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  1. Fourth and final stop on international media tour to promote fight
  2. Events held in LA, Toronto, New York
  3. Pair trade insults on stage at a sold-out Wembley Arena

Live Reporting

By Matt Davis

All times stated are UK

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  1. Post update

    That's all from me tonight, keep an eye on the BBC Sport website for a full report from tonight's festivities.

    Thank you for joining me.

  2. Post update

    Favourite insult of the night would have to be Mayweather's: "I'm a home cooked meal. you are a microwaved meal."

    Biggest claim?

    Mayweather wins it again with "I run Ireland."

  3. Post update

    Plenty of swearing from both parties but the whole thing was a bit playground wasn't it?

    The most violent it got was when Mayweather ripped up a poster bearing McGregor's name.

  4. Post update

    I reckon that's it.

    Few last words between the pair and then they exit the ring.

    Not exactly explosive was it.

    Let's hope the fight is better.

    Next stop 26 August in Las Vegas.

  5. Post update

  6. Post update

    "The whole trip has been amazing. Is it even a press conference? They transformed into something amazing," says McGregor.

  7. Post update

    Mayweather has finished.

    So now they face-off.

    McGregor's bearded face giving plenty of trashtalk.

    Now it's question time.

  8. Post update

    This is nice, Mayweather asks everyone to wish McGregor a happy birthday.

    Good of him that.

    McGregor then asks everyone to chant something massively rude to the American.


  9. Post update

    "You should have got me for the UFC, I run the octagon, I run the ring. You say something else I will beat you in the octagon" says Mayweather.

    McGregor replies: "When I spark you on 26 August, I'm gonna make you face me in the rematch in the octagon and then we will see if you are all talk or not?"

    Can't see Mayweather going for that.

  10. Post update

    McGregor flips the birdie at Mayweather, who tells him to shut up and throws a bottle of water on the floor.

    This is genuinely what this has become.

    "You're the student, I'm the teacher," says Mayweather.

    "Well bring your schoolbag," replies McGregor.

    Mayweather then asks Dana White if they can go to Dublin tomorrow.

    Sounds a great plan lads, get me involved.

  11. Post update

    "I'm a home cooked meal. you are a microwaved meal," says Mayweather.

    That is some metaphor, no idea what he is on about.

  12. Post update


    Mayweather makes the guy on the PA system play "tap out".

    Guessing that refers to the time McGregor tapped out against Nate Diaz.

    He keeps saying the Irishman is a quitter.

    Apparently Mayweather was in Dublin the other week and didn't see McGregor.

    Fair play to him, it's a big city.

  13. Post update

    Did people pay to go and watch this? They are not getting their money's worth.

    Has Mayweather run out of things to say?

    "I won't touch you to 26 August. he says, right in McGregor's face.

    Mayweather and McGregor shouting at each other
  14. Post update

    Mayweather asking for more chants then says something sweary to McGregor.

    The American is recycling old material from earlier in the week.

  15. Post update

    "I run Ireland" says Mayweather.

    He doesn't.

  16. Post update

    The crowd tell Mayweather to "sit down" and then launch into "Ohhhh Conor McGregor."

    Clear favourite here.

  17. Post update

    Mayweather has taken all the microphones from McGregor's table, so the Irishman jumps up and gets one off the American's table.

    "I'm too quick for you son, " says McGregor.

    Mayweather launches into that "hard work" chant, the crowd booing him a fair bit.

  18. Post update

    Can Mayweather do any better?

    He starts by ripping a Conor McGregor poster up and throwing it on the floor of the ring.

  19. Post update

    McGregor finishes by throwing the microphone on the floor.

    Get the feeling he has run out of insults this week, that was tame.

    McGregor speaks into the mic
  20. Post update

    "I am boxing" says McGregor.

    He then gets all playground on Mayweather, rubbing his head and calling him a "slap head".

    Classic primary school banter.

    mcgregor and mayweather