sport boxing pundit speaking on Radio 5 live

    "Looking at my notes going through the rounds, I don't know when Tyson did anything wrong.

    "Seeing the joy and relief on Team Fury when the decision came, I wonder if they thought they would get it."

  10. Listen to Tyson sing...

    BBC Radio 5 Live

    Do you want to listen to the moment Tyson Fury sang after his incredible win?

    The good folk at BBC Radio 5 live have clipped it up for you so click here.

  11. More from a Fury rival...

  12. Some adventure...

    Tyson Fury wins

    Just think back to the drama.

    A fight called off when Wladimir Klitschko was injured, a fight nearly called off today when the ring was deemed too soft, then a fight nearly called off when Team Fury were unhappy with the way Klitschko's hands were wrapped.

    Then, a fight broke out, the rest is history. Wow.

  13. That moment...

    Tyson Fury wins
  14. A unification on the cards?

    WBC world heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder has tweeted his interest in fighting Tyson Fury. 

    There has not been a unified heavyweight champion of the world since Britain's very own Lennox Lewis held all the belts in 2003. 

    Has Tyson Fury paved the way to his own run of heavyweight dominance tonight in Germany? 

  15. Could Fury face Anthony Joshua?

  16. 'I proved them all wrong'

    More from the new world champion Tyson Fury: "If I can do half as well as Wladimir Klistchko I’ll be a great champion, it’s unfortunate he had to fight the furious one and lose his belts tonight.

    "I told everybody. Everybody wrote me off - only my team and my family believed I could come here and do it.

    "The so called experts said it couldn’t be done and I proved them all wrong."

  17. What next?

    What now for Wladimir Klitschko?

    It's now 68 fights, four losses. At 39, is that it? Or will we see a rematch and one last hurrah?

    Wladimir Klitschko
  18. Listen now...

    BBC Radio 5 Live

    You can listen to reaction on BBC Radio 5 live by clicking 'live coverage' at the top of this page.

  19. 'The start of a new era'

    More from the champion - Tyson Fury: "It was a tough task coming here, that’s why he’s avoided me for the last five years. People can say what they want about me, he was hanging on for dear life in that fight all the way through.

    "I’ve got to give the judges their fair dues as well. I thought I had to get a knock out but they showed me that love in Germany.

    "He’s been a great champion, but every good dog has its day. Tonight is that start of a new era. I’ll be the most charismatic champion since Muhammed Ali."

  20. To the victor the spoils

    If ever an image summed up the way each man feels...

    Tyson Fury and Wladimir Klitschko
  21. 'I think there will be a rematch'

    Listen on BBC Radio 5 live

    The champion is back in the ring, on the ropes, clapping, taking the plaudits. And why not?

    His promoter Mick Hennessy tells BBC Radio 5 live Fury is now "the biggest prize in sport".

    "I think there will be a rematch," he adds.

  22. James DeGale congratulates Fury

    As a new British world champion is crowned, another defends his title in the early hours of tomorrow morning. 

    IBF world super-middleweight champion James DeGale defends his title against Lucian Bute in Canada. 

    We will bring you live text coverage from that fight with the fighters expected to be in the ring by 04:45 GMT. 

  23. 'I saw it in his eyes'

    The new WBA, IBF and WBO heavyweight champion of the world - Tyson Fury - speaks on BBC Radio 5 live: "What more can I say. I always said what I would do and I delivered tonight. I didn't have this confidence for nothing.

    "I knew all along I could win the fight. I saw in his eyes that he was going to lose this fight."

    Klitschko reaction
  24. 'We have changed the world'

    John Fury - father of Tyson - on BBC Radio 5 live: "Nobody believed he could do it, only me, Peter and his brother. We've ripped these belts off a super champion. We have changed the world. We have changed the world. They never believed the Titanic would sink but it did."

  25. Some display...

    Fury titles
  26. Take it in...

    The champion is just doing his media work, we will have it all for you shortly but if you are just joining us, let me take you through what we have seen.

    - Tyson Fury came forward, switched stance regularly, looked confident and took the initiative.

    - Wladimir Klitschko had a major helping hand late in the fight when Fury was deducted a point for punching the back of the head - it was a decision widely criticised.

    - The 12th round saw both men jaded but willing to trade blows.

    - A unanimous decision went the way of the Briton who inflicts Klitschko's first defeat in 11 years.

  27. Post update

    Richie Woodhall

    Former world champion on BBC Radio 5 live

    "Tyson Fury can only sink or swim from here. And I think he will swim. It was a masterplan tonight from Tyson Fury." 

  28. Brilliance thwarts Klitschko

    Steve Bunce

    BBC Sport boxing pundit speaking on Radio 5 live

    "Wladimir looked bad tonight because Tyson Fury made him look bad."

    Klitschko reaction
  29. 'He deserved it'

    Former world champion David Haye - beaten by Wladimir Klitschko of course - said Tyson Fury would not win this fight.

  30. Pinch yourself moment...

    The celebrations by Team Fury were just sensational as that result was announced. Pure bedlam in the corner.

    To remind you it was 115-112, 115-112, 116-111 - not as close as it felt.

    Fury was confident - supremely so - and he held court in the ring on times but Wladimir Klitschko finished strongly, like the champion he was - note the word WAS.

    A truly incredible fight, will we see a rematch? I'd happily watch another 12 rounds.

  31. Karaoke Champion...

    "Every moment spent with you is a moment I treasure...

    "I don't want to close my eyes, I don't want to fall asleep..."

    It is an Aerosmith number and he ends by thanking his wife. The pair announced they are expecting a third child this morning.

    Fury's wife
  32. A song from the new champion...

    What an event, what a fight, what an occasion.

    Tyson Fury's wife is in the ring, she gives her man a hug as he holds his titles.

    "I promised everybody I'd sing a song after this fight, this is for my fans and most of all a dedication to my wife...

    He's about to sing.

  33. 'Another level'

    Listen on BBC Radio 5 live

    Richie Woodhall

    Former world champion on BBC Radio 5 live

    "Tremendous , a great display. I said he would win it and he has won it. I had it by three rounds, there was only one winner. If they would have robbed him it would have been a travesty, he boxed sensational and went to another level.

      "The body language said it all. Wladimir and his brother Vitali knew they did not do enough."  

    Tyson Fury celebrates
  34. Post update

    Mike Costello

    BBC Radio 5 live boxing commentator

    "Wladimir Klitschko was beaten by Tyson and Father Time tonight. The performance of a life time from Tyson Fury. A brilliant night for British boxing."

  35. Tyson Fury is world champion


    My word, take it in, take it in - 115-112, 115-112, 116-111.

    Tyson Fury has done it, all those miles run, all those punches thrown, all the doubters conquered, Great Britain has a new world champion. Wladimir Klitschko beaten - 11 years after his last loss.


    Tyson Fury hands up
  36. Have I won?

    Listen on BBC Radio 5 live

    Mike Costello

    BBC Radio 5 live boxing commentator

    "Tyson Fury is leaning over the ropes, asking people at ringside.

    "He has delivered on his promise, whatever the judges say here."

  37. Post update

    Richie Woodhall

    Former world champion on BBC Radio 5 live

    "I think he's won it. Maybe by two or three rounds." 

    Tyson Fury punch
  38. It's over...

    Both men celebrate. I wish I could tell you who has won but I just can't be sure, it's that close.

    My head says the point Tyson Fury had deducted will be critical.

  39. Round 12

    Just 90 seconds to go, a big left jab from Wladimir Klitschko. He looks the more lively suddenly. Another jab, Fury closes his eyes and just swings a right, this is relentless.

    Just 40 seconds remain, Klitschko - fired up by the three titles he could lose - carries the fight and this will wow the judges. 

    A big right hand from Klitschko, what a fight, it's a slug fest and there is the bell. Brilliant boxing, brilliant sport.

  40. Round 12

    Will that deducted point be crucial, it's so close you have to think so?

    Just two minutes left, Fury dives in and gets struck with a right hand.

    Fury deducted points
  41. Round 12

    Tyson Fury comes out like a man possessed, he's going for this, three minutes for glory, you cannot take your eyes of it, stunning.

    Fury shot
  42. Get Involved


    Do you think Fury can achieve the dream and win away from home in Germany? 

    One round to go. Tweet us at #bbcboxing

  43. A point deducted..

    Steve Bunce

    BBC Sport boxing pundit speaking on Radio 5 live

    "That was outrageous from the referee."

  44. Round 11

    Halfway through the penultimate three minutes they grapple, Tyson Fury goes for a left hook, follows it with a right but both do little damage.

    Fury still changes up his stance, that takes guts on such an occasion, no one can say he hasn't been bold here.

    A HUGE LEFT HOOK from Fury rattles his man, he shook him to his boots. And now we have more drama - a point deducted from Fury. Why? Punching when his opponent was turned. Wow, controversy just as Fury looked to have real initiative.

  45. Round 11

    A rock solid left-right from Wladimir Klitschko starts us off, Tyson Fury felt it but took it, as he has everything thrown at him so far.

    Richie Woodhall - ringside with BBC Radio 5 live - has the challenger comfortably up.

    Tyson Fury shot
  46. Post update

    Steve Bunce

    BBC Sport boxing pundit speaking on Radio 5 live

    "Peter Fury's right. Tyson has to be more convincing."

  47. A word from Fury's corner...

    Trainer Peter Fury: "You have two rounds to be champion of the world. Don't leave it to these judges, they will rob you. Do the double jab."

  48. Joe Calzaghe is backing Fury

    Tyson Fury punch
  49. Round 10

    A right cross from Wladimir Klitschko, slipped by Tyson Fury. The pair grapple and Fury drives his man back - it's like a mini rugby scrum.

    It's a round where fatigue is showing in the display of both, two straight rights from Fury but neither are significant. This is so, so close.

  50. Round 10

    So what now? Tyson Fury knows what it's like to be rattled in Germany. Those right hands could be so key when the three judges - American, Puerto Rican and Argentine - are called after 12.

    A tight opening minute of the 10th, those legs will be getting tired now. Wladimir Klitshcko comes forward, throws nothing.

  51. Post update

    Steve Bunce

    Pundit on BBC Radio 5 live

    "We know these are the rounds Wladimir likes. The rounds he's dominated in the past. The Klitschko corner are screaming. They think they've got a chance to go for it."

  52. Round Nine

    A big left hook from Tyson Fury. He pounced on his man who was turning back around after being spun. Opportunism of the highest order.

    What a round, what a round, Wladimir Klitshcko comes back for more, that right hand is warmed up now, the closing seconds, this one belongs to the champion.

    It has come to life.

    Klitschko punch
  53. Round Nine

    We have not seen the Wladimir Klitschko right hand yet, his jab is so crucial to get him into range but hang on, I speak to soon.. RIGHT HAND.

    And another, the trademark shot is thrown at last.

  54. The business end...

    Richie Woodhall

    Former world champion on BBC Radio 5 live

    "We are starting to get to a stage of the contest now where Wladimir Klitschko has been many times before."

    Boxers face off
  55. Post update

    Steve Bunce

    BBC Sport boxing pundit speaking on Radio 5 live

    "I've got it 4-4 after eight."

  56. David Haye hopes he was wrong....

    Klitschko cut
  57. Round Eight

    Again, the punches that matter - the ones that score - are few and far between.

    If Wladimir Klitschko throws, he's within striking distance of his rival. They grapple, a few digs to the ribs from Tyson Fury.

    Right cross, left jab from Fury, both hit the head crisply. Wladimir Klitschko looks mentally dazed, you can see the questions running through his mind. They are serious, serious questions.

  58. Round Eight

    Wladimir Klitschko's 11-year unbeaten run is under serious question, he has 15 minutes to change the pattern. Forward he comes, that orthodox stance with the left hand leading. A good jab lands but he has to stretch and the pair grab hold.

    Klitschko left hand punch
  59. Post update

    Richie Woodhall

    Former World Champion on BBC 5 live

    "It's a puzzle Wladimir Klitschko can't work out." 

  60. Audley Harrison gives Fury a chance

  61. Round Seven

    The jab is king for Tyson Fury, the jab is king.

    His bigger reach is helping his confidence and scoring for sure, one lands and whips the head of Klitschko back. We have whistles in this arena as Fury showboats - arms behind his back - his body screams that this is too easy.

    Klitschko holding
  62. Round Seven

    The ring, white with white ropes, is home as these men lock in the middle again. A big looping shot from Fury misses and he's off balance so flings his right hand out in defence.

    As the pair tussle and lock arms, Fury pulls away with a tight left hook, a slappy shot. The blood on Klitschko's cheek is still there. How will the judges view that?

  63. A word from Klitschko's corner...

    Johnathon Banks in Klitschko's corner: "You're giving him every opportunity. You're just slapping punches now." 

  64. She must be nervous

    Hayden Panettiere

    Wladimir Klitschko's wife - Hollywood actress Hayden Panettiere - is ringside. 

    Her man is under pressure.

  65. Round Six

    Tyson Fury is still happy to concede ring space to his rival, he's often the man nearer the ropes as the champion takes the middle of the ring. It's not alarming for Fury in any way it seems as he waits to counter punch.

    A nice jab from Wladimir Klitschko late in the round, Fury goes to the body with a jab, it lands, he jumps forward for a high shot which grazes his man. Close, very close. I'd say Fury shades it.

  66. Round Six

    Wladimir Klitschko's bloodied cheek is tidied up in his corner and out they come for the sixth round.

    Tyson Fury is definitely throwing the most shots, it feels like Klitschko just wants to pick meaningful ones.

  67. Get Involved


    Tyson Fury punch

    What do you think of the fight so far? Tweet us your thoughts with #bbcboxing

  68. 'Mix it up'

    "Just keep thinking and using the jab, switch it up" - those are the words of wisdom from Peter Fury in Tyson's corner.

  69. Round Five

    For a man of such mass, Tyson Fury has a beautiful feint in his locker. He jerks that body forward to tempt his man but gets out of range smoothly.

    We have blood - it's on the upper cheek of Wladimir Klitschko. Left jab from Fury, followed by a wild swinging right which finds the guard of the champion

    This is definitely Fury's round, he's skipping around, teasing his man.

  70. Round five

    A jab from Tyson Fury early on lands on the shoulder of his man. 

    "Stop, stop, stop," yells the referee as the pair grapple in the middle of the ring.

    Boxers grapple
  71. Post update

    Richie Woodhall

    Former World Champion on BBC Radio 5 live

    "Tyson can't become complacent with that low left hand. It leaves him open for a big Klitschko right. He's got to watch it."

  72. Round Four

    British Olympian Luke Campbell has tweeted to say Tyson Fury was three rounds up before this fourth.

    Fury, switches from the southpaw stance to orthodox - ultra confidence. He keeps switching, leading with the right, then with the left.

    Nothing landed of note from either though and as the bell nears, Klitschko steps forward with a swinger but Fury tries to counter it again. The pair are settling but no real whopping shots have dented either face yet.

  73. David Haye - Klitschko 'old and slow'

  74. Round Four

    It's Wladimir Klitschko who has carried the fight territorially, closing down the ring, but Tyson Fury has bettered the exchanges.

    "KLITSCHKO, KLITSCHKO," comes the chant.

  75. Post update

    Steve Bunce

    BBC Sport boxing pundit speaking on Radio 5 live

    "Why did Wladimir not throw a right hand? What's wrong with Wladimir tonight?"

    Fury shouting
  76. Round Three

    No doubt who looks the most athletic, Wladimir Klistchko has the body of a Greek God. His face is one of focus in a round where no one really takes the initiative.

    A jab from Klitschko won't land and Tyson Fury tries to counter with a looping right, no one home. These two are ducking and weaving, no one in danger of getting dropped. A looping left is off the mark from the Briton but it's a hug to end the third - nothing in it.

  77. Round three

    Chris Eubank Jr has tweeted to say he gives Tyson Fury the first two rounds.

    The challenger looks supremely confident, both arms by his side. You can clearly see Wladimir Klitschko is very aware of his opponent's reach, tentative from the champion.

  78. Round Two...

    From the ropes Tyson Fury springs, right, left, right, some of the three-punch combo lands. It gets a mild roar.

    Gutsy from Fury, he stands with his right hand ready to throw and his left hand way down by his thigh, it's hardly a defensive stance he is adopting. 

    The pair dance around one another, both sporting red gloves and this, as the bell comes, is probably a round for the Briton.

    Fury punch
  79. Round Two

    Tyson Fury in the black shorts goes to the body early in the second but cannot connect. He will be happy with this start though, no sign of nerves whatsoever.

  80. Post update

    Steve Bunce

    Speaking on BBC Radio 5 live

    "He told us he wouldn't freeze and he absolutely didn't. That's one round to Tyson."

  81. Round One

    A few words exchanged at the end. This could be tasty....

    Stadium shot
  82. Round One...

    Wladrimir Klitschko, red shorts, takes the fight forward, backing Fury up early on, the left jab is sent towards the Briton but doesn't get near. Feint, feint from Tyson Fury. Nothing landing. 

    They both chuck a jab at the same time, both miss. A left hook from Fury, wide of the mark. How do you score this? Nothing landing.

    Fury is in the corner but evades any trouble, he's talking to his opponent - it's probably not praise - they hug, giants, absolute giants, but no one falls. Cagey.

  83. Britain's boxers behind Klitschko

    Klitschko v Fury

    Former WBA world heavyweight champion David Haye, who recently announced his return to the ring, says Klitschko's right hammer will have too much sting for Fury. 

    Meanwhile, middleweight Chris Eubank Jr. says Klitschko's experience will see his hand raised.

    Fury shouts
  84. Round One

    We are underway and the pair close in on one another. Let's go...

  85. Booze and boos

    Ben Dirs

    BBC Sport in Dusseldorf

    Fury fans making plenty of noise now, the booze must have finally kicked in. Now they're booing Klitschko, as they tend to do...

    Tyson Fury wave
  86. Ricky Hatton shows his support

    Klitschko v Fury

  87. Moments away...

    "For the thousands in attendance and the millions watching around the world, ladies and gentleman.... LETS GET READY TO RUMMMBBLLLEEE."

    You probably don't need us to tell you ring announcer Michael Buffer has just rattled out the words he's famous four.

    You can hear it all by clicking on 'live coverage' at the top of this page where a stream of BBC Radio 5 live can be found. Go on, go for it.

  88. Head to Head

    Wladimir Klitschko

    Fury is the bigger man in this fight with a longer reach, which may prove an advantage in a jabbing contest. 

    But with 53 knockouts in 64 fights, will Klitschko's experience earn him another successful title defence? 

  89. Sing it proudly....

    Tyson Fury dances on the spot, throwing his fists as 'God Save the Queen' plays. 

    Wladimir Klitschko stands with his brother behind him as the Ukrainian national anthem rings out. I don't think Wladimir has blinked for around five minutes.

  90. And now for the champion...

    "Can't stop, addicted to the shindig

    "Chop top, he says I'm gonna win big..."  

    Red Hot Chilli Peppers' hit - 'Can't Stop' - blasts out as Dr Steelhammer - Wladimir Klitschko enters. The strobe lights, the mobile phones, the screams and his glare, oh my what a glare.

    His focus is the ring, his eyes barely move. The red gown, he looks game to put it mildly.

  91. Tyson 'looking confident'

    Mike Costello

    BBC Radio 5 live boxing commentator

    "Tyson makes a slow walk to the ring, swaying his shoulders and looking confident, like he has been all week. He soaks up the hostility for the German crowd as he climbs through the rope. 

    His hands are raised with a smile on his face. Can he cause an upset like Buster Douglas did to Mike Tyson 25 years ago?"

    Tyson Fury entrance
  92. All about the Fury...

    Fury trudges up steps and into the arena. It's a tired walk. He reaches the top, down comes his hood, his hand pounds his chest and he's beginning to milk some attention.

    Confidence or nervous energy? The rosary beads around his neck, he sings a little. This ring walk is a mixed bag, a little bit of everything. 

    Now he shouts, and into the ring goes this giant Briton.

  93. The challenger...

    Esteemed ring announcer Michael Buffer in the ring: "The undefeated challenger... TYSSSSOONNN FUURRRYYY."

    Michael Buffer
  94. Time for the fighters...

    Tyson Fury is making that thought-provoking walk through the corridors of the arena, the lights go out. He's covered in a black robe, hood up. Here we go...

  95. Early Predictions


    A lot of you are hoping to see an explosive end to the fight so which round do you think the fight will be stopped? 

    Tweet us your prediction using #bbcboxing

  96. Clarity between the ears

    Listen on BBC Radio 5 live now

    Richie Woodhall

    Former World Champion on BBC Radio 5 live

    "We don't need Tyson to be a crazy character in the ring because then he walks into those shots. He has to hold it together mentally as well as physically."

  97. Fury looks to join the elite

    Ben Dirs

    BBC Sport in Dusseldorf

    Should Tyson Fury win tonight, he would become only Britain's fifth bona fide world heavyweight champion after Bob Fitzsimmons, Lennox Lewis, Frank Bruno and David Haye. Herbie Hide and Henry Akinwande were WBO champions when it was largely seen as a fringe title.

    Lennox Lewis
  98. No need for belts in this wardrobe...

    Wladimir Klitschko

    You may have noticed in the run-up to this fight that Klitschko is a man with some belt collection.

    Those – along with millions and millions of pounds – are what he has to show for a lifetime of work.

    Yet with one connection of hand with face they can all be taken away. Tonight the WBO, IBF and WBA heavyweight titles are on the line.

    We are moments away from greeting the fighters.

  99. Lennox speaks, so listen...

    Listen on BBC Radio 5 live now...

    Former undisputed world champion Lennox Lewis speaks on BBC Radio 5 live: "I feel that Wladimir is going to find it difficult because he is usually the bigger man. He has to adjust and that will take him a little while.

    "Tyson Fury can definitely win the fight if he does the right things, keep Wladirmir occupied with his jab. Will he win it? If he sticks by the right game plan. His long arms and quickness will keep Wladimir off balance."

    On the ring canvas being changed: "I jumped in there and it was like a wrestling ring. Wow, I couldn't box in that."

  100. Thanks but no thanks...

    Wladimir Klitschko

    Early on in their careers, schooled boxers Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko turned down the approaches of colourful promoter/ manager Don King. One wonders what would have happened had the disciplined, quiet pair ended up working under a man who, it’s fair to say, likes to speak or shout up.

    "I like to take care of the tiny details," says Klitschko, who enjoys playing chess and speaks four languages.

    “It's those tiny details that bring everything together. Chaos means emotions and emotions are a downside."

    Hmmm, the Don King way may not have worked.

  101. Sparring the giant...

    Joe Frazier

    In his easy win over Dereck Chisora, Tyson Fury boxed southpaw and jabbed all night long, using his long reach to perfect effect.

    While Klitschko doesn’t know if Fury will adopt the same stance or box as an orthodox fighter as he usually does, the world champion has been wise to prepare for the size of the man he will face.

    Zeus Frazier – son of legendary fighter Joe (pictured) – was one of those chosen to spar with the champion in his build-up. To say Frazier is a tall man would be putting it mildly. He’s built like an articulated lorry at a reported 7ft 2ins.

  102. Not a Rod fan Hucks?

    Rod Stewart
  103. Bunce not loving Rod...

    Listen on BBC Radio 5 live now

    Steve Bunce

    On BBC Radio 5 live in Dusseldorf

    "This is stink-o-ramma sound".

    Rod Stewart sings 'Stay with me tonight'.

    In fairness to Rod, his rehearsal was delayed when the canvas had to be ripped up at Team Fury's request earlier.

  104. A rare feat

    Wladimir Klitschko

    The size of Fury's task is understandable when you consider his opponent has not been knocked down for over 10 years. 

    The last time Klitschko's knees touched the canvas was in 2004 where he suffered his third knockout defeat. 

    All of Klitschko's losses have been to men smaller than Fury but will the Manchester man's remarkable speed live up to expectation? 

  105. More than just the belts

    Wladimir Klitschko

    'Ego: a person's sense of self-esteem or self-importance.'

    “My ego is my protection,” said 39-year-old Wladimir Klitschko this week.

    “If I'm 100% focused, then the only person who can beat me is myself.

    “This probably sounds selfish but I have a very big ego. It’s about my own satisfaction and my ego needs to be satisfied.”

  106. Butterflies in your belly?

    Final preparations going on in the changing rooms. Tyson Fury jabs at a pad, he jabs again.

    Wladimir Klitschko circles his room, side-to-side skips. It won't be long before we see ring walks.

  107. 'Say he's boring, then they get beat'

    Wladimir Klitschko, Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury

    “I’m picking Klitschko in round five or six,” British heavyweight Anthony Joshua told BBC Sport.

    "Every one of Klitschko's opponents says the same thing about him, that he's boring for the sport, killing the heavyweight division. Then they get beat.”

    Klitschko said this week that a meeting with Joshua is a possibility and having sparred in the past, he speaks highly of the undefeated Briton.

    "If you want someone to look up to, look up to Wladimir Klitschko,” added Joshua. “Being heavyweight champion of the world comes with celebrity and glamour. But he's managed to maintain his discipline and take care of his belts for almost 10 years. That's incredible.”

  108. The eye of a very big storm

    Listen on BBC Radio 5 live

    Mike Costello

    BBC Radio 5 live boxing commentator in Dusseldorf

    "We can just about see Rod Stewart's head and shoulders as a posse of photographers rise in front of us. We are just a few feet away from the eye of the storm, where Tyson Fury will try to take three titles from Wladimir Klitschko."

    You can listen to full coverage live  on Radio 5 live. Click on 'live coverage' at the top of this page.

  109. Wladimir Klitschko: History Maker

    Wladimir Klitschko

    Since becoming a world champion for the second time in 2006, Klitschko has been the king of the heavyweight division. 

    The 39-year-old Ukrainian's second run has expanded over nine years, which is the second longest reign in boxing history behind 1930s legend Joe Louis. 

    If Klitschko wins tonight, he will have made his 19th consecutive defence, six short of the all-time record held by Louis. 

    But tonight's result may determine how long Klitschko's reign will continue.  

  110. Ready for some Rod?

    Ben Dirs

    BBC Sport in Dusseldorf

    Rod Stewart

    "Always a strange atmosphere at the boxing in Germany and it's eerily quiet at the Esprit Arena. Not too many Fury fans in town, so it seems."

  111. Grind, grind, grind

    Tyson Fury

    Up at 5am, train. Lunchtime… train, evening… train.

    The thrice-daily cycle has been what Tyson Fury has gone through ahead of this fight.

    The proud traveller does this Monday to Friday – it’s not quite your average day’s work is it?

    On a Saturday morning he typically travels to Windermere to be put through a long run. And this isn’t just a run, when warmed up he will be expected to do varying exercises such as star jumps or squats every minute during his jog.

    Sunday is a day off. The slacker.

  112. Lennox Lewis

    Great Britain's last undisputed world heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis is in the Dusseldorf house. A suit and a flat cap. Brave.

    Lennox Lewis announced to the crowd
  113. Get Involved

    Trainer and son of former world champion Barry McGuigan - Shane - makes his prediction... what's yours?

    Tweet us on #bbcboxing.

    We will also be running a live text on James DeGale's world title defence in the early hours of the morning.

  114. Numbers game for Klitschko

    Mike Costello

    BBC Radio 5 live boxing commentator

    "David Haye won and lost his world heavyweight title here in Germany and the likes of Richard Dunn, Matt Skelton and Dereck Chisora have failed in challenges in this country.

    "Fury starts as a huge underdog in attempting to become the first man from a travellers' background to lift the sport's most cherished prize.

    "Klitschko will be lacing up for his 28th world title fight, more than any other world heavyweight champion in history.

    "It's the 19th defence of his second reign as champion and a win will leave him just one short overall of the record of 25 held by Joe Louis. The numbers are kinder to Klitschko than his many critics."

    Klitschko with his titles
  115. Wrap-gate

    Reports claim Wladimir Klitschko initially wrapped his hands with no one checking the process. He's doing it again with a member of Team Fury stood four feet away. They can smell one another's breath.

  116. Fight off... no, still on...

    So let's get this clear, this fight was called off when Wladimir Klitschko picked up an injury earlier in the year. Earlier, the consistency of the canvas saw the fight surface ripped up as the fight was nearly called off again.

    Now, we have more drama. Tyson Fury's team have just lost their box backstage because they were unhappy with the way Klitschko wrapped his hands.

    "The fight's off," screams Peter Fury - uncle of challenger Tyson.

    What next? You'll be pleased to know Klitschko is re-wrapping.

  117. View from above

    Ben Dirs

    BBC Sport in Dusseldorf

    Dusseldorf Espirit Arena

    "Here's the view from up in the gods. With large VIP areas on the pitch and the clinking of cutlery clearly audible, the build-up looks and sounds like an afternoon supper club. This undercard isn't helping much... "

  118. Get Involved


    Klitschko is heavily backed in this fight but can Fury cause an upset? 

    How do you think the fight will go? Tweet us using #bbcboxing.

  119. Tyson - Tarzan or Jane?

    Mike Costello

    BBC Radio 5 live boxing commentator

    Tyson Fury dressed as Batman

    "Tyson Fury and his father John, a former professional heavyweight himself, believe firmly that fights of this magnitude can be won in the build-up.

    "Tyson's antics - from Batman to Bette Midler impersonations - serve as a message to Wladimir Klitschko that records and reputations are for trashing.

    "The contrast in personality is striking - the cavalier, knockabout approach of Fury measured against the stolid, studious champion raised on the sporting habits of the Soviet Union.

    "To revise a quip from an old American wag, too many of Klitschko's opponents have talked like Tarzan and fought like Jane. Fury has set the bar high if his performance is to match his boasts."

  120. This isn't no bouncy castle party...


    This fight was culled due to a Wladimir Klitschko injury earlier this year and we were nearly denied the chance to see it again earlier today.

    The canvas was deemed too soft and spongy by Team Fury. Yes, you read that right.

    This was not some diva-like demand though, it was actually quite technical as the challenger's camp believed the slow surface would take away their fighter's speed.

    "Are we going to rip that up, yes or no?", Peter Fury - uncle of Tyson - yelled. (You can watch more here).

    So, in their own back yard, Team Klitschko relented. We have a new canvas.

    Klitschko v Fury
  121. Fury's night with destiny

    Ben Dirs

    BBC Sport in Dusseldorf

    "To the vast, indoor Esprit Arena on the outskirts of Dusseldorf, where the crowd is currently sparse and eerily quiet - German fights fans tend not to make as much noise as the Brits and there don't seem to be that many Brits out here."  

    Security check fans
  122. Live on 5 live in 18 minutes...

    BBC Radio 5 Live

    If you want to listen as well as read tonight, there is full coverage on BBC Radio 5 live from 21:30 GMT.

    Boxing correspondent Mike Costello is joined by Richie Woodhall and Steve Bunce in Dusseldorf.

    You can tune in on radio or listen through clicking the 'live coverage' tab at the top of this page.

  123. Which corner are you in?

    Dolph Lundgren

    So how are you feeling?

    This one has had quite the build up hasn't it? Tyson Fury seems to be human Marmite - you either love or loathe him.

    Wladimir Klitschko takes on the Dolph Lundgren persona from Rocky IV - slightly robotic but very, very destructive.

    Which corner are you in?

    Stay with us for stats, analysis, loads of colour from Germany and maybe, just maybe, a new British world champion.

  124. Welcome

    Klitschko v Fury

    Tyson Fury

    Angry, confusing, undoubtedly talented, vicious and certainly controversial - Tyson Fury.

    "They’re all scared of the furious one because they know to beat me, they have to nail me to the canvas," he said.

    Wladimir Klitschko

    Cool, efficient, relaxed, calculating and undoubtedly world class - Wladimir Klitschko.

    "Dogs that are barking cannot bite," said the IBF, WBO and WBA champion when quizzed on his opponent.

    So much talk, so much hype, two men, the night of Fury's life? Or another box ticked on Klitschko's path to immortality?