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  1. Goodbye

    Anthony Crolla with his title belt in his dressing room

    What a night. There was disappointment for Martin Murray as he suffered a split decision points defeat against Arthur Abraham in Germany for the WBO super-middleweight title.

    But Anthony Crolla's dreams have come true as he wins the WBA lightweight title after a crushing body shot knocks out former champion Darleys Perez in the fifth round.

    Next week it is another big night of boxing with James DeGale and Tyson Fury in world title action so join us for our live text commentary in the early hours of Sunday morning.

    Thank you for joining us and for your comments, bye for now.

    Anthony Crolla celebrates winning the world title
  2. The champion

    This is the picture Anthony Crolla has been dreaming of since he was 10 years old.

    Earlier this year his boxing career looked to be over. Now he is the champion of the world.

    Anthony Crolla
  3. 'We are going to have some mega fights'

    Anthony Crolla becomes WBA lightweight champion

    Some quotes from Eddie Hearn, Anthony Crolla's promoter.

    "I'm not sure if you can find a nicer man in the world," says Hearn. "To deliver like that, Manchester and Britain should be so proud of Anthony Crolla.

    "He has worked so hard and I'm so proud of him. Now we are going to go on and have some mega fights."

    Anthony Crolla and his team after the fight
  4. Get Involved #BBCBoxing

    Alex Haworth: Delighted for Anthony Crolla. Should have got the decision last time he fought Perez.

    boxing mad: Awesome, awesome, awesome. Great win for the guy and our country boom.

    No1Macster: Upstairs downstairs work for the opening, cracking body shot great work. Crolla World Champ!

    Duane parsons: What a man got robbed last fight never moaned just got on with it made me feel humble ENJOY Anthony you deserve your belt CHAMP

  5. 'He is an absolute example'

    Anthony Crolla becomes WBA lightweight champion

    Crolla has praised trainer Joe Gallagher, who has returned the favour by saying: "Anthony is an absolute example to other boxers."

    "When he came to me he had just lost. He has had ups and downs but he does not give up. 

    "He can be better, there is still room for improvement. Hopefully next summer we will have a defence at Old Trafford."

    Anthony Crolla with trainer Joe Gallagher
  6. Crolla support

    Anthony Crolla wins

    Stars of the football and rugby league world join in the congratulations to the new Champion of the World. 

  7. 'Better than I dreamed it would be'

    Anthony Crolla becomes WBA lightweight champion

    Anthony Crolla, the new WBA lightweight champion, says: "I've dreamed this dream since I was 10. I didn't know it was going to be this good. It is better than I ever dreamed it would be.

    "I was very confident I would get him out of there. I thought it would have been a head shot. I touched him with a right and sunk him with a left.

    "After the first fight I went away and worked hard with the team. I just have to thank the team around me. Joe (Gallagher) has turned my career around and so many people had given up on me. It is an amazing feeling, it is a dream come true, now I just want many more nights like this in Manchester.

    "I have come to this arena since I was 10 watching Naseem Hamed, Joe Calzaghe and Ricky Hatton. To do it here is what I dreamed of."

    Anthony Crolla, on the shoulders of his trainer, celebrates his world title
  8. Post update

    It's time to hear from the new world champion.

  9. Boxing world rejoices

    Anthony Crolla wins

    Fellow boxers show support for the victorious Anthony Crolla. Ten years ago Crolla supported Hatton as he became champion of the world, today, the shoe is on the other foot! 

  10. Post update

    Crolla wins the world title

    Remember, Anthony Crolla feared he would never walk again, nevermind box again after he was hit over the head with a concrete block as he tackled robbers in December 2014. The attack left Crolla with a fractured skull and a broken ankle.

    Now he is the world champion. What a story. The Hollywood ending has happened.

    Anthony Crolla celebrates his victory
  11. Crolla bounces for joy

    Anthony Crolla, the new champion of the world, is bouncing around the ring. He just can't stop. He climbs up in the corner, shouting 'Manchester'. He has followed in the footsteps of his hero Ricky Hatton.

    Crolla is the new champion of the world.

  12. The million dollar punch

    It was an absolutely beautiful left to the ribs from Crolla after he set it up by a couple of blows to the head.

    As soon as the punch lands Perez winces in incredible pain. A shake of the head follows. Terry O'Connor could have counted to 50 and Perez would not have got up.

    Anthony Crolla stands by his belt

    Crolla beats Perez with fifth-round knockout

    The dream is achieved. A horrible 12 months has had a magical ending for Anthony Crolla.

    A huge body shot does the damage and Perez crumples to the canvas. Referee Terry O'Connor starts counting, and does not stop. Perez is down, Perez is out, Perez is beaten.

    Anthony Crolla wins the world title
  14. Post update

    Perez v Crolla round five

    Perez is forced backwards on to the ropes and the noise from the crowd is moved up another notch. 


  15. Post update

    Perez v Crolla round four

    Anthony Crolla is working the body, looking to create the space to set up a huge uppercut. Perez is missing with a few wild swings.

    Better from Crolla, who catches his opponent with a sweet body shot towards the end of the round and his efforts are greeted by a huge cheer from the Manchester public.

    Anthony Crolla attempts the uppercut
  16. View from the expert

    Darleys Perez v Anthony Crolla

    Amateur middleweight, and gold medalist for Team GB at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow 2014, Anthony Fowler seems to favour Crolla in the early rounds

  17. Nothing short of victory

    Darleys Perez v Anthony Crolla

    These are Crolla's garments for the evening. Million Dollar Crolla the nickname. Snazzy. 

    Anthony Crolla's shorts
  18. Post update

    Perez v Crolla round three

    Anthony Crolla's trainer Joe Gallagher calls for some more head movement from his man. Crolla responds by ducking and weaving looking for an uppercut to penetrate Perez's defences.

    But the Colombian is not fooled. Lots being thrown, not much causing any damage.

  19. Post update

    Perez v Crolla round two

    Some good stuff from the Colombian, who fires a right into Crolla's ribs. A lot of Crolla's early efforts are bouncing off leather, instead of skin.

    We could be in for a long fight here. Nothing to separate the two so far. Both men nod their heads at the end of the round in acknowledgement of the other's work. There's a lot of respect between the pair.

    Darleys Perez fights Anthony Crolla
  20. Post update

    Perez v Crolla round one

    A good strong jab from Perez, who does not build on it. A very tight, and fairly uninspiring opening round. 

    Darleys Perez and Anthony Crolla
  21. Putting the boot in

    Darleys Perez v Anthony Crolla

    Just look at those shoes of Anthony Crolla tonight. Will Darleys Perez be looking at these shoes close up from the canvas later on?

    Anthony Crolla's shoes
  22. Here we go

    The home fans have not stopped chanting since seeing Anthony Crolla, apart from the minute's silence, and now it is time. Here we go.

  23. Crolla has the X-Factor?

    Darleys Perez v Anthony Crolla

    A former X-Factor winner has tweeted his support for the Mancunian too. 

  24. Almost ready...

    Our referee in charge is Terry O'Connor with three scoring judges at ringside. Two from America - Julie Lederman and Carlos Sucre and Philippe Verbeke of Belgium. Will we be hearing from them later on? Let's hope not.

    Darleys Perez is introduced to the crowd, and gets booed. The home crowd are firmly behind their man. There's not much love for the man from Colombia.

    Anthony Crolla in the ring
  25. Celebrity support

    Darleys Perez v Anthony Crolla

    From Corrie's Kirk, to fellow boxers. From rugby to football. It seems that there's a fair bit of support out there for Crolla tonight.

  26. Post update

    We have had the British anthem, the Colombian anthem, and now a minute's silence to pay respects to the victims of the Paris attacks.

  27. 'It's going to be a war'

    Darleys Perez
  28. 'I out-boxed him'

    So these fighters have already met once before, but what can we learn from that fight. Well, this is what the men involved say...

    Anthony Crolla
  29. Mitchell next for the winner?

    Former WBC world title challenger Kevin Mitchell is certainly going to be an interested spectator tonight.

    The Londoner fights Venezuela's Ishmael Barroso on 12 December for the interim version of the WBA lightweight title. The winner of that is in line to face the winner of the Crolla-Perez bout.

  30. Head-to-head

    Darleys Perez v Anthony Crolla

    Darleys Perez and Anthony Crolla
  31. Oh Anthony Crolla

    Darleys Perez v Anthony Crolla

    To the tune of Seven Nation Army the Manchester Arena chants Anthony Crolla's name

    The crowd at the MEN
  32. Post update

    Darleys Perez v Anthony Crolla

    Former light-welterweight world champion Ricky Hatton knows all about some great nights at the Manchester Arena, and he expects the home fans to be cheering again tonight.

  33. Post update

    Anthony Crolla has always dreamed of winning the title. And doing it at the Manchester Arena, an arena where he watched Ricky Hatton win the world title as a youngster. 

    What a reception for Crolla as he walks to the arena. He looks focused and in the mood.

  34. United we stand

    Darleys Perez v Anthony Crolla

    Anthony Crolla is a big Manchester United fan, in return current midfielder Ashley Young, and ex-striker Andy Cole, have offered support for the Manchester boxer tonight

    Anthony Crolla at Old Trafford
  35. Made in Manchester

    Darleys Perez v Anthony Crolla

    The venue for tonight's bout certainly has made no bones about who it wants to see win tonight. Crolla is the home boy!

  36. The first meeting

    Unable to train for three months, lucky to not be killed, but with a fierce determination to come back and win the world title he has always dreamed of, nothing would stop Anthony Crolla.

    In his first bout with Darleys Perez in July, Crolla gave the best performance of his career as he thought he had claimed the title.

    One judge gave Crolla the decision by 116-111. However, the other two judges marked it at 113-113, 113-113.

    Boxing can be a cruel sport.

  37. 'One of them hit a concrete slab over my head'

    Everything was going well in Anthony Crolla's life in December 2014. He was training for a scheduled world title fight against then-WBA lightweight champion Richar Abril, before his career, and so nearly his life, was almost over.

    Crolla explains: "It was a dark night. My next door neighbours' alarm was going off, I got a torch and a burglar popped his head out. There were two of them.

    "I chased them and they could see they couldn't get away from me, this lunatic. One of them hit a concrete slab over my head. If it had hit me at a different angle I would be dead.

    "I suffered a fractured skull and a broken ankle in two places. It felt like the end of the world."

    Anthony Crolla
  38. We continue..

    So it has not been the night British boxing fans have been hoping for, but there is still another fight as Manchester's Anthony Crolla aims for the WBA lightweight belt with a rematch against Darleys Perez after their draw in July.

    It has been an unforgettable 12 months for Crolla.

  39. Get Involved #BBCBoxing

    Paul Mccann The point deduction has cost team Murray gutted for him!!!


    Arthur Abraham is still the WBO super-middleweight champion and it is heartbreak yet again for Martin Murray.

    The judges scores...

    • 115-112 Abraham
    • 112-115 Murray
    • 116-111 Abraham

    That is the fourth time Martin Murray has failed in his attempt to win a world title. Head down, looking distraught, he leaves the arena quickly.

    Athur Abraham retains his title
  41. Post update

    Split decision

  42. From Manchester with love

    Abrahams v Murray

    Matchroom's top man, Eddie Hearn, watching from Manchester, offers his support for Murray. 

  43. Post update

    Abraham v Murray

    Martin Murray throws his arms up in the end at the final bell. If you are going on body language then Murray is going to get this.

    His corner are hugging. Abraham looks calm and composed, well, maybe a bit worried. Remember, Murray had a point taken off in the 11th.

  44. Post update

    Abraham v Murray round 12

    Martin Murray has given it everything, but is it enough? I'm not too sure. We go to the judges' scorecards.

    Martin Murray during the fight
  45. Post update

    Abraham v Murray round 12

    Abraham connects with a powerful left jab, but Murray continues his hard work. But Abraham is too good to get involved and stays out of trouble.

  46. Post update

    Abraham v Murray round 12

    Last round...

    Abraham reacts to a referee call
  47. Post update

    Abraham v Murray - round 11

    It is a persistent performance from Murray - the sort that enhances a boxer's reputation, but without the breathtaking impact he would have been dreaming of.

    But wait... Murray is deduced a point. He has had warnings, and now he has a point taken off. How crucial will that be?

  48. Post update

    Abraham v Murray round 11

    Abraham's trainer is clearly not too happy. The champion is getting screamed at just before the 11th. Two rounds to go. Tight. Very tight.

    Martin Murray throws a punch
  49. Post update

    Abraham v Murray round 10

    Martin Murray has said he may quit boxing if he is unsuccessful in his fourth attempt at winning a world title. There's not much in the 10th, but that might not be enough for the visiting fighter.

    Murray is angry with Abraham for hitting the back of the head, something the home fighter was warned about in the first round. But the referee takes no action.

  50. Post update

    Abraham v Murray round 10

    Martin Murray is told by his corner that Abraham "needs a knockout, so make sure he keeps missing".

    After nine rounds, Abraham has landed 97 punches, Murray 98.

    Abraham defends a punch from Murray
  51. Post update

    Abraham v Murray

    TeamGB Commonwealth gold medallist Anthony Fowler gets right behind his fellow punch-thrower. 

  52. Post update

    Abraham v Murray round nine

    Good work to the body from Martin Murray late in the ninth. The home fans keep cheering on their man but it is another close one. You get the feeling Murray is going to need a big final three rounds if he is to wrestle the title away. But he has a chance.

  53. Post update

    Abraham v Murray round nine

    How much do both fighters have left in the tank? This one could go either way.

    Martin Murray hugs his opponent
  54. Talking Frank-ly

    Abraham v Murray

    The former Leicester City giant Frank Sinclair (who's old club went top of the Premier League this afternoon) shows his concern for Martin Murray

  55. Post update

    Abraham v Murray round eight

    Keep the faith Seeney!

    A massive right hand from Martin Murray halfway through the eighth lands, and it might be the best punch we have seen so far.

    Abraham is forced back on to the ropes, but then comes out fighting and ends strongly. But Murray has shown that Abraham can be hurt. Great round.

    Martin Murray gives a right hook
  56. Get involved #BBCBoxing

    Seeney Brogerjig: Already wondering how Murray can win this, it's slipping away.

  57. Post update

    Abraham v Murray round seven

    Naughty, naughty. Boos ring around the home crowd as Martin Murray gets a telling off from the referee for a series of infringements. A point deduction, on what is looking like a tight fight, is not what Murray needs. Luckily for him, a warning is all he gets.

    But Abraham is stamping his class on this. Murray is caught twice in quick succession. Worrying times for the Briton.

    Arthur Abraham slowly gains advantage in the fight with Martin Murray
  58. Eyes on the prize

    Meanwhile back in Manchester, Amir Khan, working for a TV station tonight, is paying more attention to Martin Murray's fight than what is going on behind him

    Amir Khan watches the Martin Murray fight on TV
  59. Post update

    Promoter Eddie Hearn thinks Martin Murray is doing enough so far.

  60. Post update

    Abraham v Murray round six

    A statistic early in the sixth shows there is not much between the fighters, with Abraham throwing 221 punches, compared to 234 from Murray. 

    A decent right with 20 seconds left forces Abraham back, but a late right counter from Abraham leaves its mark on the Briton's face.

  61. Get Involved

    Tweet #bbcboxing

    Mark Lovell: Murray two rounds ahead after five **needs to be at least three rounds up to force a draw on points.

  62. Post update

    Abraham v Murray round five

    Remember, this is Murray's fourth attempt at a world title. He is certainly working hard. A cheeky left uppercut followed by a straight round only finds Abraham's gloves, not face.

    It's a lot of hard work from the Briton, but is he doing enough to catch the judges' attention? Remember, he is the away fighter. It shouldn't make a difference, but often does.

    Martin Murray fights Arthur Abraham
  63. Roo can do it

    England and Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney is showing his support for both British boxers tonight.

  64. Post update

    Abraham v Murray round four

    Abraham is chipping away at the referee, and has done quite a lot so far. But a straight, powerful right finds its target though. A couple of solid rights from the home fighter later on, who edged that round. 

    Arthur Abraham lands a punch on Martin Murray
  65. 'Abraham looks poor'

    Former IBF middleweight champion Darren Barker is impressed so far...

  66. Post update

    Abraham v Murray round three

    Murray quickly produces his best work at the start of the third. Abraham stands there, guard down, looking at the Brit, suggesting he has not been hurt. Well, that what he is trying to say.

    A lack of punches coming back from 35-year-old Abraham suggests otherwise.

    Abraham then takes a breather after being caught low. It seems smart, delaying tactics to stall and disrupt Murray, who quickly gets back to business and ends the round well.

    Martin Murray lands a punch
  67. You got me wrapped up

    Darleys Perez v Anthony Crolla

    Meanwhile in Manchester...

    Looking more like he's getting a manicure, Anthony Crolla gets wrapped up ahead of his fight against Darleys Perez.

    Anthony Crolla gets wrapped-up before his fight
  68. Post update

    Abraham v Murray round two

    Martin Murray has not had much success in the opening two rounds, but Abraham gets a ticking off from the referee for repeatedly punching round the back of Murray's head. Every punch landed, legally or illegally, is roared by the passionate home support.

    Martin Murray faces Arthur Abraham
  69. Emotional!

    Arthur Abraham v Martin Murray

    It all got a bit too much for Gemma Murray as her husband entered the ring in Hannover.

    Gemma Murray watches her husband, Martin, enter the ring

    Martin Murray is also being cheered on by a small core of hardcore support that have made the trip to Germany. They are in good voice, but, unlike Gemma, seem to not be crying. Well, not yet anyway.

  70. Post update

    Abraham v Murray round one

    Martin Murray starts in confident fashion, slapping a few crunching blows to Abraham's belly, but the Germany-based fighter, backed by a large and passionate home crowd throws in some huge overhand rights. This is going to be a tough, tough night for the Briton.

  71. Head-to-head

    Arthur Abraham v Martin Murray

    Arthur Abraham and Martin Murray
  72. Post update

    I said it won't be long. And I was right. Here we go in Germany.

  73. Now or never for Murray

    Martin Murray
  74. Listen up

    Arthur Abrahams receives instructions ahead of the fight from the WBO officials. We are nearly ready in Germany. It won't be long now. Honest.

    Arthur Abrahams receives instructions ahead of the fight from WBO officials
  75. Elsewhere tonight...

    And what a brutal fight it was. Jenkins suffered a bad cut early on and was heavily bleeding in the third and fourth rounds, before knocking Nurse down in the fifth. But it was not enough as Nurse got a unanimous points win.

    Jenkins suffers a cut to the head in his fight
    Tyrone Nurse lands a punch on Chris Jenkins
  76. Haskins 'devastated' not to fight'

    It is not every day you win a world title. And not every day you say you are "devastated" to have done so.

    But for Lee Haskins, the new IBF bantamweight world champion, has expressed his disappointment at not being able to fight in Las Vegas after champion Randy Caballero was stripped of the belt for being overweight.

    "I'm absolutely devastated that my family, friends and fans are not going to see me perform," said Haskins.

    "He was five-and-a-half pounds overweight, which is a hell of a lot. I've worked so hard to get down to the weight and you would've thought he would've done. If they had told us this before it could've saved everyone money. We've invested a lot of money coming over to America."

    Lee Haskins
  77. 'I'd be sick gutted'

    Derry Mathews, who has held the British, Commnonwealth and interim WBA lightweight belts, thinks it would have been a bitter-sweet experience for Haskins to win the IBF World bantamweight title without fighting.

  78. The latest British world champion

    Lee Haskins

    So we might have two new British world champions tonight, but the latest Brit to collect a world belt did not even have to go through the pain of fighting for it.

    Bristol's Lee Haskins, 32, was due to be in action on Sunday morning against Randy Caballero in Las Vegas with the IBF world bantamweight championship on the line.

    However, American champion Randy Caballero was stripped of his title after coming in five-and-a-half pounds overweight, leaving Haskins as the new world champion. All the glory, none of the pain.

  79. Support from Bomber Bellew

    British cruiserweight Tony Bellew, who will be fighting for the European title next month, is in a patriotic mood and has tweeted..

  80. Million Crolla Baby

    Darleys Perez v Anthony Crolla

    The man who wears the word "million" on his boxing shorts arrives at the Manchester Arena ready for his rematch with Darleys Perez.

    Anthony Crolla arrives at the MEN Arena
  81. Get Involved #BBCBoxing

    Some early predictions on how you see tonight's fights going.

    i am mr. j: Both north west lads to hear #AndTheNew

    Will Lott: Both to lose on points.

    It could be a long and painful night if Will is right on this one.

  82. Meanwhile in Manchester...

    BBC Radio Manchester's Bill Rice is at the Manchester Arena and tweeted this picture of the venue earlier on.

    We are expecting to see the ringwalks for the Anthony Crolla v Darleys Perez at about 22:45 GMT.

  83. Murray ready to go

    Fair to say the lad from St Helens is just a little bit pumped up for this one.

  84. Can Murray follow in Froch's footsteps?

    We are expecting to get under way in Germany at about 21:45 GMT and Arthur Abraham is getting ready for business. And this is a position he has been in many times before.

    This is the fifth defence of his WBO super-middleweight title and the 48th professional fight of his career.

    Two of those successful defences have been wins over Britain's Paul Smith, although Carl Froch handed him one of his four defeats.

    Arthur Abraham is wrapped up before the fight
  85. Fourth time lucky for Murray?

    So let's start off by looking at our first fight of the night and it is over to Germany where Martin Murray hopes to claim a world title at the fourth time of asking.

    He has been unsuccessful in previous attempts at middleweight with losses against Sergio Martinez and Gennady Golovkin and a draw with Felix Sturm.

    But now he is at boxing's top table once again, this time in the super-middleweight category. It is not going to be easy though. Certainly not.

    His task is to defeat Arthur Abraham in front of a home crowd in Germany.

    Martin Murray
  86. Get Involved #BBCBoxing

    As always we want your views on tonight's boxing. So don't be shy, get involved by using the hashtag #BBCBoxing and send us your views. You can also contact us by leaving a message on the BBC Sport Facebook page.  

  87. Welcome

    Hello and welcome to BBC Sport's live text commentary on a big night for British boxing.

    First up we have Liverpool's Martin Murray with a tough away day as he faces Armenian-born, German-based WBO super-middleweight champion Arthur Abraham in Hannover.

    Then our attention turns to the Manchester Arena where Anthony Crolla fights in front of his home fans as he looks to wrestle the WBA lightweight title from the clutches of Colombian Darleys Perez.

    It is going to be fun. It is going to be lively.

  88. The Hollywood ending?

    It was so nearly the Hollywood ending to a remarkable story.

    Anthony Crolla was fighting for a world title only seven months after he suffered a fractured skull and broken ankle when he was attacked by robbers as he tried to protect his neighbours' home.

    Anthony Crolla Darleys Perez

    Crolla thought he had done enough. And so did the fans. And so did the pundits. But the judges had a different opinion and the result was a draw.

    Crolla v Perez

    But now he has a second chance. Is now the time for Crolla to fulfil his dreams and become a world champion?  

    Anthony Crolla