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  1. Post update

    Alastair Cook applauds

    I think that just about wraps it up at the end of a thrilling day of Test cricket. It's fair to say that 80% of that match was largely forgettable, but what a final session we had.

    The bottom line is that England and Pakistan go to Dubai all square at 0-0. We resume on Thursday. Join us then.

  2. Final scorecard

    England second innings 74-4 (11 overs) - chasing 99 to win

    Not out batsmen: Root 32, Bell 5

    Fall of wickets: 1-13 (Buttler 4), 2-29 (Moeen 11), 3-35 (Stokes 2), 4-66 (Bairstow 15)

    Bowling figures: Babar 5-0-27-2, Malik 4-0-25-2, Riaz 2-0-19-0

    Pakistan second innings: 173 (57.5 overs)

    Fall of wickets: 1-3 (Masood 1), 2-3 (Malik 0), 3-47 (Hafeez 34), 4-113 (Younis 45), 5-139 (Shafiq 6), 6-159 (Misbah 51), 7-165 (Riaz 1), 8-168 (Babar 1), 10-173 (Imran 0)

    Bowling figures: Anderson 10-3-22-2, Broad 8-5-8-0, Wood 7-0-29-0, Rashid 18.5-3-64-5, Stokes 7-4-9-0, Moeen 7-0-28-2

    England first innings 598-9 dec: Cook 263

    Pakistan first innings 523-8 dec: Malik 245, Shafiq 107

    Full scorecard

  3. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Chris Williams: Farcical scenes. The umpires' hands are tied. Incredibly stupid regulations and it was easy in advance to see this happening.

    Aftab Ahmed: The bad light argument is good until a batsman or fielder gets hit on the head by a 90mph delivery. Perspective.

  4. The report

    England had to settle for a draw after an extraordinary final session on the fifth day of the first Test against Pakistan in Abu Dhabi.

    Pakistan seemed to be cruising to a draw before debutant Adil Rashid - who returned 0-163 in the first innings - turned the match with five wickets.

    Needing 99 to win, England sent out Jos Buttler and Ben Stokes in the top four.

    But they could not locate the boundary often enough, and they were eventually beaten by the fading light.

    The tourists finished on 74-4 - with Joe Root 33 not out - 25 runs short of victory.

    However, this was a hugely impressive performance from England and one that will fill them with confidence ahead of the second Test in Dubai, which begins on Thursday.

    Read the full report here.

  5. Post update

    Just joining us? Where on earth have you been? Did you think it would be a bore draw? You've missed a thriller...

  6. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Utd: It's not bad light that beat England, it's the negative mentality away from home that has beaten them, why bat for long?

    Drew Stanley: Dare I say if Bell had taken his slip catch dollies we'd have won by an innings an hour ago & Test cricket would be celebrating

  7. Post update

    Just a further point on the light. It is only 22 minutes since the match ended and it is pitch black in Abu Dhabi. Night has truly fallen.

  8. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Christophe Talbotski: Faces of the England players in the presentation say it all. Nice of Cook to acknowledge the barmy army.

  9. 'I stuck to my game plan'

    Adil Rashid

    England leg-spinner Adil Rashid, speaking to Sky Sports: "Obviously it's nice to get a few wickets after he first innings, but that's cricket. I had a positive mindset and stuck to my game plan and got some wickets.

    "The wicket was good to bat on and the bowlers had to toil, but on day five it offered something to the spinners. It made it a bit easier for me to take that Pakistan's spinners also struggled in the first innings.

    "Second innings I got a bit more confidence and the ball was spinning a bit more. In the next Test I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing and put it in the right areas. We'll take a lot of confidence from the way we played going to Dubai now."

  10. Post update

    Adil Rashid, by the way, is the first England leg-spinner to take five wickets in a Test innings since 1959. The last? Tommy Greenhough. Don't tell me that you haven't heard of him.

  11. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Christo El: how many overs of this Test have been lost to bad light over 5 days? Why can't they just start 30 mins earlier?

    Mark Weir: Yes maybe penalty runs should be a idea in situations like this. Just like penalty tries in rugby, it might speed play up.

  12. 'Adil Rashid was brilliant'

    Alastair Cook

    England captain Alastair Cook, said: "We'd have liked another three or four overs at the end to be honest but that's the way it goes. I can't fault the guys for hanging in there on that wicket.

    "The pitch did deteriorate and spun more today which gave us hope, so it's a bit bittersweet finish. We knew we had to put the pressure on Pakistan and then on the last day you never know. We played a good game and so did Pakistan. They were a bit sloppy today and we put them under pressure. That's just the way it goes sometimes.

    "It's always strange going into a final day when you can't lose a game, and it was brilliant from Adil Rashid who I think got some unfair criticism after the first innings. We saw there he's a very fine bowler."

  13. Post update

    Pakistan Captain Misbah-Ul-Haq

    Pakistan captain Misbah-ul-Haq: "We took the wrong options, especially me and Younis Khan. We could have easily been there for another 10 or 15 overs and the game would have been over. We made mistakes and ended up in a tough situation.

    "When you lose these games it can really destroy your confidence. At least we are not 1-0 down. Dubai will be a different game on a different pitch and has been a happy hunting ground for us.

    "England played really well, they really did their homework. The pitch helped them because there was no turn and bounce on the first four days. Credit should be given to them after the way they batted. It was brilliant by them to score nearly 600 runs."

  14. Post update

    Alastair Cook

    Alastair Cook has been named man of the match. Adil Rashid, Shoaib Malik and Joe Root have also picked up cheques. Root's was for "most colourful innings". Your guess is as a good as mine.

  15. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Joe Root and Ian Bell shake hands with Pakistan players

    Ed Kay: We weren't complaining about time wasting Cardiff 2009 when Jimmy and Monty dithered with glove changes to save us.

    Bryony Lever: I am not happy with the result or decision but to be fair according to the rules of cricket the umpires had no choice.

  16. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott is part of the presentation party! He is wearing the widest smile I have ever seen on his face. He's also wearing a hat that has his own signature on it.

  17. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Meilyr Hughes: The fight against the light was the reason for today being so exciting!

    Ian Bradley: Safe to say it was broad daylight compared to the Karachi finish in 2000.

  18. Post update

    Still with me? We'll keep rolling until we hear from the captains. I suspect the post-match pressers could be quite interesting.

  19. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Joe Root and Ian Bell

    Francis Edwards: Stop complaining, it's the law. If it was Pakistan in that position the English fans would be wanting the game to end ASAP.

    Pete Naylor: Nobody should say "We should have won this match". It was down to some legspinning brilliance that we got barely a sniff at it!

  20. Post update

    Simon Mann

    BBC Test Match Special

    "It will be galling for England. It feels like The Oval against Australia in 2013 when the light won."

  21. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Joe Root and Ian Bell

    Craig Johnson: This Test added to the list of "reasons why we love/hate cricket" and why our friends wonder what's wrong with us.

    Mo: No bad light. I'm here. I'm sorry to say but this is ridiculous! The umpires have ruined a wonderful advert for Test cricket.

  22. Post update

    Graeme Swann

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "I am proud of the way England played. The only way they were going to win this game was to persevere and stick it at - and they did that even though they didn't get the result in the end. I'm really pleased for Adil Rashid and Moeen Ali who copped a load of stick in the first innings. Although I don't buy into the Pakistan time-wasting because anyone in their shoes would do the same."

  23. Post update

    I'll just throw this out there. The two drops and the wicket off the no-ball cost England about 400 runs on the first two days. Bad light on day five wouldn't have been a factor had in not been for those mistakes.

  24. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Gary Mixture: It is scandalous how much contempt is shown to the cricketing public.

    Sam Collard: Cricket knows how to make itself look ridiculous! Why come off when the lights are on?

  25. Post update

    Lots and lots of you are reacting angrily to the finish of this match. Keep the texts, tweets and emails coming. Does anyone think the umpires did the right thing?

  26. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Ben Fraser: Absolute joke how the umpires have let Pakistan waste time so freely and easily.

    David Gray: Cricket does itself absolutely no favours at times. What a disappointing end to an exciting fifth day.

  27. Final scorecard

    England second innings 74-4 (11 overs) - chasing 99 to win

    Not out batsmen: Root 32, Bell 5

    Fall of wickets: 1-13 (Buttler 4), 2-29 (Moeen 11), 3-35 (Stokes 2), 4-66 (Bairstow 15)

    Bowling figures: Babar 5-0-27-2, Malik 4-0-25-2, Riaz 2-0-19-0

    Pakistan second innings: 173 (57.5 overs)

    Fall of wickets: 1-3 (Masood 1), 2-3 (Malik 0), 3-47 (Hafeez 34), 4-113 (Younis 45), 5-139 (Shafiq 6), 6-159 (Misbah 51), 7-165 (Riaz 1), 8-168 (Babar 1), 10-173 (Imran 0)

    Bowling figures: Anderson 10-3-22-2, Broad 8-5-8-0, Wood 7-0-29-0, Rashid 18.5-3-64-5, Stokes 7-4-9-0, Moeen 7-0-28-2

    England first innings 598-9 dec: Cook 263

    Pakistan first innings 523-8 dec: Malik 245, Shafiq 107

    Full scorecard

  28. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    James Willis: It's 2015. How is "bad light" still an acceptable reason to end any professional sports game early?

    Creative82: Sometimes cricket does its self no favours. Imagine ending play when one team is about to win.

    Mark Underdown: Cricket doesn't help itself. 4 mundane days and then the rules force the match stopped when it's getting exciting.

  29. Match drawn

    Joe Root and Ian Bell of England leave the field

    The Barmies are temporarily silenced, but then break into song to acclaim Alastair Cook. It seems to be getting darker by the second - it's hard to quibble with the umpires' decision. They have no power to continue to play under the floodlights, no matter how daft that seems.

  30. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Many people will be watching and listening and wondering why they can't continue and I agree with them. This goes back to last night when they came off and you wonder was there a real threat to the players then. It shouldn't take the shine off what has been a good day from England and Adil Rashid."

  31. Match drawn

    England, agonisingly, fall 25 runs short. What an incredible finish to a Test match that has crawled along. The players shake hands, Pakistan visibly relieved to get out of this one still level. We will go to Dubai all square at 0-0.

  32. Bad light stops play

    Eng 74-4

    General view

    The umpires decide that is enough. The light has won the day.

  33. Eng 74-4

    A good over for Pakistan, only five singles from it. Umpires getting together...

  34. Eng 73-4 (target 99)

    It's practically a day-nighter. The shadows are from the floodlights, not the sun.

  35. Eng 72-4

    Every Pakistan fielder is on the boundary. Rahat Ali complains that he can't see the ball. This is surely the last over.

  36. Eng 72-4 (target 99)

    We've already gone later than any other day in this Test match. The umpires will not only consider the batsmen, but also whether the fielders can see the ball. Riaz resists the opportunity for a naughty bouncer, Misbah moves the field to waste time. Three singles from the first three balls.

  37. Eng 69-4 (target 99)

    The 12th man came out with a drink, but was shooed off by the umpires. Still Wahab Riaz. 90mph in the dark...

  38. Eng 69-4

    They are carrying on. England probably have one, maybe two overs to get these 30 runs.

  39. Eng 69-4

    The lightmeter is out....

  40. Eng 69-4 (target 99)

    Babar is bowling over the wicket, into the rough, with a packed leg-side field. Joe Root is scampering like a man who knows this Test is there to be won. Huge shades of Karachi 2000, when England won in the dark. This time there is no umpire Steve Bucknor to order Pakistan to play on. Brilliant stuff from Babar, a wicket and four runs from it.

  41. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    James Cornish: Can bad light be considered when a batsman has just hit a six and a four?!

  42. Eng 66-4 - target 99

    Ian Bell the new man. The sun has almost entirely dipped behind the stand.

  43. WICKET

    Bairstow st Sarfraz b Babar 15 (Eng 66-4)

    Jonny Bairstow dances, misses and is stumped. He blasts the turf as he departs, but he's given England a sniff.

  44. Post update

    Ed Smith

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "If light is the issue, then Pakistan might be better off bowling wides rather than giving England a chance to hit boundaries. It's an incredibly cynical idea, and I'm actually appalled myself for even thinking about it."

  45. Eng 65-3 (need 34 more)

    Jonny Bairstow in action

    Four to finish the over! 17 in total from it, Jonny Bairstow is on the charge. The problem is, it's getting very, very dark. How many more overs might we get? Two? 34 to win. Expect Pakistan to drag their heels.

  46. Eng 56-3 (target 99)

    Not that it matters to Jonny Bairstow! That is a huge six! Hooked for a maximum so far that it has gone over the grass bank and the ball is lost. The bad news for England is that a lightmeter has come out with the replacement leather. The umpires will be using that very soon.

  47. Eng 49-3

    Wahab Riaz, the 90mph left-armer, is tough enough to face in decent light when you're just trying to survive. He must be nightmare in the fading light when you need 50 runs in 20 minutes.

  48. Post update

    Ed Smith

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "The lights are starting to look brighter which suggests the natural light is fading here. Pakistan's players seem to be having plenty of meetings here to delay things. England's batsmen sat on their bats not looking very happy. There's no other word from this but time wasting."

  49. Eng 48-3 (target 99)

    Another long meeting in the field from Pakistan. Boos from the Barmies. This is the equivalent of sending Bilal Shafayat on with a pair of gloves. The result is that Pakistan go to pace in the shape of Wahab Riaz. The ball might be easier to hit with pace on, but the overs will take longer. The umpires will also get twitchier about the light.

  50. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Grant Cooper: Just checked, sunset is at 17:54. Come on boys!

    Jon Evans: The Pakistani time wasting should be penalised with penalty runs. Just ruins the game.

  51. Eng 48-3 (need 51 more)

    Pakistan batted awfully earlier on, but they should be given credit for how they are keeping England under wraps. It's a simple plan. Bowl slowly, make the ball hard to hit. If it does get hit, we've got men in the deep to cut it off. Three dots in that Malik over, only six runs from it.

  52. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Alan Holliday: Never mind bad light, I'm out and have 12% battery left...! Come on England...

    Ed Palmer: When are England gonna take the power play?

  53. Eng 42-3

    Four Pakistan players have a conference. I can't believe that's for any other reason than time-wasting. Officially 12 overs to go, but maybe only 20 minutes.

  54. Eng 42-3 (target 99)

    Alastair Cook has his gloves on. Will he be next in? Root breathes hard and dances, going inside out. He gets a couple, but there's only seven from the over. England begging for a boundary. There hasn't been one for 19 balls.

  55. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Chris Rabban: Do. Not. Collapse. Now!

    Andrew Wells: Now I'm getting nervous. Steady lads.

  56. Eng 37-3 (target 99)

    I can't hear what they are saying, but Joe Root and wicketkeeper Sarfraz Ahmed are having a right old natter to each other. I can't imagine that it's dinner plans. The sun is dipping low, away on the off side as these right-handers face the spin of Babar. The boundaries just aren't coming for England, victory being pushed that bit further away.

  57. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Charles Isere: Every Englishman with a 4x4 in the UAE should drive up the grass mound and put on their full beams.

  58. Eng 35-3 (target 99)

    Jonny Bairstow! Almost gone first ball, all at sea to be pinned on the pads. Saved by getting outside the line. Surely Pakistan should have reviewed to waste some time? The floodlights are on too.

  59. Post update

    Phil Tufnell

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Stokes can't believe that. He absolutely smashed it. He's disgusted with himself because he was going for a six but didn't quite get underneath it to generate the height."

  60. WICKET

    Stokes c Hafeez b Malik 2 (Eng 35-3)

    Ben Stokes looks dejected

    England are trying, but it's just not happening for them. Ben Stokes is the latest to fall, in almost identical fashion to Moeen. Heave to the big leg-side boundary and well caught, this time by Mohammad Hafeez. Every wicket makes the chase less likely, brings the light in a little closer.

  61. Eng 35-2

    Looking now, it seems odd to think that the light will be a problem. The sun is still bright. But, it is fading quickly and the shadows are long - about three times the size of each man out there. Pakistan have men in all parts of Abu Dhabi, boundaries have dried up. Only three in the innings so far and England have to make do with singles.

  62. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Joe Root

    Bertie: Test cricket. Nothing like it. Brilliant sport, best in the world.

    Alex Clark: Play to end with England one run short. You just know it will happen.

  63. Eng 30-2 (need 69 more to win)

    Babar is very cleverly bowling the ball as slowly as possible, taking all the pace off to make it as hard as possible to hit. So much at play out there. The runchase, the field setting, the light. Stokes away with a single. Technically 14 overs to go, but probably about 25 minutes.

  64. Post update

  65. Eng 29-2 (target 99)

    Still the biffers come. Ben Stokes sprints to the crease. This really is thrilling sport, gladitorial.

  66. WICKET

    Moeen c Malik b Babar 11 (Eng 29-2)

    Pakistan players

    Gone! Moeen Ali was looking for the big shot to the huge square leg-side boundary, but can only find the hands of Shoaib Malik. Not only do England lose a second, but more time is taken out of the game.

  67. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Justin Warhurst: Wow. ..this has even knocked Jurgen Klopp's first game off the top of the BBC Sport home page.

  68. Eng 27-1 (target 99)

    Umpire Paul Reiffel taps his watch, meaning the last hour has begun. There are officially 15 overs left in the game. I doubt the light we allow us to get them all in.

  69. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Simon Richardson: No other sport could change so dramatically as Test cricket. An unthinkable, unbelievable scenario here.

    Charles Coldman: I know what's going to happen. England will get within a few runs and then the umpires will bring them off for bad light.

  70. Eng 26-1 (target 99)

    Joe Root in action

    The floodlights loom in the cloudless Abu Dhabi sky, not yet called into action. Even when they are switched on, it won't prevent us from succumbing to bad light. That's one of cricket's great absurdities. Pakistan are bowling well here, good lines, changing lengths and pace. Malik, wind blowing his shirt, has Moeen guessing. Jos Buttler still has his pads on - you won't get another go, Jos. Shot Joe Root! Cut for four. Seven from it. England need 73.

  71. Scorecard

    England second innings 19-1 (3 overs) - need 80 more runs to win

    Batsmen: Moeen 9, Root 5

    Fall of wickets: 1-13 (Buttler 4)

    Bowling figures: Babar 2-0-8-0, Malik 1-0-8-1

    Pakistan second innings: 173 (57.5 overs)

    Fall of wickets: 1-3 (Masood 1), 2-3 (Malik 0), 3-47 (Hafeez 34), 4-113 (Younis 45), 5-139 (Shafiq 6), 6-159 (Misbah 51), 7-165 (Riaz 1), 8-168 (Babar 1), 10-173 (Imran 0)

    Bowling figures: Anderson 10-3-22-2, Broad 8-5-8-0, Wood 7-0-29-0, Rashid 18.5-3-64-5, Stokes 7-4-9-0, Moeen 7-0-28-2

    England first innings 598-9 dec: Cook 263

    Pakistan first innings 523-8 dec: Malik 245, Shafiq 107

    Full scorecard

  72. Close!

    Eng 19-1

    Up in the air from Joe Root, a swipe that he doesn't connect with. It just lands past the man running back from mid-on. Last ball of the over, a half shout for lbw, nearly a run out. Single taken. Pakistan's over, I say.

  73. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Simon Richardson: No other sport could change so dramatically as test cricket. An unthinkable, unbelievable scenario here.

    Ed Mehen: Still most likely a draw but what a fantastic final day this has been after 4 days of dull batting.

  74. Eng 16-1

    Should Pakistan consider going to pace? The seamers would probably only bowl about eight overs in the 40 minutes or so that remain. The latest that we have played to is 14:37 BST, so not even 40 minutes away. Still Babar, the boundaries protected. England can't get the ball away, only two singles from the first four balls.

  75. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Joel: Day 1: dull; Day 2: dull; Day 3: dull; Day 4: dull; Day 5: THE MOST EXCITING GAME EVER

    Scott Mabbutt: This is why I love Test match cricket. 4 & a half days of soporific rubbish and an amazing finale!

  76. Eng 14-1

    Root away with a single. Those two overs have taken about 10 minutes. It's a race against time, but we don't know when the clock will run out. It's more a race against the setting sun.

  77. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Mark Hefter: So a totally out of form batsman is promoted up the order, fails and to compound things wastes more time by reviewing.

    Andrew Stone: Questionable tactics to waste time with a review.

  78. Eng 13-1

    More re-jigging of the order. Joe Root up to number three.

  79. WICKET

    Buttler lbw Malik 4 (Eng 13-1)

    Not only the end of Jos Buttler, but also a waste of time. Buttler was playing across the line and was pretty stone dead, the ball would have hit the top of leg stump. England's runchase, and I stress chase, suffers a blow.

  80. Umpire review

    Eng 13-0

    No snicko, no Hotspot mean reviews take longer. Precious minutes tick away.

  81. Umpire review

    Eng 13-0

    This looks out, Jos Buttler. Given lbw, but the keeper wants another look. Whatever happens, it's taking up time.

  82. Eng 13-0

    I sense we might see every trick in the book from Pakistan, especially as Malik hobbles to suggest he might the physio. It might not matter if Moeen carries on like this, dancing to hammer down the ground for four. In the long shadows, this is limited-overs stuff, four men on the boundary and singles available everywhere. Remember, it's a race against the clock, not overs.

  83. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Jake Cartledge: Only in test cricket could both teams get over 500 runs in the first innings then the game end up in a 20 over finale. Love it!

    Andrew Walker: When the pitch becomes a minefield the ball effectively becomes a detonator! Who has their fingers on the trigger? Nailbiter!

    James Hand: Love seeing Buttler open alongside Ali. Hope it's not a token though, need Stokes in at 3 if a wicket falls to keep attack going.

  84. Eng 6-0 (target 99)

    Pakistan are giving off-spinner Shoaib Malik the other end. I can see that the pitch has turned, but the pacers would take longer, drawing in the bad light. Curious.

  85. Eng 6-0 (target 99)

    In-out field, catchers, but also the boundary protected. The Barmies belt out Jerusalem louder than at any point in the match. Alastair Cook looks nervous. Moeen gets England away with a sweep for a single, then Buttler almost runs past one. Reverse sweep for four! That has to be the first ever reverse sweep for four in the first over of a Test innings? The Barmies signal for the umpire. When Babar ties to push it wide, it gets called by Paul Reiffel. Seatbelts, this is going to be hectic.

  86. Eng 0-0 (target 99)

    Left-arm spinner Zulfiqar Babar to open the bowling. Pakistan taking their time already. The England fans shouting for them to get on with it. Babar aborts his first run-up. Let's play...

  87. Eng need 99 to win

    Just a few things to remember. The light might last for 45 minutes. Pakistan will be in no rush to get the overs in. They can place their fielders wherever they like - nine on the boundary if they wish. The umpires will have the final say on the light, not the batsmen.

  88. Eng need 99 to win

    Jos Buttler is making his way to the crease with Moeen Ali. The chase is on!

  89. Eng need 99 to win

    What's your batting order? Cook still to open? Get Stokes up there? We're about to find out...

  90. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Adil Rashid acknowledges

    Fred Wilson: Special spell of bowling from Rashid. What a response the definition of zero to hero

    D Rudden: You have to rapidly change the starting order with this position of 20 overs and 99 runs to chase. Buttler and Bairstow to open?

  91. Eng need 99 to win

    We almost need to forget the overs - there's no way Pakistan will bowl 19 before the light goes. Remember the last time England beat Pakistan away from home? It was night-time in Karachi. I reckon there's about 45 or 50 minutes before it will get dark. Will the umpires dare take them off?

  92. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Stephen Green: Terrible time to go to the gym!!! After four days avoiding the gym and waiting for the fireworks I finally go and it all kicks off!

    Melt: Trying to find somewhere to watch the cricket. Surprisingly difficult in Twickenham.

  93. Eng need 99 to win

    Adil Rashid

    So many things to talk about. Adil Rashid, what a performance after his first-innings shellacking. Pakistan, what on earth was that batting performance? Can England chase these runs in 19 overs? Will England beat the light? Should Alastair Cook open the batting?

  94. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "He winkles people out if there's bit in the pitch. He's not Shane Warne, and he can go for runs, but there is something about him and we don't have another spinner in England who can do what he does.

    "He will get hit but he's resilient. Think of that first innings where he had the most amount of runs for a debutant but now he has got five wickets. It's been fantastic to watch the way he has come back this innings."

  95. WICKET

    Khan c Anderson b Rashid 0 (Pak 173 all out)

    Gone first ball! Pakistan are all out! Adil Rashid has five wickets and England need 99 to win in 19 overs. Imran Khan gets a golden duck, poking to first slip in exactly the same way that Sarfraz did. Pakistan lost their last five wickets for 14 runs, all started by that horror shot from Misbah. Quite incredible stuff.

  96. WICKET

    Sarfraz c Anderson b Rashid 27 (Pak 173-9)

    The big wicket! Now England believe! It's Adil Rashid again, claiming his fourth wicket with a perfect leg-break, turning away for Sarfraz Ahmed to get a thick edge to James Anderson at slip. England are only one wicket away from what would be a frenetic runchase. Pakistan lead by 98. An amazing finish to a bizarre Test.

  97. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Moeen Ali and James Anderson

    Alastair: I'm on the underground and every time I get to a new station there's been another wicket!!

    Greg Russell: That Misbah wicket is one of the worst shots I've ever seen in a Test match.

    Ian Stevens: Could it happen? After 4.3 days of tedium, this Test is starting to kick off! Two wickets and half a T20 innings would do.

  98. Pak 169-8 (lead by 94, 22 overs left)

    It's all happening now. The ball is spinning, spitting and bouncing. England are appealing for everything, including for lbw against the skittish Sarfraz. The umpires are asking everyone to calm down, while Misbah sits with his chin in his hand. Rahat Ali is Pakistan's number 10, by the way. The light will probably hold for another 50 minutes or so.

  99. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Ian Bradley: To be in with any sort of chance of winning after conceding 500 plus is a massive achievement, very encouraging.

    Chris Herd: Test cricket is an investment. Paint drying for four days now fireworks.

  100. Pak 168-8

    A game of cricket has broken out in Abu Dhabi. Pakistan lead by 93 runs and have two wickets remaining. There are 23 overs remaining, less two for the change of innings. But it might get dark. Drama.

  101. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "England got back into their positions expecting it to be given not out on review. The only positive for Pakistan is that it's taken five minutes out of the game and the light will be an issue now."

  102. Pak 168-8

    The decision stands, confirmed by Paul Reiffel's raise of the finger. Misbah shakes his head. I'm sorry, skipper, but your team wouldn't be in this mess if you hadn't lost your mind.

  103. Third umpire

    Pak 168-8

    You're not going to believe this, but they have decided to have another look. It's the old 'has it carried' question. And you know what usual happens in these circumstances...

  104. WICKET

    Babar c Anderson b Rashid 1 (Pak 168-8)

    James Anderson of England

    What a catch! James Anderson has taken a blinder at slip and England have an eighth wicket. Zulfiqar Babar is the batsman, poking at Adil Rashid, with Anderson sticking out a left hand to take the ball millimetres above the grass. Do not go anywhere, because this match is looking more likely to have a result with every passing moment.

  105. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Tom Simmonds: What on earth is going on with this pitch? It's gone from a road to a minefield.

  106. Pak 168-7 (lead by 93)

    Moeen Ali of England celebrates

    Did we not say that this match could turn in a mad hour? Forget how dull the first four days were, we now have a tense, dramatic contest. The ball is turning, every delivery a spitting cobra ready to bit a man in green. Riaz had no idea what was going on, virtually playing the ball without looking at it. Zulfiqar Babar is the latest Pakistan batsman pushed out of the door.

  107. WICKET

    Riaz c Bairstow b Moeen 1 (Pak 165-7)

    Wahab Riaz walks off Babar walks on

    I'm telling you now that England should start to believe. The seventh Pakistan wicket goes down, this time Wahab Riaz tamely gloves Moeen Ali to Jonny Bairstow at short leg. Pakistan are surrendering in the tamest of manners, while England have the momentum of a runaway mine train. Pakistan are effectively 90-7, there are nearly 25 overs left in the day.

  108. Pak 165-6 (lead by 90)

    Replays don't do Misbah any favours, while the kick he aimed at a bail as he walked off does not make it forgivable. His departure will no doubt keep England interested for a bit longer, taking us deeper into the last hour. There are 25 overs left, less two for the change of innings. England probably need these four wickets in the next 12 overs.

  109. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Charles Isere: I'm claiming that one. Was just writing that Moeen (37 overs) and Asad Shafiq (7) were the only two bowlers without a wicket...

  110. Pak 161-6 (Moeen 5-0-24-1)

    Misbah is sitting back in the pavilion, stroking his chin. Yes, Misbah, it really was that bad. Wahab Riaz is the new man, just about surviving his first ball. How many could England chase? How long would they need? That's at least three needless wickets Pakistan have given away, by the way.

  111. WICKET

    Misbah b Moeen 51 (Pak 159-6)

    Pakistan captain Misbah-ul-Haq

    What on earth is Misbah-ul-Haq doing? This has got to go down as one of the most brainless bits of cricket you will ever see. Trying to save the game, 50 to his name, only the tail to come, the captain has run down the pitch to Moeen Ali, tried to whack the ball to Dubai and lost his furniture. There are 26 overs left in this match and Pakistan are effectively 84-6. Maybe.

  112. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    JoElle: Unless something radical happened overnight, 147-5 is a poor score on this track. England will be taking the moral victory away from this Test."

  113. Pak 157-5 (lead by 82)

    I'm starting to think that no one has told Sarfraz about the game situation. He's trying to belt every ball, with varying degrees of success. There's lots of bat through air, the occasional puff of dust, but not too much leather on willow. The next man in, Wahab Riaz, must be a nervous wreck.

  114. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "England have bowled nicely and put some pressure on Pakistan. There's a tiny bit more for the spinners but it's still a good deck. England would win this on points, if you scored it like boxing."

  115. Drinks break

    Pak 152-5

    Ben Stokes reacts

    Every ball that ticks by pushes victory further out of England's reach and brings us that little closer to a draw. I think they will probably go into that 15-over last hour, but maybe not for too long. Sarfraz waits with his idiosyncratic style. Crouched low, jump back. Stokes spiders down a maiden to take us to drinks. 28 remain.

  116. Post update

    Phil Tufnell

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "England might think about Plunkett perhaps for the next match because he'll give them a bit more pace but I can't see too many changes.

    "Bairstow was unlucky, and didn't get many, so you might think about Taylor coming in. But England have a nice balanced attack - it's just that the pitch needed to be a bit more conducive to cricket."

  117. 50 for Misbah-ul-Haq

    Pak 152-5

    Misbah-ul-Haq isn't just Pakistan captain, he's a statesman. He goes to a 30th Test half-century with a sweep off Rashid, a milestone in what has been a captain's knock. You wonder what they will do when he retires. Think of the turmoil they were in before he took over. The best Test captain in the world?

  118. Post update

    Simon Mann

    BBC Test Match Special

    "In the London Marathon where are we, Tuffers? Are we approaching Big Ben?

    Phil Tufnell: "I think we're on our hands and knees just coming into The Mall. The end is in sight."

  119. Pak 149-5 (30 overs left)


    How England would dearly love to get rid of Misbah-ul-Haq. Get the skipper and maybe the rest will fold. Misbah, though, is skilled in the art of defence. If he was a professor at Hogwart's he would teach defence against dark arts. Sarfraz is more mad scientist than professor. Walking around the crease, trying to belt the ball, even in a rearguard.

  120. Scorecard

    Pakistan 147-5 (48 overs) - lead by 72

    Batsmen: Misbah 47, Sarfraz 8

    Fall of wickets: 1-3 (Masood 1), 2-3 (Malik 0), 3-47 (Hafeez 34), 4-113 (Younis 45), 5-139 (Shafiq 6)

    Bowling figures: Anderson 10-3-22-2, Broad 8-5-8-0, Wood 7-2-29-0, Rashid 14-2-47-2, Stokes 5-3-7-0, Moeen 4-0-22-0

    England 598-9 dec (206 overs)

    Not out batsmen: Broad 17, Anderson 3

    Fall of wickets: 116-1 (Moeen 35), 281-2 (Bell 63), 3-285 (Wood 4), 426-4 (Root 85), 443-5 (Bairstow 8), 6-534 (Stokes 57), 7-549 (Cook 263), 8-563 (Buttler 23), 9-590 (Rashid 12)

    Bowling figures: Rahat 28-1-86-1, Khan 27-7-74-2, Babar 72-17-183-1, Riaz 37-3-125-3, Shafiq 7-0-19-0, Shoaib 35-4-97-2

    Pakistan first innings 523-8 dec: Malik 245, Shafiq 107

    Full scorecard

  121. Pak 147-5 (Rashid 14-2-43-2)

    I wonder if that wicket will keep England out there into the last hour? One more wicket and they will be into the tail. They'll be encouraged by the first shot of Sarfraz Ahmed, who riskily sweeps his first ball. No need for that. Then again, there was no need for Hafeez's run out. Or Younis's wild swipe. Hmmmm.

  122. Post update

    Phil Tufnell

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "That might be the first genuine wicket to fall to a spin bowler, rather than a batsman getting out with a bad shot. Well done Rashid. That'll do his confidence a world of good."

  123. WICKET

    Shafiq c Buttler b Rashid 6 (Pak 139-5)

    wicketkeeper Jos Buttler

    The third umpire confirms that Adil Rashid has his second wicket in Test cricket. It was a tossed up leg-break, very wide of off stump, turning away. Asad Shafid did not need to play, but he followed it and got a tickle through to Jos Buttler. This Test match will not go quietly into the night.

  124. Umpire review

    Pak 139-5

    Adil Rashid has another! Or, at least, we think he has another. Is Shafiq caught behind? The batsman needs some proof...

  125. Post update

    Ed Smith

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "How flat is the pitch? So flat that Andrew Samson, the best scorer in the world, has waved a white flag and refused to count up the dot balls! In fact, I think he may have fallen off his chair trying to count them all up!"

  126. Pak 135-4 (lead by 60)

    Mark Wood has got hair flopping over his forehead and zinc smeared on his face. He's round the wicket to Misbah, hammering the ball into the turf, trying to get Jonny Bairstow at very silly point in the game. Misbah, international cricket's equivalent of Yoda, almost gets himself into a tangle playing an unnecessary hook.

  127. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    James Anderson points

    Rachel T: Can Cook do something to wind Jimmy up again? Put him at silly point?