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Live Reporting

By Luke Reddy

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  1. 'I put on a good show'

    Fury wins in two rounds

    Tyson Fury speaks to BT Sport: "He came here to fight and not spoil. I switched to southpaw and wanted to put on a good show. I got a big man out of there by switching it up. He caught me with a couple but you can't go swimming and not get wet.

    "I came here to have fun and enjoy myself. I don't take it too seriously. I thought I put on a good show and the fans got what they paid for.

    "Tonight was great, I will enjoy it. We will get deals done, get another fight in and then we fight Wilder next year."

  2. Time for a sing song...

    Fury wins in two rounds

    Tyson Fury is currently singing the Aerosmith hit 'I don't want to miss a thing' in the ring. They've given him the microphone. It's hardly the most expertly delivered version but it's a nine out of 10 for effort.

  3. 'We will hunt down Wilder'

    Fury wins in two rounds

    Tyson Fury speaks to ESPN in the ring: "I came here to have fun and enjoy myself to put on show and I hope everybody enjoyed it as much as I did.

    "I want to thank ESPN for putting on a great show. I have never seen promoting like this. I'm glad I have signed with the best team in the world. We have either 21 September or 5 October booked and next year we will hunt down Wilder and make him give me that belt."

  4. Post update

    Fury stops Schwarz

    The highlight reel will be rich. That bout showed us the footwork and shot variety we all know Tyson Fury possesses. Yes there will be comments about his opponent but he showed plenty of quality once again and looks every inch the part.

  5. 'Brilliant statement from Fury'

    Mike Costello

    BBC Sport boxing correspondent in Las Vegas


    That was a brilliant statement from Tyson Fury. He was so aggressive, pinpoint with his punches and fighting on the front foot.

  6. 'Another win'

    Fury wins

    Mike Costello

    BBC Sport boxing correspondent in Las Vegas

    Fight over

    Tom Schwarz was on unsteady legs and Tyson Fury opened up. It's another win and he remains on course to win another version of the World heavyweight title.


    Round two

    Tyson Fury has his man cornered here and is pinging in hooks and shots at will, there's blood on the face of Tom Schwarz and this looks like it'll be all over in a matter of seconds... it is, the towel comes in. Fight over.

    It took less than two rounds, in fact there were six seconds of the second round to spare.


    Fury v Schwarz

    Fury puts Schwarz down

    Tom Schwarz is down. He's pinned to the ropes and gets pinged in the face with a barrage of shots, falling face first down to the canvas. The writing is on the wall here with time left on the clock in the second...

  9. Round two...

    Fury v Schwarz

    Fury, cornered, swivels and lands a left hook with true style before getting himself out of the corner to land several more. Dominant stuff, his feet are too swift for what he's up against and Schwarz is bloodied. This is a second round beating.

  10. Post update

    Mike Costello

    BBC Sport boxing correspondent in Las Vegas

    Brilliant footwork from Fury. There would be featherweights proud of some of these moves but here is an 18-stone heavyweight moving around so nimbly.

  11. 'Good round for Fury'

    Joseph Parker

    Former world heavyweight champion Joseph Parker on BBC Radio 5 Live

    It was a very good round for Tyson Fury, he comes out and dances around the ring using his jab very well. Tom Schwarz is trying to cut off the ring but Tyson is a very good mover.

  12. Round two

    Fury v Schwarz

    That first round belonged to Tyson Fury every day of the week. Fury stands up early for the second round, seemingly at ease in his surroundings. Remember, he will want to put a show on here on what is is ESPN debut.

    They come out for the second, Fury starts southpaw, leading with the right hand. Jab and left uppercut gets some glove and face.

    A minute of the second gone...

  13. Round one

    Fury v Schwarz

    A left hook from Tom Schwarz with Fury near the ropes but he saw it coming. A couple of jabs from Fury in the middle of the ring do little damage. Jab and right hand from the Briton who is throwing plenty early on.

    A minute of the first remains. Relative calm in the arena as they get to grips with this heavyweight circus. Tom Schwarz happy to walk forward but so far he can't land a sausage and he's getting caught time and again. Some 10 seconds remain, Fury circles, moves freely, never letting his rival settle.

  14. Round one

    Fury v Schwarz

    We are under way. Tyson Fury in his US flag shorts. Throws a nice jab which gets through the guard. Then a left hook goes around the guard. Two smart shots to get us under way. Nothing coming back from Tom Schwarz yet....

    A minute of round one gone...

  15. Post update

    "What I say you must obey", demands the referee.

    The fighters are in their corners. Fight time.

  16. Tale of the tape...

    Fury v Schwarz

    Fury v Schwarz

    When the theories go around for why Tom Schwarz was chosen as an opponent, some said it's because he's a big lad and will look decent in the ring in terms of physique.

    He, it has been said, strikes the balance between giving Fury the showcase fight his promoters wanted and yet minimises the threat of a huge upset.

    But theories don't always hold do they?

  17. Post update

    Tyson Fury keeps his t-short on and sports a serious face, one of focus and calm, as his name is read.

    Ricky Hatton is in his corner and claps behind him, trainer Ben Davison does likewise and Fury pokes a tongue out for the cameras.

    He we go.

  18. Post update

    Tom Schwarz will be introduced first by master of ceremonies Jimmy Lennon Jr.

    I'd say Schwarz looks a bit soft around the middle. As his name is read he lifts his left hand aloft confidently.

  19. 'Enjoying every moment'

    Fury v Schwarz

    Joseph Parker

    Former world heavyweight champion Joseph Parker on BBC Radio 5 Live

    Tyson Fury is enjoying every moment of it. He has worked so hard and now it is the time to put it all in action.

  20. Post update

    Fury v Schwarz

    Mike Costello

    BBC Sport boxing correspondent in Las Vegas

    The official attendance is just over 9,000 and now they will get their chance to see the man they have come to see.