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James Gheerbrant

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  1. Goodbye

    Stuart Broad ponders the field of play

    That's it for today - we leave you with the Test very much in the balance. Join us again tomorrow, bright and early at 05:40, for day four. Until then, goodbye.

  2. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "It's close. Pakistan have had the better of the day but that late wicket gave England a lift.

    "If England get two quick wickets they could be chasing 160-170. But if they allow Rahat Ali to hang around for a bit tomorrow and there are a couple of partnerships, then it could be 220-plus.

    "Alastair Cook has just got to keep the field in and force the big shot. It is on an edge but I would still prefer the runs on the board. I would prefer to be in Pakistan's dressing room now - but only just."

  3. Post update

    As pointed out, those two early misses against Hafeez could be crucial. Was the enough evidence to overturn that decision? And what if Bairstow had made that catch? Not only would it have removed Hafeez, it might have given Moeen a bit of confidence as well. Ifs, buts and maybes...

  4. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "I still think there's a good chance of a team winning it - and I favour England. There's a good chance of winning, not any chance. It's better than every side getting 500. Runs are hard-earned and when you get runs it means a lot."

  5. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Adam Savoury: Forget about Bairstow's drop, Hafeez was out caught behind on two! No conclusive evidence to overturn the decision either!

  6. Malik announces retirement

    Shoaib Malik

    Well, this has come out of the blue. Pakistan batsman Shoaib Malik has just announced his retirement from Test cricket - mid-match!

    He picked up his best Test bowling figures earlier today, and only two matches ago hit 245, though he has had a run of low scores since then.

    Apparently he's concentrating his attention on the 2019 World Cup - when he'll be, erm, 37.

  7. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    Pakistan cricketers Hafeez and Azhar

    "A first-innings lead of 72 is not to be sniffed at. I still think that. England are still in it to win it, even though there was quite a long period in the afternoon when Hafeez and Azhar put on 100 and never looked in trouble."

  8. Text 81111

    Tom, Durham: For all the talk of the pitches, this has been a fascinating series with every session requiring each side to play exceptional cricket. Genuine high-pressure environment that just can't be replicated in the shorter form.

  9. Player reaction

    England batsman James Taylor on Sky Sports: "They're playing well at the moment, but we can't look too far ahead. If we can get some early breakthroughs in the morning, you never know. These tracks aid the spinners, but I'm enjoying my cricket more than I've ever enjoyed - I'm enjoying playing cricket for my country and getting a few runs."

  10. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    Samit Patel in bat for England

    "A topsy-turvy day again. It started poorly for England with the two guys who played splendidly yesterday getting out. But Patel batted beautifully. He was out to a superb ball - a leg-spinner that pitched leg and hit off stump."

  11. Text 81111

    Ian J: Chance dropped by Bairstow off Moeen when Hafeez was on 11 starting to look like series-defining moment.

  12. Day in summary

    Pakistan's batters leave the field of play at the end of day three

    England struck late on day three to leave the third Test against Pakistan evenly poised in Sharjah.

    Pakistan looked set to take control when a century opening stand between Mohammad Hafeez and Azhar Ali wiped out England's first-innings lead of 72.

    But three wickets in the evening session left Pakistan 146-3, a lead of 74, with Hafeez still there on 97.

    England were earlier all out for 306, James Taylor adding two runs to his overnight 74 and Samit Patel making 42.

    Read more in Stephan Shemilt's report.

  13. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    Mohammad Hafeez

    "Brilliant innings by Hafeez for his 97. It really does hang in the balance - England have to get four wickets to get to Wahab Riaz, but the Pakistan tail can fold - it's like a pack of dominoes. Hafeez, Misbah and Sarfraz are the key. You wouldn't want to be chasing 220-plus."

  14. Close-of-play scorecard

    Pakistan 146-3 (53 overs) - lead by 74

    Batsmen: Hafeez 97*, Rahat 0*

    Fall of wickets: 101-1 (Azhar 34), 105 (Shoaib 0), 146-3 (Younus 14)

    Bowling figures: Anderson 14-5-36-1, Broad 12-4-19-1, Patel 11-0-40-0, Moeen 6-1-25-0, Rashid 10-2-25-0

    Pakistan first innings 234: Misbah 71; Anderson 4-17

    England first innings 306: Taylor 74, Bairstow 43, Patel 42; Malik 4-33, Yasir 3-99

    Pakistan won toss

    Full scorecard

  15. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Glenn Sissen: Is it just me that can see this going to the final day and Stokes hitting the winning runs? #fate.

  16. Close of play

    Pak 146-3

    Joe Root

    It looks like the umpires are insisting on spin for the final over of the day, so it's going to be Moeen to have a bowl. There's a huge appeal off the penultimate ball of the day, but England decide against a review. Rahat survives, and that's stumps.

  17. Pak 146-3 (Hafeez 97, Rahat 0)

    Ooh, Rashid so nearly undoes Hafeez with a well-disguised googly, the batsman getting wise to it just in time to jam down on it and prevent it crashing into his stumps. It's a maiden. Now the umpires are converging to discuss the light...

  18. Post update

  19. Pak 146-3

    Nightwatchman Rahat Ali is the new man - he almost offers a short-leg chance off his first ball, but the ball flies tantalisingly out of reach of the fielder off the outside edge.

  20. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    Stuart Broad

    "This is a huge moment in the game. You always know as a batsman that as soon as you don't play a stroke and it hits the front pad... England deserve a wicket with the way they've bowled in the last hour - the two seamers of Anderson and Broad have been immense."

  21. WICKET

    Younus lbw Broad 14 (Pak 146-3)

    Stuart Broad

    What a big moment that is. Broad hasn't looked as threatening as Anderson in this spell, but he's come with the goods when it matters. Younus padding up, offering no stroke, the ball swinging back more than he thought, and the DRS shows it would have clattered the top of off.

  22. Umpire review

    Broad has hit Younus on the pad, long way forward but no shot played, and the umpire's given him! Younus not incredulous and immediately calls for a review...

  23. Pak 142-2

    Yes, as we suspected, Jimmy's batteries are finally run down, and Adil Rashid is the man selected to replace him. He hasn't posed much of a threat in this game and this over is no different, too wide, and Hafeez is able to steer him behind point for two. Too easy.

  24. Text 81111

    James Treadwell

    Steve: Penny for Tredwell's thoughts now. Discarded quickly but he would have provided the control which all 3 spinners here are clearly lacking.

    Saul: Monty would have cleaned up on this pitch.

  25. Pak 138-2 (lead by 66)

    Hafeez is ticking along beautifully, into the 90s now, creaming Broad through the covers for three. No-one has batted with more rhythm and ease in this match than him.

  26. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    Alastair Cook and Stuart Broad

    "A remarkable effort from Broad and Anderson; Anderson has bowled nine overs in this spell now. I think the senior pair have said to the skipper, 'We'll keep going for you till the end of the day'."

  27. Pak 135-2

    Oh dear. We're seeing slow-motion replays of Alastair Cook putting his head in his hands. The careworn brow, the downcast gaze, the bitten fingernails. Has it come to this? Younus Khan so relaxed out there he manages not to look up at all as Jimmy Anderson thunders in to his delivery stride - as oblivious as a teenager listening to their Walkman in a 1980s road safety commercial. Anderson, nine overs into his spell, forced to abort his run-up and go again - not a happy bunny. Hafeez, making it look easy now, clatters Jimmy through point for four. Is that the end of Anderson for today?

  28. Post update

    Ramiz Raja

    Ex-Pakistan captain on BBC Test Match Special

    Mohammad Hafeez is the focus of praise from many during this innings

    "The scenario changes completely when Hafeez is on strike. He is looking like any great batsman would, whereas Younus Khan is looking pretty mediocre out there."

  29. Pak 129-2 (Hafeez 86, Younus 8)

    Hafeez and Younus rotate for a single apiece against Broad.

  30. Post update

    Ramiz Raja

    Ex-Pakistan captain on BBC Test Match Special

    James Anderson

    "James Anderson has bowled a great spell - he has made that ball talk. He is a great exponent of reverse swing and has presented England with a fairly good chance of dismantling Pakistan."

  31. Pak 127-2

    The attraction of Anderson for the skipper is obvious - getting the ball to hoop, finding the edge, barely coughing up a run, with two of Pakistan's premier batsmen at the crease and England desperately hunting a scalp. But this is his eighth over - he can't have much more left in the tank. A tired ball is carved through point for four by Hafeez.

  32. Pak 121-2 (lead by 49)

    Mohammad Hafeez and James Anderson

    Hafeez gets lucky again, another edge that squirts away through the cordon. Anderson and Broad striving hard for a wicket - how long will Cook bowl them?

  33. Post update

    Ed Smith

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "I think Pakistan are slightly ahead. How is the pitch playing? It seems to be getting easier not harder but whether that's the case in the fourth innings with Yasir spinning his magic."

  34. Pak 117-2

    Anderson causing Younus all sorts of problems, getting a little bit of shape away and getting the Pakistani batsman in a real tangle - poking outside off, getting his body well outside the line of his stumps.

  35. Boycott Bingo

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    PM: Ticking off the Boycott Bingo here. 'Add two wickets to the score.'

    Here's one we made earlier, PM.

    Boycott Bingo
  36. Pak 116-2 (Hafeez 75, Younus 6)

    Stuart Broad is felled by a throw from Jimmy Anderson

    Man down! Stuart Broad is on the floor, felled by a throw from his own team-mate Jimmy Anderson. Broad turned round to scream an appeal, not seeing the throw from Anderson in the slips which was sailing towards the back of his shins. He went down like a gazelle felled by a tranquiliser dart. Anderson can't contain his mirth, Broad not quite as caught up in the hilarity of it all.

  37. Post update

    Shoaib Malik's recent form for Pakistan
  38. Pak 114-2

    Hafeez gets a thick outside edge off Anderson that races away through the vacant gully region. The runs are flowing for Hafeez, England really need to see the back of him.

  39. Pak 110-2 (lead by 38)

    Rashid continues - he's known as a second-innings merchant, now is the time England really need him to step up and take a few wickets. Younus, such an elegant player against spin, gets down on one knee and caresses him through the covers for two.

  40. Pak 106-2

    So Younus Khan joins Hafeez at the crease and gets off the mark with a clipped single round the corner. The pendulum is swinging in this match again...

  41. Post update

    Phil Tufnell

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    England celebrate

    "Great piece of bowling by Jimmy Anderson - that reversed beautifully. Malik was looking to leave it - the bat came down very late. The ball hit the pad a full second before the bat came into play. The lead of 33 is now not so bad when you've got two wickets in the hutch. One or two now and all of a sudden..."

  42. WICKET

    Malik lbw Anderson 0 (Pak 105-2)

    England celebrate taking the wicket

    Now then! A double whammy for England and they're right back in this Test match. It's brilliant from Anderson, pinning Malik with an absolutely lethal inswinger - the batsman making to leave it and then realising too late his dreadful error. Now, can England nip another out before the close?

  43. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Richard Higgins: Pakistan just always seem to find a way to let England back into the game, very sporting.

  44. Pak 105-1

    Shoaib Malik is the new man. Hafeez, no doubt already thinking about the icebreaker he'll use to defuse the awkward the silence between him and Azhar when he gets back in the dressing room, puts it out of his mind to smash Rashid over midwicket for four. He may be a terrible judge of a run, but he's seeing it like a football.

  45. Post update

    Phil Tufnell

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "England are bowling for run-outs! That was an amazing bit of cricket, almost like a double play in baseball. Now it doesn't look to bad for England. They have to summon their energy and push. Cook has to get them together and remind them they are only 29 runs behind."

  46. WICKET

    Azhar run out (Bell) 34 (Pak 101-1)

    Rashid celebrates running out Azhar

    Well, England weren't having much luck breaking the Pakistan opening partnership, so Pakistan have rather obligingly done it for them. It's an absolutely farcical run-out, a catastrophe: Azhar hits to mid-off, Hafeez charges down the track for a single, Azhar sets off then tries to send him back, but Hafeez has already crossed and Azhar has to try and make the other end. He's so far out that England have time to miss with Joe Root's first throw, and for Ian Bell to pick up and throw again to Rashid, who whips off the bails.

  47. Pak 101-0 (Hafeez 66, Azhar 34)

    Ben Stokes is having a snooze on the balcony after his brave effort with the bat. That might wake him up though - Hafeez picks the off-cutter from Anderson and absolutely smokes it over deep midwicket for a huge six. In fact, it looks like we've lost the ball - ah no, hang on, eventually it's located from behind the scorebox.

  48. Scorecard update

    Hafeez plays a shot

    Pakistan 90-0 (37 overs) - lead by 18

    Batsmen: Hafeez 56*, Azhar 33*

    Bowling figures: Anderson 8-5-7-0, Broad 7-4-4-0, Patel 11-0-40-0, Moeen 5-0-25-0, Rashid 6-1-13-0

    Pakistan first innings 234: Misbah 71; Anderson 4-17

    England first innings 306: Taylor 74, Bairstow 43, Patel 42; Malik 4-33, Yasir 3-99

    Pakistan won toss

    Full scorecard

  49. Post update

    Phil Tufnell

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "The lead is 18 but it feels a lot more. It feel like Pakistan are totally in control; they have played beautifully. England have got to come together and raise the spirits somehow because the body language has gone."

  50. Pak 90-0

    Rashid does have the odd rozzer up his sleeve: he pulls out an absolute beauty, pitching on leg and spinning sharply just past the blade of Azhar, Bairstow again sniffing the stumping but Azhar with his back foot nailed firmly to the popping crease.

  51. Post update

  52. Pak 88-0 (lead by 16)

    James Anderson

    Short leg and straight mid-on for Anderson - trying to set these right-handers up for the big inswinger. Hafeez and Ali scamper a couple of singles. Just seven runs conceded for Anderson off his eight overs so far, but it's penetration, not parsimony, that England need.

  53. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "It was a bit too easy for Pakistan before tea. They are good players of spin and you have to give them credit for that. But, when I see a spinner on this pitch just fire the ball in, you think that there has to be a bit of flight and guile in there. The spinners have been consistently not quite good enough throughout the series."

  54. Pak 86-0

    Cook's patience with Samit has finally worn thin, so he turns to the leg spin of Adil Rashid. England desperately need a breakthrough here, this match is slipping away from their grasp. Azhar and Hafeez rotate the strike with four singles.

  55. Pak 82-0 (Hafeez 52, Azhar 29)

    This opening duo of Hafeez and Azhar has a much more solid look about it than the previous pair - a solid oak armoire compared to the flimsy flat-pack wardrobe of Hafeez and Masood. Azhar in particular looks to have a really unhurried temperament - he is quite content to block out another Anderson over.

  56. 50 for Hafeez

    Pak 82-0

    Hafeez celebrates reaching 50

    This morning we were wondering whether there might be a way for Samit Patel to make it on the plane to South Africa. That seems a distant memory now as he serves up a rank wide delivery that is dispatched to the boundary by Hafeez to bring up his fifty - his third of the series.

  57. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Jordan Forster: Unless we see an England-esque collapse from Pakistan, I'd say the goose has been cooked in this Test and the series.

    David: It's all gone Pete Tong.

    Joshwin Maharaj: Oh dear.......

  58. Pak 76-0 (lead by 4)

    Anderson returns and is immediately straight into the groove. Azhar, who is yet to hit a boundary in his 29 off 89 deliveries, plays out a maiden.

  59. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "Pakistan have stopped the irresponsible shots they played in the first innings. They're not away yet but it is hurting England because of the lack of quality spin. Our spinners are always giving away easy balls to score off."

  60. Pak 76-0

    Jonny Bairstow

    Keeperwatch: Jonny Bairstow. Morale-boosting chirp: seven out of 10. Looking good in shades: five out of 10. Appeal loudness: eight out of 10. Actual keeping? Pretty good, I'd say, so far - barring that tricky drop of Hafeez which is beginning to look like it might be costly. Azhar works Patel into the leg side for a single.

  61. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Barney: No question the absence of Wood is being felt in this third innings. Raw pace, variety and lifts spirits in the field.

  62. Pak 75-0 (Hafeez 46, Azhar 28)

    Hafeez has looked in great nick throughout the series - he's now passed 25 in five of his six innings, but has tended to get himself out when set with loose shots. Broad's task is to induce one, but at the moment Hafeez is resolute - he stonewalls a maiden.

  63. Pak 75-0

    Too short from Patel and Hafeez drills it like a dentist doing a root canal. That boundary brings the scores level, so Pakistan are effectively 0-0, and given the strength of England's position result overnight, that is a massive result for them. Hafeez takes the hosts into the red with a sweep for three.

  64. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Samit Patel bowling

    Kevin Ticehurst: This was why I was fearing the worse yesterday, without Stokes and his extra bowling option. We will struggle to get wickets!

  65. Pak 68-0 (Hafeez 39, Azhar 28)

    Hint of reverse nip from Broad, shiny side just shaping back in to the batsman. Azhar watchful as a prairie dog on sentry duty. Maiden.

  66. Email

    Ben in Windsor: So basically we've got three batsmen who can spin it a bit (four if you count Root). Would it not be better to try an out and out spinner regardless of his batting skills? Its all very well having Moeen opening and Rashid and Patel contributing with the bat lower down but we need wickets!

  67. Pak 68-0

    Mohammad Hafeez

    Better from Samit, squaring Hafeez up and getting him to squirt one off the outside edge. James Taylor the man under the lid at short point: he's got the reflexes of a ninja and the bravery of a lion-tamer, but even he had no chance with that one.

  68. Email

    Stanley at Essex University: Do you think it's worth throwing the ball to Ian Bell in the absence of Stokes? He does have 47 first-class scalps including one Test wicket.

    Well remembered Stanley. Bell had Mohammad Yousuf caught and bowled for 78 at Faisalabad in 2005, but hasn't bowled at all in Tests since 2006.

  69. Pak 66-0 (trail by 6)

    Pakistan inch closer to parity as Hafeez steers Broad into the covers for a single.

  70. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Pete Corrigan: Getting sick of hearing about balls being short again from our spinners! Pitch the ball on a good length for goodness sake!

  71. Pak 65-0

    Azhar Ali

    Jonny Bairstow with the gumshield in as he stands up to the stumps for Patel - clearly with one eye on the lucrative toothpaste advertisements that will tide him over through retirement. I'm a big fan of non-rugby-playing sportsmen wearing gumshields - QPR footballer Sandro is another one, I think. Azhar cuts Patel for a couple.

  72. Text 81111

    Charlie B: I think that Moeen will be dropped for the Test tour to South Africa. Not good enough as a bowler or batsman. Ansari and Rashid for me and play one of them. Moeen is not confident at the moment.

  73. Pak 61-0 (Hafeez 36, Azhar 24)

    Broad to open up after tea from the other end - two slips, man on the drive. The Pakistan batsmen were very defensive and resolute against the seamers in the afternoon session, but Hafeez, perhaps in more confident mood now, strokes StuBro through the covers for two.

  74. Pak 59-0

    Liam Plunkett has replaced the man with the octopus arms, Chris Jordan, as the substitute fielder - a curious one that, given Jordan's world-class abilities as a catcher. All is revealed, however, as the camera pans to Jordan on the balcony - chowing down on a plateful of samosas. Well, you can't do that on the field, can you? Hafeez pushes Patel to mid-off for a single.

  75. Post update

    Samit Patel bowling for England

    Samit Patel has the ball in hand. Can he break this partnership? Let's find out...

  76. Post update

    Thank you Peachy. So after an afternoon session where nothing went right for England, it looks like Pakistan are very much in the box seat. Can England fight back?

  77. Post update

    Now time for me to hand you back to James Gheerbrant...

  78. Text 81111

    Eddie F: I think England have paid the price for their scoring rate. I'm glad they didn't take any risks, but to bat for over 120 overs and not reach 350 is largely pointless. Rashid went nowhere.

  79. What is a good third-innings total?

    Third innings graphic
  80. Tea scorecard

    Pakistan 58-0 (22 overs) - trail by 14

    Batsmen: Hafeez 33*, Azhar 24*

    Bowling figures: Anderson 5-3-5-0, Broad 3-2-1-0, Patel 5-0-19-0, Moeen 5-0-25-0, Rashid 4-1-7-0

    Pakistan first innings 234: Misbah 71; Anderson 4-17

    England first innings 306: Taylor 74, Bairstow 43, Patel 42; Malik 4-33, Yasir 3-99

    Pakistan won toss

    Full scorecard

  81. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Rachel T: Come on Cook, go and insult Jimmy's hair or something. We need Angry Anderson.

  82. Post update

    Phil Tufnell

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Unbelievable session for Pakistan. They came out and made it look a piece of cake - just blocking the seam of James Anderson and Stuart Broad and then slowly went about dismantling the spin bowlers. England have got a bit of head scratching to do at tea time."

  83. Tea report

    Mohammad Hafeez in bat for Pakistan

    Pakistan battled back on the third afternoon of the third and final Test against England in Sharjah.

    The hosts reached 58-0, trailing by only 14 runs, with Mohammad Hafeez 33 not out and Azhar Ali unbeaten on 24.

    Both men have had slices of fortune - Hafeez had a caught behind decision off James Anderson overturned and was dropped by Jonny Bairstow off Moeen Ali, while replays showed Azhar could have been given lbw to Samit Patel.

    England were bowled out for 306, Ben Stokes making a duck at number 11 batting with an injured shoulder.

  84. Post update

    Simon Mann

    BBC Test Match Special

    "It's a fascinating game - a slow game, but it has gone one way and then the other."

  85. Tea - Pak 58-0 (trail by 14, Hafeez 33, Azhar 24)

    James Anderson

    Pakistan will be delighted with that session. Both openers looked in all sorts of bother against Broad and Anderson with the new ball, but once that storm was weathered, they looked much more comfortable against England's three spinners. Still not enough control from Messrs Patel, Ali and Rashid, who are punctuating their overs with some very hittable deliveries. England will be slightly uncomfortable during this tea break.

  86. Pak 58-0

    Yes - it was grounded, albeit not by much. It would have been a careless way to get out in the last over before tea.

  87. Third umpire

    Pak 58-0

    This could come out of nowhere - Bairstow thinks he may have got Azhar stumped. He's inside his ground, but is his foot grounded?

  88. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Azhar Ali defends

    Asad: This game is on the edge, Pakistan need a lead of 250+ to take this game. A long way to go, always at risk of a collapse.

    Saiful369: Pakistan have previous in bowling England out cheaply in the final innings in the UAE so not a big lead required.

  89. Pak 56-0 (Hafeez 33, Azhar 23)

    Hafeez charges down the wicket to Patel, but Samit telegraphs it and fires one in short, much in the same way he did when Azhar came down the track earlier. Hafeez then gets tucked up full of excitement as a long hop sits up nicely for him, but misses it completely. He knew that should have gone to the boundary. Pakistan will be delighted with this session as it stands.

  90. Pak 54-0 (trail by 18)

    Suddenly out of nowhere, Rashid gets one to spit up and beats Hafeez's outside edge. Bairstow appeals, more out of hope than expectation, but the umpire is unmoved. The other five deliveries offer much less excitement. Cook's had enough of Moeen, and Samit Patel is coming back on.

  91. How's stat?!

    Andrew Samson

    BBC Test Match Special statistician

    Pakistan run between the wickets

    "This is only the second time in 16 innings at Sharjah that Pakistan have had a 50-run opening partnership."

  92. Post update

    Phil Tufnell

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Great, quick use of the feet. He got to the pitch and just followed through - a great shot over mid-off by Hafeez. Pakistan are running England's spinners around here and exposing their lack of control."

  93. Pak 51-0 (19 ovs)

    Moeen Ali bowling for England

    Moeen's getting targeted here again - his second delivery is sent back over his head for a six that brings up the fifty partnership between the openers. A lot to ponder for Alastair Cook during the approaching tea break. He's got three spinners at his disposal, but none of them are offering the requisite control. England's first-innings lead is down to just 21.

  94. Pak 44-0 (trail by 28)

    Azhar Ali in bat for Pakistan

    Rashid still not quite up to speed as he sends down a full toss, but it's not dealt with properly by Azhar and he gets away with a maiden. Just over 10 minutes to go until tea. Pakistan will be very pleased with their afternoon's work if these two go in unbeaten.

  95. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Thomas Measures: Sadly our spinners are not in the league of the Pakistani spinners, and why we are unlikely to win this game.

    Stan Raymonde: It's a very sorry state of affairs when Samit Patel is England's 1st change and Moeen Ali is 2nd.

  96. Pak 44-0 (Hafeez 23, Azhar 21)

    We've entered a passage of play that generally gets described as 'one for the purists'. Three off the over from Moeen, all of them singles. Just two boundaries hit so far in this innings.

  97. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Hafeez in bat for Pakistan

    Andy: With only 2 seamers and expensive spinners, England may struggle to keep a lid on Pakistan here. #worried

    Naughtycaller: I like Pakistan's approach. They are not attacking the spinners, only rotating the strike and putting away the bad balls.

  98. Pak 41-0 (trail by 31)

    On comes Rashid for his first attempts this innings. Three men out, including long off where Hafeez hit that six earlier. It felt like Rashid was just trying to get his eye in with that over; not quite as much control as he'd have liked. Azhar marks his guard by taking a bail off and bashing it into the turf with his bat handle, a la Chanderpaul.

  99. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Moeen hasn't bowled well for a while. The Australians dealt with him in the summer. As a captain you can only set the right fields, and if he doesn't bowl to it, you have to take him off."

  100. Pat 38-0 (trail by 34)

    Mohammed Hafeez

    Hafeez goes the full hog at an attempted slog sweep off Moeen, but completely misses the ball and it's gathered adeptly by Bairstow, but it's followed by the first four of the innings as Moeen sends down an easily-hittable one that Hafeez quickly sends to the rope. Moeen's gone for 15 in his three overs so far, which is 15 times more expensive than Broad's three went for.

  101. Pak 31-0 (Hafeez 15, Azhar 16)

    Three men on the leg side for Patel, as Pakistan take three off the over, happily nurdling the ball around, waiting for the odd bad delivery to punish

  102. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Moeen is trying to get it wide of off stump, which is the right play, but he's just getting it too wide. There's not a massive margin of error against these types of players, who are so adept at using their feet and playing the cut shot."

  103. Pak 28-0 (trail by 44)

    Bairstow, keeping wicket whilst wearing a white gumshield, shows he can be nimble behind the timbers as he whips off the bails when Hafeez misses one, but he's well within his ground. The early pressure that Anderson and Broad built up has evaporated with the two batsmen looking more at ease against Moeen.

  104. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "I think part of the reason that England went with three spinners was because of the all-round package that Patel offers. If Wood had been fit, I'm pretty sure they'd have played three seamers."

  105. Pak 23-0 (Hafeez 12, Azhar 11)

    Big appeal from Samit for lbw as Azhar comes down the wicket, but Cook pulls rank and tells him that it won't be reviewed. Replays suggest that it would have hit the wickets, but that Azhar was too far down the track, therefore it would have stayed umpire's call.

    Next delivery is a half-tracker that is sent away for three runs.

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    Mohammad Rizwan

    Mohammed Raza: The rabbit is Mohammad Rizwan. He's a keeper batsman who is also an excellent fielder. We'll see him in the upcoming ODI series

  107. Hafeez dropped on 11

    Pak 20-0

    James Anderson looks frustrated as Pakistan score runs

    Moeen Ali now replaces Anderson, and gets a thick outside edge from Hafeez, but it gets Bairstow, who was moving to his left, on his inner thigh. Will probably go down as a chance, but it would have had to be some very nimble glovework to have taken that. Three off the over.

  108. Pak 17-0 (10 overs)

    After 9.5 watchful overs, Hafeez comes down the track and wallops Samit high into the Sharjah sky and beyond the boundary.

    Penny for Moeen Ali's thoughts - he's meant to be England's frontline spinner, but Cook's gone first to a spinner who wasn't even in the original squad.

  109. Pak 8-0

    A third maiden for Anderson, but the Pakistan openers are looking a little more settled facing him now. Hafeez beautifully times one off the pads, but it goes straight to the fielder.

  110. Pak 8-0 (Hafeez 5, Azhar 3)

    An off-side heavy field for Big Samit, as Hafeez and Azhar take a single each off the over.

  111. Pak 6-0 (7 overs)

    James Anderson

    Two runs off the over from Anderson, as Hafeez drives him back down the ground off the last delivery. We see a replay of the Pakistan substitute mocking the England fielders after the decision was overturned. Root responded in a similar verbal retort to Ben Stokes with the Marlon Samuels' salute. And that's enough of the quicks - after his Test best with the bat, Samit Patel's coming on to replace Broad.

  112. Post update

  113. Pak 4-0 (trail by 68)

    We're seeing more and more replays of that review. I'm not certain that Hafeez hit it, but there's probably not enough evidence to overturn the decision either. There's no 'umpire's call' equivalent for caught-behind decisions. Whereas the umpire gets the benefit of the doubt when it comes to lbw, the batsman certainly has the laws on his side here. More importantly than that, can you believe the audacity of that Pakistan 12th man? What a cheeky chap. Anyway, at the end of another good Broad over, here's Tim Peach.

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    Joshwin Maharaj: How is that different from the Broad review in this match, they couldn't overturn the not out decision, so why overturn the out?

    Jay: What's the point in using DRS in a half cooked manner? All it does is sow doubts about the tech and give fodder to the naysayers.

  115. Pak 4-0

    Who was that Pakistan sub? He was on with drinks during the review and rubbed salt in the England wounds my mimicking the umpire's cross-armed overturn signal as the decision came in. He got in the face of James Anderson and Joe Root, who had a word for him as he walked off. A shortish chap, he was like a mischievous imp. England will remember that if he tours next summer. We'll try to find out his name.

  116. Pak 4-0

    Bruce Oxenford awards not out after overturning his original decision

    On-field umpire Bruce Oxenford looks as surprised as anyone to have to overturn the decision. He gets a word in his ear, then makes the arm-swinging signal. There are cheers from the small band of Pakistan fans, while a cup-of-tea-wielding Paul Farbrace looks incredulous in the England dressing room. James Anderson, pretty miffed at the best of times, is wearing a menacing frown.

  117. Post update

    Simon Mann

    BBC Test Match Special

    "There must have been a noise, because England appealed and the umpire gave it, but what else could it have been?"

  118. Umpire review

    Pak 4-0

    Replay after replay, slow-mo after slow-mo...

  119. Umpire review

    Pak 4-0

    Not HotSpot, no Snicko. There's no deviation as the ball passes the edge, but not daylight between bat and ball either. Hafeez could get away with this...

  120. Umpire review

    Pak 4-0

    James Anderson

    James Anderson, the bowler, was up, but keeper Jonny Bairstow didn't really appeal. Remember, given out on the pitch makes it tricky to over turn.

  121. Umpire review

    Pak 4-0

    Up goes the finger! England think they have Hafeez caught behind. Hafeez, though, is certain he's not hit it. You don't often see a batsman review so quickly...

  122. How's stat?!

    Andrew Samson

    BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "In Asia, teams that have a conceded a deficit of 72 or more going into the third innings have only won on 12 out of 270 occasions and lost 186."

  123. Pak 4-0

    Broad continues to be miserly, the Scrooge of this England team. Off stump or thereabouts, Hafeez having to decide whether to play or not, but looking much more solid than Azhar. When Broad has an out of body experience, he slightly err on to leg stump and gives away a single. He'll be livid.

  124. Post update

    Simon Mann

    BBC Test Match Special

    James Anderson

    "Anderson and Broad know that once they've done their bowling duties here, they can put their feet up, so they can put in a bit of extra effort."

  125. Pak 3-0

    James Anderson is wobbling the ball around off stump and Azhar Ali doesn't know whether to have his breakfast or a haircut. Three leaves, two very close to off stump, the middle one hitting high on the pad and enticing an appeal from England. When Azhar remembers that he's got a bat to defend with, he looks slightly more solid. Anderson dangerous.

  126. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    Misbah and Stokes at the end of England's innings

    "I've got more confidence in England on this tour than on their last tour of the UAE. The attitude's right - the way they grafted and adapted yesterday showed that."

  127. Pak 3-0 (trail by 69)

    Broad, as ever, shares the new ball, a high-knee gallop urging him towards the crouching Hafeez. Oooofff, that's close. Hint of low bounce, touch of seam back in, off stump missed by a coat of varnish and no more. Hafeez sticks a thumb inside the grille of the helmet to mop his brow, focussed on Broad's exploration of off stump. Broad, who conceded only 13 runs in as many overs in the first innings, starts with a maiden.

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