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  1. Post update

    And, with Stephan Shemilt's match report already available for you to read on the BBC Sport website, it's time for us to wave goodbye to the group stage as Ireland become the last of the six teams who have been eliminated at this point.

    I'm sure many - if not all - fans will hope this is not their final World Cup match. It may be the Ides of March today, but if we never see Ireland (and Afghanistan) on a World Cup stage again, it would truly be the most unkindest cut of all.

    Enjoy the rest of Mothering Sunday - and make sure you "bank" a couple of good nights of sleep as we'll be expecting you to join us bright and early on Wednesday morning at 03:00 GMT for the first quarter-final. Bye for now.

  2. Post update

    A reminder of that quarter-final line-up. You may want to check the batteries in your alarm clock.

    • Wed 18 March: South Africa v Sri Lanka, Sydney (03:30 GMT)
    • Thu 19 March: India v Bangladesh, Melbourne (03:30 GMT)
    • Fri 20 March: Australia v Pakistan, Adelaide (03:30 GMT)
    • Sat 21 March: New Zealand v West Indies, Wellington (01;00 GMT)
  3. Post update

    A little look at how Pool B finished, with Ireland missing out on net run-rate:

    Pool B table
  4. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "It will probably hit home to the England players that they get home and watch the quarter-finals that they still should be in this tournament. They should be there at the MCG playing India [instead of Bangladesh]."

  5. Text 81111

    Will: Listening to the debate about the next CWC. ICC, please don't cut the next tournament to just 10 teams. You can't have a World Cup without the founders of the game! How do you expect England to get into the top 10 ODI teams in the world?

  6. Captain's view

    Ireland captain William Porterfield on Test Match Special: "It is nice to get some runs but never nice to be on the losing side. We are disappointed not to have got more runs but they bowled well.

    "It is disappointing to go out on net run rate but the way we started is good and we continued well with the batters stepping up and getting runs. A lot of credit goes to the bowlers as well for toiling away.

    "We have shown - as have all the qualifiers - that we deserve to be here. We have to give credit to ourselves on the way we played and we have to keep improving."

    William Porterfield
  7. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    lyas Najib: All the big teams have made the quarter finals, who knows England may have to qualify for the next World Cup. People can call the last few overs farcical, but that hundred for Sarfraz will give the entire team and national a huge lift.

    Haris Hameed: Victory is sweet. Revenge is sweeter.

  8. Post update

    So, to compare the three teams which travelled from these isles and will now be on their way home:

    • Ireland - won 3, lost 3, net run rate -0.93, points 6
    • England - won 2, lost 4, NRR -0.75, points 4
    • Scotland - lost 6, NRR -2.22, points 0
  9. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Ireland are always competitive. You rarely watch an Ireland team play a top team and it is over at halfway. Of all the Associate nations over the last two World Cups, Ireland are the ones who stand out."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary by clicking on the audio icon.

  10. Post update

    We'll wait to bring you the captains - Sarfraz only briefly spoke in Urdu while collecting his man-of-the-match award.

    Sarfraz Ahmed
  11. How's stat?

    Andrew Samson

    BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "There have now been seven hundreds by wicketkeepers in this World Cup (Kumar Sangakkara 4, Brendan Taylor 2, Sarfraz Ahmed 1). There were a total of seven 100s by keepers in the previous 10 World Cups.

    "Sarfraz is the first World Cup 100 by a keeper for Pakistan. The previous best by a Pakistan keeper was 63 by Moin Khan v South Africa at Nottingham in 1999."

  12. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Zavair Baakza: Take a bow Ireland. It was a pleasure watching you. See you in England 2019.

  13. Post update

    Stephan Shemilt

    BBC Sport in Adelaide

    "The Ireland players have walked all the way across the outfield to say thank you to their fans. Incredibly classy. There's a couple of shirts being thrown into the crowd, the advertising boards being hurdled to share some hugs and handshakes. They can be proud of what they have achieved."

  14. Man of the match

    A strange end to a match where the result was largely inevitable after Pakistan got off to a decent start. Sarfraz Ahmed is named as man of the match.

    Sarfraz Ahmed
  15. Post update

    Ireland seamer Alex Cusack on Test Match Special: "It is very disappointing but we gave it all we had and just fell a bit short with the bat. Maybe 30 or 40 more runs might have made it interesting. We just couldn't make those early breakthroughs with the ball. We have more experience and hopefully we can continue to do well in the future. We've done as good as we can do. We just need to go on from here now."

  16. Quarter-finals

    So, here's that quarter-final line-up:

    • Wed 18 March: South Africa v Sri Lanka, Sydney
    • Thu 19 March: India v Bangladesh, Melbourne
    • Fri 20 March: Australia v Pakistan, Adelaide
    • Sat 21 March: New Zealand v West Indies, Wellington
  17. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Ian: Farcical last few overs. Questions will be asked about how long the batsmen managed to stretch it out. Misbah looked livid.

  18. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "A good performance form Pakistan apart from the last 20 minutes. They looked good with the ball in particular, but they also batted nicely. Sarfraz got up to the 90s beautifully. They will give Australia a game. They a funny side,. On their day they can give anyone a game."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary by clicking on the audio icon.

  19. Champagne moment


  20. Pak 241-3

    Off-spinner Paul Stirling to bowl, his first ball is a ropey half-tracker that Umar Akmal can't resist, and he whacks it away for four. Game over.

  21. Pak 237-3 (target 238)

    Everybody saving one. 28 balls left, one run needed. With Sarfraz already on 101, quite bizarrely, he plays out the rest of the over without attempting a run - even blocking a full toss. As FS Trueman would say, I just don't know what's going off out there. Maybe he wants Akmal to hit the winning run, by way of thanking him for holding fire?

  22. Sarfraz Ahmed 100

    Pak 237-3

    Finally it's there - Sarfraz Ahmed thrashes a four through mid-wicket for his maiden ODI ton from 120 balls, removing his helmet and going down on his knees. If anyone's still keeping count of the actual match, the scores are level.

    Sarfraz Ahmed
  23. Pak 233-3

    So, Sarfraz on strike - spinner George Dockrell to bowl, Ireland didn't have much choice as three of their five front-line bowlers are bowled out already. Sarfraz hits the ball to long-on, there's clearly a single there... but he doesn't take it!

  24. Post update

    Pakistan captain Misbah-ul-Haq is waving from the dug-out, seemingly anxious to get his batsmen to finish the job. Anyone know what "get on with it" is in Urdu?

  25. Pak 233-3 (target 238)

    With only five needed and Sarfraz on 97, Umar Akmal won't want anything more than a single - so William Porterfield brings the field up, posting two slips. Needless to say, there's no advantage Pakistan can gain by winning any quicker - they know they'll play Australia in the last eight. Akmal just blocks out the over. "We should refuse to commentate on the next ball. Just replay the last one," comments Michael Vaughan on TMS. There are even a few boos as he shoulders arms to the last ball of the over.

  26. Pak 233-3 (target 238)

    Seven to win. Four for a ton. John Mooney to bowl... and it's another legside wide. Sarfraz attempts a lofted drive... but there's a man out there and they only run one.

    Sarfraz Ahmed
  27. Pak 231-3 (target 238)

    Akmal delicately taps a single to get Sarfraz on strike, he late-cuts a single to third man to move to 96 with seven needed. Akmal defends the last ball - can Pakistan finish it next ball? Thompson has also finished his spell - 1-59 from 10.

  28. Post update

    Stephan Shemilt

    BBC Sport in Adelaide

    "Lovely from the Irish fans, who are having a brilliant time at the bottom of the Gavin Wanganeen Stand. 'Give us a Test match' is their song. Just imagine Ireland v England in Dublin. They'd have to treble Guinness production."

  29. Appeal - not out

    Pak 229-3

    Sarfraz applies a new rubber handle to his bat before Thompson begins his final over - he slog-sweeps a single to move to 95, then nearly runs himself out by calling for a second! So he's sent back and has lost the strike with 10 needed. Will Akmal play out the rest of the over? Ireland appeal for a catch down the leg side but umpire Marais Erasmus extends his arms to signal a wide. Nine needed.

  30. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "You look back to Ireland's innings and I'm sure at the end of the game they will think about that period from 30 overs onwards. They were in a position to push on to the late 200s. Pakistan bowled really well. Especially as it is a really good pitch to bat on."

  31. Pak 227-3 (target 238)

    Umar Akmal lifts Kevin O'Brien over mid-on for a first-bounce four, just 11 needed now. But for the rest of the over, Akmal stoutly defends, knowing his partner is six runs away from a maiden ODI ton. O'Brien finishes with 0-49 from 10.

    And in terms of Pakistan captains being out hit wicket (see Andrew Samson's note below), Inzamam-ul-Haq falling on his stumps against Monty Panesar is well worth a look on YouTube. (Other video-sharing websites are available).

  32. Post update

    Andrew Samson

    BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "The last Pakistan batsman to be out hit wicket in an ODI was… Misbah-ul-Haq, against Australia at Centurion in 2009. Only seven batsmen have been out hit wicket twice in ODIs. No player has been dismissed this way three times."

  33. Pak 223-3

    (15 needed from 48 balls)

    Captain William Porterfield claps his hands to encourage his fielders but he and Ireland will know the game is up here. Akmal knocks a single, Sarfraz on strike on 94 with 16 needed... make that 15 as Thompson sends down a wide. Sarfraz drives one straight back into the stumps at the bowler's end, but Akmal was safely in his ground - and the bowler didn't get a touch on it.

  34. Pak 221-3 (target 238)

    Akmal will punish anything loose - he pulls O'Brien for a four and a single through mid-wicket. Pakistan need 17 from 54 balls - and with Akmal having nicked the strike, Sarfraz will hope he doesn't blast those last 17 before he gets back on strike...

  35. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Gavin O'Brien: Looks like Ireland had the misfortune to be put in to the tougher group. Group A had cannon fodder like Scotland, England & Afghanistan!

  36. Pak 216-3

    Kevin O'Brien back for his ninth over, he's had one of the better economy rates for Ireland today, though that takes a tumble as Umar Akmal stands-and-delivers, clubbing a four back past the non-striker and not even bothering to run. That's him off the mark. A couple of singles mean Sarfraz is now within one hit of his century, though he's not cleared the ropes yet - and only hit five fours.

  37. Post update

    Johan Botha

    Ex-South Africa spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "I think run outs and fielding is going to be crucial in that quarter-final. If they can create pressure and run outs in the Pakistan top order that will be a crucial part of the game. It is going to be a cracking game."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary by clicking on the audio icon.

  38. Pak 210-3 (Sarfraz 93*, U Akmal 0*)

    Sri Lankan umpire Ruchira Palliyaguruge does well to leap into the air with both feet as Sarfraz pulls Thompson through square leg and they run two. The powerplay's over, but Pakistan only need 28 from the last 60 balls, with plenty of wickets in hand - to the disappointment of those of you who may have been hoping for a late Shahid Afridi cameo.

  39. Pak 208-3 (target 238)

    Umar Akmal is the new batsman, so both of Pakistan's wicketkeeping options are at the crease - although with Sarfraz in this good form (and he's undeniably the superior gloveman), Akmal can concentrate on his batting. Cusack has finished his spell - figures of 10-1-43-1.

  40. Post update

    Johan Botha

    Ex-South Africa spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "I think Misbah was just a bit casual there trying to run it down to third man. Cusack was wide in the crease and rolled his fingers around it. He has stood on the stumps. He is so far back in his crease his heel has just caught them and dislodged the bails."

    Misbah ul Haq
  41. WICKET

    Misbah hit wicket b Cusack 39 (Pak 208-3)

    Well, Misbah's not going to see it through - it initially looks like he's chopped the ball onto his off stump, before kicking at the turf in frustration. In fact, Johan Botha on TMS has spotted that it was the batsman's heel which touched the bottom of off stump and dislodged the bails - so he's out hit wicket.

    Misbah ul Haq
  42. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Zavair Baakza: The Irish passion for this game is evident and that alone warrants their return in the next world cup. From a Pak supporter.

    Mark: I think Boyd Rankin having not been used by @ECB_cricket since 2014 would be mad not to requalify for @Irelandcricket.

  43. Pak 207-2 (target 238)

    Sarfraz, who hails from Karachi and had never made more than 65 in his 37 previous ODIs (despite hitting three Test centuries in 13 games), moves ever closer to three figures as he guides the recalled Thompson for two through mid-wicket. Misbah, who's not had the strike for a couple of overs, unleashes a powerful square cut for four which has the bowler pulling his shirt up to hide his face. A single mean the skipper has 39, Sarfraz has 91, Pakistan need 31 more, and this game is racing towards an inescapable conclusion.

  44. Post update

    Johan Botha

    Ex-South Africa spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Pakistan just had a little hiccup around the 120 mark but these two have steadied the ship and now Sarfraz is stepping it up. He is such a good player - so explosive at the top of the order."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary by clicking on the audio icon.

  45. Pak 198-2 (Sarfraz 88*, Misbah 34*)

    Many of the Pakistan fans are literally dancing in the aisles already, but the Irish are putting on a brave face. Cusack replaces Mooney but it's still steady progress as Sarfraz threads a four through point which evades the diving Thompson's attempt to flick it back before it cannons into the rope. Next ball, same shot, same area, and same result - the only difference being it's Mooney putting in the despairing dive. Pakistan need 40 more, and Sarfraz is 12 away from a maiden ODI ton.

  46. Post update

    Tim Nielsen

    Former Australia coach on BBC Test Match Special

    "It was a waist-high full toss. Not an easy ball to hit for six because you're not expecting it but Misbah has been batting well and latched on to it quickly and cleared the rope on the full over the longest boundary in the ground."

  47. Powerplay

    Pak 187-2

    Pakistan have left it as late as they're allowed, but the umpire signals the batting powerplay which means a maximum of three men outside the fielding circle for overs 36-40. But despite six men in the ring, Misbah and Sarfraz help themselves to singles against Kevin O'Brien, who tries a bouncer but Misbah veers away and it's signalled as an aerial wide. And the last ball is a waist-high full toss which Misbah swats over square leg for a flat six. Pakistan need 51 from 84 balls to make the quarter-finals at Ireland's expense.

    Misbah ul Haq
  48. Pak 178-2 (target 238)

    With 60 needed from 26 overs, Ireland need to crank up the voltage here - and in John Mooney, an electrician by trade before he became a full-time cricketer, they have a man giving it everything for his beloved boys in green. And he keeps Sarfraz tied down for six dot balls - a maiden over for the headband-sporting Mooney. But the required rate is still a modest four runs an over.

  49. Post update

    Tim Nielsen

    Former Australia coach on BBC Test Match Special

    "Pakistan are still cruising along at 5.20. It is a game that has been dominated by the performance of Pakistan. They have bowled and caught well and now they are batting well. Ireland need to keep going and ensure they take some pride from what is looking like being their last game in this World Cup."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary by clicking on the audio icon.

    John Mooney
  50. Top Rankin?

    So Tim Nielsen thinks Ireland are lacking a quick bowler. I wonder what Boyd Rankin feels, with his former team-mates coming close to a quarter-final place? I think I'm right in saying that the "requalification" period for someone switching from an ICC full member to an Associate side has been reduced to two years (having previously been four years for the likes of Ed Joyce). Rankin hasn't featured for England since January 2014 so - theoretically - could be back in an Ireland shirt by this time next year? What would you Ireland fans think of this?

  51. Drinks break

    Pak 178-2

    Captain William Porterfield rotates his bowlers - it's Cusack off, Kevin O'Brien on for another medium-pace trundle. Sarfraz pulls a single to bring up the fifty stand from only 55 balls, Misbah tickles one to third man. Time for drinks.

  52. Post update

    Tim Nielsen

    Former Australia coach on BBC Test Match Special

    "They have fielded well Ireland. From the outset they were buzzing around and trying to create pressure on Pakistan. But the one thing they lack is a fast bowler. If they had a man like that, who can impact early in the innings they would be a very good unit."

  53. Pak 175-2 (target 238)

    John Mooney, who will contend with Afghanistan's Hamid Hassan for the "Best World Cup Headband" award, returns as the Irish search for a wicket, but with keeper Gary Wilson standing up to the stumps, he has no way of reaching a ropey legside wide from which they scamper an additional three runs. Misbah reaches for a full, wide delivery which he pokes through point for four to reduce the deficit to 63 from 17 overs (or if you prefer, 102 balls).

  54. Post update

    John Kenny

    BBC Test Match Special

    "It's not fair from Ireland's point of view to have to go Bangladesh to qualify for the next World Cup, when the tournament is in England."

  55. Pak 167-2 (Sarfraz 74*, Misbah 22*)

    Ireland have Niall O'Brien off the field, with Andy McBrine on for some sub-fielding duties - although a few fans would have liked to see him in the starting line-ups. With both sides in bright lime green (perfect for floodlit games), it's Pakistan who are shining brightly here. With the required rate down to under four, a quartet of singles will do very nicely.

    Sarfraz Ahmed
  56. Post update

    Tim Nielsen

    Former Australia coach on BBC Test Match Special

    "The Irish support is continuing the tradition of enjoying the contest and the environment regardless of whether they are winning or not. But this game is getting away from them now."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary by clicking on the audio icon.

  57. Pak 163-2 (target 238)

    Misbah gets down on one knee and lofts Dockrell for six over long-on where it thuds into the advertising hoardings, while the skipper shows his versatility by reverse-sweeping the next ball for a single.

    Having got those two wickets close together, Ireland need another breakthrough sooner rather than later - Pakistan need 75 from 19 overs, or Ireland are on their way home.

  58. Ouch!

    Pak 154-2

    Alex Cusack returns in place of Thompson, and tests Misbah straight away with a lifter which hits him on the chest. But Pakistan find easy pickings against the Brisbane-born seamer, this stand is already worth 28.

    Meanwhile, Aggers on TMS thinks the Adelaide stadium DJ may be giving a homage to the old BBC Radio show "Family Favourites", playing favourite songs requested by the crowd. A nice touch for Mothering Sunday, perhaps? Is it celebrated on the same date in Australia (given that the US version isn't until May)?

  59. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Ihtisham Hussain: Tuk tuk tuk tuk tuk tuk tuk bang tuk tuk. Typical Misbah-ul-Haq innings for Pakistan.

  60. Pak 148-2 (Sarfraz 68*, Misbah 10*)

    Sarfraz drills Dockrell for a single - the field comes up for Misbah, with seven in the circle, but the veteran skipper languidly lofts a four over mid-off.

    And news of a rare English victory down under: Andrew Flintoff has won the Australian version of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. Which, as an Aussie show, is naturally filmed in... South Africa.

  61. Pak 140-2 (target 238)

    Once more, Sarfraz knocks a three through mid-off - if you know the Adelaide Oval, you'll remember it has some pretty long straight boundaries. Thompson has fellow beard-wearer Paul Stirling in at slip for Misbah who, characteristically, plays himself in at his own pace. As well he might - with only 98 more needed from 132 balls.

    Safraz Ahmed
  62. Pak 137-2 (Sarfraz 64*, Misbah 3*)

    George Dockrell, who struck a mighty six late in Ireland's innings, is into his third over of left-arm spin. Perhaps in response to that run-out, Pakistan are suddenly hesitant about taking quick singles - just two runs from the over.

  63. Text 81111

    Shak in High Wycombe: I am disappointed at the crowds in Australia and New Zealand. Apart from host games, stadium not been filled out. I know I am biased as I live in England but games here always sold out - even associate games. Which makes it even more of a shocker as no associate teams for 2019 in England. I think that will change.

  64. Pak 135-2 (target 238)

    Thanks, Phil. Well, well, well - "one brings two" and Ireland have an opening. But if ever there was a man to steer Pakistan through a rocky patch, it's captain Misbah-ul-Haq. Seamer Stuart Thompson on in place of Paul Stirling - a slightly surprising move, I wondered if it was a good time to rattle through a few overs of spin from both ends while Pakistan rebuild. Sarfraz helps himself to a two, and moves to 63 by tapping a well-run three wide of mid-off. Misbah, who turns 41 in a couple of months' time, is off the mark with a couple of sedate singles.

  65. Scorecard update

    Pakistan 127-2 (25 overs)

    Batsmen: Sarfraz 57*, Misbah 0*

    Fall of wickets: 120-1 (Shehzad 63), 126-2 (Haris Sohail 3)

    Bowling figures: Cusack 6-1-21-0, Mooney 6-0-30-0, Thompson 4-0-31-1, Dockrell 2-0-20-0, K O'Brien 6-0-22-0, Stirling 1-0-1-0

    Ireland 237 all out (50 overs): Porterfield 107; Wahab 3-57


  66. Pak 127-2

    The skipper is in for Pakistan, hoping to see his team home. Misbah-ul-Haq calmly pats back his first two balls. Time to dig in. I now hand you over to Mr Mark Mitchener, who will see this game through to its conclusion.

  67. WICKET

    Sohail run out 3 (Pak 126-1)

    Panic from Pakistan and Sohail in particular, who charges down the wicket after Sarfraz flicks one to leg and is immediately sent back but is well beaten to the non-striker's end by the fielder's throw. That makes things a bit more interesting.

    Ireland celebrate
  68. Pak 124-1

    Ireland give new man Sohail some spin to consider as Paul Stirling comes into the attack. He floats five balls down to Sohail - after Sarfraz had claimed a run from the first ball - all of which are patted back by the number three.

  69. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Porphyro: Very professional performance so far from Pakistan.

    Pakistan fan
  70. Pak 123-1 (Target 238)

    Haris Sohail is the new man. He starts with a flick to mid-wicket to pick up two runs. Pakistan are still firmly in control of this. A couple of quick wickets would challenge that, but it is a big ask.

  71. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "He'd hit one over mid-on already in this over. Decent delivery from Thompson, hard into the pitch, and Shehzad's shot was almost like baseball, he fancied hitting it into the crowd. He'll be walking off thinking, 'That's three figures wasted.'"

    Ahmed Shehzad
  72. WICKET

    Shehzad c Joyce b Thompson 63 (Pak 120-1)

    Ireland finally make a breakthrough as Thompson digs one in short and Shehzad miscues a swing high into the air for Ed Joyce to come in from mid-wicket and catch. It is something for Ireland to cling to but it has probably come 10 overs and 50 runs too late.


    Ed Joyce
  73. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Pakistan are showing that it's a beautiful pitch. The problem with Ireland is that they haven't got much variation in their bowling, there's nothing that can really ruffle the batsmen on a pitch like this."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary by clicking on the audio icon.

  74. Pak 116-0 (Shehzad 59, Sarfraz 53)

    O'Brien clearly thinks he can get some joy by digging it in short. He doesn't get any this over, which goes for just one run courtesy of a pull from Shehzad to mid-wicket.

  75. Post update

    Stephan Shemilt

    BBC Sport in Adelaide

    "Down below the TMS box, at the bottom of the Fos Williams Stand, the Pakistan supporters are partying like this game is already won. Whistles whistle, fans chant, flags flag. For Ireland, it might be a game too far."

  76. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Anas Jawaid: Feeling terrible for the Irish players/fans given how much this game meant to them, especially with the new 2019 WC format.

  77. Pak 115-0

    Sarfraz claims another three runs with a lofted cut to backward point off Thompson and Shehzad adds another by flicking the ball to leg off the last. The Pakistan flags are waving and the Irish fans are very quiet. There are a few leprechauns in the stands who look like their pot of gold has been pilfered.

  78. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    BBC Radio Test Match Special

    On Twitter: "The man from Del Monte? No it's the man who took the catch that won the 1992 final, Ramiz Raja."

    Ramiz Raja
  79. 50 for Sarfraz

    Pak 111-0

    Ireland's early innings intensity in the field has completely evaporated. Mooney underlines this by ambling round on the deep cover boundary, slipping and staggering and allowing a cut from Shehzad to trickle past him to the rope. Sarfraz claims the single he needs to take him to 50 from the last ball.

    Sarfraz Ahmed
  80. Post update

    John Kenny

    BBC Test Match Special

    "Ireland are shrugging their shoulders, their heads are down, maybe they think they're already defeated."

  81. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Njirih Magu: If the World Cup had head to head, Ireland would have qualified despite losing today. They beat West Indies the other day.

  82. Pak 105-0

    This is as east as it gets now for Pakistan. They are in cruise control, with their shades on and one arm on the door frame. They take six runs from Thompson's over without breaking sweat.

    Sarfraz Ahmed
  83. Post update

    John Kenny

    BBC Test Match Special

    "Andy McBrine has bowled quite well in this tournament, and Peter Chase impressed in some of the warm-up games, but Phil Simmons has decided to go with Stuart Thompson in the last two matches. His first over against India went for 18 and his first over today went for 13. It just seems a complete waste of time."

  84. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Anthony Davison: COME ON, THE RAIN! I mean, Ireland! #LuckOfTheIrish #StPatricksDay

  85. Pak 99-0 (Target 238)

    O'Brien continues and gets another one to lift, drawing a prod from Sarfraz that prompts some half-hearted encouragement from Wilson behind the stumps. Ireland have had little else to clap so far. Pakistan add three easy runs to their total.

  86. Post update

    Andrew Samson

    BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "Even if Pakistan had scored 238 off one ball they would still have been behind South Africa on net run rate."

    So we can confirm that South Africa v Sri Lanka will be the first quarter-final in Sydney on Wednesday.

  87. 50 for Shehzad

    Pak 96-0

    Shehzad works a Cusack ball to leg for a single that brings up his half-century - possibly the easiest of the 12 he has in ODIs. He brings it up off 52 balls. Sarfraz is not far behind. Two singles in the over take him to 42.

    Ahmed Shehzad
  88. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    BIGALI_X: Brilliant start by the Pakistan openers with Sarfraz having a good start with a super partnership.

    Ilyas Najib: A very un-Pakistani-like chase, no tension, no drama and no nerves, my word their a changed unit.

  89. Dropped catch

    Pak 93-0 (Target 238)

    Oh, there's a chance for Ireland. Sarfraz goes back to an O'Brien ball and nicks it but Wilson, who is stood up, watches in horror as the ball hits his gloves and drops to the turf. O'Brien looks utterly crestfallen.

  90. Pak 89-0 (Shehzad 48, Sarfraz 37)

    Cusack is back but poses few problems for the Pakistan pair with a wide line that enables them to claim five singles with essentially the same flick shot down to third man.

  91. Post update

    Johan Botha

    Ex-South Africa spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Ireland have somehow got to get Pakistan into some sort of trouble, but Sarfraz and Shehzad are still playing well within themselves and not taking any risks."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary by clicking on the audio icon.

  92. Pak 84-0

    Pakistan's openers are firmly in control of this situation. Sarfraz picks up three runs with a shot through mid-wicket and Shehzad follows suit with a similar flick to leg for another three. These two are making the Ireland attack look tamer than a bubble-wrapped kitten.

    Sarfraz and Shehzad
  93. Pak 78-0 (Target 238)

    An Ireland ploy almost brings them a wicket as Kevin O'Brien, who is stood at short mid-on, almost takes a catch from a Shehzad on-drive, with the ball grounding inches in front of him. Credit to Porterfield for trying something creative. The Pakistan batsman responds next ball with a couple of cover drives for three and two respectively.

  94. Post update

    Jonathan Agnew

    BBC Test Match Special

    "Ireland need some wickets here. Pakistan are romping at the moment. The Pakistani supporters are waving their flags with quite a lot of confidence."

    Sarfraz Ahmed
  95. Pak 72-0

    Big Kev O'Brien is into the attack and bowls an economical but uneventful over, which goes for just two runs. There is no pressure on Pakistan here. How Ireland could do with a wicket to get a foothold.

  96. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Mohammad AyyazKhaliq: Not sure which team I want Pakistan to play against in the quarter-finals, Australia or NZ, either way Pakistan have to be at their very best!

    The winner of this game will finish third and play Australia. If the match is tied and both teams qualify, Pakistan will be third and play Australia, while Ireland will be fourth and play New Zealand.

  97. Pak 70-0 (Target 238)

    John Mooney

    Sarfraz gets a slice of luck with an edge from a full Mooney delivery that flies between Wilson and a man at first slip for two runs. Sarfraz compounds the Irish woe by then punching down the ground for three more runs.

  98. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Shakeel Rabani: Where's the luck of the Irish when they need it? Pakistan looking good for qualification now.

  99. Pak 65-0 (Sarfraz 25, Shehzad 36)

    Porterfield turns to his spin option in the shape of Dockrell but it does not go according to plan as Sarfraz turns down the chance of a sighter by sweeping for four first ball before then pulling a long hop for another boundary, cutting a wide one for another and then using his wrists to flick one through mid-wicket for a third. This will get away from Ireland very quickly if they are not careful.

  100. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Jon Rhodes: Whatever happens here, the Irish can be proud - unlike other teams I could mention. Did I tell you my grandma's half Irish?!

  101. Post update

    Ramiz Raja

    Ex-Pakistan captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "It's now looking a lot easier for this pair. The ball is old and they're making the most of no lateral movement. Ireland's only way out of this is to bowl with great discipline."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary by clicking on the audio icon.

  102. Pak 48-0 (Target 238)

    Mooney replaces Cusack and gets one to rise on Shehzad, who miscues it down to third man, where Balbirnie comes round to slide and keep the damage to two runs. It is one of three two-run shots Shehzad plunders from the over as Pakistan continue to progress with ease.

    Ahmed Shehzad
  103. Post update

    Ramiz Raja

    Ex-Pakistan captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Pakistan have been circumspect but Ahmed Shehzad has opened up in the last two or three overs and is looking good now. I think it's important for Pakistan to go out there thinking they can be aggressive."

    Matt Clinch and Ramiz Raja
  104. Pak 42-0 (Shehzad 22, Sarfraz 17)

    Stuart Thompson replaces Mooney but his second ball may as well be on a silver platter with an apple in its mouth; short, wide and appropriately hammered to the off-side boundary by Shehzad. Thompson's second course comes later in the over with another wide ball to Sarfraz which the batsman drives to the rope. Ireland simply cannot afford to be so generous. Pakistan have raced to 42.

  105. Pak 28-0

    Ireland's total means they have absolutely no room for error. Cusack bowls five spot on deliveries to keep the Pakistan batsmen in check but goes just a fraction full with his last ball, which is punched down the ground by Shehzad for four.

  106. Post update

    Tim Nielsen

    Former Australia coach on BBC Test Match Special

    "Pakistan haven't really turned it on as a batting unit in this tournament. Ireland just need to keep chipping away, because Pakistan can get emotional and implode."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary by clicking on the audio icon.

  107. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Ilyas Najib: A tentative start by the Pakistani batsman, good pressure being asserted by the Irish bowlers.

  108. Pak 22-0 (Shehzad 10, Sarfraz 9)

    Mooney gets one to nip back in and beat the drive of Sarfraz. It also surprises Wilson, who allows the ball to elude him for a bye. It is the first false stroke from the Pakistan and will give a glimmer of hope to the Ireland attack. Sarfraz ends the over with a push down the ground for two runs. Slow and steady wins the race - which, to be honest, could apply to either the Ireland bowling or the Pakistan batting at the moment.

    John Mooney
  109. Post update

    Tim Nielsen

    Former Australia coach on BBC Test Match Special

    "A nice start from Ireland, they've bowled a good length and the fielding's been good - it's fielding which will help them defend a target like this, as they're probably about 30 runs short. If you can make it feel as though it's 11 against two in the middle, it can make a real difference, especially if you can take wickets in clumps. But Pakistan will think if they bat 50 overs, they'll win."

  110. Pak 17-0

    After seeing off the first few overs, Pakistan's openers are starting to open up a bit now. A single apiece if followed by a strong push through cover for three runs by Shehzad. He and Sarfraz look unruffled.

  111. Post update

    Andrew Samson

    BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "Ireland have won 19 and lost 25 of the 50 ODIs that they have batted first in (tied 2, no result 4), a win/loss ratio of 0.76. They have won 25 and lost 18 of the 45 times they have batted second (T 1, NR 1), a win/loss ratio of 1.38.

    "On the other hand, in this World Cup in matches in Australia the team batting first has won 14 and lost five. Only one of the five losses by a team batting first has been a Test team (WI v Ind)."

  112. Pak 12-0 (target 238)

    Ireland's fielding is crisp as Wilson claims a wide ball down leg from Moody and whips off the bails (Sarfraz was in his ground) before mid-on scampers round to collect and through the down the stumps at the non-striker's end (Shehzad was in his ground). Moody's final ball is cracked through cover for the first boundary of the innings by Shehzad. It was lose, wide, ugly and got what it deserved.

  113. Post update

    Tim Nielsen

    Former Australia coach on BBC Test Match Special

    "We had 52,000 people here for one of the Adelaide Strikers' Big Bash matches. I'm not sure what the capacity is for the World Cup but I'd think we'll have a crowd in the high 40,000s for Australia's quarter-final."

  114. Pak 6-0 (Sarfraz 4, Shehzad 1)

    Sarfraz is back in his crease for Cusack, with Wilson stood up at the stumps. He pokes into leg fro another single before Shehzad finally gets off the mark from his 12th ball faced with a push to mid-off. Ireland have started well. Not that there is a lot of pressure on Pakistan to make a flying start. They will be fine with a low early run rate as long as they don't lose wickets.

  115. Post update

    John Kenny

    BBC Test Match Special

    "A lot of Ireland fans are wearing green headbands in support of John Mooney, who was the subject of a rather scurrilous article in a Zimbabwean newspaper highlighting the problems he's had with depression."

  116. Pak 3-0

    John Mooney, sporting his usual lime headband and sweatband combo (no danger of any sweat on this man), charges in to Sarfraz, who punches a ball to mid-wicket to collect the first runs of the innings - three of them. Sarfraz must be batting about a metre outside his crease. It served him well there, though. His is the only scoring shot of the over.

  117. Pak 0-0 (target 238)

    Cusack starts really well. Its neat and tidy, has no runs off it and includes a good one-handed stop off his own bowling to deny Shehzad what would have been a certain driven four. Fine work sir.

  118. Post update

    The players are back out on the pitch. Alex Cusack has the ball in his hand and Ahmed Shehzad is waiting to face his first over. Sarfraz Ahmed at the non-striker's end for Pakistan. The last innings of the Pool matches of this World Cup. 10. 9. 8... Nah, I'll leave that to the big screen in Adelaide.

  119. On New Zealand v West Indies quarter-final

    Tim Nielsen

    Former Australia coach on BBC Test Match Special

    "Wellington won't be the biggest ground so Chris Gayle has a chance of doing something special for West Indies. They'd have to bat first and get a big score to threaten New Zealand."

    Chris Gayle
  120. On Australia v Pakistan/Ireland quarter-final

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "I can't see beyond Australia. Pakistan have a decent attack with pace and a bit of mystery, but I look at that game where Australia only got 158 and still nearly beat New Zealand. They won't bat that badly again, and Mitchell Starc's on fire."

  121. Post update

    Morning all. James has gone off for a well-deserved rest. I'm Phil Dawkes and I'll see you through the start of the Pakistan reply. 238 is the target. You'd expect Misbah-ul-Haq's side to chase that down, but Ireland have already pulled out more than one surprise this tournament. Can they do it again?

  122. On India v Bangladesh quarter-final

    Tim Nielsen

    Former Australia coach on BBC Test Match Special

    "I can't see any way for Bangladesh to win, because of the way India have been playing. Australia almost had to generate a bat for Michael Clarke yesterday, but we saw how all the Indian batsmen are going along nicely. They've probably got too much for Bangladesh."

  123. On South Africa v Sri Lanka quarter-final

    Johan Botha

    Ex-South Africa spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "The worry for Sri Lanka is in the seam bowling department. But if the ball does hold up, they can get Herath and Dilshan into the game bowling spin. South Africa have really protected Quinton de Kock at the top of the order, they're really a batsman short. There's definitely a gap at seven, and I think they'll keep going with four bowlers and then the likes of JP Duminy filling in."

  124. On South Africa v Sri Lanka quarter-final

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Winning the toss and getting runs on the board will be important for South Africa as we've seen the way they chase. They've never won a knockout match in a World Cup. You'd think with players like Hashim Amla and AB de Villiers, they should be cool as cucumbers."

    Listen to the TMS debate by clicking on the audio icon.

    Hashim Amla and AB de Villiers
  125. Has T20 cricket influenced this World Cup?

    Tim Nielsen

    Former Australia coach on BBC Test Match Special

    "The biggest area for me has been chasing. Guys feel if they're chasing 10 an over in the last 10 overs, they're still in the game. Ten years ago, once it was over seven an over needed, you packed your bags and went home. At the 2007 World Cup when I was assistant coach of Australia, when we were defending a target, we knew if the differential between runs needed and balls remaining was over 20 - such as needing 50 off 30 - we rarely lost. Now teams can score 50 in three overs."

  126. Experts on the quarter-finals

    Tim Nielsen

    Former Australia coach on BBC Test Match Special

    "Having only four men out of the circle means there's always one spot teams can target. The teams who have been aggressive throughout the innings and backed themselves have been scoring 400s. The six-hitting has been like baseball, with more bat speed and players swinging as fast as they can. The next few days should be exciting."

  127. Experts on the quarter-finals

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "It's an era to be a batsman. Bowlers of a decent standard are travelling - if you're not in that top bracket, you will see teams score 350-400. But with the quality attacks left in the tournament, I don't think we'll see 350s in the quarter-finals."

    Listen to the TMS debate by clicking on the audio icon.

  128. Experts on the quarter-finals

    Johan Botha

    Ex-South Africa spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "New Zealand and Australia in particular have gone out hard early in their innings. South Africa have set it up for AB de Villiers to finish. Bowling-wise, New Zealand have bowled well in their own country, Australia have an aggressive line-up, and India have been pretty good so far too."

  129. Experts on the quarter-finals

    On Test Match Special now, BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew, former England captain Michael Vaughan, ex-Australia coach Tim Nielsen and former South Africa spinner Johan Botha are previewing the quarter-finals.

    Listen to the TMS debate by clicking on the audio icon.

    Johan Botha, Tim Nielsen and Michael Vaughan
  130. In case you missed it...

    Earlier in the day, West Indies all but secured their place in the quarter-finals with a six-wicket win over UAE. The UAE recovered well from 26-5 to post 175, but the West Indies were never troubled in pursuit, with Johnson Charles and Jonathan Carter striking fifties as the Windies reached the target with almost 20 overs to spare.

    That result means West Indies are through to the quarter-finals, unless this match finishes in a tie or a no-result. That unlikely scenario aside, West Indies will face New Zealand, and the loser of this match will be eliminated.

    Johnson Charles
  131. Leading from the front

    William Porterfield
  132. End-of-innings scorecard

    Ireland 237 all out (50 overs): Porterfield 107; Wahab 3-57

    Fall of wickets: 11-1 (Stirling 3), 56-2 (Joyce 11), 86-3 (N O'Brien 12), 134-4 (Balbirnie 18), 182-5 (Porterfield 107), 189-6 (Wilson 29), 204-7 (Thompson 12), 216-8 (K O'Brien 8), 230-9 (Mooney 13), 237 all out (Dockrell 11)

    Bowling figures: Sohail 10-0-44-2, Adil 7-0-31-1, Rahat 10-0-48-2, Wahab 10-0-54-3, Afridi 10-0-38-0, Haris 3-0-20-1

    Ireland won toss


  133. Player reaction