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  1. Goodnight!

    And, on that note, it's time for us to say goodbye. Thanks for your company today.

    Go and get your head down now. Nothing too arduous tonight. It's a big day tomorrow: transfer deadline day.

    Make sure you're across BBC Sport for all of the big deals. Night!

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    Text 81111 (UK only)

    SMS Message: All this talk about Rashid and Test cricket. If you never try him you will never know. He has one bad game and the knives come out. Can't judge someone's ability to play Test cricket on one Twenty20 match. Do we question Finn being a Test player when he's gone for nine an over? from Marshy
  3. Post update

    Man of the match Moeen Ali, speaking on Sky Sports: "It was a great game. It is good to contribute. I thought we were 10-15 runs light but we bowled well, especially at the end. I am happy to bat wherever.

    "To get the wicket of Maxwell was a big thing. Hopefully I'll bowl more in the ODIs. We are confident and playing well."

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  5. Captain's reaction

    England captain Eoin Morgan, when asked if England have enough T20 matches before next year's World Cup: "It's not enough. We're trying to keep as many guys in and around the squad who are part of our one-day and T20 future. That will make it easier."

  6. Captain's reaction

    England captain Eoin Morgan, speaking to Sky Sports: "It was brilliant, a great game of cricket to win. You can learn a lot from playing in close games against top opposition. It was impressive the way Ben Stokes bowled that final over and delivered his skills after just finishing a five-game Test series. He stuck his chest out and bowled very well.

    "Ben Stokes's catch changed the momentum of the game because the wicket meant it was difficult for a new batsman to come in and score quickly."

  7. Captain's reaction

    Australia players at the end of the game

    Australia captain Steven Smith on Sky Sports: "It was one of those games. Similar innings from both teams. At the end , England were able to hit a few more boundaries, which made the difference. We were hot and cold with the ball but credit to Eoin and Moeen.

    "Pat Cummins was getting the ball through nicely. It is good to see the young fella back playing. All those young players are raring to go for the one-day series.

    "We couldn't get another partnership going after me and Glenn [Maxwell] and that was a big difference. We were in a good position but the middle order couldn't get a boundary away at a crucial time to leave us in a better position in the last two overs."

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  9. Post update

    Mel Jones

    Former Australia captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "I think Reece Topley stood up. It is really hard coming in to a big game against one of the best T20 teams in the world. But he had good variation and didn't panic at any time. He is a find and one England can develop."

  10. Post update

    The two teams meet again in Southampton on Thursday for the beginning of the five-game 50-over series. Judging by this game, it should be an entertaining set of ODIs. The perfect way to round off a memorable summer.

  11. Time for the imaginary horse?

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  13. 'Stokes is a superstar'

    England all-rounder Moeen Ali on TMS: "We bowled brilliantly at the end. It was a great win and it is good to be back. It is great to see the captain in such good form ahead of the one-dayers. Watching against New Zealand, I really missed it. The way the boys played suits the way I want to play.

    "We just needed one wicket when that partnership was built. Smith and Maxwell are good players and thankfully I was able to make the breakthrough. Ben Stokes is a superstar in our team. It is good to have him."

  14. Post update

  15. Email

    Rob: How can anybody make a judgement that a leggie's performance in T20 has any bearing on suitability for Test cricket?

  16. Post update

    Eoin Morgan and Ben Stokes

    The players walk off the field, congratulating each other as they go. On the sidelines, the women's teams sit together after enjoying the drama of that failed Australian run chase.

  17. End-of-innings scorecard

    Australia 177-8 (20 overs) - England won by five runs

    Batsmen: Stoinis 10*, Starc 0*

    Fall of wickets: 4-1 (Warner 4), 12-2 (Watson 8), 124-3 (Maxwell 44), 161-4 (M Marsh 13), 165-5 (Smith 90), 172-6 (Wade 2), 174-7 (Coulter-Nile 0), 175-8 (Cummins 0)

    Bowling figures: Willey 4-0-34-2, Finn 4-0-39-1, Topley 4-0-35-1, Rashid 3-0-32-0, Stokes 4-0-29-1, Moeen 1-0-3-1.

    England 182-5 (20 overs) - Morgan 74, Moeen 72*, Cummins 2-25

    Australia won toss

    Full scorecard

  18. Post update

    Great stuff from Ben Stokes there. A final over delivered in the style of Lasith Malinga with all those yorkers. So that's another series England have won this summer, albeit a one-game one.

  19. Aus 177-8

    England win by five runs

    Ben Stokes

    England win! What a gem of a final over from Ben Stokes. Six runs, three wickets. Job done.

  20. WICKET

    Cummins run out 0 (Aus 175-8)

    There it is. England have virtually sewn up the match now. Another run out, Ben Stokes taking the bails off following a throw from the deep.

  21. WICKET

    Coulter-Nile c Rashid b Stokes 0 (Aus 175-6)

    Adil Rashid and Moeen Ali

    Yes! What an over this is from Ben Stokes. A full ball is hammered into the sky by Coulter-Nile and Rashid makes no mistake with the catch, coming in from third man.

  22. Aus 174-6

    On the money now, though. A perfect yorker. Dug out. Just the one. Nine from three.

  23. Aus 173-6

    Oh, Ben, what are you doing? A short, slow ball dribbles down leg side for a wide and a gift of a run to Australia.

  24. Aus 172-6

    Marcus Stoinis

    Marcus Stoinis has to win this for his team now after that sloppy run out. A play and a miss to a Ben Stokes yorker. Eleven needed from 4 balls.

  25. WICKET

    Wade run out (Stokes) 1 (Aus 171-6)

    Ben Stokes

    Ben Stokes steps up to the plate. His are a broad pair of shoulders on which to rest England's hopes. And he doesn't disappoint, keeping his calm as the Aussies look for two runs to Morgan down at long-on but make a complete mess of it to leave Wade stranded and run out.

  26. Post update

    Mel Jones

    Former Australia captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Steve Smith was in control then all of a sudden everything has swung back in England's favour."

  27. Aus 171-5

    The final ball of the penultimate over is in the block hole and punched down the ground for a single. Australia need 12 to win from the final over.

  28. Post update

    Kalika Mehta

    BBC Sport at Cardiff

    Quote Message: The sun has come out and so have a large number of stewards, who are standing by the boundary edge intently as the match reaches an exciting climate. The 8,000 or so fans that have been here since 10am are going strong, although there are a few who seem to nodding off. It’s a wonder how any person could sleep through the interesting music choices of this DJ.
  29. Aus 170-5

    Just a single from a Willey yorker. Well bowled.

  30. Aus 169-5

    The new batsman is Matthew Wade, but he's at the non-striker's end as Marcus Stoinis clubs four through the leg side.

  31. Post update

    Mel Jones

    Former Australia captain on BBC Test Match Special

    Sam Billings and Ben Stokes

    "Steve Smith just 10 shy of a hundred, England fielders know that might be the wicket that sways it back to them."

  32. WICKET

    Smith c Billings b Willey 90 (165-5)

    David Willey

    Huge. Smith pops one up to Sam Billings who is in the deep on leg side. England have their man. That could be the game-winning moment. Take a bow, though, Steve Smith. 90 from 53 balls.

  33. Aus 165-4

    David Willey round the wicket and Stoinis tickles a single.

  34. Aus 164-4

    Willey to finish his allocation. Just one from his first as Smith pulls to deep mid-wicket.

  35. Aus 163-4 (need 20 from 12 balls)

    Marcus Stoinis, on debut and with less than 100 T20 runs to his name in his entire career, is the new batsman. He punches an easy single down the ground to give the strike to Steve Smith. A yorker ends Reece Topley's spell and it's dug out for another single by Smith.

  36. Post update

    Mel Jones

    Former Australia captain on BBC Test Match Special

    Reece Topley

    "Take a bow Topley, he had the confidence to bowl the slower ball, he's obviously got some good variety and that will help his confidence."

  37. WICKET

    Marsh b Topley 13 (Aus 161-4)

    Mitchell Marsh is bowled by Reece Topley

    Brilliant from Topley, who picks up his first international wicket with a slower ball that out-wits Marsh. The Aussie batsman swings and edges on to his own stumps. A much-needed wicket for England. It is not Smith but it is very, very welcome. The home side have a chance now.

  38. Aus 161-3 (need 22 from 15 balls)

    Awful fielding from Moeen Ali who takes his eyes off the ball and it snakes through his crossed legs for four. Mitchell Marsh will take that. Steve Smith might want to think about his century from here but his main focus is clearly on the team effort as he continues to play his shots - muscling a single into the leg side.

  39. Email

    David in Spain: Although it pains me to say so, I don't see Adil Rashid as a Test spinner. But where on the current county circuit are we going to find a Daniel Vettori?

  40. Aus 155-3 (28 runs needed off 18 balls)

    Smith lets out an almighty groan as he misses a slow bouncer that loops past his flashing bat. He then punches one into the off side for a single before Marsh is then kept to one. Good second half of the over but all the damage was done in the first half by the brilliant Aussie skipper.

  41. Post update

    Mel Jones

    Former Australia captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "It was almost like Smith wanted to make it harder for himself by hitting a six over the longest part of the ground. The beauty of his innings is he's hitting boundaries at the start of the over so his partner doesn't feel pressure."

  42. Aus 153-3 (target 183)

    Steve Smith

    The muscular, left-handed David Willey rubs his head in disbelief as Steve Smith shuffles across his stumps, takes the ball from outside off and then nonchalantly clips four round the corner. Next up, he drives six over extra cover. Wow. Just wow. Double wow.

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  44. Aus 142-3 (Required run-rate 10.25)

    Reece Topley

    Impressive stuff from Topley, who finds a good variation of length and pace to give the Aussie pair nothing to swing through and limited them to just four more runs. He has taken to international cricket very well.

  45. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Andrew Symes: Is it now at the stage that "G'day Bruce" should be replaced by "G'day Mitch" as an Aussie stereotype?

  46. Aus 138-3 (target 183)

    Reece Topley returns and comes round the wicket to the right-handers. Eoin Morgan cajoles his men between deliveries, knowing the difference fielding similar to the catch Ben Stokes produced can make. Good variations, just four added to the score in the first three balls.

  47. Post update

    Mel Jones

    Former Australia captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Such a similar style of innings, early wickets for both sides and then a big partnership."

  48. Aus 134-3 (49 runs needed off 30 balls)

    Stokes now has the ball in his hand, but Smith is in no mood to let this slip now. He plants his front foot and swings through to hammer another four wide of mid-on. A dive from Finn prevents Marsh picking up another boundary. It is all on the Aussie skipper now. If he sticks around to the end, England lose.

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  50. Aus 127-3 (target 183)

    That brings Mitchell Marsh to the crease. You still have to fancy Australia unless England make a couple more breakthroughs.

    While Ben Stokes returns to his fielding position, probably feeling 10 feet tall, my eye is drawn to a lady who is watching Stokes intently - almost like a proud mother. I think Stokes's parents live in New Zealand but his mother would certainly have been proud of that catch. Just three runs and a wicket in the over. Great work, Moeen.

  51. WICKET

    Maxwell c Stokes b Moeen 44 (Aus 124-3)

    Ben Stokes is at it again! The Durham man has an awesome pair of hands - as he illustrated in the Test at Trent Bridge - and he is the perfect man for Maxwell to pick out with a pull off Moeen Ali's first ball. Stokes races round from deep mid-on, dives and takes it. Massive wicket for England. Massive.

  52. Aus 124-2 (need 59 from 42)

    Steven Smith, like Moeen Ali earlier in the day, is showing he's a man for all formats too. Whenever he goes big, Australia win the game. It happened in the Ashes this summer, of course - two centuries, two wins. He's enjoying this now, playing a baseball-like swat through the off side for a single. He didn't time that one as well, but the ball went off the bat like a bullet. Eoin Morgan looks worried and turns to Moeen.

  53. Aus 120-2

    Smith and Maxwell are doing to England what Morgan and Moeen did to them. England desperately need a wicket. They turn to spearhead Finn. The big bowler is spared conceding a second-ball boundary with a superb diving stop from Sam Billings but is then absolutely smashed for a huuuuuge six into the stand at mid-wicket by Smith to bring up the 100 partnership.

  54. Aus 110-2 (target 183)

    Steve Smith

    Steve Smith is not only hitting some pretty big shots, he's also scampering between the wickets and turning ones into twos. Great batting.

  55. 50 for Smith (Aus 107-2)

    Smith is hitting it hard. Very hard. He dances down and powers the ball back past Rashid to move to 50 from 30 balls.

  56. Aus 102-2

    Australia taking control now, Adil Rashid delivering some buffet bowling and Glenn Maxwell helps himself to six. The Big Show was almost salivating over that delivery.

  57. Aus 96-2 (87 to win off 54 balls)

    Ben Stokes

    Nice footwork from Stokes, following up his own ball to back-heel the ball on to the stumps to try and run Maxwell out. He doesn't but he shows Shane Watson up again in the process.

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  59. Aus 94-2 (target 183)

    Steve Smith

    Steve Smith runs at Ben Stokes but plays a wild swing and miss. He connects with the fourth delivery of the over though, throwing the kitchen sink outside off stump and getting four. It's like he can turn the big shots on like a tap.

  60. Aus 88-2

    Australia are moving along nicely now, keeping that required run-rate in check at just under 10 an over. They get a bit greedy, though, and Smith is nearly run out looking for a quick second to the arm of Finn following a pull. It is one hell of a dive to get him back in and safe.

  61. Post update

    Isa Guha

    Ex-England seamer on BBC Test Match Special

    Steve Smith

    "Steve Smith is such a brilliant batsmen, he's just one of those players that has such a great variety of shot selection it makes it very hard to bowl at."

  62. Aus 86-2 (Smith 38, Maxwell 33)

    This is a good test for Adil Rashid. Spinning the ball in his hands while he waits to run up and bowl, he ends up dragging one down which Steve Smith fails to put away to the boundary. Just the two. England get away with that one. An expensive over though, 13 coming from it.

  63. Aus 79-2 (target 183)

    A six is hit into the crowd

    Aussies on the charge now... Steve Smith dancing down the track and whacking Adil Rashid for a towering six.

  64. Aus 73-2 (Smith 28, Maxwell 30)

    Plenty of bowling options for Eoin Morgan to choose from in this England team and he opts for the golden arm of Ben Stokes. Like Rashid in the previous over, the Durham seamer starts well, keeping the Aussie pair to three singles before Smith rolls his wrists on a pull and gets himself a four. The skipper gets a bit lucky with the following ball which drops short of Rashid at third man following a flashing edge.

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  66. Aus 64-2 (Smith 22, Maxwell 29)

    Yorkshire leg-spinner Adil Rashid is into the attack and Steve Smith hammers him through the covers, only for Eoin Morgan to produce superman-like fielding to save a certain boundary. Drying his hands on the dirt around the crease, Rashid is milked for a couple of singles which bring up the 50 partnership off 35 balls. Just five from the over. Solid.

  67. Post update

    Vic Marks

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Good game on here. Critical little phase now, kind of them or us. Rashid is coming on. If you're going to bowl him best to do it early than late but it's quite a challenge to bowl to Smith and Maxwell."

  68. Aus 59-2 (Smith 19, Maxwell 27)

    Glenn Maxwell

    Four more. Maxwell is quickly on to a short final ball from Topley, which he pulls to the midwicket boundary. Ominous signs from the Big Show. The partnership is 47 from 31.

  69. Aus 55-2 (target 183)

    A sign of respect for Reece Topley, I reckon. Glenn Maxwell realises the England debutant is a difficult bowler to get away and aims a wild slog which ends with the ball running away behind him for four. He was aiming straight down the ground. The IPL million dollar man then slashes four through point. The acceleration is happening.

  70. Post update

    Vic Marks

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "One of the puzzles for Morgan is he will need some overs of spin. To bowl spin from the River Taff end you want the ball to be doing something because I thought it was short about 30 years ago and they've moved the boundary in since then!"

  71. Aus 45-2 (Run-rate 7.50)

    Finn comes back strongly and causes Maxwell some problems with good pace and length. Just two more runs off the last five balls.

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  73. Get Involved

  74. Aus 43-2

    Steve Smith

    Finn continues. So does Smith, who punches the first ball straight down the ground for six. Looking good the Aussie skipper.

  75. Aus 37-2 (Eng were 22-2 at same stage)

    Reece Topley

    Reece Topley is a tall, wiry young man who delivers the ball in the region of 82mph. Not express pace just yet... but there's time. He's only 21. Bowling a very tidy line and length, he cramps Glenn Maxwell for room and ends his first over in international with a couple of dot balls. Good start.

  76. Aus 37-2

    Reece Topley's first taste of international cricket starts well with a couple of dot balls. He almost gets a wicket with his third ball as Smith lofts a slower ball just over Willey at deep mid-on. It goes for four. We were told the big seamer likes a variation or two.

  77. Post update

    Kalika Mehta

    BBC Sport at Cardiff

    Quote Message: The gymnasts on the boundary edge have changed into Australia outfits and are jumping around as the batters find the boundary. Shane Watson’s dismissal has given the crowd more entertainment, with many of them delighting in the absurd manner of the loss of his wicket. And it turns out that the small pockets of yellow filling stadium aren’t Australia fans but a variety of fancy dress patrons in minion and banana outfits. This is a completely partisan crowd.
  78. Aus 32-2 (Smith 6, Maxwell 14)

    A wry smile from Steven Finn when he bowls a horrible bang-in delivery which Steve Smith turns round the corner for four. The skipper then slashes hard outside off stump, Ben Stokes saving a certain four with a great one-handed stop at backward point.

  79. Aus 27-2

    Maxwell is a true dangerman to England. If he gets going he can eat into this lead in rapid time. He starts Finn's second over as he hammers one down the ground for four. It was full and it got the treatment. But he then tries and quick single after miscuing a drive to Stokes at point and Smith is out by a mile if the fielder hits. He doesn't.

  80. Aus 22-2 (target 183)

    Glenn Maxwell

    Steve Smith, by the way, has never scored a T20 international 50 in 17 innings. He watches on anxiously from the non-striker's end when Glenn Maxwell struggles with David Willey's bounce, almost being run out ball-watching after backing up too far. The Big Show recovers to swivel and help himself to four round the corner.

  81. Aus 17-2

    Smith off the mark with a steer to leg for a single. Maxwell, who didn't exactly set the T20 on fire for Yorkshire this season, follows suit by smashing Willey's second ball through cover for four.

  82. Aus 12-2 (Smith 0, Maxwell 0)

    Time for the Big Show, earlier than he and Australia would have liked. Glenn Maxwell steers a short ball to off and the over ends with a dot ball. England firmly on top.

  83. Post update

    Vic Marks

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    Shane Watson

    "He will never be a ballet dancer, Shane Watson. It bounced backwards and quite high, I don't think he will be a Premier League footballer either. He tried to kick it away but he's gone - another big player out."

  84. WICKET

    Watson b Finn 8 (Aus 12-2)

    Steven Finn celebrates

    Shane Watson is the gift which keeps on giving. After caressing a four through the covers, he then makes a complete hash of a Steven Finn delivery and chops on - failing miserably to kick the ball away before it hit his stumps. The one time he wanted to get a pad on it...

  85. Post update

    Vic Marks

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "That's a big, big wicket because we all know what damage David Warner can do. He was trying to whip the ball on the on side and these edges are so big now it carried very easily to third man. You just would not have expected that ball to come to you at third man. Willey is still a bit of a novice at this level so it's a good start for him. He's a fighter."

  86. WICKET

    Warner c Finn b Willey 4 (Aus 4-1)

    David Willey celebrates

    What a start! It is England's more experienced left-armer - David Willey - who opens up. He took three wickets in a flash for Northants in the semi on T20 finals day a few days ago. And he makes an early impact here, getting Warner in an almighty mess as he looks to turn a short ball to leg and gets a top edge straight to Steve Finn at third man.

  87. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    The England team

    Chris Miller: Enjoying this new look England one day team. Thankfully the dark days of Luke Wright and Jade Dernbach appear to be over.

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  89. Post update

    The England fielders are warming up. Australia's chase will begin shortly...

  90. Vote results

    Vote result

    On the evidence of our vote, you think this game could still go either way, with England slight favourites.

  91. Post update

    BBC Radio Test Match Special

    Australia fast bowler Pat Cummins on TMS: "Morgan and Ali batted tremendously, if you get a couple of set batsmen in it's definitely achievable. I just tried to bowl fast so fortunately it came off at the start. I am sick of carrying drinks so I am buzzing to be in this T20. The wicket kind of skids on a bit so if we can get through the new ball we can kick on."

  92. Middle management

    From the end of over six to the start of over 17, England added 125-0. Take a bow Moeen and Morgan.

  93. Post update

  94. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Moeen Ali

    Tattz: Moeen gives you everything that KP did - positive shots, entertainment, takes the attack to the opposition - minus the ego.

    Colin R Docherty: Morgan class! He is our something different in this side.

  95. Player reaction

    Australia bowler Pat Cummins on Sky Sports: "I was happy to be over here for the Ashes but after a while you want to get out there. I think my first three were all full tosses. I think in T20 you have to bowl fast so I just tried to get it up there. England batted well. There are plenty of runs out there if you get set."

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  97. Captain Cook on your radio tonight

  98. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    Eoin Morgan

    "I don't think the pitch is coming on as nicely as you think but Morgan played some incredible shots, some with both feet off the ground, which takes some incredible skill on a difficult pitch."

  99. End-of-innings scorecard

    England 182-5 (20 overs)

    Batsmen: Moeen 72*, Stokes 1*

    Fall of wickets: 17-1 (Hales 3), 18-2 (Roy 11), 153-3 (Morgan 74), 168-4 (Buttler 11), 180-5 (Billings 2)

    Bowling figures: Starc 4-0-32-1, Coulter-Nile 4-0-24-1, Cummins 4-0-25-2, M Marsh 2-0-21-0, Maxwell 2-0-12-0, Stoinis 1-0-13-0, Watson 2-0-33-0, Boyce 1-0-19-0.

    Australia won toss

    Full scorecard

  100. Post update

    So, Australia need 183 to win - thanks to Moeen Ali who was unbeaten on 72 from 46 balls. Now he's got a job to do with the ball. Of course, Eoin Morgan's 74 off 39 balls was special too.

  101. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Colin R Docherty: Roy, Hales and Billings have struggled with real pace bowling today!

  102. Eng 182-5 (run-rate 9.10)

    Moeen Ali shakes his head. England have stalled a little at the end. Final ball of the innings and it's swiped to mid-off for a single by Ben Stokes. He hit that hard, it went off the bat like a bullet.

  103. Eng 181-5

    Stokes is the new man, with two balls to go. Moeen takes the first of them and swings through a yorker to get a run. Good death bowling from Starc.

  104. WICKET

    Billings run out 2 (Eng 180-5)

    Sam Billings is run out by Mitchell Starc

    Sam Billings laces one to mid-off, charges through for a single but he's run out. After a little confusion where Billings has to wait for a decision, Ben Stokes is charged with seeing the England innings over the line.

  105. Eng 180-4

    One more run as Moeen hits a full ball to the cover boundary, where Stoinis fields.

  106. Eng 179-4

    Moeen Ali back on strike and he slices four over backward point. That'll do.

  107. Eng 175-4

    Starc takes the last over and his first ball brings a single off the edge of Billings' bat.

  108. Eng 174-4

    England pushing for every run now and Moeen Ali just about gets in for a second leg bye. Pat Cummins then nips one back into Sam Billings' midriff at 94mph. Never pleasant. Six from the over. One over to go.

  109. Eng 170-4 (Run-rate 9.19)

    Pat Cummins

    Cummins continues as England look to get as close to 200 as possible. Moeen adds a run before Billings immediately goes on the assault to a short ball but it is too quick for him and he slashes a single. Morgan's wicket has just halted England's momentum.

  110. Post update

    Mel Jones

    Former Australia captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Australia have gone full and straight, they haven't gone back of a length or used any short balls."

  111. Eng 168-4 (Moeen 64, Billings 0)

    Sam Billings is England's new batsman and Mitchell Starc comes round the wicket to the right-hander. Three dots in a row - you don't see that too often. Brief respite for the Aussies.

  112. Post update

    Mel Jones

    Former Australia captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Little cameos like that will help England though and keep pushing them on to a really high total."

  113. WICKET

    Buttler c Cummins b Starc 11

    A nice little cameo from Buttler comes to an end as he plants Starc's third legal ball down the throat of Cummins at mid-on.

  114. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Turkish: We should've declared at 150 and made a game of it...

  115. Eng 168-3 (run-rate 9.69)

    Fans hold up 6 signs

    Jos Buttler takes one ball to get his eye in then cracks four through the off side. Mitchell Starc can barely believe it when he gets one in the block hole and is swiped over cow corner for another six - that's the 11th of the innings. Rattled, Starc delivers another wide.

  116. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Ben Stone: This is brilliant from Eoin Morgan. Really think he is worth another look in the Test side. Not like we are spoilt for choice.

    Andy Donley: The six-hitting potential of this England side is incredible. At least eight players who regularly clear the ropes.

  117. Eng 157-3 (Buttler 1, Moeen 64)

    Jos Buttler is not a bad man to have at your disposal in this position at this time in the innings. The Lancashire keeper is able to stand at the non-striker's end as Moeen adds three before tucking one off his hip to get off the mark. Decent over from Coulter-Nile - five runs and a wicket.

  118. Post update

    Mel Jones

    Former Australia captain on BBC Test Match Special

    Eoin Morgan

    "The back end of that innings was simply scintillating."

  119. WICKET

    Morgan c Watson b Coulter-Nile 74 (Eng 153-3)

    The Australia players congratulate Shane Watson

    You can't keep Shane Watson out of the game. Banished from the bowling attack, he is sent to graze on the long-on boundary where he catches a steepler which ends Eoin Morgan's entertaining 39-ball knock. He caught it well, too. Nonchalant.

  120. Eng 152-2 (Run-rate 9.50)

    Australia turn to Cummins again to try and regain some control. But the game has moved on since his two wickets earlier. Morgan and Moeen are set and they add more runs to the tally with a quartet of singles, followed by the skipper slapping successive sixes. Morgan is on mighty form. 180 is a minimum now.

  121. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Shane Watson and Eoin Morgan

    JoElle: Shane Watson for England's Man of the Match. Yet again.

    Evan Samuel: Can't imagine why Watson was dropped before. Oh, hang on ...

  122. Eng 136-2 (Watson 2-0-33-0)

    Shane Watson is having a stinker. Can you review sixes? Eoin Morgan swipes him back over his head for a flat six. Watson's head has gone. He bowls a wide that fails to land on the cut strip.

  123. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    Eoin Morgan

    "Form is temporary, class is permanent. Again both feet off the ground, he hit it absolutely miles - he's seeing it like a football. I don't think there is anywhere you can bowl to him when he's seeing it like this."

  124. 50 for Morgan (Eng 128-2)

    England fans

    Shane Watson is going to be like the anti-Mr T by the end of this tour. You won't be able to get him on a plane quick enough. Morgan fetches him for another six to pass fifty in just 32 balls. The England skipper has been awesome today.

  125. Post update

    Kalika Mehta

    BBC Sport at Cardiff

    Quote Message: The sun has come out, the stands are packed and Eoin Morgan is giving the fans plenty to cheer about on this Bank Holiday Monday. Almost all of the Australian players on the boundary edges are being treated a bit of good-fun ribbing, although they’ve done well so far to resist the temptation to give a bit back.
  126. Eng 120-2 (100 partnership)

    Moeen Ali and Eoin Morgan

    Shane Watson off-cutter. Eoin Morgan's eyes light up. Over long-on for six. A huuuuuugggge six. These two have now put on 102 runs in 61 balls.

  127. Eng 114-2

    Moeen Ali

    Moeen is opening up in style. He dances down and plants Boyce's fourth ball in the stand. Two singles follow. This has been a chastening experience for the spinner.

  128. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "Well deserved for Moeen, he's got the opportunity to come in at number three. It's great to see them attacking. Boyce is getting put all around the park. Ali is getting into good position and using his full body in the swing."