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Marc Higginson and James Gheerbrant

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  1. Goodnight

    And with that, it's time for us to sign off. We're back tomorrow, when England will attempt to bowl out Australia cheaply and wrestle back some control in this match.

    Thanks for your contributions today. See you on day three. Night.

  2. End of day score update

    Aus 274-9 dec (Jonassen 99, Healy 39, Shrubsole 4-63)

    Eng 168 all out (Brunt 39, Sciver 35, Schutt 4-26)

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  4. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "These teams don't play this format very often and it's about who adapts quicker. Australia have adjusted better. England don't look like they have made the mental shift on how to adjust your game."

  5. Close of play

    And that is stumps. Australia walk off for the day with a lead of 106 runs.


    Shrubsole lbw b Schutt 0 (Eng 168 all out)

    Megan Schutt celebrates

    A long knock from Anya Shrubsole (47 balls) is ended when she is pinned in front. She didn't score any but she did hold up an end and allow Katherine Brunt time to plunder a few extra runs.

  7. Eng 167-9

    Kate Cross, the England number 11, takes two balls to get a single. Anya Shrubsole is still on nought. Only when 43 deliveries have gone by do such innings become interesting.

  8. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "That was a perfect delivery, hitting the top of off. Katherine Brunt was caught on the crease and didn't move her feet as much as she had been. But Brunt has brought some positivity to the innings."


    Brunt b Coyte 39 (Eng 166-9)

    Sarah Coyte

    A plucky knock is ended when Coyte gets one to nip back in, stay slightly low and peg back Katherine Brunt's off stick.

  10. Eng 166-8 (Brunt 39 off 70)

    Katherine Brunt

    Katherine Brunt goes for the short ball, hoicking it towards the fielder at long leg. It drops short though... just the single and a wry smile.

    I'm told the record Anya Shrubsole is blocking her way towards is 68 balls.

  11. Eng 163-8 (trail by 111)

    Against India last summer, Anya Shrubsole scored 14 off 70 balls. Katherine Brunt is shouldering the burden of run-scoring on her own as she slices three backward of point.

  12. How's stat?

    The record for the longest duck in men's Test cricket is 77 balls, by New Zealand's Geoff Allott against South Africa in 1999. If anyone knows what the record is in women's cricket, please get in touch and let us know.

  13. Eng 160-8 (trail by 114)

    Anya Shrubsole is 0 not out from 42 balls - she's third on the list of longest innings without getting off the mark.

  14. Eng 159-8 (Brunt 32 off 55)

    Katherine Brunt

    This is good from Katherine Brunt - she steps back in her crease and wallops Jess Jonassen through the off side for four. Anya Shrubsole is still to get off the mark. New ball is now due.

  15. Eng 153-8 (Ferling 12-3-29-0)

    Holly Ferling

    A painful moment for Katherine Brunt when she gets an inside edge and the ball cannons into her foot. That'll bruise. Anya Shrubsole sways out of the way of a bouncer, then digs out a yorker from Holly Ferling. That's 36 balls without getting off the mark.

  16. Eng 153-8 (trail by 121)

    Katherine Brunt does nothing by half. She bowls as fast as she can and even when taking a single with the bat, she belts the ball down the ground. It's effective though.

  17. Eng 150-8 (Brunt 23, Shrubsole 0)

    A heart-in-mouth moment for Katherine Brunt as she skews an attempted pull shot miles up in the air, but Aussie skipper Meg Lanning can't reel it in running back.

  18. Eng 149-8 (Jonassen 14-7-28-1)

    Anya Shrubsole is playing herself into the role of number one nightwatchman here. She's blocking everything with an assured confidence. That's 28 balls without score now.

  19. Elsewhere in world cricket...

    It's not all about England v Australia - in Galle, the first Test between India and Sri Lanka got under way today. 

    It was an excellent day for the tourists, who skittled Sri Lanka for 183 and then reached 128-2 at the close.

    Ravichandran Ashwin did the damage with the ball, taking 6-46, with Shikhar Dhawan hitting an unbeaten 53.

    R Ashwin
  20. Eng 149-8 (trail by 125)

    Katherine Brunt creams the ball through the covers for four. In the shortest form of the game, her strike-rate is 99 - so she certainly knows how to connect with the ball.

  21. Eng 145-8 (Brunt 18 off 37)

    Katherine Brunt

    Katherine Brunt is playing a nice little cameo here, sweeping Jonassen for three more - the slow outfield denying her a boundary. Anya Shrubsole is equally as gritty, she's now gone 22 balls without scoring.

  22. Eng 142-8 (trail by 132)

    Jim Maxwell reckons these two England batters will dig in, purely so they don't have to bowl again tonight. We've still got 13 overs left in the day, mind, after that rain-delayed start. England advance the scoreboard with the help of a no ball and a single into the covers.

  23. Eng 140-8

    These two have a combined Test career batting average of 24. England would take that now - every run counts in such a dire situation. Maiden over played out by Anya Shrubsole.

  24. Post update

    Izzy Westbury

    Middlesex captain on BBC Test Match Special

    Ellyse Perry

    "Perry and Schutt are trying to entice Shrubsole into playing that shot that she likes off her legs, and trying to get her caught behind down the leg side."

  25. Eng 140-8 (71 overs)

    Fast bowler versus fast bowler - Ellyse Perry charging in to a fired-up Katherine Brunt. Three from the over.

  26. Eng 137-8 (Brunt 12 off 23)

    Katherine Brunt doesn't get tied down for long - whacking Jonassen for four down to backward square when the spin bowler errs down the leg side.

    But that's just an appetiser as a full toss is hammered for another four over cow corner. Almost a six.

  27. Eng 129-8 (trail by 145)

    Make that 10-9-4-3. Sorry... it's difficult to add much more.

  28. How's stat?!

    How about these for figures. In the last nine overs, there have been eight maidens, four runs scored and three wickets taken. 9-8-4-3.

  29. Eng 129-8

    Australia have found a gem in Jess Jonassen, who is getting nice air and revs on the ball. She's a very dangerous left-arm spinner who looks like she will take plenty of wickets in her career. Katherine Brunt is trying to get forward to the all-rounder but it's another maiden over.

  30. How's stat?!

    Partnership stats graphic
  31. Eng 129-8 (trail by 145)

    Charlotte Edwards has her head in her hands on the England balcony. Her side have played out 30 overs now.

  32. Post update

    Alison Mitchell

    BBC Test Match Special

    "It was a tentative prod outside off - oh Marsh, you muppet!"

  33. WICKET

    Marsh c Healy b Schutt 0 (Eng 129-8)

    Laura Marsh out

    Laura Marsh once batted for 304 balls for 55 runs. Not today however as she pokes at one outside off stump and the ball is easily taken by the keeper.

  34. Eng 129-7

    Six more dots. Nothing else to add.

  35. Eng 129-7 (Brunt 4, Marsh 0)

    There's still 21 overs left in the day. Will Australia be batting again before the close?

  36. Post update

    Izzy Westbury

    Middlesex captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "If you catch a six in the crowd you get £1,000. My money would be on Katharine Brunt hitting it square of the wicket off one of the fast bowlers."

  37. Eng 129-7 (trail by 145)

    England have avoided the follow-on at least. However, they are still a long way back in the game. Katherine Brunt refuses to back down - pulling Jonassen for a powerful four.

  38. Post update

    Izzy Westbury

    Middlesex captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "It's an absolute peach of a ball from Jonassen. It's turned and bounced and gone through the gate. She'll be thinking about that for many moons to come."

  39. WICKET

    Elwiss b Jonassen 17 (Eng 125-7)

    Georgia Elwiss

    That's a ripper. Australia's first innings hero Jess Jonassen gets the ball to pitch on leg and knock over the off stump. Shane Warne-esque and Georgia Elswiss is sent packing.

  40. Eng 125-6 (Elwiss 17, Marsh 0)

    Megan Schutt has got me randomly doing an internet search for Carl Shutt. Where is he now? 

    According to Wikipedia - other methods of research are available - the man who won the league title with Leeds is now a travel agent in Sheffield...

  41. Post update

    Isa Guha

    Ex-England seamer on BBC Test Match Special

    "It just skidded on down the hill and I think that was Natalie Sciver's undoing. It was a tired-looking shot."

  42. WICKET

    Sciver lbw b Schutt 35 (Eng 125-6)

    Megan Schutt

    I'm marking that down as a bad decision - Nat Sciver has suffered a stinker. The ball was sliding down the slope and, in my opinion, past leg stump when it hit her. Australia don't mind... they're into the England tail.

  43. Eng 125-5 (Jonassen 7-3-13-0)

    It's as though the Australians have realised they don't get paid overtime - they are racing through their overs now. Three maidens in a row.

  44. Eng 125-5 (trail by 149)

    Another swift maiden over for Sarah Coyte, who has a catcher stationed at a third slip/gully position. All looks a bit odd, especially as the fielder is wearing a helmet. 

  45. Post update

    Charles Dagnall

    BBC Test Match Special

    Georgia Elwiss

    "You just sense that Georgia Elwiss's arrival at the crease has galvanised Natalie Sciver."

  46. Eng 125-5

    Jess Jonassen must have somewhere to be. She races through a maiden over quicker than you can say shanewatsonisoutlbw.

  47. Eng 125-5

    A stroke of luck for Georgia Elwiss when she almost chops on to Sarah Coyte, instead taking a single to fine leg when her shot was aimed through the covers.

  48. Eng 124-5 (58 overs)

    Australia's Jess Jonassen, who was out on 99 earlier today, concedes just a single from her latest set of six. But I'm not sure how - she was clubbed to a fielder time and again by Nat Sciver.

  49. Post update

    Jim Maxwell

    BBC Test Match Special

    Natalie Sciver

    "For England, it's about sustaining this partnership until the end of the day. If they can do that, they're in the game."

  50. Eng 123-5 (Sciver 35 off 107)

    This partnership is worth only 30 runs, but it has really stalled the Australian juggernaut. Georgia Elwiss continues to be the aggressor with a back-foot punch into the off side and she sets off like a train to take a single. She wanted two. Not happening.

  51. Eng 122-5 (trail by 152)

    Former Australia keeper Ian Healy is sat in the comfy seats, looking like he's just got dressed for a round of golf. He'd have been proud of Natalie Sciver's pull for four when Jess Jonassen drops short. Decent little knock this.

  52. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "I think it's time to give Perry a rest. She's almost trying too hard."

  53. Eng 117-5 (run-rate 2.12)

    Indifferent bounce? Ellyse Perry, one of the quickest on the circuit, sees a half-tracker die in the surface and trickle through to the keeper. Soul-destroying for the bowler. Here's something to cheer her though... of her 90 legal deliveries, 76 have been dot balls. Not too shabby.

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    Cricket myths

  55. Eng 116-5 (Sciver 31, Elwiss 13)

    Time for a bit of twirl from Jess Jonassen, who had a couple of overs before the tea-break. It's high, loopy, left-arm fodder, but Natalie Sciver isn't tempted to go for a big stroke - she just bunts a single.

  56. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "It would be really nice to have a pitch with a bit more bounce in it. Perry is having to bend everything she's got."

  57. Eng 115-5 (trail by 159)

    Ellyse Perry looks a little frustrated as she over-steps her bowling mark for a second time. With three wickets already, she's clearly striving for what would be a second Test five-fer. Quick and nipping the ball in, she's a tricky customer.

  58. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "What I'm liking about Elwiss is that she's just getting her hands through the ball, without being too elaborate. It makes a difference, it just keeps the momentum in the game."

  59. Eng 113-5 (Ferling 9-3-23-0)

    Holly Ferling, white ribbon in her hair, charges in and nips one back into the pads of Nat Sciver. Loud appeal. Not out. England need to reach 125 to avoid the follow-on by the way and we have 34 overs left in the day.

    Georgia Elwiss continues in a positive vein when the ball is too straight and whipped through the leg side for two. Then she picks up two more in a similar area. Clearly strong on her pads.

    Holly Ferling
  60. Eng 108-5 (trail by 166)

    Ellyse Perry is bowling heat-seeking yorkers almost at will - the 70mph toe-crushers being well dug out by Georgia Elwiss who is playing with a smile. Good probing stuff. Two from the over - a single and a no-ball.

  61. Eng 106-5 (Elwiss 9 off 17)

    Nat Sciver is rivaling Katherine Brunt as my favourite cricketer in this England team - she has a classical technique but also a real steel about her as she glares back at the fast bowler after ducking beneath a bouncer. No quarter asked for, none given.

    Anyway, enough of my waffling... the England 100 is brought up by an edge through the slips which brings four for Georgia Elwiss. Then four more through the covers. Wake up, Mr Scorer.

    Natalie Sciver
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    Cricket myths

  63. Eng 98-5 (trail by 176)

    Ellyse Perry bowls

    If Georgia Elwiss is ever asked what her first run in Test cricket was like, here's the answer: a scampered single to mid-on. She's up and running. Here's to 2,000 more. At the other end, Nat Sciver ducks under a bouncer from Ellyse Perry.

  64. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "Nat Sciver has such simple, classical movements, she doesn't overcomplicate."

  65. Eng 97-5 (Sciver 27 off 80)

    I tell you what... Nat Sciver has a cover drive to match anybody in the men's game. It's a thing of beauty as she gets down low and in one fluid movement eases Megan Schutt through the covers for four.

    Natalie Sciver drives
  66. Post update

    Charles Dagnall

    BBC Test Match Special

    "Georgia Elwiss will be looking to make a statement. She didn't do much with the ball."

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    Cricket myths

  68. Eng 93-5 (Perry 11-5-28-3)

    Georgia Elwiss does a spot of gardening between deliveries - Ricky Ponting-like. Upright and compact at the crease, she looks a well-organised player as she watches the ball safely past the off stump. Guess what? Maiden.

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    Cricket myths

  70. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    Jess Jonassen

    "You need to have energy in the crease, and what we're seeing at the moment is lack of energy, lack of footwork. If we compare it to the Healy-Jonassen partnership, there was a flow of runs. England need to find a new way."

  71. Eng 93-5 (trail by 181)

    Georgia Elwiss is playing her first Test innings here, with an ODI best of 25 not out behind her. It's a tough ask to expect her to bail England out of this mess. Another maiden.

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    Cricket myths

  73. Eng 93-5

    Ellyse Perry completes a fabulous over with a sharp yorker which new batter Georgia Elwiss just about digs out. It started with a short ball which unsettled Lydia Greenway. Top-quality.

  74. WICKET

    Greenway lbw b Perry 22 (Eng 93-5)

    Ellyse Perry

    Front foot planted, ball seamed in, Lydia Greenway is out. Leg-before. It pitched outside leg, but the umpire's decision is final. An 86-ball knock comes to an end.

  75. Get Involved

    Cricket myths

  76. Eng 93-4 (trail by 181)

    Playing Devil's Advocate... are we being harsh on England? Are they within their rights to lay a solid platform at whatever speed suits them? As long as they have an end goal...

    Two more added to the score when Nat Sciver slices four through gully.

  77. Post update

    Melinda Farrell


    "What concerns me is that England don't seem to have spoken about how they are going to win this Test match."

  78. Eng 90-4 (run-rate: 2.09)

    We have a run! Lydia Greenway hits the ball into the cover region and pulls her partner through for a single. Then we get a little tickle down to fine leg for four. England motoring now.

  79. Cricket myths

    Shane Watson
  80. Eng 85-4

    "This is poor cricket - you have to have intent," says Jim Maxwell on TMS. It's slow going from the English batters as they struggle to pick up the ones and twos which help turn over the scoreboard. Maybe they should think about stepping out of their crease? Anything to put the bowlers off their length. Another maiden.

    Lydia Greenway
  81. Post update

    Melinda Farrell


    "My gut feeling is there will be a run-out, because they'll suddenly feel the need to rotate the strike."

  82. Eng 85-4 (Greenway 20, Sciver 17)

    England are being pinned down by the Australians, who are bowling the type of line and length which Glenn McGrath made a career out of. Giving nothing away, Sarah Coyte sends down another set of six dots.

    Glenn McGrath
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  84. Eng 85-4 (trail by 189)

    The Australians are all fitted with GPS trackers, which monitors how much work they are getting through. Apparently, the spin bowlers travel just as far as the fast bowlers over the course of a match. Maiden for Megan Schutt.

  85. Eng 85-4 (Greenway 20 off 71)

    Sarah Coyte almost begins with a maiden, but when she strays down leg Lydia Greenway elegantly flicks four down to fine leg. That'll do for England.

  86. Post update

    Kalika Mehta

    BBC Sport at Canterbury

    “Walking around a cricket ground can always be entertaining. Having bumped into these young boys playing cricket and in between the sheer concentration, all three managed to tell me Katherine Brunt is their favourite player because they love how aggressive she is on the pitch." 

    Kids at Canterbury
  87. Get Involved

    Afternoon all, Marc Higginson here. I've been thinking... never a good thing, I know.

    But, on the back of our footballing myths debunked feature, I want to know which are your favorite cricketing myths. It doesn't have to be scientific.

    Just random stuff. For example, it's a myth that Shane Watson is a "fast-medium bowler". More like medium. I won't rest up until he's reclassified.

    Anyway... you know the drill. Get involved at #bbccricket.

  88. Post update

    Well let's be honest, that wasn't a great session for England. Australia have seized control of this match, rocking England with four early wickets. Ellyse Perry did the bulk of the damage early on, and after Australia claimed the key wicket of Charlotte Edwards, the wind completely went out of England's sails. The silver lining? Lydia Greenway and Nat Sciver got through to tea safely and can go again in the evening session.

    Lydia Greenway
  89. Post update

  90. Post update

    Charles Dagnall

    BBC Test Match Special

    "That was a decent session for Australia, they will be very pleased with that."

  91. Tea interval

    Jonassen to bowl the final over before tea. She beats Sciver in the flight with a lovely delivery that grips and turns past the outside edge. Fittingly, it's a maiden to end the session.

  92. Post update

    Izzy Westbury

    Middlesex captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "In terms of the speed through the crease, Meg Lanning reminds me of Simon Jones."

  93. England 81-4 (trail by 193)

    Australia captain Meg Lanning brings herself into the attack to bowl some part-time medium pace. Greenway and Sciver rotate strike with a couple of sharp singles.

    Meg Lanning
  94. Post update

    Izzy Westbury

    Middlesex captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "That's the release of pressure England needed. They couldn't get going against the seamers but they've had more success against the spinners."

  95. England 79-4 (Greenway 15, Sciver 16)

    England were in the 60s for 12 overs. I didn't live through the actual 60s, but I think they may flown past quicker than that passage of play. 

    Australia bring almost-centurion Jess Jonassen into the attack for a bit of tweak and immediately the runs start to flow again. Greenway gets her first run for yonks, and then Sciver rocks on to the back foot and absolutely batters Jonassen down the ground. That's better!

  96. Post update

    Izzy Westbury

    Middlesex captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "This is not Nat Sciver's natural game. She's known for hitting the ball hard - she's having to dig in here."

  97. England 72-4 (trail by 202)

    There's still an hour to go until tea. I'm kidding. It's 10 minutes. Still, things are livening up as Natalie Sciver steals a couple of twos off Sarah Coyte's latest over.

    Natalie Sciver
  98. How's stat?!

    This is far from being the slowest innings recorded by a team in Test cricket. England Women hold that record, having taken 84.5 overs to reach 72 all out against Australia in Adelaide back in 1949.

    That equates to a run-rate of 0.84. England are scoring at about 2 an over today.

  99. Post update

    Kalika Mehta

    BBC Sport at Canterbury

    “The morning rain perhaps put off a few fans but there a still a number of families dotted on grass banks around the ground, enjoying some of their picnics and some tense cricket.

    “A group of kids are making use of the pop-up food tent by using the sides of the tent as their net as they enjoy a friendly - and sometimes fiery - game of four-a-side cricket."

  100. England 68-4 (Ferling 7-3-10-0)

    These two are playing like they've got dumbbells in their pockets. It's another maiden. Greenway hasn't scored a run for 40 minutes. You officially have our permission to pop the kettle on.

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  102. England 68-4 (Greenway 14, Sciver 7)

    Have England forgotten how to run? We haven't had a single for...wait for it...16.4 overs. Even more bizarre, this exact pair were at the crease in the first ODI - and put on 122 in 21 overs. Weird. Anyhow, it's another maiden.

  103. Listen again

  104. England 68-4 (trail by 206)

    Finally, finally, we have movement on the scoreboard as Natalie Sciver eyes up the last ball of Holly Ferling's over and slashes it down to third man, where it's hauled in just short of the rope.

  105. Post update

    Jim Maxwell

    BBC Test Match Special

    "We're at a standstill here...

    "England are drowning in dot balls."

  106. England (Coyte 8-5-11-1)

    More dots than a ladybird convention. Greenway blocks out another maiden from Coyte. Make that one scoring shot off 52 balls...

  107. England 65-4 (Greenway 14, Sciver 4)

    The good ship England has run aground here. Ferling propels down another maiden, and England have managed one scoring shot in the last 46 balls. Treacle.

  108. Get Involved

    Text us on 81111

    Simon Reed, Hartlepool:  Who would you like to hear guest commentating on Test Match Special (a real person or fictional character)? I would quite fancy Alan Partridge.

    What would Alan have made of that weird bowled/caught behind dismissal of Charlotte Edwards? 'A wicket! And another one!'

  109. England 65-4 (trail by 209)

    Tighter than a wallaby's pouch from Sarah Coyte - that's her third maiden in a row.

  110. Post update

    Izzy Westbury

    Middlesex captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "That's classic Nat Sciver - it's very simple, classical, she waits for the ball and plays through it. I don't think there's been a better shot than that."

  111. England 65-4 (Schutt 9-4-18-1)

    Natalie Sciver finally gets off the mark after 13 deliveries with a lovely flowing  cover drive that races away to the boundary.

    Natalie Sciver
  112. England 61-4 (Coyte 6-3-11-1)

    Sarah Coyte keeps the thumbscrews clamped down with another maiden.

    Sarah Coyte
  113. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "The three players England would want to stay there - Heather Knight, Sarah Taylor and Charlotte Edwards - are all back in the hutch."

  114. England 61-4 (Greenway 14, Sciver 0)

    The new batter is Natalie Sciver. This is a very sticky situation for England now, with all their most experienced players back in the hutch and Australia's first-innings score of 274 looming far in the distance, like a mirage as England plod through the desert. What they need is a real heads-down, teeth-gritted, learn-on-the-job partnership.

  115. Post update

    Charles Dagnall

    BBC Test Match Special

    "She's out a number of ways - caught behind and she was bowled. Like a double hit in baseball."

    Charlotte Edwards
  116. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "That's what Schutt has been doing all day - bringing the ball in a whisker. You sense that England are exposed here."

    Megan Schutt
  117. WICKET

    Edwards b Schutt 30 (Eng 61-4)

    Things really heading south for England now. A faintly comical end for Charlotte Edwards, who is subject to a strong caught-behind appeal before everyone realises that the ball has nuzzled the off stump and disturbed the bail. That's the big wicket for Australia.

    Charlotte Edwards
  118. Meanwhile, in the TMS box...

  119. England 61-3 (trail by 213)

    A stroke of luck for England as Greenway again is tempted into reaching for a wide delivery and gets an edge that flies just past the outstretched mitt of Meg Lanning at slip. 

  120. England 57-3 (Schutt 6-2-14-0)

    Georgia Elwiss and Anya Shrubsole are engrossed in a crossword book on the England balcony: Elwiss taking the 'filler-in' role with the pen, Shrubsole seemingly taking the lead with the answers. On the pitch, England are nearly '4 Down' as Megan Schutt slides one past the outside edge of Charlotte Edwards.

  121. Get Involved

  122. England 57-3 (Edwards 30, Greenway 10)

    That's Greenway's best shot so far, turning a rare loose delivery from Coyte off her legs for four.

  123. England 53-3 (trail by 221)

    Remember the short-lived American rock band Good Charlotte? Well, this is an over that showcases both Good Charlotte and Bad Charlotte. The good: a clever glide from Edwards down to the third-man boundary and an authoritative punchy cover drive. The bad: an uncontrolled swipe at a wide delivery that loops up and drops agonisingly short of point. Close shave for the England skipper.

  124. Post update

    Jim Maxwell

    BBC Test Match Special

    "It's a tight game here, England are really battling away here."

  125. England 47-3 (Ferling 4-1-7-0)

    Ooh, that's none too convincing from Lydia Greenway, reaching well away from her body and squirting a wide Holly Ferling delivery aerially through gully. Ferling then gets one to jag back the other way and hit Greenway on the thigh-pad. nervy moments for England.

  126. Post update

    Melinda Farrell


    "Charlotte has faced Ellyse for man years, she and Lydia Greenway are both experienced and have seen it all before. They just need to dig in now and bat for time."

  127. England 43-3 (Edwards 24, Greenway 2)

    Edwards, who isn't short of a dramatic facial expression or two, shows her amazement as Perry gets one to stay low and almost sneak under her bat. Edwards responds in the best possible way, creaming Perry back down the ground for four. Good contest this.

  128. England 37-3 (trail by 237)

    Ferling, who is capable of extracting a little more bounce from the pitch than the other Australian bowlers, is proving difficult to score off. A Charlotte Edwards single is all England manage off that over.

  129. Post update

    Jim Maxwell

    BBC Test Match Special

    "Edwards has got a good eye, that's for sure. She looks like an lbw candidate but she does pick the bowlers apart. She's clearly a class act."

  130. England 36-3 (Perry 7-3-16-2)

    Australia scent blood in the water here. Ellyse Perry is recalled to the attack with England flailing like a stranded surfer. Der-ner der-ner. Perry nearly strikes too, rapping Greenway on the pads, but the umpire correctly adjudges that the ball pitched outside leg.

  131. England 34-3 (Edwards 17, Greenway 0)

    Lydia Greenway is the new batter, and she's got quite the job on her hands as she and Charlotte Edwards attempt to arrest this nosedive. Greenway is down the other end as Edwards plays out a maiden.

  132. Post update

    Izzy Westbury

    Middlesex captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Knight has looked good, she played some wonderful cover drives and perhaps it was a momentary lapse in concentration. And it comes just as England were rebuilding."

    Heather Knight
  133. WICKET

    Knight c Lanning b Coyte 14 (Eng 34-3)

    England's brief revival is over. Sarah Coyte doesn't have a lot of pace but she is a very canny operator and eventually her nagging line and prodigious wobble pay dividends as she entices Heather Knight to drive loosely at a full ball and nick off to Meg Lanning at first slip. England in trouble.

    Sarah Coyte and Heather Knight
  134. Post update

    Alison Mitchell

    BBC Test Match Special

    "There's a lot of excitement when you see Ferling running in because of the bowler she is and the bowler she can be."

  135. England 31-2 (Knight 12, Edwards 16)

    Now then, another new bowler for England to get to grips with as Holly Ferling replaces Ellyse Perry. Ferling is a bowler you can file under 'pacy but raw'. It's a decent start from the Aussie quick, the one error a leg-sidish delivery which Knight clips deep into the leg side for two.

  136. Get Involved

  137. England 29-2 (trail by 245)

    Australia make their first bowling as Sarah Coyte replaces Megan Schutt. She's a purveyor of nagging medium-pace, and Charlotte Edwards'charge is momentarily halted: she blocks out a maiden.

    Charlotte Edwards
  138. England 29-2 (Perry 6-3-14-2)

    The runs are beginning to flow now for Charlotte Edwards - Perry overpitches and watches the ball zip back past her toes off the perpendicular blade of the England skipper. Top shot.

    Charlotte Edwards