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  1. Close of play scorecard

    Australia:  268-8 (Jonassen 95, Beams 24).

    Fall of wickets:  66-1 (Villani 33), 70-2 (Lanning 3), 84-3 (Bolton 36), 87-4 (Perry 5), 99-5 (Blackwell 7), 176-6 (Healy 39), 187-7 (Coyte 3), 206-8 (Schutt 11).

    Bowling:  Brunt 22-9-58-1, Shrubsole 23-4-59-4, Cross 16-2-59-1, Elwiss 3-0-11-0, Marsh 21-8-42-2, Knight 11-2-23-0, Sciver 1-0-10-0.

  2. 'England will be a little bit disappointed'

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "England would've wanted Australia wrapped up for 150 at the most and England will feel they have let the game slip away from them.

    "They will be a little bit disappointed but it has been a brilliant fightback from Australia. They had to deal with some really positive bowling from England."

  3. Australia 268-8

    So England's Anya Shrubsole seems happy with the day's work, well that's what she says publicly. But our pundit Ebony Rainford-Brent does not agree.

  4. Player reaction - Australia 268-8

    England bowler Anya Shrubsole, who claimed four wickets, tells BBC Test Match special: "It's probably an even day and both teams will be happy. In an ideal world we would've liked to have picked up the last two wickets but Jess played brilliantly.

    "We're relatively happy and hopefully we can take the last two wickets early tomorrow. Katherine (Brunt) bowled brilliantly well with very little reward. I didn't bowl well with the new ball but when I settled down and got into a rhythm it was better.

    "There are a few tired bodies but this is what we do the training for. If a number 10 can play like that then it shows it's clearly not a bad track."

  5. Player reaction - Australia 268-8

    Australia's Jess Jonassen has just been speaking to Test Match Special. She says: "It was a bit tough at times but credit to England as they bowled very well at times.

    "It was hard to score runs but the pleasing thing is that I managed to get through that and be there at the close of play.

    "I knew England would be up in my face but I'm pleased to get through it and be unbeaten. We're in a really good position and hopefully we can score a few runs quickly tomorrow and get some joy with the ball."

  6. Close of play - Aus 268-8 (Jonassen 95, Beams 24)

    Two more to the total for Jess Jonassen. Five more to go for a hundred. But she will have to wait until tomorrow to get to three figures.

    That is it for today.

  7. Australia 266-8

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "This is a very big opportunity for Jess Jonassen. It also has shown the lack of penetration from England at the end of Australia's innings."

  8. Australia 266-8 (Jonassen 93, Beams 24)

    An inside edge for Jess Jonassen and her heartbeat probably quickens ever so slightly. But she gets away with it as the ball misses the stumps and the wicketkeeper's gloves. Jonassen inches on to 93.

    That would have been a heartbreaking way to be out when you close in on a century on a Test debut.

  9. Australia 265-8 (Jonassen 92, Beams 24)

    It is nervous nineties time for Jess Jonassen. She is eight runs away from a much-deserved, potentially match-changing century. A maximum of five overs left, with Australia set to bat out the day.

  10. Australia 262-8 (partnership 57 runs from 134 balls)

    Who is winning this match? To be honest, it is a difficult one to answer. England will be annoyed at their inability to wrap up the Australia innings when they had restricted them to 99-5.

  11. Australia 259-8 (Jonassen 87, Beams 23)

    A hugely valuable 23 from Kristen Beams as the match is starting to swing in Australia's direction. It has been a great day for those that love their Test cricket.

    The tourists looked on top at 66-0, England took control by reducing them to 99-5, but Australia have since recovered and have passed 250 with two wickets remaining. Jonassen is 13 runs away from a Test century on her Test debut.

  12. Dropped catch

    Five runs off the over as Australia seem to opt for an attacking approach. Beams nearly pays the penalty with a mistimed aerial shot, but England cannot capitalise as Laura Marsh at mid-off cannot hold on to the chance.

  13. Australia 244-8 (Jonassen 82, Beams 14)

    Jess Jonassen bats

    We had only had two boundaries in nine overs, but Jonassen steps up the pace in the 90th over, launching Shrubsole for her 10th four to move into the 80s.

    Are Australia going to declare tonight and leave England facing a tricky few overs at the end of the day? Or will they bat out the day? We will soon see. A maximum of 10 overs left.

  14. Australia 239-8

    Izzy Westbury

    Middlesex captain on BBC Test Match Special

    Izzy is discussing the progression media coverage around the women's game:

    "I think initially people were quite timid about saying anything negative. There's nothing wrong with that, you need that impetus to get it off the ground. But now, if things are going badly, this is a professional job and that critique is warranted."

  15. Australia 239-8 (two boundaries in the last nine overs)

    Australia are grinding out a score and frustrating the hosts. 

  16. Australia 238-8 (Jonassen 76, Beams 14)

    Kristen Beams is not exactly playing in T20 mode, but then again why should she?

    She is playing a vital role for her side. Her first 54 balls see only 10 runs scored. But then a wonderfully-timed cut shot adds four to her total.

  17. Australia 234-8 (Jonassen 76, Beams 10)

    A change of approach from Katherine Brunt as her slower delivery nearly deceives Jess Jonassen. A few balls later and the English bowler mixes it up by sending in one short. But the Australian sees it coming and can move harmlessly out of the way.

    This ninth-wicket partnership has now been there for 16 overs. Sixteen really frustrating overs for England fans.

  18. Australia 234-8 (overs 86, run rate 2.72)

    Anya Shrubsole thinks she may have a fifth wicket as Jess Jonassen flashes at one but the ball just avoids the diving Heather Knight at slip. England's wait for another wicket continues.

  19. Australia 233-8

    Izzy Westbury

    Middlesex captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "The light is murky. If England end up going in for 10 overs or so it could be a tricky period for them."

  20. Australia 233-8 (Jonassen 75, Beams 10)

    The weather has been better than predicted, but now the lights are on at Canterbury.

    But Jess Jonassen has no problem spotting a loose one from Katherine Brunt and it is driven away through the covers for four. We may have up to 15 more overs today. Will Australia still be batting at the end of the day?

  21. Australia 227-8 (four runs off the last three overs)

    Kristen Beams bats

    Both batters are in their first Test match and it is a frustrating time for Katherine Brunt and England. It is a maiden over, but Kristen Beams is untroubled and remains at the crease.

  22. Australia 227-8

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "I'm looking forward to this Test match now. Three hundred is a good score in a women's Test match - 250 keeps it in the action. If Australia get closer to that, there could be a bit in the second innings."

  23. Australia 227-8 (Jonassen 69, Beams 10)

    Every run from Jess Jonassen could be vital for Australia. Remember, this is her Test debut. And she is on 69 not out. Beams is on a resilient 10 from 40 balls. But the tail-ender is on strike for the start of the 83rd over.

  24. Australia 223-8 (Brunt 1-44, Shrubsole 4-35)

    She now has a chance to get some more wickets, as she is back in action from the Nackington Road end.

  25. Australia 223-8

    Warwickshire's Rikki Clarke is getting his son involved from a young age. Hope that right leg is healing well...

    Rikki Clarke's son
  26. Australia 223-8

    The new ball is due, it is immediately taken and then thrown to Katherine Brunt, who produced an excellent opening spell earlier today and deserved better than figures of 1-44.

    She nearly has her second wicket. Beams edges one, but it falls just short of Heather Knight at first slip. A maiden over from Brunt on her return.

  27. Latest scorecard

    80 overs

    Australia:  223-8 (Jonassen 67, Beams 8).

    Fall of wickets:  66-1 (Villani 33), 70-2 (Lanning 3), 84-3 (Bolton 36), 87-4 (Perry 5), 99-5 (Blackwell 7), 176-6 (Healy 39), 187-7 (Coyte 3), 206-8 (Schutt 11).

    Bowling:  Brunt 15-6-44-1, Shrubsole 16-4-35-4, Cross 16-2-59-1, Elwiss 3-0-11-0, Marsh 20-8-41-2, Knight 9-2-18-0, Sciver 1-0-10-0.

  28. Australia 223-8 (Jonassen 67, Beams 8)

    Kristen Beams faced 17 balls before her first Test run, and now she has her first Test boundary cutting one away to the rope. Eight runs off the over. The new ball is now due.

  29. Australia 215-8

    Just the one run from the latest over. You get the impression that Charlotte Edwards is waiting for the new ball to bring Katherine Brunt and Anya Shrubsole, who has taken four wickets today, back into the attack.

  30. Australia 214-8 (Jonassen 65, Beams 1)

    It is her Test debut, but at least Kristen Beams has avoided the embarrassment of a duck. It has taken her 17 balls, but she scores her first Test run.

    It is tough going at the moment for Australia, and it may get tougher soon as the new ball could be seen in two overs time.

  31. Australia 213-8

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "If Australia make it to 250 then that will be a very good total on this pitch and will certainly make it a very interesting game."

  32. Australia 213-8

    Former England wicketkeeper Geraint Jones is no stranger to Canterbury. And he is having a great day if this picture is anything to go by.

  33. Australia 210-8

    Kalika Mehta

    BBC Sport at Canterbury

    "The first shouts of 'Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi' have been bellowed out but it's the England fans who are jumping up and down in celebration.

    "With the crowd nudging 2,000 there have been plenty of back and forth between the Australian and England fans, especially as the day has gone on."

  34. Australia 210-8

    Charlotte Edwards

    England lost the toss, but captain Charlotte Edwards will be happy with the job her bowlers have done for her.

  35. Australia 207-8

    Kristen Beams is another player making her Test debut. She has joined Jess Jonassen at the crease. Beams looks nervous as she fails to score from her first seven deliveries. England sense they could wrap this innings up soon.

  36. Australia 206-8

    Isa Guha

    Ex-England seamer on BBC Test Match Special

    Laura Marsh celebrates

    "Marsh is coming from around the wicket and the angle is working well for her - she's getting some subtle turn. Schutt played all around that one. It's exactly what Edwards wanted - she wanted Marsh to do the job for her and she's doing it."

  37. WICKET - Schutt lbw b Marsh 11 (Aus 206-8)

    Laura Marsh

    Laura Marsh is celebrating again. Megan Schutt played all around a straight one, missed it and the ball bounced off her back pad. It is an easy decision as it would have hit middle stump. Australia lose their eighth wicket.

  38. Australia 206-7 (partnership 19)

    A lovely drive through long on from Jess Jonassen takes her on to 59, before she flicks one off the pads for another single.

    She had never made an international 50 in either T20 or one-day matches and this is turning into a Test debut that she will never forget.

  39. Get Involved #bbccricket

    Listen to live commentary from Test Match Special by pressing the audio button at the top of this page. Disclaimer: May include loud guys in the background.

  40. Australia 200-7 (Jonassen 55, Schutt 10)

    Jess Jonassen

    From 99-5, not many people would have expected Australia to reach 200. But that is exactly what they have done, largely thanks to Jess Jonassen's unbeaten half-century.

    England are clearly targeting Megan Schutt with the players crowding around the bat. But she survives another over.

  41. Australia 199-7

    A big thick edge from Schutt. It is at a catchable height, but luckily for Australia the area is unguarded. A bit reckless from Schutt, but she gets away with it. Kate Cross does not look impressed. 

  42. Australia 194-7 (Jonassen 53, Schutt 6)

    Marsh drops one in short and Megan Schutt smashes it away for four to the cover rope. England will be hoping to wrap up the last three wickets soon.

    Just a reminder, we still have a lot of the cricket to come today. There could be up to another 32 overs left so hope you are all comfortable. The new ball is available in 12 overs time.

    The hosts will be hoping Australia's innings has not lasted that long. 

  43. Australia 188-7

    Mel Jones

    Former Australia batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "To be fair to England they have been fairly disciplined. After the first hour they were frustrated but they didn't let their heads go down. They stuck at it and got their rewards.

    "I consider Sarah Taylor to be the best wicketkeeper in the world and she has been very tidy today."

  44. Australia 188-7

    Megan Schutt is the latest batter to come in. She struggles to score with only one run off Kate Cross's latest over.

  45. Australia 187-7

    Isa Guha

    Ex-England seamer on BBC Test Match Special

    "I think 250 would be a good score on this pitch. England have been able to strangle the Australians. It was a great partnership by Jonassen and Healy, but Marsh is coming into her own now."

  46. Australia 187-7

    Mel Jones

    Former Australia batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "It's an innocuous one. Coyte was a bit bemused. The bat possibly made a noise against the pad but unfortunately it's been given caught behind."

  47. WICKET - Coyte c Taylor b Cross 3 (Aus 187-7)

    Kate Cross

    Australia had fought back, but England are back in control again. Sarah Coyte gets a thin edge to spinner Kate Cross's delivery.

    Wicketkeeper Sarah Taylor, standing up behind the stumps, gives out a loud scream. She is absolutely convinced the Australian got a touch.

    Umpire Alex Wharf agrees and Australia are seven down.

  48. Australia 187-6

    Laura Marsh

    Anya Shrubsole will have to wait as Laura Marsh continues. Jonassen flicks one away in the direction of square. A quickly-scampered two moves Australia on to 187-6.

    The tourists would be happy to be in this position after they had looked in trouble at 99-5 earlier on. But it is an enthralling opening day at Canterbury.

  49. Australia 184-6 (Cross 0-47, Marsh 1-21)

    Kate Cross

    A frustrating day so far for Kate Cross. Figures of 0-47 off 12 overs. Sarah Coyte scores three off the over. Anya Shrubsole could well be returning to the attack sometime soon.

    She had some time on the sidelines because of an ankle injury, but is back on the field and seems to be OK.

  50. Australia 181-6 (Jonassen 50, Coyte 0)

    Laura Marsh claimed a wicket in her last over, and records a maiden in her latest one. She has her hands on her head as Jess Jonassen narrowly avoids getting a thin edge to a fine delivery. 

    Sarah Coyte is at the other end. Her best score in three Test matches is only nine. Her country needs her to dig in now.

  51. Australia 181-6

  52. Australia 181-6

    Mel Jones

    Former Australia batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "A really great knock from Jess. It's gutsy. When the chips are down some players might have lost their bundle but she's digging in deep."

  53. 50 - Jess Jonassen (Aus 181-6)

    Jess Jonassen celebrates

    Jess Jonassen punches a short delivery through the on-side to move to within one run of her half-century. On her debut, she then reaches a 50 with a mistimed-drive. 

    A calm raise of the bat but her heart must be pounding frantically. What a moment for her. And so vital for her side. She faced 93 balls to reach 50 and has scored four boundaries.

  54. Post update

    The TMS team enjoyed a mini party at tea...

  55. Australia 176-6

    Mel Jones

    Former Australia batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "It's a lapse in concentration from Alyssa Healy. She shakes her head as she goes off. She tried to work across the line far too much. She's just played across a straight one."

  56. WICKET - Healy lbw b Marsh 39 (Aus 176-6)

    Alyssa Healy

    The partnership is over. They had put on 77 runs for the sixth wicket but Alyssa Healy is heading off the field. It is a first wicket of the day for England's Laura Marsh who traps Healy lbw. 

    It is a straight delivery and an easy decision. Australia now 176-6.

  57. Australia 172-5

    Jess Jonassen

    We are back under way at Canterbury. Natalie Sciver is handed the ball for the first time today.

    And it is a loose first over as 10 runs come from it. Jonassen needs five more runs for a half-century, a valuable innings for the Australians.

  58. Get Involved


  59. Wakey, wakey

    BBC Sport's Kalika Mehta at Canterbury: “It’s just about that time of day when a quick afternoon nap is in order for a few of the spectators.

    “A few young girls have been entranced by the ICC Women’s World Cup trophy that is on display at the ground, with one saying ‘How cool would it be to win that, it’s so shiny.’” 

    World Cup trophy
  60. Get Involved #bbccricket

    Feel free to keep taking sneaky looks in the last session of the day Louise.

  61. Australia 162-5 (Jonassen 35, Healy 35)

    So it has been a good afternoon for England as Australia wobbled from 66-0 to 99-5, but a gutsy partnership worth 63 runs so far for the sixth wicket has brought Australia back into it.

    Which way will the rest of the day go? It is going to be a long last session as we have up to 100 overs to be bowled today, so a maximum of 42 still to come.

    Can England claim the last five wickets and make it an excellent day or will Australia haul themselves into a strong position?

  62. Scorecard update (tea)

    Australia:  162-5 (Jonassen 35, Healy 35).

    Fall of wickets:  66-1 (Villani 33), 70-2 (Lanning 3), 84-3 (Bolton 36), 87-4 (Perry 5), 99-5 (Blackwell 7).

    Bowling:  Brunt 15-6-44-1, Shrubsole 16-4-35-4, Cross 10-1-39-0, Elwiss 3-0-11-0, Marsh 9-0-17-0, Knight 5-2-14-0

  63. Post update

    Izzy Westbury

    Middlesex captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Australia are the in-form side but have played less Test match cricket than England, so if there is one format where England will fancy their chances it is this."

  64. Australia 162-5

    We've hit a spell of relative anonymity with tea looming after those three quick wickets after lunch. Laura Marsh is coming round the wicket to left-hander Jess Jonassen, which mixes it up a bit. Jonassen unfazed though and collects a pair. That should be tea time.

  65. Australia 158-5 (5-2-14-0)

    Alyssa Healy

    Heather Knight gives Alyssa Healy a bit of space and she clips it over the fielder at extra cover and to the boundary. A bit wayward this from Knight, as Healy pulls a full toss for another four. But there's some turn to finish with, which is promising.

  66. Post update

    Izzy Westbury

    Middlesex captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "The Australian mindset now is to play these girls out. It might be time for England to think about a change in the bowling because they don't want this to be a partnership that takes Australia from a perilous position into something reasonable."

  67. Australia 149-5

    A few singles for Jess Jonassen and Alyssa Healy - the latter has a bit of a baseball swing to a short one from Laura Marsh, but it finds the pad. Jonassen is having none of that, and plays a textbook forward defensive to remind us that this is a four-day match.

  68. Get Involved #bbccricket

    Remember, we want to know your thoughts on the match. Get involved on this page by tweeting us using the hashtag #bbccricket.

  69. Australia 146-5 (Jonassen 31, Healy 23*)

    With just one run from the previous three overs, Alyssa Healy will be relieved to pick up a single from Heather Knight. Jess Jonassen deals with one on her toes well - but it's just the single off the over.

  70. Dropped catch

    Australia 145-5

    Laura Marsh has Alyssa Healy waving at a wide one which is driven to point, where Kate Cross puts it down diving to her right. Not a gimme - but definitely a chance.

  71. Australia 144-5 (Knight 3-1-4-0)

    The over rate has picked up considerably with the two spinners on - which gives me less time to eat cake. Heather Knight has found her range and almost lures Jess Jonassen into one down the pitch, but the left-hander retreats at the last moment.

  72. Australia 144-5

    Laura Marsh finally relinquishes some runs, as Jess Jonassen trickles around the corner for four. It's a debut for Jonassen by the way, and she's holding up well.

  73. Australia 139-5

    Part-time bowler Heather Knight continues. And it's solid from the 24-year-old to keep the cork on the Australian pair.

  74. Australia 139-5 (Partnership 44 runs from 66 balls)

    England have slowed it down again, as Laura Marsh registers a fourth maiden from five overs. That doesn't mean this isn't becoming a dangerous partnership though.

  75. Australia 139-5 (Jonassen 26, Healy 21)

    Alyssa Healy

    Heather Knight replaces Kate Cross, who was ever so slightly lose. Alyssa Healy is finding her rhythm though and sends her to the long-on boundary. Knight has a little shout for lbw but it's not considered.

  76. Post update

    Kalika Mehta

    BBC Sport at Canterbury

    “Anya Shrubsole had gone off with a touch of calf cramp after falling in the final over of her spell after lunch and was replaced on the pitch by her fellow Bath team-mate Fran Wilson - but she's back on

    “There’s been a touch of rain in the air throughout the day but the sun is doing its best to make an appearance from behind the clouds."

  77. Australia 135-5

    Laura Marsh is in a stingy mood. She just slows down the scoring with some disciplined off-spin.

  78. Post update

    Izzy Westbury

    Middlesex captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "It is a really important phase of the match and Australia have not had to rely on their middle or lower order in this series as Perry and Lanning have been in such good form."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary by pressing the audio icon at the top of this page.

  79. Australia 135-5 (Jonassen 26*, Healy 17)

    Alyssa Healy is getting a good amount of bat on to Kate Cross's deliveries, and sends the first ball of the over to the boundary. Healy is very much in form, having scored a century at Beckenmham in the week, and she collects a pair to finish the over.

  80. Australia 129-5 (3-2-4-0)

    Laura Marsh adds a bit of zip to her spin and it almost catches out Jess Jonassen, but it misses the edge. A tidy maiden from the off-spinner.

  81. Australia 129-5

    Kate Cross

    Jess Jonassen clips Kate Cross to mid-wicket for a single. I noted earlier that she's been out of form in this series so far, but she has picked up knocks of 79 and 21 in warm-up matches in the past few days.

    Cross thinks she has Alyssa Healy lbw but it's heading down leg side, very much heading down leg side.

  82. Get Involved - #bbccricket

  83. Australia 126-5

    All change for England. It's time for Laura Marsh and a bit of off-spin. The idea will be to stop Australia finding a rhythm with this burgeoning partnership. It's a decent plan, as Marsh collects a maiden.

  84. Post update

    Kalika Mehta

    BBC Sport at Canterbury

    "The crowd has filled up on the banks surrounding the outfield in Canterbury and they’re in good voice and greet Katherine Brunt with rapturous applause as she trots back to the boundary, who acknowledges the crowd.

    “There are a few cries of 'attack, attack, attack’ from some of the younger spectators who seem to coming back in their dozens from the very busy ice cream truck."

  85. Australia 126-5 (Cross 8-1-30-0)

    Anya Shrubsole fell over in her last over and was a bit cautious on her ankle afterwards. So it's Kate Cross with the ball in hand and Jess Jonassen casually sends her back down the ground to the rope. Cross recovers and sees out the rest of the over unscathed.

  86. Post update

    Izzy Westbury

    Middlesex captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "What a turnaround. This has been wonderful to watch. But the danger for England is thinking that as they have five wickets they will be able to get the rest quickly, but Australia have got some good batters and bat all the way through their side."

  87. Australia 122-5

    A drinks break gives us a moment to take stock. After a decent start of putting on 66 for the first wicket, Australia then fell to 99-5. Signs of a response though as Jess Jonassen and Elyssa Healy have put on a 23-run partnership.

    It looks like Kate Cross is coming into the attack.

  88. Post update

    England international Danielle Wyatt is loving the action. And Anya Shrubsole's bowling.

  89. Australia 122-5 (Partnership 23 runs)

    Brunt and Shrubsole still dovetailing the attack, with the latter bowling. Two quite wide down the leg side evade Elyssa Healy, but the straighter one is put away to long on. Shrubsole looks a little puffed out, grimacing a bit before her run-up.

  90. Get involved #bbccricket

    Send us your thoughts on the match. Get involved by using the hashtag #bbccricket on Twitter.

  91. Australia 116-5 (Jonassen 21, Healy 3*)

    Jess Jonassen finds the rope in the same place for the second successive over. Katherine Brunt is too full which allows Jonassen to add a single. The pair have a few words after that one - it all seems good natured.

    Alyssa Healy moves off the mark with a three through mid-wicket and Jonassen once again hits the boundary with a sweet cover drive.

    Twelve off that over.

  92. Scorecard update (40 overs)

    Australia: 104-5 (Jonassen 12, Healy 0).

    Fall of wickets:  66-1 (Villani 33), 70-2 (Lanning 3), 84-3 (Bolton 36), 87-4 (Perry 5), 99-5 (Blackwell 7).

    Bowling: Brunt 14-6-32-1, Shrubsole 15-4-30-4, Cross 7-1-26-0, Elwiss 3-0-11-0, Marsh 1-0-4-0.

  93. Australia 104-5

    Jess Jonassen frees the shoulders a tad and sends Anya Shrubsole to the extra cover boundary. Shrubsole won't be used to that. She does what any good bowler should do and moves a fielder by two inches - that'll sort it out.

    Oh and this is close, coming around the wicket to the left-hander and it straightens up just too much, brushing past off stump and going for a bye.

  94. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "Another really big wicket. Alex Blackwell got herself into a bit of bother and she has got this tendency to walk across.

    "She tried to work it around leg side to a ball that was way too full. It was pressure bowling from Katherine Brunt, she has been pitching it up and got great movement."

  95. Austraila 99-5

    It was a well deserved wicket for Katherine Brunt, who has plugged away. There's no hawk-eye at Canterbury, so we can't tell for sure where that lbw was heading. Alyssa Healy, meanwhile, has headed to the crease and is through the over.

    Katherine Brunt
  96. WICKET (Blackwell lbw Brunt 7)

    I was about to say Katherine Brunt has gone a bit wayward, as Alex Blackwell picks up two at third man and again on the leg side. But the finger is up as Brunt nips it into the pad. Blackwell looks unlucky - it was heading down leg side in all probability.

    Katherine Brunt
  97. Australia 95-4

    Anya Shrubsole is human. A rare dodgy one comes out of the hand wrong giving Jess Jonassen a volley into the leg side for two. She's nowhere near the next one though which explodes across her and past the outside edge.

  98. Australia 91-4 (Jonassen 4*, Blackwell 3)

    Australia need an anchor, someone to really dig in. And Alex Blackwell could be that woman. The 31-year-old offers a few staunch defences before an off-cutter from Katherine Brunt goes into her pad. A small cry for lbw is ignored.

  99. Australia 91-4

    Anya Shrubsole

    Anya Shrubsole is enjoying herself at the expense of the Aussie batters. Particularly the left-handers. Jess Jonassen, who has 5, 6 and 0 so far in this Ashes series, gets a leading edge that doesn't carry. Put another maiden in Shrubsole's column.

  100. Post update

    Former Australia all-rounder Lisa Sthalekar on Twitter.

  101. Australia 91-4 (Brunt 12-5-28-0)

    Katherine Brunt is persisting, and well she might. Tremendous swing into left-hander Jess Jonassen, who is twice equal to it. Brunt a bit short and Jonassen drives through extra cover, it's short of the rope, but it's good for three runs.

  102. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "It's a brilliant spell of bowling from Anya Shrubsole. It was quick reactions from Sarah Taylor and as soon as she saw the edge she had to work her body round to get the catch.

    "The ball seamed in, it was only an outside edge which Perry hit on to her pad and the ball ballooned up."

  103. Australia 88-4 (Shrubsole 12-3-21-4)

    Jess Jonassen is at the crease and she's off the mark with a nervous nurdle to mid-wicket. Alex Blackwell faces the last ball of the over and is right across to pad it outside the line.

  104. WICKET - Perry c Taylor b Shrubsole 5

    Take the day off ladies, Anya Shrubsole has got this.

    She gets a lovely bit of movement off the seam to come back into the right-hander Ellyse Perry. It's off the bat, it's off the pad, it's safely in the hands of Sarah Taylor.

    Anya Shrubsole
  105. Australia 87-3 (Perry 5*, Blackwell 3)

    Katherine Brunt, who has been superb without getting her rewards, strays ever so slightly down the leg side and Alex Blackwell is on it for a deuce. The England field is aggressive, with one in at silly point.

  106. Australia 85-3

    A run. It's just one, but it's a run. Tickled into the leg side by Alex Blackwell who is off the mark. Anya Shrubsole is giving very little away though, finding the channel just outside the off stump. One comes millimeters away from Ellyse Perry's edge.

  107. Australia 84-3

    Tons of pressure on Australia right now. They endure another maiden over to Katherine Brunt. That's no runs from 18 balls since lunch.

  108. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "That's the action we have been looking for. It was a brilliant delivery from Shrubsole. We saw Bolton try to get it through leg-side but it pitched, went through the gate and as a bowler there's nothing better.

    "Bolton has been caught falling over and has left a gap between bat and pad."

  109. 84-3 (Perry 5*, Blackwell 0)

    A wicket maiden for Anya Shrubsole then, as Alex Blackwell comes in and manages to fend off the final ball of the over.

  110. WICKET - Bolton b Shrubsole 3 (Aus 84-3)

    Anya Shrubsole is relentless. She already caused a bit of bother for Nicole Bolton by getting one to nip back. And a very similar ball has the Aussie left-hander seeing her leg stump lying on the turf. She took a step backwards to make room - it turned out it was too roomy.

    Anya Shrubsole
  111. Australia 84-2

    After all that, it's still a tidy opening over for Katherine Brunt, who gets a maiden and chucks the ball to our wicket-taker of the hour Anya Shrubsole.

  112. Post update

    Nothing to get excited about here. No touch from Brunt and Bolton is safely home.

  113. Umpire review

    We're back under way at Canterbury and we have a TV replay to look at. Ellyse Perry sends Katherine Brunt back down the ground and straight into the wickets. We're looking to see if 1. Brunt got a touch and 2. Nicole Bolton was out of her crease.

  114. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "Those two wickets from Shrubsole in her second spell were carbon copies. The slope helped them to straighten up and they were two brilliant catches from Heather Knight."

    Anya Shrubsole
  115. Post update

  116. Sunday Times athletics doping allegations

    Sports Minister Tracey Crouch:  "I'm confident that British athletes undergo such rigorous testing that none of our athletes will be caught up in it. I have full confidence in the UK anti-doping agency - I think they are one of the best in the world."

  117. Post update

    Sports Minister Tracey Crouch: "Sport is funded in part by lottery and in part by government and people need to get value for money out of that funding. We need to get quality of participation and value of sport out of that funding.

    "There is no single reason why people aren't participating in sport but one is that people's lives have become so busy that giving up an entire day to play for your local club is not possible. How does the sport adapt to a manageable timescale."

    Tracey Crouch
  118. Post update

    Sports Minister Tracey Crouch: " There's been a real growth in women's sport. people have been putting a lot of pressure on governing bodies and broadcasters to show more women's sport. There is an apeetite out there and we have had some very imortant successes over the last few months and years. If you invest in women's sport then you will have success in return. We have to continue that."

  119. Post update

    And while you're reading that, keep your ears on Test Match Special for an interview right now with Sports Minister Tracey Crouch.

  120. Mark Wood column

    While the players are lunching let me point you in the direction of a cracking piece of content on our website today. England fast bowler Mark Wood, who took the wicket that won the Ashes, has written an entertaining column about his exploits. He talks about his imaginary horse, writing the England team song and reveals which England player lost his hotel room key in the boozy post-match celebrations.  

  121. Australia 84-2

    So some great bowling from Katherine Brunt and Anya Shrubsole. Brunt was unlucky not to collect a wicket as four times she had strong lbw shouts but each time the decision went against her.

    Anya Shrubsole
  122. Lunch scorecard

    Australia 84-2

    Not out batters:  Villani 33, Bolton 25

    Bowling figures:  Brunt 8-3-23-0, Shrubsole 9-2-19-2, Cross 7-1-26-0, Elwiss 3-0-11-0, Marsh 1-0-4-0

    Full scorecard

  123. Post update

    Izzy Westbury

    Middlesex captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Australia started well but what a wonderful spell by Anya Shrubsole. She was really playing with the batsmen, varying her lengths and she managed to do for Villani and Lanning."

  124. Lunch interval - Australia 84-2 (Bolton 36, Perry 5)

    Nicole Bolton pulls through midwicket for two and she has 36 off 87 balls. It has been hard work at times but she is still there. Another two comes off the last ball.

    And that is it for the opening session of this Test match. England started and ended the session well with two quick wickets from Anya Shrubsole restricting the tourists to 84-2 after they had started to look dangerous.

    England break for lunch
  125. Australia 80-2 (Bolton 32, Perry 5)

    Australia will just be aiming to ensure they do not lose any more wickets in the opening session. Ellyse Perry quickly gets off the mark and she has five already. 

    It is time for some spin for England. Off-spinner Laura Marsh is thrown the ball.

  126. Get Involved #bbccricket

  127. Australia 75-2 (Bolton 32, Perry 0)

    It is looking like England's session so far after those two quick wickets from Anya Shrubsole. 

    But one in-form player has just been replaced by another. Ellyse Perry's scores in the last month have included efforts of 93, 78, 48, 67, 110 and 80 not out. 

    Not too shabby.

  128. Post update

    Izzy Westbury

    Middlesex captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "That's a very good moment for England. Meg Lanning was the key wicket and she had been the one who had put England to the sword in the last two ODIs.

    "Ashes or no Ashes, you would take Shrubsole's figures any day. It's wonderful bowling."

  129. WICKET - Lanning c Knight b Shrubsole 3 (Aus 70-2)

    A huge wicket for England. We said they wanted Meg Lanning's wicket. And that is the one they have got. It is a similar dismissal to that of Elyse Villani's and again the catch is taken smartly at first slip by Heather Knight. Two quick wickets for Shrubsole. England delight.

    Anya Shrubsole
  130. Post update

    Izzy Westbury

    Middlesex captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Meg Lanning must be so nervous - at the age of 23 she has the weight of the world on her shoulders - but she manages to stay so calm. To be the number one batter in the world that's what you have to be."

  131. How's stat?!

    Meg Lanning (195) has scored the most runs in the series
  132. Australia 66-1

    Villani's dismissal brings in Meg Lanning, who is in fantastic form with scores of 104 and 85 in her least two one-day internationals against England. She also made 93 in a warm-up match against an England Women's Academy/Surrey Boys side last Monday. It is fair to say that her wicket is the one England will desperately want to take.

    Meg Lanning
  133. WICKET - Villani c Knight b Shrubsole 33 (Aus 66-1)

    And that is the breakthrough that England have wanted. Elyse Villani is out for 33. A lovely delivery from Anya Shrubsole sees Villani prod at the ball but she can only send it towards Heather Knight at first slip who does well to take a low catch.

    Elyse Villani
  134. Post update

    No need to wave the FOUR/SIX cards in this over. Another couple of runs added to the total. Steady from the tourists.

    In case you have only just joined us, this is a four-day Test match.

  135. Post update

    Kalika Mehta

    BBC Sport at Canterbury

    "A lot of young cricket fans are making the most of their summer holidays as they take in the action on the banks of the St Lawrence Ground in Canterbury and enjoy their own miniature versions of cricket. 

    “With not much to cheer about for England fans just yet, they have starting waving FOUR/SIX cards furiously as Australia start to find the boundary more often."

  136. Latest scorecard

    20 overs

    Australia 64-0

    Not out batters: Villani 33, Bolton 25

    Bowling figures: Brunt 8-3-23-0, Shrubsole 6-1-12-0, Cross 4-0-19-0, Elwiss 2-0-9-0

    Full scorecard

  137. Australia 64-0

    Australia are starting to pick up the pace. After 10 overs they had limped along to 21-0, but 10 overs later and they are now on 64.

  138. Australia 63-0 (Bolton 24, Villani 33)

    It is too short from Elwiss. And it is punished by Elyse Villani, who pulls it away over mid-wicket. That is the 10th four of the match. She tries the same shot later in the same over. But can only strike the ball against her foot. This partnership is starting to look very dangerous. England captain Charlotte Edwards shouts some encouragement to her troops and her side need a wicket.

    Elyse Villni
  139. BBC coverage

    Just a reminder, in case you have just joined us, that full commentary of this match can be heard on BBC Test Match Special. Click on the audio icon at the top of this page, sit back, relax and enjoy.

    A maiden over from Anya Shrubsole from the Nackington Road End at a picturesque Canterbury. Australia 59-0.

  140. Australia 59-0 (Bolton 24, Villani 29)

    Lucky for Nicole Bolton. With debutant Georgia Elwiss replacing the excellent Katherine Brunt, Bolton gets an inside edge and looks around frantically hoping to see if her wicket is still intact. It is, but only just. Hands on heads from English fielders. The frustration increases as Villani later adds a four to the total.

    The television cameras again pick out Mitchell Starc, who again fails to raise a smile. Can't think why he is not too happy.

  141. Australia 54-0 (Bolton 23, Villani 25)

    As Stuie says, England have done well with the ball, probing, missing the bat and unlucky not to get an early wicket. But you get the feeling Australia have weathered the storm and are starting to impose themselves on this match. Nicole Bolton clips Kate Cross to deep square for four to bring up Australia's 50. It is 54-0 after 16 overs.

  142. Get Involved #bbccricket

    Stuie Neale: Been a great start by English bowlers. I have been glued to this series. It's a good watch.

  143. Australia 47-0 (Bolton 19, Villani 23)

    Elyse Villani cuts one away for four to move her on to 23. Not normally a total to mention, but it is her highest Test score of her career, although, to be fair, she is only playing in her second Test match.

    But Katherine Brunt keeps it tight for the rest of the over, and has very impressive figures of 8-3-23-0. On another day that last figure would not be reading zero. How much longer can she go on for though before she comes out of the attack?

  144. Australia 43-0

    There are signs of sloppiness coming in from the England players. A misfield at cover gifts Elyse Villani her fourth boundary of the match. Nicole Bolton also scores a boundary as 10 runs come off the over. Australia are starting to look a bit dangerous and England will be starting to get anxious and feel they need to break this partnership soon.

  145. Get Involved

  146. Post update

    Mel Jones

    Former Australia captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "This is a crucial session for Australia with the ball swinging around. England are on top in terms of putting the ball in the right areas and creating some chances but Bolton and Villani are weathering the storm."