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  1. Post update

    Well, that was all a bit dramatic wasn't it?

    The debate about whether Ben Stokes should have been out will rumble on into the night, no doubt. But it's time for me to sign off.

    Thanks for your company today and see you on Tuesday for the third game of the series at Old Trafford. Goodnight.

  2. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Benedict Nicholson: Morgan looked so angry talking at the presentation. It was never out, ridiculous decision. Smith stupidly defiant.

  3. Morgan on the Stokes controversy

    England captain Eoin Morgan: "It's difficult. A guy throws the ball in your direction and all you can do is flinch. You don't have time to think. It was a natural reaction to avoid the ball. Mitchell Starc was about five yards away from Ben Stokes.

    "The decision was made. It would have been a lot different if we were fielding."

  4. Man of the match

    Mitchell Marsh, who scored 64 off 31 and dismissed James Taylor with the ball: "It's been a nice start to the series for me. Our batting in the last 15 overs is something we focus on and it's something we've been good at in the last 18 months."

  5. Captain's view

    Australia captain Steven Smith: "I probably don't know the laws right to the tee but if you wilfully put your arm out you're given out and that's the way it went. I don't want to shy away from the fact it was a great game of cricket as well. I thought we showed great character to dig ourselves out of a situation and win this match."

  6. Post update

    Steve Smith confirms that David Warner will be flying home to Australia after breaking his thumb batting today. He was struck by a Steven Finn bouncer.

  7. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Robert Higgins: Be embarrassed if this happened in my village game let alone international cricket.

  8. Post update

    Eoin Morgan says he would have withdrawn the appeal...

    Steve Smith is booed to the podium. "That's disappointing," he responds.

  9. Post update

    Eoin Morgan is now speaking at the presentation. He looks like he's lost a pound and found a penny.

  10. Email

    Andy in Thailand: Cricket used to be played by gentleman, giving the benefit of the doubt. That has obviously been discarded by the Aussies now. Win by whatever means possible.

  11. Post update

    Pat Murphy

    BBC Radio 5 live

    "Reg Dickason, the burly security officer, is there to make sure there is fair play."

  12. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    James Wroath: Smith looked pretty sheepish to me, there will be some bowlers who have just learned a new trick.

  13. Post update

    Pat Murphy

    BBC Radio 5 live

    "The word from the England dressing room is that it's a no-go area and the door is firmly shut. The suits will be in there alongside the tracksuits."

  14. Post update

    Melinda Farrell

    Cricinfo journalist

    "It's hard to criticise a team for using a law when the law exists."

  15. Smith on the Stokes controversy

    Ben Stokes on the ground

    Australia captain Steve Smith on TMS: "It was blatantly out. It might have looked a bit worse because it went back to the bowler but it's exactly the same as me turning for a second run, putting my arm out and stopping the ball.

    "The ball wasn't going to hit him, Stokes was out of his crease, he put his arm out and got in the way of the ball. The ball was going very close to hitting the stumps.

    "If you're out of your crease and you put your hand up to stop the ball, then it's out. If you read the rule book, we're well within our rights to appeal and the umpires have given it out."

    Did he consider withdrawing the appeal: "Not at all. I've got no dramas with that. I thought it was the right decision at the time and I still think it's the right decision."

  16. Post update

    The England lock-in continues. The doors are shut, the lads are all gathered round and they are yet to send anyone down to speak to the media.

  17. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Richard Tatham: It's about gamesmanship vs sportsmanship. This dismissal was correct by the letter of the law, but simply just not cricket.

  18. Post update

    Eoin Morgan and Steve Smith shake hands

    There was a handshake, but I'm not so sure Eoin Morgan is particularly pleased with Steve Smith.

  19. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Philip Heller: Very poor sportsmanship by England fans at Lord's. Umpire decision, suck it up and stop moaning.

  20. Post update

    Cricinfo's Melinda Farrell: "A lot of the Australian journalists in the press box thought it was definitely out. I absolutely feel the third umpire should have watched the replay at full speed."

  21. Post update

    Jonathan Agnew

    BBC Test Match Special

    "The England dressing room doors are closed. I expect they will be deciding what Eoin Morgan can and can't say. There's a lot of media briefing which goes on these days."

  22. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Colin R Docherty: Big fan of Jos Buttler, think he needs a rest. He's played a lot of cricket, plays all formats. Give him the last three games off.

  23. Post update

    Jonathan Agnew

    BBC Test Match Special

    "If it creates any sort of precedent where a bowler thinks he can hurl the ball at the batsman and there's a chance the batsman can be given out, that's wrong."

  24. Post update

    If you're just checking in on the cricket and are wondering what the fuss about Ben Stokes is about, let me tell you.

    Basically, Stokes became the first England batsman to be given out obstructing the field in a one-day international.

    Stokes hit the ball towards the bowler Mitchell Starc, who threw it back at the stumps, and it hit Stokes on the hand - with the all-rounder indicating that he was trying to avoid being hit.

    After the umpires conferred with their TV colleague, Stokes was given out. Five men have previously been dismissed that way in one-day internationals.

  25. Anyone for a cover drive? Vote results

    Ian Bell

    Earlier on today we asked you for your favourite cricket shot and 35% of you voted for the cover drive.

    Full results can be found on the top-right-hand side of the page. Thanks for voting.

  26. Post update

    Alec Stewart

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    On Stokes's dismissal: "I'm 100% clear in my mind on it. The slow motion replay doesn't tell the whole story. You want to play the game tough but there's bad feeling now."

  27. A picture is worth a thousand words...

    Ben Stokes looks on
  28. Post update

    Eoin Morgan talks with Steve Smith after the match

    As soon as the match ended, Steve Smith went over to Eoin Morgan and the two continued their disagreement over the Ben Stokes dismissal. They'll have to agree to disagree on this, I reckon.

  29. Champagne moment

    Australia win by 64 runs

    Australia celebrate win

    So, Australia go 2-0 up in this five-match series. One more win and they've won the trophy.

  30. WICKET

    Morgan c Maxwell b Cummins (Eng 245 all out)

    And that is that.

    Eoin Morgan holes out, caught in the deep by Glenn Maxwell, and England's late resistance is ended.

  31. Eng 244-9 (need 66 from 42)

    Steven Finn is England's last hope. He clips a single to give the strike to his skipper, but Eoin Morgan plays back three dot balls. He wanted to at least retain the strike. The bowling from Mitchell Starc is just too good.

  32. Post update

    Alec Stewart

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "It was entertaining. Credit Starc - he has been booed since that incident but he does what he does best: swung the ball back into the right-hander and knocked back his leg stump. It's now the last rites."

  33. WICKET

    Starc b Plunkett 24 (Eng 242-9)

    Liam Plunkett is dismissed

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news but...

    Mitchell Starc, who is brought back into the bowling attack against the backdrop of a cacophony of boos, goes round the wicket to Liam Plunkett and take just one ball to rearrange the big Yorkshireman's timbers. Then it's fist pump central for the fast bowler.

  34. Eng 242-8 (need 68 off 48)

    Nathan Coulter-Nile is the man tasked with getting a grip of the England batsmen but trying to pin down Liam Plunkett is akin to trying to stop a marauding bull with a piece of red rag.

    His latest boundary comes via a thick outside edge down to third man. Matching him shot for shot, Eoin Morgan clatters four through the off side. The crowd is loving this! The partnership is now worth 55 runs from 21 balls.

  35. Post update

    Alec Stewart

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "This is wonderful stuff. The game was dead and buried at that last dismissal. Plunkett is trying to match Morgan shot for shot. The last thing Morgan will want to do is lose this game after that exchange of pleasantries with Steve Smith."

  36. Eng 230-8 (need 80 from 54)

    And another four! Liam Plunkett cuts Pat Cummins through the off side. This is great cricket. England have battled off the ropes and are now swinging punches furiously.

    Hang on... make that two boundaries, and four in the over, this time through cow corner. These two have put on 43 off 15 balls.

  37. Eng 221-8 (need 89 from 57)

    Half-tracker from Pat Cummins and Liam Plunkett puts all of his giant frame behind it to clobber four through cow corner.

  38. Eng 217-8

    Liam Plunkett is joining in the fun now, driving Pat Cummins back down the ground for four.

  39. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Mark Savile: Real shame when umpiring decision spoils a game, cheating the fans of a contest.

    John Rodway: Welcome to the post-Michael Clarke Steve Smith era.

  40. Eng 213-8 (need 97 from 60)

    Eoin Morgan in action

    And again. Mitchell Marsh is smashed into the car park (over long-on really!). A mahooosive six from the skipper.

  41. Eng 205-8 (Morgan 71, Plunkett 2)

    Eoin Morgan's going to try and win this on his own now. I'm putting it out there that it would be one of the greatest one-day knocks of all time if he does so. First he carves four over wide mid-off and then he hits six - actually being caught on the backward square leg boundary by Nathan Coulter-Nile.

  42. Eng 194-8 (target 310 off 49 overs)

    The express Pat Cummins welcomes Liam Plunkett with a lifter. England's number 10 is happy to glove that for a single and get off strike. Morgan - hit on the head in Cummins's last over, lest we forget - hooks another bumper for six. The captain won't lie down here.

  43. Post update

    Simon Hughes

    BBC Test Match Special

    "It was a firm blow by Rashid by he couldn't get it past the infield. It's just pressure"

  44. WICKET

    Rashid c Coulter-Nile b Cummins 2 (Eng 187-8)

    Adil Rashid is dismissed

    Start planning for the rest of your Saturday night. This match has gone for England.

    Adil Rashid tries to hit Pat Cummins down the ground, but the pace of the bowler means the bat twists in his hand and he lobs up a catch to a tumbling Nathan Coulter-Nile at mid-on.

  45. Post update

    Alec Stewart

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    On Ben Stokes's dismissal: "He was taking evasive action - common sense will tell you that. He's looking the other way. Show me someone who can catch the ball looking the other way. You would have thought between the three umpires that common sense would have prevailed."

  46. Eng 186-7 (Morgan 54, Rashid 2)

    Mitchell Starc is grazing on the boundary now, but the crowd haven't forgotten - he is booed when he throws the ball back in after an Eoin Morgan single. Is it Starc's fault? If anything, I imagine Steve Smith could have withdrawn the appeal. The umpires usually give the captain that option. Starc was just doing his job. Smith might say the same - he left it to the umpire to decide. Just two from the over as this game begins to peter out.

  47. Eng 184-7 (target 310)

    Eoin Morgan is hit in the face by the ball

    Eoin Morgan is lucky there. He took his eye off the ball and it hit him on the base of the helmet at the back of his head. He wasn't wearing the additional protection which most batsmen now use following the death of Phillip Hughes. Glenn Maxwell points that out. Should it be mandatory now?

  48. Post update

    Alec Stewart

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Pat Cummins is genuinely quick. He's quick through the air when most people are quick off the pitch. Those three full tosses he bowled to Alex Hales in the T20 game were seriously quick."

  49. Eng 184-7 (target 310)

    Pat Cummins is very, very quick and Eoin Morgan fails to get into position for a bouncer which crashes into the batsman's helmet.

  50. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Denise Evans: How could Stokes have done that purposefully? He wasn't even facing the ball! Ludicrous that 'accidental obstruction' wins.

    Rich Lord: That Stokes incident should only have been reviewed in real time. Slow motion takes it totally out of context.

    James Gulleford: I can't believe the people who think that was deliberate! Stokes had milliseconds, 100% instinct to raise a hand to your head!

  51. WICKET

    Woakes c Wade b Cummins 6 (Eng 183-7)

    Chris Woakes is dismissed

    Chris Woakes isn't the first number eight to be troubled by pace and he won't be the last. He's just too slow onto a pull shot and he gets an edge behind to a delighted Matthew Wade. England collapsing to defeat now.

  52. Eng 182-6 (target 310 in 49 overs)

    Maxwell in a hurry once again. Morgan nurdles, Woakes blocks. Australia's grip tightening with every over.

  53. 50 for Morgan

    Eng 181-6

    Eoin Morgan brings up his half-century with two off Glenn Maxwell. He looks like he's silently brooding over that Ben Stokes dismissal.

  54. Eng 178-6 (Morgan 49, Woakes 5)

    Steve Smith and Eoin Morgan exchange words

    Looking back at the replays of Eoin Morgan and Steve Smith immediately after the Ben Stokes dismissal, there's a lot of finger-pointing and raised voices from Steve Smith. Eoin Morgan stayed calm, shook his head and put his helmet back on. Chris Woakes, by the way, is off the mark with a four when he opens the face and the ball runs down to third man.

  55. What is obstructing the field?

    Still unsure? Luckily, the nice people at MCC have made this video, with the help of Stephen Fry.

    MCC video
  56. Eng 172-6 (target 310 in 49 overs)

    Chris Woakes the new man. Maxwell shuffles through the rest of the over. England need 148 off 16 overs and in trouble.

  57. WICKET

    Moeen c M Marsh b Maxwell 8 (Eng 171-6)

    Moeen Ali is dismissed

    Silence descends on the Home of Cricket when Moeen Ali sweeps a ball which is going down leg and top-edges a catch to the safe hands of Mitchell Marsh on the boundary.

  58. Eng 170-5 (target 310)

    Sir Ian Botham, speaking on Sky Sports, reckons Ben Stokes was only thinking about getting out of the way of the ball as it was flung in his direction at close range by a big, hairy fast bowler. Stokes, huddled around a radio in the dressing room, puts his thumbs up. Another good point is made by David Lloyd - the umpire only looked at it in slow motion. It's clearly going to look worse in slow motion.

  59. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Matt: Talk of spirit of the game. The only one breaching spirit was Stokes trying to cheat by stopping the ball hitting the stumps.

    Sam Austin: Lost all respect for Steve Smith there, it's easy to see stokes was just trying to protect himself.

    Vince Kenny: Anybody suggesting that is really out has never played cricket so their opinion doesn't count.

  60. Eng 167-5 (target 310)

    A moment of quiet, the Aussies scream "catch", but Eoin Morgan has got enough of Glenn Maxwell to bunt him down the ground for six.

  61. Post update

    Jonathan Agnew

    BBC Test Match Special

    "I think he was looking to protect himself. In the laws the word is 'wilfully' obstructing the field and I don't think you can say he was wilfully obstructing the field."

  62. Post update

  63. Eng 160-5 (Morgan 37, Moeen 7)

    Moeen Ali is lucky to avoid picking out the boundary fielder when he swivels on a half-tracker but it lands short of Ashton Agar. A sense of calm is slowly enveloping Lord's as the ball is knocked into gaps. Six from the over.

  64. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Mitchell Starc exchanged words with Ben Stokes

    Chipperhull: Surely Stokes was protecting himself there? I would keep out of his way in the dressing room.

    Simon Goodall: That is shocking from the Aussies there. Awful sportsmanship.

    Charles M Renshaw: The series WAS being played in the spirit of the game ... Not anymore!

  65. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "It was a poor decision. Anyone who has played the game knows that when the ball is thrown at you from close range like that you put your hand up to protect yourself. When you see it real time he fears the ball is going to hit him. It was obvious."

  66. Dropped catch

    Eng 154-5

    Is that the break England needed? Eoin Morgan reverse-sweeps Glenn Maxwell and the ball pops up, but a juggling Mitchell Starc grasses it inside the circle. The ball's following him. The crowd cheers.

  67. Eng 151-5 (target 310)

    Mitchell Starc is playing up to the crowd - jokingly threatening to throw the ball back at Eoin Morgan. Next ball up, the skipper flicks a boundary down to fine leg. It's ticking now.

  68. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Jack Blackburn: Hate to say it, but by the letter of the law I think that's out. But that's because the law doesn't cover instincts in real time.

    Matthew Warne: Stokes knew what he was doing. Just didn't get away with it.

    Michael Shaw: So you are out when a bowler recklessly throws the ball back at you and you instinctively protect yourself? How does that work

  69. Eng 147-5

    Mitchell Starc is the pantomime villain now. He's being booed mercilessly. When he bowls a no-ball and the umpire signals a free hit, the members roar their approval. Moeen Ali on strike but he can't do anything with it and has to make do with a single from a leading edge.

  70. How's stat?!

    Stokes is the sixth batsman to be given out obstructing the field in an ODI, after Rameez Raja, Mohinder Amarnath, Inzamam-ul-Haq, Mohammad Hafeez and Anwar Ali.

  71. What is obstructing the field?

    Here's what the MCC Laws say...

    1. Either batsman is out obstructing the field if he wilfully attempts to obstruct or distract the fielding side by word or action. In particular, but not solely, it shall be regarded as obstruction and either batsman will be out Obstructing the field if while the ball is in play and after the striker has completed the act of playing the ball, as defined in Law 33.1, he wilfully strikes the ball with

    (i) a hand not holding the bat, unless this is in order to avoid injury. See also Law 33.2 (Not out Handled the ball).

    (ii) any other part of his person or with his bat. See also Law 34 (Hit the ball twice).

    2. Accidental obstruction

    It is for either umpire to decide whether any obstruction or distraction is wilful or not. He shall consult the other umpire if he has any doubt.

  72. Eng 144-5 (target 310)

    Eoin Morgan strikes me as the kind of bloke who'll tear into the Aussie bowling now he's feeling so wronged. He's joined by another natural strokemaker Moeen Ali. If these two don't take England home, nobody will.

  73. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Ben Stokes looks back at his wicket

    Andrew Morris: On second view, Stokes definitely moved his hand up so I think it's a fair decision. But still. In the spirit of the game I think Smith should have declined the wicket given the circumstances.

    Srihari: Stokes had no reason to do that. The crowd may not like it, but it is the right decision. Will England pay the ultimate price?

    Aamir Mir: Looking at it from a neutral perspective, it is a clear obstruction. He didn't have to raise his hand.

  74. WICKET

    Buttler lbw b Maxwell 0 (Eng 142-5)

    Australia celebrate Jos Buttler wicket

    Indeed it was out. Three reds. It was knocking over the wickets and Jos Buttler troops off.

    England rocking. They are still in shock at the manner of Ben Stokes's dismissal.

  75. Umpire review

    Eng 142-4

    Glenn Maxwell fires one in and Jos Buttler, groping forward, is hit on the pads. Not out. I think it's close and so do the Aussies. They ask for a review.

  76. Post update

    Henry Blofeld

    BBC Test Match Special

    Ben Stokes is given out for obstructing the field

    "I think this is absolutely atrocious, it was a natural reaction. But it's happened, it's in the scorebook. This match is on the boil for all the wrong reasons now. Even the pigeons are on the boil, they are flying around in all directions and they don't like it."

  77. WICKET

    Stokes obstructing the field 10 (Eng 141-4)

    Eoin Morgan and Steve Smith argue over wicket of Ben Stokes

    This is outrageous. I've not seen this before. Ben Stokes threw out his left arm to avoid being hit. He hardly had time to think about it, never mind work out that he needed to get his hand in the way to stop the ball hitting the wickets.

    The third umpire gives it out. Eoin Morgan is unhappy and lets Steve Smith know his feelings. Smith is more heated as he defends his appeal. The crowd boo. This has got spicy now.

  78. Eng 141-3

    Ben Stokes awaits umpire appeal

    Wow... what's going on here? Ben Stokes hammers a straight drive which is stopped by the bowler. Mitchell Starc throws the ball back at an advancing Ben Stokes, who throws his right hand out and deflects the ball. The Aussies appeal. The third umpire is called upon. Drama.

  79. Eng 141-3

    Thanks Justin. The Aussies have put the squeeze on England and now they're going in for the kill by bringing Mitchell Starc back into the attack. Big period coming up. The fast bowler offers up a wry smile when Ben Stokes slashes a boundary through the vacant slip region.

  80. Eng 136-3 (target 310 in 49 overs)

    Where's the Benny Hill theme tune?! Stokes cuts Maxwell, Ashton Agar scampers to his left at short third man, the ball spins to his right. Giggles all round. Apart from Maxwell. Don't make eye contact, Ashton, don't make eye contact. I'll hand you back to Marc Higginson.

  81. Text 81111

    Rob in Sunbury: Taylor's outstanding record in List A cricket must count for something. Nonetheless he rarely suggests permanence at the crease. Perhaps he is a lucky player - he mistimes and misplaces the ball more than most top batsmen but appears to get away with it.

  82. Aussie injury woe

    In case you were wondering why Steve Smith hasn't chucked the ball to Shane Watson, it's because the all-rounder is off the field with a calf strain. Those sixes into the top tier don't come cheap, you know...

    Oh yeah, and David Warner is off with a broken thumb. That's him out of the series.

  83. Sporting selfies

  84. Eng 130-3

    The bustling Marsh continues to give little away. Lucky to get away with a leg-side bouncer, he concedes a paltry two runs from the over. The scale of England's task is mounting.

  85. Post update

    Ed Smith

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    Eoin Morgan in action

    "You sense Eoin Morgan goes through the gears and then he can bring it back again. Not many batsmen are capable of that. Andrew Strauss would say once he went into top gear it became intoxicating and he'd struggle to get back to first gear if needed."

  86. Eng 128-3 (target 310 in 49 overs)

    In stark contrast to Taylor, Morgan looks like a man in full control of his vehicle: unflustered, unhurried and exuding calm. Maxwell drops short and Morgan cuts for four - his first boundary off his 25th ball. He follows it up with a wonderful lofted drive into the vacant area at wide long-off. That deserved more than a couple.

  87. Eng 120-3 (Marsh 6-0-27-1)

    Marsh completes a tidy over as Stokes gets off the mark. The required run rate is now seven an over...

  88. Post update

    Alec Stewart

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    James Taylor leaves the field

    "He's laid the foundations and hasn't been able to build on it. That's his problem. Joe Root goes on to make hundreds at number three and that gets his team over the line."

  89. WICKET

    Taylor c Wade b Marsh 43

    James Taylor is dismissed

    Taylor, who has spent much of this innings trying to get out, finally manages it. There's not quite enough width on that from Marsh as Taylor attempts to guide it to third man. Wade pouches the edge and England must rebuild. Again. Ben Stokes joins Morgan at the crease.

  90. Eng 118-2 (target 310 in 49 overs)

    "Nice, Manuel," shouts wicketkeeper Wade as Maxwell continues to keep Morgan and Taylor in check. Not sure why he's called Manuel - any takers? Another good over - just three singles off it.

  91. Text 81111

    Jim in Sheffield: I'm sorry but Lord's should be a weekday ground, save Saturday for somewhere with atmosphere!

  92. Eng 116-2 (Taylor 41, Morgan 14)

    Eoin Morgan plays a shot

    Morgan gives Marsh the charge.... He doesn't quite get hold of it but he'll collect a couple of runs as the ball lands safely at deep extra cover. I sense England's approach is veering too far towards risky to be sustainable.

  93. Post update

  94. Eng 109-2

    Mitchell Marsh back into the attack with figures of 0-19 from four overs.

  95. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Swansea and England footballer Jonjo Shelvey

    RMU CC: Taylor is a dead ringer for Big Jonjo Shelvy. Could be his little brother.

  96. Eng 109-2 (target 310 off 49 overs)

    Australia hoping to hurry through a few overs here as Maxwell twirls away. Taylor and Morgan nurdling but no boundaries. Job done, Maxi.

  97. Post update

    Jonathan Agnew

    BBC Test Match Special

    "Eoin Morgan keeps talking to James Taylor, which is important. He's vastly experienced in this situation. If you look at the worms, England are actually ahead at this stage."

  98. Eng 106-2 (required run rate 6.58)

    James Taylor in action

    Taylor is throwing his weight (all eight stone of it) behind these strokes, slashing Cummins over and then through cover point. A single off the final ball of the over keeps him on strike.

  99. Post update

    Alec Stewart

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "I'd say the game is evenly poised. England were in a similar position on Thursday and the middle order disintegrated so it's important they learn their lessons. If England are only three down after 35 overs, then it will be a close finish."

  100. Eng 97-2 (target 310 in 49 overs)

    It's time for the Big Show: Glenn Maxwell on from the Pavilion End. Morgan milks his off-spin for a pair of twos and a single to deep cover. Taylor looks nowhere near as accomplished, looping a toe-ended paddle-sweep straight back down the pitch - but safe! Lucky, lucky boy.

  101. Sporting selfies

  102. Eng 91-2 (Taylor 25, Morgan 5)

    The players have had a drink, Eoin Morgan has a new bat and Cummins, sweat-stained hair dangling in front of his eyes, is steaming in once more. Taylor latches on to a half-tracker and sends it whistling through mid-wicket once more.

  103. Post update

    Simon Hughes

    BBC Test Match Special

    "If one player gets 80 off 100 balls, that leaves 200 balls for the rest of the team to get 220 runs, which would get the team up to 300 runs."

  104. Drinks break

    Eng 86-2

    Not sure what's happening here but we're having drinks midway through this Cummins over. I say midway, but we've only had one legitimate delivery - the first a wide, the second going for two leg byes and the third another wide. How unseemly.

  105. Scorecard update

    James Taylor bats

    England 82-2 (15 overs) - target 310 in 49 overs

    Batsmen: Taylor 21*, Morgan 4*

    Fall of wickets: 37-1 (Hales 18), 68-2 (Roy 31)

    Bowling: Starc 4-0-22-0, Coulter-Nile 4-1-23-1, Marsh 4-0-19-0, Cummins 3-0-13-1

    Australia 309-7 (49): Smith 70, Marsh 64, Bailey 54, Maxwell 49; Stokes 3-60.

    England won toss

    Full scorecard

  106. Eng 82-2 (target 310 in 49 overs)

    Oooh, that kept a little low - Morgan, back in his crease, manages to get his bat down just in time and snatch a leg-side single. The last thing England need is for the pitch to start playing up...

  107. Eng 80-2

    Finally Taylor gets hold of one, a rasping pull to mid-wicket's left as Marsh tests him with some short stuff.

  108. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Malcolm Emmett: I feel England need five specialist batsmen rather than relying on bowler batsmen, no matter how good they are.

    Football Fragmento: England having real problems with the pace of Cummins. It's not easy to attack 90mph+ bowlers.

    Andy Pennock: Anyone else think James Taylor looks like a young Vladimir Putin?

    Vladimir Putin
  109. Eng 76-2 (Cummins 3-0-13-1)

    The TV cameras find Derek Underwood in the crowd. And a certain Mick Jagger in one of the posh boxes. Any more for any more? Taylor, meanwhile, is trying to smash the cover off the ball - and not doing a very good job of it. He has 16 off 30 balls.

  110. Post update

    Phil Tufnell

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "There's still space for somebody that everyone else can bat around. Sometimes, it would be good for one of the dashers to realise they have got in, drop anchor and let the guy at the other end play around him."

  111. Tuffers capped

    It's just a shame Phil Tufnell was capped in 1992 and not 1996...

    Gus has offered to correct the mistake...

  112. Eng 73-2 (target 310 in 49 overs)

    Eoin Morgan plays a shot

    Good rotation of the strike from Taylor and Morgan. You sense these two need a big partnership if England are to get close to Australia's 309-7. Four singles from the over.

  113. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Karl Green: It's looking like a bad decision to 'rest' Root. I hope I eat my words.

  114. Eng 69-2 (target 310 in 49 overs)

    Eoin Morgan the new man. Pat Cummins greets him with a snorter of a bouncer that the England skipper fends off in front of his face. Welcome to the crease, Skip.

  115. Post update

    Phil Tufnell

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "It was full, quick, outside off stump. It was a big outside edge and ends another slightly disappointing innings. Again he got going but couldn't convert a 30 into an 80 or 90. Perhaps England are going too hard with this 'brave' cricket."

  116. WICKET

    Roy c Wade b Cummins 31 (Eng 68-2)

    Jason Roy is dismissed

    Gone! Roy chases a full one outside off stump, he can only find the outside edge and wicketkeeper Matthew Wade takes a smart catch diving to his right. Not what England needed.

  117. Post update

    Simon Hughes

    BBC Test Match Special

    "That was a straightforward catch at this level - it was going fast, an uppercut, but it was straight in and straight out."

  118. Taylor dropped on 9

    Marcus Stoinis looks dejected

    Taylor top-edges a cut. Sub fielder Marcus Stoinis, in off the boundary at third man, spills a sitter. Dear. Oh. Dear.

  119. Text 81111

    Jon: Dear fans who are clamouring for Hales to open in the international Test team...can you remind me where he made a meaningful contribution to a match on the international stage? He needs to learn consistency!

  120. Eng 65-1

    Marsh is sporting a couple of days of growth and what looks like freshly washed hair. I wonder if he treated himself to a shampoo-and-conditioner combo during the interval. Four leg byes in that over keep England ticking along.

  121. Vote on your favourite cricket shot

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Mpho Kekana: Brian Lara square cut. Best shot in all of cricket.

    Joe Vidler: Chris Gayle sweeping Brett Lee out of The Oval.

    Mark W: Has no-one mentioned the Sachin Tendulkar straight drive? and of course Phil Tufnell's signature 'close your eyes and hope for the best' shot.

  122. Eng 57-1

    Taylor gets some running repairs to his bat - the face seems to have split. Not sure I'd be happy with that. I hope he kept the receipt.

  123. Post update

    Henry Blofeld

    BBC Test Match Special

    James Taylor in action

    "James Taylor could have been out there - he has to be careful not to get frustrated. Burns turned it over the bar like a goalkeeper."

  124. Taylor dropped on 1

    Eng 57-1 (target 310 in 49 overs)

    ...and he almost has a wicket with his fifth delivery. A frustrated Taylor, with one run off 13 balls, charges.... and slices past a diving Joe Burns at cover point. He ends the over with a much more authoritative stroke for four in the same region.

  125. Eng 51-1

    A change of bowling at the Pavilion End too, Pat Cummins - surely the quickest bowler on either side - replacing Coulter-Nile...

  126. Eng 51-1 (required run rate 6.47)

    An impressive first over from Marsh is ruined somewhat by a boundary off the final ball, although that's more good batting than bad bowling as Roy drives firmly but compactly back down the ground. Well timed, young man.

  127. Post update

    Henry Blofeld

    BBC Test Match Special

    James Taylor plays a shot

    "This is exciting, vibrant cricket. They stalled a little bit in the last game but this is good from England."

  128. Close!

    Roy gets a life! Mitchell Marsh, fresh into the attack, drops short, Roy swivels and pulls to long leg, where Ashton Agar - sub fielder for David Warner - just fails to get his fingertips under the ball as he slides forward.

  129. Eng 45-1 (target 310 in 49 overs)

    James Taylor is the new batsman, by the way. He needs a slashing drive over the slips for a single off Coulter-Nile to get off the mark.

  130. Text 81111

    Lily McLuskey: Nine months ago, Cook was grinding his way to 34 off 42 balls. What a difference, come on England!

  131. Eng 43-1 (Roy 22 off 22 balls)

    So Roy is capable of running between the wickets after all. He squirts a couple to third man to move to 22.

  132. Your favourite shot

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Robin Smith

    Juan Pablo: How anyone can not say that a Robin Smith square cut isn't the best shot is beyond me...

  133. Aus 41-1 (target 310 in 49 overs)

    Opening partner gone? No bother. Roy responds by punching Starc through cover (where else?) for his fifth four. He's scoring exclusively in boundaries.