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Live Reporting

Michael Emons

All times stated are UK

  1. Thanks and goodbye

    Well that is everything for this live text. It is another flawless performance from David Haye as he looks to fight his way back to boxing's top table.

    Two fights since his return after an absence of more than three years, and two easy wins.

    But tougher tests are around the corner, with former heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs next in line.

    Thanks for joining us and bye for now.

    Haye wins
  2. Haye and Briggs kept apart

    By the way, Shannon Briggs and David Haye have been kept apart with a strong security presence, wisely, ensuring both fighters could not get near each other.

    But that will be saved for another day. They will go head-to-head in September, and that will be a much sterner test than what they both faced today.

    Shannon Briggs
  3. 'It is not my fault I punch as hard as I do'

    David Haye has now had less than three rounds of action in two fights since his return from a three-year absence.

    But the Briton has defended his choice of opponents.

    "All the big names are in other fights," said Haye. "He (Gjergjaj) had the second longest unbeaten run in heavyweight boxing. It is not my fault I punch as hard as I do.

    "I tried to get him out in the first round, but he had a good chin. That first shot would have knocked most fighters out. If I hit anyone with those bombs, those haymakers, they are going down.

    "My timing felt great. My right shoulder feels beautiful, better than it has ever done before." 

    David Haye
  4. Briggs fight will happen in September - Haye

    "I felt amazing. Sharp, fast, and had a great support team," says David Haye. "Everyone has got together to put on an amazing event.

    "I thank the fans that have come out to see what is the future of heavyweight boxing. People thought I was the past, but I am still the future.

    "Anthony Joshua is a fight I would relish. But next up for me is Shannon Briggs. He came over to England and talked a big game.

    "I told him if he came over and beat someone I would fight him in September. Let's go chump, let's go chump."

    David Haye
  5. Post update

    Haye has now called out Shannon Briggs, who is still in the arena. This could get feisty.

  6. Time for the interview...

    Time to hear from David Haye.

  7. Too easy for Haye

    One minute 35 seconds of the second round is the official time.

    What Haye learned from that, other than how to punch someone relentlessly with absolutely nothing coming back, is a mystery?

    The main event lasted four minutes, the chief support lasted two-and-a-half minutes in two completely mis-matched bouts. You have to feel sorry for everyone who handed over good money to watch the action in the arena.

    David Haye wins

    A brutal mauling of someone completely out of his depth.

    Arnold Gjergjaj was in trouble from the first second until the last. He went down three times, not including the time he was floored right at the end of the first round.

    Referee Terry O'Connor finally puts him out of his misery. Easy, far, far too easy for Haye.

    David Haye
  9. Gjergjaj down again

    Round two: Haye v Gjergjaj

    A straight-forward jab sinks Gjergjaj. He gets up. But, wait. He is down again.

  10. Post update

    Gjergjaj hits the deck again but the punch had been thrown after the bell. Referee Terry O'Connor did not give Gjergjaj a count.

  11. Post update

    Round 1: Haye v Gjergjaj

    To be fair the away fighter did well to get back up after being knocked down inside the opening 40 seconds. Haye has not been hit at all in the first round. As Mike Tyson says 'everyone has a plan. Until they get hit'.

  12. Gjergjaj down

    Gjergjaj down.  A right hand goes through the gate from Haye and finds its target. Gjergjaj crumples. Is it all over? Nope. He gets up. We continue.

  13. Let's go

    This is a 10-round contest. And here we go.

  14. Haye v Gjergjaj

    So how do they compare? This is how...

    Dave Haye v Arnold Gjergjaj
  15. Khan is in

    Obviously, one of Haye's mates is in temporary charge of his Twitter account. The Hayemaker isn't tweeting from the ring. That would be multi-tasking to the extreme.

  16. 'I'm stronger than ever'

    David Haye

    Earlier this week legendary heavyweight Lennox Lewis advised David Haye to maintain the quick punching he has become known for, instead of adding bulk to his frame.

    However, the 35-year-old is satisfied with his reincarnation as a bigger heavyweight than before his three-year absence.

    "My speed feels as quick as ever, if not faster. What's the point of having a big punch if you can't land it?" said Haye. "I'm stronger now than ever. I've done a nice solid strength programme in camp to maintain my weight.

    "I find being stronger minimises the chance of injury, especially with my torque and explosiveness I have within my body." 

  17. Here is Haye

    And here comes David Haye. Flanked by trainer Shane McGuigan, Haye looks so relaxed as 'Ain't No Stopping Us Now' rings out around the O2.

    This is another small step on a journey that Haye hopes will end with some world title gold wrapped around his waist sometime in the next two years.

  18. Arnold's moment

    What a moment for Arnold Gjergjaj. He has gone 29 fights unbeaten but made little impact in the boxing world outside Switzerland.

    But he could gatecrash the upper tiers of the sport with a win here. He is one life-changing punch away. Well, that's what he will think anyway.

    He only has a former two-weight world champion in his way. Easier said than done.

  19. Fundraiser for Blackwell

    There is a large crowd at the O2 Arena, and more than £50,000 could be raised tonight for former boxer Nick Blackwell.

    Blackwell, 25, will not fight again after sustaining serious head injuries in his British middleweight title bout against Chris Eubank Jr in March and Haye has pledged to donate 10% of the money from ticket sales to Blackwell.

    "I had a good chat with him. He is in good spirits and sounds as sharp as a tack," said Haye.

    "I was worried about how Nick was going to be but he sounds better than ever. I'm not sure how much it will be but I've been aiming to get at least £50,000, that would be a nice lump to help him move on."

    Nick Blackwell
    Image caption: Nick Blackwell made two defences of the British Middleweight title before losing to Chris Eubank Jr earlier this year
  20. National anthems time

    Right back to the action. Firstly, the national anthems. God Save The Queen gets the crowd singing. Now we have an atmosphere. There are not many spare seats available, which is going to be great news for one former boxer...