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James Gheerbrant and Phil Dawkes

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  1. Goodbye

    Right, that brings us to the close of today's coverage. If your cricket appetite still hasn't been sated, you can read Stephan Shemilt's match report here.

    A tough day for England, but that partnership before the close just gives them a glimmer of hope. We'll be back tomorrow at 10:30 BST. See you then.

  2. Player reaction

    New Zealand batsman Kane Williamson, who scored 132, on Sky Sports: "It is nice to get your name on the board but at the same time I was disappointed to get out at the stage I did. With the conditions and the rain around, it was a different type of game.

    "The challenge is the mental transition from a shorter format to the longer one and make good decisions over a longer period of time. I wanted to bat longer than I did today, hence my frustration.

    "It is important that we are patient and the bowlers stick to their areas. There is still something in the wicket and hopefully it will make for a challenge for the opposition."

  3. Text 81111

    David in Essex: Bat well tomorrow and set them 300+ to win on final day. What a cracking day that would be whoever wins.

  4. Player reaction

    England bowler Mark Wood on Sky Sports: "It was nice to get wickets in the end. It was special. I didn't sleep for three days before the start of this Test but I have thoroughly enjoyed the occasion.

    "I bowled 13 overs yesterday and I was as tired as if I'd bowled 30 in county cricket, such is the intensity. Today I forgot the crowd and the cameras and ran in and bowled. Once the nerves had calmed, I showed people what I could do."

    On the no-ball that cost him a wicket on day two: "I make a point of not bowling no-balls in training but in games I creep up a bit. The umpire mentioned I was tight. But I haven't bowled one since that one that cost me the wicket."

    On the match situation: "There is a lot of hard work to do in this game. We need two days of good cricket. A lead of 200 and I will fancy us."

  5. Review of the day

    So, England are behind the eight-ball but certainly not dead and buried yet after the third day. They bowled well but lucklessly in the morning and afternoon as Kane Williamson and Brendon McCullum batted New Zealand into a dominant position.

    When Trent Boult and Tim Southee removed Adam Lyth and Gary Ballance cheaply, it looked as though England were really in the soup. But Alastair Cook and Ian Bell fought back well as England made some inroads into the deficit.

    Despite that though, they remain 60 runs in arrears and will have to play very well tomorrow if they are to avoid defeat in this match.

  6. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Jeffrey Yeung: England not out yet but feels like the chance of winning the match is shifting slowly towards NZ, good recovery after 2 wickets.

    Chris Blazer Mann: Cook and Bell needed that but they need to stay there for at least tomorrow morning as well now!!

  7. Close-of-play scorecard

    England 74-2 - trail by 60 runs

    Batsmen: Cook 32*, Bell 29*

    Fall of wickets: 14-1 (Lyth 12), 25-2 (Ballance 0)

    Bowling figures: Boult 9-2-22-1, Southee 9-0-30-1, Henry 5-0-15-0, Craig 3-0-6-0

    England 389: Root 98, Stokes 92

    New Zealand 523: Williamson 132, Guptill 70

    Full scorecard

  8. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "I was thinking by the end of the third day we'd have a clear idea of a potential winner. I'm not so sure now. It is still indecisive. It could be decisive on someone having a great spell of bowling or someone scoring a hundred."

  9. Close of play

    Eng 74-2 (trail by 60)

    Spinner Mark Craig will bowl the final over of the day. Alastair Cook cuts a wide one into the outfield and desperately hopes that will be just a single, but Ian Bell makes sure the skipper retains the strike by turning for two. Cook survives the remaining deliveries. Decent fightback by England, but New Zealand's day again.

  10. Post update

    Stephan Shemilt

    BBC Sport at Lord's

    "Lots and lots of empty seats inside Lord's now, the late finish probably means that plenty have had to dash for the train home. Those that remain are witnessing a crucial phase. There's a world of difference between England being two down overnight compared to three being back in the hutch."

  11. How's stat?!

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    OptaJim: 5 - Alastair Cook has become the fifth player to score 12,000 international runs for England.

  12. Eng 71-2

    A probing over from Southee, and in fact there will be one more as he hustled through it quickly...

  13. Post update

    Jeremy Coney

    Ex-New Zealand captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "It was a tighter day today. It has been a bowling day after two batting days. I think the England bowlers have bowled better than New Zealand today. A bit quicker and a bit harder into the pitch."

  14. Eng 70-2 (Cook 29, Bell 29)

    Cook tickles Boult fine down the leg side for four. One more over to survive for England...

    Alastair Cook
  15. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Matt Beresford: Will anyone challenge England on the many fewer full balls bowled compared to NZ? Seems to happen more and more.

  16. Eng 66-2 (trail by 68)

    What England would give to get through to the close without another wicket. New Zealand are still in full-on attack mode, and Ian Bell is so lucky not to pick out Kane Williamson at gully with a third-man glide that gets a little more air than he intended. That was so close to carrying.

  17. Post update

    Jeremy Coney

    Ex-New Zealand captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Bell has certainly calmed down now. he had a frenetic start but he is 27 now and has played some nice strokes. He looks more comfortable at the crease. Maybe he felt, after sitting in the balcony watching Root and Stokes attack in the first innings, that this is how he will do it as well."

  18. Eng 63-2

    This partnership got out of the blocks quite sharply, but Cook and Bell are in survival mode now. Cook pinches a single off Boult.

  19. Eng 62-2 (Southee 7-0-26-1)

    The lights are on at Lord's. When they were illuminated this morning, they made the ball talk like a celebrity on a chat-show couch with a book to promote. The early signs are that they're offering a bit of extra movement for the bowlers again - Tim Southee gets a couple to absolutely hoop.

    Ian Bell
  20. Post update

    Jeremy Coney

    Ex-New Zealand captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "If it hit anything it just flicked the pad on the way through as Bell squared himself up to a good ball that pitched outside off and held its line. That will encourage New Zealand. They need to keep going here."

  21. Eng 61-2 (Cook 22, Bell 27)

    This is eye-watering stuff. Trent Boult has got one to nip back in off a good length and strike Ian Bell in a very delicate area. Bell requires a moment to compose himself and the physio rushes on with a bottle of water. Does that help? Bell very nearly perishes off the final ball of the over, just about withdrawing his bat from the line of a very tasty inswinger.

  22. Eng 60-2 (trail by 74)

    Bell, who has done well to get himself going considering his poor recent form, steers Craig into the off side for two.

  23. Eng 58-2

    A huge appeal from Trent Boult as Alastair Cook chases one down the leg side, but there didn't look to be any bat in that. A maiden - the runs are just drying up here for England.

  24. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "We saw Moeen bowl early in the day and there is left-hander in Alastair Cook for New Zealand to target with spin. I will be interested to see how Bell plays Craig. He encourages someone to go over the top as he gives it a bit of flight."

  25. Eng 58-2 (Cook 21, Bell 25)

    Time for a bit of tweak as Brendon McCullum introduces Mark Craig. Bell knocks him for two through point. Cautious accumulation from England.

  26. Eng 56-2 (trail by 78)

    Bell sneaks two through point. Trent Boult just hasn't quite looked at the peak of his powers yet, and England are battling.

  27. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "I would always encourage any player who has scored a few low scores to come out and play with intent. You say to yourself, 'rather than prod around I will look to score'. It clears everything out and makes it more simple. You don't worry about the field set either as that distracts you from hitting the ball."

    Ian Bell
  28. Eng 53-2 (Cook 21, Bell 20)

    Matt Henry has bowled beautifully in this match, slipping into Test cricket as smoothly as a silk handkerchief into a breast pocket. Bell flicks him behind square leg for a single.

    Matt Henry bowling
  29. Eng 52-2 (Boult 4-1-13-1)

    Trent Boult is back into the attack, and it's a tight first over, though without any major alarms. A maiden.

  30. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Ian Bell has come out playing a few strokes which I think is the best way for him to get his form back. he is a better player when he tries to force the bowler with some positivity. The second four was in the air, though, so it will give New Zealand further encouragement."

  31. Eng 52-2 (trail by 82)

    A primal scream of 'No!' from Henry has he strays onto Ian Bell's pads. You know where that's going. Beautifully clipped into the leg-side outfield by Bell, who is showing real positive intent here. And again Bell finds the gap nicely, flaying one between point and cover for four. Plenty of wide open spaces in the field thanks to McCullum's ultra-attacking fields - can England keep finding them?

  32. Post update

    Jeremy Coney

    Ex-New Zealand captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Stroke of pedigree as Southee searched for the full outswinger. Bell was more orthodox to find the gap in the off-side. He did that successfully and it raced away. It will make Bell feel much better."

  33. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Dave Hansford: Easy to criticise England but sometimes you just get a beauty and there's nowt you can do. No rash changes if we lose this test.

    Sahil Oberoi: This is incredible bowling in foreign conditions, Anderson & Broad are being schooled at bowling with swing & accuracy.

  34. Eng 43-2 (Cook 19, Bell 12)

    Lovely shot from Bell, lacing Southee through the covers. England need plenty more of those from him.

  35. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Matthew Clark: Unless Cook pulls off a big score, it looks like England will be reliant on their middle order again. Still might not be enough.

    Jon Dunn: It's going to take something pretty spectacular to not lose this one from here.

    Henry Ellison: Redeem yourself Ian! Pair in Barbados, Failure in the 1st innings and 3 dropped catches. Can't get much worse can it?!

    Brendon McCullum
  36. Eng 38-2 (Henry 3-0-4-0)

    This partnership is so key for England. Their two most experienced players are at the crease - if New Zealand can part them, they will have landed a real body-blow on their opponents. And Matt Henry so nearly does the trick! Full, swinging in, Cook just pushes at it uppishly and the ball drops just short of Luke Ronchi at mid-on. And then Henry finds the edge, squaring Cook up, the ball dropping just short of the slips. This is an examination.

  37. Post update

    Jeremy Coney

    Ex-New Zealand captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "It is interesting, if you feel you are a bit out of nick, two choices occur to you: put up the sandbags or you play freely and try to get to 20 and then start playing. You feel this is the second of those two options from Bell."

  38. Eng 35-2 (trail by 99)

    Some spell this by Southee, a man who has done plenty of damage to England batting orders in his time. The shape he's getting is gorgeous, curving the ball back into the batsman's pads from a nagging off-stump line. Ian Bell doesn't miss out when the bowler does eventually err, flaying a wide one backward of point.

  39. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Rob Meech: New Zealand are a quality side and a pleasure to watch. This two-match series could slip away from us very quickly.

    Charles Isere: Got to love McCullum's aggressive field: if Bell & Cook can't make a quick 25 here each before stumps, there's no hope for them.

    Merlyn: Really like this New Zealand team. Good attack energy in the field and batting with explosive power. Better side than England.

  40. Eng 30-2 (Cook 14, Bell 2)

    Television replays show just how brilliant a piece of bowling that was from Tim Southee. He produced three deliveries with a straight seam that swung back into Gary Ballance, then scrambled the seam for the wicket ball, which held its line. Masterful control. Cook pockets a single off Henry.

  41. Post update

    Stephan Shemilt

    BBC Sport at Lord's

    "A quick glance at the field us just how deep in the soup England swim. Four slips, a gully, a shortish point - Ian Bell has more company than a man handing out free fivers. All that after Tim Southee produces a humdinger to get Ballance, one that drew gasps from the press box."

  42. Eng 29-2

    Ian Bell, who has had a rotten Test match so far, arrives at the crease. He owes England, and England need him to make good on his debt. He begins well, hitting a four through point.

  43. Post update

    Jeremy Coney

    Ex-New Zealand captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "It is like a little off-spinner, which has gripped. It is just of the length that squares Ballance up and nips away and cleans him up. If you look to play the ball to the mid-on area you at least get some bat on it, but if you play it square it can beat the bat."

    Tim Southee
  44. WICKET

    Ballance b Southee 0 (Eng 25-2)

    New Zealand have called Gary Ballance's bluff here. They station Luke Ronchi out on the hook, putting the fear of the bouncer in Ballance's mind. He backs further and further into his crease and then loses his off pole when Southee produces a beauty which beats his hesitant forward defensive prod.

    Gary Ballance
  45. Eng 24-1

    Brendon McCullum shuffles his pack, bringing on debutant Matt Henry, who really impressed in the first innings. It's a good first over from Henry, bowling a really tight line to Alastair Cook, who manages to work him off his pads for a single.

  46. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "If New Zealand can get three or four they will be delighted. It is really important for England to hang in there. They can't lose any more wickets. It is not doing what it was doing earlier in the day, though. It is not hooping."

  47. Eng 23-1 (Cook 11, Ballance 0)

    When a side has batted second at Lord's with a lead of 134 or more, they have won 22 matches and lost just one. Ominous. Tim Southee is zeroing in on Alastair Cook's stumps with that trademark inswinging yorker, but the England captain is strong off his pads and flicks him away for two.

  48. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Mark Savile: Very leave-able delivery, on height if not line. If that had been Trott the vultures would be circling. Hope Lyth gets a chance.

    Mark: Cue criticism of Lyth. All baying for him to play, against a good attack he gets 2 good balls & should be dropped. Unbelievable.

    Adam Lyth
  49. Eng 20-1 (trail by 114)

    Another heart-in-mouth moment for Alastair Cook as he gets an inside-edge trying to cut a close and the ball bounces fortuitously over the stumps. Cook got a couple of chop-ons in the West Indies, but he survives here.

  50. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Ayelet H Lushkov: So this isn't really the best way to either cement place as opener, or to chase the lead, right? Work to do, lads.

    Intel Strategy: Is there an opener in England who plays like an opener?

    Jeffrey Yeung: About to say Lyth can take some pressure off Cook by going after it more, now, Cook must step up and stabilize the innings.

  51. How's stat?!

    In his two previous Tests at Lord's, Gary Ballance scored a century in each: 104* v Sri Lanka in June 2014 and 110 v India the following month.

    Gary Ballance
  52. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Just for a split-second Cook thought that ball might travel right down to fine leg's hands. New Zealand got a bit of luck with the bat, though, so it balances itself out. It is good bowling from Southee, with two short balls and then a fuller one, trying to get Cook off balance."

  53. Eng 19-1

    Cook and Ballance might both have failed in the first innings, but they are in excellent form - both enjoyed very productive series in the West Indies. Shouts of 'Catch!' as Cook takes on Southee on the hook, but he gets away with it, landing safe and running away to fine-leg boundary. The replay reveals closed eyes and a top edge - the England captain was a bit lucky there.

  54. Post update

    Stephan Shemilt

    BBC Sport at Lord's

    "There's a smattering of Kiwis in the crowd, not shy to jump up and punch the air as Southee pouched Lyth. This, right now, is the game. If England wilt in the next hour, the Test will likely be lost."

  55. Eng 14-1 (Boult 2-0-12-1)

    It's a tough school, Test cricket, one mistake and you're back in the sheds ruminating on what might have been. Adam Lyth will have to learn quickly if he's not to become Alastair Cook's sixth discarded opening partner. Gary Ballance is the new man, he blocks out the rest of the over.

  56. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "He takes it very casually, Tim Southee. It is the first ball he has got in the right area. A promising start comes to an abrupt end for Adam Lyth courtesy of a good nut in and around the off stump."

  57. WICKET

    Lyth c Southee b Boult 12 (Eng 14-1)

    Just what New Zealand wanted, just what Adam Lyth didn't on his debut. Trent Boult lulls him into a false sense of security with another freebie that is pummelled through the covers, then gets him with a beauty, squaring him up with an away-swinger that draws the edge. Tim Southee, who really does have a good pair of hands in the slips, swallows it, and England are one down.

    Adam Lyth of England
  58. Eng 10-0 (Lyth 8, Cook 2)

    BJ Watling's latest injury has earned him some more feet-up time, he's in the dressing-room while Tom Latham takes the gloves again. Closet Eurovision fan perhaps? Alastair Cook is happy to watch Tim Southee's first five balls zip past his off stump, then he turns him into the leg side for a couple.

  59. Email

    Alex in Toronto: I think we need to remind ourselves that this is a world class New Zealand side that England are playing. On current rankings, they have two of the world's top 10 bowlers, and three of the world's top 15 batsmen, and have had a very successful few years.

    It is with noting that only one other team can match their batting depth - Australia also have three of the top 15 batsmen. When was the last time England matched up to two such high quality teams in one summer? Proper Tests.

  60. Eng 8-0 (trail by 126)

    Lyth immediately demonstrates his positive intent by bopping Trent Boult over mid-on for four. The New Zealand seamer is just dropping a bit short in his first over, and off the final ball Lyth picks up another boundary, cutting him crisply to the fence.

  61. Text 81111

    Tattz in Oldbury: It goes without saying that lead of 134 is the difference between your first 4 wickets making runs or not. I think if England's top order can fire, we can at least match NZ and the Aussies.

  62. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "The hardest thing to deal with as a new player in Test cricket is the drain of being out in the field. Because of the spotlight you cannot switch off as you maybe can a bit in county cricket."

  63. Post update

    Adam Lyth takes strike again. Trent Boult running in to five slips...

  64. Post update

    This 90-minute session here could decide the game. If England can get through to the close without too much damage, they could still set New Zealand a tricky fourth-innings target - even something in the region of 160 could be challenging.

    But if Tim Southee and Trent Boult can fire and get England three or four down, the hosts could be in real trouble.

  65. End-of-innings scorecard

    New Zealand 523 all out (131.2 overs) - first-innings lead of 134

    Williamson 132, Guptill 70, Taylor 62, Watling 61*, 67 extras

    Fall of wickets: 148-1 (Latham 59), 148-2 (Guptill 70), 337-3 (Taylor 62), 404-3 (McCullum 42), 420-5 (Anderson 9), 470-6 (Anderson 9), 470-7 (Craig 0), 493-8 (Southee 11), 515-9 (Henry 10), 523 all out (Boult 0)

    Bowling figures: Anderson 29-7-88-1, Broad 26.2-4-77-3, Wood 27-2-93-2, Stokes 21-2-105-0, Moeen 26-4-94-3, Root 2-0-6-0

    England 389: Root 98, Stokes 92

    Full scorecard

  66. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "All I can say about Trent Boult is that I hope he bowls better than he bats. Three swats and he's out. He couldn't knock the skin of a rice pudding. Some one should tell him he's not very good at batting and he should try and stay there for Mr Watling.

    "It is not easy out there. If Tim Southee and Boult can get it right they will cause problems for England. It could work well for them batting now. New Zealand will be attacking so they could score runs but if they nick the balls New Zealand missed during their innings they could be in trouble."

  67. Text 81111

    Marc in Northampton: Superb advert for the Test game. Totally absorbed by this malarkey.

  68. WICKET

    Boult c Anderson b Broad 0 (NZ 523 all out)

    It's over. Jimmy Anderson takes an excellent running catch to reel in a steep top edge when Trent Boult's patience cracks. Now the real work begins for England, and indeed Boult, who goes charging off eagerly.

    New Zealand lead by 134 runs. Very useful advantage that.

    James Anderson catching Trent Boult
  69. Post update

    Stephan Shemilt

    BBC Sport at Lord's

    "How does BJ Watling manage to keep getting hurt? A blow to the knee when he was keeping, he's now somehow hurt his neck when hitting a boundary. Is he New Zealand cricket's Darren Anderton?"

  70. Ouch!

    This is bizarre. Watling seems to have cricked his neck badly playing that uppercut over the slips. He looks in real pain and the physio has been summoned here. Remember, he's already nursing a knee injury from England's first innings. Hope New Zealand have got some frozen peas in the team fridge.

    BJ Watling
  71. NZ 523-9 (Wood 27-2-93-3)

    BJ Watling isn't going to hang around with a number 11 at the other end and conditions perfect for New Zealand's bowlers. Quick runs are the order of the day, and he supplies eight of them, backing away and flat-batting Wood through cover point, then cleverly spooning him over the slip cordon.

  72. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "What would worry me as an England opening batsman is that there have been some good balls bowled this afternoon that haven't taken wickets but could easily be nicked. It is going to be a testing evening. By the time we get to tonight we will have a much better idea of who will win the match."

  73. NZ 515-9 (Watling 53, Boult 0)

    Well, we thought Trent Boult might play a few strokes, but he begins in circumspect fashion, blocking out a maiden to Moeen.

  74. NZ 515-9

    Trent Boult is the new man. He'll be salivating at the imminent prospect of bowling under these leaden skies with a new cherry. Survival will be the last thing on his mind.

  75. WICKET

    Henry c Root b Wood 10 (NZ 515-9)

    Unsurprisingly, it looks as though New Zealand have been sent out after tea with instructions to smack it around, and Matt Henry duly perishes in over-adventurous fashion, hoicking a good-length delivery miles up in the air to give Mark Wood his third wicket.

    Joe Root catches Matt Henry
  76. Text 81111

    Eddie F: Reading all this criticism is laughable. It seems that nobody is giving any respect to this good New Zealand side. I don't think that Australia are too much further ahead of NZ in terms of form or good test match players.

  77. 50 for Watling

    NZ 512-8 (lead by 123)

    Watling doesn't take long to bring up his fifty after tea, driving two into the covers and then dabbing two more down to third man. A tidy knock that, from a very underrated cricketer.

  78. Post update

    Right. Moeen Ali to bowl after tea...

  79. Gillespie would accept England job

    Dave Callaghan

    BBC Radio Leeds' Yorkshire reporter

    "Andrew Strauss and Gillespie met on Monday in Leeds and again on Thursday in London. They got on well and found a lot of common ground in a bid to resurrect the fortunes of the England team.

    "Strauss explained that there were other candidates and he had to go through a proper process. As yet there has not been a firm offer to Gillespie, who loves his job at Yorkshire, where he has had considerable success. But he is ambitious and loves a challenge."

  80. Gillespie would accept England job

    A reminder of the big cricket news story of the day: Yorkshire coach Jason Gillespie would accept the England coach's job if he is offered it by the ECB.

    Here's more info from someone who knows Gillespie well...

    Jason Gillespie
  81. Post update

    Stephan Shemilt

    BBC Sport at Lord's

    "You just feel that we're on the cusp of the real game beginning. If England mop up these final two wickets final sharpish, then how they bat tonight will go a long way to deciding the course of the game. No more than one down and they will be in good shape. Three or four down and New Zealand could even win tomorrow."

  82. Post update

    Phil, thank you. A pulsating afternoon session, but one in which England failed to to wrest New Zealand's grip on this game.

    They could do with wrapping up this New Zealand innings quickly, but it's after that that the real work begins as England try to bat themselves back into this match. This could be a big session for Alastair Cook and Adam Lyth.

  83. Post update

    My work here is done. I now hand you back to m'colleague James Gheerbrant, who will see you through to the close. Seems cruel, considering Jos Buttler's struggles behind the sticks, to say bye.

  84. Tea scorecard

    New Zealand 507-8 (127 overs) - lead by 118

    Batsmen: Watling 47*, Henry 8*

    Fall of wickets: 148-1 (Latham 59), 148-2 (Guptill 70), 337-3 (Taylor 62), 404-3 (McCullum 42), 420-5 (Anderson 9), 470-6 (Anderson 9), 470-7 (Craig 0), 493-8 (Southee 11)

    Bowling figures: Anderson 29-7-88-1, Broad 26-4-77-2, Wood 25-2-82-2, Stokes 21-2-105-0, Moeen 24-3-89-3, Root 2-0-6-0

    England 389: Root 98, Stokes 92

    Full scorecard

    Kane Williamson
  85. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    John Noble: Please please please England beat NZ as I'm on holiday with nine Kiwis. The loss would involve much mickey-taking.

    Marc: Surely Cook has to be dropped as captain or all together if England lose to NZ. You'll have no chance with the Ashes.

  86. Aggers meets Joanna Lumley

    During the interview we'll be hearing from actress Joanna Lumley on Test Match Special. In fact, she is talking to Aggers right now...

    Joanna Lumley
  87. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "I thought Mark Wood's spell was great. That's what England fans have been waiting to see for a long time, a young bowler running in with pace. But New Zealand are in a real strong position, England have got a real fight on their hands."

  88. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Callum Johnstone: Another one of these that will never ever been given with DRS, brave umpiring to say out straight away!

    Richard Parfitt: We criticise umpiring practice so often, so when they get it right credit is due - microphoning up the third ump is brilliant.

    James Richardson: Been watching cricket since the 2005 Ashes aged 10 and I'm still yet to see one of those close calls go the fielding sides way.

    Alastair Cook had a low slip catch upheld on review in the recent Test against the West Indies in Barbados, James. Shai Hope was the batsman.

  89. NZ 507-8 (Watling 47, Henry 8)

    Henry rubs salt in the wound by slashing a four through backward point off the penultimate ball of the over. That is tea. New Zealand by 118. We'll have a 20 minute break before play resumes for a final session that is likely to go until about 19:30 BST.

  90. Post update

    Jonathan Agnew

    BBC Test Match Special

    "It's rather sad that, because it gives the impression that the fielder has tried to pull the wool over everyone's eyes, but Root will have been convinced that he caught that."

  91. Not out

    After numerous replays the umpire crosses his arms and Watling survives. Root seemed convinced he'd taken that. But New Zealand remain just eight down.

  92. Post update

    Is this out? It is a gloved Anderson ball to Root at point by Watling. The umpires need to see if the fingers are under the ball or not?

    If it is out, Anderson will be on a hat-trick to claim his 400th Test wicket!

  93. Dropped catch

    NZ 502-8

    I'm going to give Ian Bell the benefit of the doubt here and say it is not really a dropped catch. Bell gets his fingertips to a punched drive down the ground by new man Henry off Moeen but can't get a hand around it. Along with four more byes and a single that is nine runs from the over.

  94. WICKET

    Southee c Wood b Anderson 11 (NZ 493-8)

    After Watling is nearly run out at the striker's end from a throw from Root and Southee beaten all ends up by a ball that nips away from Southee, the latter falls to a poor swinging shot to a short ball that sends the ball spiralling into the sky to be claimed by Wood, who does a little gallop celebration like King Arthur in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. All he's lacking is coconuts.

    Mark Wood celebrates
  95. NZ 489-7

    Broad has been out the game for a while but he is called into action as Watling swats a full Moeen ball towards the leg boundary. Broad dives but fails to prevent four. The keeper follows that up with a reverse sweep that flicks the ball into the ground and between Buttler and slip for a second boundary. New Zealand fighting back after Moeen's double wicket salvo.

  96. Email

    Elizabeth in London: What a great addition it is to be able to hear the third umpire. Rod Tucker sounds a good guy: thorough but quick, articulate and courteous. This ability to hear their considerations could create a new fan base for umpires! And will show up ditherers.

  97. NZ 480-7 (Southee 9, Watling 34)

    Joanna Lumley is still in attendance and appears to be having an absolutely fab... no, I can't do it. I'd be letting myself down, the BBC down and, worst of all, you down. Anderson has hit first go at Southee but his initial inswinger is flicked to leg for a single. The two share a word or two as they pass (entirely cordial I'm sure.)

  98. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Jay: Ali is playing as a specialist spinner who can bat a lot. How can he possibly be underrated?

    Moeen Ali bowls
  99. Post update

    Andrew Samson

    BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "Kane Williamson batted 1,001 minutes between dismissals in Test cricket.

    "Tim Southee has a higher percentage of his Test runs in sixes than any other player with over 1,000 runs."

  100. NZ 478-7 (lead by 89)

    So much for playing yourself in. Southee pats Moeen's first ball back to him, then launches the next high over mid-on for a one-bounce four. An inside-edged drive on to his pad is as exciting as it gets for the remainder of the over.

  101. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Ben Wire: On a job in the French Alps; shocked at the test! Bigger mountain than me to climb! Off for a beer, suggest you do the same.

    Matt Barron: I'd like to take claim for those 2 wickets. Just got home from the pub, put the TV on and 2 fall straight away. You're welcome.

  102. NZ 474-7

    Watling is now the senior man for New Zealand. He is certainly capable, with four Test hundreds to his name, including 142* in his previous Test to this against Sri Lanka in January. However, he wafts ineffectively at Anderson, who claims a maiden.

  103. Scorecard update

    New Zealand 474-7 (120 overs) - lead by 85

    Batsmen: Watling 33*, Southee 4*

    Fall of wickets: 148-1 (Latham 59), 148-2 (Guptill 70), 337-3 (Taylor 62), 404-3 (McCullum 42), 420-5 (Anderson 9), 470-6 (Anderson 9), 470-7 (Craig 0)

    Bowling figures: Anderson 25-6-77-0, Broad 26-4-77-2, Wood 25-2-82-2, Stokes 21-2-105-0, Moeen 21-3-71-3, Root 2-0-6-0

    England 389: Root 98, Stokes 92

    Full scorecard

  104. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "I don't think New Zealand want to score too many more. If they can get a lead of 120 or 130 and then get England three down tonight, that's more important than extra runs. You'd like to bowl in these conditions, it's cold, it's overcast, but it's important that Southee and Boult bowl a heck of a lot better than they did in the first innings."

  105. NZ 474-7 (Moeen 21-3-71-3)

    Tim Southee is the new man, in at nine. He starts positively with four from a powerful cut from a short Moeen ball that Mark Wood let through him when he should have stopped it. Poor finish, but a superb and vital over nonetheless.

  106. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Merlyn: Mo. You beauty. Should have bowled much earlier.

    Gee: I do feel Mo is underrated, doesn't get the credit he deserves.

  107. WICKET

    Craig lbw Moeen 0 (NZ 470-7)

    Out! It looked pretty clear-cut and so it proved with the replay offering no doubt to the one-field umpire's call that Moeen's delivery was destined to clatter Craig's castle. Suddenly, the game has taken a shift courtesy of a change of bowling and some quality deliveries from Moeen. Credit where it is due to bowler and captain.

    Moeen Ali appeal successfully
  108. Umpire review

    Moeen wastes no time in trapping new man Craig on the pad. He looks bang in front but the batsman reviews. He might as well, they have reviews in hand. I can't see him surviving, though.

  109. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "Williamson is the glue that holds this New Zealand batting side together. Alastair Cook had put a short leg in after that sweep and it's paid off for him. But it was a super innings, technically correct, he just caressed the ball into the gaps."

    Kane Williamson
  110. WICKET

    Williamson c Ballance b Moeen 132 (NZ 470-6)

    Alastair Cook and Moeen Ali have taken some stick of late but this can be considered a mini triumph for bowler and captain. The spinner floats a ball that draws Williamson forward and into an uncontrolled flick that is snaffled by Ballance at the short leg Cook has stuck in. A superb (albeit somewhat checked) honours-board innings from Williamson comes to an end. It is a key breakthrough. How quickly can England make further progress?

    Moeen Ali celebrates with his teammates
  111. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    John M Butt: If there is not a major discussion as to why England are so inept in taking 20 wickets after this we may as well give up.

    Richard Wilkinson: If they think this is a tough day at the office wait until the Aussies arrive…

  112. NZ 470-5 (Williamson 132, Watling 33)

    Anderson are still working frantically on the ball to salvage the last dregs of swing. Anderson finds a touch but not enough to trouble Watling who illustrates his growing confidence with a drive through mid-off for four to bring up the 50 partnership in 88 balls. Watling has 33 of them.

  113. Post update

    Stephan Shemilt

    BBC Sport at Lord's

    "It's chilly at Lord's, don't go out without a jacket. Sights spotted on a lap of the ground include an army of gurkhas, a man watching rugby on his mobile phone, another in an ill-advised blazer and flips-flops combo and Chris Tremlett having a pint."

  114. NZ 466-5 (Moeen 20-3-67-1)

    Cook opts for a change of tack with the spin of Moeen Ali but it doesn't start ideally as Watling plays a pre-determined paddle to bring him four runs down to the fine leg. Watling's dodgy knee is then put to the test courtesy of a sweep that brings him a gingerly scampered three.

  115. How's stat?!

    England have not lost to New Zealand since March 2008, winning six and drawing four of the 10 Tests they have played.

    Alastair Cook, Ian Bell, Ross Taylor and Brendon McCullum are the only surviving players from that game in Hamilton, which New Zealand won by 189 runs.

    New Zealand beat England at Hamilton in 2008
  116. NZ 459-5 (Watling 22, Williamson 132)

    The drinks break before Stokes' last over looks to have benefited New Zealand more than England. Anderson is a tad short with his first ball and Williamson latches on to it in a flash to pull for four through midwicket. After the fireworks of the first few overs following the restart a sedate hum has settled again at HQ.

  117. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "England have bowled so well, they could have had a lot more. Watling hasn't looked like a batsman with four Test centuries, and that's testament to England's bowling. The one bowler who could improve is Stokes. He's like a rough diamond - I like his bowling, but he bowls too many easy, hittable balls."

  118. Post update

    Ed Smith

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "Batting looks very hard at the moment. I think it might be in New Zealand's interests not to hang around here - I'd be looking to play very positively."

    Bradley-John Watling batting
  119. NZ 455-5

    It has been a tough little period for Williamson since he reached 100. He is having to dig in. He still has class on his side, though, which he demonstrates with a glorious drive through cover that only lacks a bit of power and brings him three. Watling hasn't looked very comfortable so far but he picks up four more runs with a cut through backward point.

  120. Email

    Dave Wood: It would be good if the ignoramuses blaming Cook for a lack of application would realise that with the selection of bowlers he has at his disposal any moves are very limited. He has a flat track but now see what if any difference the humidity brings. We need a Mitchell Johnson to pep up our penetration and Swann back. Fielding practice may be needed as well as a batting review to freshen up with Bell out for a rest.

  121. NZ 448-5 (Watling 18, Williamson 125)

    Wood gets a well-deserved rest as England's leading Test wicket-taker, Jimmy Anderson, returns to the attack. Jimmy's is a far more controlled, serene approach to the crease and this brings a relative calm to proceedings for his first over. Consistent line, consistent length, Williamson and Watling watchful.

  122. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Ben Fox: Totally believe that Mark Wood has cemented his place in the England team with this one game.

    Steve Lawley: Leave Bell alone. Basic problem is three number 6's when we need another specialist bowler.

  123. NZ 447-5

    Gladstone Small is in the house, enjoying a lovely glass of white wine. He'd have loved to be bowling in these conditions in his pomp. Stokes is unfortunate again with a climbing bouncer that Watling gets underneath with little control and miscues down to fine leg for four. To compound the bowler's woes, Watling then flashes a drive through cover-point for another boundary. Stokes looks like he wants to chew his floppy hat in frustration.

  124. NZ 439-5 (Watling 10, Williamson 124)

    Mark Wood is loving this Test cricket lark. He has a grin on his face as he talks mid-off through the movement one of his deliveries just made. In context of this spell, this was a relatively calm six balls. England are firmly on the offensive, though.

  125. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Nick Ivory: Everyone going at Bell. He is one of and remains one of England's top cricketers. Drops happen.

    Robert Fanner: Cannot believe I'm seeing calls for Ian Bell to be dropped. Come on, he's not a Stokes delivery...

    Tom Coghlin: Calls to drop Bell are ridiculous. Proven high class Test batsman. You don't drop a player because he drops a couple of catches.

  126. NZ 438-5

    This New Zealand pair are getting a deeper probing than an alien abductee at the moment. Stokes sends another quick, rising delivery past the outside edge of Williamson's bat. Amazingly, Stokes doesn't have a wicket to his name this innings. Ian Bell can take some of the blame for that.

    Ben Stokes looks dejected
  127. Email

    Dean Johnson: I once played a Saturday league game for Southend on Sea CC 3rd XI when our keeper had just let 50 byes and the few home supporters clapped his fifty. We were all perplexed in the field until word spread and laughter broke out, not for our poor keeper. He then went on to bat, getting a duck!

    Poor Jos Buttler is 22 byes and counting this innings.

    Jos Buttler
  128. NZ 436-5 (Williamson 123, Watling 9)

    Ben Stokes needs a bit of treatment to plaster up a finger injury. Can't imagine it will prevent him bowling, though. You'd have to prize the ball out his grip in this conditions. Equally Wood, who is really looking the part. He digs one in short to Williamson that the batsman fends at and then watches firstly in horror than relief as the ball trickles past his stumps. Wood then goes wide to Watling and angles a delivery in that swings past the outside edge at pace before getting one to leap off a length and send shudders through the number seven's bat. This is gripping Test cricket.

  129. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Dan Stephens: Bell next for the chop. It's an easy decision. Drop Bell, Ali up to 6, pressure off him as main spinner, option for extra bowler.

    Simon Goodall: Ian Bell living on past glories. KP must be thinking what he's got to do to get back in.

  130. Post update

    Stephan Shemilt

    BBC Sport at Lord's

    "Wicketkeeping is difficult at Lord's - the ball often moves or dies after it has passed the bat. Jos Buttler has experienced those problems in this match, but he has also taken two absolute screamers down the leg side to give England a sniff of getting back into this match. Further wickets requited, though."

  131. NZ 435-5

    It is all happening. Watling picks up his first boundary with a slash through backward point and then gets a second by following a short one to flick over the slips. England won't mind the runs at the moment as they are hardly coming in the most convincing fashion. There are wickets to be had with good bowling.

  132. Can we expect more rain?

    No, according to the BBC weather forecast. After that hour-long delay after lunch, it looks dry over Lord's for the rest of the day.

    Weather forecast
  133. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Jack Mendel: Wood has made things happen. Sure he hasn't been the most reliable and consistent, but at least he's made batsmen jump.

    Stoney: Hopefully Dizzy Gillespie will improve Mark Wood as Wood has an action very reminiscent of the new England coach elect.

  134. NZ 427-5 (Watling 1, Williamson 122)

    If England hit the right areas they can make plenty happen here. It is darting around like Road Runner after 15 cups of coffee. Wood jags one right through Watling and over the stumps. He then goes wider in the crease to Williamson and catches an edge that drops just short of Cook at first slip. He completes a superb over by firing one past a half-hearted prod from the Kiwi top-scorer. Take a bow Mark Wood. Top stuff.

  135. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Kean Martin: Ian Bell at it again. Surely put Lyth into his regular position and get Bell out of there.

    Merlyn: Ian Bell you are a disgrace.

  136. Post update