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Live Reporting

By Luke Reddy and Mantej Mann

All times stated are UK

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  1. Round 12

    Warrington v Galahad

    In the final seconds Josh Warrington is throwing everything he can and nothing is landing, it's all resulting in grapples and ugly tangling of arms.

    The bell sounds, Warrington throws his arms up and he's held aloft on shoulder. This is close folks. This is close.

    Exciting if on times ugly stuff. There will not be much in it.

  2. Round 12

    Warrington v Galahad

    They sit on the ropes, Josh Warrington looking for some kind of punching space but he simply cannot get to work as Kid Galahad locks his arms up. This kind of strategy will not please everyone but his corner will love it.

    On his way away from Warrington Galahad lands a nice left hand...

    Less than 30 seconds to go...

  3. Round 12

    Warrington v Galahad

    Josh Warrington dives forwards, throwing shots as he does so and he gets fresh air as Kid Galahad gets on his bike....

    Some 90 seconds of this world-title bout to go...

  4. Round 12

    Warrington v Galahad

    Josh Warrington calls for support from the home massive as he gets from his stool going into the 12th.

    This is too close to call, I'd edge towards Galahad but in truth there haven't been tonnes of punches to score. Up for grabs as they grapple in the middle of the ring...

  5. Final round to decide winner?

    Round 11

    Jamie Moore

    Boxing trainer on BBC Radio 5 live

    We have said all along that the rounds are very very close and it could all be on this round.

  6. Round 11

    Warrington v Galahad

    Josh Warrington comes out like he;s downed and espresso for the 11th, letting his hands go with venom and stinging Galahad. This is the look of a man who knows he needs something.

    Galahad looks to suck it up and spoil again, he thinks he is ahead and doesn't want to commit too much.

    Around 90 seconds to go... more grappling... double jab and right and from Warrington, they all miss.

    They fight up close, a Marvin Hagler kind of approach to things. Scrappy rather than classy at the moment though and another head lock comes to pass. A left hand tags Galahad late on but nothing too damaging.

    To the 12th...

  7. 'Not clear cut'

    Round 10

    Andy Lee

    Former middleweight world champion on BBC Radio 5 live


    I don't see it being that clear cut. Other than that last 10 seconds, I would have had Kid Galahad winning the round but Josh Warrington had a big left hook in the middle of the round and finished well.

  8. Post update

    "Don't get stupid."

    That's the message from trainer Dominic Ingle to Kid Galahad.

    What a result this would be for them in the champion's back yard.

  9. Round 10

    Warrington v Galahad

    Kid Galahad is probably seven minutes from a world title here and he looks lively again as he bounces on his toes.

    Warrington backs him to the ropes and throws two hooks which get ducked. He drives forward again and lands a left hook late in the round. That may nick him the round and he needs them.

  10. 'Playing into Warrington's hands'

    Round 10

    Andy Lee

    Former middleweight world champion on BBC Radio 5 live

    The fight is still in the balance but the fact the referee has warned Kid Galahad several times for holding, he is really going to having to rethink his strategy and fight in close.

    That is going to play into Josh Warrington's hands.

  11. Round 10

    Warrington v Galahad

    We've seen some clean punches early in the 10th. An uppercut from Galahad, a straight right from Josh Warrington.

    Warrington goes after his man and knows it's kitchen sink time now. We could well see a blockbuster three rounds.

    Some 90 seconds of the 10th remains...

  12. 'Galahad doing himself proud'

    Round nine

    Jamie Moore

    Boxing trainer on BBC Radio 5 live

    Physically, Josh Warrington has been through these sort of fights many times. This is the first time I have seen Kid Galahad going through this type of fight but he is still in it and he is doing himself proud.

  13. Post update

    "He's having the night of his life," says Warrington's father and trainer.

    "Can we do it for nine minutes?"

    The message spelled out that this one was up in the air.

    All to play for...

  14. Round nine

    Warrington v Galahad

    Josh Warrington showed relentless energy against Carl Frampton in December, it's not there tonight but Galahad refuses to allow a big pace to be set.

    A right hook from Warrington gets nowhere close as Galahad ducks.

    A minute of the ninth left, Warrington lands a right hand but there's no real follow up.

    Galahad back to southpaw, then he pivots and goes orthodox. He jolts Warrington's head with a single shot as they get close. This is not pretty but it's highly efficient from Galahad, some would say almost a perfect game plan.

    The closing seconds of the ninth and that's more good work from the underdog.

  15. Post update

    Jonathan Overend

    Radio 5 Live commentator at Leeds Arena

    What has Galahad got left? This is new territory for him. Is this fight ebbing away form him now?

  16. Round eight

    Warrington v Galahad

    There were rumors of Warrington having injuries and illness in the build-up.

    In the corner, Dominic Ingle calls for big breaths from his fighter Kid Galahad.

    He's asking Galahad to switch his stance up again repeatedly.

    "You need these four rounds to win this fight," says Ingle.

  17. Round eight

    Warrington v Galahad


    As our pundits say, there is not too much in this.

    Kid Galahad lands an eye-catching left hand and slides to his left to get away from trouble. He is bamboozling Warrington here and there's an air of concern in the arena.

    Remember, Warrington has only stopped six of his 28 opponents, so he can't rely on landing something massive.

    A minute to go...

  18. Is the pace getting to Galahad?

    Round seven

    Jamie Moore

    Boxing trainer on BBC Radio 5 live

    I scored it to Josh Warrington, there is not too much in these rounds but I think he controlled it with the tempo. The pace is looking like it's getting to Kid Galahad.