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  1. Post update

    And so it's time to say goodbye. Can England get out of this one? Join us tomorrow to find out.

    Remember, it's 08:04. Obviously.

  2. 'Rabada's got a big future'

    England's Moeen Ali on Kagiso Rabada, who took 7-112 for South Africa: "He's a very good bowler for a young guy. He's a very fit guy. He's got a big future.

    "If we keep them down to 270-280, we've bowled extremely well - even 300. But it's going to be really tough.

    "There's still pressure on their bowlers to bowl us out on the last day, just as we've got to bowl them out tomorrow. There's still a lot to play for in this game."

  3. Post update

    It's almost time for me to get out of here, but there's still time for me to point you in the direction of our match report. The thoughts of Jonathan Agnew will be online later too.

  4. Player's view

    England's Moeen Ali, who made 61 - his first fifty in 15 Test innings - on Sky Sports: "I've struggled a little bit with the bat lately so it was nice to contribute today. There was a time when I tried to play properly and I found that quite tough. Today I played a few shots - maybe on this wicket it's the right way to go.

    "It's one of those wickets where you've got to ride your luck a little bit. The one that stays low are the hard ones."

    Moeen Ali plays a shot
  5. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "I don't think England can win from here. They haven't got a cat in hell's chance. All they can do is try to save the game. Winning is what they have to try and do but I don't think they can bowl them out cheaply."

  6. Post update

    South Africa bowler Kasigo Rabada, who took 7-112, speaking to Sky Sports: "It felt very good. I tried to take it ball by ball and things happened for me today but I thought Kyle Abbott and Morne Morkel bowled really well to help me as well, controlling the run rate. 

    "I wasn't expecting to get a seven-for. Whatever else comes comes!"

  7. Misleading cricketing terms


    Jay: All that has happened today is England have conceded a huge lead and #bbccricket has made it clear that the cricket needs its own dictionary

  8. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "England didn't deserve any more than they got. Moeen Ali did them a favour - he played very well and only gave his wicket away because he was in with Jimmy Anderson."

  9. Get Involved

    You should do my links more often, Matty. I'll point you in the direction of the BBC Sport live text commentary here.

    Cesc Fabregas in action with Arsenal's Mathieu Flamini
  10. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "It was an appalling shot from Taylor. His whole innings was fraught, trying to score, trying to dominate. He didn't think his way through. He had to play a tennis-racquet shot and couldn't control it."

  11. Get Involved


    Paul Roberts: If Chris Woakes is Jimmy's long term replacement the boys from Oz will be rocking peacefully in their hammocks.

  12. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "Kagiso Rabada bowled really well. This kid, at 20, has really got something, definitely. When you see a young player like that you can see it immediately. My only hope is that he doesn't get one of these stress fractures in the back that seems to affect so many young bowlers."

  13. Get Involved

  14. Play to start at 08:04 GMT

    I'm actually being told that play will begin at 08:04 tomorrow, which is 10:04 local time. Once again, cricket's silliness is baffling. Why not start on the hour and finish four minutes earlier?

  15. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "I don't think South Africa can lose it now. They have had the best day of the whole summer against England. Everything was perfect. 

    "Nothing was given to them, but they were patient and got their reward with their bowling."

  16. Post update

    Mark Boucher

    Former South Africa wicketkeeper on BBC Test Match Special

    "The light has been bad since the early afternoon, and we've been able to play until nearly the end of the day. Considering the weather we have had that is not bad.

    "South Africa are of course on top but they're not out of danger yet though. What if England come back tomorrow and bowl them out for 80? It's not impossible..."

  17. Close-of-play scorecard

    South Africa 42-1 (17 overs) - lead by 175

    Batsmen: S Cook 23*, Amla 16*

    Fall of wickets: 5-1 (Elgar 1)

    Bowling figures: Anderson 5-1-14-1, Broad 4-1-8-0, Stokes 3-1-6-0, Woakes 2-0-7-0, Moeen 2-1-1-0, Root 1-0-4-0

    SA first innings 475: De Kock 129*, S Cook 115, Amla 109; Stokes 4-86

    England first innings 342: Cook 76, Root 76, Moeen 61; Rabada 7-112

    Full scorecard

  18. Close of play - SA 42-1

    The inevitable is confirmed. That's it for the day. We'll begin again slightly earlier tomorrow, at 08:00. When we come back South Africa will effectively be 175-1.

  19. Post update

    Mark Boucher

    Former South Africa wicketkeeper on BBC Test Match Special

    "When the umpires start to see four or five shadows around the players' bodies they will start to think OK, this is now false light. 

    "There's one thing enhancing the sunlight, but once it becomes totally reliant on the unnatural light, the umpires take you off."

  20. Post update

    I've heard a rumour that the close has been called. Not confirmed yet.

  21. Bad light stops play

    SA 42-1

    The umpires, three of them, are still out there. "There's no chance of playing again today. How long do you think we can string this out for. We get paid by the minute, don't we?"

  22. Post update

    Mark Boucher

    Former South Africa wicketkeeper on BBC Test Match Special

    "For England to realistically have a chance of winning they will have to rock up tomorrow and have the sort of session they had at the Wanderers. 

    "I don't see them chasing anything over 300. There is a little bit of hope for them, but it's a big ask. South Africa's players will be sleeping a lot better tonight."

  23. Bad light stops play

    SA 42-1

    We have to be back on 16:18 to get any more play today. Some of the groundstaff think we are done, because they begin to bring the various apparatus needed for the close-of-play interviews on to the field, only to be told to clear off. Still the umpires are out there.

  24. Bad light stops play

    SA 42-1

    We said the light was coming and now it has arrived. The umpires decide it is too dark, even for the slow bowlers. The players are taken off, probably for the last time today. It's not the official close, because the umpires are still in the middle.

  25. Misleading cricketing terms

  26. SA 42-1

    Still Moeen to Cook, with four catchers around the bat. It feels like the last knockings of the day, so England's thinking must be to nip a couple out as South Africa play for the close. Ooohhh, that's a bad leave. Big appeal... not out. They think about a review, but decide it's too high. A good call.   

  27. Misleading cricketing terms

  28. SA 42-1 (lead by 175)

    Interesting. It's spin from both ends, so England have been told that the light is poor, yet they have opted to stay out there, otherwise they have an easy way out. Good spirit. Joe Root on, firing a lot down the leg side to Hashim Amla. In fairness, as soon as Alastair Cook has had enough, he brings one of his quick men back and they are off right away.

  29. Post update

    Mark Boucher

    Former South Africa wicketkeeper on BBC Test Match Special

    "I'd be licking my lips at the prospect of facing Moeen Ali rather than somebody like Ben Stokes now. Stokes has been the one danger so far from South Africa's perspective.

    "There's a realisation we're not going to be playing for much longer, so there is an aggressive field to try and put on as much pressure as possible. England have almost made a square around Stephen Cook." 

  30. SA 36-1 (lead by 169)

    Moeen Ali after drinks, bowling his off-breaks to fellow beard Amla. The lightmeter was out during drinks, so did Cook feel like he needed to bowl some slow stuff? It would be odd if that is the case, because you'd think England would actually want to get off and take some time out of this game. It could well be simply that Cook wasn't happy with Woakes. Moeen starts well, finding a hint of turn.

  31. Get Involved


    Bhavin Shah: I've just got one name for the @englandcricket selectors - Mark Footitt. Extra pace and bounce needed on this sort of wicket.

  32. Post update

    Mark Boucher

    Former South Africa wicketkeeper on BBC Test Match Special

    Hashim Amla plays a shot

    "The pitch is making for exciting Test cricket. We know that as the game gets on the pitch deteriorates - it tends to speed up towards the end of five days. I wouldn't like to be out there batting. It separates the men from the boys."

  33. Drinks break

    SA 35-1

    Ben Stokes is causing problems for Stephen Cook, who almost finds Nick Comtpon at point, then fences at one that flashes past the outside edge. In the sort of darkness that would usually requite a miner's lamp, we take drinks.

  34. Misleading cricketing terms

  35. SA 35-1 (Cook 23, Amla 11)

    Chris Woakes still isn't quite on the money. If not too wide, then too straight. In frustration, Alastair Cook literally bears his teeth, like a man displacing his dentures. Woakes is bowling at an OK pace - mid 80s - but there are not enough balls in the right area.

  36. Misleading cricketing terms

  37. SA 33-1 (lead by 166)

    Alex Hales watches as the ball reaches the boundary

    The light and weather continues to hold past what should have been the close of play, but the floodlights reflect off the shades that sit atop of Alastair Cook's cap. Stokes lets out an audible groan when a short ball is turned off the hip for four by Stephen Cook. In the crowd, the trumpeter is full of puff.  

  38. Misleading cricketing terms


    Jack Hettle: And how many legs of different sizes & shapes does a bowler have? Short, long, wide, fine?

    Ollie Thorpe: What about the wrong 'un or the flipper... There seems to be nothing wrong with the wrong 'un in my opinion.

  39. SA 28-1 (Cook 18, Amla 9)

    Debate. Is a double change a little bit of captaincy by numbers? "My openers have bowled four each, time to bring on the others." That's what Alastair Cook does here, introducing Chris Woakes immediately after Ben Stokes. It's too wide from Woakes, who is punished with a back-foot drive by Cook.

  40. Misleading cricketing terms

    Text us on 81111

    Jonathan, Manchester: Re John Swindon, my old maths master and cricket coach may end up turning in his grave if I get this wrong - for bowling stats cricket is scored in base six, but for everyday life we use base 10. It's just one of those things that make me love it.

  41. SA 23-1 (lead by 156)

    Amla has been patted on the back and told to get on with it. He's back facing up to Stokes, who charges towards a stand of blue seats that are less than half full. Good length from Stokes, with Amla plodding forward to push back a maiden. The trooper.

  42. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "That delivery flew up on him. Hashim Amla has got strapping round his right thumb - exactly where Stokes' delivery hits him. You can see there's a bruise come up straight away, and I think he's cut a nail. It looks like he's going to stay out there."

  43. Post update

    Neil Manthorp

    BBC Test Match Special

    "Hashim Amla is in a spot of bother here, he really is."

  44. SA 22-1

    Hashim Amla of South Africa receives treatment

    Ben Stokes is indeed into the attack, immediately causing Hashim Amla some extreme discomfort. Bounce, taken on the right thumb. The glove is off, the physio on. Slow-mo replays make it look extremely painful. Leather on hand, the thumb rattling around. It's jammed the nail and drawn some claret.

  45. Get Involved


    Mark: With the ball swinging, time for an early bowl for Stokes?

  46. SA 22-1 (lead by 155)

    Anderson reacts

    AB de Villiers waits in the changing room. Pads on, head on chin. Ben Stokes goes through some looseners as Anderson pumps in, swinging the ball this way and that. Cook, who has been nothing but impressive in this match, gets a couple through the off side thanks to a Compton misfield. 

  47. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "England will be wishing they had bowled like this in the first two sessions. We'd have a totally different game."

  48. SA 19-1 (lead by 152)

    Broad angles in to Cook, who has no fewer than six close catchers for company. A short leg and leg gully suggesting that Broad may test the body of the debutant. Has the created some doubt? Cook doesn't look so certain coming forward. It's getting darker.

  49. Misleading cricketing terms


  50. SA 15-1 (Cook 8, Amla 6)

    When I say it's gloomy, the floodlights are on. There are also a few drops of rain visible by the electric scoreboard. Three slips, a gully and a short leg for Anderson, who beats Amla with a hopping away-swinger. It's a time to bowl - South Africa would take some rain right now.

  51. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "I don't think we'll get all the 23 overs scheduled for tonight, so England will run in really hard, chasing the game. They need three or four wickets tonight - if they can get them the game will really open up. But the chances have got to stick."

  52. SA 13-1 (lead by 146)

    After this set by Broad, there are still 23 overs left in the day. We could go on until almost 17:00, but I've seen some suggestions that the light won't even hold for the next hour. It is pretty gloomy and there's no chance England will get the slow men on to prolong their time out there.

  53. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "Diving, one hand, that is very difficult. People will put that down as a chance for a catch - if it is a statistic, I can't disagree, but you have to qualify it. It didn't go to hand at all easy. Wonderful bowling from Anderson."

  54. Amla dropped on 0

    SA 13-1

    Dropped! It's a very tough chance to Alex Hales, but you've seen them taken. A thick edge by Hashim Amla off James Anderson, speeding towards third slip. Hales dives full-length to his right, just getting his fingertips on it. If he'd held it, it would have been similar to Ben Stokes at Trent Bridge. He didn't and Amla has a life.

  55. Misleading cricketing terms

  56. SA 8-1

    I'm hearing that Kyle Abbott has a tight hamstring and might not bowl again in the match. Is there any chance of these teams getting through a match without a fast bowler breaking down?

  57. Get Involved


    Mike Bell: Jimmy is running in with vim, vigour, vitality and velocity. V much better than in first innings.

  58. SA 8-1

    Before Anderson took that wicket, I was wondering if bowling in the third innings when the opposition have a huge lead is one of the most demoralising jobs in all sport. The questions still stands, but England will have been lifted. Still any more than 200 for South Africa in this dip and you feel they will be too far ahead. Cook nudges them nearer by easing Broad through mid-wicket for three.

  59. Get Involved


    Rachel T: Yes Jimmy!! We need his A game!

  60. SA 5-1 (Anderson 2-0-4-1)

    Geoffrey is right, James Anderson looks like a different beast to the first day. Looking again, Elgar could have left that on length, there was no way the ball was going anywhere the stumps. Hashim Amla is the new man, harried into defence by Anderson.

  61. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "He was squared up, Elgar. A piece of cake, Anderson turned him round, bowling round the wicket. 

    "Anderson didn't run in like that on the first morning." 

  62. WICKET

    Elgar c Bairstow b Anderson 1 (SA 5-1)

    James Anderson celebrates

    The breakthrough! James Anderson strikes for England, giving the tourists just what they need with the new ball. It's a wonderful delivery to Dean Elgar, angled in from round the wicket, bouncing and nipping away from back of a length. An edge, with Jonny Bairstow doing the rest.

  63. SA 5-0 (lead by 138)

    Stephen Cook avoids a bouncer

    Stuart Broad shares the new ball, with the Barmy Army breaking off from a chorus of Jerusalem (complete with actions) to sing his name. He's on the money, off stump and around, before the final ball flies over the head of Cook.

  64. Misleading cricketing terms

  65. SA 4-0

    James Anderson got a talking to at the end of his first over - he's been perennially in trouble for running on the pitch in this series. Another observation - Jonny Bairstow's whites are very snug. The outlines of pecs and box are uncomfortably visible.

  66. Get Involved


    Mike Ball: Imagine the runs Moeen Ali could get if he was up the order and not always batting with the tail. His class is wasted at eight.

    David Fletcher: Moen wasted at eight. Drop Hales, move Compton and Moen up the order.  

  67. SA 4-0 (lead by 137)

    It was a very dodgy second innings that cost South Africa in Johannesburg, but you get the feeling that Stephen Cook would rather be tortured than let that happen again. He's happy to leave an Anderson over which looks pretty, but doesn't threaten. When Anderson is too short, Cook punishes.

  68. Misleading cricketing terms

  69. SA 0-0

    The players are out there again. James Anderson the ball, Stephen Cook is on strike. Can England strike tonight? If they don't, the result will be put beyond doubt. 

  70. Get Involved

  71. Post update

    Can England get back into this match? Yes. It's still a good time to bowl, but you'd think that they need to bundle South Africa out for under 200. The target England could chase in the fourth innings is nudged slightly higher if Kyle Abbott is injured.

  72. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "South Africa have had one of the best days of the entire series today. They bottled England up. 

    "It's the first day that has cost England. There was no energy, no rattle. Apart from Stuart Broad it was tepid. They gifted South Africa 200 runs."

  73. Misleading cricketing terms

    Text us on 81111

    John, Swindon: The use of point one, point two etc to describe partly completed overs. Surely 3 balls is 0.5 overs, 5 balls 0.83 overs etc.

  74. Post update

    England's 342 doesn't look great against South Africa's 475, but I have a theory that is actually about par.

    Most of England's top order were got out - only Taylor threw his wicket away. When they fielded, England dropped too many catches, including each of South Africa's three centurions. Hold them, and they might have even had a lead.

  75. Post update

    Mark Boucher

    Former South Africa wicketkeeper on BBC Test Match Special

    "With Dale Steyn and Vernon Philander out of the picture Kagiso Rabada has really played his way into the team. It's fantastic to see, good for the future of South African cricket and good for the country as a whole."

  76. Post update

    Kagiso Rabata leads players back to the pavilion

    Kagiso Rabada leads South Africa off the pitch after his figures of 7-112. They are the best figures against England since readmission.

  77. Post update

    Mark Boucher

    Former South Africa wicketkeeper on BBC Test Match Special

    "A lead of 133 is big on a wicket like this. Moeen Ali played really well to get England as close as they are. England will come out and try to turn it around with some early wickets.

    "South Africa  will have to come out and face the music with the new ball."   

  78. WICKET

    Moeen c Piedt b Morkel 61 (Eng 342 all out)

    Moeen Ali and James Anderson leave the field
    Dane Piedt takes a catch

    That's it, England are all out. Moeen Ali slices the returning Morne Morkel straight to Dane Piedt at deep cover. England are 133 behind. They are clear water behind the Proteas, but a very good bowling performance could yet give them a sniff.

  79. Misleading cricketing terms...


    Hannah Dixie: Surely all balls are "arm balls"??

    Ben Prior: How did getting out for naught become duck / golden duck?

  80. Eng 341-9 (trail by 134)

    Have you watched that video of Geoffrey Boycott dancing below? What is that? And what is he dancing to? Is it Cheerleader by OMI? And what would the Boycott equivalent of that be? I think I've found myself a stick of rhubarb?

    Bit of cat and mouse between Rabada and Moeen. When the field comes in at the end of the over, Moeen takes four over point.

  81. Get Involved


    Daniel Monks: Surely Moeen now deserves to be thought of as a genuine all rounder and cemented his place in the side?!

  82. Eng 336-9 (trail by 139)

    You sense that it's going to be entertaining for a little while. Moeen, with only Anderson for company, is swinging like a rusty gate at the returning off-spin of Dane Piedt. Not much bat on ball, but edges and a few byes. If Piedt's plan is to tempt Anderson with some flight, then Jimmy isn't taking the bait.

  83. Post update

    Mark Boucher

    Former South Africa wicketkeeper on BBC Test Match Special

    "Moeen Ali really struggled at the beginning but he came through that patch and is starting to dominate this attack. 

    "It just shows what can happen if you can survive those periods when you could be out every ball. It's been a fantastic innings."

  84. 50 for Moeen Ali

    Eng 330-9

    Well batted, Moeen Ali. As England have fallen around him, the number eight has scored an important half-century that just about keeps them in the game. He goes there by biffing Rabada through mid-on for four. That's Moeen first Test fifty in 15 knocks.

  85. Eng 326-9

    Just looking at that South Africa lead. Already fewer than the runs England gave away with dropped catches. If you take your catches, you win matches. There really should be a saying about that. The drizzle seems to have relented.

  86. Misleading cricketing terms


    Jay: Guess I'm gonna have to be the one to ask the big one. What has cricket got to do with crickets?

  87. Eng 326-9 (trail by 149)

    Rabada, who is only 20 remember, has also posted the best figures for South Africa against England since readmission. What a future the young man has. Meanwhile, at the other end, Anderson is allowed to hammer Duminy through the covers for four. What was it about World XI at one end, Ilford Second XI at the other? If you play for Ilford, let me know if Duminy would get a bowl.

  88. Misleading cricketing terms


    Sam Jones: Don't get me started on cow corner...

    Matt Lavender: As a batsman stands side on, shouldn't caught behind really mean caught at square leg, not by the wicket-keeper?

    Fleming Jensen: I sort of get the reason for calling cow corner that, even if I've never seen any. However, chinaman makes absolutely NO sense.

  89. Eng 321-9 (Rabada 27-6-102-7)

    So seven (yes, seven) for Rabada, who has pretty much carried the pace attack single-handedly, especially since Kyle Abbott hobbled off. If he gets an eighth, it will be the eighth best figures of all-time by a South Africa bowler. James Anderson is out there at number 11 and it is trying to rain again. 

  90. Post update

    Mark Boucher

    Former South Africa wicketkeeper on BBC Test Match Special

    "South Africa will be incredibly happy with that wicket - they know Stuart Broad can bat a bit and Moeen Ali hasn't looked in danger at all. 

    "Fantastic bowling from the young Rabada. He has led this attack."

  91. WICKET

    Broad c Cook b Rabada 5 (Eng 320-9)

    Gone this time! It's not Moeen, but Stuart Broad who goes, giving Kagiso Rabada an amazing seventh wicket. Broad pulls, only gets a top edge, with a real skier held by Stephen Cook right on the square leg boundary. England on the brink. 

  92. Misleading cricketing terms...


    Pitchedoutsideleg: Agree with Graham re term 'all out'. If batting team are back in pavilion, surely 'all in' is fairer when one's carried his bat?

    JoElle:  Misleading cricket terms - "A Draw": We were getting soundly beaten, but not quickly enough.  

    Christian Reilly: The term "bouncer" is also misleading. Technically, unless a full toss is bowled, all deliveries bounce at least once.

  93. Dropped catch

    Eng 320-8

    Down! First ball after the break, Moeen Ali drives a full toss straight to Hashim Amla at short cover, with the ball bursting through his fellow beard's hands and to the floor. Shin high, coming quite quickly, but should have been taken.

  94. Get Involved


    Ashley Paul: England really haven't batted that badly, save a few loose shots. South Africa have just bowled very well.

  95. Eng 318-8

    Moeen Ali plays a shot

    The players are back out for the evening. JP Duminy to Moeen Ali...

  96. Misleading cricketing terms...


    northlondoner: Silly mid-on is actually quite a sensible fielding position.

    Elliott Hutchins: The term 'over'. It's six balls. What even does that mean?!

    Matt Lavender: The term wicket-keeper is misleading. After all, he doesn't keep the wickets at any point, does he?

  97. Post update

    Just to clarify, that 16:17 is the scheduled close. We can actually add an extra half hour on to that if the 38 overs aren't bowled. If it gets that late, the players might as well sleep at the ground tonight.

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  99. Post update

    Graham, this is excellent chat. What other cricketing terms are misleading? The nightwatchman doesn't stay out there all night, does he?

  100. Get Involved

  101. Post update

    Thanks, Justin. Yep, 38 overs in the rest of the day does seem like a lot. I rather fancy that the light will intervene before we complete them all.

  102. Get Involved


    JT: I'd take losing the last test and winning the series every time, better than the alternative.

  103. Post update

    I'm hearing that play can continue until 16:18 GMT today - there are 38 overs still to bowl in the evening session. Stephan Shemilt will talk you through them...

  104. Get Involved


    Paul Huxley: Re Ben Prior (98 overs) - 6th ranked England not as ruthless as all time greatest team? Really?

  105. Tea scorecard

    England 318-8 (98 overs) - trail by 157

    Batsmen: Moeen 45* (78), Broad 4* (14)

    Fall of wickets: 22-1 (Hales 15), 78-2 (Compton 19), 177-3 (Cook 76), 208-4 (Root 76), 211-5 (Taylor 14), 211-6 (Bairstow 0), 252-7 (Stokes 33), 295-8 (Woakes 26)

    Bowling figures: Abbott 19-9-36-0, Rabada 26-6-101-6, Piedt 23-4-74-0, Morkel 23-4-72-1, Elgar 4-0-13-0, Duminy 3-0-14-1

    South Africa 475: De Kock 129*, S Cook 115, Amla 109; Stokes 4-86

    Full scorecard

  106. Get Involved


    Francis Edwards: Doesn't matter how deep you want to pack your batting, quality over quantity. Five players in this team have question marks.

    Benjamin Fox: With this England team, it's got to be demoralising for the opposition with Moeen is at eight and a Test centurion in Broad at 10.

  107. Tea - Eng 318-8

    Trail by 157

    And that's your lot for the afternoon. Broad plays out a Piedt maiden, tucks his bat under his arm and marches off with Moeen, who is unbeaten on 45. Cup of tea, anyone?

  108. Get Involved


    Ben Prior: England just can't win the last game of a series. We are just not as ruthless as Australia were in their prime!

    Mike Bell: Cheer up chums. Get to 350, whip 'em out for 160, win the match late on day five. Why the long faces?

  109. Eng 318-8 (trail by 157)

    Broad is doing a good job of getting off strike, collecting his fourth single to keep England moving along before Moeen tickles four fine. Although England have lost eight wickets, the run-rate is a healthy 3.27 in the innings. One more over before tea.

  110. Post update

  111. Eng 311-8 (Piedt 22-3-74-0)

    I know Duminy got the wicket of Woakes, but I can't help thinking South Africa have released the pressure a little by employing two spinners here - especially against Broad and Moeen, both of whom have shown weaknesses against pace in the past. As I type, Broad bottom-edges a swipe at Piedt. Lucky to get away with that.

  112. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "That is a tremendous shot by Moeen Ali. It's not that bad a ball but he opens his blade and guides it into space with his wrist-work. He's playing really well."

  113. Eng 308-8 (trail by 167)

    Duminy errs in line ever so slightly and Moeen late cuts for four. Wonderful timing. Even better placement. Ten minutes until tea.

  114. Get Involved


    Max Mclean: Is Moeen the best number eight in Test cricket right now?

  115. Eng 303-8 (Moeen 34, Broad 0)

    Can Morkel polish off the tail? He'll have to get past Moeen first. The left-hander drives through mid-off's hands for four on the up, then rocks back to pull for another boundary.

  116. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "This has been a splendid performance by South Africa. They have got everything dead right here. Really, really good cricket. Apart from James Taylor's shot, this isn't necessarily bad from England."

  117. Eng 295-8 (trail by 180)

    Stuart Broad in at number 10. England on the brink of conceding a hefty first-innings advantage to South Africa.

  118. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    South Africa celebrate

    "Well that is unfortunate. It's a good angle by JP Duminy round the wicket. Chris Woakes played well considering he hadn't featured for three and a half weeks." 

  119. WICKET

    Woakes c Elgar b Duminy 26 (Eng 295-8)

    Chris Woakes is dismissed

    A masterstroke! You can't accuse South Africa captain AB de Villiers of not mixing it up this afternoon. Part-time off-spinner JP Duminy is the next to get a go - and he gets Woakes with only his fourth delivery. Round the wicket, drawing Woakes forward, a very thin edge. De Kock fluffs the chance but it pops up off his knee to Dean Elgar at slip.

  120. Post update

  121. Eng 293-7 (trail by 182)

    A short leg comes in for Woakes. It's little Temba Bavuma under the lid. I suspect some short stuff is in the offing. Woakes up to the task.

  122. Get Involved


    Chris Woakes runs between the wicket

    Paul Roberts: Come on Woakes. You have the opportunity here to become our very own James Faulkner.

    Rob: Ah, so Woakes was selected for his batting - to make up for the frail top order. It makes sense, even if it is totally wrong!

  123. Eng 292-7

    Mr Vaughan is spot on. Kyle Abbott left the field after his last over - I'm not entirely sure why - and Morne Morkel is in for another burst. Woakes underlines his batting prowess with two glorious strokes through cover, the first of them bringing him four.

  124. Post update

    Michael Vaughan

    Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Abbott looks like he's struggling, he's off the pitch and back in the dressing room. I'm not too sure what's wrong with him but it looks like Morne Morkel will replace him." 

  125. Eng 286-7 (trail by 189)

    Piedt into his 21st over. Round the wicket, nice and tidy. Moeen content to push forward, then a hint of extra bounce has him adjusting his hands.

  126. Post update

    Mark Boucher

    Former South Africa wicketkeeper on BBC Test Match Special

    "Rabada is a fantastic find for South Africa. He's a fantastic guy with a level head on him who understands what he has to do."

  127. Eng 286-7 (stand worth 34)

    Yep, Rabada's spell is over. A victory of sorts for England with the six-wicket man and Morkel now out of the attack. Woakes greets Kyle Abbott's return with a flowing square drive for four.