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By Mark Mitchener

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  1. On to Worcester

    So, it's all square after two games. England and Australia continue their journey up the M5 on Sunday, when the third and final ODI takes place at New Road, Worcester. Two precious Women's Ashes points - and two equally precious ICC Women's Championship points - will be up for grabs.

    But it's been Australia's day - well done to them, thanks for your company during the day, and I hope you'll join us on Sunday for the next gripping instalment. TTFN.

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  4. Oman qualify for World T20

    A snippet of cricket news just in: Oman have beaten Namibia in qualifying to claim the last place at next year's (men's) ICC World Twenty20.

    So, the six associate teams in India next year will be Scotland, Ireland, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Afghanistan and Oman.

  5. Collective noun for wicketkeepers

    SMS Message: Got to be a gauntlet of stumpers? from Andrew Murfin in Bignall End
    Andrew Murfin in Bignall End
  6. Post update

    Holly Colvin

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    Quote Message: England will look at this one in depth tomorrow, once they've gone through the game it's about moving on. They've got a couple of days before Sunday, they'll look to train hard and come back with real intent at Worcester. Amy Jones was an odd choice for me at four, Lauren Winfield has been doing brilliantly in the Championship and averaging 200, although she's been opening the batting there.
  7. Player of the match

    Quote Message: We looked back at the last game, saw where we could improve in all areas and did that really well. We've got such great depth in our squad and it was great to see two people come in and perform straight away. We bowled straight - the run-out was more luck than anything but it's always good to get a direct hit. from Meg Lanning Australia captain and player of the match
    Meg LanningAustralia captain and player of the match
    Meg Lanning celebrates
  8. Captain's view

    Quote Message: Really disappointed. We started well and at 120-1 we were in with a chance, but we didn't bat well between 30-40 overs. Credit to the Aussies, they bowled well in the powerplay but some poor shot selection has cost us. We knew they would come back hard at us, we've got to bounce back at Worcester. from Charlotte Edwards England captain
    Charlotte EdwardsEngland captain
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    Presentation coming up...

  10. Final scorecard

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  12. Champagne moment



  13. Post update

    Holly Colvin

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    Quote Message: Australia came back hard, just as their men did in the second Test - they'll be delighted to be levelling the series. Charlotte's a passionate person, she'll be bitterly disappointed and know the girls can do a lot better than this. They're all experienced cricketers and they'll know that.
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    Charles Dagnall

    BBC Test Match Special

    Quote Message: A couple of team changes worked for Australia, but England just seemed a little off the pace.
  15. Post update

    Holly Colvin

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    Quote Message: England have been outplayed today, and outbowled by some tight bowling, especially from Megan Schutt. They were coasting it after that partnership of Edwards and Knight up front, and something happened at the drinks break - maybe they lost their concentration - and the wickets started to tumble.
  16. WICKET

    Grundy b Osborne 1 (Eng 196 all out)

    No fairytale ending for England - Grundy is bowled by off-spinner Osborne and Australia complete a straightforward 63-run win.

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  18. Eng 193-9 (target 260)

    Left-hander Rebecca Grundy is England's last hope. She's off the mark nudging a two to third man, but the game has gone really, now. Brunt, however, manages to smear a three to ensure she keeps the strike. Schutt finishes her spell with 4-47 from 10 overs. England need 67 from 48 balls.

  19. Post update

    Holly Colvin

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    Quote Message: Katherine's going to have to twist or twist now, really!
  20. WICKET

    Cross b Schutt 2 (Eng 189-8)

    A yorker from Schutt does for Kate Cross - she can't jam her bat down on a full delivery and the ball hits the foot of leg stump. Four wickets for Schutt. It comes after an innovative shot from Brunt - she lines up a lap-sweep but adapts to ramp a four through the vacant slip region.

  21. Collective noun for wicketkeepers

  22. Eng 184-8 (target 260)

    Coyte to complete her spell - despite all the pre-series attention given to the quicker bowlers Perry and Ferling, it's been the accuracy of the medium-fast seamers Schutt and Coyte which has done the damage - at this stage they have a combined 5-75 from 18 overs. England can only manage a Brunt single when boundaries are needed - 76 needed from 54 balls.

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  24. Scorecard

    40 overs scorecard
  25. Eng 183-8 (target 260)

    Kate Cross is out to bat after that X-ray on her hand revealed no fracture - she squeezes a two past Ferling at short third man.

    And a pretty sorry powerplay (from England's perspective) ends - having lost four wickets for the addition of only 19 runs. England need an increasingly unlikely 77 from 60 balls, with only two wickets left.

  26. Post update

    Holly Colvin

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    Quote Message: That looked stone dead to me. It might have kept low but full credit to Schutt. She's bowled well.
  27. WICKET

    Shrubsole lbw b Schutt 0 (Eng 181-8)

    I'm afraid this is becoming a procession - England have lost eight wickets for 89 runs since that opening stand of 92. Shrubsole is the latest wicket to fall, the third lbw victim of the innings.

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  29. Eng 180-7 (target 260)

    Anya Shrubsole is the new batter - while she bats in the top order for Somerset, it's fair to say that with an ODI average of 17, she's not out of place at number nine at international level. England need 80 from 66 balls.

  30. Post update

    Holly Colvin

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    Quote Message: It's looking a bit ominous for England now. Coyte, that nagging bowler, targets the stumps - you miss, she'll hit.
  31. WICKET

    Sciver b Coyte 3 (Eng 180-7)

    Coyte's accuracy is rewarded as Sciver is bowled trying to hit through the leg side. Australia's tails most definitely up.

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  33. Eng 178-6 (target 260)

    Indeed, Katherine Brunt is the new batter - and she shows her intentions straight away with a powerful cover drive for three. Sciver pokes a single to backward point, and Brunt bludgeons a four through fine leg which evades Elyse Villani - Brunt has seven from two balls, and England need more like that as they require 82 from 72 balls.

    The D/L par score with six down would be 195 at this stage, so England will hope the rain stays away...

  34. Post update

    Alison Mitchell

    BBC Test Match Special

    Quote Message: Australia have taken a cluster of wickets and it has put the brakes on. But Katherine Brunt is next in and if anyone can counter attack...
  35. WICKET

    Elwiss b Schutt 4 (Eng 170-6)

    Another one falls - Megan Schutt is recalled in place of Perry (who has two overs left) and Georgia Elwiss is bowled attempting a drive. Sciver's still there, but England are six down and Elwiss has left the building.

    Georgia Elwiss
  36. Post update

    Kalika Mehta

    BBC Sport at Bristol

    Quote Message: The crowd's nerves are palpable as England look to rebuild again. A few umbrellas have gone up and plenty of sweaters and being shoved on as the temperature just drops a little to add to the tension. Approximately 3,150 people have made their way to the County Ground in Bristol today and they’re all intent on sticking around until the end.
  37. Eng 170-5 (target 260)

    Georgia Elwiss in at seven - nervelessly pushing her first ball for two. Though predominantly a seam bowler earlier in her career, she's not yet been called on to bowl in this series, but saw England home with the bat on Tuesday. Three more singles mean Sciver is off the mark too, and having been ahead on D/L a little earlier, those wickets and that maiden over have England behind the rate at this point. 90 needed from 78 balls.

  38. Post update

    Holly Colvin

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    Quote Message: Lydia will be really disappointed. She swung her bat in frustration. She played across the line. Coyte is always nagging at you, she will be more patient than you and builds pressure well.
  39. WICKET

    Greenway lbw b Coyte 20 (Eng 165-5)

    Greenway is hit on the toe by a yorker from Coyte as she tries to work the ball through the leg side, and the Kent left-hander has to go. Australia favourites at this stage?

  40. Powerplay

    Eng 165-4

    The batting powerplay is taken - a maximum of three fielders outside the circle for overs 36-40. A dilemma for Australia is that this is Perry's eighth over - so if she bowls through the powerplay, she can't bowl at the death. But a tight over keeps Greenway under pressure - after five dot balls, all she can manage is a single. Two great overs for Australia, and suddenly England need 95 from 84.

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  42. Post update

    Mel Jones

    Former Australia batter on BBC Test Match Special

    Quote Message: You can sense through the crowd that this is a big period for England now.
  43. Eng 164-4 (target 260)

    Jonassen takes a rest with two overs of her allocation left, and Sarah Coyte returns for the final over before the batting powerplay. Sciver suddenly has to play herself in pretty rapidly - and opts to play out a maiden over. 96 needed from 90.

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    I hate to correct you, Mike - but that's the Women's World Cup!

    The Women's Ashes trophy can be seen on this page.

  45. Post update

    Dan Norcross

    BBC Test Match Special

    Quote Message: It'd be great if we had a close finish but you also feel that Australia are just two wickets away from a very good position in the game.
  46. Eng 164-4 (Greenway 19*, Sciver 0*)

    Greenway adds a three to her score, Sciver manages a leg bye - England need a round 96 from 96 balls. Don't touch that dial!

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  48. Eng 160-4 (target 260)

    Greenway forces Perry off her legs, Erin Osborne gives chase and despite a stumble, just about manages to keep the ball millimetres off the rope without touching it, as the batsmen run three. Or does she? Four is signalled. 100 to win from 101 balls.

  49. Post update

    Dan Norcross

    BBC Test Match Special

    Quote Message: That's a massive wicket for Australia. We say Sarah Taylor's England's gun batsmen but how many times does she not go on?
  50. WICKET

    Taylor lbw b Jonassen 43 (Eng 156-4)

    And just when it was going so well, Taylor is trapped back on the crease by slow left-armer Jonassen, that's absolutely plumb. It brings together Greenway and Natalie Sciver, who were ultimately the match-winning pair at Taunton.

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  52. Eng 145-3 (target 260)

    A few umbrellas are going up - and perhaps sensing that if there is an interruption, a wicket could make all the difference on D/L, Lanning turns back to the pace of Ellyse Perry. Taylor adds a single, Greenway scampers a well-run three, and Taylor forces another two through the covers as Sarah Coyte fails to stop the ball at point with a sliding stop. A single to the cover sweeper takes Taylor to 38 and leaves 114 needed from 109 balls. If it rained now... England would be six ahead on D/L.

  53. Collective noun for wicketkeepers

  54. Eng 139-3 (Taylor 34*, Greenway 4*)

    Jonassen spins down her seventh over - Australia look as though they're saving Perry for the powerplay, but it will be interesting to see who bowls at the other end. Three singles from the over.

    Hang on - there's a bit of rain in the air. And for those of you wondering, England are marginally ahead on Duckworth-Lewis - the par score having been 135-3 at the end of this over.

  55. Post update

    Mel Jones

    Former Australia batter on BBC Test Match Special

    Quote Message: It's not going to be easy for England now. We're at a pivotal point in the game. Sarah Taylor only averages 27.5 in the Women's Championship at the moment but she's starting to get a move on now.
  56. Eng 136-3 (target 260)

    Charlotte Edwards descends from the dressing-room balcony to the England dug-out. Good placement from Greenway and Taylor keeps the scoreboard ticking, as does an innovative scoop to fine leg. Four from the over.

  57. Collective noun for a group of wicketkeepers?

  58. Eng 132-3 (Taylor 29*, Greenway 2*)

    Jonassen bowls her left-arm spin over the wicket to the left-handed Greenway, who fluently sweeps for a single - and goes back round the wicket to Taylor, serving up a full toss which Taylor hoists through mid-wicket for four. After three overs without a boundary, that's eased the pressure for England. 132 needed from 126 balls.

  59. Post update

    Charles Dagnall

    BBC Test Match Special

    Quote Message: The pressure is building - the overs are dropping and the runs are not coming as quickly off the bat as England would like.
  60. Eng 126-3 (target 260)

    Left-hander Lydia Greenway is England's number five - can she dig England out of a hole, the way she did in Taunton on Tuesday? Just three singles from Schutt's over.

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  62. WICKET

    Jones b Jonassen 0 (Eng 123-3)

    And one brings two - as Jones backs away, trying to force the recalled Jess Jonassen through the off side, she's beaten in the flight and bowled. What is it Geoffrey Boycott says about adding two wickets to the score?

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  64. Eng 122-2 (target 260)

    Amy Jones is the new batter, joining fellow wicketkeeper Sarah Taylor at the crease. Aussie stumper Alyssa Healy stands up to the medium-fast Schutt, so we have three wicketkeepers within 22 yards or so. What's the collective noun for a group of wicketkeepers, anyway? Jones sees off the rest of a wicket maiden.

  65. Post update

    Sorry, I think I referred to them as dragons earlier!

  66. WICKET

    Edwards b Schutt 58 (Eng 122-2)

    Bowled! Edwards is bamboozled by a slower ball from Megan Schutt as she tries to force the seamer through the leg side and is comprehensively bowled. Australia are delighted. Game on.

  67. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    Quote Message: I think Australia should try a little spell of Perry, maybe that extra pace could bring a wicket for them.
  68. Scorecard update

  69. Post update

    Alison Mitchell

    BBC Test Match Special

    Quote Message: Things can change if a couple of wickets fall so the partnership is key here.
  70. Drinks break

    Eng 122-1.

    England reach the halfway point of their innings - Taylor takes one hand off the bat as she firmly straight-drives Coyte for four. A less fluent inside edge past the stumps brings her two more. Beverages.

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  72. Eng 114-1 (target 260)

    Australia recall left-arm spinner Jonassen in place of the expensive Ferling and that's a tighter over - just two singles from it.

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  74. Eng 112-1 (Edwards 56*, Taylor 13*)

    Good running by the England pair brings Taylor a three and Edwards a couple of singles from Coyte's fifth oer.

  75. Post update

    For those of you who were listening to TMS earlier when Ebony Rainford-Brent mentioned how she started her T20 international career with three ducks against South Africa...

  76. Eng 107-1 (target 260)

    A leg bye and a single end a profitable Ferling over - 13 from it.

  77. Post update

  78. Eng 105-1 (Edwards 53*, Taylor 10*)

    Ferling's line is letting her down a little here, sending down another legside wide, before Taylor clips a no-ball for four through the leg side to push England into three figures. That gives Taylor a free hit, which she whacks for four to the same region.

    Holly Ferling
  79. Aussies pile on the runs

    Shaun Marsh is enjoying the perfect audition if Chris Rogers is not fit for next week's third Ashes Test. He's closing in on a century against Derbyshire as the Aussies reach 253-3 after 60 overs. Listen to commentary over here.

  80. Eng 94-1 (target 260)

    Sarah Taylor joins her captain at the crease, she's off the mark with a two. England need 166 more from 29 overs.

  81. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    Quote Message: She worked it to the leg side, assuming like most people would that it would beat the fielder. It was a direct hit and she's gone by an absolute mile.
  82. WICKET

    Knight run out (Lanning direct hit) 38 (Eng 92-1)

    And just when it was going so well, Knight hits the ball to short mid-wicket, and a direct hit from Lanning runs her out - not even a full-length dive can save the England vice-captain.

    Australia's women celebrate
  83. Post update

  84. Eng 92-0 (target 260)

    More steady accumulation by England as they reach the 20-over mark, as they take four singles from Ferling's over.

  85. Post update

    Dan Norcross

    BBC Test Match Special

    Quote Message: If I was going to be picky about Charlotte Edwards, it's that she's only got nine hundreds and 46 fifties. Her conversion rate isn't that hot compared to Meg Lanning (who has six hundreds and seven fifties). It's almost Stephen Fleming-esque.
    Charlotte Edwards
  86. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    Quote Message: Charlotte is somebody who can handle pressure well. It's a big day, she needed to do well and she has. On a slow pitch, she's looked pretty good today.
  87. 50 for Charlotte Edwards

    Eng 88-0

    And that's fifty for the England captain, from 68 balls - her 46th fifty in 187 ODIs brought up with a single. Knight is helping her along well with ones and two - she has 36 from 46 balls.

  88. Post update

  89. Eng 83-0 (Edwards 48*, Knight 33*)

    Australia turn to the pace of teenage seamer Holly Ferling - Knight hits the ball nearly straight to backward point, but a wild throw allows them to jog through for an unearned single. Keeper Healy needs to be alert to take a wild legside wide, a single takes Edwards to within two runs of her fifty, and Knight steers a two backward of point.

    Charlotte Edwards
  90. Post update

  91. Eng 78-0 (target 260)

    Osborne (0-19) off after three overs and Sarah Coyte has had a change of ends. Edwards pushes her first ball for a single, Knight opens the face to dab one to third man. A tighter over for Australia, but England's openers remain on course - the required rate is about five and a half.

  92. Post update

  93. Eng 76-0 (Edwards 46*, Knight 29*)

    Australia are whistling through these overs of spin very rapidly - anyone who moans about slow over-rates in cricket can point to the women's game as an example of how it *can* be done - we've had 16 overs in under an hour, and not a drinks break in sight. Four singles taken, Jonassen has 0-12 from three.

    Charlotte Edwards
  94. Eng 72-0 (target 260)

    Edwards powerfully drives Osborne for four, then misses when she tries to cut a half-volley. A single takes her to 44 from 58 balls. Knight, supporting her captain well, nudges a two to third man and dabbing a single to cover, moving to 27 from 32. The Southern Stars rather need a wicket.

  95. Eng 64-0 (Edwards 39*, Knight 24*)

    Edwards sweeps at Jonassen, Healy appeals for lbw but that was a little optimistic as (a) the ball was heading well down the leg side and (b) no leg-bye signal shows Edwards got a bit of bat on that one. Some good hustle between the wickets from England, who are going along nicely. Who's your money on?

  96. Text us on 81111

    SMS Message: Can anyone explain why Worcester is the furthest north where this series is being played? from Nev, Wrexham
    Nev, Wrexham
    Ellyse Perry
  97. Eng 61-0 (target 260)

    Osborne gives it a bit of air but England resist the temptation to hit the cover off it - taking four singles. They need 199 more from 37 overs.

  98. Post update

    Kalika Mehta

    BBC Sport at Bristol

    Quote Message: Kate Cross has returned [after a precautionary X-ray] and all is well, the ECB has confirmed. It’s nothing more then a bruise and the bowler will bat, if required.
  99. Eng 57-0 (Edwards 35*, Knight 21*)

    After one over of Coyte, Australia opt for the twin-spin option and turn to left-arm spinner Jess Jonassen - England plunder three singles and a two from a rapid over.

  100. Text us on 81111

    SMS Message: Recently played the highest ever cricket match up Kilimanjaro with Heather Knight. She can certainly hit the ball. from Chris in London
    Chris in London
  101. Eng 52-0 (target 260)

    A double change in the bowling as Australia turn to Erin Osborne's off-spin - and after a couple of singles, when Osborne drags one down short, Knight pulls her for four through long leg to bring up the fifty stand. The vice-captain pinches the strike with a single off the last ball, and England are only a shade under the required run rate, which is currently 5.35.

  102. Eng 45-0 (Edwards 33*, Knight 11*)

    Edwards sees off the rest of the over, and England are through the powerplay unscathed - and sitting pretty. Australia were 38-0 at this stage.

    Charlotte Edwards
  103. The chase is on

    England have been set 260 by Australia, but they have reached this total before, having successfully chased the 272 New Zealand set them in 2006-07. The Aussies themselves hold the record as they chased 289 when playing New Zealand in 2012-13.

    England run chase
  104. Eng 45-0

    Australia make their first bowling change as medium-pacer Sarah Coyte replaces Schutt - and her first ball is a juicy full toss which Edwards despatches through mid-wicket for four. In fact, it's the fourth time in five overs that Edwards has hit a boundary off the first ball of the over. There's no let-up for Coyte as Edwards whacks the next ball for four more through the covers.

  105. Post update

  106. Eng 37-0 (target 260)

    Still Perry for her fifth over, and Edwards square-drives her third boundary of the day, before picking up a hard-run two through the covers. A last-ball single means her 25 has come from 38 balls; Knight has 11 from 16.

  107. Post update

  108. Eng 30-0 (Edwards 18*, Knight 11*)

    If it's there to hit, Edwards will hit it... the England captain slaps a full toss through the covers for four. Steady so far from England, on the way to their highest ODI run chase.

  109. Pup's gone

    Australia captain Michael Clarke is out for 16 in his side's tour game against Derbyshire - becoming the first ever victim for 19-year-old Will Davis. There's worse scalps...

    Follow all the action with live BBC commentary  here.

  110. Eng 25-0 (target 260)

    Knight plays out the over unscathed.

  111. Post update

    Alison Mitchell

    BBC Test Match Special

    Quote Message: That's a lesson in staying and waiting for the decision.
  112. Eng 25-0

    Knight takes a few steps away from the middle as though she's walking off, then pauses... the TV umpire signals "not out" and the England vice-captain resumes her innings.

  113. Umpire review

    Has  Knight nicked one behind? An obvious edge, keeper Alyssa Healy takes the ball low but doesn't appeal herself, Perry and the fielders appeal and the umpire sends it upstairs... was the catch taken cleanly?

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  115. Eng 23-0 (Edwards 12*, Knight 10*)

    The skipper finds the boundary for the first time as Edwards dabs Schutt through the vacant slip region for four. The captain, playing her 187th ODI, has a huge smile on her face. All about building a platform at this stage.

  116. Post update

    Isa Guha

    Ex-England seamer on BBC Test Match Special

    Quote Message: With a run chase like this, you want one of your top four batting through. But with Charlotte Edwards, she's not going to get full value for her shots here today. Maybe she should make better use of the powerplay and then let others bat around her.
  117. Eng 17-0 (target 260)

    Edwards nudges a single off her legs, Knight rotates the strike to move into double figures - and Lanning posts herself at short mid-wicket to try to cut off Edwards's patented "single off the legs" shot. But when Perry strays to the off side, Edwards cuts fiercely and it takes a great stop by Sarah Coyte at backward point to cut off a probable boundary.

  118. Selfie with Starc

  119. Eng 14-0 (Edwards 4*, Knight 9*)

    Schutt finds the edge - and it's a lifeline for Knight as the ball flies between the keeper and the solitary slip, and away for four. A let-off - or a good omen? A single and a leg bye keep the score ticking.

  120. How's stat?!

  121. Eng 8-0 (target 260)

    Now, is that a warning? Perry aborts her run-up just as she's about to enter her delivery stride, and shows the ball to Knight who's an inch or two short of the crease as she backs up. Edwards is under way with a two off her legs, adding another two to level her partner's score.

  122. Post update

    Isa Guha

    Ex-England seamer on BBC Test Match Special

    Quote Message: Scores are getting bigger in women's cricket. It's partly because the girls are getting stronger and are scoring more boundaries.
  123. BBC coverage

    It's cake o'clock in the TMS commentary box...

  124. Eng 4-0

    Heather Knight takes guard, raking her crease before facing right-arm seamer Megan Schutt, who wasn't selected at Taunton but has replaced leg-spinner Kristen Beams in the XI today. Like her new-ball partner Perry, Schutt has a thick stripe of sun cream across her nose and cheeks - and Knight gets England under way with a powerful, cover-driven four.

  125. Post update

    Dan Norcross

    BBC Test Match Special

    Quote Message: There's something very idiosyncratic about Charlotte Edwards' technique but it's been finely honed over the years.
  126. Eng 0-0 (target 260)

    Perry starts with a probing over to Edwards, who can't beat the infield early on and plays out a maiden over.

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  128. Post update

    Nearly ready for the run chase - remember, this will be England's highest successful Women's ODI run chase if they pull it off. Charlotte Edwards and Heather Knight opening for England, and Ellyse Perry taking the new ball.

  129. Post update

  130. Edgbaston pitch latest

    Edgbaston groundsman Gary Barwell has been speaking to BBC Sport about the surface he's preparing for next week's third Test:

    Quote Message: I'm trying to produce a good quality Test pitch with plenty for the bowlers and the batsmen, good carry and good bounce. I've had no directives from ECB on what kind of pitch to prepare.
  131. Post update

  132. England announce UAE tour

    England's men have announced the dates for their "away" series with Pakistan, which will take place in the UAE this autumn.

    After two warm-up games in Sharjah, they will play three Tests in Abu Dhabi (13-17 October), Dubai (22-26 Oct) and Sharjah (1-5 Nov). Those three venues then host four ODIs and three T20 internationals between 11 and 30 November.

  133. Chris Rogers latest

    Pat Murphy

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Quote Message: There'll be no further medical update on Australia batsman Chris Rogers until he's had further tests in London tomorrow. This week he has seen specialists and undergone scans but further assessments are needed on why he felt dizzy while batting in the Lord's Test on Sunday. Rogers must be rated a doubt for the Edgbaston Test, starting next Wednesday.
  134. Australia tour game

    Warner hits a ton

    An update from the men's game now and Australia have just reached 150-0 in the tour match against Derbyshire at Derby. David Warner has just reached his century and retired out to give Michael Clarke some time at the crease. There is no Mitchell Johnson, Josh Hazlewood, Steve Smith or Mitchell Starc (who is watching the women in Bristol (his fiancee is Alyssa Healy).

    You can see the scorecard for the men's tour game here  - and follow live commentary on the BBC Sport website.

  135. Post update

  136. Post update

  137. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    Quote Message: I don't think England's fielding was as sharp as Tuesday. It wasn't much off the mark but the standards have been set. They have some areas they will want to tighten up in the bowling. Not many looked like taking wickets and they need to work on that on flat wickets.
  138. Post update

  139. Interval

    Right, while the players grab some lunch, keep your ears on TMS as they're shortly going to check in with the Aussie men's game at Derby, where Australia have made 150-0 against Derbyshire, with David Warner closing on a century. You can follow that game with live commentary via the BBC Sport website.

  140. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    Quote Message: What I liked about Lanning's innings is that she went out at about a run a ball, at a good pace. There won't be many who will be able to keep the boundaries coming as much as she did because it is a slow outfield.
  141. Post update

  142. Scorecard update

  143. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    Quote Message: They are about 10-15 runs over par. What I like about Australia is that they have learned from their mistakes. They wanted to make sure they built early doors. They built a base which allowed Lanning and Perry to get into the game and build a positive total.
  144. Aus 259-6

    Sciver, having picked up a couple of late wickets, re-ties her hair between deliveries as Erin Osborne comes out for the last two balls of the innings. A leg bye gets Healy back on strike for the last ball, she steps across to bunt a single to short fine leg and England must score 260 to win.

  145. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    Quote Message: Jonassen went miles to wide to leg side there. Sciver is bowling a lot of slower balls and good ones, with a lot of variation.
  146. WICKET

    Jonassen st Taylor b Sciver 6 (Aus 257-6)

    Jonassen is miles down the track, swings and misses, the ball is called wide but this time Taylor makes no mistake.

  147. Missed stumping

    Aus 255-5

    Sciver to bowl the last over - preferred to Brunt or Cross, who have one over left - and the left-handed Jonassen whips the first ball over the bowler's head for four. A single brings Healy back on strike, now is that a stumping chance missed? Tough, but probably yes, as Taylor can't take the ball cleanly.

  148. Aus 250-5

    Jess Jonassen in, and off the mark with a single. Only three runs from the over means Knight finishes with 2-44 from nine overs.

  149. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    Quote Message: England will be very pleased with this last over from Heather Knight. Every run counts.
  150. WICKET

    Blackwell b Knight 8 (Aus 249-5)

    Thankfully for England, the missed stumping does not cost any runs as off-spinner Knight picks up her second wicket, bowling Blackwell as the former skipper tries to hit through the leg side.

    Alex Blackwell bowled
  151. Missed stumping

    Aus 249-4

    Nearly a second stumping as Blackwell comes down the track to Knight - but this time a fumble from Taylor keeps Blackwell in.

  152. Aus 243-4

    Wicketkeeper Alyssa Healy is in at number six - watched from the stands by her fiance Mitchell Starc - and she's been promoted above Jess Jonassen, who opened in the last game. She guides her second ball for four.

  153. WICKET

    Lanning st Taylor b Sciver 104 (Aus 241-4)

    Sciver deceives Lanning as she comes down the track to a slower ball, and quick as a flash, Sarah Taylor removes a bail and the skipper is stranded. A few of the England players make sure they congratulate Lanning on an excellent century before she leaves the field.

  154. Aus 238-3 (Knight 8-0-41-1)

    New batter Alex Blackwell gets the reverse sweep out first ball, Rebecca Grundy gives chase and cuts off the four as they run three. Lanning then plays a similar reverse sweep, misses and Knight raises both hands to appeal for lbw - but it's not out.

  155. WICKET

    Perry b Knight 48 (Aus 235-3)

    Ellyse Perry falls two short of what would have been a women's ODI record of seven successive fifties as she's beaten in the flight and bowled by Heather Knight - who, for someone who's only been bowling regularly in internationals for a year or so, has been doing a very steady job for her side today.

  156. Aus 234-2 (Lanning 103*, Perry 48*)

    The ones and twos continue to flow. Looking like a monumental run chase for England here.

  157. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    Quote Message: For me, she's up there with the best. She was unfortunate with that lbw shout in the first match but she'll be one of the finest cricketers if she carries on in this vein.
  158. 100 for Meg Lanning

    Australia captain Meg Lanning completes a marvellous century from 92 balls as she guides sixth bowler Natalie Sciver's medium pace for two through third man - it's her sixth ton in 38 ODIs. And she's still only 23...

    Meg Lanning
  159. Aus 225-2

    More accumulation from the third-wicket pair against Knight - Lanning, on 96, pushes a quick single to Georgia Elwiss at mid-off and puts in the full-length dive but the throw is wide. Five singles from Knight's seventh over.

  160. Aus 220-2 (Lanning 95*, Perry 43*)

    Perry has played the supporting role in this partnership - she reaches 42 by flicking Cross down the leg side for four, and for such a powerful striker of the ball, it's surprising that's only her second boundary today. Lanning, meanwhile, gets off the unlucky-for-Aussies 87 by slogging Cross for consecutive fours through square leg.

    Meg Lanning
  161. Post update

  162. Aus 205-2 (Knight 6-0-32-0)

    A ripple of applause around Bristol for the hundred partnership as Perry smacks Knight for a single past the non-striker. Knight will be pleased not to concede boundaries - and Lanning misses an attempted big blast as she steps across to the off side - but England are just desperate for a breakthrough. With Australia having two well-set batters, wickets in hand and power to come, this could be a very big target for the hosts to chase.

  163. Aus 202-2 (Lanning 84*, Perry 36*)

    Kate Cross returns to the attack, she has three overs left. Perry and Lanning plunder some singles to take Australia past 200 and to within one run of their century stand.

    Kate Cross
  164. Post update

    Holly Colvin

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    Will you be returning to top-level cricket for next year's Super League?

    Quote Message: This sounds very cliched, but I'm taking each game as it comes, enjoying my cricket and helping Sussex out. Towards the end of my career with England, it was not as enjoyable as I wanted but the break has refreshed me.
  165. Aus 197-2

    England have to juggle their bowlers for the last 10 overs - indeed, they'll need a sixth bowler if it goes the distance. Edwards decides to keep Brunt's final over up her sleeve, and turns back to Heather Knight's off-spin - three singles are followed by three dot balls from the vice-captain.

  166. Post update

    Holly Colvin

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    Quote Message: Meg Lanning has a great strike rate in one-day internationals - it was 97 before today.
  167. Aus 193-2 (Lanning 80*, Perry 31*)

    Shrubsole to bowl her last over, and she finishes with 1-41 as Australia, on cruise control, milk six singles.

    And good news if you're an Afghanistan fan - they've qualified for next year's ICC World Twenty20 in India after beating Papua New Guinea in qualifying. The win was brought up with a six - well done them. The final place is between Oman and Namibia, who play this afternoon.

  168. Dropped catch

    Aus 188-2

    More frustration for Brunt, who can yell with the best of them when things aren't going her way, as Lanning edges, Sarah Taylor gets half a hand to it but can't hold on. Brunt is stuck on 99 ODI wickets - she has 0-43 from nine.