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Live Reporting

By Matt Davis

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  1. Post update

    That's all from me for tonight.

    Next stop is the weigh-in on Friday.

  2. Calm - at last!

    Luke Reddy

    BBC Sport boxing reporter in Las Vegas

    That was very civilised. Far more so than any event we have seen in the build-up so far. Maybe both men have been warned that a lid needs to be applied, maybe the MGM Grand is just not the type of establishment to tolerate any nonsense.

    Either way it was a little flat. I guess they can't win. If they go heavy in their trash talk they get criticised, if they ease things back and conform to corporate rules, we're a little under fed.

    McGregor seemed the more uncomfortable of the two for my money. Shorter answers, less poised.

    Next stop the weigh in!

  3. Bruce Lee

    Luke Reddy

    BBC Sport boxing reporter in Las Vegas


    "This is Bruce Lee stuff"," says Conor McGregor as he poses for photographs. It draws a big laugh from the media.

    One of Floyd Mayweather's followers has heckled the UFC star throughout. Enough is enough and Mayweather puts him straight, telling him "I told you if you can't conduct yourself you shouldn't be in here."

  4. Post update

    Business like, that might be the best way to describe that.

  5. Post update

    Face to face they stand.

    McGregor takes off his glasses, chewing on his gum.

    Neither fighter flinches.

    The Irishman mumbles under his breath and then Mayweather is gently moved aside and Dana White does the same with McGregor.

    They both then pull some ridiculous poses for the cameras and that's it. They walk off stage.

    The biggest surprise was the expletive count. It didn't even get into double figures.

    Placid affair. The weigh-in might be different.

  6. Post update

    Time for the face-off.

    It's been calm until now.

  7. Post update

    McGregor: "When this fight is done, I will have 20 seconds to relish in victory and then I will be like 'who's next?'"

    He then talks about creating an octagon/boxing ring hybrid, an interesting idea.

  8. Post update

    The media are now asking questions.

    McGregor is asked if he can take Mayweather's punches? "I have been through shinbone", he replies.

    The Irishman definitely doesn't seem at ease on the stage, not the same as he was on the publicity tour last month.

    The tension of being three days away from the main event is showing in both fighters.

  9. Post update

    Mayweather finishes off. A humble speech, praising his opponent, but reminding people of his undefeated record.

    McGregor looked a bit nervous, the swagger was not there.

  10. Post update

    Mayweather has now praised McGregor, calling him a "hell of a fighter".

    These are not the fireworks we expected.

    "I am pretty sure he had a tremendous training camp, now it is about the best fighting the best. He is the best at what he does and so am I. It comes down to the skills, fighting and competing and giving you what you want to see."

  11. Post update

    A more humble Mayweather speaks.

    "You come to these press conferences and conduct ourselves in an orderly fashion.

    "I had a great training camp. To be in a combat sport we are fighters at the end of the day. To be in the sport 21 years I had to take it extremely seriously.

    "When it is all said and done, one thing I can do is fight. To be 49-0 it is obvious I am giving it, not receiving it."

  12. Post update

    Floyd Mayweather is next up to talk.

  13. Post update

    Mayweather shakes his finger as McGregor talks.

    It's short and sweet and ends with a few swear words.

    He says he will feel "sad" when it is done. "You should have left me where I was. You will all eat your words."

  14. Post update

    McGregor: "We are prepared for three minuets rounds of non stop pace I will break this old man," he said.

    "He made a big error in 8oz gloves, he messed up, he won't last two rounds."

    Mayweather agreed to use 8oz gloves instead of the usual 10oz gloves.

  15. Post update

    He's wearing a green suit for those asking.

  16. Post update

    First up is McGregor.

    Smattering of applause from the press.

    He's straight into Floyd.

  17. Post update

    And here is Floyd Mayweather, who is in a checked suit.

    Both fighters looking smart!

  18. Post update

    Conor McGregor is in the house.

    Dressed in a sharp suit.

  19. Post update

    Here's another look at the belt...

    It's not one you'd wear down to your local pub.

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  20. We have a made up (but expensive) belt

    Luke Reddy

    BBC Sport boxing reporter in Las Vegas


    WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman on the money belt.

    “In order to celebrate this event, the WBC has created the money belt. This belt has 3,360 diamonds, 600 sapphires, 300 emeralds and 1.5kg of solid gold, as well as alligator leather.”