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  1. Aus take 2-0 lead in five-match series
  2. Stokes out obstructing the field
  3. Stokes stops Starc throw with his hand
  4. Aus 309-7: Smith 70, Marsh 64
  5. Eng 245: Morgan 85; Cummins 4-56

Live Reporting

By Marc Higginson, Justin Goulding and Jamie Lillywhite

All times stated are UK

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Well, that was all a bit dramatic wasn't it?

The debate about whether Ben Stokes should have been out will rumble on into the night, no doubt. But it's time for me to sign off.

Thanks for your company today and see you on Tuesday for the third game of the series at Old Trafford. Goodnight.

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Benedict Nicholson: Morgan looked so angry talking at the presentation. It was never out, ridiculous decision. Smith stupidly defiant.

Morgan on the Stokes controversy

England captain Eoin Morgan: "It's difficult. A guy throws the ball in your direction and all you can do is flinch. You don't have time to think. It was a natural reaction to avoid the ball. Mitchell Starc was about five yards away from Ben Stokes.

"The decision was made. It would have been a lot different if we were fielding."

Man of the match

Mitchell Marsh, who scored 64 off 31 and dismissed James Taylor with the ball: "It's been a nice start to the series for me. Our batting in the last 15 overs is something we focus on and it's something we've been good at in the last 18 months."

Captain's view

Australia captain Steven Smith: "I probably don't know the laws right to the tee but if you wilfully put your arm out you're given out and that's the way it went. I don't want to shy away from the fact it was a great game of cricket as well. I thought we showed great character to dig ourselves out of a situation and win this match."

Steve Smith confirms that David Warner will be flying home to Australia after breaking his thumb batting today. He was struck by a Steven Finn bouncer.

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Robert Higgins: Be embarrassed if this happened in my village game let alone international cricket.

Eoin Morgan says he would have withdrawn the appeal...

Steve Smith is booed to the podium. "That's disappointing," he responds.

Eoin Morgan is now speaking at the presentation. He looks like he's lost a pound and found a penny.


Andy in Thailand: Cricket used to be played by gentleman, giving the benefit of the doubt. That has obviously been discarded by the Aussies now. Win by whatever means possible.

Pat Murphy

BBC Radio 5 live

"Reg Dickason, the burly security officer, is there to make sure there is fair play."

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James Wroath: Smith looked pretty sheepish to me, there will be some bowlers who have just learned a new trick.

Pat Murphy

BBC Radio 5 live

"The word from the England dressing room is that it's a no-go area and the door is firmly shut. The suits will be in there alongside the tracksuits."

Melinda Farrell

Cricinfo journalist

"It's hard to criticise a team for using a law when the law exists."

Smith on the Stokes controversy

Ben Stokes on the ground

Australia captain Steve Smith on TMS: "It was blatantly out. It might have looked a bit worse because it went back to the bowler but it's exactly the same as me turning for a second run, putting my arm out and stopping the ball.

"The ball wasn't going to hit him, Stokes was out of his crease, he put his arm out and got in the way of the ball. The ball was going very close to hitting the stumps.

"If you're out of your crease and you put your hand up to stop the ball, then it's out. If you read the rule book, we're well within our rights to appeal and the umpires have given it out."

Did he consider withdrawing the appeal: "Not at all. I've got no dramas with that. I thought it was the right decision at the time and I still think it's the right decision."

The England lock-in continues. The doors are shut, the lads are all gathered round and they are yet to send anyone down to speak to the media.

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Richard Tatham: It's about gamesmanship vs sportsmanship. This dismissal was correct by the letter of the law, but simply just not cricket.

Eoin Morgan and Steve Smith shake hands
Getty Images

There was a handshake, but I'm not so sure Eoin Morgan is particularly pleased with Steve Smith.

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Philip Heller: Very poor sportsmanship by England fans at Lord's. Umpire decision, suck it up and stop moaning.

Cricinfo's Melinda Farrell: "A lot of the Australian journalists in the press box thought it was definitely out. I absolutely feel the third umpire should have watched the replay at full speed."

Jonathan Agnew

BBC Test Match Special

"The England dressing room doors are closed. I expect they will be deciding what Eoin Morgan can and can't say. There's a lot of media briefing which goes on these days."

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Colin R Docherty: Big fan of Jos Buttler, think he needs a rest. He's played a lot of cricket, plays all formats. Give him the last three games off.

Jonathan Agnew

BBC Test Match Special

"If it creates any sort of precedent where a bowler thinks he can hurl the ball at the batsman and there's a chance the batsman can be given out, that's wrong."

If you're just checking in on the cricket and are wondering what the fuss about Ben Stokes is about, let me tell you.

Basically, Stokes became the first England batsman to be given out obstructing the field in a one-day international.

Stokes hit the ball towards the bowler Mitchell Starc, who threw it back at the stumps, and it hit Stokes on the hand - with the all-rounder indicating that he was trying to avoid being hit.

After the umpires conferred with their TV colleague, Stokes was given out. Five men have previously been dismissed that way in one-day internationals.

Anyone for a cover drive? Vote results

Ian Bell

Earlier on today we asked you for your favourite cricket shot and 35% of you voted for the cover drive.

Full results can be found on the top-right-hand side of the page. Thanks for voting.

Alec Stewart

Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

On Stokes's dismissal: "I'm 100% clear in my mind on it. The slow motion replay doesn't tell the whole story. You want to play the game tough but there's bad feeling now."

A picture is worth a thousand words...

Ben Stokes looks on

Phil Tufnell

Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

"The locals are restless. At the end of the day, Australia have given England a bit of a lesson - how to build a score of 300-plus and put the squeeze on in the field."

Eoin Morgan talks with Steve Smith after the match
Getty Images

As soon as the match ended, Steve Smith went over to Eoin Morgan and the two continued their disagreement over the Ben Stokes dismissal. They'll have to agree to disagree on this, I reckon.

Champagne moment

Australia win by 64 runs

Australia celebrate win

So, Australia go 2-0 up in this five-match series. One more win and they've won the trophy.


Morgan c Maxwell b Cummins (Eng 245 all out)

And that is that.

Eoin Morgan holes out, caught in the deep by Glenn Maxwell, and England's late resistance is ended.

Eng 244-9 (need 66 from 42)

Steven Finn is England's last hope. He clips a single to give the strike to his skipper, but Eoin Morgan plays back three dot balls. He wanted to at least retain the strike. The bowling from Mitchell Starc is just too good.

Alec Stewart

Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

"It was entertaining. Credit Starc - he has been booed since that incident but he does what he does best: swung the ball back into the right-hander and knocked back his leg stump. It's now the last rites."


Starc b Plunkett 24 (Eng 242-9)

Liam Plunkett is dismissed
Getty Images

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but...

Mitchell Starc, who is brought back into the bowling attack against the backdrop of a cacophony of boos, goes round the wicket to Liam Plunkett and take just one ball to rearrange the big Yorkshireman's timbers. Then it's fist pump central for the fast bowler.

Eng 242-8 (need 68 off 48)

Nathan Coulter-Nile is the man tasked with getting a grip of the England batsmen but trying to pin down Liam Plunkett is akin to trying to stop a marauding bull with a piece of red rag.

His latest boundary comes via a thick outside edge down to third man. Matching him shot for shot, Eoin Morgan clatters four through the off side. The crowd is loving this! The partnership is now worth 55 runs from 21 balls.

Alec Stewart

Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

"This is wonderful stuff. The game was dead and buried at that last dismissal. Plunkett is trying to match Morgan shot for shot. The last thing Morgan will want to do is lose this game after that exchange of pleasantries with Steve Smith."