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  1. Goodnight

    David Haye beats Mark de Mori by KO

    David Haye

    And with that ladies and gents, we will bow out. Not quite as quick as Mark de Mori, we showed a little more grit.

    If you've just clicked in, David Haye took just two minutes and five seconds to demolish his Australian opponent. It took him three-and-a-half years to fight and then he batters through his man in less time than it takes to boil an egg.

    Haye wants big things next, take a look at his quotes below. What do you think? 

    Whatever your view, what cannot be denied is that the heavyweight division has another exciting angle. 

    Thank you for being with us. For a look at our fight report, click here.

    David Haye
  2. Later tonight...

    Deontay Wilder

    If that fight whets your appetite for some more heavyweight action and you don't mind staying up late, there's two world title fights in New York. 

    Manchester's Tyson Fury may hold one half of the belts in the division with the WBA and WBO after beating Wladimir Klitschko in Dusseldorf, but there are four men vying to be part of the heavyweight elite. 

    After the IBF stripped Fury of their belt for taking the option of a Klitschko rematch instead of facing their mandatory challenger, Charles Martin and Vyacheslav Glazkov fight for the vacant title. 

    And then the big-hitting Deontay Wilder, who has called out Fury for a future unification fight if he beats Klitschko again, defends his WBC crown against Polish fighter Artur Szpilka. 

  3. 'The biggest fight on the planet'

    David Haye v Mark de Mori

    Back to business, could we see these two going at it soon?

    David Haye's words seem to again zone in on Anthony Joshua. He said this week that this could be "the biggest fight on the planet" and AJ got special mention again in his post-match chit-chat.

    Anthony Joshua v David Haye
  4. Haye KO in battle of the hairstyles

    David Haye v Mark de Mori

    One thing we can say about that fight is that it did not say much for the standard of hairdressing globally.

    David Haye v Mark de Mori
  5. Who's next for David Haye?

    David Haye wins

    Tony Bellew

    Liverpool cruiserweight Tony Bellew has said he fancies his chances against Haye and says a future clash between them is possible. 

    Bellew has been dining with Sylvester Stallone this week to celebrate the UK release of the latest Rocky film, "Creed," where he plays a lead role. 

    “I caught up with David at the Creed premiere and we got talking to see if a fight between us two is possible," Bellew told BBC Sport. 

    "I think fighting David Haye makes good sense and good business. We’re talking about it and hopefully something down the line can happen. I don’t fear anyone and I’ve faced the best fighters in the world so to fight a former heavyweight champion of the world would be a great testament to me."

  6. 'Explosive and dangerous'

    David Haye wins by first round knockout

    David Haye

    Former Olympic champion and opponent of David Haye, Audley Harrison, says David Haye's return to the heavyweight scene is a 'dangerous' one. 

  7. 'I want to unify'

    David Haye v Mark de Mori

    David Haye celebrates

    More from David Haye as he reacts to his first-round knockout win: "I want to unify the heavyweight division. I set my plan out to do that and fell short. I am going to make  a serious run at this division. The titles are all over the place. It will take someone like me to clean it up."

  8. 'Fury doesn't want me'

    David Haye v Mark de Mori

    As one might expect, the name of Tyson Fury is not far away as David Haye is interviewed by Dave TV: "I think he's a good fighter, very good. It's a shame he doesn't want to fight me. I think we all know why, when he sees punch power like that."

  9. Reaction

    David Haye wins by first round knockout

    David Haye

    IBF world champion Carl Frampton sends his congratulations and rising talent Callum Smith gives us his thoughts...

  10. 'Work to a title fight'

    David Haye v Mark de Mori

    David Haye celebrates

    More from David Haye on Dave TV: "I had no nerves whatsoever. This is where I belong. I need to live here. 

    "That shot was enough, he was gone but there were a few others to send him on his way. I can't see any heavyweight taking those shots. I'm not easy to hit, so how would someone go about beating that?

    "I want to get back in the ring as soon as possible, keep testing myself and work up the rankings to get a title fight."

  11. 'The shoulder felt fine'

    David Haye v Mark de Mori

    A shoulder x ray

    David Haye speaks to Dave TV: "It's been amazing. I would like to thank each and every fan that have come out. I assumed a lot of people would have given up on me. It's been a tough road but I'm finally back. I felt so cool and calm in there. I don't believe any heavyweight in there could take those punches.

    "The shoulder feels better than it has before. I have spent two years re-habbing this shoulder. I feel this new and improved version of me will go on and win heavyweight championships.".

  12. Haye returns with a knockout

    David Haye v Mark de Mori

    David Haye celebrates

    It's official, David Haye's return lasted two minutes and five seconds. Many will be grateful it was not on pay-per-view.

  13. David Haye wins with a first-round knockout

    David Haye v Mark de Mori

    David Haye and Mark de Mori

    "I'M BACK, I'M BACK," screams David Haye as he stands on the ropes.

    Mark de Mori needed some medical treatment and rose to his feet with an oxygen mask on after that KO. He took a blow which would have floored an elephant.

    It makes one wonder how De Mori had just one loss in his career if someone can walk through him like that.

  14. David Haye wins with a first-round knockout

    David Haye v Mark de Mori

    A replay of the decisive blow does not make for nice viewing. David Haye lured his man in. He begged him to throw a shot and as a timid flick of the De Mori fist came the way of Haye, the gap was left for a punch to pummel through.

    It's a straight right which lands slap-bang on the cheekbone. Goodnight.

  15. David Haye wins with a first-round knockout

    David Haye v Mark de Mori

    By my record there was around 50 seconds of round one remaining.

  16. KNOCKOUT - Round One

    David Haye v Mark de Mori

    David Haye

    Left misses, right misses, right to the ribs lands from David Haye. Oooff, that will take the wind out of you.

    He has his man cornered, three shots come in, a big left hook rattles Mark de Mori, this will not last long. 

    The combinations are plentiful. Suddenly a pause and then CRASH... an overhand right - it's straight, it's brutal, it's over. De Mori is flattened, tangled in the ropes.

  17. Round One

    David Haye v Mark de Mori

    White shorts and long black socks for David Haye. He gets an early combination off. Mark De Mori tries a looping right but another combination comes back. A good start from the Hayemaker.

  18. Round One

    David Haye v Mark de Mori

    David Haye

    Here we go,,, seconds out, first round.

  19. Post update

    David Haye v Mark de Mori

    London 2012 bronze medallist Anthony Ogogo has his feet up in front of the TV but question is, how long for? 

    This is the first time UK TV channel Dave, known for its comedy, has shown boxing on terrestrial television joining the ranks of Channel Five. 

  20. Post update

    David Haye v Mark de Mori

    Mark de Mori strips down to his t-shirt - interestingly when David Haye was parading around the ring he gave his opposite number a little nudge in the back which didn't go down well.

    More boos for De Mori as his name is read. Over to the Hayemaker and our MC proclaims he is "making a welcome return to the ring."

    The crowd are playing up to this, whooping with every raise of Haye's gloved fist.