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  1. Post update

    Are England really doomed? That seems a bit strong, but they are certainly in a very dark corner of the woods. There is, however, a chink of light for them to follow. If they pull off - or even get close to - this target, we're in for a cracking final day. See you then.

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    Thomas Broadley: With Cook and Root at the crease, the morning session tomorrow will decide the outcome. Lose them both early and we are doomed.

    Julian Croker: It's likely to go horribly wrong for England tomorrow when Ali and Babar start bowling in tandem.

  3. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "Moeen Ali is not an opener. He is a free spirit and you have to get him in the right spot. England have a problem and they are trying to solve it by putting in a lad who isn't fit for role. He got runs at number seven but he can't open the batting. It's staring them in the face."

  4. Post update

  5. Post update

    More from James Anderson: "It's not ideal missing opportunities but it happens. I thought we stuck at our task very well. If you would have given us around 250 to chase we would have taken that before the game. It's a bit over that and a couple of players are going to have to bat really well.

    "I'd love it if I didn't need to get my pads on tomorrow."

  6. Post update

  7. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "England's spinners are poor. I've been saying so and one or two people said I was harsh but our spin bowling is very ordinary.

    "With the spinners all you have to do is wait for the bad ball. There is a lack of decent spin bowling at county level in England, let alone quality. You can't get blood out of a stone. The English game is not breeding decent spin. It's not Alastair Cook's fault."

  8. Email

    Mark Pettman: To put Hafeez's innings into context, he has scored twice as much as any other batsman in the game. A real match-winning innings that took the initiative away from us. Well played.

  9. Post update

    Jimmy Anderson

    England bowler Jimmy Anderson speaking to Sky Sports: "There's a chance, definitely. We are going to have to bat very well. It will be difficult on a fifth-day pitch.

    "We don't want to leave UAE with nothing. We have played well this series and don't want to leave with nothing. We saw the way Pakistan batted in their second innings and they were positive."

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    Fenners: "Nobody better" than Bell? How about Carberry, Vince, KP, Hales, Compton, Hildreth for starters.

    Sports Retort: Ian Bell has developed making an elegant 30 and falling into an artform. Average still good but no longer a matchwiner.

  11. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    On the missed stumping in the first over of the day that reprieved Mohammad Hafeez...

    "Jonny Bairstow didn't pick it at all, which is quite unusual. He keeps to Adil Rashid for Yorkshire. It was a big miss.

    "It was a terrible shot. Hafeez went down the pitch and was two yards out of his crease but Jonny's body wasn't going for the googly. If England got Hafeez out then it shows the captain was right to open with Rashid. It wasn't to be.

    "At this level, sometimes you only get one chance and the game gets away from you and it started to get away from England from there on."

  12. Post update

    To add a little perspective, Ian Bell is currently England's third highest runscorer in this series. Granted, there are only four men in the team picked exclusively to bat, but he has more runs that both Moeen and Bairstow, who have both batted in the top six all series.

  13. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "Ian Bell won't retire and they won't sack him because there's no-one else. He's got all the talent in the world but he's flaky in the head. He missed a straight ball from an off-spinner- how do you miss that with a four-and-a-quarter-inch bat? You can't understand it - when you want him to stand up for you he can't do it. England should move on."

  14. Day four report

    England's hopes of winning the final Test against Pakistan were dented by the loss of two wickets in quick succession late on day four in Sharjah.

    Moeen Ali and Ian Bell perished in the space of 13 balls as England - chasing 284 for victory and a 1-1 series draw - reached 46-2 in the 22 overs possible.

    Shoaib Malik, who announced his retirement from Test cricket on Tuesday, claimed both wickets.

    Earlier, Mohammad Hafeez hit 151 as Pakistan were bowled out for 355.

    Read more here

  15. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "England are not totally out of it but there chances have gone from one in six to one in 15 or 20. England are now two down and there were lots of ooohhs and aaahhs. Joe Root and Alastair Cook are quality players but they didn't look at ease. If they go I think it is all over."

    Joe Root and Alistair Cook
  16. Post update

    Ian Bell is trending on Twitter, in between the Investigatory Powers Bill and Chris Coleman.

  17. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Luke Sugg: England missed an opportunity with the top order. This was the option to use Hales as an out and out opener. Right and left hand.

    Fenners: Once again with England in a pickle our 117 Test senior player is nowhere to be seen. How many more times?

  18. Close-of-play scorecard

    England 46-2 (22 overs) - target 284

    Batsmen: Cook 17*, Root 6*

    Fall of wickets: 1-34 (Moeen 22), 2-34 (Bell 0)

    Bowling figures: Rahat 2-0-15-0, Riaz 2-0-10-0, Babar 9-2-11-0, Malik 7-3-8-2, Yasir 2-0-4-0

    Pakistan 234 & 355: Hafeez 151, Shafiq 46; Broad 3-44

    England 306: Taylor 74; Malik 4-33

    Pakistan won toss

    Full scorecard

  19. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "It's been a tough day for England. Alastair Cook has gone up to shake hands with Hafeez and the Pakistan batsman's innings could be the difference. He got a big score for his side and then Shoaib Malik took two wickets. Pakistan are favourites but you just never know if England can get one player to a 100. There's a 15% chance of an England win."

  20. Close of play

    Eng 46-2

    Misbah is having a long old chat with the umpires as he departs, I think asking about the lbw Joe Root got away with. Cook shakes hands with Shoaib Malik, congratulating him on his two-fer. Nice touch.

  21. Close of play

    Eng 46-2

    England get through two down, which is at least one more than they would have liked. They will need another 238 runs tomorrow for a level series, all effectively with a man down. Not impossible, but a very tough ask. It could, however, be a thriller.

    Joe Root leaves the field
  22. Text 81111

    Wayne Kilford: Looking ahead to the South Africa series we are going to get another new opener!!!!! That will be the last four series in a row (WI, NZ, Aussies & PAK) Captain Cook has had a new opening partner.....Hales - Then how long until he gets dumped?

  23. Eng 45-2

    Yasir with the final over, a Joe Root single passing responsibility to captain Cook.

  24. Eng 44-2 (target 284)

    It's dark out there now. If the pacemen were on I think we'd be off for bad light. Cook has been stoic in defence and forces Babar to come over the wicket, a more comfortable angle for the skipper. An uneventful maiden leaves one over left to play.

    Alastair Cook bats
  25. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Perry: Feel for Ian Bell surely suffering having to come in facing a new ball every time.

    Mike Doney: Why should Bell's career end? People can be rested and come back. He isn't a pensioner yet?

  26. Eng 43-2 (target 284)

    Yasir wants to target Cook's pads, but a long hop gets the England skipper away from the danger end. As Pakistan optimistically appeal against Joe Root, TV cameras pick up the sight of Adil Rashid, padded-up as nightwatchman. England get through. 12 balls until the close.

    Alistair Cook bats
  27. Eng 41-2

    Now it's Yasir Shah. Two overs from him before the close. Danger.

  28. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "You can understand the huge appeals for Alastair Cook and Joe Root lbws and I could have understand if the umpire had given them both out. You could tell from Joe Root's body language he thought he had gone."

  29. Eng 41-2

    Ooofff. Joe Root survives by the skin of his teeth. No edge, the ball clipping leg stump, but not enough to send the Yorkie on his way. Both of Pakistan's reviews are gone. A slight silver lining for England.

  30. Umpire review

    Eng 41-2

    Whatever Pakistan are appealing for, this is close. Babar to Root. Lbw shout, but it's also been caught. Chris Gaffaney says no, but Misbah is eager to look again...

  31. Post update

  32. Eng 40-2 (target 284)

    And still no Yasir Shah. How curious. Cook, a couple of strips of tape wrapped around his bat, plods forward to defend Malik. England in survival mode, clawing their way to the close. There are four overs remaining.

  33. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Andrew Neill: Sadly this innings wasn't to be a re-run of the tv show 'Saved by the Bell'.

    Grant Kennett: Underperforming spinners, yes.But what about the same old top order issues that have plagued us all year? Sort it out!!

    Henry Walmsley: Bell should have been dropped for Taylor, not Buttler. Should have retired after Ashes. Time to call an end to a great career.

  34. Eng 38-2 (Cook 13, Root 2)

    Just picking up on Michael Vaughan's comments, I'm not sure any member of the current England side draws more opinions than Ian Bell. #bbccricket is now awash, mostly will people who want his career on a spike. Harsh? Who's better? Babar round the wicket to Root with the shadow creeping menacingly behind him. Root, fleet of foot, is forward and back, picking the length.

  35. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "There will be plenty of talk now about Ian Bell in the team. I would stick with him for the tour of South Africa and add James Vince in the squad to add some competition. But I'd certainly say that's the last innings we've seen of Moeen Ali as an opener."

    Ian Bell leaves the field
  36. Eng 37-2 (target 284)

    England are two down and we haven't even seen Yasir Shah yet. Still Malik from round the wicket, threatening the outside edge of left-hander Cook and the pads of right-hander Root. Are England already toast in this match? If they can get to the close without further losses, would they still have a chance?

  37. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Amos Kemp: Describe Ian Bell in three words: Test. Career. Over.

    Rakesh Pradhan: The end of Bell ... not a number 3 4 5 or 6 anymore.

    Jonathan France: Ali's had a poor series. He's been shown as an average test cricketer. Yet he'll still play as we've no-one else coming through.

  38. Eng 35-2 (target 284)

    It was a nothing shot from Bell, not footwork and a limp hang of the bat. Joe Root joins Alastair Cook, so England's two best players are at the crease as the balls spits and men in green swarm around. Cook, reasonably unflustered by the damage he's seen at the other end, defends Babar. There are seven overs left in the day.

  39. WICKET

    Bell b Malik 0 (Eng 34-2)

    Bowled him! Ian Bell is gone for a duck and England are in trouble now. Round the wicket from Shoaib Malik, Bell goes back to play for turn that isn't there and loses his off stump. Malik, in his last Test match, is taking the wickets that are sending Pakistan towards victory. England, in the shadows of the Sharjah evening, are in the soup.

    Shoaib Malik celebrates
  40. Text 81111

    Gavin in Cheltenham: No real idea how this will pan out but however it ends, what a terrific series. makes the ashes seem somewhat one dimensional by comparison.

  41. Eng 34-1

    Too many people mentioning Anastacia songs now. If you have, congratulate yourself and claim a point. Use it wisely. Paid My Dues wasn't great, but I liked Left Outside Alone.

  42. Post update

  43. Eng 34-1

    Cook survives. As we thought, it wasn't hitting enough of off stump to overturn Chris Gaffaney's decision. It was just clipping the top of off. If Cook had been given out on the field, he wouldn't have got it overturned. Looking a different game for England now, with new man Ian Bell watching from the other end.

  44. Umpire review

    Eng 34-1

    No bat. My gut is that it won't be hitting enough of the stumps to be overturned...

  45. Umpire review

    Eng 34-1

    All happening. Now it's Alastair Cook hit on the pads, sweeping Zulfiqar Babar. Given not out, but Pakistan are excited enough for another look. Has it turned enough?

  46. Post update

    Ramiz Raja

    Ex-Pakistan captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "I think because he got his on the backfoot that made it easier for the umpire to give it out. Not only a dismissal and the loss of a batsman, but England have also lost a review. Moeen didn't look comfortable against Shoaib Malik."

    Moeen Ali looks dejected
  47. WICKET

    Moeen lbw Malik 22 (Eng 34-1)

    Gone! Moeen Ali's career as a Test opener could be done, ended by a Shoaib Malik skidder. It was a nothing shot from Moeen, who was stuck on the crease as the ball thudded in to the front pad. Replays show it would have got full contact on the leg stump, not just a glancing blow. England's promising start is over.

    Shoaib Malik celebrates
  48. Umpire review

    Eng 34-0

    Check for inside edge. That's not saving Moeen.

  49. Umpire review

    Eng 34-0

    Ah. Moeen Ali looks in real strife here. Shoaib Malik gets one to skid on, trapping Moeen on the crease. Looks dead. Given out. Moeen talks to Cook and asks for another look...

  50. Post update

  51. Eng 34-0 (target 284)

    One point to Andy Donley on Twitter. Anastacia did Not That Kind. Not my favourite, I'll be honest. Cook squints in concentration, waiting for the very limby Babar to twirl in. He's got arms all over the place, Babar, like a man with a jumper stuck on his head. He explores the leg-stump trap, but Cook is soft-handed in defence.

  52. Post update

    Andrew Samson

    BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "Players who made their career highest score and took their career best bowling in their final series (min 30 Tests): Lasith Malinga & Shoaib Malik."

  53. Eng 32-0 (Moeen 21, Cook 10)

    Anxious times for England as the spinners put the squeeze on - we haven't even seen Yasir Shah yet. Malik asks the question against Cook, but that's slipping down the leg side by the narrowest of margins. Singles here and there. Tense, fascinating stuff. Is it even yet? If not, what do England have to do to make it so?

  54. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Paul B: England need to get ahead of the run chase curve while they can, the over rate will be dead slow tomorrow.

    KLOPP: England need 10 Partnerships of 28.4...doesn't sound so bad when you put it like that..

  55. Eng 29-0 (target 284)

    Real cat and mouse stuff in the Sharjah evening, Moeen itching to get after the wily Babar. There's a strip of shadow, presumably from a floodlight, right across the pitch, where Babar is landing it. Tricky. Second maiden in a row.

  56. Post update

    Phil Tufnell

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "England must be no wickets down tonight you would think just to sow some seeds of doubts in the Pakistan minds. One thing that does work in England's favour is that, apart from the first day, a lot of wickets haven't fallen on the other days of this Test."

  57. Eng 29-0

    Malik has the shuffle of a man nipping to the newsagents in his slippers. Do people still wear slippers? He probes Cook from round the wicket, turning the ball away from the left-hander, who defends a maiden. In other news, American songstress Anastacia has just left Media City. She did I'm Outa Love. One point if you can name another of her songs.

    Alastair Cook
  58. Scorecard update

    England 29-0 (7 overs) - target 284

    Batsmen: Moeen 20*, Cook 8*

    Bowling figures: Rahat 2-0-15-0, Riaz 2-0-10-0, Babar 2-0-4-0, Malik 1-0-1-0

    Pakistan 234 & 355: Hafeez 151, Shafiq 46; Broad 3-44

    England 306: Taylor 74; Malik 4-33

    Pakistan won toss

    Full scorecard

  59. Eng 29-0 (target 284)

    Both Babar and Yasir will look to target the pads of this pair of left-handers, leading to Moeen being the subject to a sustained appeal from Babar. Close, very close, but not reviewed. It would have shaved leg stump. As the shadows lengthen, creeping across the outfield, England are scoring and surviving. Just. So far, so good.

  60. Post update

  61. Eng 24-0 (Moeen 18, Cook 6)

    That's an excellent shout. All song titles should be adapted to include the names of cricketers. Moeen waits for the man who got him in the first innings as wicketkeeper Sarfraz chirps behind. "This is not an easy chase". Not the most insightful bit of sledging you'll ever hear. Oh, Moeen, what are you doing? A dance, a leading edge, fortunate to see it land safely.

  62. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    iSay, Porter! And do I see Dexy's Midnight Runners in the stands giving it a bit of "Come on Moeen"?

  63. Eng 24-0

    Spin chat off the pitch, spin chat on it. Shoaib Malik on the bowl his offies in his final innings as a Test cricketer.

  64. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Greg Kingston: Great news that Daniel Vettori is joining the @englandcricket coaching. Top quality hugely underrated player. Tremendous beard.

    Mike Bell: Daniel Vettori a great signing for England. Good spinner. How long before he qualifies to play for us?

  65. Eng 24-0 (target 284)

    It is spin as early as the fifth over, but Zulfiqar Babar's twirly left-armers rather than Yasir's leggies. Eeesssshhh, that's close, Cook beaten by one that doesn't turn. Babar is round the wicket to Cook, a good ploy that negates the England skipper's tendency to get across his stumps. Good, threatening stuff from Babar.

  66. Eng 23-0 (target 284)

    There was a big old mother's meeting between Misbah and four of his generals at the end of that over. Because nothing has changed, I can only think they were discussing dinner plans. Having said that, Yasir Shah is getting loose, so we might soon see some leg-spin. Riaz continues to pound Moeen, who is still showing the kahunas to attack the short ball.

  67. Kirsten joins England set-up

    We bring you news that former India and South Africa coach Gary Kirsten will work with the England Lions squad as a consultant this winter.

    The 47-year-old, who led India to World Cup glory in 2011, will join up with England's second string for the 50-over series against Pakistan A in the United Arab Emirates in January.

    A determined left-handed opener, Kirsten scored 7,289 runs at an average of 45.27 in 101 Tests for South Africa.

    Former New Zealand spinner Daniel Vettori will also assist the England Performance Programme on this month's batting and spin bowling camp in Dubai which will be overseen by Andy Flower.

    Gary Kirsten
  68. Eng 21-0 (Moeen 15 from 16 balls)

    Moeen has been awoken, like an angry Bruce Banner turning into the Hulk. A buffet bouncer from Rahat is pulled for four, with Moeen clearly deciding that hitting the short ball is better than getting hit on the head. This is good cricket - the Pakistan pacers are running in, Moeen is playing some shots. England's chase is already a little easier.

  69. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Bowser: England CAN chase this down if they bat properly. But let's be honest, they'll bat like idiots and be bowled out for 150.

    Liam Mellor: A 282 chase is the norm in ODI so surely for once we can be positive and look to score? Please no more stagnant collapses!

  70. Eng 15-0 (target 284)

    After what seems like an eternity, Alastair Cook finally faces his first ball, then angles his second through third man for four. Bar that worrying blow to Moeen, England have actually started with decent intent.

  71. How's stat?!

    Andrew Samson

    BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "In this series England's pace bowlers have taken 31 wickets at an average of 24 and an economy rate of 2.28 an over. Their spinners have taken 20 wickets at 59 apiece, at at 4.07 an over."

  72. Eng 10-0

    Moeen is staying out there, now with extra protection on the back of his neck. Riaz's first ball on resumption is short, but Moeen is comfortable in pulling for a single.

  73. Post update

  74. Eng 9-0

    Moeen is on his haunches and taking a drink. He's fortunate, because that blow was in a very similar region to the one that claimed the life of Phillip Hughes. TV pictures show Moeen practising playing the short ball prior to the Test, with Jos Buttler hurling deliveries at a piece of matting covered in water to speed it up. Liam Plunkett runs on with an attachment to Moeen's helmet, with the batsman still rubbing the back of his neck.

    Moeen Ali receives treatment
  75. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "The worst thing Moeen Ali did was turn away from the ball. Look at it. I don't blame him for ducking but you have to try to keep looking at it. You just have to take a minute or two to gather yourself. Hopefully, he'll be fine."

    Moeen Ali reacts
  76. Eng 9-0

    Oooofff, this is a serious blow. Moeen Ali has ducked into a Wahab Riaz bouncer and is in a touch of discomfort. The ball didn't bounce a great deal and Moeen turned his head, taking the impact on the back of the neck where there is no protection. He springs up and acknowledges the concern of the fielders, but the physio is immediately waved on.

    Moeen Ali gets hit on the head
  77. Eng 7-0 (target 284)

    I tell you what, if Moeen plays a few more shots like this then the chase will be a doddle. Short from Rahat, Moeen forcing off the back foot like a bearded David Gower. Good shot, sir.

  78. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Welly: Bell has two run-outs in the innings... he's been more effective at taking wickets than all three spinners!

    Alan Wood: The spinners should hang their head in shame. They wouldn't get a bowl in our 4th XI.

    Chris Parker: I think the spinners owe Anderson and Broad a few drinks after this series, absolutely shocking performances on these wickets.

  79. Eng 0-0 (target 284)

    Alastair Cook and Moeen Ali have pulled the mums and dads on and are out in the middle. It's a big ask for them to get right for this chase after a long day in the field. Interestingly, Moeen Ali is taking strike, which I don't think he's done in the rest of the series. Rahat Ali has the ball in hand, there are three slips a gully and a short leg.

    Alastair Cook and Moeen Ali
  80. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Alice Stainer: Usually I have a positive attitude to run chases & we fail horribly. So now I'm adopting diffident air in hopes of reverse logic.

    Kevin Rainey: If ever Moeen Ali needed a good innings it is now.

  81. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "You just have to play sensibly and you have got a chance. Play with discipline and give your wicket away dearly. It's better to have a chance than no chance. It won't be easy but it's not outrageously difficult. Moeen Ali has to be told you have to play this time. Get your head down and play."

  82. End-of-innings scorecard

    Pakistan 355 (118.2 overs) - England need 284 to win

    Hafeez 151, Shafiq 46; Broad 3-44

    Fall of wickets: 101-1 (Azhar 34), 105 (Shoaib 0), 146-3 (Younus 14), 152-4 (Rahat 0), 245-5 (Misbah 38), 257-6 (Hafeez 151), 312-7 (Sarfraz 36), 319-8 (Yasir Shah 4); 354-9 (Shafiq 46), 355 all out (Riaz 20); Not out: Babar 0*

    Bowling figures: Anderson 26-8-52-2, Broad 23-6-44-3, Patel 19-1-79-1, Moeen 21.2-1-72-1, Rashid 29-3-97-1

    Pakistan first innings 234: Misbah 71; Anderson 4-17

    England first innings 306: Taylor 74, Malik 4-33

    Pakistan won toss

    Full scorecard

  83. Post update

    England's three spinners, by the way, have managed 20 wickets between them in the series. Broad and Anderson have exactly the same amount. In the UAE.

  84. Eng need 284 to win

    There is a chance that England will chase these runs, but you have to suspect that Pakistan are favourites, especially as the tourists are effectively without Ben Stokes. If England do pull this off, they will fully deserve a series draw.

  85. WICKET

    Riaz run out 21 (Pak 355 all out)

    What's Wahab Riaz doing here? He comes back for a second run that was never on and is miles short of beating Ian Bell's throw. Perhaps he thought it was time for a bowl. Ultimately, Pakistan are all out for 355 and England will need 284 to win. There are 22 overs remaining in the day.

    Wahab Riaz is run out
  86. Text 81111

    Eddie F: Rashid struggles to bounce the ball, there are at least 2 full tosses per over. I don't like to get on his back but he's not good enough.

  87. Pak 354-9 (Broad 23-6-44-3)

    Replays of that wicket make the delivery look even better. It's so rare to see a pace bowler get that much seam movement. It pitched plenty outside off stump and moved to take the top of middle. Pretty unplayable. Seamers don't often get the same credit as spinners for moving the ball that much. Number 11 Zulfiqar Babar defends the rest of Broad's over.

  88. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "That was a terrific delivery by Stuart Broad - it came back like a firecracker. If we were to get these runs we would have to bat out of our skin. It's possible on this pitch but not probable."

    Asad Shafiq is bowled out
  89. WICKET

    Shafiq b Broad 46 (Pak 282-9)

    Bowled him! A very angry Stuart Broad produces a beauty to do for the previously serene Asad Shafiq. Pitching outside off stump, nipping back miles off the seam, trimming the top of middle stump. A real rozzer, but not entirely welcome to an England team about to bat. Once again, England need the pacers to do the business.

    Stuart Broad celebrates
  90. Pak 353-8 (lead by 281)

    Moeen really is getting it to rag, but that's not really good news for England. What's worse is that the lanky Riaz is now swinging like a rusty gate, biffing over the leg side for four. England have been competitive for the majority of this series, but Pakistan are so far ahead right now. Looking into the distance, Pakistan are a dot to England.

  91. Post update

  92. Pak 348-8 (Shafiq 46, Riaz 14)

    Stuart Broad is wound-up and asked to bowl his umpteenth over of the series. The field is spread for Shafiq, who is hunting another half-century. He could go well in England, Shafiq. Broad hangs the ball outside the off stump, the cricketing equivalent of begging on your hands and knees. This is torturous for England.

  93. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Marcus Black: I played Sunday league seconds and juniors as a spinner/batsman and didn't bowl as badly as this.

    Ryan Mann: Pakistan should of got Inzaman back for this series. Our spinners are bowling pie after pie . He would love them.

  94. Pak 348-8 (lead by 276)

    Off-spin in the shape of Moeen Ali, so Broad and Anderson still yet to be summoned. The worrying thing for England is how much the ball is turning. When Yasir Shah gets it in the right place, he'll be a real handful. In the distance, the call to prayer rings out across Sharjah. Good idea, thinks Alastair Cook.

  95. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Francis Edwards: Doing 10 press-ups every time I hear 'full toss, and four'. Done more press-ups than words in my essay!

    Mike Bell: Why so many full tosses and long hops? England's "Test spinners" are loose. At least a hundred runs gifted, enough to lose match.

  96. Not out

    Pak 345-8

    It's given not out, but it's not as not out as I thought it was. Riaz is hit outside the line of off stump, which means he can't be out if he's playing a shot. But is he playing a shot? The bat is about a foot from the ball. The decision is umpire's call on impact, but what was the on-field umpire's call on if he's playing a shot?

  97. Umpire review

    Pak 345-8

    I'm not being pessimistic or overly critical, but does this just have the feeling that England will be three down by the close? Long, frustrating days in the field usually do nothing for a team that has to bat late on. Riaz, more sweeping than Trigger, is being caused few problems by Rashid. When Rashid gets desperate, England review an lbw decision that looks very not out...

    Adil Rashid appeals
  98. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "If a batsmen play a really good shot then fine but the frustration from me watching this is that Pakistan haven't had to do much against the spinners. They just have to wait and then they get a really bad ball. It's the sort of bowling you see in the Sunday leagues."

  99. Pak 341-8 (lead by 269)

    England, needing two wickets to begin a runchase, only have one spinner for Pakistan's number 10. A lack of faith in Samit Patel? When a second slip comes in, Riaz casually milks a single through the leg side with all the confidence of a number four. Shafiq, on the charge, then dances to pump down the ground for a maximum. Pakistan are taking the Mickey.

  100. Pak 333-8 (lead by 261)

    Stuart Broad, wearing the shades of someone out of the Matrix, gets loose. England need him quickly as Adil Rashid serves up more dross in the shape of a full toss that Wahab drives for four. On a pitch that has turned throughout, England's spinners have delivered more pies than Greggs.

  101. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Rory Stoves: Moaning about the bowling is fine, but if England had taken their chances Pakistan would be in the field by now.

    Dan Burrows: This spin bowling reminds me of an over I bowled for Cheadle Hulme U19's. I was told to stop messing about and bowl straight.

    Samit Patel bowls
  102. Pak 327-8 (lead by 255)

    Samit Patel after the break, so no Anderson or Broad yet. They've done a lot of work, but are only two balls from putting their feet up until South Africa. Only a slip for Asad Shafiq, England doing the old trick of trying to get Riaz on strike. Clever from Samit. Trying to keep Shafiq down there at the end of the over, he serves up a long hop that Shafiq can only belt for four. "Let's see him take a single off this". Well done, sir.

  103. Pak 323-8 (lead by 251)

    Thanks, Justin. England need two good balls or two good bits of cricket to wrap this innings up and get on with the chase. I suspect Pakistan won't hang around much after tea and new man Wahab Riaz proves as much, announcing his arrival with a couple of sweeps and swipes.

  104. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "A nice opportunity for Adil Rashid to pick up a couple more. We've seen how Wahab Riaz likes to have a swing. England desperately need to get the pads on. Alastair Cook and Moeen Ali will be thinking about padding up."

  105. Post update

    Pakistan's lead is 247, already more than England have chased in the fourth innings to win a Test in Asia. How many is too many? Will that Rashid wicket on the stroke of tea be the catalyst England needed? Could we see history in the making? Luckily, Stephan Shemilt is here to help answer those questions...

  106. Post update

  107. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Peter Coles: The third Test is building up nicely to the inevitable English second-innings batting collapse.

    Jon Robards: As most of the Pakistani wickets have fallen to pace, have to wonder how big an impact Stokes' injury has been. Limited options.

  108. Post update

  109. Tea report

    England chipped through the Pakistan middle order to just about remain in contention at tea on the third day of the final Test in Sharjah.

    The wicket of Yasir Shah, caught at point of Adil Rashid, left Pakistan 319-8, a lead of 247.

    Earlier, England finally removed Mohammad Hafeez - caught at long-on off Moeen Ali - for 151, while Misbah-ul-Haq and Sarfraz Ahmed fell to Stuart Broad and Samit Patel respectively.

    However, England's poor day in the field continued as James Anderson dropped Asad Shafiq, who remains unbeaten on 31.

  110. Email

    Rob: I don't want to be overly negative but the England spinners are delivering more pies than a pasty lorry - surely an international bowler should be able to pitch 5 out of 6 deliveries in the same spot?

  111. Tea scorecard

    Pakistan 319-8 (109.2 overs) - lead by 247

    Batsmen: Shafiq 31*

    Fall of wickets: 101-1 (Azhar 34), 105 (Shoaib 0), 146-3 (Younus 14), 152-4 (Rahat 0), 245-5 (Misbah 38), 257-6 (Hafeez 151), 312-7 (Sarfraz 36), 319-8 (Yasir Shah 4)

    Bowling figures: Anderson 26-8-52-2, Broad 21-5-43-1, Patel 17-1-67-1, Moeen 19-1-63-1, Rashid 26.2-3-83-1

    Pakistan first innings 234: Misbah 71; Anderson 4-17

    England first innings 306: Taylor 74, Malik 4-33

    Pakistan won toss

    Full scorecard

  112. Post update

    Phil Tufnell

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "England have stuck to the task manfully. A few things haven't gone their way, missed chances and dropped catches. They have just given themselves half a chance of making this a game tomorrow. Chasing 250, all you need is a 100 partnership between a couple of the lads and you are not that far away, but there are still two wickets to get yet."

  113. Tea - Pak 319-8 (lead by 247)

    And with that wicket we will take tea. Hope for England - just when they needed it. The tourists are clinging on. Just.

    England players leave the field for tea
  114. WICKET

    Yasir c Broad b Rashid 4 (Pak 319-8)

    Rashid replaces Anderson - and gets Yasir with, you guessed it, a long hop. Yasir shapes to cut but spoons it tamely to point where Broad takes a sitter.

    Adil Rashid celebrates
  115. Post update

  116. Pak 318-7 (Shafiq 30, Yasir 4)

    Patel gets five balls at Yasir. One is a rip-snorter that fizzes past the outside edge, but the tailender survives. Pakistan's lead is within one shot of 250.

  117. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Mark: I've never seen Anderson miss such a sitter. If that was him bowling be would of gone mental!

    Joshwin Maharaj: Fielding Jimmy! Never mind the catch, you saved the boundary!

  118. Pak 317-7 (lead by 245)

    I think Anderson himself will admit Tuffers is being generous there. Where's Geoffrey Boycott's mum with her pinny when you need her? That drop is even worse on second viewing. Not pretty at all. To make matters worse, Anderson has to bowl the next over. A maiden.

  119. Post update

    Phil Tufnell

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "The ball swung on Jimmy Anderson a lot. It wobbled like a Cristiano Ronaldo free-kick. If you want any catch to go to anyone you want it to go to Jimmy Anderson because he can catch them."

  120. Shafiq dropped on 29

    Pak 317-7 (lead by 245)

    Look away now. No, seriously, this isn't pretty. Shafiq goes after Patel, drives flat to mid-on, where James Anderson makes a hash of as straightforward catch as you will see on an international cricket pitch. Heads in hands all round.

  121. Pak 317-7 (lead by 245)

    So three more wickets needed by England. Pakistan's tail is notoriously suspect, but does it even matter? Do they have a big enough lead already? Anderson, hiding the ball in his run-up, can't dislodge Yasir with the three balls he has at him. Will Shafiq change his approach now?

  122. Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Sanj: Holy smokes, what a delivery by Patel. But if he can do that...Yasir & co will probably bowl us out for 100!

    Fenners: Lay off Rashid, there's been dropped catches & missed stumpings off him. Not his fault, had they been taken Pak would be all out.

  123. Pak 316-7 (lead by 244)

    Yasir, the number nine, is welcomed with a juicy full toss. Four runs. Thank you very much. Brilliance followed by blundering by Patel.

  124. Post update

    Phil Tufnell

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Great delivery by Samit. It just begs the question where have balls like that been for a day and a half? This is the time we need to have a boom-boom. Can we get Jimmy Anderson back on?"

  125. WICKET

    Sarfraz b Patel 36 (Pak 312-7)

    A wicket in return for two boundaries? Yes please. Patel's introduction pays immediate dividends. And what a beauty. From round the wicket, that pitches on leg, turns to beat Sarfraz's push and hits middle and off. Payback for the one that Patel received from Yasir Shah.

    Samit Patel celebrates
  126. Post update

    Phil Tufnell

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Why are England's spinners bowling so many full tosses and long hops? I'm sorry to keep going on about it, but it's just not professional. Instead of doing shuttles at lunch time, get in the nets. I sound like Geoffrey."

  127. Pak 312-6

    Samit Patel gets a whirl. His first ball is a full bunger and Sarfraz sweeps for four. Even when the left-armer finds his length, the crouching Sarfraz repeats the trick.

  128. Post update

  129. Pak 304-6 (Anderson 24-7-51-2)

    A slip and a fourth slip/gully for Anderson. Saving runs almost as important as taking wickets for England. One keeps low and beats Shafiq's outside edge. That's as close as England have come for a while.