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Marc Higginson, Mark Mitchener and Justin Goulding

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  1. Night!

    Superb stuff from England. They have kept the series alive in fine style. Read Mark Mitchener's match report here.

    Shall we do it all again in Leeds on Friday? Let's do.

    Thanks for your company tonight and I'll be seeing you soon. Night.

  2. 'The coach asked me if I tripped over'

    Steven Finn, who took 2-43 and a stunning one-handed diving catch, on Sky Sports: "I can't believe everyone is surprised I caught it...

    "The ball before, Alex Hales said, 'Why don't you swap with James Taylor at point?' But I said, 'I've got it covered'. Everyone went a bit mad. Steve Smith is a big wicket for us.

    "The coach has just asked me if I tripped over."

  3. View from the dressing room

  4. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    In case you missed it earlier, Terry's phone was stuck on 8% battery life in a bar in Romania. England still needed four wickets to win. It was finely poised...

    Terry Mahoney: Well done England and made it with a full 2% to spare. Well in!

  5. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    James Roche: Anyone explain why Old Trafford gets two one-day games? Not sure how that has worked out.

  6. 'I've never seen Finn take a catch like that'

    England captain Eoin Morgan on Steven Finn's wonder catch: "It was amazing. I couldn't believe it. Ben Stokes was in my eye line and all I saw was a 6ft 8in giant leaping.

    "I've known Steven Finn since he was 15 years old and I've never seen him take a catch like that."

  7. Post update

    And in case you were wondering about the Wayne Rooney penalty...

    Wayne Rooney
  8. Post update

    More from England skipper Morgan on TMS: "The most pleasing aspect was the amount that we won by, given that the shoe was on the other foot for the first two games of the series.

    "Steve Finn set the tone. Then handing the ball to out two spin wins was quite easy. They took advantage of conditions - 5-70 is outstanding.

    "James Taylor has come in as a replacement for Joe Root, which isn't easy. But he has done a fine job of it. He has played extremely well."

  9. Captain's view

    England captain Eoin Morgan: "I'm very impressed. We improved in the areas I asked the guys to from the first two games. Two openers were very good - Jason Roy played his game, lots of strong shots down the ground and then me and James Taylor got a good partnership going in the middle. The pitch deteriorated much more than we thought it would and that played into our hands further into the game.

    "We played positive cricket, took options when we could. An opportunity came in front of us and we managed to do that.

    "The spinners were outstanding. The new ball set the tone and Steve Finn's spell was impressive and then the spinners came on and bowled with control and didn't bowl too many bad balls throughout their 10 overs."

  10. In case you missed it earlier...

    James Taylor
  11. Man of the match

    And James Taylor is given the man of the match award for his role in England's win. And to think some people criticised him.

  12. 'We got the total we needed'

    James Taylor, who made 101 in England's 300-8, on TMS: "It's been a couple of games coming for us to get back to winning ways. I got 98 not out against Australia so to get a hundred against them in a winning cause is nice.

    "I thought we were on for 330, but when you lose wickets in clumps it restricts you. But we got the total that we needed.

    "Moeen and Rashid did outstandingly. There was quite a lot of pressure on them knowing it's spinning."

  13. Post update

    Want to be a part of history? Head over to the football live text now. Wayne Rooney is about to take a penalty.

  14. View from the ex player

  15. Player reaction

    Australia captain Steve Smith, speaking at the post-match presentation: "They got a few too many. We did drag it back quite well with the ball. However, with the bat we struggled in the middle overs. The wicket was getting slower. We have to find ways to rotate the strike in the middle overs and then keep enough wickets in the shed so we can go berserk at the end.

    "Aaron Finch played some beautiful shots down the ground, he's a quality player and we're pleased to get him back in our line-up."

  16. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Jay: That was really poor by Wade. Why couldn't he just lob a catch to someone?

  17. Post update

    Only Pat Cummins, with eight wickets, has more than Adil Rashid in this series. A fine effort.

  18. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Djpauly: Catches win matches. @englandcricket held 9, some SPECTACULAR! Back in the series.

  19. Post update

    We're also getting a good idea about England's key men in this series - James Taylor (64), Eoin Morgan (62) and Jason Roy (54) are all averaging in excess of 50 with the bat. Roy's strike-rate is 114, too.

    With the ball, Adil Rashid has seven wickets at 20.57.

  20. Captain's view

    Australia captain Steve Smith on Test Match Special: "The wicket slowed up quite a bit - it looks like a day-four Test wicket - and the spinners really came into the game. They got 5-70 off their 20 overs. For us, it's about finding a way to get off strike in those middle overs and not give them too many wickets.

    "We're in a good position - 2-1 up is a good place to be. England can't afford to slip up at all in these last two games, so hopefully we'll put them under pressure."

  21. Post update

    So, the two teams head to Headingley on Friday and back to Old Trafford for the decider on Sunday. Both matches begin at 10:30. Of course, you can follow it all right here.

  22. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Jordan Forster: Safe to say that was a match winning knock by James Taylor.

  23. Final scorecard

    England win by 93 runs.

    England 300-8: Taylor 101, Roy 63, Morgan 62; Cummins 2-50, Maxwell 2-56

    Australia 207 all out: Finch 53, Wade 42; Moeen 3-32, Plunkett 3-60, Rashid 2-41

    Full scorecard

  24. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Ben Johnson: Enjoying Marcus North's gravelly voice on @bbctms. Like a crickety, Aussie Michael Madsen.

  25. Post update

    England players at the close of play

    The England team, rightly so, are pretty chuffed with that. The bowlers who took wickets help themselves to souvenir stumps as they congratulate each other on a job well done.

  26. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Adrian Michaels: Across 9 matches all summer, Eng and Aus have staged 8 thrashings and one close game over 20 overs. Not gripping.

  27. Post update

    Marcus North

    Ex-Australia batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "England have outplayed Australia throughout the whole day. Taylor was outstanding and he has been backed up by the bowlers.

    "They bowled well and their fielding was superb. Coach Trevor Bayliss has talked about making England a good fielding side and, gee, have they done that."


    A convincing victory is complete for England. They keep the series alive - it's 2-1 with two to play, at Headingley and again at Old Trafford.

  29. WICKET

    Wade b Finn 42 (Aus 207 all out)

    Matthew Wade

    Full, fast and straight. Stumps splattered. Aussies all out.

  30. Aus 207-9 (target 301)

    Matthew Wade is a fighter, giving himself room to hammer four through the covers. Giving it the long handle, he is unlucky not to get six through cow corner. Instead it's a one-bounce four. And again, a boundary wide of mid-off.

  31. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Denise Evans: So basically, if you bat first in this ODI series, you'll win easily.

  32. Aus 193-9

    Steven Finn's back on. Can he put Australia out of their misery?

  33. How many chips can you fit in your hand?

  34. Aus 193-9 (108 to win from 42 balls)

    James Pattinson make a pig's ear of a Ben Stokes cutter which pops up and hits him on the chest. England just want to get this over with now, but the left-hander digs out another yorker.

  35. Post update

    Dan Norcross

    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "That was an absolutely diabolical review."

  36. Email

    David Doxford: Are the Aussies looking to get all their wickets as caught? Is this a record?

    Ben from Alberta: Odds on the last man will be caught out to make it a clean sweep!

  37. Review

    Ben Stokes is convinced he's got James Pattinson leg before. Not out but he refers. It turns out the umpire was correct.

  38. Aus 190-9 (Plunkett 10-0-60-3)

    Matthew Wade

    Matthew Wade has batted well against England this summer, he's averaging 98 in the series on the back of that 71 not out in the first game. He hits four backward of square, but the game is surely up now. Jason Roy, by the way, is holding his shoulder after hurting it throwing in from the boundary a couple of overs ago.

  39. Aus 181-9 (Wade 19, Pattinson 0)

    James Pattinson fails to connect with a 76mph slower ball. If he had done, we'd be asking the Old Trafford footballers for our ball back. Just four from the over.

  40. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Adam Hawker: The classic England rope-a-dope. Look like you're incapable then start looking like world beaters.

  41. Aus 180-9 (target 301)

    I'm sure I'm not the only one wanting Matthew Wade to pat the ball back to Ben Stokes so he can jokingly return it with interest. The Australian wicketkeeper gets two when he swats the ball through the leg side.

  42. Post update

    Ben Stokes is going to have a bowl.

  43. Aus 177-9 (Plunkett 9-0-51-3)

    Matthew Wade

    Matthew Wade is the last man standing here, charging down the pitch and carving Liam Plunkett through the covers for four. He's got James Pattinson for company now.

  44. Post update

    Dan Norcross

    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "Australia are on the brink of a thrashing."

  45. WICKET

    Cummins c Roy b Plunkett 5 (Aus 172-9)

    Liam Plunkett celebrates

    Liam Plunkett takes his third wicket - he's not bowled that well! - when Pat Cummins mis-times a shot down the ground and chips it to Jason Roy at long-on.

  46. Aus 168-8 (need 133 to win from 66 balls)

    Alex Hales in a walrus mask

    Is it a walrus or is it an opening batsman with a mask on? One thing's for sure, the fella in the background wearing the flat cap (proper Lancashire that) finds it funny. I do too.

    Moeen Ali's finished with 3-32 on 10 overs. Can he pack up this pitch and take it round with him?

  47. WICKET

    Starc c Bairstow b Moeen 1 (Aus 167-8)

    Moeen Ali

    Can somebody tell the Australian bus driver to switch the engine on and get the heaters blowing. The boys will be back on it soon enough.

    Another sumptuous spinning top from Moeen draws Mitchell Starc into a drive but he can only edge behind where Jonny Bairstow takes an impressive catch.

  48. Post update

    Graeme Swann

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "This is an absolutely phenomenal catch. That is beyond any catch you will see in the outfield. At full stretch going back, he dropped the ball but had the presence of mind to get it at the second attempt. That is stupid stuff. That is the catch of his career."

  49. WICKET

    Agar c Roy b Plunkett 5 (Aus 165-7)

    Jason Roy

    Wowzers. England are taking some sensational catches here. Jason Roy's the man this time, running past a steepler at long-on but somehow palming it into the sky and then getting to Go-Go Gadget arms out to catch the rebound behind him. He defied all laws of physics there. Incredible snaffling.

  50. Close!

    Aus 163-6

    Australia have to take chances now and Wade would have been run out there had Eoin Morgan's throw hit.

  51. Post update

    Dan Norcross

    BBC Test Match Special

    "With some bowlers you know how they'll get their wickets but I'm not sure about Liam Plunkett. It's usually to do with pace so it either happens or it doesn't."

  52. Aus 163-6

    Plunkett continuing from the Pavilion End. The target for Australia now 138 off 78 balls. Will be a good one to win from here, as they say.

  53. Post update

    Charles Dagnall

    BBC Test Match Special

    "I was on a stag do with Steven Finn a couple of years ago."

    Any other tales of nights out with cricketers? Usual rules apply.

  54. Aus 163-6 (target 301)

    Everyone, apart from the Aussies, is having fun at Old Trafford now. Alex Hales is thrown a walrus mask from the crowd and duly obliges - putting it on, to the delight of the spectators. Moeen's latest set of six bring four singles.

  55. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Pete Naylor: Okay lads, this time don't let the debutant get 98...

  56. Aus 159-6 (need 142 to win from 84 balls)

    Liam Plunkett, with his finely manicured beard and coiffed hair, looks a little bit like a Lego figure. He's going round the wicket to the left-handed Ashton Agar who punches a single into the leg side. Just three from the over.

  57. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    El Barrio: Genuinely don't think Liam Plunkett should be anywhere near an England team. He's expensive, he can't bat & his fielding is poor.

  58. Aus 156-6 (target 301)

    It won't be long now, Terry. Hang on in there, son.

    Ashton Agar is at the crease now. I promise. Moeen is still spinning it square - this looks like a fifth day pitch - and the best the Aussies can manage is a couple of singles.

  59. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Terry Mahoney: From a bar in Brasov, Romania. Keeping up on live text, but England need to get this done, only 8% left on the phone battery.

  60. Post update

    Graeme Swann

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    Liam Plunkett

    "Who needs spin when you've got seam bowlers like Liam Plunkett who can bowl back-of-a-length? Mitchell Marsh hasn't looked comfortable at all. You have to say England have won this game - they'd have to do something crazy from here."

  61. WICKET

    M Marsh c Woakes b Plunkett 13 (Aus 154-6)

    Mitchell Marsh

    As mentioned in the last over, Mitchell Marsh is trying to force everything off the back foot and through mid-wicket. It proves to be his undoing when he picks out Chris Woakes. He's on his bike and Eoin Morgan gets a pat on the back for good field positioning.

  62. Batting tips from England's centurion

    This video does as it says on the tin. You can watch it on the BBC Sport Get Inspired Facebook page. Here.

    James Taylor
  63. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    James Taylor

    Andy Pandy: That Taylor knock is looking better & better. I may have to take back everything I tweeted earlier.

  64. Aus 152-5 (target 301)

    Mitchell Marsh is trying to force Moeen through the leg side, and there's a fielder in position at short mid-on if he doesn't get it quite right. He eventually takes a single to get off strike and then Moeen almost cleans up Matthew Wade who misses with a cut shot and the ball spins over the top of the bails by a whisker.

  65. Aus 150-5 (Rashid 10-1-42-2)

    Adil Rashid

    It's mesmerising to watch Adil Rashid. He stands flicking the ball in the air at the top of his mark and then gives it a right, good rip when he delivers. The ball is like a spinning top when it lands - zipping off the surface, one delivery in particular squaring up Mitchell Marsh as it pitches on middle and off and is taken by Jonny Bairstow to his right.

  66. Aus 143-5

    I don't know why, but I thought Ashton Agar had walked to the crease. He hasn't - Matthew Wade has. My bad! I'll get my coat. Another over whistles by - just two from it. Moeen's having a ball out there.

  67. Scorecard update

    Australia 141-5 (30 overs) - target 301

    Batsmen: Marsh 8*, Wade 0*

    Fall of wickets: 33-1 (Burns 9), 75-2 (Smith 25), 106-3 (Finch 53), 128-4 (Maxwell 17), 141-5 (Bailey 25)

    Bowling figures: Finn 7-1-29-1, Woakes 4-0-22-0, Plunkett 5-0-35-0, Rashid 9-0-34-2, Moeen 5-1-19-2

    England 300-8: Taylor 101, Roy 63, Morgan 62; Cummins 2-50, Maxwell 2-56

    Full scorecard

  68. Aus 141-5 (target 301)

    The crowd is really enjoying itself now - lots of singing emanating from the stands. Adil Rashid, with his sleeves rolled up, is racing through his overs as he tries to give the Australian batsmen the hurry up. Maiden over. Superb stuff.

  69. Aus 141-5 (target 301)

    Matthew Wade is the new man to the crease...

  70. WICKET

    Bailey c Stokes b Moeen 25 (Aus 141-5)

    England players celebrate the wicket of George Bailey

    England are motoring towards a victory now - Moeen Ali's full toss being whacked straight down the throat of Ben Stokes at deep mid-wicket. That's catching practice for the Durham all-rounder.

  71. Aus 137-4

    Adil Rashid is denied a third wicket when ball tracking shows it was hitting the right-hander outside the line and was going on to miss the stumps. Good referral by the Aussies.

  72. Umpire review

    Aus 137-4

    Adil Rashid

    Adil Rashid pins Mitchell Marsh in front. Back in his crease. Loud appeal. Umpire raises his finger.

    Out! But Mitchell Marsh wants a review.

  73. Aus 130-4

    That is only Moeen's 24th ODI wicket in 25 matches. He averages 41.47 with the ball in 50-over cricket, but he's got the Aussies on the rack here. They were cruising until he came into the bowling attack.

  74. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    Moeen Ali and Chris Woakes celebrate

    "Good bowling from Moeen - he sensed Maxwell was trying to make the charge. Maybe it was one too many - he had done the damage. England very much in the driving seat and they will want to drive this home."

  75. WICKET

    Maxwell c Bairstow b Moeen 17 (Aus 128-4)

    Glenn Maxwell is out

    The Big Show is now finished. Thanks for coming.

    Glenn Maxwell goes for one reverse-sweep too many, gets a top edge and Jonny Bairstow takes an easy catch.

  76. Aus 128-3

    Glenn Maxwell

    And again. The second reverse sweep in a row. The second boundary through the off side in a row.

    They don't call him The Big Show for nothing.

  77. Aus 124-3

    Glenn Maxwell reverse-sweeps Moeen Ali for four through cover. Astonishing shot.

  78. Post update

    Simon Mann

    BBC Test Match Special

    "It makes such a difference for a spin bowler when there is spin and bounce in the wicket."

  79. Aus 120-3 (target 301)

    Thanks Justin. Looking good for England now, isn't it? George Bailey and Glenn Maxwell had a chat between overs as they try and work out a way of winning this game. They'll be pleased when Adil Rashid has bowled his full 10 overs. Maxwell is trying to inject some momentum though - the Big Show whacking a full toss to the cow corner boundary. The first four for eight overs.

  80. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Chipperhull: See what happens when Moeen gets a wicket that suits him? He hasn't bowled on a turning wicket all summer. #bigspin

  81. Aus 110-3

    Moeen in a hurry. Maxwell less so. He hasn't scored off five balls. We've had 10 runs in the last five overs. It's the halfway stage: Australia need 191 off 25 overs to win. Here's Marc Higginson to talk you through them...

  82. View from the press box...

  83. Aus 109-3 (required rate 7.38)

    Rashid keeping the shackles on. He beats Bailey with a beauty that turns and bounces past outside edge, then almost has him taken by a leaping Stokes at short mid-off. Where's Steven Finn when you need him?

  84. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Chipperhull: Rashid and Ali both getting big spin on a helpful wicket. Hopefully they will do the same for England this winter.

  85. Aus 107-3 (Moeen 1-1-4-0)

    England sense this is their moment. Moeen finding considerable turn, Rashid proving hard to get away, new batsman at the crease, the fans in full voice. Maiden over. Well bowled, Mo.

  86. Post update

    Marcus North

    Ex-Australia batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    Aaron Finch

    "I wonder if Aaron Finch saw the spin Moeen Ali was getting and thought he'd have to go after Adil Rashid. If so, that's a classic example of bowling in partnerships."

  87. Aus 107-3 (target 301)

    Glenn Maxwell joins George Bailey at crease. Rashid gets himself a round of applause at the end of that (match-turning?) over.

  88. WICKET

    Finch c Woakes b Rashid 53 (Aus 106-3)

    Eoin Morgan and Adil Rashid

    That's the one that England wanted. Rashid tosses it up, Finch drives... and skies to Woakes, who takes a straightforward catch at deep mid-on. Finch hangs his head, the music pumps out and the crowd goes crazy.

  89. Our worm is above your worm...

  90. Aus 103-2

    Jonny Bairstow

    Big turn from Moeen and great work from Bairstow as he scampers to collect what England think is a bat-pad chance not far from where short leg would be. But there's no bat involved and Finch survives.

  91. Aus 100-2

    Spin from both ends as Morgan tosses Moeen Ali the ball. This match is intriguingly poised.

  92. Finch's fifty

    Talk about playing straight...

    Aaron Finch
  93. 50 for Aaron Finch

    Aus 100-2

    Aaron Finch

    Bailey steers a two back past the bowler, before a single brings the main man Finch back in strike - and while an ugly swipe over mid-wicket isn't going to win any awards for artistic impression, it does take him to 50 from 53 balls - and Australia to 100.

  94. Aus 95-2 (target 301)

    Wowee. That. Is. Marvellous. Plunkett over-pitches and Finch unleashes another booming drive that fizzes to mid-off's left. Probably a good job that was nowhere near him - it could have done some damage.

  95. Aus 88-2

    The crowd having some fun. Aaron Finch is hit by Adil Rashid's throw from the deep as he makes his ground, and the spectators launch into a mock appeal for obstructing the field. Even Eoin Morgan affords himself a smile.

  96. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Si Lomas: James Taylor needed about three copies of the Yellow Pages to join in that 'high five' with Finn!

    Louis Leigh: No wonder he's called Finn. He just leapt like a salmon.

    Jamie Walton: What was more enjoyable, the catch or the England lads' reactions? Absolute belter!

  97. Drinks - Aus 86-2 (target 301)

    Aaron Finch

    Finch looks the main man for Australia, especially now Smith has gone. He and Bailey manage three singles between them from Rashid, who has conceded only eight runs off his three overs. And that's drinks.

  98. Aus 83-2 (Finch 42)

    George Bailey, the new man, has the best seat in the house as Aaron Finch drives Plunkett for another textbook four - on the ground all the way.

  99. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Kieron's gone big here...

    Steven Finn

    Kieron Etheridge: What a catch Steven Finn. Instantly one of my favourite cricketing moments!

    Andrew Lawton: I don't think I've ever seen a fast bowler take a catch like that. Incredible.

  100. Aus 76-2 (target 301)

    England players celebrate

    England's celebrations said it all there - a wide-mouthed Alex Hales charges in from the boundary. Finn, the coolest man on the pitch, jogs backwards with a ever-widening grin on his face before his team-mates smother him. Brilliant stuff.

  101. Post update

    Marcus North

    Ex-Australia batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "I can't believe that wasn't Ben Stokes. My first instinct was that Stokes had taken another blinder. What is Steven Finn even doing fielding there? This is up there with anything Stokes has caught this summer."

  102. WICKET

    Smith c Finn b Rashid 25 (Aus 75-2)

    Adil Rashid celebrates

    Stunning. Simply stunning. Steven Finn, of all people, takes a blinder at short mid-wicket, diving full length to his right to pluck that wristy flick from Smith out of the darkening sky. How on earth did the big man manage that?!

  103. Post update

    Dan Norcross

    BBC Test Match Special

    "If James Taylor was 5ft 7in, he'd have got to that."

  104. Close!

    Aus 74-1

    James Taylor

    And the change almost works. Smith playing across the line, not quite getting hold of it and James Taylor can't scoop his fingers underneath it as he dives forward at short mid-wicket. If only he was a couple of inches taller...

  105. Aus 72-1

    Maybe a change of ends will help Plunkett, who is lumbering in now after Finn finally takes a blow with figures of 1-29 off seven.

  106. Aus 72-1 (Finch 36, Smith 24)

    Rashid rattles through his first over - and gets away with a half-tracker as Finch swats him to long-off. Not loads of spin there - he's pushing them through rather than ripping them.

  107. Aus 69-1

    Time for spin. Adil Rashid gets a whirl.

  108. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Si Lomas: Why aren't the seamers trying a few cutters? White ball rarely swings but this pitch is gripping so try something different.

  109. Aus 69-1 (target 301)

    Smith is averaging a boundary an over, this the least convincing of them as he inside edges past wicketkeeper Bairstow.

  110. Aus 64-1

    Finn in for his seventh over. A good old opening spell, this.

  111. Aus 64-1 (Finch 35 off 34 balls)

    Plunkett, all stiff limbs and straight arms, looks like he's being controlled by a puppet master as he runs in. Finch pings him back over his head for four and the Yorkshire seamer has conceded 17 off his first two overs.

  112. Post update

    Dan Norcross

    BBC Test Match Special

    Steve Smith

    "Every time I see the ball zero-ing in on Steve Smith's pads I am up for an lbw appeal. And then it comes off the middle of his bat."

  113. Post update

  114. Aus 56-1 (target 301)

    Steven Finn and Steve Smith

    Smith is on the move. He takes a couple to third man, then whips Finn to square leg from right in front of middle stump, and misses out on a pulled four only by a smart stop from Moeen at mid-on.

  115. How's stat?!

    Earlier, it was suggested by Rob Meech (44 overs) that Ben Stokes is "miles ahead" of Andrew Flintoff at the same stage in their careers. We've done some number-crunching - comparing the two after 32 ODIs - and Flintoff edges it. Certainly with the bat.

    Stokes v Flintoff
  116. Close!

    Aus 51-1

    The 50 is up but Finch is almost run out seconds later. Smith pushes to the left of at cover and calls his partner through. Finch isn't quite as quick as his captain, though, and he would have been gone had James Taylor hit.

  117. Aus 47-1

    Finch may have a reputation as a bit of a dasher at the top of the order, but some of the strokes he has played tonight wouldn't look out of place in the MCC coaching manual. A back-foot forcing shot straight back down the ground earns him four. Delightful.

  118. Aus 42-1

    Time for Liam Plunkett, on in place of Woakes.

  119. Email

    Tim Bresnan

    Bob in France: England just seem to have forgotten Big Bres, who can stop the run flow and can also score runs. Why?

  120. Aus 42-1 (Finn 5-1-19-1)

    There are plenty of fleeces and hoodies in the crowd on this Manchester evening, and a fair few arms folded to keep in a little bit more warmth. Let's hope they've got another layer for later. Finch can't get Finn away - a valuable maiden.

  121. Aus 42-1 (target 301)

    Steve Smith

    Woakes, all floppy fringe and crimson cheeks, to continue - and was Smith just limping a little as he scurried that single? Maybe not - he strokes Woakes through cover for four. He already has twice as many boundaries as James Taylor managed in his first 50 runs.

  122. Post update

    Simon Mann

    BBC Test Match Special

    "Australia bat down to number 11 today - Pattinson, Cummins and obviously Ashton Agar can all score runs."

  123. Post update

  124. Aus 37-1 (Finch 22 off 19)

    Boos ring round Old Trafford. That must mean the Australia skipper is walking to the crease. The Mancunian cricket public haven't forgotten about that incident at Lord's on Saturday with Ben Stokes. Smith isn't too bothered and he drives uppishly through the covers for the boundary which gets him off the mark.

  125. Post update

    Graeme Swann

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    Joe Burns leaves the field

    "Burns was trying to hit Finn over the top and miscued it completely. Morgan was hamstrung by Jason Roy, who had no right to go for that one. He made a regulation catch for Morgan almost result in a hospital trip."

  126. WICKET

    Burns c Morgan b Finn 9 (Aus 33-1)

    Eoin Morgan catches Joe Burns

    England break through! Burns tries to work Finn to leg but a leading edge loops into the off side. It hangs in the air....and Eoin Morgan avoids the onrushing Jason Roy to claim a smart low catch at mid-off.

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