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  1. Post update

    That's about it from us. If you've been enjoying Ireland wicketkeeper Gary Wilson's World Cup diaries on the BBC Sport website, I'm sure you can't wait to hear what he thought about that finish.

    Next up, it's Afghanistan v Scotland from Dunedin, with play starting at 22:00 GMT tonight, followed by Sri Lanka v Bangladesh in Melbourne at 03:30 GMT.

    I hope you'll join us for that double-header. Thanks for your company this morning - we do appreciate it - see you on the flip side.

  2. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Cardiff Uni IrishSoc: We had our hearts in our mouth down here in Cardiff. Safe to say our lectures consisted of many thumb dwindling and loud Irish.

    Keith Redmond: Moved my meetings to after lunch just so I could follow #IRLvUAE on #bbccricket. What a game!

    Peter McCully: Ireland cricket once again showing that we Irish perform best in sport when we are the underdogs.

  3. Post update

    Well, the good folk of Brisbane - those who got along to the game - saw an absolute cracker today. We had a good start from the UAE, ended by a great spell of spin bowling by Paul Stirling, then a recovery led by Shaiman Anwar, the UAE's very first World Cup centurion.

    Ireland then had a bit of a stop-start innings, with wickets falling every time they looked set - Gary Wilson (80) and Kevin O'Brien (50) put Ireland in the box seat, but still the wickets fell - and the boys in green triumphed with four balls to spare.

    And in between all that, we had dropped catches, injured fielders, knife-edge DRS decisions, and my personal highlight of the day - Kevin O'Brien "doing The Crane" to celebrate catching Karate.

    Kevin O'Brien celebrates a catch
  4. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Sarah Naismith: You won't wipe this smile off my face today world! #2from2

    Gareth Murray: What a game, hard to believe this is the sort of World Cup match the ICC want to do away with.

    Bertie Ivory-Peters: Ireland haven't had this much excitement in a World Cup since their Quidditch WC win. Amazing stuff.

  5. Post update

    The overwhelming message we're getting from you on social media is this: after exciting matches like that one, how short-sighted would it be for the ICC to reduce the World Cup to 10 teams and eliminate such games?

  6. Captain's view

    United Arab Emirates captain Mohammad Tauqir: "That's the game of cricket. We bowled very well, the spinners were playing well, but Kevin O'Brien took the game from us.

    "Catches are dropped. It's part and parcel of the game, and because of the heat, some of the boys were getting cramp.

    On Shaiman Anwar's first World Cup century for the UAE: "In the dressing room, his nickname is Sir Viv Richards. We knew he could do it."

  7. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Patrick Buttimer: I never thought that a sport could move me like watching Ireland play rugby but the cricket against UAE this morning was amazing.

  8. Captain's view

    Ireland captain William Porterfield: "It was a bit closer than we would have wanted but we'd take that any day of the week.

    "Wickets in hand are always a big thing, especially when you've got lads like Kev and Wilson coming in. One key factor was the way we played in the last 20 overs of our innings.

    "Confidence is high in the squad, and the fixtures start coming thicker and faster now."

  9. Man of the match

    More from man of the match Gary Wilson: "We ran a little closer than we wanted but just delighted that we've won two from two. I seemed to strike the ball nicely from the start."

  10. Final scorecard

    Ireland beat UAE by two wickets with four balls to spare

    UAE 278-9: Shaiman 106, Stirling 2-27

    Ireland 279-8 (49.2 overs): Wilson 80, K O'Brien 50

    Fall of wickets: 4-1 (Stirling 3), 72-2 (Joyce 37), 94-3 (Porterfield 37), 97-4 (N O'Brien 17), 171-5 (Balbirnie 30), 243-6 (K O'Brien 50), 259-7 (Mooney 2), 267-8 (Wilson 80); Not-out batsmen: Cusack 5*, Dockrell 7*

    Bowling figures: Naveed 9.2-1-65-2, Guruge 7-0-21-1, Javed 10-0-60-3, Tauqir 9-0-38-2, Mustafa 9-0-45-0, Chandran 5-0-43-0

    Ireland won toss


    Gary Wilson
  11. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Ross McDonagh: If 10 years ago someone told me, an Irishman, one day I'd be furiously refreshing #bbccricket scores on my phone at 3.30am, I'd have lolled...

    Dave Johnson: Good job we're hosting in 2019. Not sure we'll be in the top 10 one-day sides at this rate.

  12. Man of the match

    Ireland batsman Gary Wilson, who made 80 off 69 balls: "I'm delighted to get a few. I hadn't had too many runs coming into this game.

    "I was confident when I went out there - I just told myself it was my day.

    "I've batted quite a lot with Kev and we dovetailed quite well, so it was great to have him coming out there."

    Gary Wilson
  13. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    The Lazy Hungerist: YES!!! Come on Ireland! Game of the tournament so far, fair play to UAE but still...

    Ωjiriħ Mågµ: Funny enough the most tight competitive game comes from two associate teams #UAEvsIRE so far.

    NeilHine: This is why we need a 20 team World Cup!

  14. Man of the match

    Ireland's top scorer Gary Wilson is named as man of the match for his 80 from 69 balls.

  15. Post update

    Graeme Swann

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Ireland have put their fans through it today. I don't think I could have been an Ireland fan for the last 10 minutes. I now know why my Dad refused to watch me play cricket in the last 10 years."

  16. Post update

    Spare a thought for the UAE - they've never beaten Ireland in a List A game, let alone an ODI, and their wait goes on.

    With big hitting, great bowling, run-outs, dropped catches, injured fielders and Ed Joyce being "bowled" without the bails being dislodged, that game had just about everything. And "The Crane".

  17. Post update

    Dockrell punches the air with delight, and the celebration begins for Ireland, who have two wins from two games and go level on points with the leaders of Pool B.

  18. Champagne moment


    Alex Cusack and George Dockrell
  19. Ire 279-8

    Dockrell hits the ball into the air, two fielders converge, but neither can take it, they run a second and Ireland have won!

  20. Ire 277-8 (target 279)

    Nearly a run-out! Cusack tips the ball to mid-off and runs a single, again if the throw had hit he'd have been out by yards. Two needed.

  21. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Hugh Dickinson: I can't believe they're cutting down the World Cup. #IREvUAE is an absolute thriller.

  22. Post update

    Paceman Naved to bowl. Cusack facing.

  23. Ire 276-8 (target 279)

    A slip comes in. So do the leg-side boundary fielders. Dockrell can't get the last ball away, but that four has nearly done the job.

    Three runs needed from the last over. What. A. Game.

  24. Ire 276-8 (target 279)

    The UAE have never beaten Ireland, they need something special now - and Dockrell launches Javed for four to long-off. They'll be dancing in the streets of Taunton for that one - reducing the target to three from seven balls.

  25. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Jamie Gordon: This is why cricket is just the best sport!

  26. Ire 272-8 (target 279)

    Tauqir shuffles the field. Cusack heaves into the leg side, they hesitate before attempting a second run, the 43-year-old captain slides to pick up the ball and fumbles it, ensuring the batsmen get home. Eight from nine needed. Cusack smacks a single to extra cover, seven from eight needed.

  27. Ire 269-8 (target 279)

    Cusack straight-drives, the ball hits the stumps, the bails light up and had bowler Javed got a hand to it, Dockrell would have been run out. Dot ball. And a swing and a miss means it's 10 from 10.

  28. Ire 269-8 (target 279)

    George Dockrell - not known for his batting - is Ireland's number 10, as if any indication needed that Ireland really don't want Max Sorensen to have to bat. Dockrell hits his first ball to a fielder, and all his team-mates yell "don't throw" - they can't risk an overthrow here. A fierce drive from Dockrell flies towards backward point, it doesn't quite carry but a good stop prevents a boundary, and they run one. With 11 needed, the field stays up. Last ball of the over, Cusack digs it out and runs for a quick single, he has to dive to make his ground at the bowler's end and would have been out if Khurram Khan's throw had hit...

    Ireland need 10 from 12 balls. This is the closest game of this World Cup, and, I'd venture, one of the most exciting. Stay with us!

  29. WICKET

    Wilson c Javed b Naveed 80 (Ire 267-8)

    Don't look away - Wilson's out next ball! What was he doing? Naveed digs in a bouncer, Wilson tries to fend it off and gives a catch to short third man! It's still 12 needed from 15 balls.


  30. Ire 267-7

    Wilson to face - he sent Mooney back when it was clear his partner was going to he caught - and the Surrey wicketkeeper eases the pressure with a four through long-off from the first ball of Naveed's over. The next ball is blasted straight back and nearly decapitates the umpire but that's four more. Ireland need 12 from 16 balls.

  31. Post update

    Graeme Swann

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Am I missing something here? Do Ireland need 20 more than I thought? They are playing crazy shots. There's real panic going through the Ireland team. They've won this game three or four times and they keep letting the UAE back in."

  32. WICKET

    Mooney c Amjad b Javed 2 (Ire 259-7)

    Left-hander Mooney tries a paddle-scoop of his own - and can only spoon a catch up to short fine leg. With a run a ball needed, he didn't really need to head down Unorthodox Boulevard there.

    And if there wasn't enough drama out there, here's the local angle - the next Ireland batsman, Alex Cusack, was born in... Brisbane.


  33. Not out

    Ire 259-6

    It hit Wilson on the thigh pad, it looked in line - but Wilson survives by the skin of his teeth, it was "umpire's call" for clipping the bails! Too tight for comfort - but Ireland survive.

  34. Umpire review

    Wilson gives Javed the charge and aims a cross-batted heave, but can't connect. Dot ball. An attempted paddle-sweep hits Wilson on the pad, Ireland scamper a leg bye and the UAE take the cue from the leg bye signal to call for a DRS review on the lbw...

  35. Ire 258-6 (target 279)

    Wilson keeps it simple with a single against Javed. Mooney, who I'm reminded hit the winning runs against West Indies last weeks, swings and misses. He was an electrician by trade before becoming a full-time cricketer - so he'll be at home in this electric atmosphere around the Gabba as a single keeps the scoreboard ticking. 21 needed from 21 balls.

  36. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    James Slevin: Reading the commentary on the bus into college. My heart is racing.

  37. Ire 256-6 (target 279)

    Mooney dabs a single to give Gary Wilson the strike, and the Irish fans are on their feet again as Wilson crashes a four over extra cover to reduce the required rate to less than a run a ball. Naveed fires the last ball at leg stump, Wilson clips a single, and Ireland need 23 from 24 balls to make it two World Cup wins from two - and take a big step towards their dream of a quarter-final.

  38. Ire 250-6

    The UAE's weakness here might be who they ask to bowl the last five overs - as Guruge, one of their most effective bowlers, is off the field injured. They turn back to opening bowler Naveed, and Wilson cheekily opens the face to help the ball through the vacant slip area for four. He has 66 from 61 balls, and Ireland pass the landmark 250 figure - 29 needed from 27 balls.

  39. How's stat?!

    Andrew Samson

    BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "Kevin O'Brien's 24-ball fifty was the fastest for Ireland in an ODI, beating Paul Stirling's record of 25 balls against the Netherlands in Kolkata in 2011."

  40. Ire 243-6 (target 279)

    John Mooney is the reason we've been asking you to send in your "best headbands in sport" today - he saw Ireland home against England in Bangalore four years ago, can he do the same today? He plays and misses at his first two deliveries - with hearts in mouths, they need 36 from 30 balls,

  41. Post update

    Graeme Swann

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "He's walking off slowly but if I was him I'd be running off so I can hide in the dressing room. I don't get it. He smashed two big sixes in the over; the game was in the bag. But he has given the UAE a sniff."

  42. WICKET

    K O'Brien c Naveed b Javed 50 (Ire 243-6)

    But having done all the hard work, O'Brien aims another big blast and is pouched at extra cover. Game most definitely back on - Ireland need 36 from 32 balls but are running out of wickets in hand.


  43. K O'Brien 50

    Ire 243-5

    O'Brien brings up his fifty from 24 balls with another massive six, this time over long-off.

  44. Six

    Ire 237-5

    And even less daunting after O'Brien launches Javed for six over long-on, to a big roar from the Ireland fans! For Bangalore, read Brisbane...

    Kevin O'Brien
  45. Ire 231-5 (Wilson 58*, K O'Brien 39*)

    The UAE can't risk another Karate over like the last one - so turn back to off-spinner Rohan Mustafa, bowling round the wicket. Ireland "Mustafa" decent chance from here against spin... and O'Brien doesn't disappoint, smacking a four through extra cover, while Wilson comes down the wicket and uses the spin to loft a four wide of mid-wicket. Suddenly the requirement of 48 from 36 balls doesn't look too daunting.

  46. Best headband in sport?

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Ged Lynam: 'Soccer' player Alexi Lalas.

    Alexi Lalas
  47. Ire 219-5 (target 279)

    Wilson to continue, but he's now the support act as a single brings O'Brien back on strike - Javed tries a slower ball which ends up as a long-hop and the red-headed O'Brien helps it to long leg for four. He has 32 from 18 balls, including a sequence of four fours in seven balls. Ireland need 60 from 42 balls.

  48. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Ben Thapa: Can anyone explain why Kevin O'Brien bats down at 7?

  49. Ouch!

    Ire 214-5

    O'Brien skies the recalled Javed high into the Brisbane night sky, there's a man underneath it at long-off, it's substitute fielder Nasir Aziz... and it's dropped! And it bounces over him for four. Chaos at the Gabba as O'Brien swings again, the keeper misses it and they run three byes. And now a batsman's down - Wilson has cramp.

    The physio comes on. It's all happening, you really don't want to miss a ball here.

  50. Post update

    Now it's skipper Mohammad Tauqir leaving the field, and though vice-captain Khurram Khan should nominally be in charge, the UAE suddenly look a bit of a rabble. Four players around the bowler, no-one really sure what's going on.

  51. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Phil Gilman: Surely today's game is more proof that it would be wrong to cut future World Cups to an elite 10.

    Staffan Vowles: 16 teams, 4 groups of four, 8 seeds. Top 2 to quarters, third place in group guarantees a place in next World Cup.

  52. Ire 207-5

    With the UAE bowling options limited, it's still Chandran/Karate with medium pace from the other end, and O'Brien takes full advantage, bashing back-to-back fours over cover and fine leg. A single means he keeps the strike - he has 24 from 13 balls, Wilson has 52 from 54, and Ireland need 72 from 48 balls. Who's your Emirati dirham on?

  53. Post update

    Graeme Swann

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Kevin O'Brien is not very popular with these UAE boys. He needs to calm down, count to 10 and let his bat do the talking. He's got way too involved in what is going on out there."

    Listen to ball-by-ball TMS commentary by clicking on the 'Live Coverage' tab.

  54. Ire 194-5 (target 279)

    So, while the UAE replace their 12th man with a 13th man (as opening bowler Guruge is already off the field injured), Naveed fires in a high full toss which is borderline waist-high - and then another which is even higher. That's a beamer, right up at chest high, it's called a no-ball and I'd have thought the bowler gets an automatic warning for that. It's all happening!

  55. Best headband in sport?

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Neal: Going to offer up the late great Sweetness, Walter Payton. How cool does he look?

    You've struck a chord with a 1980s Chicago Bears fan here. In case you've just joined us, we've been asking for you to name the best headbands in sport, after John Mooney opened the bowling for Ireland in a bright lime green headband.

    Walter Payton
  56. Ouch!

    Ire 193-5

    With 95 needed from 10 overs - I'll let you work out the required rate there - O'Brien punches a four past mid-on, then lashes another one the other side of the bowler. Ireland certainly aren't giving up this one. And we have another injury among the UAE fielders - now substitute fielder Saqlain Haider has gone down with cramp! Or has he gone in the fetlock?

  57. Scorecard update

    Ireland 184-5 (40 overs) - target 279

    Batsmen: Wilson 51*, K O'Brien 5*

    Fall of wickets: 4-1 (Stirling 3), 72-2 (Joyce 37), 94-3 (Porterfield 37), 97-4 (N O'Brien 17), 171-5 (Balbirnie 30)

    Bowling figures: Naveed 6-1-30-1, Guruge 7-0-21-1, Javed 6-0-30-0, Tauqir 9-0-38-2, Mustafa 8-0-33-0, Chandran 4-0-30-0

    UAE 278-9: Shaiman 106, Stirling 2-27

    Ireland won toss


    Amjad Ali
  58. Wilson 50

    Ire 183-5

    Wilson square-cuts for four with aplomb again, then brings up his eighth ODI fifty with a well-timed two. A lot rests on the Surrey man now.

    Meanwhile there's a very, very optimistic lbw appeal against O'Brien - perhaps Karate wants revenge after O'Brien caught him earlier today - as the ball hits his leg way, way outside off stump.

  59. Ire 175-5 (target 279)

    Enter Kevin O'Brien, the "Hero of Bangalore" - and he's off the mark straight away, pulling a four through mid-wicket. They need 104 from 66 balls.

  60. Post update

    Kevin Howells

    BBC Test Match Special

    "Balbirnie has at least given Ireland a chance. But the pressure is building. If Ireland are going to win this, they're going to need something special."

  61. WICKET

    Balbirnie c sub (Saqlain Haider) b Naveed 30 (Ire 171-5)

    Pace bowler Mohammad Naveed returns to the attack - and he removes Balbirnie as the right-hander miscues him straight to a substitute fielder at mid-off. An easy catch, the Emirati are delighted.


    Mohammad Naveed
  62. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Elliott Hutchins: Associate members are fantastic. We should be having more of them in the World Cup, not less!

  63. Ire 167-4 (Balbirnie 27*, Wilson 42*)

    Wilson attempts more bloodthirsty cuts and pulls at Chandran, but plays and misses a couple of times. He looks pumped - as does Kevin O'Brien, who's padded up on the boundary as next man in. Wilson guides a two down to fine leg but it's signalled as one short as Wilson turned blind and didn't make his ground properly at the bowler's end. So just five from the over, when it should have been at least six.

  64. Best headband in sport?

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Simon J James: Sure you have to give a mention to Wales' own Eric Young, a giant amongst headband wearers.

    Peter Beardsley and Eric Young
  65. Ire 162-4 (target 279)

    Mustafa has, rather impressively, managed to send down eight overs without conceding a boundary. Just four singles from this one - Ireland need 117 from 78 balls.

  66. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Sakriya: The Associates have given more thrilling matches than the full members. Do they still think Associates are not competitive?

  67. Ire 158-4 (Balbirnie 24*, Wilson 36*)

    "Karate" Chandran - who's too young to remember the days when Hai Karate aftershave was in vogue, though a couple of his team-mates in their early 40s might - isn't particularly the most obvious man to bowl in a powerplay, though with Guruge off the field injured, the UAE may not have too much choice. Wilson seems to realise this, unleashing a fierce cut shot for four. Seven from the over, though the required rate is a shade north of eight-and-a-half an over. Balbirnie has 24 from 36 balls, Wilson has an altogether more enterprising 36 from 35.

  68. Post update

    Alan Lewis

    Ex-Ireland batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "The UAE have played very well this evening. They have bowled terribly well and kept Ireland under pressure the whole time."

    Listen to ball-by-ball TMS commentary by clicking on the 'Live Coverage' tab.

  69. Ire 151-4 (target 279)

    With the players refreshed, it's Rohan Mustafa to continue for his seventh over. He's not looked like taking a wicket, but with the modern rules only allowing four men outside the circle, 0-20 from six overs is perfectly respectable. Balbirnie tucks into a full toss which he whips towards cow corner for three to bring up the fifty stand - and then Wilson pushes the ball through extra cover for an all-run four! Told you the Gabba was vast.

  70. How's stat?!

    Andrew Samson

    BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "Ireland required 159 off the last 20 overs at 7.95 per over.

    "Since 1 Jan 2010, only five teams have achieved a higher run rate in the last 20 overs to win a full 50-over ODI batting second.

    "One of those was Ireland, who needed 162 off the last 20 overs when they beat England in Bangalore in the 2011 World Cup."

  71. Drinks break

    Ire 142-4

    A change of bowling as Tauqir is off after taking 2-38 from nine overs, and Krishna Chandran is on to bowl some right-arm medium pace. If you weren't with us first thing, Chandran is also known, wonderfully, as Krishna Karate (and Kevin O'Brien celebrated catching him by "doing The Crane").

    And it's as if a pressure valve has been released, as Balbirnie and Wilson find things much easier against him. Wilson even finds the boundary again as he inside-edges a four past the keeper. Drinkies, with 137 needed from 96 balls.

    Kevin O'Brien
  72. Post update

    Andy Bichel

    Ex-Australia pace bowler on BBC Test Match Special

    "Ireland are showing more intent now, and Wilson is pushing things hard. They are chasing a big total, but UAE took close to a hundred off the last 10 overs.

    "But you don't want to put too much responsibility on Kevin O'Brien coming in at seven. We know he can hit boundaries, but one of these guys has to be the guy to guide it."

    Listen to ball-by-ball TMS commentary by clicking on the 'Live Coverage' tab.

  73. Ire 133-4 (target 279)

    No chance of an over-rate fie with Mustafa bowling - two singles from another rapid over means Ireland need 146 from 102 balls.

  74. Ire 131-4

    Can Ireland take advantage of the UAE's creaking fielders and turn some of these ones into twos against Tauqir? A throw from the deep - I think that's 12th man Nasir Aziz - demolishes the stumps at the bowler's end, so on that occasion Balbirnie was wise to turn down a second. Wilson finally finds the boundary for the first time with a sweep shot.

  75. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Tim Brooks: Cricinfo has the UAE's Rohan Mustafa down as 'Right Arm Slow'. A hero to village cricketers the world over then!

  76. Ire 123-4 (target 279)

    Mustafa wheels away for his fifth over, three runs from it. The required rate is up to 8.21.

  77. Post update

    Andy Bichel

    Ex-Australia pace bowler on BBC Test Match Special

    "I reckon UAE have given away 10-12 runs through misfields. Some mistakes are starting to creep in.

    "It is a tense time at the Gabba - Ireland need a partnership, and at the moment they are trying to sneak a few runs while they get used to the lights."

  78. Scorecard update

    Ireland 120-4 (30 overs) - target 279

    Batsmen: Balbirnie 12*, Wilson 11*

    Fall of wickets: 4-1 (Stirling 3), 72-2 (Joyce 37), 94-3 (Porterfield 37), 97-4 (N O'Brien 17)

    Bowling figures: Naveed 5-1-22-0, Guruge 7-0-21-1, Javed 6-0-30-0, Tauqir 8-0-30-2, Mustafa 4-0-16-0

    UAE 278-9: Shaiman 106, Stirling 2-27

    Ireland won toss


  79. Ire 120-4

    Guruge is off the field, replaced by the 12th man - and is having treatment just outside the boundary. Considering how well he bowled earlier (1-21 from seven overs), I can't help thinking that while they wouldn't wish injury on a fellow pro, it wouldn't be the worst thing for Ireland if Guruge couldn't complete his spell.

  80. Post update

    Andy Bichel

    Ex-Australia pace bowler on BBC Test Match Special

    "Guruge, the big left-arm quick, is holding his right hamstring. But it could be cramp - this ground has got a few before!"

    Listen to ball-by-ball TMS commentary by clicking on the 'Live Coverage' tab.

  81. Ouch!

    Ire 120-4

    Wilson picks up a two with a chip towards cow corner, Balbirnie straight-drives and at the age of 43, Tauqir probably doesn't find it as easy as it used to be to bend down quickly - it's an unearned single past the bowler. And to add injury to insult (as it were), it looks like Guruge has pulled up with cramp after rushing to field it. We have a delay while the physio comes on.

  82. Best headband in sport?

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Daniel Wright: Best headband in sport? Juan Pablo Angel back in his Villa days!

    Juan Pablo Angel
  83. Ire 114-4 (target 279)

    Just the minimum five men in the ring here - I wonder whether a more adventurous captain might bring a man in and try to dry up the singles? As otherwise, Balbirnie and Wilson find easy pickings against Mustafa and can trot along at four an over for a bit while they rebuild.

    But it's easy to armchair-captain another team from the other side of the world... Interestingly, the UAE were 109-4 at this stage.

  84. Ire 110-4 (Balbirnie 9*, Wilson 4*)

    And to think both sides dropped a spinner today to include an extra seamer, when spinners have been the most successful bowlers.

    Tauqir then commits (for me) the ultimate sin for spinners - bowling a front-foot no-ball. Unforgivable for a spinner? I'd say so (please discuss among yourselves). It gives Balbirnie a free hit ball, which he reverse-sweeps for four.

  85. Best headband in sport?

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Lachlan Keay: Christian Bolanos has to be in the list! Loving the spandex.

    Christian Bolanos
  86. Ire 102-4 (target 279)

    Ireland reach three figures as Wilson and Balbirnie, both right-handers, take two singles apiece against Mustafa. A great time for the UAE to whip through lots of quick overs of spin.

  87. Post update

    Graeme Swann

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "What is going on with the Irish batting?

    "That cool, calm and collected approach that was on show against the West Indies is nowhere to be seen today - but that was a super over by the skipper Tauqir."

    Listen to ball-by-ball TMS commentary by clicking on the 'Live Coverage' tab.

  88. Ire 98-4 (Balbirnie 1*, Wilson 1*)

    Ireland are playing Tauqir like he's Shane Warne here, new batsman Gary Wilson adds a single with a sweep, then Balbirnie doesn't look convincing as the ball whistles past his outside edge. Tauqir has figures of 2-0-16-2.

  89. Post update

    Graeme Swann

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "It's pitched straight and he is absolutely dead. That is an appalling review by Niall O'Brien, who as the senior partner decided to review without asking the opinion of his team-mate.

    "It pitched on middle, and was hitting middle."

  90. WICKET

    N O'Brien lbw Tauqir 17 (Ire 97-4)

    Having been given out on the field, an "umpire's call" won't save O'Brien and there's nothing on the snickometer - hitting in line, wickets hitting, it's three red lights on the ball-tracker and O'Brien's gone.

    Who on earth has suddenly pressed the panic button for Ireland? They were going so well...


    Mohammed Tauqir
  91. Umpire review

    O'Brien goes for the sweep against Tauqir, misses and is given out leg before - but immediately calls for a review without really consulting his partner.

  92. Ire 97-3 (target 279)

    Mustafa, with a "bustling, round-arm" action according to Graeme Swann on TMS, begins his second over, three singles from it.

  93. Ire 94-3 (N O'Brien 15*, Balbirnie 0*)

    Middlesex's Andy Balbirnie is the new batsman, sporting one of those helmets of the sort favoured by Michael Carberry which look not unlike cycling helmets.

  94. Post update

    Graeme Swann

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "That shot is so out of character from Porterfield - he looked as if he decided to play it when halfway down the wicket. In the end he tried to hack across the line and he missed it by a country mile.

    "He was clean bowled by a very average delivery - and Ireland are feeling the pressure of this chase."

    Listen to ball-by-ball TMS commentary by clicking on the 'Live Coverage' tab.

  95. WICKET

    Porterfield b Tauqir 37 (Ire 94-3)

    Gone! Porterfield suddenly plants his foot outside leg stump and tries to slog-sweep his fellow skipper Mohammad Tauqir. You miss, I hit, says Tauqir, and the Warwickshire man has gone. A pretty horrid shot, just when it was looking good for Porterfield.


    Mohammad Tauqir
  96. Best headband in sport?

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Jason Tucker: One of my all time headband favourites the legend that is Bjorn Borg.

    Bjorn Borg
  97. Ire 93-2 (target 279)

    Rohan Mustafa - who's listed as "right-arm slow" on Cricinfo (as is Alastair Cook), though you might euphemistically call it off-spin - into the attack, and the Irish pair find it easy to pick up ones and twos.

  98. Post update

    Graeme Swann

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "O'Brien took a risk with that shot but long-off is quite wide. I said 'out' as soon as he hit it, and it bounced five yards inside. The fielder has now moved a bit straighter - UAE missed a trick there."

  99. Ire 88-2 (Porterfield 36*, N O'Brien 10*)

    As a spinner who rattles through his overs at a decent rate, captain Mohammad Tauqir has a vested interest in ensuring he doesn't earn himself any over-rate fines. But he's clubbed down the ground for a first-bounce four by O'Brien, long-off was standing rather wide and had he been standing straighter, it would have been a simple catch.

  100. Ire 82-2 (target 279)

    Porterfield helps himself to a three off his legs, there's still plenty of twos and threes to be had on a ground this size. The skipper moves to 35 from 58 balls, O'Brien has five from 10, and this is developing into an interesting run chase.

  101. Best headband in sport?

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Mark Press: Best headband in women's sport - Serena Williams.

    Serena Williams
  102. Scorecard update

    Ireland 77-2 (20 overs) - target 279

    Batsmen: Porterfield 31*, N O'Brien 4*

    Fall of wickets: 4-1 (Stirling 3), 72-2 (Joyce 37)

    Bowling figures: Naveed 5-1-22-0, Guruge 7-0-21-1, Javed 5-0-25-0, Tauqir 3-0-8-0.

    UAE 278-9: Shaiman 106, Stirling 2-27

    Ireland won toss


  103. Ire 77-2

    Tauqir is quickly through his over, O'Brien - who looked good against West Indies last week - is up and running with a couple of twos.

  104. Post update

    Graeme Swann

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "That 37 runs from Ed Joyce was the luckiest innings I have ever seen. He could have been run out five times, caught, and bowled - it was brilliant!

    "But it was an uncharacteristically jumpy innings from Ed - he looked ill at ease. That may be because Ireland are feeling the heat because of the target they are chasing."

    Listen to ball-by-ball TMS commentary by clicking on the 'Live Coverage' tab.

  105. Best headband in sport?

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    Sean Docherty: Nick Cummins, the honeybadger!

    Nick Cummins
  106. Ire 72-2 (target 279)

    Niall O'Brien is the new batsman, so we still have two lefties at the crease.

  107. WICKET

    Joyce c Patil b Javed 37 (Ire 72-2)

    Ed Joyce's luck finally runs out as another flashing drive sees him edge to the keeper. He'd continued to ride his luck with another quick single earlier in the over when a direct hit would have seen him run out by a foot.

    Game on?


  108. Post update

    Alan Lewis

    Ex-Ireland batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "Mohammad Tauqir has 0-3, and if he was any use off his own bowling he would be 1-3!

    "It was hit back to him high up off the bat by Joyce - who was probably beaten in the flight."

    Listen to ball-by-ball TMS commentary by clicking on the 'Live Coverage' tab.

  109. Dropped catch

    Ire 68-1 (Porterfield 29*, Joyce 34*)

    Joyce continues to ride his luck as he drives the ball straight back at Tauqir but the UAE captain can't hold onto a sharp one-handed chance... you've got to take those, skipper...

  110. Post update

    Alan Lewis

    Ex-Ireland batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "Ed Joyce was slow to get going off the mark for that run - he delayed getting going as the midwicket had come a little straighter. A direct hit would have seen him out by about a foot.

    "Ireland are having a wee bit of fortune - it could be Joyce's day!"

  111. Ire 65-1 (target 279)

    Plenty of wickets seem to have fallen immediately after drinks breaks at this World Cup - but Porterfield and Joyce avoid that particular trap, helping themselves to four singles, although the last of those four might have had Joyce in trouble if the fielder had managed a direct hit at the bowler's end.

  112. Post update

    Alan Lewis

    Ex-Ireland batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "When Ireland hosted the Australians in 2010, we took the players to the home of the the GAA, Croke Park, and one of Ireland's most famous hurlers, DJ Carey, gave an exhibition. The Australian players were totally focused on him, and intrigued by the different skills.

    "Ten minutes later, I saw Cameron White and Dougie Bollinger whacking the ball 80 metres to each other."

    Listen to ball-by-ball TMS commentary by clicking on the 'Live Coverage' tab.

  113. Drinks break

    And that's drinks with a long way to go, but Ireland - needing 6.41 an over - are slowly wresting control.

    It looks as though one or more of the stumps may have been changed after that Ed Joyce incident. Incidentally, if you want a more detailed explanation of that law, check out this MCC video guide (narrated by Stephen Fry) on YouTube.

  114. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Charles Dagnall

    BBC Test Match Special

    On Twitter: That Ed Joyce incident reminds me about the time I was bowled by Glenn McGrath v Middlesex. Except the bails fell off and I was out.

  115. Appeal - not out

    Ire 61-1

    Guruge takes a rest as the UAE turn to spin for the first time - captain Mohammad Tauqir has an lbw shout against Joyce, but the umpire isn't interested - was there an inside edge on it? Snickometer seems to think so. Just a single from the over.

  116. Post update

    Alan Lewis

    Ex-Ireland batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "I saw Ed Joyce batting at the age of 11 and I knew after watching him for four deliveries that he was special. Ireland are beginning to gather a wee bit of momentum now."

  117. Ire 60-1 (target 279)

    Javed has just the minimum five men in the ring for Joyce, who looks "in the zone" as he hoists a four over the bowler's head, while Porterfield joins in the fun with a cover-driven four. He has 26 from 44 balls, Joyce has 30 from 37.

  118. Post update

    Alan Lewis

    Ex-Ireland batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "UAE have someone in the fourth slip position with third man literally behind him, but he has saved about five or six runs over the course of the last six overs.

    "It is an out shot for the batsman down there to third man, off a reasonably good ball."

    Listen to ball-by-ball TMS commentary by clicking on the 'Live Coverage' tab.

  119. Ire 50-1 (Porterfield 21*, Joyce 25*)

    And it's still Guruge at the Stanley Street End - Porterfield hoists him over mid-on, he doesn't quite time it but it's safely over the fielder and they run two. The fifty for Ireland is brought up rather unceremoniously with a legside wide. The UAE were 54-2 at this stage.

    William Porterfield
  120. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Pete Luxford: How about an ODI series between England, Scotland, Ireland and Holland?

  121. Ire 44-1 (target 279)

    Javed, who gave the UAE innings a shot in the arm with his 42 from 35 balls (which also served to push centurion Anwar up a gear or two), now has some work to do with the ball. Meanwhile, Porterfield and Joyce are using their experience to steadily build the platform their side needs if they are to chase down this target.