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  1. Post update

    At that, I think, is where we shall leave it.

    In a thrilling game of T20 cricket, England came out on top and took the series.

    Eoin Morgan said he wanted his players under pressure. Shahid Afridi obliged. England pulled through.


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    SMS Message: People criticising the bowlers for struggling under pressure. This is why England rotated in order to expose them before the World Cup. Good management in my eyes. from Michael, London
    Michael, London
  3. Captain's view

    What's the most important thing captaining your side in T20?

    England stand-in captain Jos Buttler: "Staying calm - with the nature of the game, there are going to be fours and sixes, you've got to bargain with the bowler for what you want them to do.

    "I was disappointed that myself or Sam Billings could go on and play that innings that Sam did yesterday, but we're building well."

  4. Captain's view

    England stand-in captain Jos Buttler: "It's a bit more stressful being captain but it was a performance full of character. We didn't play our best, Afridi played as only he can but we got over the line.

    "Liam Plunkett came back well, Adil Rashid bowled beautifully, Stephen Parry did well to bowl an over of spin in the powerplay and Chris Woakes really stepped up well to bowl that last over."

  5. Post update

    Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi: "I want congratulate England. They really played well.

    "This is very fast cricket. We should raise our standard of fielding and our fitness levels.

    "I missed the chance. That was a great opportunity to win the game.

    "It was a good game of cricket and there's a few areas where we can improve before the World T20. We have time, but we have to improve as quickly as possible."

  6. Man of the match

    Man of the match Liam Plunkett: "It was nice to get runs on the board, Pakistan started with a flier but Adil Rashid came back well to get the wickets. I had to adjust for my second two overs, get the ball in the blockhole, bowl some cutters and it worked well."

  7. Post update

    Presentation time. They've been a favourite part of the tour for me. The usual awards - smart player of the match, most colorful innings of the match, best innings on a Friday in Dubai, best floppy hat worn.

  8. Post update

    Something else to note. It's almost midnight in Dubai...

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    Jay: Woakes was so fed up of winning easily that he gave Afridi all those runs.This way he had a real challenge & made it interesting

  10. Post update

    Woakes also took 13 runs from the final over of England's innings. An up-and-down night from the Warwickshire man, but quite probably the match-winner?

  11. Post update

    Lots of people getting in touch about Chris Woakes. Bar the Afridi over that went for 22, Woakes bowled three overs for 18 runs. Not bad.

  12. Post update

    Charles Dagnall

    BBC Test Match Special

    "Every time Jos Buttler needed a wicket today, he turned to Liam Plunkett, and Plunkett delivered."

  13. Get Involved


    Chris Woakes of England

    Jimbo: Great last over from Woakes, good comeback after being Afridied

  14. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "In these tournaments, you want to fear bowling to people. With England having Buttler, Billings and Hales and Roy at the top, what they're building is very exciting."

  15. Post update

    England, by the way, have now won five consecutive T20 internationals. It's probably a bit early to get excited about the World T20, but it's not a bad place to start.

  16. Close of play scorecard

    Pakistan 169-8 (20 overs) - England won by three runs

    Fall of wickets: 51-1 (Shehzad 28), 60-2 (Rafatullah 23), 90-3 (Hafeez 25), 93-4 (Maqsood 2), 107-5 (U Akmal 3). 120-6 (Malik 26), 148-7 (Afridi 24), 162-8 (Sarfraz 20). Not out: Anwar 3*, Tanvir 6*

    Bowling figures: Willey 4-0-44-0, Woakes 4-0-40-2, Plunkett 4-0-33-3, Parry 4-0-33-1, Rashid 4-0-18-2.

    England 172-8 (20 overs) - Vince 38, Buttler 33, Afridi 3-15

    England won toss

    Full scorecard

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    Russel Winder: England hold their nerve and win the T20 match against Pakistan. Quite exciting even if only watching the BBC live reporting.  

  18. Post update

    Charles Dagnall

    BBC Test Match Special

    Shahid Afridi

    "Twenty20 cricket is chastening at times. If someone like Afridi comes in and hits sixes, it takes a lot of guts to come in and bowl. Sometimes it's your day, sometimes it isn't, but you have to credit the guts required from the bowlers as it can be very daunting. Credit to Chris Woakes for keeping his nerve."

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    Andrew: Some of you look mighty silly right about now. Superb death bowling from Woakes!

  20. Post update

    There's a wonderful shot of a fan in the crowd, Pakistan flag tied around his head, hammering the air in frustration. "I could have hit that!" I'm not sure you could, mate.

  21. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "We've seen an England squad today which is so rounded - Woakes got that delivery through with pace, on a tight line, and it would have been difficult for any batsman. Shahid Afridi got the crowd going, Shehzad and Rafatullah started well, but Pakistan will be disappointed as they got so close."

  22. England win the T20 series 2-0

    England celebrate winning

    England are joyous, a mob of orange in a group cuddle. he rest of the ground is in near-silence, with Shahid Afridi slumped in his seat. He couldn't have done much more.  

  23. Eng win by three runs

    Pak 169-8

    A swing and a miss! England win by three runs!

  24. Pak 169-8 (four off one)

    Tanvir gets so much bat on this, but there's a man at long leg. Only a single. Four needed from the last ball!

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    Tweet #bbccricket

    Jake Cartledge: Woakes has single handedly lost this game for England. I don't think you can blame anyone else for this...

    Stuart Foster:@chriswoakes Pakistan's 12th man.

  26. Pak 168-8

    Big cheer as Anwar biffs down the ground. Only a single, mind. Five from two.

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    Jon Dunn: My word, the England bowlers haven't half let the pressure get to them. Some awful deliveries. Wides, no balls & full tosses.

  28. Pak 167-8

    Single to mid-off. Tanvir can't put a full toss away. Six from three. Who fancies a super over?

  29. Pak 166-8 (target 173)

    Sohail Tanvir, where have you been? First ball swung over square leg for four. Seven needed from four.

  30. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "We talk about executing yorkers and that was perfect, in at the toes - although it looks like Sarfraz has actually knocked it in on his stumps."

  31. Post update

    Kevin Howells

    BBC Test Match Special

    "That's the response England were looking for from Woakes. Look at his face!"

  32. WICKET

    Sarfraz b Woakes 20 (Pak 182-8)

    Sarfraz Ahmed of Pakistan

    Bowled him! Sarfraz looks for the sweep, falls over and can only deflect the ball into his own stumps. Fortune for England, but they will feel they deserve it after the overthrows in the previous over. Woakes on a hat-trick, 11 needed from five balls.  

  33. Pak 163-7

    Willey gets the yorker in. Single taken. Pakistan need 11 from the last six balls. Woakes to bowl it. If it's a tie, we've got a super over. 

  34. Pak 160-7

    It might have actually hit Sarfraz's helmet. Singles aplenty now. Pakistan need 12 from seven balls.

  35. Pak 159-7

    Oh you are kidding. England are done by four overthrows. Sarfraz was diving to make his ground for the second, the ball hit his bat snd skipped away for a boundary. Effectively, it's a six. They all count, even with Sarfraz apologising.

  36. Pak 153-7

    Now Sarfraz picks up the mantle. Full toss from Willey, swung for four. Pakistan favourites?

  37. Pak 149-7

    An Anwar single. Big conflab by England. The umpire tells them to get on with it. 24 from 11 needed.

  38. Pak 148-7 (target 173)

    Anwar Ali has arrived. David Willey has the ball.

  39. WICKET

    Afridi c Plunkett b Woakes 24 (Pak 148-7)

    And relax? Shahid Afridi is gone, slicing Woakes to Liam Plunkett at short third man. Good catch. More importantly, Pakistan have a sniff. When Afridi arrived, Pakistan needed 53 from 20 balls. Now, they need 25 from 12.  

  40. Pak 148-6

    Chris Woakes is all over the show. A wide. Will this over ever end?

  41. Pak 147-6

    Swing and a miss. Free hit survived.

  42. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi

    "This is pressure for you. You've got to keep your cool, but Woakes has bowled two overpitched deliveries, the second one has got even worse. If you give Afridi any length, he'll despatch you."

  43. Pak 147-6

    Six more! Off a no-ball! A horrible full toss from Woakes, smeared over point by Afridi. A free hit coming up, already 21 off this over. There's still two balls to go!

  44. Pak 134-6

    And another! This time over long leg. Afridi has 18 from only five deliveries. If another in those over goes, we might have a game...

  45. Pak 132-6

    Boom boom! A skimming six from Afridi, greeting Chris Woakes with a maximum over cover. Where's he been all innings?

  46. Pak 126-6 (need 47 from 18 balls)

    Then again, if anyone can do it, Shahid Afridi can. Maybe. His batting prowess might be on the wane, but he does biff his first ball for four, pressuring Plunkett into a wide from the next ball. A single from the last means Pakistan need 47 from the final three overs.

  47. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "Plunkett has bowled his yorkers in the blockhole with good pace, but he's rolled his fingers over that one - he and Woakes have shown their one-day skills today."

  48. WICKET

    Malik c Billings b Plunkett 26 (Pak 120-6)

    Liam Plunkett of England

    All she wrote? Shoaib Malik goes, heaving a Liam Plunkett off-cutter to the hands of Sam Billings on the leg-side fence. Dubai silent, Pakistan fans with hands on heads. That could be the ball game.   

  49. Pak 120-5

    England's pacers got ragged towards the end of last night's game, but there's been a vast improvement today. Have they been practising yorkers by the pool? Even when Plunkett doesn't get it right, the fence isn't threatened. Boundaries an endangered species...

  50. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "You wouldn't know Billings is a keeper, the way he's dived around the outfield today and put his body on the line."

  51. Pak 118-5 (need 55 from 24 balls)

    England are doing a good job here, Sam Billings at long-off pulling off a wonderful diving stop to dig Willey from a full-toss shaped hole. No boundary from the over, excellent from Willey. The required rate goes north of 13.

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    James Vince plays a shot
    SMS Message: Taught James Vince for two years aged 10 and 11. Playing in a match he kept sweeping. Their captain put a leg slip in... Next ball he reverse swept for four... Not bad aged 10... from Anonymous - please remember to put your name on your texts!
    Anonymous - please remember to put your name on your texts!
  53. Pak 113-5 (need 60 from 27 balls)

    David Willey back with his left-armers as Pakistan's required rate goes to more than 12 an over. That's in excess of two a ball. Sarfraz is skipping forward and jumping back, only finding the sweepers. No boundary in the first three balls.

  54. Post update

    Vic Marks

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    Shoaib Malik

    "I sense we're not going to know who's going to win this game until the last over."

  55. Pak 109-5 (Plunkett 3-0-25-2)

    Sarfraz Ahmed the new man as replays show just how far Umar was away from getting bat on that. Jos Buttler wasn't even appealing, only joining in last then celebrating like a forward who has punched the ball into the net. Five to go, Pakistan need another 64 runs.

  56. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "It was going down the leg side, on the replay it looked like it hit his thigh pad so Umar Akmal will be very frustrated. That will sting for some time."

  57. WICKET

    Umar c Buttler b Plunkett 3 (Pak 107-5)

    Liam Plunkett of England celebrates

    What a catch! Jos Buttler is a batsman, a captain and now the taker of one-handed catches behind the stumps. It's down the leg side from Umark Akmal off Liam Plunkett, Buttler diving at full-stretch to get a glove around it. Umar can't believe it. He's right to be incredulous, the replays suggest it was all pad. There's no DRS in T20 cricket.  

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    Richie O'Hara Beamand: Really good from Rashid today, dangerous, and good control, bowled to a plan, top stuff.

  59. Pak 106-4 (Malik 19, Umar 3)

    Unless they give Joe Root an over, England won't be using six bowlers tonight. This is Parry's final set, so it will be pace all the way from now on. Some good running from Pakistan (yes, really) makes it 11 from the set. 67 needed from six overs.

  60. Post update

    Vic Marks

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "A lot of captains like to slip in a sixth bowler quite early, just to give themselves a bit of leeway."

  61. Pak 101-4

    Stephen Parry

    Miles too short from Parry, pulled for six by Malik. Pakistan up with the rate, but wickets might be the problem.

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    SMS Message: 1 October is Lincolnshire Day. from Andy H. Grantham
    Andy H. Grantham
  63. Pak 95-4 (target 173)

    Rashid continues to go through his bag of tricks as the dangerous Umar Akmal comes to the crease. He's dangerous to England and his partner, as immediately there's some confusion with the running between the wickets. Rashid's four-over spell ends with figures of 2-18. Very, very tidy job.

  64. Post update

    Vic Marks

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "You have to admire that, because it's an unusual thing to do. Maqsood may have asked about Rashid, been told he bowled leg-breaks, and he's bowled him three googlies in a row. Two dot balls and a wicket, great stuff from Rashid. Umar Akmal in now, anything could happen with him."

  65. WICKET

    Maqsood b Rashid 2 (Pak 93-4)

    Sohaib Maqsood of Pakistan

    Adil Rashid has made Shoaib Maqsood look a bit silly here, Maqsood is clearly not picking Rashid's googly here, so Rashid bowls three in a row. The third, Maqsood swipes, misses and loses his off stump. Next, please.   

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    Tweet #bbccricket

    Shoaib Malik of Pakistan

    Mo Mustafa: England scored 36 in the first 5 overs, and 32 in the next 5. Pakistan scored 52 in the first 5, and 21 respectively.

  67. Pak 93-3

    Shoaib Maqsood joins Shoaib Malik with this match very much in the balance. Pom-poms and horns in the crowd, a wicket and seven runs from Plunkett's over.  good one for England.

  68. Post update

    Vic Marks

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "It may have been a slower ball, it was another leading edge and it ended up as a straightforward catch. They needed that wicket, Hafeez was playing the spinners really well and looking dangerous. Vince is still the top scorer here today with 38, no batsman has really gone on."

  69. WICKET

    Hafeez c Willey b Plunkett 25 (Pak 90-3)

    Liam Plunkett of England celebrates

    How England needed this. Jos Buttler's hunch to recall the pace of Liam Plunkett works as Mohammad Hafeez gets a leading edge to David Willey at mid-off. This game twists and turns like a twisty turny thing.  

  70. Post update

    Charles Dagnall

    BBC Test Match Special

    "Liam Plunkett only had five or six yards to go to his left there at mid-on, but Malik had bludgeoned it too hard for him."

  71. Pak 86-2 (1-1-4-1-4-1)

    Pakistan are getting back on their feet here, this time with Malik taking Rashid down town for four. Just one boundary an over puts the bowler under pressure. Concede another and the batsmen are up with the rate. There it is, too. Leggy from Rashid, swept for four by Hafeez. Dubai erupts, Rashid leaks out an expletive. I can't print it. I need this job... 

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    Tweet #bbccricket

    Simon Goodall: Who needs these Yorkies... Send for the boys from Lancs to dig England out.

  73. Pak 74-2 (target 173)

    Parry has a slip in place for new man Malik, skipper Buttler showing his attacking side. No surprise, given how he bats. Hafeez ends the over by skipping and lofting down the ground for four. Better from Pakistan.

  74. Get Involved

    Tweet #bbccricket

    Liam Plunkett

    Alan Vaughan: Just shows you need pick good bowlers, any cricketer can hit balls for four or six in beach cricket so bowlers more important. And can anyone explain why England are playing in the Netherlands pajamas. Surely we can afford our own or do we have to share.

  75. Pak 68-2

    A rare bad ball from Parry. Too short, allowing Hafeez to pull for six.

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    SMS Message: I got a DAB radio for Black Friday just so I could listen to BBC Radio 5 live sports extra cricket. from Rols Sperling
    Rols Sperling
  77. Eng 62-2 (Rashid 2-0-4-1)

    That was another googly from Rashid, while Buttler did well because he had to take that on the half-volley. It's the first time in T20 international history that both openers have been out stumped. Shoaib Malik joins Hafeez. Plenty of experience for Pakistan, but England's spinners are wearing the trousers.

  78. Post update

    Vic Marks

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    Buttler of England celebrates

    "Being asked to bowl that tricky over, in the powerplay with the openers still in, was a sign of the confidence they have in Parry - they went with him rather than Rashid. He hasn't bowled any rubbish and he has found a bit of turn."

  79. WICKET

    Rafatullah st Buttler b Rashid 23 (Pak 60-2)

    The pressure tells and England have a second wicket. Rafatullah advances in a bid to break the shackles, misses, and Jos Buttler has the bails off in a flash. Smart keeping, that. England are well on top.  

  80. Post update

    Vic Marks

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "There's a Yorkshire Day, 1 August, but I think every day is a Somerset or Devon day."

  81. Pak 60-1

    Spin from both ends as Parry switches his left-arm tweakers. Pakistan are trying everything - heaves, slaps, reverse sweeps - but barely getting it through the infield. There's been no boundary since the fifth over.

  82. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "Rashid bowled a nice, tidy over there, set a nice field and brought things back under control for England."

  83. Pak 56-1 (0-0-01-0-1)

    Parry off, more spin in the shape of Adil Rashid. A double DNB for Rashid yesterday, did not bat, did not bowl. It's a good start, finding turn and increasing the pressure on a Pakistan side that has hit the skids. Very, very nice from Rashid. Only two singles in an increasing subdued Dubai.

  84. Post update

    Kevin Howells

    BBC Test Match Special

    "Jos Buttler's sister Joanne Vickers has sent us a message about how our former colleague Jonny Saunders interviewed Jos when he was 10 years old and watching Shahid Afridi playing in a Leicestershire-Somerset game. She said, who'd have thought that 14 years later, our Jos would be the opposing captain to Afridi in an international?"

  85. Pak 54-1 (target 173)

    Rafatullah Mohmand

    Mohammad Hafeez is the new man, watching as Rafatullah continues to swing like a rusty gate. Hello, almost another Hafeez-inspired run out, the number three not moving when Rafatullah wants a third run. It's better from the returning Chris Woakes, a tighter line than his earlier expensive spell. 

  86. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "Brilliant from Parry, he's got the knack of getting a breakthrough when England needed it. He gave it a bit of air and it forced Pakistan, who were going hard at it, to try to do too much."

  87. WICKET

    Shehzad st Buttler b Parry 28 (Pak 51-1)

    Ahmed Shehzad

    That's the wicket England need, with Ahmed Shehzad stumped by half the pitch. It's good from Stephen Parry, who drags his length back and finds dome turn. Shehzad looks to smash it out of Dubai, but misses and gives Jos Buttler all the time in the world to remove the bails. Did Buttler give Shehzad a little send-off there?  

  88. Post update

    Charles Dagnall

    BBC Test Match Special

    "Stephen Parry will be pleased to know today is Lancashire Day, when you celebrate anything Lancastrian."

    Ebony Rainford-Brent adds: "Is there a London Day, or Surrey Day?"

  89. Pak 51-0

    Parry has curly hair and a gold chain around his neck. On the boundary, Morgan sits with his chin in his hand. Skipping run-up from Parry, who spoils a tidy start with a shirt ball that is heaved for four. Further evidence of rattled England some when a James Vince throw from the ring gifts Pakistan an overthrow.

  90. Pak 45-0

    England turn to spin in the shape of Stephen Parry. Only three men allowed outside of the ring...

  91. Post update

    Charles Dagnall

    BBC Test Match Special

    "What a day for Sohail Tanvir. Alex Hales dropped a sitter here in the ODI, but came back and took two staggering catches. Poor old Sohail, though, just dropped a couple of clangers today..."

  92. Pak 45-0 (required rate 8.00)

    Ahmed Shehzad of Pakistan

    Plunkett is shaking his head, spitting through an impressive beard (what is it about cricketers and facial hair?). That's 15 from the over. Pakistan have taken 31 from the last two.

  93. Post update

    Charles Dagnall

    BBC Test Match Special

    "It was a good catch by Alex Hales for the free hit, as that would have gone up above the lights, and came down with snow on it."

  94. Pak 44-0 (target 173)

    Rafatullah skies the free hit straight into the hands of Alex Hales at long leg. Two taken, Hales hurling the ball back and shaking his head. England are rattled, a mood not helped when Shehzad belts a maximum over mid-wicket. Pakistan are flying.

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    Tweet #bbccricket

    James Simpson: Very poor bowling by England. Too inconsistent.

  96. Pak 35-0

    No sign of England stemming the tide. Liam Plunkett into the attack, an opening bumper hooked for four. When he follows that up with another short ball, it's called no-ball for being too high. Free hit...

  97. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "Pakistan could be dangerous today, bringing Shehzad and Malik back in - I already thought their batting yesterday was deeper than it was in the ODIs when Wahab Riaz was at seven or eight."

    Wahab Riaz is down at 11 on the scorecard today.

  98. Pak 30-0 (6-0-2-0-4-4)

    Pakistan seem to have the measure of Willey's inswing now, regularly looking to use the shape of the ball to hit to the leg side. Willey's challenge is to get the ball wider of of stump and use the movement. As a baby is fed in the crowd, Shehzad still isn't happy with whats going on behind the bowler's arm, but is still able to loft Willey for another four. A poor last ball, a leg-side full toss, is whipped for another boundary to make it 16 from the over.

  99. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "There are some people here dressed as burglars, in stripy tops with masks."

  100. Pak 20-0

    Eoin Morgan might have been out on the boundary to have a word with Chris Woakes, but the 12th-man skipper shells a catch as Shehzad whips Willey for the first six of the innings. Wakey wakey, captain. 

  101. Pak 14-0 (target 173)

    Hmmm, not great from Woakes, who adds another wide and then drops short to allow Rafatullah a slap down the ground for four. Pakistan up and running. 

  102. Get Involved

    Tweet #bbccricket

    Pete Naylor: Almost comical running from Pakistan here after just one over. Not totally comical as we've yet to have a disaster of a run-out!

  103. Pak 9-0

    Chris Woakes, recalled today, shares the new ball, posing a different threat by shaping the ball away. At least, that's the theory. When the ball doesn't move, Woakes twice gives away wides down the leg side. 

  104. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "A good bit of fielding there from Willey, he's gone to his dominant side and swivelled, but Rafatullah is home by a foot or so."

  105. Pak 6-0 (target 173)

    There's all sorts of trouble going on behind the bowler's arm. In the posh seats, movement is distracting the batsmen, One chap who looks like Rio Ferdinand is asked to move. Willey is swinging the ball into this pair of right-handers, who look to steal a single. Willey does his own fielding and hits, but replays show Rafatullah is home.

  106. Close!

    Pak 1-0

    Almost gone without scoring! Shahzad pushes to mid-wicket and sets off, dawdling as Alex Hales gathers and throws. Even with the dive, Shahzad would have been gone had Hales hit.

  107. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "There was a little bit of a nervous point when England lost three wickets for four runs, but I think 172 is a good total."

  108. Post update

    Swift turnaround. David Willey has the ball, Ahmed Shahzad and Rafatullah Mohmand are in the middle. Pakistan need 173 to keep the series alive.

  109. Get Involved


    Saqib Rao: Pakistan might as well throw in the white flag to save themselves from another batting embarrassment- out of their reach again

  110. Post update

    Shahid Afridi
  111. End-of-innings scorecard

    England 172-8 (20 overs) - won toss

    Fall of wickets: 32-1 (Hales 11), 47-2 (Roy 29), 74-3 (Root 20), 109-4 (Vince 38), 136-5 (Billings 11), 150-6 (Buttler 33), 151-7 (Plunkett 1), 154-8 (Willey 4). Not out: Woakes 15*, Rashid 3*.

    Bowling figures: Anwar 4-0-27-2, Tanvir 4-0-43-1, Riaz 4-0-44-1, Afridi 4-0-15-3, Shehzad 1-0-10-0, Malik 3-0-32-1.

    Full scorecard

  112. Eng 172-8

    No team have ever chased more than 170 to win a T20 in the UAE, so Pakistan will need to make a bit of history. England will be enjoying their half-time brew just a little more.

  113. Post update

    Vic Marks

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "By my reckoning that was 14 off the last over which will cheer the dressing-room up. It didn't look like they'd make 172 at one stage. It's still a good game. That last over may not be decisive, but it was significant."

  114. Eng 172-8

    Four from the final ball! Another Riaz full toss, another Woakes slice to third man for four. England get up to 172. Maybe a touch more than par. It could be a very, very good second half.

  115. Post update

    Vic Marks

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Pakistan have put their slower fielders in the ring, which you tend to do in the last few overs, the ball just dribbled towards the umpire and they ran two."

  116. Eng 168-8

    Brilliant running. An inside edge doesn't leave the circle, but Woakes gets two.

  117. Eng 166-8

    Rashid throws everything at it. Kitchen sink, taps, plug and U-bend, but only finds the sweeper on the off side. When Riaz serves up a full toss, Woakes smears to third man for four.

  118. Eng 161-8

    Good from Woakes, who pinches two when it's not on. Just as good from Riaz, who then finds a yorker. Three from the first two balls.

  119. Get Involved


    Chris Rhodes: Can't make up my mind whether it's ordinary England or souped up Pakistan?

  120. Eng 158-8

    Still they come, Adil Rashid as low as number 10 for England. He chips Anwar's final ball over the off side for a couple to a deafening din in Dubai. One over to go.

  121. Post update

    Vic Marks

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Wickets tumbling, and England squandering quite a good position, to be honest. Adil Rashid needs to bring a bit of Yorkshire common sense here, they are in danger of not batting our their overs."

  122. WICKET

    Willey c Maqsood b Anwar 4 (Eng 154-8)

    Next ball! David Willey is gone, pulling straight down the throat of Shoaib Maqsood at deep square. England have lost 4-18 in 13 balls.  

  123. Dropped catch

    Eng 154-7

    David Willey of England

    Sack the juggler! Sohail Tanvir drops an absolute dolly, giving David Willey a life. It's miles in the air off a miscue, Tanvir juggling and dropping. Then... 

  124. Post update

    Vic Marks

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "It was full and wide, Plunkett went after it, edged it and it was a straighforward catch. England had looked like they were on for 170 or 180, they'll do well to get there tonight. Even with only 11 balls left, there's something to be said for getting bat on ball - you don't have to go after every ball."

  125. WICKET

    Plunkett c Sarfraz b Anwar 1 (Eng 151-7)

    Hmmmm. England just losing their way a touch here. Liam Plunkett comes and goes. It's right where he wants it from Anwar Ali, full and wide, but he only edges behind. Pakistan not only taking wickets, but bowling dots.  

  126. Post update

    Ramiz Raja

    Former Pakistan captain on BBC Test Match Special

    Shahid Afridi

    "You've got to think quickly on this feet in this format, and you've got to be your own skipper, whether you're batting, bowling or fielding."

  127. Eng 151-6

    Are you keeping up with all this? Sixes, fours, wickets and dance music. Liam Plunkett the new man. Twelve balls to go.

  128. Post update

    Vic Marks

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "A good piece of bowling from Tanvir as when you play the ramp shot, you want pace on the ball. He only got an edge and the ball only just carried to Sarfraz Ahmed."

  129. WICKET

    Buttler c Sarfraz b Tanvir 33 (Eng 150-6)

    Jos Buttler plays one Butt-scoop too many and scoops it right into the gloves of Sarfraz Ahmed. Sohail Tanvir doesn't look happy, because he's been taken to all corners of Dubai, but that's a big wicket to take at this time.

  130. Get Involved


    Ilyas Najib: I cannot believe a Pakistani player has taken such a catch, honestly I'm speechless!

  131. Eng 150-5 (Buttler 33 from 21)

    Jos Buttler of England

    Still Tanvir, arms of a flappy windmill, giving Buttler too much width to be pumped over cover for four. The boundary is greeted by some high-octane dance music. I like to think I'm down with the kids, but I've no idea what it is. Ooohhh, this is bad bowling. Short, no man at fine leg, hook for six. Buttler motoring.

  132. Post update

    Vic Marks

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "We saw the other night what Billings can do in the last few overs - he hit it pretty well by normal people's standards. So it's an important wicket for Pakistan as you can't expect David Willey, who's not had a significant innings for a while, to hit out straight away."

  133. Eng 139-5 (Riaz 3-0-30-1)

    David Willey is the new man. This is about as high as he's batted for England, but he opened for Northants in T20s. More replays of the Umar catch. It gets better, not least for the initial control not to carry the ball over the rope, like a man teetering on the edge of a cliff.

  134. Post update

    Vic Marks

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "He caught the ball just inside the boundary, his foot went over but he had the wit to throw the ball up in the air, get himself back inside the boundary and catch it. They'll check with the third umpire to make sure it's legal, but I think it's a wonderful, modern piece of fielding."

  135. WICKET

    Billings c Umar b Riaz 11 (Eng 136-5)

    It's brilliant from Umar. You know the type, when the boundary fielder has to throw the ball up, jump off, jump back on and catch it again. It's all the better because Umar took the initial catch high above his head and was severely off balance. You can't always see Pakistan taking worldies, but this is one of the best.