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Marc Higginson, Stephan Shemilt and Mark Mitchener

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  1. Post update

    And that is where we shall leave it.

    Can England show some fight, or will this most one-sided of Ashes series continue towards an Australia landslide?

    Join us tomorrow to find out.

  2. Post update

    I could say that the first hour tomorrow is important, but I wouldn't fool you. The most important time to come in this match is when England put the pads on for their second innings. They will either be following on, or batting to save the match. Either way, it requires a very long effort.

  3. Text 81111

    Jamie in London: Weren't we saying during the NZ series that if we are to embrace this new attacking brand of cricket we'd have to expect and support the odd collapse like this. That didn't last long.

  4. Close-of-play scorecard

    Mitchell Marsh

    England 107-8 (40 overs) - trail by 374 runs

    Batsmen: Moeen 8*, Wood 8*

    Fall of wickets: 30-1 (Cook 22), 46-2 (Lyth 19), 60-3 (Bell 10), 64-4 (Root 6), 83-5 (Bairstow 13), 84-6 (Buttler 1), 92-7 (Stokes 15), 92-8 (Broad 0)

    Bowling figures: Starc 6-2-14-0, Johnson 8-4-21-1, Lyon 9-2-32-2, Siddle 10-4-18-2, Marsh 7-2-18-3

    Australia 481: Smith 143, Warner 85, Voges 76; Finn 3-90, Moeen 3-102, Stokes 3-133

  5. Post update

  6. Post update

    Simon Mann

    BBC Test Match Special

    "301 runs, 15 wickets but a strangely unsatisfying day of Test cricket, not that Australia will be complaining."

  7. Post update

    Has an Ashes series ever been completed with every match failing to get to the final day? That is what we are facing here, unless England find some fight and/or a bit of rain.

  8. Email

    Ethan Carr: Everybody has been celebrating England's performances and as soon as we play badly it's back to the old pessimistic ways. When will us fans ever be satisfied?

  9. Post update

    It might also interest you to know that Gary Ballance, more runs in this series than Adam Lyth and Jos Buttler, has made an unbeaten 98 for Yorkshire today.

  10. Email

    Peter Howard: I know we've regained the urn, but I think this is a pretty strong shout for the worst Ashes series ever. Terrible batting from both teams at various points, multiple no-ball wickets and some fairly flukey bowling. I don't think South Africa or Pakistan will be quaking in their boots.

  11. Post update

    More from Steven Finn: "There's still 12 wickets for them to get on a pretty good batting wicket. We have to get through the tricky periods. There's a lot of fight in us yet. We're very much looking to get ourselves out of this situation."

  12. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Stephen Wright: Awful day to be a neutral surely. Zero application by one side and zero contest. Good day for the Aussie contingent no doubt.

    Nelson the Cat: The most inept England team to win the Ashes. With thanks to the Australian selectors for not picking Siddle before now

  13. Post update

    England bowler Steve Finn on Sky Sports: "We're disappointed, we've had a very, very poor day. Australia batted well then showed us how to bowl.

    "It's not a 107-8 pitch. It's a good wicket, but Australia have got more out of it than we did. We didn't bowl well, but not badly either.

    "We have to fight tomorrow."

  14. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Graeme Donaldson: Geoffrey Boycott in full flow is a thing to behold. He's absolutely right too.

  15. Post update

    More from Australia batsman Steve Smith on Sky Sports: "You can leave balls on length here, I couldn't get in a real rhythm for my first 20 runs but the more time you spend out there, it gets easier. It was part of my game plan to wait for balls to hit."

    On the no-balls: "They probably haven't called as many as we actually balled - Mitch Johnson, most of the balls he bowled in his first spell were apparently no balls."

    On making England follow on: "It's not my job yet, Michael Clarke's got to decide!"

  16. Post update

    Jonathan Agnew

    BBC Test Match Special

    "If this is the modern way, it's the wrong way. Somehow there needs to be a reminder that an equally important part of Test cricket is to play defensively."

  17. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "You need to know when you defend and when you attack. England have committed hari-kari.

    "Lyth grafted then Siddle comes on, his second ball is a loosener, a lollipop and he pulls it to deep square leg. Your career is at stake here. Then Bairstow, then Stokes pulling, trying to win the game.

    "Buttler can't get a run - he's like a rabbit caught in the headlights of Ashes cricket. A seven-year-old schoolboy would have played better. There has to be a question mark over his Test future. His mind and confidence look shot for Test cricket - it's pathetic."

  18. Post update

    After Alastair Cook was bowled by a very good delivery from Nathan Lyon on the stroke of tea, the procession really got under way in the evening. In all, seven wickets for 46 runs. Some, like Joe Root and Ian Bell, fell to very good balls. Others, like Jonny Bairstow and Ben Stokes, played idiotic pull shots. Jos Buttler inexplicably missed a straight ball. Adam Lyth moved closer to the axe.

  19. Post update

    Australia batsman Steve Smith on Sky Sports: "That's the best we've bowled all series, we created pressure, made them earn their runs and got eight wickets, so it speaks for itself. There's enough there in the wicket if you hit the right spot. I was disappointed not to get more runs in the third and fourth Test, but pleased to get some today."

  20. Post update

    But the sniff was snuffed out by Mitchell Starc's 52-ball 58. Along with Smith, he took Australia to 481 all out. Still, with the sun shining and the pitch looking good to bat on, England should have held no fear. Cue the carnage.

  21. Post update

    It was actually going reasonably well for England this morning. Steve Smith completed a hundred for the Aussies, but four wickets in the second hour, including two in one Moeen over, saw England reduce the Aussies to 376-7 at lunch. They had a sniff.

  22. Post update

    Jonathan Agnew

    BBC Test Match Special

    "When the going gets tough, they run for the hills. There's been no application, no determination to turn the game around. They simply have a swipe and get out."

  23. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "It was a wonderful day watching if you were a neutral. If you were an England supporter, you're staggered. That was a pathetic display of batting.

    "England have got sucked in. They believe their own publicity - we're going to play attacking, aggressive cricket. There was some really really bad cricket. We want application, we want fight, we want some adaptability to the conditions."

  24. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Peter Fletcher: It's very straightforward: England just need to stop playing test matches in London.

  25. Post update

    Can you quite believe that? England, so dominant since Lord's, have been kicked all round The Oval. Is it the conditions? A series-winning hangover? Or do Australia only do the business in London?

  26. Post update

    Jim Maxwell

    BBC Test Match Special

    Michael Clarke

    "That is another extraordinary day of Ashes Test cricket. Australia have got England on the run - hopelessly on the run."

  27. Close of play

    Eng 107-8

    The carnage is over, until tomorrow at least. England, the Ashes winners, have been steamrollered by a brilliant display from a wounded Australia. In replay to the Aussies' 481 all out, England have limped to 107-8. It's looking for all the world like this series will end up as one of the most bizarre 3-2 scorelines you could ever see.

  28. Text 81111

    Andy, Worcester: Only Yorkshire folk could be questioning Moeen's role in this side. Daryl Mitchell to replace Lyth, I say.

  29. Eng 107-8

    The rarest of rare things, a Siddle bad ball, is flicked for four by Moeen, who gets nothing else remotely hittable. Off-stump. Leaves and defence. One to come.

  30. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Rory Taylor: The good thing about our tickets for tomorrow is that we'll get to see Cook lift the Ashes.

  31. Eng 103-8

    Last over of the day, to be delivered by Peter Siddle...

  32. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Stuart Foster: England have won the Ashes because they are marginally less worse then Australia.

  33. Eng 103-8 (trail by 378)

    Moeen does that thing that Australia did but England have been incapable of - leave the ball. Mitchell Marsha, Test-best figures to his name, skids from the sunshine towards the shadows and explores the off-stump channel. Moeen not interested. A siren is heard in the distance. It's an ambulance for this England innings. I'm afraid it's too late.

  34. Eng 102-8 (trail by 397)

    Why have all the Test matches in this series been so one-sided? Why has neither team been able to put up a fight when they are behind? Where's the spirit of Mike Atherton? In the England dressing room, Ben Stokes has his hand on his head on his hand as he looks at a laptop, while Jos Buttler leans on the door like a man denied entry to a nightclub. In front of him is a cuddly rabbit. Is it signalling no-ball? Three overs left, have to be bowled by 18:30.

  35. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Gareth Evans: Good to see England have my Friday-evening-at-work attitude and have stopped doing any proper work.

    Langs_London: This is like turning up to your own party, throwing up on your guests and falling in your cake...

  36. Eng 101-8 (trail by 380)

    Cheers for the Wood boundary that takes England past 100, while the fact they have made it to 18:20 means they wouldn't have to follow-on tonight. There are songs inside The Oval for the first time in the match. England fans awake when their team is getting thrashed.

  37. Wood caught off a no-ball on 4

    Eng 97-8

    Scratch the wicket, yet another batsman is caught from a massive no-ball. Not just a small no-ball, but a massive no-ball. Poor from Mitchell Marsh, poor from Mark Wood to edge to first slip. Very, very poor from Kumar Dharmasena not have spotted the over-step. Why isn't he watching? That's twice today. Still, the bowler should be behind the line.

  38. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Ben Stokes

    Paul Mitchell: Is this the poorest quality Ashes ever? Laughably bad cricket throughout.

    AC: Obviously I am delighted with the #Ashes result but the standard of cricket has been unbelievably low.

  39. Eng 92-8 (trail by 389)

    There are six overs left in the day. Are you backing England to get through them? As we've said before, it's like England have been playing a different sport, on a different surface. Whereas Australia showed patience, England have opted for the bull-in-a-china shop style of batting. Edge from Moeen Ali, just short of first slip. Every ball is a wicket-taking grenade.

  40. Eng 92-8 (Marsh 5-2-8-3)

    If you've just joined us, this is not Australia batting. England really are 92-8. The Ashes winners have lost seven wickets for 48 runs. On a pitch where Australia scored 481. In the sunshine. Mark Wood the new man. He can't do much worse.

  41. WICKET

    Broad c Voges b Marsh 0 (Eng 92-8)

    Mitchell Marsh

    What I meant to say is that England will do well to make it through the night. On a road, in the sunshine, they have been reduced to 92-8. Stuart Broad never looked like resisting and fends Mitchell Marsh to first slip, where Adam Voges take a good catch. Are England still hungover from Trent Bridge? Already on holidays? Either way, this is awful.

  42. Eng 92-7

    Michael Clarke

    Replays show the rare celebrations of the Aussie fans in the background as the ball dropped into Nevill's gloves. Michael Clarke has a smile on his face. I don't think we've seen that since Lord's. Stuart Broad the new man, playing and missing then edging short of Clarke at second slip. England might not make it through the night...

  43. WICKET

    Stokes c Nevill b Marsh 15 (Eng 92-7)

    Ben Stokes

    Did I say that this pair were showing application? Scratch that. Ben Stokes is the second man to join the 'Idiotic Pull Shot Club', not bothering to have a look at Mitchell Marsh and instead trying to belt the ball to Vauxhall station. Marsh's first delivery, short of a length, a Stokes pull shot going straight up and into the paws of wicketkeeper Peter Nevill. Awful and ugly.

  44. Email

    Nicholas Carvallo: More questions than answers after this series I'm afraid. Cook, Bell and Lyth offer nothing when opposition score big, it's got to be a time for some youth...

  45. Eng 92-6 (trail by 389)

    A shadow creeps across the outfield, looming menacingly behind Nathan Lyon as he prepares to deliver the ball to this pair of left-handers. Nice from Lyon, dippy turny, but this seventh-wicket pair are showing a modicum of application. Atmosphere non-existent in the ground, the crowd must have been stunned into silence.

  46. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Christopher David: Poor looking scorecard but still - it's not 60 all out is it...

  47. Eng 88-6 (Stokes 13, Moeen 1)

    Ben Stokes

    Eeesshh that's quick from Mitchell Johnson, forcing Ben Stokes to jack-knife backwards to make sure he doesn't take one on the bonce. The speedo up towards 90, Stokes doing well to force off the back foot for a couple. Stokes gets into his stance, checks his box (I would too if I was facing Mitchell Johnson) and looks calm in defence.

  48. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Joe Bishop: So what we've learnt from this series is that England shouldn't play cricket in London.

    Joe Penrose: England slowly collapsing like a flan in a cupboard.

  49. Eng 86-6 (trail by 395)

    England spectators

    That England collapse from 46-1 to 84-6 was 5-38. Surrender in the sunshine. Ten overs left in the day, England have lost four wickets in the last 10. Lyon with the first, dipping the ball in to Moeen Ali, who shows that rarest of things; a solid defence.

  50. Post update

    Simon Mann

    BBC Test Match Special

    "Even with the iffy forecast for Sunday and Monday, Australia are taking the rain out of it."

  51. Eng 85-6 (need 197 to avoid follow-on)

    Graeme Swann has correctly spotted that Moeen is still wearing the same lid. He gives a thumbs up to Ben Stokes, but you suspect he should be ready for more chin music. Incidentally, there was immediate concern from Michael Clarke, who only needs to look at the black band on his arm for the reminder of the dangers of a short ball.

  52. Post update

    Graeme Swann

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Moeen Ali should be changing his helmet after being hit there. Like motorbike helmets... once they've been hit, you need to change them. You can't take any chances these days."

  53. Eng 85-6

    Welcome to the bear pit, Moeen Ali. A Mitchell Johnson bumper finds the target, pinning Moeen on the back of the head. Will the real Australia please stand up? Where has this been all series?

  54. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    James McHale: Cricketing equivalent of taking the ball home. Capitulation in the face of a big total.

    Jonny Lipsham Studio: I have seen primary school batting in the Scottish Highlands better than this!

    Darrell Reynolds: I know we have won the Ashes but to bat like this on a flat wicket is a disgrace!

  55. Eng 85-6 (Lyon 7-2-27-2)

    Jos Buttler

    Looking again, Buttler has missed that ball by miles. In the midst of an Ashes win, little has been made of the England wicketkeeper's struggles in this series. He's kept well, but managed only 80 runs at an average of 11. Is his place secure? Moeen Ali the latest pushed out of the door in an attempt to halt the Aussie charge.

  56. Post update

    Graeme Swann

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    Australia's players celebrate

    "It was a good ball from Lyon, from round the wicket, enticing Buttler to drive. He's bowled through the gate but he shouldn't have been driving at that so early in his innings. It was ludicrously loose. England are 84-6 on a featherbed."

  57. WICKET

    Buttler b Lyon 1 (Eng 84-6)

    Jos Buttler is bowled by Nathan Lyon

    This is very, very inept from a team that has won the Ashes. Jos Buttler is the latest to join the procession of shame, somehow missing a straight ball from Nathan Lyon. Round the wicket, length, middle stump, Buttler driving to leave a gap big enough to drive a tank through. Bowled through the gate. Awful. The Oval quieter than silent. England on the way to a shellacking.

  58. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Matthew Warne: Shocking from Bairstow.

    Peter Wickham: Before today Bell averaging 53 in series, now 47. Drop him? Why?

  59. Eng 84-5 (Johnson 6-3-19-1)

    Jonny Bairstow

    It's hard to describe how poor that was from Bairstow, a man who was bounced out by Johnson at Edgbaston. The trap was so obvious, Johnson could have shouted it would be a short ball from the end of his run. Two men on the hook, a short leg. Still, it wasn't a particularly good ball. Bairstow was trying to fetch a ball from well outside the off stump with a paddle pull. Is he definitely on tour this winter? He averages 27 in 17 Tests. Jos Buttler the new man.

  60. Post update

    Graeme Swann

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    Jonny Bairstow

    "If you play a pat-on-the-head hook shot and you get it wrong, it just spoons up in the air. It was so wide he could have square-cut it. England miles behind and five down."

  61. Post update

    Jonathan Agnew

    BBC Test Match Special

    "I just don't get the inability of either team to get their heads down and knuckle down. I don't care if it's the modern way - it's the wrong way."

  62. WICKET

    Bairstow c Lyon b Johnson 13 (Eng 83-5)

    Mitchell Johnson

    Jonny Bairstow, this is absolutely awful. Your team are four down for nothing, you are facing Mitchell Johnson for the first time in your innings and you decide to pull your first ball. Did you see Nathan Lyon lurking at deep square leg? Not even the obligatory wait to check the no-ball can save you. Be away, back to the pavilion. That was village.

  63. Email

    Charlie Drayton: Sorry to play the pessimist but there are far more concerns in this England team than many are suggesting, and this series win has mostly been down to poor Aussie batting. The captain is not getting significant runs and doesn't have a solid opening partner, and there's still confusion over the role of Moeen Ali...

  64. Eng 82-4

    More danger for England, Mitchell Johnson is at the end of his run. The evening sunshine feels like the time Johnson is at his most blood-thirsty.

  65. Post update

    Graeme Swann

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "This has shades of Lord's about it - you come to the capital, the wicket is more batsman-friendly and their bowlers put it in the right place. Thank heavens Peter Siddle didn't play the whole series."

  66. Eng 82-4 (trail by 399)

    Nathan Lyon

    Spin, Nathan Lyon replacing Peter Siddle and immediately creating a chance. His shaven head round the wicket to Stokes, who flat-footedly edges past the helpless Michael Clarke at slip. Every ball an event at the moment, mainly because each one carries a wicket threat. There are 13 overs left in the day. You wouldn't bet much that England will make it to the close five down.

  67. Which ground produces the best matches?


    We asked you to vote on which Test ground in England produces the best matches, taking into account the pitch and atmosphere.

    A hefty 39% of those who voted said Edgbaston, with Trent Bridge second on 16% and Headingley third on 14%. Click on the 'Vote' tab for the full results.

  68. Eng 70-4 (trail by 411)

    A final point on the Root dismissal. Yesterday, Michael Clarke was sent on his way by Snicko largely because he had been given out on the field. The on-field umpire thought there was an edge, the technology said there was a sound, on your way. Here, Root was given not out on the field. Is a slight spike on Snicko really enough to conclusively prove he hit it? Marsh as a shadow from a floodlight lies across the wicket, Stokes driving imperiously for four.

  69. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Ashley Wells: This is a carbon copy of Lord's. It'll be somewhat embarrassing parading the Ashes if we end up being thrashed.

    Mike Speirs: After weeks of unbelievable English cricket, normality returns.

  70. Eng 66-4 (trail by 415)

    The one-sided nature of this series continues. All four matches, regardless of who was victorious, have been won at a canter. This time it's Australia who are dominating, Michael Clarke buzzing around, pulling strings like a man captaining for the first, not the last time. Siddle has provided both control and threat, again he probes Jonny Bairstow. Scoreboard at a standstill, wickets in peril.

  71. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Michael Clarke reviews a decision

    Charlie Rhodes: Was there really enough evidence to overturn the decision?

    Martin Nesbit: OK, how do I turn these wicket alerts off now?

  72. Eng 64-4 (Marsh 3-1-4-1)

    Steve Smith and Michael Clarke

    There was varying degrees of appeal from Australia. Bowler Marsh and second slip Adam Voges were convinced, keeper Nevill and second slip Michael Clarke didn't even go up. To reiterate, nothing on Hot Spot, Root given out on the evidence of Snicko. Further replays show how it took about five Australia fielders to convince Clarke to review. The upshot is this; Ben Stokes is the new man, England need this red-haired pair to dig them out of a big hole.

  73. WICKET

    Root c Nevill b Marsh 6 (Eng 64-4)

    Joe Root loses his wicket

    This is not the end we have heard of this dismissal. Joe Root is given out on the evidence of Snicko, with third umpire S Ravi saying the spike of noise coincided with the moment the ball passed the bat. Root stomps off shaking his head, while Australia are roaring with delight. Boos inside The Oval. Either way, England are drowning in the soup.

  74. Umpire review

    Eng 64-3

    Mitchell Marsh appeals

    Lots of replays. It was a jaffa from Marsh, bouncing and moving away. Still we wait.

  75. Umpire review

    Eng 64-3

    Nothing on Hot Spot, but there is a hint of something on Snicko. Remember, Root has been given not out, so we need evidence to overturn.

  76. Umpire review

    Eng 64-3

    Australia are absolutely convinced Marsh has Root caught behind. Huge appeal, followed by a shake of the umpire's head. Cue review.

  77. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Mike Ball: Confused by the talk around Moeen Ali replacing Lyth at the top of the order for England. Did no one learn from Trott opening?

    Huw Braithwaite: In the last year or two England have really struggled to chase big scores. Need a solid top order in place!

  78. Eng 64-3

    Joe Root

    Joe Root talks to himself. Not just a few words, but a whole conversation. Something along the lines of "is there any chance of someone else getting some runs. I can't keep digging these clowns out of trouble". If he is irked, his mood won't be improved by one from Marsh that spits and hits him on the hand. Then...

  79. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Tony Kibble: England 60 for 3, that's twice as much as we normally get for three down. #Babysteps #improvement

  80. Eng 61-3 (trail by 420)

    Ian Bell

    As the shadows lengthen, it's looking like a different game. At times yesterday and today, Australia's progress was serene, while England didn't look like taking a wicket. Now, every ball seems fraught with danger. Funny how that happens when one side racks up 481. Bairstow away with a single.

  81. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Steve Ashfield: Two more cheap dismissals from Lyth and Bell, how many more chances will they get just because we have a winning side.

    Evan Samuel: Got to wonder how Siddle would have gone at Edgbaston and Trent Bridge, really. Bowled, son.

    Ewan Ramsay: Siddle what a beauty. Should have been in team since day one.

  82. Eng 60-3 (Siddle 5.3-2-11-2)

    Peter Siddle

    Siddle celebrated with an Alan Shearer-style arm-raised run, while The Oval responded with, well, nothing. What was supposed to be an Ashes coronation is heading towards a spoilt party. Replays show just how good a ball that was from Siddle, literally clipping the top of the off bail. Jonny Bairstow the new man. Yorkshire v Australia.

  83. WICKET

    Bell b Siddle 10 (Eng 60-3)

    Ian Bell

    Peter Siddle, where have you been all summer? An absolute rozzer does for Ian Bell, angling in, pitching on middle, nipping away to defeat the leaden-footed batsman and trim the top of the bails. A drinks carrier all summer, Siddle now has Lyth and Bell, while England are slipping into a deep spot of bother. The Oval is silent.

  84. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Richard J Law: England have actually won the Ashes with only 10 men per game as Lyth has contributed pretty much nothing.

    Jack Weston: Goodbye Adam, you've had your 9 Lyths.

  85. Eng 60-2 (trail by 421)

    Mitchell Marsh, a haircut you can set your watch to, scurries in, shaping the ball away from Ian Bell under blue sky and fluffy cloud. Lots of chat about the England XI for the next Test against Pakistan. If Moeen does open, presumably England will still need a reserve batsman. Alex Hales? Gary Ballance? Good over from Marsh, just an inside-edged single from it.

  86. Scorecard update

    England 59-2 (22 overs) - trail by 422 runs

    Batsmen: Bell 9*, Root 6*

    Fall of wickets: 30-1 (Cook 22), 46-2 (Lyth 19)

    Bowling figures: Starc 6-2-14-0, Johnson 5-3-17-0, Lyon 5-2-14-1, Siddle 5-2-11-1, Marsh 1-1-0-0

    Australia 481: Smith 143, Warner 85, Voges 76; Finn 3-90, Moeen 3-102, Stokes 3-133

  87. Eng 59-2 (trail by 422)

    Don Bradman of live texters? You're too kind, Higgo, but the truth is nearer Mark Lathwell. Nineteen overs remain in the day, Australia with their tails up and the backing of heavy scoreboard pressure. England in survival mode.

  88. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Adam Lee: My England XI vs Pakistan: Cook, Ali, Bell, Root, Bairstow, Stokes, Buttler, Rashid, Wood, Broad, Anderson.

  89. Eng 59-2 (Bell 9, Root 6)

    The Oval

    It's a glorious evening now - spectators using cards given to them to signify boundaries to shelter from the sun, gentlemen of a certain vintage sipping refreshing beverages. You get the picture. In the middle, Peter Siddle gets Joe Root to nick off but the catch drops short of the slips. And with that, my time is up. Here's the Don Bradman of live texters, Stephan Shemilt.

  90. Eng 59-2 (trail by 422)

    Time for some Mitchell Marsh, who shapes a nice delivery past Joe Root's outside edge. Displaying his inconsistency, however, he then strays down leg and the batsmen help themselves to a leg-bye. Maiden.

  91. Email

    Joe Root

    Daniel Webster: Win lose or draw, the one thing I want now from England is for the top order to stay in for a bit and a get a score. This Root to the rescue business is getting a little worrying. If this team is going to prosper going into the future the 1, 2 and 3 need to become more consistent

  92. Eng 58-2

    Joe Root, like Michael Clarke, has a back problem. And, like Clarke, he is wearing a jumper while batting. It's not affecting him too much at present though, the right-hander flicking a couple off his pads and into the leg side. There's then some goalkeeping practice for Peter Nevill when a Peter Siddle delivery shapes towards first slip. Plenty in it for the bowlers. A good pitch.

  93. Knives out for Lyth?

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Ian Bradley: Lyth finds an even more disappointing way than his usual caught behind to get out, nothing shot, surely end of road.

    Toby Pimlott: Get a wicket alert on the BBC app and could have told you before I looked it was Lyth getting out #shock

    You can sign up for BBC wicket alerts (Adam Lyth included) here...

  94. Eng 54-2 (Bell 9, Root 4)

    Jonny Bairstow appears to have his eyes closed on the England balcony. He'll soon wake up when Mitchell Johnson whistles one past his nose. Joe Root is relishing the battle, grinning like a schoolboy who's just been told off for talking in class as he evades another bouncer. Which, coincidentally, was a no ball. One of many sent down by the quick man.

  95. Post update

    Simon Mann

    BBC Test Match Special

    "Even if Australia win the Ashes here in 2019, they won't have won a Test series here for 18 years - they've never gone longer than that without winning here."

  96. Eng 54-2 (trail by 427)

    Peter Siddle

    Ian Bell has three half-centuries this summer, yet it still feels like he's not quite fulfilled his obvious potential. Joe Root has two centuries and two fifties. More adept at kicking on? Peter Siddle is doing what he does best, bowling dot ball after dot ball. The type of over which would end in a Kevin Pietersen dismissal back in the day. His figures are spoilt, however, when Bell drives four through the covers.

  97. Knives out for Lyth?

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Karl Reynolds: I blame the 666 on Lyth's chest...should have opted to skip it!

    CHaMbO: I think he's used up all his Lyths.

    Fenners: Lyth was stitched up by his captain when he chose to spend a day & a half chasing leather, rather than batting on a flat deck.

  98. Ashes souvenirs

  99. Eng 50-2 (Bell 5, Root 4)

    Joe Root

    A penny for Jonny Bairstow's thoughts. Mitchell Johnson is bowling the type of spell which sent the young Yorkie packing at Edgbaston. What a delivery that was - the best of the series for me. Fast, hostile, at the throat and Bairstow edged behind.

    Joe Root is being peppered and the short leg is waiting ready to pounce. MJ has his tail up. Like a shark circling an injured surfer, he can smell blood. Another maiden.

  100. Get ready for the Rugby World Cup

    New Zealand

    It's nearly time for the next major sporting event - and in preparation we've added rugby alerts to the BBC Sport app.

    You can get the line-ups, scores and results for your country and club sides; stay right across the match even when you're out and about.

    And with cricket, football and Formula 1 alerts also in the app, you can now get all the scores that matter as they happen.

    If you're not sure what push alerts are, they are little pop-ups which tell you when something of direct interest to you has happened, for example your country or club side have scored a try, or your football team have scored. More details here.

  101. Eng 50-2 (trail by 431)

    Peter Siddle has spent the early part of the summer playing for Lancashire and he's more than useful in these conditions - running one past Ian Bell's outside edge. A lot of energy goes into his bustling run-up, yet he's nothing more than an 85mph bowler. Good as he is at what he does. Another maiden. Three in a row.

  102. Ashes souvenirs

  103. Eng 50-2

    Mitchell Johnson

    Mitchell Johnson is brought back for a burst. Joe Root and Ian Bell have seen it all before... but do they have the ability to do something about it? Ian Healy reckoned every batsman in the world could pick Shane Warne but they just couldn't play him. Joe Root manages to duck beneath a rapid bouncer. Clearly rattled he wafts at one outside off stump.

  104. Email

    Ben from Alberta: I am interested in this idea of batsmen talking to themselves. We had a fast bowler in school in the UK who was constantly talking to himself. He was a bit nutty anyway so we never thought anything of it, but he was a wicked bowler so it obviously helped. Who else talks to themselves at the crease etc?

    Ex-West Indies batsman Carlisle Best (uncle of Tino) used to commentate on himself while batting!

  105. Celeb spotting at The Oval

    Former England bowler Stuart Meaker rubbing shoulders with Apprentice stars...

  106. Eng 50-2 (trail by 431)

    Nathan Lyon is round the wicket to the right-handers, an air of expectation surrounding his every delivery. From the bowler and the close fielders at the very least. The sort of aura which Shane Warne had throughout his career. The sort of aura you suddenly get when you bowl the England captain with one which pitches on leg and takes out off.

  107. Knives out for Lyth?

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Adam Lyth

    Bobbinson Crusoe: Spent ages like half of Yorkshire calling for Lyth's inclusion, but he just seems out of his depth I'm afraid.

    Andy Donley: As Lyth throws his wicket away in embarrassing fashion, Hales approaches a run-a-ball double century at Warwickshire...

    Paul Lewis: What is Lyth doing playing a shot like that when you are trying to save a Test match? Surely his England career is over now.

  108. Eng 50-2 (Bell 5, Root 4)

    Joe Root

    Joe Root marches to the crease with England in another sticky situation - both openers gone with less than 50 on the board - and he smashes his first ball for four. His second? It's a loud leg-before appeal but the ball is clearly going down leg.

  109. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Adam Lyth

    Evan Samuel: That'll be Lyth out for P45, then...

    James 'Tinch' Stride: And with that stupid shot goes Lyth's England career.

  110. Post update

    Phil Tufnell

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    Adam Lyth walks off after losing his wicket

    "He played nicely and then a rash, horrible shot - Lyth will be unhappy with that. He would have been wanting to make a mark on this Test, bearing in mind tours to be picked..."

  111. WICKET

    Lyth c Starc b Siddle 19 (Eng 46-2)

    Peter Siddle

    Can you believe it? The lesser spotted Peter Siddle, who is also of lesser pace than his seam bowling colleagues, drops one into the middle of the pitch and Adam Lyth plays a horrible pull shot which sees the ball spoon to mid-on.

  112. Ashes souvenirs

    We asked what souvenirs the Aussies can take home from this Ashes tour. Here's one we came up with...

    Send us your ideas for Ashes mementos.

    Where's my urn?
  113. Eng 45-1 (Lyon 1-14)

    Adam Lyth

    Adam Lyth is playing Nathan Lyon well, which bodes well for his chances should he go to the UAE this winter. He rocks back in his crease and cuts four backward of point. He's got the start he craves, now he's got to build on it. As I type though... there's a play and miss and an edge drops short of first slip. Shows what I know.

  114. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    John Rodway: When was the last Ashes series when neither batting captain scored a hundred?

    Rory Taylor: Steve Smith has had a bad series but is still the highest run scorer, couldn't stick around when it mattered.

  115. Eng 40-1 (trail by 441)

    Mitchell Starc bowls some spiteful deliveries at times, one rearing off a good length and smashing into the fingers of Ian Bell. A scream of anguish follows. As he runs through to the other end, that must surely be one of the most painful singles he's ever scored.

  116. Are there 99 different explanations?

    Text 81111

    Mike in Liverpool: The '99' was coined in Portobello, Scotland, in 1922, by the Arcari family, who owned a well known ice cream shop there. They sold ice-creams with half a large 'Flake' inserted in the top, and reputedly gave it the name based on living in 99 high street.

    Richard, Bishop's Stortford: An ice cream served in a cone with a Flak e99 is the UK's favourite ice cream. In the days of the monarchy in Italy the King had an elite guard consisting of 99 soldiers. Subsequently anything really special or first class was known as "99".

    Christian from Essex (and others): It's called a 99 because the flake had to be 99 millimetres long.

  117. Eng 37-1 (10 overs)

    Nathan Lyon

    Nathan Lyon has a spring in his step. When a spinner realises the pitch is turning on day two, it's like finding a fiver in an old suit jacket. Pure glee. Adam Lyth gets back in his crease and watches the ball onto the bat as shadows begin to form on this sunny Friday evening. A leg-before shout when the ball strikes Lyth on the pad but it's outside the line and there's a little inside edge too.

  118. Ashes souvenirs

  119. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Mark W: 'Calypso Collapso' is seen in newspaper extracts from the early 1970s on the film 'Fire in Babylon'. It referred to the Windies.

    I take it all back... I must've heard it before and not realised. I'll get my coat.

  120. Eng 36-1 (Lyth 12, Bell 2)

    Ian Bell opens his stance ever so slightly to deal with the left-arm angle of Mitchell Starc, talking to himself as the bowler runs up. He's not the only one - Ricky Ponting would tell himself to concentrate before each delivery. Bell knocks a single to square leg where Chris Rogers runs round the ball before fielding it. Taking the scenic route.

  121. Email

    Stalky George: Alex Hales chugging along nicely at Trent Bridge, fast approaching three times what the whole of Australia managed at Trent Bridge. England have to fit him in somewhere. He is a match-winner!

  122. Eng 35-1 (trail by 446)

    Ian Bell is off the mark with a gentle push into the off side. Adam Lyth raises him with a late cut for four.

  123. Eng 30-1

    With 34.5 overs left in the day, Ian Bell strides out to start his innings alongside Adam Lyth. Spin first up as Nathan Lyon finishes his over.

  124. Get Involved

    99 debate

  125. Around the counties

    Alex Hales

    Alex Hales has plenty of people advocating him for a Test call-up - and they will be pleased to hear he's currently 170 not out for Nottinghamshire as they've reached 307-1 against Warwickshire in the County Championship. He's added an unbroken 246 with Steven Mullaney, who has 107.

    Meanwhile, England discard Gary Ballance is 35 not out in Yorkshire's 215-5 against Sussex.

    You can listen to commentary on all county games on the BBC Sport website.

  126. Text 81111

    Dan in London: All this talk about Lyth struggling - he only needs to score 489 in this match to top the averages for England in the series...

  127. Sri Lanka v India update

    Kumar Sangakkara

    At the P Sara Oval in Colombo, India were bowled out for 393 on the second day of the second Test, with KL Rahul hitting 108, while there were fifties for Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma and wicketkeeper Wriddhiman Saha. The ageless Rangana Herath took 4-111.

    In reply, Sri Lanka closed on 140-3. Kaushal Silva made 51 and Kumar Sangakkara 32 in his final Test.

  128. Ashes souvenirs

  129. Post update


    It appears there's been a study on '99s' done before. Well worth a read - over here.

  130. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Tony Kibble: 99 is from an Italian origin where 99 means special or first class.

    James 'Tinch' Stride: An ice cream with a flake was a 99 cos it used to cost 99p! Now it's like £2.50 ha! Not got the same ring to it...

  131. Get Involved

    Afraid not, James. We do have an office Oxford fan but it's not me.

  132. Post update

  133. £2,000 to watch a Ashes Test