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  1. Post update

    Concern. That is what England have left us with today. After giving us hope of a better future with yesterday's positive, aggressive counter-attacking display with the bat they have reiterated their brittle flaws today with the ball.

    However, as with any rebuilding process, it is often a case of two steps forward and one step back. Today can be seen as a steep learning curve, against a side demonstrating many of the qualities to which England aspire: ruthlessness, discipline, calmness and composure.

    Tomorrow is a chance to go again and emulate their opponents. Hope springs eternal.

    We'll be back at 10:30 BST on Saturday.

  2. T20 Blast

    TMS has finished it's coverage of the England v New Zealand Test match but that is not the end of the live cricket for the evening. BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra is switching to domestic Twenty20 cricket with Hampshire v Kent in the T20 Blast. There are a whole host of game going on in that competition, which you can follow via our cricket pages.

  3. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Oolon Calluphid: Poor old Mark Wood, he's bound to be the fall guy if England fail.

    Paul Roberts: So how's Cooky's captaincy coming along? Has he been inventive? Instinctive? Inspirational? Scorecard says no.

  4. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Kiwi Bjorn: Wow loving the score in the cricket. Kiwis have really come a long way in the last few years. Sadly not on TV in Poland.

    SW: I've never been so relieved to have missed out on getting hold of any Ashes tickets.

  5. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "England bowled with spirit and energy. Broad bowled with spirit and energy, Stokes was slippy as ever, but the pitch is good. The no-ball summed it up: nothing went the bowlers' way. When they tried to bounce them out, short balls were easy to pull on this pitch. I don't think the England seamers did anything wrong, they just couldn't make headway."

  6. Gillespie meets with Strauss

    As Jonathan Agnew has just reported on TMS, Jason Gillespie has confirmed that he has met with Andrew Strauss to discuss the vacant England head coach position. By the sounds of it, it was very much an exploratory meeting. Expect more news on that subject very soon.

  7. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "I thought Moeen bowled quite well. It took Alastair Cook half an hour too long to put him on. He bowled exceptionally well at Williamson. But England do need a high-quality spinner, and there's a difference between Moeen and a high-quality Swann- or Vettori-type bowler."

  8. Player reaction

    England's Moeen Ali, who took 1-52 with spin today, on Sky Sports: "We are not far from the new ball so hopefully we can bowl a bit better. I knew I would bowl later on. I was happy with the way I bowled today. I have been working on my action. I was forcing it in the West Indies.

    "Every time I bowled wider there was more spin. Hopefully, I can bowl it a bit fuller tomorrow."

  9. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "The new ball didn't do anything for England. Latham and Guptill played exceptionally well. They lined it up well, Guptill's footwork was excellent, and they didn't look in any trouble until they made mistakes."

  10. Close-of-play scorecard

    New Zealand 303-2 (42 overs) - trail by 86

    Batsmen: Williamson 92*, Taylor 47*

    Fall of wickets: 148-1 (Latham 59), 148-2 (Guptill 70)

    Bowling figures: Anderson 16-4-46-0, Broad 16-2-42-1, Wood 13-0-60-0, Stokes 13-2-63-0, Moeen 17-3-52-1, Root 2-0-6-0

    England 389: Root 98, Stokes 92, Buttler 67, Moeen 58; Boult 4-79, Henry 4-93

    Full scorecard

  11. Post update

    Jeremy Coney

    Ex-New Zealand captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "The new ball is the element none of us quite know. Will Anderson come into the game a little more tomorrow morning? Batting has seemed to ease in these two days: this isn't a fast pitch, there's not enough bounce, there's not much turn for the spinners. That's why we're in the position."

  12. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Andrew Morris: All too easy for NZ. It's going to be a long long summer with the Aussies coming in as well. Can we forfeit already?

    Sam Shephard: England aren't as good as they think they are. Sooner they realise that the better.

  13. NZ 303-2 (Williamson 92, Taylor 47)

    Taylor is seizing up. Looks like a bit of cramp. He grimaces as Broad forces him to weave out of the way of some more short stuff, one of which he fends off with his glove. Don't worry Ross, you can get yourself off now and into a well-deserved ice bath. That is the close, with England leading by 86 runs and New Zealand possession eight wickets in hand.

    England now have a chance to regroup and come strong again tomorrow after what has been a punishing evening. That new ball could be key.

  14. NZ 303-2

    Can the spin of Moeen succeed where that of Root failed? Almost. He teases one up for Williamson outside off, which spins a mile out of one of a foot-hole and spins so much it misses leg before rolling down for four byes. It was a belter of a ball and England are really unlucky. Sensing a sudden threat, Williamson pull down the shutters and blocks out the rest.

  15. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Oliver Boyes: Typical Cook, absolutely no attempt to take the game to New Zealand and happy to sit back and let the game slip away.

    Kevin Thornton: Just got back from work and checked the cricket for the first time today, definitely time for a strong drink.

  16. Email

    Nicholas, from a Greek island: Well, I managed to log in at a taverna, wish it had failed, just have to console myself with ouzo and octopus.

  17. NZ 299-2 (Taylor 47, Williamson 92)

    Joe Root bowled the first over of this session and he is going to deliver one of the final three. It doesn't start particularly well as Williamson ricks back and punches a four through the off side. It brings up the 150 partnership and leaves New Zealand a run short of 300.

  18. NZ 294-2

    Broad is digging it in short, looking to beat Williamson for pace, but the ball is soft, the pitch slow and barring one that he has to duck under, the batsman copes with ease. Three overs left until the close. 18 balls for Engalnd to try and make something happen to alter the complexion of this match today.

  19. Post update

    Jeremy Coney

    Ex-New Zealand captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "New Zealand's effort today puts the first innings by England into context. 389 sounds very good when you think of 4-30, but I don't think anybody thought the ball was not going to swing, and that has removed the threat of James Anderson. New Zealand have worked their way pretty comfortably to 300."

  20. NZ 293-2 (Moeen 16-2-52-1)

    We've been critical of England's bowling strategy but huge credit must also go to New Zealand's batsmen, chiefly these two: Williamson and Taylor. Aggers and Simon Hughes spoke at lunch about concentration in batting and, fittingly, these two have demonstrated this discipline superbly. They plunder Moeen for an easy five runs.

    Ross Taylor plays a shot
  21. NZ 288-2 (Williamson 82, Taylor 46)

    England's tired attack is posing absolutely no challenge to the New Zealand batsmen at the moment on this flat, slow track. It is like attacking a fortress in a gale armed only with a pea-shooter. Broad tries around and over and even digs deep to fire in a decent bouncer but Taylor is untroubled.

  22. NZ 287-2

    Williamson will be punishing counties later this season, courtesy of third spell with champions Yorkshire. Today, though, he is putting England to the sword as he pushes on towards a century. He and Taylor work Moeen around to take them to 46 and 81 not out respectively.

  23. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Will Spencer: All it takes is one corking delivery to change an entire innings. They might get 600, but it's just as likely NZ will be 350 all out!

    Steve Lawley: Weather tomorrow is cloudy and humid first thing. New ball. Don't give up yet!

  24. NZ 282-2 (Williamson 77, Taylor 45)

    After a strange little delay for more drinks and a swap of sides by square-leg umpire the game continues with Stokes serving up a a couple of short gift-wrapped boundaries, with Williamson making no mistake with a pull and then a cut. It is as lively as the game has been in a while. Unfortunately for England, it is at their expense.

    Ben Stokes reacts
  25. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "It's a situation of huge strength for New Zealand, and one of real concern for England. The third innings is such a crucial phase of the game and it looks like England could be under real pressure."

  26. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Sam Long: I don't think we'll have any problem taking 20 wickets against Australia, it'll just be over the course of the entire series.

  27. NZ 270-2

    Jos Buttler, bless him, is still trying to get his side going as Moeen twirls away again. The spinner gets a nice bit of drift in the air to beat Williamson, who plays down the wrong line and then forces the batsman on to the front foot for the remainder. "Soporific" is how Henry Blofeld has just described this game. I wholeheartedly concur. Maybe we can all nod off and dream of lovely days out with former England players. Maybe a day out at the races with Jack Russell? Or a trip to Alton Towers and a slap up fish supper with Robin Smith?

  28. NZ 270-2 (Stokes 12-2-51-0)

    Stokes tries his luck around the wicket and, to be fair, it produces the closest we have come to a wicket in a while as Taylor punches a lofted drive to mid-on and Anderson dives in to try and run out Williamson at the non-striker's end. What an indictment that is of England in the last 10 overs.

    Ben Stokes in action
  29. Post update

    Henry Blofeld

    BBC Test Match Special

    "The thought that occurs to me is, how on Earth are England going to bowl Australia out twice?"

  30. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    VB: Apparently all you need to be England Captain is the capability to score no runs and then stand and do nothing in the field.

    Llamaman: Do something Cook, or are you just trying to bore then out? As much imagination as a caravan site.

  31. 269-2 (Taylor 38, Williamson 71)

    What a frustrating job it must be having to sit with your back to a game of Test cricket, only broken by fetching the popped corks of champagne guzzling supporters. Mind you, if you are an England fan you might prefer to sit with your back to this because it is not pretty. Moeen is back at the Pavilion End but poses no threat to the brick wall that is the New Zealand pair.

  32. Email

    Travis: Don't you commentators know how to get wickets by now? Say how comfortable the batsmen are, how easy they make it look, how the bowling is starting to slip, and bang - instant wicket.

  33. NZ 267-2

    Williamson has that superb knack of playing the ball and steering the ball beyond the grasp of fielders behind the wicket. Once again he steers a Stokes ball down to the boundary for four.

    Kane Williamson plays a shot
  34. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "The second new ball is going to be a key moment in the game. England will have to strike with it on a regular basis. New Zealand have played very nicely indeed today. Latham and Guptill created calmness and played some really good strokes, and these two have a lot of know-how and have made it look easy."

  35. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Merlyn: Most likely result now? New Zealand win. England's chances of victory have gone. Playing for a draw.

    Gareth Price: At this rate NZ are looking at 600+ by close on day 3, and Eng will have to bat for 1.5 days to save the test. Not ideal/likely.

    That's the spirit, eh?

  36. NZ 262-2 (Taylor 36, Williamson 66)

    Is it just me or has the Lord's white noise taken on a very concerned slant? Probably just me. I wouldn't blame them. England are really up against it. Broad is dealt with by Williamson and Taylor. Just the one run but less drama than an episode of Hollyoaks.

  37. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Jay: I'd like to know who, in the team management, thinks England can get away with playing just 3 specialist bowlers in the Ashes.

    Totum: Bad train reception. The NZ wickets is stuck on 2 & won't refresh. Odd as the runs total keep going up. Technology heh!

  38. Email

    Harry Willis: On medical elective in Mauritius, down at the beach watching the wickets tumble. Motivation for getting on the plane home is waning by the second...

  39. NZ 260-2

    England lack ideas and invention. Stokes will run in for his country all day but he is not trying anything new and Taylor is able to pick him off with a straight drive that brings up the only four runs he and his team need for the over.

    Ben Stokes
  40. NZ 256-2 (Broad 12-1-38-1)

    Unfortunately Tim, Broady was very much playable in this first over on his return at the Pavilion End. The closest England's opener gets to a breakthrough is a nick off the inside edge of Williamson's bat that slams the ball into the worst spot a man can imagine. Williamson barely bats an eyelid, though, and responds by swatting the last ball for four past mid-off.

  41. Text 81111

    Tim from Guildford: I feel like this is set up for one of Broad's unplayable spells...

  42. NZ 250-2 (Williamson 59, Taylor 31)

    New Zealand are happy to just bide their time and wait for the bad ball. On cue, Stokes serves one up with a full one that Williamson leans into and punches emphatically through extra cover. It brings up the 100 partnership - the fourth between this pair in Test cricket.

  43. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Henry Bell: The writing up of my PhD reflects the fortunes of the England team. Yesterday it flowed magnificently, today I'm struggling.

    Peter Collins: New Zealand are having four batsman get decent scores. We did as well. What will their other 6 do though?

  44. NZ 245-2 (Anderson 16-4-46-0)

    It is the perfect summer evening for cricket. The sun is shining, the beer is flowing. Unfortunately for England, New Zealand are firmly on top. It has been very much their day. But England still have a lead and with that comes hope. Anderson digs a few in short to try and bombard Taylor but the pitch lacks the pace for such deliveries to pose problems.

  45. Scorecard update

    New Zealand 245-2 (60 overs) - trail by 144

    Batsmen: Williamson 54*, Taylor 31*

    Fall of wickets: 148-1 (Latham 59), 148-2 (Guptill 70)

    Bowling figures: Anderson 15-3-46-0, Broad 11-1-32-1, Wood 13-0-60-0, Stokes 8-2-36-0, Moeen 12-1-40-1, Root 1-0-1-0

    England 389: Root 98, Stokes 92, Buttler 67, Moeen 58; Boult 4-79, Henry 4-93

    Full scorecard

  46. Email

    Joanna: I'm writing from California. My father is in the picture you posted, he's the cool one on drums. I just wanted to say that those codgers look cooler than the Stones! You made my day.

    In case you're wondering what Joanna's talking about, here's the photo that we had a lot of fun with this morning. Go to our 14:23 entry to see Joanna's dad on drums, courtesy of some ingenious photo-editing by one of our readers.

    Spectators queue outside Lord's
  47. NZ 245-2 (Taylor 31, Williamson 54)

    With his fifty up, Williamson gets creative with a lovely little steered chop to bring him a four off Stokes. Ian Bell and Alastair Cook stand in the slips, arms folded, faces glum. We have 17 overs left to play today. It is likely to be a long, old slog for the fielding side.

    Kane Williamson
  48. 50 for Williamson (NZ 241-2)

    Having scored 361 runs in his two Tests in 2015 so far and only being out once, Williamson averages 361 for the year. He reaches his half-century with a steer for the only run off Anderson's latest over.

  49. Post update

    Bryan Waddle

    BBC Test Match Special

    "There's pressure on the New Zealand seam bowlers to deliver, because there are the likes of Bracewell, Wagner and Milne who can't get in the side, who most sides would be happy to have."

  50. Follow the T20 Blast

    Glenn Maxwell

    Close of play at Lord's need not be the end of your cricket fix this evening.

    If you love a bit of bish, bash, bosh, we will be bringing you live radio and text coverage of tonight's T20 Blast programme.

    Amongst the stellar overseas names playing should be Australian's Glenn Maxwell, who is set to make his Yorkshire debut.

  51. NZ 240-2 (Williamson 49, Taylor 31)

    Cook twists by bringing Stokes back into the attack but his first ball is too short and sits up on this slow track for Williamson to clobber on the pull for four. It may as well have been topped with brown sauce (or red sauce if that's how you choose to live your life). Stokes jags one back in to Taylor's pads later in the over to prompt a stifled appeal but it was born more from hope than belief and is rightly turned down. The partnership is 91, the England lead is down to 149 and New Zealand are set with plenty of firepower to come.

  52. NZ 231-2

    Maybe it is not even a case of digging deep to make something happen. Maybe the wicket is too flat? Maybe the New Zealand players are playing too well? Maybe England simply lack the players to fashion something from unfavourable conditions? Maybe all of the above? Regardless, England are struggling and New Zealand are easing this game away from them. Anderson and the field erupt for another lbw call against Taylor but it is clear the ball is going down. Taylor's response? A four.

    Ross Taylor
  53. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Mr Brightside: They seriously need to re-evaluate the umpire review system; If it's hitting the wickets, it's hitting the wickets!

    Jay replies: Then Root would have been out yesterday for less than 40.

  54. NZ 224-2 (Williamson 40, Taylor 27)

    You can see the belief starting to seep out of England. Moeen drops one short and Taylor rocks back and punches a four through point, prompting some raised eyes and chin rubbing from the fielders. These are the times when other sides dig deep to make something happen - a facet that has been sorely lacking in English international cricket for a while.

    Moeen Ali
  55. NZ 220-2

    The shadows are starting to lengthen across Lord's and England continue to toil. Anderson's best efforts are dealt with well by Taylor and Williamson, who have dropped anchor at the crease.

  56. Cricketing dreams

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Seba Rua: At the height of the 2005 Ashes I had a dream in which the entire squad displayed their heroism by lifting a crashed train.

    Andrew Flintoff in 2005
  57. NZ 219-2 (Taylor 22, Williamson 40)

    After the brief excitement of the Anderson review we are back to the probing spin of Moeen, who goes for a single from six decent but largely unchallenging deliveries.

  58. Post update

    Stephan Shemilt

    BBC Sport at Lord's

    "DRS gives a new reason for fans to get excited - some even celebrate when a review is called for. Few cheers as each phase of the decision moves us closer to an overturn in England's favour, followed by incredulity when the final call goes against the home side."

  59. NZ 218-2

    The rest of the over is far less eventful as Taylor adds a single to his tally.

  60. NZ 215-2

    Taylor survives. The ball, angling in, hit him on the knee roll as he aimed across the line. But the technology suggested it was not going to hit enough of the leg stump to overturn the decision. Umpire's call. Anderson frustrated. To make matters worse, New Zealand scampered a couple of leg byes then.

  61. Umpire review

    Anderson back into the attack - and he pins Taylor on the pad with his first ball. The umpire says no, but England fancy this one. It's going upstairs...

  62. Pakistan chasing 173 to beat Zimbabwe

    Pakistan need 173 to beat Zimbabwe in the opening Twenty20 in Lahore, their first match on home soil against a Test-playing side since the 2009 terror attacks.

    Elton Chigumbura hit 54 off 35 balls and Hamilton Masakadza 43 off 27 in Zimbabwe's total of 172-6, amid a high security presence at the Gaddafi Stadium.

    Click here for the latest score.

    Security guard in Lahore
  63. NZ 215-2

    Worryingly for England, Williamson looks set. He plundered Wood for runs in the last over and sees off Moeen's latest with ease.

    Kane Williamson
  64. Text 81111

    Tony R: It's a slow cricket day when you're asking people for imaginary social occasions with former England internationals. Having said that, I'm looking forward to having Andy Caddick over for tea tonight.

  65. NZ 214-2 (Taylor 19, Williamson 40)

    The New Zealand batsmen are settling into their task now. Wood is pounding in but the pitch is slow and Williamson has no problem in putting his first ball away with a flash through point. The runs keep coming with a drive between mid-on and mid-wicket and an uppish off-drive that gives a hint of a catch to Ballance in cover but evades the fielder. Williamson caps the over with a final boundary through mid-on. England on the back foot.

  66. NZ 202-2

    Half the Lord's crowd rise for what they think is a catch by Moeen off his own bowling but it is, in fact, hit into the ground first by Taylor. It is the biggest cheer we have had so far this session. Taylor ends the over with a crack straight down the ground for four to bring up the New Zealand 200.

  67. Cricketing dreams

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Kate Jewell: I once dreamt that Mark Butcher was taking me on a mini break. Developed quite a crush on him as a result.

  68. NZ 195-2 (Williamson 25, Taylor 15)

    This is the bonus you get from Mark Wood, when he digs one in short it rises from nowhere. He nearly puts Williamson on his backside with a short ball that rises and follows the batsmen as he swerves his head away. Nasty. It is the peak of a decent over. But another that goes by without a wicket.

    Alastair Cook in thought
  69. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Ian Sanderson: People seem to have forgotten Simon Kerrigan. Still taking wickets at Lancs.

    Simon Kerrigan
  70. NZ 191-2

    Moeen is posing questions for the New Zealand batsmen. So far Taylor and Williamson are scraping together decent answers, but they are not entirely convincing. He flies through another six for the concession of just one run.

  71. Cricketing dreams

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    SullyLFC: I once dreamt Bob Willis took our school assembly, when he finished he took off his Afro & calmly walked out.

  72. NZ 190-2

    It is not a long run up from Mark Wood, but his few strides to the wicket shudder with effort and intent. He launches himself into another over but errs with a short ball that Williamson latches on to to hammer through cover for four.

  73. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "This has been good from England since tea. They have passed the bat a number of times. It must be frustrating but they need to keep going; they have to think positively. You're not going to stop people from scoring on this pitch. Keep thinking 'wickets'."

    Lords Cricket Ground
  74. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Henry Ellison: Re Keith (16:15). Riley has just over a season of county cricket under his belt. Let him ply his trade for Kent. One for the future.

  75. NZ 185-2 (Taylor 12, Williamson 18)

    Talking about batting concentration (as Aggers and Simon Hughes were at lunch), the Kiwi pair are having to dig deep against Ali, who is, as I just suggested, on the assault. He sparks an lbw decision with one ball (not given) and then skids one past the outside of Williamson's bat. Good over Moeen, son.

  76. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Martin O'Neill: I did once dream that Devon Malcolm was building a cricketing field of dreams in my garden.

    If Devon builds it, they will come.

  77. Post update

    Stephan Shemilt

    BBC Sport at Lord's

    "The Lord's shop has a new line to flog - remember your day at the Home of Cricket with a rechargeable mobile phone charger. The man on the PA continues to remind us of the opportunity to buy. Is that high on the list of things to buy when having a day at the Test? Also, how do you charge it up in the first place?"

  78. Cricketing dreams

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Jonathan Meres: Re 15:46. I really did see Phil DeFreitas walking down Oxford Street wearing a frighteningly small pair of shorts once. Him, not me.

  79. NZ 184-2

    The Root experiment lasts one over as Wood comes on. He immediately catches the edge of Williamson's bat with the ball bouncing once before hitting the hands of slip. A boundary follows with a dab that sends the ball rocketing down to the wide third-man boundary. England need to keep at it here and make something happen. Too often they allow a session to drift. Some of that attacking intent from yesterday would not go amiss.

  80. Email

    Keith Malyon, Bearsted in Kent: It's time Adam Riley of Kent was given a chance. In my view, he's better than Moeen Ali and Joe Root.

    Adam Riley
  81. Text 81111

    Rohan: When NZ bowlers get smacked around for bowling poorly, they've bowled poorly, but when England do it's because Alastair Cook is a bad captain? The fickle nature of some England fans is infuriating!

    Dave, Kent: Can Cook do anything right? So far, people have tweeted into the BBC Live Text page calling him 'defensive' for not bringing on Stokes AND Wood just 4 overs into the innings and 'clueless' for bowling seamers on a very very green Lord's pitch. It's frankly ridiculous.

  82. NZ 178-2

    Moeen joins Root in a two-pronged spin attack. He offers more than his tweak colleague, tempting Williamson down the track for an uncontrolled swipe and then, next ball, catching a leading edge from Taylor with some bounce. Promising.

  83. NZ 174-2 (Williamson 11, Taylor 8)

    Root starts perfectly adequately. But the question remains: what was the theory? If you are either of these Kiwi batsmen you'll be more than happy to be eased into the session by a part-time spinner.

  84. Post update

    This is interesting. England are going to start with the spin of Joe Root. I'm not judging. Yet.

  85. Text 81111

    Oliver, Uni of Southampton: I once dreamt that I played Qwik Cricket on a Caribbean beach with Freddie Flintoff and Nicholas Lyndhurst in an advert for a cigar company. It was all very bizarre; we used cigars for stumps and David Jason was the camera man.

  86. Post update

    Thanks James. The New Zealand batsmen are on the edge of the pitch and waiting for said evening session to start. They will be determined to reassert the New Zealand dominance on proceedings. For England, only wickets will do.

    Stuart Broad
  87. Post update

    And on that rather surreal note, it's time for me to relinquish the live-text controls. Phil Dawkes will be your guide for the evening session...

  88. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Following one reader's dinner with the lovely Phil DeFreitas in his dreams, we asked if you had ever had an imaginary encounter with a former England international...

    Gareth John: I once dreamt Geoffrey Boycott taught me how to play the spoons.

  89. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Maff Butterfield: Can you stop knocking Headingley please? They've not sold Kestrel Super Strength there since 2002. Are you lot all Lancastrians?

    Adam Stephenson: RE:15:36. Its Yorkshire not Scotland, your colleague needs to retract that crass statement about #Yorkshire cricket fans.

    Phil is from Yorkshire so I can assure you it was said with a lot of affection for many glorious Test Fridays spent at Headingley. Granted, it was more likely bitter being drunk.

  90. Tea scorecard

    New Zealand 173-2 (42 overs) - trail by 216

    Batsmen: Williamson 11*, Taylor 7*

    Fall of wickets: 148-1 (Latham 59), 148-2 (Guptill 70)

    Bowling figures: Anderson 11-3-36-0, Broad 11-1-32-1, Wood 9-0-33-0, Stokes 6-2-26-0, Moeen 5-1-21-1

    England 389: Root 98, Stokes 92, Buttler 67, Moeen 58; Boult 4-79, Henry 4-93

    Full scorecard

  91. Tea

    NZ 173-2 (Williamson, Taylor)

    Like his predecessor in the side, Chris Jordan, Mark Wood has a rather curious run-up - drawing himself into a semi-hunched position before breaking into a sprint with the stealthy suddenness of a cheetah bursting from the undergrowth to hunt down a gazelle. Still the debutant waits for his maiden Test wicket, as Williamson off-drives him nicely for four. And that is tea.

  92. Text 81111

    Paul D: I'd be annoyed with missing both wickets owing to an afternoon nap, however during said nap I dreamt I was having dinner with Phil DeFreitas. He was a lovely chap.

    Have you had any imaginary social occasions with a former England international? How were they? Why not let us know on Twitter (#bbccricket) or text (81111 UK only).

  93. NZ 168-2

    More keeping woe for Jos Buttler as Moeen turns one sharply out of the footholes and it clanks off the keeper's forearms and runs away for four. Definite turn for the spinner, who has bowled much better so far than he did in the West Indies.

  94. NZ 160-2 (Wood 8-0-28-0)

    Seven empty champagne bottles lined up in front of one well-refreshed couple in the stands. As my colleague Phil Dawkes observes, at Headingley that would be a tower of Kestrel Super Strength. Mark Wood is back into the attack as England hunt for a third wicket that would turn this session in their favour. Williamson gets New Zealand moving again with three clipped off his legs through mid-on.

  95. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Andrew in York: Re.Tony R (15:25) I don't think in the main England fans as a whole are negative its just sad that people imagine social media is representative.

    Daniel Gibson: Thinking pretty much same as Tony R has said. Very fickle test match fans! Pretty sure it goes on for 5 days not 1 hour!

  96. NZ 155-2 (Williamson 2, Taylor 2)

    Taylor is in watchful mood against Moeen - a second successive maiden.

  97. Post update

    Stephan Shemilt

    BBC Sport at Lord's

    "Lord's has been jolted from its afternoon malaise by England's double success. The chatter that provides the soundtrack to Test match has increased in volume, the whiff of something alcoholic fills the nostrils. More importantly, I've just seen Boycie from Only Fools & Horses. Genuinely starstruck."

  98. NZ 155-2

    There will be plenty of players thinking they should have got their names on the hallowed honours board at Lord's in this match. Joe Root and Ben Stokes were dismissed in the 90s, Jos Buttler also looked well on his his way, and now Martin Guptill has thrown away a golden opportunity of a third Test hundred. And of course, Matt Henry, who finished one wicket short of a debut five-for.

    Willimson plays out a maiden to Broad.

  99. Post update

    Jeremy Coney

    Ex-New Zealand captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "With 20 minutes to go until tea, New Zealand find themselves with a vital mini session to over come. Williamson is a vital component in this order but he does need to get into a rhythm, with time at the crease. Because he has been at the IPL and not playing much - he hasn't had a Test innings in five months - you do question how he will play in this innings."

    England celebrate taking the wicket of Tom Latham
  100. Text 81111

    Tony R: The one thing more consistent than England's poor play, is the negativity of England fans. Until we get a couple of wickets, of course, then we're world beaters with the best fans in the world.

  101. NZ 155-2 (Moeen 3-0-18-1)

    Taylor gets off the mark with a paddle to deep square. This is a vital period for New Zealand - the success of this partnership will determine the situation at which the dangerous Brendon McCullum gets to the crease.

  102. International cricket returns to Pakistan

    International cricket returns to Pakistan today, with Zimbabwe becoming the first Test-playing side to tour the country since gunmen attacked the Sri Lanka team bus in Lahore in 2009.

    Lahore is the venue for the first of two Twenty20s between Pakistan and Zimbabwe, who have gone against security advice by embarking on a tour which also features three one-day internationals.

    Click here for the latest score from the first T20, which has just got under way, with Zimbabwe batting after winning the toss.

    Pakistan fans
  103. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Richie Macca: As the old saying goes: One brings two! Good lad, Broady!

    J: Quick 'sit down' toilet break after listening all day and a two wicket return. Skills!

    Peter Collins: Please New Zealand, you've batted better than us, please show us you can collapse better than us as well!

  104. NZ 152-2 (Williamson 1, Taylor 0)

    There's a massive roar from Stuart Broad - and the suddenly awoken Lord's crowd - as he hits Ross Taylor on the pad, but it's hit him outside the line. There's a proper scare next up though - Kane Williamson calls Ross Taylor through for a suicidal single and the non-striker is miles short of his ground when Broad's throw whistles past the timbers. What a chance for England.

  105. Post update

    Jeremy Coney

    Ex-New Zealand captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "It was a loose stroke. It was wide and not quite to him yet he was prepared to go through with the strike and lost control of it. Ballance is diving to his left and took the catch safely with both hands. Guptill leaves with 70 but that is loose when you have just lost a wicket. They have to re-start now with two new men and with 20 minutes until a break."

  106. WICKET

    Guptill c Ballance b Broad 70 (Eng 148-2)

    The pendulum is suddenly swinging back in England's direction. Martin Guptill will be furious, he was looking so good and he gives away his wicket with a slash at a wide delivery from Stuart Broad which is well pouched by Gary Ballance at cover. Suddenly New Zealand are under a bit of pressure.

    Martin Guptill
  107. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "There you are. It is the change to spin, instead of seam, seam, seam. It is straight and the batsman missed it, making a mistake. Moeen is not a crackerjack spinner but he has to bowl."

  108. WICKET

    Latham lbw Moeen 59 (NZ 148-1)

    Goodness me, England needed that. Moeen had just been deposited into the top tier by Guptill, but he recovers well, trapping Latham in front with a slightly quicker delivery. Breakthrough.

    Tom Latham
  109. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "I have been impressed by both of the New Zealand openers. Yes, it is a good pitch but they have batted well. Their footwork has been good and they have played it straight."

    Martin Guptill
  110. 50 for Latham

    NZ 135-0 (Guptill 60, Latham 56)

    Tom Latham joins his partner in the halfway house, bringing up his fifty with a driven three through extra-cover. Nice little innings from the 23-year-old, who looks a really compact, well-organised player. He then spanks Broad through the same region for four. Lots to admire about this opening stand, which has mixed gritty defence with some expansive strokeplay.

  111. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Matt: Cook is a poor captain which will be plainly obvious at the end of the summer & I don't know why Broad keeps getting picked.

    JamesD: Now you can see how rubbish our top 4 were. We could be a mile behind by the end of their knock.

    John M Butt: This is the problem with England. Cannot get 20 wickets. Australia will slaughter Broad and Anderson.

  112. NZ 127-0

    Now, Alastair Cook finally rings the changes and introduces Moeen Ali for a bit of spin. Immediately he serves up a half-tracker, and poor old Gary Ballance, who wore a few at short leg in the West Indies, gets absolutely clobbered on the hip-bone by Guptill. A thankless task.

  113. NZ 125-0 (Guptill 57, Latham 49)

    What a contrast this is to the carefree, almost jubilant scenes of yesterday afternoon when England were tonking it around and the Lord's crowd was in full voice. Now the crowd is hushed, England are seemingly becalmed in the field and New Zealand are accumulating steadily in a deadened atmosphere. Latham produces another cracking shot, whipping one off his legs that races to the mid-on fence.

  114. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "Surely you would try the off-spin of Moeen Ali into the foot marks that are there, particularly for Latham? You have to change the pace somehow. Try something different."

    The England team discuss tactics
  115. NZ 116-0

    Anderson switches to round the wicket and finally draws a false stroke, seaming one away and beating the bat of Latham. But in his fruitless search for swing, Anderson goes fuller and Latham just eases him back down the ground for four with a beautifully perpendicular blade. Peachy. Problems mounting for Alastair Cook.

  116. 100-run opening partnerships

    Andrew Samson

    BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "Back in March 2013 when England played New Zealand in Dunedin, both teams had 100-run opening partnerships. Since that time, England went 40 innings without another 100-run opening partnership, which was in Grenada last month, and this is New Zealand's first since then."

  117. NZ 111-0 (Broad 7-0-18-0)

    Terrific shot from Guptill, a well-balanced punch back down the ground off Stuart Broad that runs away for four. Broad takes his frustration out on an overzealous bouncer that comfortably clears Jos Buttler and scampers away to the fence.

  118. Scorecard update

    New Zealand 102-0 (29 overs) - trail by 287

    Batsmen: Guptill 50*, Latham 41*

    Bowling figures: Anderson 10-3-31-0, Broad 6-0-13-0, Wood 7-0-22-0, Stokes 6-2-26-0

    England 389: Root 98, Stokes 92, Buttler 67, Moeen 58; Boult 4-79, Henry 4-93

    Full scorecard

  119. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Jack Byrne: Moeen is in the team as a front-line spinner, he should not be used as 'last-option' at 100-0. More poor captaincy from Cook.

    Jonathan France: This partnership showing the lack of skill from our bowlers, in bowler friendly conditions. We were 4 down by now!

  120. Drinks break

    NZ 102-0 (Guptill 50, Latham 41)

    Sirens wailing in the background in St John's Wood. Not quite an emergency yet for England but they could definitely do with dousing the flames of this nascent New Zealand fightback. Latham demonstrates New Zealand's swelling confidence with an authoritative pull to dispatch Anderson behind square and bring up the 100 partnership. And with that, we pause for drinks.

    Guptill and Latham rack up a 100 partnership
  121. 50 for Guptill

    NZ 97-0

    Not for long though. Guptill goes to his fifty with a nudge off his legs off the returning Stuart Broad. That's a good knock from the right-hander, who got a reprieve off that Mark Wood no-ball earlier, and he'll be mighty relieved to have got some significant runs on the board on his return to the Test side. England's task is to make sure he doesn't hang around long enough to move into something approaching his top gear, which can be devastating.

    Martin Guptill makes his half century
  122. Post update

    Henry Blofeld

    BBC Test Match Special

    "It may not seem like that much is happening at the moment but this is a crucial period in the game. New Zealand will not want to let anything slip and there has been just the sniff of a wicket in the air."

  123. NZ 96-0 (Anderson 9-3-27-0)

    A leg bye keeps Martin Guptill on 49, still waiting for his half-century.

  124. Email

    Jim Nunn: Thanks for the brilliant chat at lunch re concentration. Where can I find a listen again version of this?

    I would really like my sons to hear it. Primarily for their cricket but also because my eldest son plays guitar and his guitar teacher is always on about relaxing between notes to reduce tension and fatigue when you play and he's very taken with the parallels between cricket and musicianship. I'd like to send him the clip if possible...

    Here you go Jim, you can listen to the chat between Simon Hughes and Aggers via the TMS podcast and downloads page.

    Simon Hughes
  125. NZ 95-0 (Guptill 49, Latham 37)

    Ben Stokes looks like he's permanently teetering on the verge of apoplexy, a man never far from a smashed glass or a violently upturned Trivial Pursuit board. His mood isn't improved when Latham steers him behind square on the off side for another four. But his anger is fuelling him here, he's bending his back and getting more out of this unhelpful pitch than the other bowlers - a straightener nips back and zips just over the top of Latham's stumps. Close.

    Ben Stokes gets frustrated
  126. Email

    We left you a picture of some cricket fans queuing to get into Lord's this morning (see 12:17). We mentioned that it looked like an album photo. Some of you have outdone yourselves, including Philip Johnson...

    "Band: Codgers & Co. The album: Never too old to rock 'n' bowl."

    Lord's band
  127. NZ 89-0

    The camera pans to some feet perched nonchalantly on a balcony railing, clad in stripy socks and brown brogues. Ah, Lord's. Never change.

    Guptill plays a rather curious shot, swinging Anderson miles into the air on the leg side, comfortably clearing the infield and beating the man to the rope. Not sure he meant that though - the replay reveals a leading edge.

  128. NZ 83-0 (Guptill 43, Latham 32)

    Stokes is bowling a good spell here, generating good pace and keeping a tight line. He checks New Zealand's momentum with a maiden.

    Ben Stokes
  129. Post update

    Phil Tufnell

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "England will have been hoping to get a couple of breakthroughs into this very strong New Zealand batting line-up. The last thing they will have wanted is a strong opening partnership. New Zealand noses are definitely in front."

  130. NZ 83-0 (Anderson 7-2-21-0)

    Jimmy Anderson is recalled to the attack - can he provide the breakthrough that England are looking for? Stokes, a maelstrom of frustration swirling beneath his sunhat, keeps himself busy with a superb sprawling stop at backward point. Guptill steers two off the back foot.

  131. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Mike Bell: Having lunch at Nou Camp, Barcelona. Spanish bloke asked how cricket works. Big language barrier. Currently miming Root off drive.

  132. NZ 80-0 (Guptill 41, Latham 31)

    Ben Stokes, a combustible character at the best of times, is approaching meltdown here. He raps Latham on the pad and screams a huge appeal. He implores Alastair Cook for a review, but Cook has to let him down gently.