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  1. Post update

    Aggers may be off to watch Curtly Ambrose's band in concert elsewhere in Antigua, but it's time for those of you following us in the UK to put on your pyjamas and get a good night's sleep ready for day five.

    The maths are simple: a minimum of 90 overs to be bowled. England need eight wickets, West Indies need 340 runs. If neither achieve their goals, it's a draw. Play resumes at 15:00 BST - we'll be here at 14:30 with TMS on air from 14:45.

    Sleep tight, and make sure you join us then.

  2. Time to stop play

    And special thanks to all of you who have been texting, tweeting and emailing in your bizarre reasons for play being stopped (inspired by Graeme Swann on TMS explaining how barbecue smoke once stopped play in an ODI in South Africa).

    We've had (deep breath) stuffed tigers, carrots, tornados, helicopters, planes, automobiles, fires, murders, calamari, Holy Communion, drunken mothers, shootings, Anneka Rice, cows, deer, the Red Arrows, drunken umpires, pedantic umpires, electric fences, naughty boys, dogs, insects, weddings, ducks, Sir Ian Botham, Guinness, Pop Idols, dads, AWOL soldiers, Bobby Charlton, burglars, RAF funerals, royalists, F-16s, wargames, serpents, donkeys, tennis, young offenders and Aberdeen FC stopping play. Thanks for sending us those - and the many others we didn't have time and space to use.

  3. Email

    Stephen, Cumbria: Andrew Samson has coined a new tongue-twister: "It's just Smith's sixth fifty". Try running that past the Barmy Army any time after tea.

  4. Review of the day

    Day four began with England on 116-2, leading by 220. England fans were able to enjoy Gary Ballance's fourth Test century, Joe Root's second fifty of the match and a battling unbeaten 59 from Jos Buttler before the declaration came before tea on 333-7, setting West Indies a world record run chase of 438.

    They lost Kraigg Brathwaite in the second over, but Devon Smith and Darren Bravo added 83 and were looking in great touch until part-time spinner Root made the breakthrough - with the aid of a stupendous catch from Chris Jordan.

  5. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Toufique Khan: Wish Test cricket were on terrestrial TV. Then I could watch the Jordan catch everyone is raving about.

    Max WHUFC Kellar: Chris Jordan could catch a cold in the desert!

  6. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "I'm not so sure England will win the game tomorrow. Jimmy Anderson's not really in the game, he's not carrying any real threat, even though he's trying like hell. He doesn't look like getting anybody out, which is a concern for me."

  7. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "I think the bowlers have to do it collectively tomorrow. You need to swap the bowlers around, try some funny field placings, not too many boundary fielders unless you're going to bowl for the hook. They'll need to make the West Indian batsmen play shots, because if they keep blocking, it's very difficult to prise them out."

  8. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    What about Chris Jordan's catch?

    "It was very good, I've seen a lot of good catches and this was excellent. I don't think it was the best ever, but quality catches win matches. Smith and Bravo played very sensibly, they gave West Indies a chance before the catch. I think England would have wanted three down by the close, but only Broad got that pace and bounce. England have a good-ish chance of winning, but I've seen people bat all day on pitches like this. Me included."

  9. Aberdeen FC stop play


    Colin Reid: The cricket pitches at the Links in Aberdeen were between Aberdeen FC's Pittodrie stadium and the Beach Esplanade where the away football fans' coaches used to be parked. At the end/start of the season when games coincided with a visit from well-supported teams like Rangers, the only thing to do was to stop, pull up the stumps and sit unobtrusively in a corner as a tide of people poured all over the pitch and wicket. Not many of them seemed to be cricket fans!

  10. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "Stokes played very sprightly when he came in, and Buttler's innings was very pleasing: he scores very easily, with a wonderful range of shots, timing and power. Broad produced a really lethal bouncer to get the wicket of Brathwaite, with a nice field placing that Cook should take credit for. Broad bowled with more fluency today, which is good for England."

    Listen to TMS via the audio icon (available in UK only).

  11. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Will Relf: I've always said England under-use Root's bowling!

  12. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "This was the best cricket day of the whole four. England started off in a slightly better position than West Indies, Root and Ballance played positively, Root looked busy all the time, comfortable, confident and competent. Ballance had an excellent performance, and it's out of the picture for Trott to bat at three in the Test matches."

  13. Review of the day

    Time for the Aggers and Boycott show - it'll be available later on the TMS podcast page, where you can already find the lunchtime chat with Chris Woakes, Andrew Flintoff and Sir Curtly Ambrose.

  14. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "I don't know how you judge the best catch of all time, but I do know that catch from Chris Jordan was right up there."

    Listen to TMS commentary via the audio icon (available in UK only).

    Chris Jordan catch
  15. Post update

    Aggers has called Jordan's catch as probably the best he's ever seen. Stand by, TMS listeners - he and Geoffrey Boycott will shortly be reviewing the day.

  16. Post update

    More from Gary Ballance, who scored his fourth century in nine Tests: "We've got a new ball just after lunch tomorrow so hopefully we can sneak a few out then and kick on after that."

  17. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Gary Ballance is a class player. I'm more comfortable watching him in Test whites. Since the minute that he arrived in Test match cricket, he's come out of the blocks like a trooper. He's coped with pressure really well, and I'd expect him now to have an absolute belter of a series."

  18. Post update

    England batsman Gary Ballance, who made 122: "It would have been nice to get one or two more, but overall we couldn't be happier.

    "It's been a tough winter, so it's nice to score a hundred in the first Test match back in quite a tough situation. It probably looked quite scratchy but I don't mind about that. To score runs when the team needs it is great."

  19. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Tim Carlisle: Re Adam in Leicester (20:56). 75% deserve criticism? Ballance, Buttler, Tredwell, Stokes, Jordan all new. Root has performed.

    Joe Root celebrates
  20. Champagne moment

    Innings of the day? Gary Ballance's century. Champagne moment? Unquestionably Chris Jordan's catch. Try to see it at full speed, rather than slow motion, if you can.

  21. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "I'm really impressed with the way the West Indies have batted. It's been a very good innings from Devon Smith. England tried everything, but the pitch is flat and the ball isn't swinging. I think spin will have a big part to play, and the seamers will have to keep plugging away, bowling cutters and bouncers. It will be an interesting last day, and the West Indies have a great chance."

    Listen to TMS commentary via the audio icon (available in UK only).

  22. Close of play

    WI 98-2

    Stuart Broad to finish the day. Two slips, fourth slip (too close to be called gully), short leg and a leg gully for Samuels, who looks happy to get off strike with a single. Smith has nothing to do with a couple of bouncers, pats the last ball of the day back with a textbook forward defensive and that, as they say, is that.

    On the final day, England will need eight wickets to win (West Indies needing 340 runs) from a minimum of 90 overs.

  23. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Tom: Brilliant spell of right-arm terror from Joe Root!

    David: Root and Rashid, that's the future of English spin. Not Tredwell and Ali.

  24. WI 97-2 (target 438)

    It looks like those on Anderson-watch may have to wait another day for The Record as Joe Root is going to finish up from the Roberts End. Cook crowds Smith with four close fielders, but the Grenada left-hander survives and Root takes his cap with figures of 4-3-4-1. Very acceptable. Last over coming up.

  25. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Elliott Bewley: I reckon Jordan has been taking lessons from Mr Miyagi, making catches like that. Flies with chopsticks, no problem.

    Matthew Rowell: I think Joe Root should have been at the election debate tonight. What can't he do?

    Chris Jordan catches
  26. WI 97-2 (two overs left tonight)

    Samuels pushes Broad for a single to get off the mark. A short leg comes in for Smith (Gary Ballance having donned the helmet) with square leg, fine leg and third man back, as well as Anderson three-quarters of the way back at mid-wicket for the miscue. Smith takes on the short ball... but keeps it down and runs a single to fine leg.

  27. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "If West Indies get through to the close only two down, they've got a great chance of getting out of this game. The way that England will take wickets is to leave gaps and encourage the drive."

  28. Post update

    Andrew Samson

    BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "Devon Smith's 58 is his highest score in 40 Test innings, since he made 88 against Australia in Brisbane in 2005."

    Listen to TMS commentary via the audio icon (available in UK only).

  29. WI 95-2 (Smith 58*, Samuels 0*)

    We nearly have a repeat of Jordan's astonishing catch as Smith edges Root between the keeper and slip for four, sadly for Jordan lightning does not strike twice and he can't quite get his hand across. Goldenarm Root is quickly through his over, and we're into overtime but won't need much more - only three more overs to be bowled.

  30. Post update

    Sir Viv Richards

    Ex-West Indies captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "I think this is still a great opportunity for the West Indies batsmen. There isn't any real devil in this wicket, it's all about your concentration level."

    Listen to TMS commentary via the audio icon (available in UK only).

  31. WI 91-2 (target 438)

    Alastair Cook takes his cap off, surely he's not going to bowl? Thankfully not - England turn back to Stuart Broad as with a foot in the door, they aim to kick it open. There's a very odd field for Smith (some would say funky) - no conventional slips, but a gully, and three catching men in a ring between silly mid-off and short/silly cover point, as well as a short mid-wicket. A more orthodox field is posted for the right-handed Samuels, who has to rear away from a hostile bouncer. Umpire Bowden, however, is mildly concerned about where Broad is following though on the pitch.

    Stuart Broad bowls
  32. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Richard Jude: That is a stonking catch by Chris Jordan! One where you let out an involuntary yelp of delight.

    Amir Chughtai: Arise Sir Chris Jordan.

    Ian Bradley: Another blinding catch by Jordan but little mention of how much Root got that delivery to turn, went miles.

  33. WI 90-2 (Root 2-2-0-1)

    Marlon Samuels is the new batsman as that 83-run stand comes to an end. Two maidens and one wicket from young Root.

    Joe Roots celebrates
  34. Post update

    Jonathan Agnew

    BBC Test Match Special

    "What an absolutely stunning catch. That was better than his first innings catch, that's an absolute screamer. He flung himself to his right, that's 10 out of 10, you won't see better than that. The slow-motion replay doesn't do justice to it, you need to see that at full speed."

  35. WICKET

    Bravo c Jordan b Root 32 (WI 90-2)

    What a catch! WHAT A CATCH! Bravo goes! A sensational one-handed slip catch from Chris Jordan as Bravo drives, Jordan leaps to his right from a wideish position at first slip and plucks a one-handed beauty out of the air. Absolutely sensational.

    Chris Jordan, take a big bow. (And Joe Root, the golden-haired, golden-armed partnership-breaker as I called him a few minutes ago, take a modest bow too).


    Joe Root celebrates
  36. Post update

    Jonathan Agnew

    BBC Test Match Special

    "He's battled away after losing his opening partner in the second over. He and Bravo have denied England for 31 overs. Of Smith can convert it into a hundred tomorrow, he'll have England sweating."

  37. 50 for Smith

    WI 90-1

    Smith, who's been stuck in the 40s longer than a BBC2 repeat run of Dad's Army, finally reaches his sixth Test fifty from 111 balls by forcing Tredwell for four through backward point. With only one Test hundred to his name in a 12-year international career, can he make sure he's still there tomorrow morning?

    Devon Smith plays of the offside
  38. Post update

    Sir Viv Richards

    Ex-West Indies captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "There are times when you can lure batters into a false sense of security, give them something that they feel like hitting. You don't always have to plan folks out."

    Listen to TMS commentary via the audio icon (available in UK only).

  39. WI 86-1 (target 438)

    Joe Root - England's golden-haired, golden-armed partnership-breaker? He may just be happy to get the bat-pad helmet off, but it's time for him to bowl some off-spin. No breakthrough yet as Bravo defends stoutly, but with Root and Tredwell on, it'll do wonders for the over-rate. Seven more due tonight.

  40. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    John Kershaw: Old fashioned gritty Test cricket this. Not an advert for the game but if you love cricket you'll appreciate the cat and mouse.

  41. WI 86-1 (Tredwell 10-6-10-0)

    Tredwell is quickly through his 10th over, Smith doesn't even offer a shot to a couple of deliveries outside off stump. Maiden.

  42. Post update

    Sir Viv Richards

    Ex-West Indies captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "This is a remarkable recovery. I'm hoping that's not the commentator's curse. When England made that declaration and got that early wicket, they would have been on a high, but these two have consolidated well and look up for the fight."

  43. WI 86-1 (Smith 49*, Bravo 32*)

    Smith, on 48, faces Stokes, who is getting advice from senior bowlers Anderson and Broad at mid-off and mid-on between deliveries. We think Jimmy might get one more spell before the close, for those of you still hanging on tenterhooks for The Record. Smith is in no hurry for his fifty, languidly tapping a single off his legs - his 49 has taken 100 balls.

  44. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Jimmy Dalton: West Indies could win from here... Especially as they still have the Crab to come...

  45. WI 85-1 (target 438)

    Bravo puts a dent in Tredwell's figures by smacking a four over the covers. If there are any wildly optimistic Windies fans out there, your side only needs 353 more.

    Darren Bravo plays an offside drive
  46. Young offenders stop play


    Ian in PA, USA: Once we were playing the local boys reform school game in Staffs. They batted, we were chasing the total down easily, when two boys 'did a runner'. The two umpires were staff, so they disappeared to give chase. Game over!

  47. WI 81-1 (11 overs left tonight)

    The floodlights are on, and with Tredwell bowling, shock horror - we shouldn't need all of the extra 30 minutes to bowl the 90 overs today. Unfortunately for England, the chances of them claiming another *extra* half-hour (on the grounds they had a realistic chance of finishing the game tonight) are receding very quickly. West Indies steer Stokes for a couple of singles, and Smith is two short of a deserved fifty.

  48. Post update

    Graeme Swann

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "That was better from Tredwell - I like that, bringing the man in front of the bat at short cover. Suddenly Bravo is aware of not giving a bat-pad catch. But Tredwell doesn't need the deep cover - it's a waste of a fielder."

    Listen to TMS commentary via the audio icon (available in UK only).

  49. WI 79-1 (Tredwell 8-5-6-0)

    Swanny's calls for more attack have been heeded as Joe Root moves from mid-wicket to silly point, but he's not happy there's a cover sweeper out. Another probing maiden over from Tredwell to Bravo - five of his eight overs have been maidens, he's certainly tying up an end. But England need wickets.

    James Tredwell bowls
  50. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Peter: Imagine the comments previous years' Tests would have drawn on this page. 1981 would have seen a world shortage of humble pie.

  51. WI 79-1 (target 438)

    Stuck on 77 for a little while, West Indies finally move on as Smith, on 46, keeps finding the fielders and eventually can only take a single to fine leg. Stokes doesn't seem to be bowling with quite the fire he found in the first innings. Bravo moves to 27 with a single.

  52. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Stuart Field: Time for Root or Trott to bowl a couple of overs, change it up a bit maybe?

    Jonathan Trott fielding
  53. WI 77-1 (Tredwell 7-4-6-0)

    Agony for England! Bravo goes to cut Tredwell and is a fraction away from chopping onto his stumps. Just when this match was starting to drift, the way it drifted around this time yesterday when England were batting, they have a glimmer. Graeme Swann on TMS is urging England to attack more.

  54. Fires stop play


    Trevor in Warminster: I was involved in 'retained' vs 'wholetime' 20-over beer match when serving in Wiltshire Fire Brigade when the match was stopped because most of the retained fielding side's alerters went off and they disappeared to respond to a fire call in Stratton St Margaret, near Swindon. We repaired to the bar and called the match an honourable draw.

    John Frankland: Once playing in Horwich when all of a sudden smoke started coming out of one of our batter's pads. As the last play had been given out he thought he'd thrown his cigarette away alas it had gone down his pad! 'Charlie you're on fire' was the cry.

  55. Scorecard update

    West Indies 77-1 (25 overs) - target 438

    Batsmen: Smith 46*, Bravo 26*

    Fall of wickets: 7-1 (Brathwaite 5)

    Bowling figures: Anderson 7-0-26-0, Broad 6-1-23-1, Tredwell 6-3-6-0, Jordan 4-1-16-0, Stokes 2-0-6-0

    England 399 & 333-7 dec: Ballance 122, Root 59, Buttler 59*

    West Indies 295

    Full scorecard

  56. WI 77-1 (Smith 46*, Bravo 26*)

    Stokes has two men out on the hook, will he try some short balls at Smith or double-bluff him? Smith whips a two along the ground to deep mid-wicket to move to 46 as Stokes raises his hands to his face in frustration.

  57. Tennis stops play


    Tom Metcalf: During the 2013 Wimbledon final our village match in south Oxfordshire ground to a halt as players and spectators alike gathered round a radio on the boundary to hear Andy Murray triumph over Novak Djokovic.

  58. Post update

    Ed Smith

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "England have got their work cut out to weedle out these nine wickets."

    Listen to TMS commentary via the audio icon (available in UK only).

  59. WI 75-1 (target 438)

    With the players refreshed, Tredwell has had a change of ends - and the off side is packed for the two left-handers, but although this is a fourth innings pitch, there aren't many footmarks opening up for him to bowl at, coming round the wicket to Bravo. Maiden.

  60. Donkey stops play


    Ian in Leeds: As a youngster, I was batting for Dunchurch Cricket Club under-15s against Oakfield at their ground at the Sheaf and Sickle pub in Long Lawford. They had a donkey which pulled the roller. It slipped its teather and made its way onto the nearby road. The match was stopped while all the players chased the donkey up the road to catch it. You can imagine the look on the faces of those in passing cars as a donkey pursued by 15 young lads dressed in cricket whites chased a donkey up the road.

  61. What's gone wrong with West Indies cricket?

    Once the greatest Test side in the world, West Indies' appetite for the longest form of the game has dipped alarmingly in recent years.

    In October 2014, the West Indies Cricket Board abandoned a tour of India after a dispute with players over pay, leaving the Board of Control for Cricket in India demanding $42m (£26.2m) in compensation.

    BBC Sport's Joe Wilson talks to legends of West Indies cricket Sir Viv Richards and Sir Curtly Ambrose to uncover what is behind the decline of the game in the Caribbean.

    Watch the video here.

  62. Drinks break

    WI 75-1 (17 overs left today)

    Captain Cook shuffles his bowlers - Tredwell gets the hook after two overs and Ben Stokes gets his first spell of the innings. Smith has a look at a couple, then unleashes another flashing cut shot for four.

  63. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Gareth Johnson: About time they stopped pussyfooting around and played the rest of the @Yorkshireccc team out there...

  64. WI 71-1 (target 438)

    Broad charges in from the Ambrose End, there's a catcher at short mid-off but Smith and Bravo manage to pick off three singles.

  65. Email

    Darren in Manchester: Is Darren Bravo the only current Test number three who uses an unmarked bat?

  66. WI 68-1

    Tredwell, an earnest toiler if ever there was one, will wheel away from one end here, changing his flight and angle of attack and whistling through a two-minute maiden over to Bravo.

  67. Post update

    Ed Smith

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "The way the first wicket fell - fended off the short leg - you wondered how up for this West Indies were. But they are making a fight of it."

    Listen to TMS commentary via the audio icon (available in UK only).

  68. WI 68-1 (Smith 37*, Bravo 26*)

    England coach Peter Moores is hunched over a laptop - if he looks at the data, he'll see that England could do with a couple of wickets before the close in the remaining 21 overs if they're to sleep a little more soundly tonight. The ball is nearly 20 overs old, but it's not offering England much movement - Smith unleashes a flamboyant cut shot down to third man for four.

  69. Planes and automobiles stop play


    John Macdonald: In the 1960s and 70s, RAF Gan was a staging post on a very small Island in the Maldives. The sports field was on the edge of the runway. So when an aircraft approached, air traffic sent a Land Rover to stop play. The rugby players had to dismantle the posts but the cricketers only had to draw stumps!

    Gordon Williams: I was playing for my school cricket team back in the seventies in the middle of Wolverhampton race coarse. A brand new Jaguar car came across the coarse onto the pitch and parked behind the wicketkeeper. Out pops my uncle saying, "What time you finishing, Gord? We can go for a spin.".

  70. WI 63-1 (target 438)

    Jordan is off after four unthreatening overs and James Tredwell returns, skipping in to bowl his off-spin round the wicket to the two left-handers. At the cost of one single.

    Chris Jordan appeals
  71. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "This is quite a dangerous period for Devon Smith. He's got to 30s or 40s often in is Test career, and at this point he often loses concentration and starts playing lots of big shots. He goes from third gear to sixth, which could create that opportunity that England are desperate for."

  72. Text 81111

    Adam in Leicester: The fact there are people texting in wondering how players cope with all this negativity is beyond comprehension. Have these people been living under a rock for 18 months? Or are they just master zen Buddhists? 75% of this current side deserve every single line of criticism they have received since the start of the last Ashes.

  73. WI 62-1 (Smith 33*, Bravo 24*)

    The Seaweed Man is still lurking ominously - West Indies might ask him to strap the pads on as nightwatchman - as Smith brings up the fifty partnership by pulling Broad through mid-wicket for four. For a man who averages under 25 in 36 previous Tests stretching back 12 years, he's been pretty sound in this innings. Meanwhile, umpire Bowden seems wise to England's plan of trying to get the ball to reverse, having a word with Broad for throwing it at the stumps via the pitch.

  74. How's stat?!

    Andrew Samson

    BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "If Stuart Broad gets a wicket in his first three overs, his overall bowling average is 19. If he doesn't get a wicket in his first three overs, his average is 35.5."

    Listen to TMS commentary via the audio icon (available in UK only).

  75. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Andrew Morris: Bold prediction: tomorrow we'll see history made. 1) Jimmy taking 2+ wickets 2) WI chasing down world-record 438 for a trifecta.

  76. WI 56-1 (target 438)

    Jordan to continue at the Roberts End, not much movement for the Sussex right-arm seamer, but Bravo is momentarily discomforted as he tries to force the ball towards mid-on and it squirms off an edge towards gully. He adds a couple of twos to his score - Jordan has 0-16 from four.

  77. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Stuart Broad will probably bowl a few cutters and then a real short, sharp bouncer. The lack of swing has been really surprising, because the new ball has swung consistently for the first 10 overs throughout this match."

  78. WI 52-1

    Those of you on Anderson-watch can stand down for a while - he takes a breather and Stuart Broad returns for only his third over, despite having taken a wicket in his first. He goes round the wicket to the two Windies left-handers, but Bravo brings up the fifty with a good-looking cover drive. Always one of the most aesthetically pleasing shots around.

    James Anderson looks anxious
  79. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    EJD Green: Now following online after pub customer asked for TV switch to Kiev-Fiorentina game.

    J: I've listened to hours of this test match and haven't heard a single West Indies wicket. I'm going to switch off nine times.

  80. Post update

    Tony Cozier

    BBC Test Match Special

    "One problem for West Indies has been the late order. Over the years, the last three wickets have practically been a hat-trick."

    Listen to TMS commentary via the audio icon (available in UK only).

  81. Scorecard update

    West Indies 47-1 (15 overs) - target 438

    Batsmen: Smith 27*, Bravo 15*

    Fall of wickets: 7-1 (Brathwaite 5)

    Bowling figures: Anderson 7-0-26-0, Broad 2-1-4-1, Tredwell 3-1-5-0, Jordan 3-0-12-0

    England 399 & 333-7 dec: Ballance 122, Root 59, Buttler 59*

    West Indies 295

    Full scorecard

    James Anderson bowls
  82. WI 47-1 (Smith 27*, Bravo 15*)

    The England fans on the grassy terraces of the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium are having a good time, though some of them will be dashing back to their hotel bathrooms this evening to break out the after sun lotion - they're turning decidedly pink.

    A tighter over from Jordan - a maiden, in fact. If you're just joining us, to save the game, West Indies have to bat another 25 overs tonight, then a minimum of 90 tomorrow.

    England fans
  83. Serpent stops play


    Tim Lacey in Dubai: I was watching a game in Colombo once. There had been a pitch invasion by rather a large snake and the players had become involved in helping the invader back to the safety of the undergrowth. After the slithery invader was seen off, play resumed and I watched exactly one over of cricket before the heavens opened and play was abandoned. As we stood getting soaked, someone commented that the snake must be having the last laugh!

  84. WI 47-1 (target 438)

    No Broad - Anderson to continue. But life's still a beach for Smith as he guides a four past the wider of the two gullies, and a seemingly gentle push through the covers brings him three. Anderson raises his eyes to the heavens as though he's a rookie looking for his first Test scalp, not a veteran with 382 victims to his name. Two short legs are summoned for Bravo, but Anderson foxes him with a full delivery which strikes his pad, there's an appeal - but it pitched outside leg.

    Cook talks with Anderson
  85. Wargames stop play


    Mark Walker: Many years ago my then team's pitch doubled up as a helicopter landing area. One afternoon imagine our consternation when we all trotted out in our whites ready to play, only to find a huge chinook helicopter there instead, doors open and with heavily-armed fierce-looking servicemen arrayed about. A particularly shady military unit had arranged an exercise but, in maintaining their secrecy and security as they have to do, they had obviously neglected to tell us. It's hard to bat, bowl and field with a helo before wicket!

  86. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "I can see what England are trying to do to Devon Smith: they are trying to bowl dead straight, because he struggles against the straight ball. But the ball isn't swinging conventionally."

  87. WI 40-1 (Smith 20*, Bravo 15*)

    Jordan hasn't looked too threatening so far, Smith turns him off his toes through mid-wicket for four and the Windies fans have noticeably cranked up the volume since tea - surely they can't be thinking of an improbable victory? The increasingly assured Smith - whose statistics don't seem to match his careful technique - is taking runs at will here, adding a two and a three. This stand is worth 33. Time for Broad?

  88. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "I think England need to have West Indies three down tonight. I'd be comfortable with only needing seven tomorrow. But if West Indies can keep wickets in hand this evening, it just gives them a glimmer of hope."

    Listen to TMS commentary via the audio icon (available in UK only).

  89. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Ian Dobson: Why, after eight Tests, three tons and three fifties, was Gary Ballance even under scrutiny in the Test arena? It's absolutely mental.

    Mix It N Fix It Man: Root has been the only player over last four days to get no criticism. How do players manage incessant negativity?

  90. WI 31-1 (Anderson 6-0-19-0)

    A frustrating spell for Anderson continues, and as Geoffrey suggests, England have to be ruthless here and keep probing for wickets - they have enough runs to play with. Bravo helps a two through square leg.

    Anderson looks frustrated
  91. Post update

    Tony Cozier

    BBC Test Match Special

    "The declaration has left West Indies with an almost impossible challenge to win the game. The only question is whether they can bat through."

  92. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "I'd be saying to Jimmy Anderson, 'I need a wicket or I'm going to bowl Broad.' You can't worry about him getting the record - he'll have to take his chances when he bowls."

    Listen to TMS commentary via the audio icon (available in UK only).

  93. WI 29-1

    In fact, Jordan comes on at Tredwell's end (or rather the Sir Andy Roberts End), Bravo shows the full face and knocks a three to long-off. The atmosphere is a little subdued compared to when Jordan and Buttler were crashing it around at the end of the England innings.

  94. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Mark Chapman: Windies four down at the close should see it done - although if the Crab is still in anything is possible!

    Steve Cook: Why don't batsmen looking to save a Test duck under everything over shoulder height?

  95. WI 26-1 (target 438)

    Smith clips Anderson for a two off his legs, prompting Cook to withdraw the short leg to square leg. Chris Jordan is having a loosen up at gully, a sign he may be asked to bowl soon. Anderson looks frustrated as he beats the bat once or twice.

    Anderson eyes his delivery
  96. Post update

    Andrew Samson

    BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "Only three specialist batsmen in Test history have had longer careers than Devon Smith averaging less than 25: Bangladesh's Mohammed Ashraful and Javed Omar, and England's Mike Brearley."

    Smith averages 24.54 from 37 matches.

  97. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "Sometimes batsmen start their Test careers badly but go on to be wonderful players. Graham Gooch got three noughts, Len Hutton got nought in his first innings."

    Ed Smith adds: "Sri Lanka's Marvan Attapatu began his career with five noughts in his first six innings."

  98. WI 24-1 (Smith 9*, Bravo 10*)

    Tredwell has a slip and two helmeted men at short leg and silly point, but Smith breaks the shackles as he drills a three to the long boundary at extra cover. 31 more overs for West Indies to bat today (with, if you're a really optimistic England fan, a potential extra half-hour to be claimed).

  99. Email

    Tom, NJ: The woodwork must be a crowded place right now with all of the "drop Ballance" commenters crawling back in...

  100. Post update

    Ed Smith

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "The England bowling unit is a terrific fielding quartet. Anderson is superb, Stokes is one of the best fielders in the side, Jordan is a excellent fielder, and Broad is a pretty good outfielder for a bowler."

    Listen to TMS commentary via the audio icon (available in UK only).

  101. WI 21-1 (target 438)

    Smith looks happy to get off strike with a single, while Bravo steers a two through the covers. A funked-up version of "Rally Round The West Indies" is played between overs, they certainly need to rally in this game.

  102. Email

    HH Rawlins: What's the deal with all these cross-armed bowlers? There are five bowlers in the current England side, all right-arm, but only one of them bats right-handed. Is this a modern phenomenon or has it always been like that and I just hadn't noticed?

  103. WI 18-1

    Big appeal for lbw against Smith, is that the record-equaller for Anderson? The umpire shakes his head, England opt against a review, it looked a little high...

    James Anderson stops ball
  104. WI 17-1 (33 overs left today)

    With off-spin supposedly Devon Smith's personal Kryptonite, it's James Tredwell to continue, and Smith guides a two.

  105. Post update

    Andrew Samson

    BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "Devon Smith averaged 5.8 in Test cricket against Graeme Swann, and against all off-spinners he averages 8.3."

    Listen to TMS commentary via the audio icon (available in UK only).

  106. Text 81111

    An Aussie in Wales: Is anything more fickle than an English cricket supporter?

  107. WI 15-1 (target 438)

    Anderson, one wicket short of equalling Sir Ian Botham's record let's not forget, finds the edge but fortune favours Bravo as he nicks it just wide of Chris Jordan at gully for four. Reprieved, he threads a two through extra cover.

  108. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "He's got the mind for it, and a better technique about playing the quicks. Apaart from Jerome Taylor, the quicks here won't trouble you. Australia will. Ballance does sit on the back foot and then come forward, so he's better than Trott who has got out twice on the walk. Get some money on, Jonathan - KP and Cook opening against Australia!"

  109. Post update

    Jonathan Agnew

    BBC Test Match Special

    "If they don't solve the problem, they'll have a real problem going into the Ashes. It's a personal view, but I don't see Jonathan Trott opening against Australia at Cardiff. So because of Cook's form, they could get Lyth in now."

    Listen to TMS commentary via the audio icon (available in UK only).

  110. Post update

    Thanks, James. That pre-tea Tredwell over has allowed James Anderson to have a change of ends, he will open proceedings again at the Sir Curtly Ambrose End.

  111. Post update

    Time for me to hand you back to Mark Mitchener, who will take you through to the close...

  112. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "They made the decision to keep Ballance at three and get Trott back into the team by making him open - it's backfired. So now, you either carry on with Trott, and Lyth doesn't have a go, or you have to find an opener. Trott's not an opener. I've solved the problem - the openers against New Zealand will be Adam Lyth and KP!"

  113. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Howard Horner: I criticised Broad earlier this Test match. I would just like to apologise! He looks back near to his best.

  114. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "The great players and teams in any sport have a confidence and arrogance about them. You've got to move around as if they want to win the game. You should easily get 15 overs in per hour. Show you mean business - and that has to come from the captain and the coach."

    Listen to TMS commentary via the audio icon (available in UK only).

  115. F-16 stops play


    EL in Sunderland: Back in the mid 90s, I was batting for Whitburn CC against Eppleton CC in a Durham Senior League fixture at Whitburn, which is on the coast between Sunderland and South Shields. I was at the non-striker's end when I noticed a small dot in the distance above the trees. It rapidly became a larger dot which even more rapidly turned into a Dutch Air Force F-16 which thundered over the ground at treetop height on its way to the annual Sunderland airshow. Players and spectators ducked and scattered everywhere and it took a fair few minutes before play could resume. The best part was the look on the opposition professional's face - a certain Jimmy Adams, who at the time was on the verge of becoming West Indies captain. Bet that never happened at Lord's...

  116. Post update

    Was the World Cup as much of a shambles as it appeared?

    More from Alex Hales on TMS: "Ultimately, we're judged on performances and results. We're not hiding from the fact we're a bit embarrassed about what happened. But there are some talented young players around and this summer is a great chance to impress against two of the best sides in the world in New Zealand and Australia. We've learnt from the World Cup, hopefully we can get rid of that fear of failure."

  117. Post update

    Where is English cricket at now?

    More from Alex Hales on TMS: "It's a rebuilding phase for us in limited-overs cricket, but we're number three in the world in Test cricket, and there's enough young talent around to lift us in limited-overs. The Ashes will be very closely contested, I think it will be a very close series and I know we'd like to put one over on New Zealand."

  118. Post update

    Nottinghamshire and England batsman Alex Hales on TMS: "We've got one of the most talented squads in the country, certainly one of the best Notts squads I've been involved in. I've played in the Big Bash and watched the IPL so it'd be good if something like [an English Premier League] comes in."

    Alex Hales
  119. Post update

    BBC Radio Test Match Special

    England limited-overs opener Alex Hales is talking to Test Match Special during the tea-break...

  120. Tea scorecard

    West Indies 9-1 (5 overs) - target 438

    Batsmen: Smith 4*, Bravo 1*

    Fall of wickets: 7-1 (Brathwaite 5)

    Bowling figures: Anderson 2-0-5-0, Broad 2-1-4-1, Tredwell 1-1-0-0

    England 399 & 333-7 dec: Ballance 122, Root 59, Buttler 59*

    West Indies 295

    Full scorecard

  121. Post update

    An almost perfect session for England. They built a healthy, surely impregnable lead courtesy of a fourth Test century from the back-in-form Gary Ballance and 59 rapid runs from Jos Buttler.

    A nicely timed declaration from Alastair Cook allowed them a few overs at the West Indies before the interval, and Stuart Broad duly obliged with an absolute snorter to get rid of the doughty Kraigg Brathwaite. 10 out of 10?

    England celebrate
  122. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Kraigg Brathwaite looks an awkward player to dismiss, so it's been a perfect day so far for England. Let's see if West Indies can have a bit of fight against them, and get to the close with plenty in the tank."

  123. Post update

    Jonathan Agnew

    BBC Test Match Special

    "A good session from England, they've got the runs on the board and removed the dogged Brathwaite."

    Listen to TMS commentary via the audio icon (available in UK only).

    Stuart Broad celebrates
  124. Tea interval

    WI 9-1

    Time for Tredders! England's new spin king is going to get an over before tea. A slip, a leg slip and a short leg crowd the batsman. Ows and oohs of thwarted jubilation as Tredwell defeats Devon Smith's outside edge with a pearler. Smith just about survives the Kentish inquistion, and it's time for tea.

  125. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Former England all-rounder Derek Pringle: Bowlers like Harmison & Flintoff were on fewer batsmen's Xmas card lists but Anderson has been the most skilful England bowler of his era.

  126. WI 9-1

    Darren Bravo is a terrific player to watch: high, Lara-esque backlift, all the shots, so much time. But this is all about survival, not artistry, and Stuart Broad is bowling really well at the moment - he pins the Trinidadian on the shoulder with a really sharp bouncer.

    Stuart Broad bowls
  127. How's stat?!

    Only four teams have scored more than 400 in the fourth innings to win a Test, with West Indies' 418-7 to beat Australia in Antigua in 2003. The top five is:

    • 418-7: West Indies v Australia, St John's, 2003 (below)
    • 414-4: South Africa v Australia, Perth, 2008
    • 406-4: India v West Indies, Trinidad, 1976
    • 404-3: Australia v England, Headingley, 1948
    • 387-4: India v England, Chennai, 2008
    West Indies v Australia, St John's, 2003
  128. Post update

    Andrew Samson

    BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "Antigua's the only region of the West Indies where England have never won a Test, in eight attempts."

    Listen to TMS commentary via the audio icon (available in UK only).

  129. WI 9-1 (Smith 4*, Bravo 1*)

    Anderson steaming in in search of his 382nd Test wicket, a coiled spring of lithe, sinuous menace. Three slips and a gully waiting hungrily in the cordon. Bravo gets off the mark with a push in to the leg side.

    James Anderson bowls
  130. Post update

    Jonathan Agnew

    BBC Test Match Special

    "Broad's one of those bowlers where if he doesn't get a wicket for four or five overs, he can get frustrated. But if he strikes early, he has a chance of getting a couple more. He was pointing up at [bowling coach] Ottis Gibson on the balcony as if to say 'well done on the plan for having a short leg'. You've not been listening to us up here, Broady - we've been saying it for about five years."

  131. WI 7-1 (target 438)

    Darren Bravo is the new man. A hard job just got harder for West Indies.

  132. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Great direction, good pace, right into the armpit - the short leg fielder was a few yards behind square, but he was there for exactly that shot. Great execution. On slow wickets, the short ball can be the most difficult to deal with."

    Listen to TMS commentary via the audio icon (available in UK only).

  133. WICKET

    Brathwaite c Root b Broad 5 (WI 7-1)

    I love it when a plan comes together! Alastair Cook sticks Joe Root in under the helmet at short leg, and that means only one thing: Operation Short Ball. And it pays dividends fifth ball when Broad gets one to rear off a length right at Brathwaite's helmet, and the batsman can only spoon it off the splice. Root collects it as casually as a man picking a ripe peach off a low-hanging branch.


    Kraigg Braithwaite fends ball