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  1. Post update


    Oh, hello there fellas.

    Catch that did you?

    The first Ashes Test begins on 8 July.

    Hope you are ready. I think England might just be...

    See you there.

    Bye for now.

  2. Post update

    England captain Eoin Morgan on TMS: The aggressive nature was outstanding and was led by Joe Root. He has been brilliant for the changing room, he is the epitome of a professional cricketer.

    "The performance with the ball was exceptional. The guys maintained the mindset and the aggressive nature and it paid off.

    "The run out changed the game. We ran out of ways of getting Williamson out and we have just found one - run him out."

  3. Post update

    England batsman Joe Root on TMS: "Everyone has committed themselves 100 % to the team and it has come off so far. The guys that have come in have set the tone. The way we are playing we want to keep developing and keep improving.

    "We knew if we got 191, that would be a good score. We backed our bowlers to defend it. It is hard to tell what a good score is these days because everyone is coming out and whacking it.

    "You want to play in front of big crowds and see people enjoying how you play. This summer has been a really good start with all that. We have some important cricket coming up and it is really exciting."

  4. Post update

    Remember this is a New Zealand team who won all of their nine games at the World Cup before losing in the final.

    I'm sure there was a little end-of-term fatigue with their bags already packed for home, but, whatever the caveats you can drum up, that was a pretty sensational England performance.

    And if this sort of attacking cricket is a flash in the pan, then it has been burning for a pretty long time.

  5. Post update

    England captain Eoin Morgan on Sky Sports: "This felt a million miles away after the World Cup because we were so far off the mark there. We had a lot of hard work to do and a lot of hard lessons to learn but it has turned round pretty quickly and that is credit to Paul Farbrace and the rest of the backroom staff and the way that the squad have bought into what we want to be about as a side.

    "I'm excited about the guys because we have not seen the best of our squad yet.

    "It is probably a lot easier to keep this feel for the Ashes, this momentum now that we have won this ODI Series and this game playing in that way wins us games against one of the best sides in the world, it reinforces to everyone in the dressing room and gives confidence to the guys that, sometimes it might not come off, but when we do play that way we win games of cricket. That is the most important thing."

  6. Post update

    Graeme Swann

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Adil has done himself a world of good. I would stick with him in one day cricket. I am not clamouring for him in the Test side It is a huge frustration he wasn't given a chance in the Test side so we could see what he can do ahead of the Ashes. That is a hangover of the last regime.".

  7. "A bit amateurish"

    New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum, speaking to Sky Sports: "I thought that 190-odd was about par. I was not unhappy at half-time, but we batted a bit amateurishly to be honest.

    "It would have been nice to bat with Kane a bit longer and take us a little closer, but it wasn't to be. Credit to England, we wish them all the best for what is to come.

    "I think overall we have played very well on this tour and we have introduced some new faces since the World Cup and installed them in.

    "I think that the England team will be very exciting if they stay true to that style that they showed today and through the rest of the series. They reminded us that we need to keep on our game."

  8. Post update

    Ronnie in Kirkcaldy on text: Only the test side needs sorted out now. A strong, imaginative captain is desperately needed. Morgan should bat at 6 and captain the team. Shame it won't happen.

    Ed. London: Hats off to New Zealand, exciting cricket and exemplary sportsmanship. I hope but doubt the Ashes will be played in the same spirit.

  9. Post update

    Graeme Swann

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "New Zealand are slightly depleted in the bowling. This England team though have shared the burden of pressure. They are playing so much as a unit that it doesn't allow the opposition to play."

  10. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Fenners: Once again Eng limited overs team delivers. Put them in the Test team, why not?

    Neil: New Zealand have lost five wickets for four runs , now that is a collapse.

    Alfie Tutt: What a superb England team we have on our hands for the next few years. Absolute joy to watch!

  11. Post update

    Graeme Swann

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "There are players who have launched an international career in the last few weeks and they are absolutely buzzing about it. They have all grown up together and now are playing on the big stage and are loving it.

    "These guys have done themselves no harm. Names were not known are now in the public consciousness."

  12. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Rachel T: Well, fan my brow - England are kings of white-ball cricket!

    Buzzer: Wow what a difference a new attitude makes! Well played @ECB_cricket. Thanks for the memories @BLACKCAPS.

    Dan: This england team has the potential to be something special!

  13. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    England celebrate

    "After the World Cup everyone was desperate to see oomph from the England team. That is what they have done, really bring that energy and buzz. They have bowled out a fantastic team, absolutely brilliant. I am really excited about the summer. People are falling back in love with cricket and it is what the country needed."

  14. Champagne moment

    England win by 56 runs

  15. WICKET

    McClenaghan c Bairstow b Willey 0

    The end comes with a crunch. New Zealand's final five wickets fell for four runs.

    The tourists' tail has folded like an accordion and Mitchell McClenaghan is the final lemming over the edge, ramping a ball over his shoulder for a dolly of a catch for wicketkeeper Jonny Bairstow to gobble up.

    Old Trafford started their partying long ago.

  16. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "McCullum trying to be inventive but Willey saw him coming, adjusted, and got him in a tangle. You sense there is a really hungry England unit. That is exciting ahead of the Ashes. There is real confidence and ambition."

  17. WICKET

    N McCullum c Finn b Willey 3 (NZ 135-9)

    Nathan McCullum gets desperate and tries to flick a paddle shot off his pads. But it goes straight to Steven Finn/

  18. NZ 134-8 (target 192)

    Steven Finn has been better value than a German budget supermarket over the last two overs.

    Admittedly he is attacking the tray slops of this New Zealand batting line-up now, but still he restricts Nathan McCullum to just three runs.

  19. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Gibbo: England have been a joy to watch these last few weeks! Just need to freshen test team up a little.

    Kenny Kong: Didn't expect to see a middle order collapse from New Zealand in any ODI, let alone a T20!

    Jimbo: Mark Wood is the find of the summer. One for the selectors. They don't do much right but spot on there.

  20. NZ 131-8 (target 192)

    New Zealand's mission improbable is to get 61 runs from 30 balls.

  21. WICKET

    Southee c Morgan b Wood 0

    Mark Wood has surely broken the back of this New Zealand chase.

    Tim Southee chops at a good length ball, catches it sweet but on the up. Unfortunately for New Zealand it is straight to Eoin Morgan at mid-off and he clings on tight.

  22. WICKET

    Williamson run-out (Willey) 57 (NZ 131-7)

    David Willey

    The beginning of the end?

    Kane Williamson is out of his ground and David Willey scores a direct strike.

  23. WICKET

    Santner b Wood 9 (NZ 131-6)

    Mark Wood celebrates

    Santner tries to up the pace and gets his comeuppance. Mark Wood's pace and angle down for him as his ugly sideways slash gets nowhere near the ball.

    And there is a gaping hole where his off stump should be.

  24. NZ 128-5 (target 192)

    Steven Finn in stingy mood. Plenty of shorter stuff in there and a hat-tip to Alex Hales in the deep who gets across well to prevent two runs becoming four.

    New Zealand's flow of runs has dried to a trickle.

    They need 64 runs off 36 balls. Time to chance the arm and start swinging.

  25. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Wasim Akram

    Stuart Wood: Wouldn't it be fantastic to see the likes of Waqar, Wasim, Walsh, Donald etc bowling against this devastating batting.

    Ben Sutton: Good captaincy to keep Rashid on. One bad over doesn't mean he should be off on a pitch taking spin. Well bowled as well, Adil.

    Richard Gauntlett: Who cares about the Ashes, it's going to be a great one day series!

  26. NZ 123-5 (target 192)

    Adil Rashid cramps New Zealand's style with some canny spin. He has tied down that end well over his last couple of overs. A single off every ball, but no more.

    New Zealand are still ahead of England at the same point in their innings. But their trump cards - Williamson apart - are spent.

    They need 69 runs off the last seven overs, at a rate of nearly 10. Even my maths can tell you that.

  27. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Sam Rosser: In Kane Williamson and Joe Root, we are looking at two all time greats in the making here. Absolutely class acts!

    Louis Strong: Question is, who would you rather have as your number 3? Root or Williamson?

  28. NZ 117-5 (target 192)

    Good little individual battle this between Ben Stokes and Kane Williamson as they go head to head for a full over.

    The England bowler racks up dot balls on his first and third deliveries with tidy line and length and then a drop in pace.

    On balls two and four though Williamson produces two textbook drives to find the boundary.

    Kane Williamson

    One of the last ball as well, just back of square. Twelve runs off the over , all in gorgeous style. New Zealand's hopes pinned on Wiliamson.

  29. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Steven McKee: Get Williamson out and it will be England's to lose. Great recovery in the last 3 overs.

  30. NZ 105-5 (target 192)

    After the butchery he was on the end of in the first over, Adil Rashid is getting into the game.

    Just four runs off that cagey set of six.

    New Zealand need 87 runs off 54 balls or nine overs.

  31. Post update

    Jonathan Trott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "That is a unique shot. Stokes has bowled the slower bouncer and all he has managed to do is spoon it in the air. Amazing how the game turns around,. Bairstow dropped a catch just two overs ago and now he catches one and the match has turned around."

  32. NZ 101-5 (target 192)

    Kane Williamson

    Halfway house and New Zealand have 91 runs to get and the watchful Kane Williamson at the crease to get them there.

    Advantage England, but New Zealand still with cards on the table.

  33. WICKET

    Ronchi b Stokes c Bairstow 5 (101-5)

    A match-deciding over?

    It feels a bit like that.

    Luke Ronchi makes a rash decision to play a ramp shot to Ben Stokes' slower ball. There is not enough pace on the delivery to carry it both up and over wicketkeeper Jonny Bairstow who bags as he backpedals.

  34. WICKET

    Munro b Stokes 1 (NZ 95-4)

    Ben Stokes

    Colin Munro with a big baseball swing. Very untidy and his furniture is rearranged by Ben Stokes' delivery that stayed low and took the top of off stump.

    Munro won't like that Feng Shui, The umpire is not too happy either. The stump is cracked and needs replacing.

  35. NZ 95-3 (target 192)

    A wicket and only seven runs. Much better for Adil Rashid.

  36. Post update

    Jonathan Trott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "Taylor was expecting a quicker ball. That had a bit of turn, fantastic delivery. England desperately wanted to see the back of him and hopefully they can create a bit more pressure and take a few more wickets in the next few overs."

  37. WICKET

    Taylor c Willey b Rashid 17 (NZ 89-3)

    Finally England have a toe-hold to stop the slide.

    Adil Rashid, hammered in his first over, lures Ross Taylor down the track, but there is some top on that.

    A sharper descent than Taylor predicts and his hurried stroke is a skyer, gathered by David Willey.

  38. Post update

    Stephan Shemilt

    BBC Sport at Old Trafford

    "England have a problem here. On a pitch that is taking spin, their front-line slow bowler has been hit out of the attack. Eoin Morgan is being forced to rely on his fast men, who do not seem to be as adept at changing the pace as their Kiwi counterparts. Taking simple catches would help too."

  39. Dropped catch


    That should be a third man down for the Kiwis.

    Ben Stokes finds the outside edge of Ross Taylor's bat, it is straight into Jonny Bairstow's gloves. But it doesn't stay there.

    It rolls to earth much to bowler and captain's irritation.

  40. NZ 82-2

    Steven Finn keeps a bit of a lid on it, but New Zealand are still marching on at a lick.

    Ross Taylor

    Another nine runs nibbled off that over. There was not a lot of fat on those deliveries from Finn, but Kane Wiliamson and Ross Taylor are just making room and finding gaps.

    Ben Stokes is going to have a go now. Let's see if he can do any better. England could do with a wicket.

  41. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Srihari: 60 after six overs is a good powerplay for the batting side, Kiwis have got 64 in 5. Utterly ridiculous batting.

    St.John: England bowling and fielding very poor this will be over in 18 overs despite a good score on the board.

  42. NZ 73-2

    Kane Williamson

    New Zealand have absorbed the loss of Brendon McCullum and are back into their groove, cracking along at a rate somewhere up around Pendulum's beats per minute output.

    Kane Williamson's glance to fine leg for four is pumped up by singles off every other ball in the over.

    Death by a thousands cuts for the England attack, with a few large slashes thrown if for good measure by New Zealand.

  43. Post update

    Stephan Shemilt

    BBC Sport at Old Trafford

    "Much of Old Trafford might be covered in shadow, but the sun still burns brightly behind The Point, a huge red structure in the shape of a scart lead connector. On one side of the ground, fans looking into the sun shield their eyes. "

  44. NZ 64-2

    Adil Rashid sees his first two deliveries dispatched to the rope by Kane Williamson.

    The Yorkshire spinner is struggling to smuggle the ball past the batsman. The pitch doesn't seem to be offering him the grip that New Zealand's Mitchell Santner found.

    His team-mates are not helping too much either. Alex Hales goes down in instalments as he attempts to field a trundling ball, but it gets under his dive to gift Ross Taylor four runs.

    Sixteen runs in total off the over. Pricey.

  45. Text 81111

    Dave in York on text: Can we get New Zealand over for a proper series next time. 3 test matches and 1 20/20 nowhere near enough of this entertainment.

  46. WICKET

    McCullum b Wood 35 (NZ 48-2)

    Brendon McCullum is bowled by Mark Wood

    A massive wicket for England.

    Brendon McCullum had already clouted two massive sixes off the first two balls of Mark Wood's over and England were haemorrhaging runs fast.

    But McCullum has been outfoxed here. A yorker chases him as he attempts to shift to leg and open up his arms. He outside edges onto his stumps and is gone for 35 off 15 balls.

  47. Eng 34-1

    Brendon McCullum

    Brendon McCullum's eyes light up like a fruit machine jackpot as David Willey pitches one up right into his hitting zone.

    Sweet as a nut out of the sweet spot, back over the bowler's head for another six.

    England need to stem the flow sharpish.

  48. NZ 23-1

    Brendon McCullum is not hanging about here.

    Steven Finn goes for a four before being given the full treatment - smashed over deep square leg for a six that a member of the crowd spills from the base of his palms.

    Hands like hoofs. Don't pick him out if there is an injury in the field captain Morgan.

    New Zealand bouncing back well under their own skipper's steady hand.

  49. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Steven McKee: Incredible to think that 191 in 20 overs might not be enough to win this T20.

    David Willey

    MoMo: Love that. I like Willey, got that angry, aggressive look that either scares or annoys the opposition.

  50. NZ 11-1

    Twenty20 cricket in concentrate.

    New Zealand flayed a couple of boundaries in there, but their progress was checked with that absolutely corking delivery by David Willey that claimed the dangerous Guptill.

    Gauntlets laid down. Game very much on.

  51. WICKET

    Guptill b Willey 6 (NZ 6-1)

    So clean you could floss your teeth with it.

    Martin Guptill's leg stump does a double flip as a full inswinger from David Willey beats the inside edge and rattles the timbers.

    Beautiful ball and Guptill had been softened up for it by a couple of shorter deliveries to start. Willey paid the price, shipping runs, but got top value.

  52. Post update

    Players back out on the field.

    David Willey has the ball in his paw. Martin Guptill is down the opposite end with Brendon McCullum on backing vocals at the non-striker's end.

  53. Wood rewarded

    Mark Wood

    Some good news for England quick Mark Wood. His appearances for England in all three forms of the game have earned the Durham fast bowler an increment contract.

  54. Join the debate at #bbccricket


    BBC Sport's Francis Keogh: This is what you *could* wear at the #T20. One pound your hammers".

    Just don't going knocking in any real nails with them...

  55. Post update

    England batsman Joe Root speaking to Sky Sports: "I thought the way we played throughout, even though we lost wickets in clusters, we've given ourselves a really good chance. Who knows what a good score is now? Guys are just whacking it out of the park. They might knock these off in 15 overs!

    "We're going to have to be quite smart but we have the talent in this dressing-room to bowl them out or keep them below our score."

  56. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Football Fragmento: England finish on 191-7 in the t20 international. NZ will have a good go at that. Should be a good chase.

    Ed Fondue: Unless England take regular wickets that total looks about 20-30 runs light.

    Stephen: Can we ban fist/glove thumping every ball and over between batsmen please?

  57. Eng 191-7

    Ben Stokes

    Ben Stokes drops to his knees, reaches wide and wallop clean through extra over for a four on the first ball of Matt Henry's over.

    Kane Williamson gets down tremendously at backward point to stop one heading to the rope as well.

    Rashid on strike. A lovely glance though short long leg for four, then a single. Stokes back on strike.

    Dug in short, heading wide but the umpire rules it a legal delivery. To much disagreement from the stands. And the crease.

    Stokes whips away another bouncer for a four.

    All done on 191. Par? I reckon about so. Very delicately poised.

  58. Eng 175-7

    Adil Rashid is the new man in and he does some decent shuttle running to turn, scamper and get partner Ben Stokes back on strike for the final over.

  59. WICKET

    Willey c Santner b Southee 6 (Eng 169-7)

    David Willey

    Adrenaline coursing around the system after that majestic six in the last over, David Willey goes chasing a slower ball, puts up a sky-scraper of a catch which Mitchell Santner claims out of the lesser-seen Mancunian sun.

  60. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Joe Root

    Marko Koning: Four-day, Test, ODI and T20. Joe Root is superb in all forms. I think it's time for a Timeless Test.

  61. Eng 164-6

    David Willey gets off the mark in style, leaning back into a short-a-length ball and getting the spectators cowering in the stand over midwicket.

    Two more overs for England to make this total a stretch for the Kiwis.

  62. WICKET

    Root c Guptill b McClenaghan 68 (Eng 157-6)

    It was lovely while it lasted.

    Joe Root's innings of improvisation and inspiration is all done and he mistimes one that got up around his shoulders from Mitchell McClenaghan and holed out to Martin Guptill at deep cover.

  63. Eng 155-5

    Dreamy from Joe Root. It was almost casual as he switched stance and played what, a reverse-paddle? I'm not sure there is a definite name for that shot. It certainly isn't in any 20th century coaching manual.

    It does the job perfectly though, flicking the ball over short long leg and bounding away for four.

    Worth the ticket price alone.

  64. Eng 145-5

    Joe Root tops off the over with a single and Tim Southee takes the bowling slot of the beleaguered Nathan McCullum.

    Nathan McCullum
  65. WICKET

    Billings c Ronchi b McClenaghan 21 (Eng 144-5)

    Sam Billings fails to spot that pesky slower ball bouncer from Mitchell McClenaghan and paddles a steepling but simple catch up to wicketkeeper Luke Ronchi.

    The quality keeps coming for England though. Ben Stokes is next out of the hutch.

  66. Post update

    Stephan Shemilt

    BBC Sport at Old Trafford

    "Billings plays paddle sweep, falls, rolls, jogs, gets tackled by Kane Williamson then gets his bat thrown to him by Luke Ronchi. He drops it."

  67. Post update

    Jonathan Trott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    Joe Root

    "The Root show continues. It is fantastic for such a young player to perform like this consistently. All credit to him."

    You can listen to Test Match Special by clicking on the Live coverage tab on this page.

  68. Eng 137-4

    That was not so much an over as a public flogging. Twenty-three runs in total.

    Sam Billings

    Two fours apiece for Joe Root and Sam Billings, before Billings crowns the corporal punishment with an enormous slog six over long-on.

    Nathan McCullum won't be coming back for any more of that. England pressing the pedal.

  69. Root 50 (Eng 118-4)

    Joe Root raises his bat as he brings up his fifty with a four off the opening ball of the over off Nathan McCullum.

  70. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Tim Southon: Rarely have I seen a cricketer so far in the zone as Root. Top batting on any surface, in any form of the game.

    Graham Chandler: Wickets tumbling but good to see England trying to reach the magic 200.

  71. 114-4

    Tricksy stuff from Sam Billings, so tricksy he confused himself.

    As he sets off for his run, admiring clever little scooped glance down to fine leg, ghe loses his footing. And his bat. And ends up crabbing home at the other end only just better than all fours.

    The boundaries have dried up a bit for England though. Six singles off that over

  72. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Richard Harmon: Just how good is Joe Root?! Must be the most naturally gifted player we've had come in to the team since you know who..

    Who might that be Richard? Initials KP perhaps?

  73. Eng 108-4

    Sam Billings is the new man in for England, but the injection of nitro-boost is yet to come for England.

    Six runs off the over.

  74. Post update

    Stephan Shemilt

    BBC Sport at Old Trafford

    "Often, these T20s can feel low-key, like an end-of-school slap and tickle. This is intense, in keeping with the rest of this New Zealand tour, played in front of an Old Trafford crowd that is invested in the action. Sunshine, fire and music, makes this not only cricket, but unmissable entertainment."

  75. Eng 102-4

    Ross Taylor doffs his cap to the crowd at the end of the over to see if they want to top up his match fee.

    Not a lot of loose change, but a lot of appreciative laughter.

  76. WICKET

    Morgan c Taylor b Henry 4 (Eng 101-4)

    Eoin Morgan has not timed that at all.

    Ross Taylor celebrates catching Eoin Morgan

    The skipper hooks hard, but high and Ross Taylor, who has been bantering back and forth with the crowd out there, takes the catch off his knees at deep square leg.

  77. Join the debate at #bbccricket


    Paul McClure: Caught out following the cricket on holiday! You've got me in the bad books.

    Apologies for that Paul...

  78. Eng 95-3

    Nathan McCullum shots a dirty look down wicketkeeper Luke Ronchi's way. The back-stop is standing right up close but allows a meat-and-potatoes off-break to slip through his gloves and for five wides.

    But, overall, New Zealand have look a lot less generous since they brought more spin into the equation.

  79. Text 81111

    Jock Dawson on text: My 4 boys are just getting into cricket and boy are they (and me) reaping the benefits. I look forward to a fantastic summer based on England's recent performances. I would also like to credit NZ with adopting a fantastic attacking style of cricket across all forms.

  80. Eng 85-3

    Joe Root

    Joe Root gets his pint-sized frame up on tip-toes to clout a hooked four off Matt Henry.

    But that is the main bit of damage from the over. Better again from New Zealand. Halfway point and England are on target for a 170 total at the current rate.

  81. WICKET

    Bairstow b Santner 1 (Eng 79-3)

    Jonny Bairstow is bowled

    Jonny Bairstow is absolutely flummoxed in the flight by Mitchell Santner. Totally deceived and after the weekend heroics, Bairstow is only in for a short stint this time.

    New Zealand hauling this match back to somewhere a bit more comfortable for them.

  82. WICKET

    Hales c B McCullum b Santner 27 (Eng 76-2)

    Brendon McCullum

    Alex Hales heaves his arms - attempting a straight drive - but he is a little over-eager getting into that one. He has scooped it high in the sky and skipper Brendon McCullum keeps his eyes on it to claim a good running catch.

  83. Eng 76-1

    Apparently batsman need to be able to anticipate the ball bowled before it has even left the hand of a quickie.

    Joe Root

    Tim Southee is no express train, but Joe Root changed his mind when that delivery was halfway to him - aborting a sweep to leg to offer the face of the bat and glance the ball past short third man for four.

    You won't see better improv on who's line is it anyway?

  84. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    MoMo: Still finding it genuinely difficult to understand the transformation in England's one day game. Outstanding.

    Ismaeel akujee: T20 cricket is the best the teams just go all out that's what everyone wants to see in all forms of cricket.

  85. Eng 67-1

    Nathan McCullum is on to see if his spin can clog up England's batting gears.

    And he has done a decent job with England's batsman reduced to ones and twos rather than the show-stopping, block-busting fare they have been dealing in for much of the summer so far.

    Seven from that over, but that is down from the average of 10 an over previously.

  86. Post update

    Stephan Shemilt

    BBC Sport at Old Trafford

    "The straight boundaries at Old Trafford aren't the biggest. On the front row of the press box, right behind the bowler's arm, I feel right in the game. If I'm feeling cowardly, it might be best to tactically retreat to the back row."

  87. Eng 60-1

    Joe Root

    Welcome to the party, Tim Southee.

    New Zealand's first bowling change is given the run around as Joe Root clumps a lovely straight six down the ground on the back of a cut through point for four.

    Root gets a little cheeky with an attempted switch sweep, the ball glances off the toe and he gets away with it with another run.

    Fourteen runs off the over, 60 off the powerplay. Good work from England.

  88. Eng 46-1

    Mitchell Santner is not giving Joe Root and Alex Hales much width to work with. Just four runs off the first four balls of the over before Hales strides back towards leg side and works the ball though a gap on the off side for a four.

    Alex Hales

    And once he has cracked the riddle, Hales plunders more. A slog-sweep six keeps England's rate ticking along a decent rate. Glorious shot.

  89. Eng 32-1

    That wicket has taken some of the steam out of England's turbines.

    Mitchell McClenghan, treated like an all-you-can-eat run buffet in his first over, is a lot more slippery this time around.

    England are particularly struggling to pick up his useful slower ball.

  90. WICKET

    Roy run out (Williamson) 23 (Eng 25-1)

    And he is a goner.

    Jason Roy pushes his luck after getting a flying start to his innings and Kane Williamson's throw is a dead-eyed shy.

    There were a good few yards separating him from safety.

  91. Dropped catch

    Colin Munro drops a catch

    A chance for New Zealand as Jason Roy gets a top edge and a fast-backpedalling Munro almost snags it. Not quite.

    Hang on! A run-out shout...

  92. Post update

    Stephan Shemilt

    BBC Sport at Old Trafford

    "I'm not sure of the wisdom of the ferocity of the pyrotechnics that the players walked through as they entered the arena. Just a yard or two away from fireworks and flames, I spotted all of Eoin Morgan, Alex Hales, Joe Root and Grant Elliott flinching. A young lad holding a flag almost came a cropper, too."

  93. Eng 17-0

    Jason Roy

    And a pose for the cameras to boot.

    Jason Roy absolutely wallops an enormous straight six back down the ground. Mitchell McClenaghan looks like he has returned home to find his cats have dragged a dead bird onto his kitchen floor.

    Not amused at all.

    A slower-ball bouncer catches Roy out later in the over, but Roy has the final word, thumping a clean drive over the top for another clouting six.

    England's over and pace under attack.

  94. Eng 3-0

    Nice from Santner who has Jason Roy pinned down for the first half of the over.

    Dot-ball, followed by one that darted back and caught him unawares, eventually Roy scarpers down the other end, relieved to see a leading edge drop short.

    Hales and Roy scrape another two singles, but that was tied down tight as a straitjacket by the Kiwi twirler.

  95. Post update

    Mitchell Santner will open up for New Zealand with a bit of spin.

    Jason Roy on strike for England.

  96. Teams

    England: 1 Jason Roy, 2 Alex Hales, 3 Joe Root, 4 Eoin Morgan (capt), 5 Ben Stokes, 6 Jonny Bairstow (wk), 7 Sam Billings, 8 Adil Rashid, 9 David Willey, 10 Mark Wood, 11 Steven Finn

    New Zealand: 1 Martin Guptill, 2 Kane Williamson, 3 Brendon McCullum (capt), 4 Ross Taylor, 5 Colin Munro, 6 Luke Ronchi (wk), 7 Mitchell Santner, 8 Nathan McCullum, 9 Tim Southee, 10 Mitchell McClenaghan, 11 Matt Henry

  97. Post update

    The teams come out

    Right, out come the two teams amid some worryingly loud and close pyro.

    Any errant nostril hairs will have been thoroughly singed.

    Let's get a cast list.

  98. Hey rainmaker come away from the ground

    BBC Weather Manchester

    More than nineteen hours of daylight? Take that London.

    It is a proper summer's evening in Manchester. One to pack out the beer tents and send sunscreen sales soaring.

    Good news for the organisers after they hosted a soggy and short Test against India last summer.

  99. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Michael Dickie: Says everything about England's new approach to ODI cricket that same side can play ODI & T20. Unthinkable in Cook, Trott era.

    lewis squires: I can see England either breaking the world record score, or getting bowled out for less than 100!

  100. Post update

    Paul Farbrace

    England's interim coach Paul Farbrace has the happy-go-lucky attitude of a supply teacher who knows he doesn't have to hang around for the fall-out of letting his pupils let their hair down

    New headmaster Trevor Bayliss arrives later this week apparently.

    "Trevor gets in on Thursday and will meet Cookie for a bit of dinner on Friday before we head off to Spain," he tells Sky Sports.

    "It is about trying to integrate the lads into Trevor so that it feels as normal as possible when we get to Cardiff for the first Ashes test.

    "Every team has different people but the same characters, Trevor is a shrewd bloke."

  101. Post update

    Stephan Shemilt

    BBC Sport at Old Trafford

    "New-boy Jonathan Trott is fitting in nicely to the Test Match Special team and has got a big welcome from his former England colleagues too. As Trott stood on the outfield as part of the intro to the TMS show, he got a hadnshake from Steven Finn and a running bearhug from Mark Wood."

  102. Post update

    I'm not sure if it is on the Test Match Special agenda for this evening but it would be interesting to get Graeme Swann and Jonathan Trott's thoughts on the comments made by former England wicketkeeper-batsman Craig Kieswetter yesterday.

    "Success changed people," he told CricInfo of his time in the England team.

    "Cliques developed. There were jokes made in the dressing room if you had South African background. When we warmed up in training, we were split into sides: South Africans v English. It created an unnecessary divide. A sense of them and us.

    "When the limited-overs players turned up, it felt like you were on the outside. The Test guys hung out with each other, the limited-overs guys hung out."

  103. Post update

    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    There will be live commentary of this one on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra.

    Graeme Swann, Jonathan Trott and Ebony Rainford-Brent will provide an all-star supporting cast of pundits.

  104. Post update

    Old Trafford

    "In recent years Twenty20 international cricket in England has had the air of something rather grudgingly undertaken, the sporting equivalent of a lukewarm limoncello liqueur handed out with the bill at the end of a five-course Italian meal.. a game to be forgotten before it has even begun."

    As the Guardian's Barney Ronay so brilliantly describes, T20 has felt a bit like that poncho you bought back from holiday.

    Something that you might just style out when in sunnier climes among like-minded folk, but just felt a little silly when your brought back to overcast Blighty.

    But that was before four successive 300+ ODI totals and a series victory over the World Cup runners-up New Zealand.

    Time to dig out that poncho and down a shot of limoncello...

  105. Post update

    Reece Topley and James Vince are the two men on water-carrying duties in the England squad after missing the cut.

    New Zealand have shuffled the pack with Colin Munro, Mitchell McClenaghan and Nathan McCullum, replacing Grant Elliott, Ben Wheeler and Andrew Mathieson.

    Big brother McCullum will add a spinning option for the Blackcaps.

  106. Post update

    Stephan Shemilt

    BBC Sport at Old Trafford

    "Wonderful, party-like atmosphere at a sun-soaked Old Trafford, where fans were milling around soaking it all in more than two hours before the first ball was due to be bowled. Leaving the nets, Joe Root was inundated with so many requests for photos and autographs that he didn't have time to remove his helmet."

  107. Toss

    England have won the toss and chosen to bat.

    It looks like a decent batting deck. Should be some runs around tonight.

    Eoin Morgan has just confirmed that his side is unchanged from the one that did the business in the fifth one-dayer at Chester-Le-Street at the weekend.

  108. Post update

    Between the big-hitting brave new world of England's one-day rebirth...

    England celebrate their one-day series win over New Zealand

    And the return of the oldest enemy....

    Australia's Ashes squad

    We have this little bit of fun from Old Trafford.

    Old Trafford