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  1. Night!

    We're going to leave it there - unless the players return to the field, of course. It's not looking likely though.

    Look out for a report and analysis on today's play shortly, and we'll be back tomorrow for the final day's play. Thanks for your contributions today.

    Night all.

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  3. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "Australia can't afford to lose. If England were set 196 to win and chased it down, the last thing Australia want is to go behind in the series. They don't want to surrender their lead and 25 more runs would give them a little more confidence."

  4. Post update

    The rain is getting heavier. Looks like we may be off for the night. Australia will be the ones sleeping better, with a lead of 196.

    Rainy delay
  5. Rain stops play

    It's mizzling, according to Jim Maxwell. That's mist-like rain to me and you.

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    Favourite left-handers

  7. Post update

    Jim Maxwell

    BBC Test Match Special

    "Australia would have been keen to keep going, but England less so. It feels like heavy rain is coming."

  8. Bad light stops play

    The players are being hauled off by the umpires. Bad light stops play.

    England players leave the field
  9. Post update

    Izzy Westbury

    Middlesex captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "I don't know why England are still keeping Marsh bowling. She is not taking wickets and she is not being threatening."

  10. Aus 90-4 (Blackwell 15 off 81)

    As the dark clouds gather, Australia decide it's time to put the foot on the gas - Alex Blackwell swiping Laura Marsh over cow corner for four.

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    Can you help with the missing names? Picture below (17:34).

  12. Aus 84-4 (lead by 190)

    Alex Blackwell, winning her 200th cap for Australia, survives a lively leg-before appeal when Anya Shrubsole runs one back into her. Maiden.

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  14. Aus 84-4 (lead by 190)

    Jess Jonassen

    Have that! Jess Jonassen walks down the track and belts Laura Marsh for a six back over her head. First six of the Test, and second in this year's Ashes. Incidentally, if you catch a six in the crowd you will win £1,000. Now I've told you, you owe me a pint if you grab a grand.

  15. Aus 74-4 (Shrubsole 13-8-12-1)

    Anya Shrubsole is round the wicket to Jess Jonassen, cramping the left-hander for room. Wiping the sweat from her brow, she delivers another tight over - just the one from it.

  16. Weather update

    Now, we don't want to spoil anyone's fun. But BBC weather presenter Helen Willetts has just told us that another storm may be heading across the Channel and towards Canterbury.

    Let's hope it holds off until at least 19:30 BST. But you have been warned.

  17. Aus 73-4 (lead by 179)

    Laura Marsh

    Laura Marsh is a skillful bowler - going round the wicket and capable of bowling both left-arm darts and giving the ball air and inviting spin. She has 16 Test wickets to her name. One from the over.

  18. Aus 72-4 (Jonassen 17 off 22)

    Anya Shrubsole has figures of 1-11 from 12 overs - miserly stuff. England are going to have to chase a stiff target at some point, but they might as well make Australia bat as long as possible if it's going to be a survival mission.

  19. Post update

    Kalika Mehta

    BBC Sport at Canterbury

    "With the sky brightening up the crowd have found their voice and are urging the England bowlers on.

    "Despite it getting colder outside the ice cream truck is still doing sterling work from the many kids at Canterbury. Even a few of the members in the Pavilion have indulged."

  20. Aus 72-4 (lead by 178)

    Thanks Michael. England have bowled well here, Laura Marsh spinning the ball past the outside edge of Jess Jonassen. It's the type of delivery which your batters hate to see ahead of the fourth innings. Jonassen, as she did in the first innings, is playing a blinder - sitting back in her crease and cutting Marsh for four.

  21. Post update

    It is time for me to pass you back over to the safe hands of Marc Higginson to guide you through the rest of the day.

  22. Not out - Australia 68-4

    Anna Shrubshole

    Australia call for a review, saying the ball touched the ground before Knight could grasp it at first slip. The video replays are inconclusive and the umpires give Blackwell the benefit of the doubt. She survives. England are not happy.

  23. Umpire review

    Alex Blackwell

    Drama at Canterbury. Heather Knight takes a low catch at first slip that appears to dismiss Alex Blackwell and give Anya Shrubsole another wicket.

    But wait just a moment. Australia are not happy. We have a review.

  24. Australia 68-4 (lead by 174 runs)

    Jonassen on the attack again. She dances down the track and launches her shot away, with the ball bouncing just inside the rope. England need to dismiss the dangerwoman. And do it quickly.

  25. Australia 64-4 (Blackwell 9, Jonassen 9)

    Alex Blackwell

    A full delivery from Kate Cross, but a well-timed drive from Alex Blackwell and the ball races away for four. Australia will not need too many more runs before the task will look too steep for England.

    Will a batting collapse on Thursday cost England the Ashes?

    Well, it won't be all doom and gloom, but a defeat at Canterbury means England would need to win all three T20 matches to retain the Ashes.

  26. Australia 60-4

    Mel Jones

    Former Australia batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "You feel that the pace of the game has changed now that Jonassen has come in. She is the one who could take the game away from England."

  27. Australia 60-4 (Blackwell 5, Jonassen 9)

    Jess Jonassen's 99 in the first innings, before she narrowly fell short of a century on her Test debut, could well prove to be the decisive part of the match.

    She does not take long to get off the mark in the second innings, sending one back past the bowler for two off her second ball. She then dispatches Laura Marsh away for four.

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    Favourite left-handers

  29. WICKET

    Bolton c Brunt b Cross 25 (Aus 51-4)

    Kate Cross celebrates

    England keep plugging away with the wickets - Kate Cross inducing Nicole Bolton into a loose drive and Katherine Brunt takes the catch at short cover.

  30. Aus 51-3 (Bolton 25, Blackwell 5)

    A short ball from Laura Marsh and Nicole Bolton latches on to it, pulling a single into the leg side. An otherwise tidy over.

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    Favourite left-handers

  32. Aus 50-3 (lead by 156)

    Kent skipper Rob Key has popped his head round, all smiles, as Kate Cross induces a play and miss from Nicole Bolton. She's getting decent pace too, 75mph when she bends her back.  Just a single from the latest set of six.

  33. Post update

    Phil Long

    TMS statistician

    "We're now at the stage where England would need a record run-chase to beat Australia."

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  35. Australia 49-3 (Marsh 0-1, Cross 0-1)

    Kate Cross

    We have fans of all ages who have braved the elements at Canterbury. A couple of youngsters are shown with tiny cricket bats working on their enthusiastic techniques.

    Meanwhile, in the serious stuff out in the middle it is another tight over from Kate Cross. Her 18 deliveries so far have only cost one run.

  36. Australia 49-3 (lead by 155 runs)

    Mel Jones

    Former Australia batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "Trying to chase down anything over 200 tomorrow will be a tough ask for England."

  37. Australia 48-3

    As Alison says, with every run Australia score it just adds to what is already a difficult task for England.

    Nicole Bolton scores the first run in three overs as she finds a gap through extra cover, to the right of mid off for a single.

  38. Australia 47-3

    Alison Mitchell

    BBC Test Match Special

    "Charlotte Edwards has to keep her attacking options on. She can't let Australia run away with it by scoring runs. It's about containment too."

    Charlotte Edwards
  39. Australia 47-3 (lead by 153 runs)

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "I think Anya Shrubsole could come round the wicket to Blackwell. She's clearly uncomfortable with that line and would ask a different question."

    Anya Shrubsole
  40. Australia 47-3

    It is a crucial phase in this match, as England do not have many runs to play with after being bowled out for only 168 yesterday.

    Anya Shrubsole continues with a probing line and length and claims a maiden. Her 10 overs this innings have seen figures of 1-11. A great effort. But will she be celebrating a victory tomorrow?

  41. Australia 47-3

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "I think this is a good choice to give Kate Cross a bowl. However, you do sense that things have settled down a little bit for Australia."

  42. Australia 47-3

    Time for a bowling change and Kate Cross gets a chance to show what she can do. It is her first bowl of the innings and she starts with a maiden.

    Kate Cross
  43. Get Involved #bbccricket

    Left-handers XI

    We are talking left-handed cricketers. And this is a great effort from Sagar Sunar.

  44. Australia 47-3 (lead by 153 runs)

    A defensive prod forwards and the ball balloons up to England captain Charlotte Edwards at silly point. She wheels away in celebration, but the ball bounced off Alex Blackwell's pad, not bat. 

    To make things worse for England, Blackwell then dispatches a four through the cover boundary two balls later.

  45. Australia 43-3 (Bolton 21, Blackwell 1)

    The flags are fluttering at Canterbury, most players are wearing jumpers and it is dark, miserable and horrible. This is definitely not enjoyable batting conditions.

    Even less enjoyable when you have two in-form bowlers in Anya Shrubsole and Katherine Brunt steaming in with tremendous accuracy. Nicole Bolton flicks one away off the pads for a welcome relief and a welcome run for the tourists. Their lead is now 149 runs.

    Nicole Bolton
  46. Australia 35-3

    A big lbw appeal as Alex Blackwell goes defensive. Bowler Anya Shrubsole and wicketkeeper Sarah Taylor are convinced, but it may have been missing leg stump and umpire Alex Wharf is not interested.

  47. Australia 35-3 (Bolton 13, Blackwell 1)

    Charles called for some bowling at the body. Well, the English bowlers must have a direct line to TMS as Katherine Brunt sends in a full toss, waist high.

    But Nicole Bolton sees it coming and punishes the cheekiness by sending it to the rope.

  48. Australia 31-3

    Charles Dagnall

    BBC Test Match Special

    "I'd like to see Katherine Brunt bowl a throat ball - round the wicket and at the body."

  49. Australia 31-3 (Bolton 9, Blackwell 1)

    We said that more rain could be coming and it is a dark, bleak day in Canterbury. The floodlights are already on at full power. Australia look like they could do with another break as this is a testing time for them.

    As Charles mentioned, it is fantastic bowling from both Katherine Brunt and Anya Shrubsole. Alex Blackwell survives an lbw shout from the latter.

  50. Australia 31-3

    Charles Dagnall

    BBC Test Match Special

    "This is good from England, every ball is asking a question."

  51. Flooding in Kent

    It's amazing that we have any play this afternoon - elsewhere in Kent there has been flooding following the torrential downpours which affected the area this morning. More showers are forecast for later too.

    Kent floods
  52. Australia 30-3 (lead by 136 runs)

    Lucky, lucky. England's Katherine Brunt can see the funny side as Australia's Alex Blackwell, playing in her 200th international match, gets away with one.

    She met the ball on the up and does not have any control and can only steer it towards the slips. But it narrowly goes past Natalie Sciver at second slip and she survives.

  53. Get Involved #bbccricket

    Before the untimely weather delay, we were talking about your favourite left-handed cricketers. Well, let's get the chat going again. 

    Our Test Match Special pundits have been busy during the break and have picked a left-handed XI. All will be revealed soon. But keep sending in your suggestions for those who should be picked.

  54. Australia 21-3 (Brunt 2-11, Shrubsole 1-6)

    Nine of the 12 wickets England have taken in this match have gone to either Katherine Brunt or Anya Shrubsole.

    The weather delay has cost us about 50 overs, but we can still go on until 19:30 BST so get comfortable, make sure you have got your drinks to hand and relax and enjoy.

    Katherine Brunt and Anya Shrubsole
  55. Australia 20-3 (Bolton 3, Blackwell 0)

    England have hauled themselves back into the match but need to keep applying the pressure.

    They think they have their fourth wicket when Nicole Bolton swings at one and the ball ends up in Sarah Taylor's hands with the wicketkeeper standing up behind the stumps.

    But there was no contact. And England are denied.

    Nicole Bolton
  56. Post update

    Izzy Westbury

    Middlesex captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Neither team wants a draw. They know anything can happen in the T20s."

  57. Get Involved #bbccricket

  58. Australia 19-3

    Jim Maxwell

    BBC Test Match Special

    "She chased a wide one, had a little nibble and it's been caught behind the wicket. It wasn't a great stroke but Perry's natural game is to keep things ticking along. It's good to see the game moving, wickets or runs."

  59. WICKET Perry c Taylor b Shrubsole (Aus 19-3)

    A four off the first ball since we restarted, but now Ellyse Perry is heading off the field. It was wide from Anya Shrubsole, not the best ball she has bowled in this match, but it does not matter.

    Perry takes a wild swipe, gets a thin touch and it is held by wicketkeeper Sarah Taylor.

    That is five wickets in the match now for Shrubsole.

    Anya Shurbsole takes a wicket
  60. Post update

    Jim Maxwell

    BBC Test Match Special

    "That's champagne cricket to start with from Perry."

  61. Post update

    That's the best way to come back into the match. Perry smashes a four off the first ball after the restart.

  62. Post update

    So we had an almost four-hour delay, and we might not be out for long but we have some action.

    Remember, Australia are on 15-2, a lead of 121 runs.

  63. Post update

    Kalika Mehta

    BBC Sport at Canterbury

    "It seems incredible that play is set to get under way again here in Kent after the apocalypse seemed to be upon us.

    “The groundstaff have done an excellent job in the clearing the playing field, undoubtedly one of the definite advantages of playing all of this series seven matches at county grounds.

    “With further rain looking possible the crowd has thinned considerably but there are still a fair few who braved the weather to stay on and cheer both sides.”

  64. Welcome back

    Where were we? Good news. It has stopped raining in Canterbury and we are set to restart play at 15:45 BST.

  65. Signing off... for now

    The rain is teeming down in Canterbury now - it's the type of rain which soaks you through. So, we're heading off now and will return when we have some play. In the meantime, stay tuned to TMS for their Left-Handers XI debate.

    Hopefully we'll see you soon!

    The covers go on at Kent
  66. Thunder and lightning

    Kalika Mehta

    BBC Sport at Canterbury

    "The bright flash of lightning is following by a massive stomach-churning sound of thunder, not once but twice.

    "It sent number of groundstaff who were putting on extra covers running, leaving one solitary man to finish the job.

    "As the sky blackens, It is not looking good at all for further play."

  67. Hats fantastic

    At least someone is finding the funnies from an Australian perspective despite their poor start

    An Australian women's cricket supporter
  68. Left-handers XI

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "Chris Gayle is a legend... imagining a team with him opening up, Sobers in the middle and Wasim with the ball."

  69. Get Involved


  70. Left-handers XI

    Charles Dagnall

    BBC Test Match Special

    "I used to love watching Neil Fairbrother bat for Lancashire in the 80s and 90s. He's been mentioned a couple of times."

    Neil Fairbrother
  71. Left-handers XI

    Charles Dagnall

    BBC Test Match Special

    "Alastair Cook has 9,000 Test runs but you wouldn't pay to watch him bat, would you?"

  72. Left-handers XI

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "I think Lucy Pearson should be in the XI. She was one of England's best bowlers, she was quick."

  73. Get Involved

    David Gower
  74. Post update

    Over on Test Match Special, they are putting together their Best Left-Handed XI...

  75. Weather update

  76. Rain stops play

    The rain is getting heavier at Canterbury - not looking good for an imminent resumption.

  77. Get Involved #bbccricket

    We are talking about your favourite left-handed cricketers. And there is a lot of love for David Gower.

  78. Bad light stops play

    Kalika Mehta

    BBC Sport at Canterbury

    "The crowd were bracing themselves for the incoming rain but instead it’s bad light that takes the players off the pitch and you can see the disappointment on the England players' faces as they troop off."

  79. Morning scoreboard

    Aus 15-2 (7.3 overs)

    Lanning 0*, Perry 9*

    Brunt 4-1-9-2, Shrubsole 3.3-2-2-0

  80. Aus 15-2 (lead by 121)

    England reluctantly drag themselves from the field - they've had a superb 30 minutes. Katherine Brunt bowling one of the best bowling spells seen this summer. James Anderson would be proud of some of the deliveries sent down by the Yorkie.

  81. Bad light stops play

    There's a storm brewing, the dark clouds are gathering, and the umpires take the players off.

    Spitfire Ground
  82. Rain on its way...

    Kalika Mehta

    BBC Sport at Canterbury

    “The heavy sounds of thunder can be heard and the huge trees in the Nackington End are swaying considerably.

    “The crowd are bracing themselves for the incoming rain.”

  83. Get Involved - Text us on 81111

    SMS Message: "Just got out of a meeting, checked the score... GO K Brunt!! We could be back in this #WomensAshes #bbccricket." from Thingammie
    SMS Message: "Anyone else having Trent Bridge flash backs?" from Lasty1988
    Brunt celebrates taking a wicket
  84. Post update

    The umpires are concerned about the elements - meeting for a couple of chats but deciding to play on. For now.

  85. Aus 15-2 (lead by 121)

    Ellyse Perry times the ball better than a Swiss watch, leaning into a cover drive which brings three off Katherine Brunt. Would have been four but for the slow outfield. Nicole Bolton, after helping advance the score with four leg-byes, then does superbly well to dig out a yorker.

  86. Get Involved

    Lucy Pearson
  87. Aus 8-2 (Bolton 2, Perry 6)

    Ellyse Perry is some player... heading into this Test she had a batting average of 40 and a bowling average of 20. Those are serious stats.

    Maiden over sent down by Anya Shrubsole.

  88. Get Involved

    Garfield Sobers
  89. Aus 8-2 (lead by 114)

    Sky Sports are covering this match live, and they've had to turn down the stump microphone when the animated Katherine Brunt is bowling. She's throwing a few wise words in the direction of the Aussies too. She's not too impressed when hit for four by Ellyse Perry though...

  90. Get Involved

    BBC Test Match Special's Jim Maxwell is impressed by Katherine Brunt's performance so far.

  91. Aus 4-2 (Bolton 2, Perry 2)

    Anya Shrubsole is pushing the ball across the left-handed Nicole Bolton. Is she setting up the opener for a straight one? Yep... she tries it but it's down the leg side. Not straight enough. Maiden over.

  92. Get Involved

  93. Aus 4-2 (lead by 110)

    Katherine Brunt is bowling at close to 72mph - she's the fastest on show in this match - and Ellyse Perry does well to dig out a yorker. Game on.

  94. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    Katherine Brunt

    "It was a brilliant ball from Katherine Brunt to take the first wicket. She set it up nicely by getting the ball to shape away and then with the next delivery, up the hill, she got it to come back slightly into Villani.

    "For the second wicket, Brunt again used the slope and she is using the conditions very well. My initial thought was that it was a bit high but at second look it is the right decision and the ball has hit Lanning just above the knee-roll.

    "If someone is going to lead the charge then it would be Brunt. We saw how she used her aggression and energy yesterday and now Australia are in a bit of a pickle."

  95. WICKET

    Lanning lbw b Brunt 0 (Aus 2-2)

    Oh yes! Katherine Brunt gets rid of the Australia captain for a three-ball duck - steaming in and rapping one into the right-hander's front pad.

    Cue more epic celebrations. She's very animated - I'd love to see her reaction when her favourite song comes on in a nightclub.

    Katherine Brunt
  96. Aus 2-1 (Lanning 0, Bolton 2)

    Australia are up and running when Nicole Bolton helps herself to a couple down to third man. It's very murky out there in Canterbury and the floodlights are shining brightly. 

  97. Get Involved

  98. Aus 0-1 (lead by 106)

    The celebration when Katherine Brunt took that wicket was superb. Cheers, screams, fist-pumps... the lot! A pure competitor. The type of person who wouldn't let a 6-year-old beat her when playing a board game. And exactly what has made her one of the world's best female cricketers.

  99. WICKET

    Villani b Brunt 0 (Aus 0-1)

    Katherine Brunt... you beauty! The Barnsley Battler charges in for the opening over of the day, gets one to seam back into Elyse Villani and rocks back the off stump. Just what England needed. Who needs Jimmy Anderson when you have Katherine Brunt? Wicket maiden.

    Katherine Brunt
  100. Get Involved


    John Baxter:  Favourite left-armer was always Ashley Giles.

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  102. Post update

    Mention of left-handers has got me thinking... what issues do you left-handers face which do your head in? I imagine there's a long list. Let's be having those too...

  103. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "After losing two early wickets, England dug in so much that they almost dug a grave yesterday. Whereas Jonassen played freely without fear, the England players will feel they weren't able to express themselves and got into a rut."  

  104. Many happy returns

  105. Get Involved

    Did you know it's International Left-Handers Day today? You do now...

    So, in honour of 10% of the world's population, of which I am not, who is your favourite left-handed cricketer?

    Mine? Easy... Brian Lara with the bat, Wasim Akram with the ball.

    Let's get cracking on that now - use#bbccricket,send a text to 81111 or email The BBC Sport Facebook page is also open for business.

    Brian Lara
  106. All smiles

    England captain Charlotte Edwards and her team seem happy ahead of a tough day's play in the warm-up. 

    Charlotte Edwards
  107. All hail Meg

    There's been a lot of love for Meg Lanning's captaincy. BBC Sport's Kalika Mehta was at the ground yesterday, and she wrote: "Lanning may have been playing her first Test as captain but she proved why, at 21, she became the youngest player - man or woman - to lead Australia.

    "Despite the rain lessening the movement off the pitch, her rotation of the visitors' front-line bowlers and clever field placings kept England constantly on the back foot."

    You can read more of that here.

  108. Post update

    Mel Jones

    Former Australia batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "The pitch is going to turn more, so that's going to be exciting heading into days three and four."

  109. England primed

  110. Slow going

    England will hope to exert the same sort of control with which they were throttled by Australia. 

    In all England played an astonishing 436 dot balls of the 513 deliveries the team faced, with Anya Shrubsole recording a 46-ball duck.  

  111. Strike early

    If the rain doesn't happen, England have a lot of work to do to claw their way back into the game. They will be looking to Katherine Brunt and Anya Shrubsole to take early wickets with the new ball.

  112. Rain, rain, stay away!

    BBC Weather

    First thing's first... the weather. I'm afraid it looks pretty bleak for today.

    BBC Weather's Helen Willetts says: "The game may start dry but the forecast is looking stormy with interruptions from showers and, more likely, thundery rain and torrential torrents. There is a high risk of lightning and thunder with temperatures around 22C.

    "Looking at the charts you would say a washout may happen but the storms are a bit hit and miss at the moment."

  113. On air

  114. The morning after the day before

    Morning all... 

    It was a terrible day for England on Wednesday. They were bowled out for just 168, meaning they conceded a first innings lead of 106 to Australia.

    It was slow going too - a run-rate of 1.98 did nothing to inspire confidence in the team's chances of pressing for a victory in the final two days of this match. If Australia complete the win, they will be one T20 victory away from lifting the urn.

    Katherine Brunt
  115. Morning

    It's now or never for England Women. The Ashes are slipping from their grasp and they're holding out for a hero to rescue their summer.