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  1. Post update

    So that's it. We head to Cardiff on Monday for the dead rubber which precedes the men's T20 international between England and Australia.

    There's no doubt Australia deserve to win the Women's Ashes this summer. Well done to the Southern Stars and see you over the weekend for plenty more sport: football, cricket, rugby league, hockey... whatever takes your fancy really.


  2. Post update

    And now the Australians are putting their celebrations on hold to sign autographs for the few dozen still inside the ground. Fantastic.

  3. Post update

    Joe Wilson

    BBC News sports correspondent

    "If Charlotte Edwards is up for carrying on then I think she should be given all the support. She has unique experience and is a leader."

  4. Post update

  5. Post update

    Time for a victorious team picture. I imagine that will be doing the rounds on Twitter shortly.

  6. Player reaction

    Player of the match Rene Farrell, who took 3-17 on her return to the team: "I was excited to get picked today and I felt I put my hand up today. It's been tough watching but the girls are in form. We knew we had a good bowling and fielding unit and the Australian way is to never give up. We proved that tonight."

  7. Player reaction

    Australia captain Meg Lanning on Ellyse Perry: "She delivers with bat and ball. She's just a genuine all-rounder. I am very happy she's on my side."

  8. Player reaction

    Australia captain Meg Lanning: "It wouldn't have been nice to head to Cardiff to win the final game.

    "It's one of the best wins I've been a part of. Winning the Ashes is the only thing we haven't been able to do in the last five years.

    "We didn't bat well tonight but our bowlers did a super job."

  9. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Ian Bradley: Edwards has had a brilliant career but played some utter village shots all series, team needs new blood, complacent.

  10. Player reaction

    England captain Charlotte Edwards, speaking to Sky Sports: "It's bitterly disappointing but Australia have outplayed us. We've fought hard and did brilliantly with the ball but our batting has not been consistent and that's something we need to work on. We came here with hope and belief we could take it down to the final match but we weren't good enough tonight."

  11. Post update

    It appears Australia's team song of choice is 'Working Class Man' by Jimmy Barnes. They're belting it out while they stand together in a circle in the changing rooms. This party is going to run well into the night.

  12. Post update

    Izzy Westbury

    Middlesex captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "If you could win by willpower alone, Charlotte would have it in the bag. I've never met anyone more determined. Meg Lanning made mistakes at the beginning, but learns so fast. We are looking towards a dynamic era of women's cricket. In the Test, Edwards did not trust anyone outside of her top two or three bowlers."

  13. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    England players look dejected

    "Australia are a lot more aggressive in every single aspect of the game. They are building a future of aggressive players. They are investing in players who clear the ropes. Their top seven or eight look like they can hit every single ball out of the park.

    "Charlotte has been inflexible, it doesn't look like she's been inventive. Meg Lanning has out-captained her all series. That's the first time it's been noticeable. She has been surpassed and she needs to think about freshening up."

  14. Post update

    There's scenes of sheer delight in the Australia changing room. They're singing, dancing, crying - every emotion you can think of.

    "A ripping year" as Mel Jones says.

  15. Player reaction

    England captain Charlotte Edwards, on her future: "In the immediate future, I feel I have a lot to contribute to this team. This is not the time to walk away from English cricket. I don't think one bad series defines me as a player or captain."

  16. Player reaction

    England captain Charlotte Edwards: "The girls gave everything in the field and we were more than happy to keep them to 107. Our batting hasn't been good enough throughout the series. You're not going to win many games if you can't chase 107.

    "There was poor shot selection. They came out hard and bowled well, but we should chase 107. Whether that's pressure, I don't know. There were couple of good catches and an unlucky run out.

    "The best team have won the Ashes. We haven't put them under pressure enough. We have batted poorly and allowed their bowlers to bowl at us.

    "Credit has to go to Australia, they have played much better over the three formats."

  17. Post update

    Just to recap, Australia won the game by 20 runs and the multi-format series is 10-4 in the tourists' favour with just one match to play.

  18. Post update

    Alison Mitchell

    BBC Test Match Special

    "Thoroughly deserved Women's Ashes series win for Australia. Winning away from home for the first time since 2001. Thrown away by England... they undid all the good work of restricting Aus to 107-7. Kudos to Meg Lanning for her astute captaincy again."

  19. Post update

  20. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Jack Beecroft: Just like the men's team, the women lack the ability to grind out performances when it really matters

  21. Post update

    Ellyse Perry has had a tour to remember - she is Australia's leading run-scorer (647) and wicket-taker (20). Incredible stats.

  22. Text 81111

    Barry: With apologies to every Under 9s team in the land, this scorecard again looks like an U9 scorecard. From professional cricketers apparently.

  23. Player reaction

    Australia's Ellyse Perry, speaking to Sky Sports: "I'm really proud, it's fantastic. We all went in for a chat because we were well under par with the bat. We didn't want to take it to the next game. We knew we were capable of bowling them out and it's fantastic. It was a dream start to take five wickets in the first six overs. To win the game and the Ashes is a superb feeling."

  24. Post update

    I agree with Ebony. If we accept that Test cricket is the format in which we see who has the best skills, then Australia win hands down. They hammered England at Canterbury.

  25. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    Meg Lanning of Australia and Charlotte Edwards

    "Australia have deserved it, well done to them. They have outplayed England through the tournament, out-skilled and out-captained them. The Test was the crunch for England."

  26. Australia win the Ashes

    So, England surrender the urn they have held since 2011. While the Australians embrace each other, England stand glum-faced in the outfield. Not a word muttered, they stand alone. Some have tears in their eyes, others have their hands on their heads.

  27. WICKET

    Greenway c Jonassen b Farrell 26 (Eng 87 all out)

    The big shot had to come. It did. And it was straight to the fielder at long-on.

    It is a pretty significant moment too, because it means Australia have won the Ashes.

  28. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    D: All the usual faces will keep their central contracts. Serious lack of accountability in the womens game.

  29. Eng 87-9 (need 21 to win)

    England know the game is up. Katherine Brunt is almost in tears, barely able to watch as the dot balls continue to mount. England need 21 to win from the final over.

  30. Eng 86-9 (need 22 to win)

    England haven't hit a boundary since the 14th over - Lydia Greenway gets a two but she doesn't seem to have the power to beat the infield.

  31. Eng 83-9

    Just four runs from the 18th over. England are spluttering to defeat. It's miserable at Hove now.

  32. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Ian Bradley: Worst batting display I've ever seen chasing nothing, beyond pathetic, not acceptable

  33. Eng 79-9 (target 108)

    England's number 11 Rebecca Grundy has played 12 internationals in total and scored four runs. The numbers don't add up to anything other than defeat. But at least Lydia Greenway is on strike...

  34. WICKET

    Hazell c Lanning b Coyte 1 (Eng 78-9)

    Danielle Hazell leaves the field looking dejected

    The crowd begin to file out. They think it's all over - it probably is as Dani Hazell tries a ramp shot but the ball balloons to Meg Lanning at short mid-wicket.

  35. Eng 77-8 (target 108)

    Lydia Greenway is more about timing than brute power, but she needs to go for the big shots now. It's all down to her. She guides the ball down to third man for a single. It's not enough. But she does keep the strike.

  36. Post update

    Charles Dagnall

    BBC Test Match Special

    "More elevation and Shrubsole would have picked up four. It's the small margins that have done for England today."

  37. WICKET

    Shrubsole c Lanning b Schutt 1 (Eng 75-8)

    Megan Schutt celebrates

    Anya Shrubsole is the next to leave the action, trying to mow Megan Schutt through the leg side but picking out a leaping Meg Lanning at mid-wicket.

  38. Post update

    Izzy Westbury

    Middlesex captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "This is really frustrating for England. They had hope, but Brunt fell into a trap and Wyatt was cruelly run out."

  39. Eng 74-7 (target 108)

    Lydia Greenway is rotating the strike easily, but it's not as easy at the other end. Just three singles from the over.

  40. Post update

    Izzy Westbury

    Middlesex captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "That could be the turning point, something that England can't control. We're down to the tail now. Wyatt looked in, she was hitting the ball cleanly."

  41. WICKET

    Wyatt run out 7 (Eng 70-7)

    Rene Farrell

    It's just not England's night... Danni Wyatt is out backing up at the non-striker's end when Lydia Greenway's straight drive is just about turned onto the stumps by Rene Farrell. The bowler got the slightest finger to it. In fact, if she'd cut her fingernails this morning, Wyatt might still be out there. But she's not and England are sliding to a crushing, series-losing defeat.

  42. Eng 70-6 (target 108)

    Every run is greeted with cheers now, Lydia Greenway punching four back down the ground and then playing a trademark paddle for one. We've got a proper one-day finish on our hands. Hopefully.

  43. Eng 63-6 (target 108)

    Danni Wyatt... no pressure. Just 50 or so runs needed, but what a big 50 runs they are. And how far away do they seem? She instantly tries to energise England with three off her first two balls before she pulls Lydia Greenway through for another three. Good running. Then a full toss is cracked to the cow corner boundary. It's not over yet, it seems.

  44. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Jack Ralston: England batting like complete idiots

  45. WICKET

    Brunt b Schutt 20 (Eng 53-6)

    Katherine Brunt looks dejected

    Another one down. Australia are four wickets away from reclaiming the Ashes as Katherine Brunt tries to run the ball down to third man, Ian Bell style, but gets an inside edge on to her own stumps.

  46. Eng 53-5 (target 108)

    Lydia Greenway is looking to sweep everything, paddling a single past the keeper. Katherine Brunt then dabbles in a bit of tip and run. It's as though England have decided they need to raise it now. The required run-rate is above six an over.

  47. Eng 51-5

    Grace Harris is bowling with her cap on - I've not seen that for a long time. Her first ball is a long hop and Katherine Brunt wallops it for four, via the fielder who makes a hash of it on the boundary.

  48. Post update

    Izzy Westbury

    Middlesex captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Not having a wicket in the last 10 or 15 minutes has brought calm to the England camp. There's no shortage of talent in the England team, it's just displaying it."

  49. Eng 46-5 (target 108)

    Singles are becoming easier to find as the batters play themselves in and the field spreads outside the powerplay overs. Australia are content to let England milk the bowling at present - 108 still seems a long way off.

  50. Eng 43-5 (target 108)

    Katherine Brunt is showing restraint by her usual standards - with a T20 international strike-rate of 104, digging in is not in her combative nature. England are dealing in singles at the moment. If England do manage to get close to Australia, it'll go to the final over.

  51. Post update

    In case you have no idea what's going on here, we're guessing that Matt Kilner is the partner of Katherine Brunt's sister, who is in labour.

  52. Eng 38-5 (Brunt 9, Greenway 5)

    Australia deserve credit for realising that slow bowling is the way to go on this sticky surface. Sarah Coyte is mixing it up and Lydia Greenway is limited to just the one when she reverse-sweeps again. There's a fielder there now.

  53. Post update

    Mel Jones

    Former Australia captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Runs really aren't the issue. It's just a battle of mental application. if Lydia Greenway can play a good knock, it will be one of her most important for England."

  54. Eng 35-5 (target 108)

    The left-handed Lydia Greenway has seen it all before, and she raises a little smile for England when she reverse-sweeps a full toss to the boundary. Good over from Rene Farrell though which ends with three dots.

  55. Eng 30-5 (Perry 4-0-13-2)

    Australia are going in for the kill - Ellyse Perry, their spearhead, bowling her overs out. Lydia Greenway joins Katherine Brunt at the crease while Charlotte Edwards grimaces in the England dug-out. The hosts are holding out for a hero.

  56. WICKET

    Knight b Farrell 4 (Eng 28-5)

    Heather Knight leaves the field looking dejected

    Is that the Ashes gone? Two wickets in her first over for Rene Farrell who cleans up Heather Knight's timbers with a yorker. Painful viewing.

  57. Eng 28-4

    Heather Knight edges her first ball for four. She has a highest score of 30 in this format. Even that would be useful now.

  58. WICKET

    Taylor c Villani b Farrell 8 (Eng 24-4)

    Rene Farrell celebrates

    Now it's Sarah Taylor traipsing back to the changing rooms with her head bowed. A horrible swipe and the ball is easily caught by Elyse Villani at mid-on.

  59. Eng 24-3 (target 108)

    What better way for Katherine Brunt to celebrate becoming an auntie than smashing a quickfire fifty to see England to victory? Brunt is not backing down in the face of Aussie aggression, colliding with Ellyse Perry when running between the wickets. Sarah Taylor, looking strong on her legs, chips more runs from the target with some nice flicks down to fine leg.

  60. Email

    Maureen in Chester: They are having brain fade. Calm down

  61. Eng 20-3 (Taylor 5, Brunt 5)

    The crowd is almost silent now, watching intently as England try and dig themselves out of a hole. Sarah Taylor is off the mark in great style when she drives Jess Jonassen back over her head for four. Then a single into the leg side. That's all England need.

  62. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    SP Cooper: Some loose shots being played by England here. Cockiness? The danger of chasing a low total.

  63. Eng 11-3 (target 108)

    Surely Katherine Brunt isn't going to knock it about for singles? She is usually a big hitter at number five. It's all on Sarah Taylor here. Brunt is off the mark with a quick single. Maybe I was wrong?

  64. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Greg: When you need less than a run a ball just pick the singles off. No need to slog.

  65. Eng 10-3

    The hat-trick ball? Katherine Brunt leaves it and the ball misses off stump by a whisker. Good leave. I think.

  66. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "That was pretty shocking. We say Nat Sciver is one of the straightest players in the team but she has gone completely across the line. Was she not ready, did she not pick it up? Perry has done the job by going full and straight."

  67. WICKET

    Sciver b Perry 0 (Eng 10-3)

    Ellyse Perry celebrates

    It's all going wrong. Nat Sciver plays another awful shot and is bowled through the gate. Ellyse Perry on a hat-trick.

  68. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "I'm cringing, because that's very poor. Perry has just done the basics and Winfield has gone for the big shot. You don't need to do that. England are also chasing 100 and they can't afford to lose soft wickets."

  69. WICKET

    Winfield c Jonassen b Perry 1 (Eng 10-2)

    What a poor shot. Rather than taking the sting out of Australia, Lauren Winfield decides to try and belt Ellyse Perry out of the park but doesn't time the shot well enough and picks out Jess Jonassen at mid-off. England wobbling.

  70. Eng 10-1 (target 108)

    Sarah Taylor joins Lauren Winfield at the crease. Big partnership this.

  71. WICKET

    Edwards b Jonassen 8 (Eng 9-1)

    Australia players celebrate

    That wasn't in the plan. Slow left-armer Jess Jonassen continues her one-woman fight to win the Ashes for Australia tonight when she surprises Charlotte Edwards with a change of pace and the England skipper plays on.

  72. Eng 7-0 (Edwards 7, Winfield 0)

    Ellyse Perry is bowling quite quickly, zinc spread across her face despite it being a chilly night in England, but her first over goes for seven runs.

  73. Eng 6-0 (target 108)

    A mis-field gets England under way - Charlotte Edwards getting the ball through point and picking up two. She then edges four through the slips. Flying start.

  74. Post update

    Here we go then. England need 108 runs to take the Ashes to a decider on Bank Holiday Monday.

  75. Email

    David in Spain: An expensive last over by Sciver, but England have done marvellously well so far. We should be able to pass 107 easily, but counting chickens can lead to ducks!

  76. Post update

  77. Post update

    Some breaking and exciting news from the ECB... this summer has seen a record number of fans attending women's cricket matches in this country. That amounts to nearly 22,000 spectators. And there's one match to go. Superb.

  78. Scorecard

    Australia: 107-7 from 20 overs

    Not out batters: Cameron 21 (19 balls), Coyte 3 (8 balls)

    FoW: 1-14 (Perry 7, 3.6 ov), 2-43 (Lanning 21, 10.3 ov), 3-45 (Villani 15, 11.1 ov), 4-51 (Blackwell 3, 12.1 ov), 5-77 (Harris 14, 15.3 ov), 6-86 (Jonassen 21, 17.1 ov), 7-89 (Healy 0, 17.5 ov)

    Bowling figures: Brunt 4-0-16-1, Shrubsole 4-0-9-2, Grundy 4-0-20-2, Hazell 4-0-29-1, Sciver 3-028-0, Knight 1-0-5-0

  79. Player reaction

    England's Rebecca Grundy, who took 2-20, speaking to Sky Sports: "It's brilliant, a great start in the first six overs set us up. It was good for me to get on here and contribute. I arrived here early today to get used to the slope, I often do that."

  80. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "Australia could have played some more inventive shots, tried to create the angles. Cameron played very smart in the last over, realising there wasn't much be to be gained from hitting down the ground. England will be very happy, Australia did not get a measure of the pace of the wicket."

  81. Aus 107-7

    Much of England's success is down to their slow bowlers. What did Australia do for this match? Bring in an extra seamer.

    Jess Cameron gets Australia up to three figures with a ramp shot for four. A reverse-sweep brings another boundary. Some late impetus for Australia who set England a target of 108 to stay in the 2015 Women's Ashes.

  82. Aus 94-7

    Apparently, Katherine Brunt celebrated by rocking a baby because her sister went into labour today. Auntie Katherine.

    Heather Knight's solitary over goes for five runs. Steady.

  83. Aus 91-7

    Jess Cameron survives - just about - when she grounds her bat in enough time to deny England another wicket, this time off Heather Knight's bowling. Good work from wicketkeeper Sarah Taylor though.

  84. WICKET

    Healy b Brunt 0 (Aus 89-7)

    A golden duck for Alyssa Healy who swings across the line and is bowled in embarrassing fashion by a delighted Katherine Brunt who celebrates in the style of Bebeto and Romario as though she's rocking a baby to sleep.

  85. WICKET

    Jonassen run out (Brunt) 21 (Aus 86-6)

    Katherine Brunt

    A big, big wicket for England who must surely fancy their chances of winning this game now. Jess Jonassen chips the ball to mid-off where Nat Sciver fields well and then throws the ball back for the bowler Katherine Brunt to athletically run out the left-hander. Jonassen was ball-watching and it cost her the wicket.

  86. Aus 86-5 (Jonassen 21 off 15 balls)

    Jess Jonassen is fighting a one-woman battle here. She hits Nat Sciver for her second boundary of the innings. Using her feet well, she's technically correct and is building a platform for bigger shots in the last couple of overs.

  87. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Pete Naylor: Since we turned on TMS at Casa Naylor, England have taken three wickets for very few runs...

  88. Aus 78-5 (Shrubsole 4-0-9-2)

    Anya Shrubsole has been an absolute star here - giving nothing way and going through her range of slower balls, cutters and plain-old inswingers. Her four overs cost nine runs and returned two wickets. Fantastic.

  89. Post update

    Charles Dagnall

    BBC Test Match Special

    "Harris might have got too eager, too early. There are still nearly five overs to go. She could have tried for a boundary an over for a couple, then gone hard for the last two."

  90. WICKET

    Harris lbw b Shrubsole 14 (Aus 77-5)

    Rebecca Grundy

    There's been nothing subtle about Grace Harris's innings, which comes to an end when she slogs across the line and is pinned in front by a jubilant Anya Shrubsole. Harris could have been out five times in that 11 ball innings.

  91. Post update

    Charles Dagnall

    BBC Test Match Special

    "That's a sitter, even thought it was up in the air for a long time. Maybe it go lost in the leaden skies. It should have been taken. England haven't been as sharp in the field as they were at Chelmsford."

  92. Dropped catch

    Aus 75-4

    Got to take those. Grace Harris hits another ball into the night sky but Lauren Winfield grasses it at mid-off. White ball, floodlights... they can be hard to take. A quiet over for Australia nonetheless. Just seven added to the score.

  93. Post update

    Izzy Westbury

    Middlesex captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "That's what we've been waiting for from Grace Harris. She can hit sixes, but that's the first we've seen of it in England. That's what she was chosen to do."

  94. Aus 68-4 (run-rate 4.86)

    Jess Jonassen is taking the attack to England, driving Danielle Hazell through the off side for four. An elegant, upright left-hander she then takes a quick single to point. Grace Harris is living on the edge though, almost smacking a catch straight down long-on's throat. She does get hold of one in the end, whacking a maximum over cow corner.

  95. Post update

  96. Aus 55-4 (Grundy 4-0-20-2)

    Australia are playing with fire. Having seen two of her colleagues fall leg-before, Grace Harris tries to hit the ball across the line while right back on her stumps. She gets away with it this time. Four from the over.

  97. Post update

    Izzy Westbury

    Middlesex captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Australia are trying to rotate the strike. England's spinners are backing up the good work of the opening bowlers. Not only are England bowling well, but Australia keep hitting the ball to fielders."

  98. Dropped catch

    Aus 52-4

    A life for Grace Harris from her very first ball. A swing across the line, the ball just going through the fingers of Anya Shrubsole at mid-wicket. It was a good effort, diving backwards.

  99. Post update

    Izzy Westbury

    Middlesex captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "That's huge, almost a carbon copy of a moment in the second ODI in Bristol. Then, Grundy dropped the catch. This is a new England."

  100. WICKET

    Blackwell c&b Grundy 3 (Aus 51-4)

    Rebecca Grundy celebrates

    This is England Women's Trent Bridge. The Australian women are being dismissed quicker than... well, Aussie men. Another one bites the dust, this time following a superb caught and bowled by the inspired Rebecca Grundy.

  101. Aus 51-3 (England won toss)

    It's as if England have 15 fielders out there. They are swarming all over Australia who are struggling on this sluggish pitch. Jess Jonassen is new to the crease but after a century and fifty in the Test match, she has failed to get into double figures in the limited-overs games. Australia pass 50 in the 12th over.

  102. Post update

    Izzy Westbury

    Middlesex captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "It was full and straight, the wrong ball to sweep. It was as out as out can be."

  103. WICKET

    Villani lbw b Hazell 15 (Aus 45-3)

    Danielle Hazell celebrates

    This is dreamy stuff from England. Elyse Villani is the latest to miss the ball and be struck in front. You miss, England will hit.

    This Ashes series is well and truly alive.

  104. Aus 45-2 (Grundy 1-16)

    Rebecca Grundy is running back to her mark between deliveries - there's no let-up for Australia. Alex Blackwell is the new batter and is off the mark with a single straight away. But that's all Australia are dealing in at the moment.

  105. Post update

    Izzy Westbury

    Middlesex captain on BBC Test Match Special

    England fans

    "How good is this for England? Perry and Lanning are out and the run-rate is only 4.10. They haven't out a foot wrong."

  106. WICKET

    Lanning lbw b Grundy 21 (Aus 43-2)

    Rebecca Grundy celebrates

    The pressure pays off when Meg Lanning tries a sweep shot but misses the ball and is hit in front. Plumb.

  107. Aus 42-1 (run-rate 4.20)

    Meg Lanning is in good nick here, timing a late cut perfectly for the ball to run up the hill and still make the boundary.

  108. Text 81111

    Graham in Dartford: You can do it girls, come on England. I would like to know if Aussies say up over to our down under?

  109. Aus 37-1

    Plenty of red and white England flags, hats and banners in the Hove crowd. England are racing through their overs and doing a good containing job on the aggressive Elyse Villani who has just 12 runs off 23 balls. She should do better with a full toss which she swipes straight to the boundary rider on the leg side.

  110. Post update

    Izzy Westbury

    Middlesex captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "For Lanning, Hazell is a very tough bowler to face. It's a really good move for England to go with spin at both ends."

  111. Aus 31-1 (run-rate 3.87)

    Off-spinner Danielle Hazell, with 66 T20 wickets, is given a whirl. Did you know that Hazell is married to an Australian? I wonder if her husband, Shane, has split loyalties on nights like this? The over's a bit of a mixed bag - a full toss and a superb yorker the stand-out deliveries. Five from it.

  112. Post update

    BBC Sport's Kalika Mehta at Hove: "The loveable blue smurfs have made it to Hove to cheer on England and they have come out in the force.

    "Members of the Goring-by-Sea Ladies club have battled traffic and injuries to make it to the County Ground under the astute leadership of Papa Smurf Andy Manc."

  113. Aus 26-1 (Lanning 11 off 11)

    Australia need to get a move on if they are to get to that magical total of 140 which wins most matches in this format. Meg Lanning is showing signs of aggression with superb footwork to get to the pitch of Rebecca Grundy and drive four through the covers.

  114. Post update

    Spinner Rebecca Grundy is brought into the attack.

  115. Aus 19-1 (Villani 7, Lanning 4)

    There's a real determination about England as the bowlers steam in and the rest of the team back them up with some panther-like ground fielding. When it's not a dot, it's stopped by the players in the ring. One from the over, a wide.

    Meg Lanning, by the way, once smashed 126 not out off 65 balls.

  116. Email

    David in Spain: Decidedly nervous about this one... the mind abuzz with "ifs." - I just hope the cricket gods smile on England as they did at Chelmsford!

  117. Aus 18-1 (run-rate: 3.60)

    England skipper Charlotte Edwards was particularly animated following that wicket, pointing to Anya Shrubsole in delight - almost as if to suggest it was all a plan which worked to perfection. Meg Lanning is the new batter and she can't believe she's not off the mark with a cut shot as Lydia Greenway makes a superb stop at backward point. The next one does find the rope though... a sumptuous cover drive off Katherine Brunt.

  118. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "It was the pressure, the dot balls. Shrubsole was probing and the Australians haven't got a measure of the pace. Perry was trying to force something that wasn't there. England know that is a big wicket."

  119. WICKET

    Perry c Hazell b Shrubsole 7 (Aus 14-1)

    England players celebrate

    First blood to England, and it's Anya Shrubsole who makes the all-important breakthrough. Cramping the batter for room and getting the ball to swing into the right-hander she induces a rash shot from Ellyse Perry who lobs a simple catch to Danielle Hazell at mid-wicket.

  120. Post update

    Charles Dagnall

    BBC Test Match Special

    That just shows you what power Perry possesses. it wasn't too bad a ball from Brunt, but the execution from Perry was beautiful."

  121. Aus 13-0 (Villani 6, Perry 7)

    Wow... Ellyse Perry times that to perfection, driving Katherine Brunt back down the ground for four. A muscular shot, almost Kevin Pietsersen-like in its execution.

  122. Aus 8-0

    Ellyse Perry is a lucky girl... a Katherine Brunt delivery sticks in the pitch and balloons to mid-off but lands just short of the fielder. Brunt puts her hands on her knees in frustration.

  123. Aus 7-0 (England won toss)

    It's a full house at Hove, and I imagine there's one or two watching on from the block of flats which overlook one side of the ground. Anya Shrubsole is on the money straight away, beating the bat with a decent delivery. With Sarah Taylor standing up to the stumps, Villani then misjudges a slow, looping inducker and is lucky not to be stumped. Four from the over.

  124. Aus 3-0 (Villani 2, Perry 1)

    England are in a luminous red/orange number tonight, Australia in their usual green and gold. A lively start from Katherine Brunt who sees Australia get up and running with a single and then ruefully smiles all the way back to her mark. Next ball up she runs one back into the pads of Perry and a strong leg-before decision is turned down. Was close though. Strong opening over.

  125. Post update

    Here we go then. Elyse Villani and Ellyse Perry are ready to wield some willow. Katherine Brunt glares at them from the end of her run-up. Let's play.

  126. Get Involved

  127. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Let me tell you how to get involved tonight - #bbccricket on Twitter, send a text with your name on to 81111 or email

    We can talk about anything - as long as it's loosely cricket related.

  128. Post update

    Australia, of course, might have lost the first T20 earlier in the week but they are the world champions in this format having won the last three tournaments. England won the only other one, the inaugural one in 2009.

  129. How's stat

    Women's Ashes

    England have relied heavily on Katherine Brunt and Anya Shrubsole to make breakthroughs in this year's series. Their eight overs tonight will be key. England might be playing three spinners but they need their fast bowlers to take early scalps.

  130. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "It's very warm, it's almost like concrete at both ends. I think England going with Grundy, the extra spinner, is a good option. Australia are looking to Rene Farrell, the seamer, to get the ball to skid on."

  131. Post update

    How have we got to here? Well, England won the first game of both the ODI and T20 series but were well beaten in the solitary Test and lost the other two ODIs. There's two T20s left to play - the final one being on Bank Holiday Monday. What a finale that could be.

  132. Test Match Special

  133. Post update

    BBC Radio Test Match Special

    As they have been all summer, Test Match Special are in place for what looks likely to be a wonderful evening's cricket. You can listen via the audio icon at the top of this page, on t'radio at BBC Radio 5 live sports extra or online via a variety of smart devices.

  134. Line-ups

    And the teams. You want to know the teams. Well, here they are:

    England: Edwards, Winfield, Taylor, Sciver, Brunt, Knight, Greenway, Wyatt, Shrubsole, Hazell, Grundy.

    Australia: Villani, Perry, Lanning, Jonassen, Blackwell, Cameron, Healy, Harris, Coyte, Schutt, Farrell.

  135. Toss

    Charlotte Edwards

    First thing's first... the toss has been won by England and they will field first at Hove.

  136. Post update

    Evening all. As you might have guessed from the random picture of a tightrope walker in tonight's cricket live text, there's no room for error for England now.

    Australia lead 8-4 in the Women's Ashes and one victory, or even a draw, would see them reclaim the urn for the first time since 2011. That remains the only time since 2003 that Australia have won the Ashes after dominance in the eighties and nineties.

    They're desperate to get their hands on the prize again - and for the first time since the Ashes were decided on the results of all formats (Tests, ODIs and T20s).

  137. Evening!


    It's a cricketing tightrope. England know one wobble and it's all over: Australia will reclaim the Women's Ashes for the first time since 2011.

    And nobody wants that. Unless you're Australian, of course.