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Marc Higginson, Mark Mitchener and Jamie Lillywhite

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  1. Goodbye

    I'm afraid that's all from us. Be sure to read our report over here.

    Until next time... night!

  2. Post update

    Vic Marks

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "What a day for Buttler. He was sold for £385,000 this morning and we wondered if it would affect him. He seized on mistakes by South Africa."


    A couple of uppercuts from Moeen Ali (two fours if you want a cricket term) and England finish off South Africa.

    That's how you finish an opponent: 6, 6, 6, dot, 4, 4.

  4. Post update

    Vic Marks

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Three sixes in a row - if only the IPL auction was tomorrow, he'd have gone for even more money! Not many people have cleared the boundary today."

  5. Get Involved


    Mark Adamoulas: Behave Jos!

  6. Eng 255-5 (need 8 from 24 balls)

    Three sixes in a row from Jos Buttler. Three sixes.

    Will you turn off the lights when you're done, Jos?

  7. Post update

    Vic Marks

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "It was probably easier than the catches we've seen Stokes and Jordan take in the last two games."

  8. Post update

    Simon Mann

    BBC Test Match Special

    "It wasn't the easiest of catches, but if you want to win the game, you've got to hold on to those."

  9. Moeen dropped on 10

    Eng 236-5

    South Africa's moment... Moeen Ali smashes Imran Tahir to Farhaan Behardien on the long-off boundary but the all-rounder grasses it. Got to be snaffling those.

  10. Post update

    Vic Marks

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Will it be close? I don't think Reece Topley wants it to be a one-wicket win!"

  11. Eng 234-5 (need 29 off 30)

    Kagiso Rabada is proving that a good bowler is a good bowler - no matter the format, pitch or situation of a match. England struggle to get him away in the manner they have the other bowlers. Just three from the over. Talent.

  12. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "I've been here in the past when it was 14 rand to the pound, which was pretty good. It's nearly 24 now. It's totally different from Australia, which is twice as far away and twice as expensive."

  13. Eng 231-5 (need 32 from 36)

    The luck's with England - Jos Buttler edging behind but the ball runs away to the boundary, just out of reach of the wicketkeeper. The batsman then carts four through square leg - fetching the ball from off stump. And again! Through point. Three fours in a row.

  14. The 99 club

  15. Eng 219-5

    Moeen Ali is trying to be assertive, punching a forceful single down the ground and returning the strike to Jos Buttler. The keeper shows good placement to dab a short ball into the leg side and pick up two.

  16. Post update

    Vic Marks

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "If you're a selector and you see someone get 23 not out from here, you'll think 'I like the cut of his jib'. The fact England lost three wickets in a short space of time has changed the momentum."

  17. Eng 215-5 (need 48 from 42)

    England are just a few Moeen Ali cover drives from victory here. South Africa will be thinking they're just one more wicket from really exposing the England tail. Three dots. Tense.

    Where's Neil Fairbrother when you need him?

  18. Eng 215-5 (target 263)

    Rabada returns for his eighth over - SA no longer need to use their part-timers. "A good game for the neutral," notes Vic Marks on TMS, but are there any neutrals in the stands in PE? Moeen Ali helps himself to a short delivery on leg stump, guiding it backward of square leg for four, while the cover sweeper cuts off what looks for a minute like another boundary. England need 48 from 45.

  19. Post update

    Simon Hughes

    BBC Test Match Special

    "England just need some risk-free cricket: push the singles, run hard, and hit the odd boundary. It's not quite so easy on this pitch, it's not like playing T20 with a short boundary on a belter."

  20. Get Involved


    Kieron Bird: This is getting nervy.

  21. Eng 209-5 (need 54 from 48)

    This is not the first time Alex Hales has fallen for 99 - he did so in a Twenty20 international against West Indies in 2012. Agonising.

    At least he's swelled his ODI batting average from 27 to 29. Small mercies.

  22. Post update

    Shaun Pollock

    Ex-South Africa captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "He played well, Hales, but it's all open now. I can't tell if it brushed his glove on the way through, or when he moved round to pull. But the umpire got one right eventually."

  23. WICKET

    Hales c De Kock b Abbott 99 (Eng 202-5)

    Try telling Alex Hales it's only one run!

    The opener's fantastic innings ends in tame fashion when he gloves behind chasing a leg-side delivery. He looks at the umpire, as if to say 'you can't give that out, I'm on 99', but the finger is raised. Gone.

  24. Post update

    Shaun Pollock

    Ex-South Africa captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "In the context of the fifth bowler, that was an amazing over for South Africa, it only went for four."

  25. Eng 202-4 (need 61 from 54)

    Farhaan Behardien has 14 ODI wickets to his name, with his best of 3-19 coming against Sri Lanka in Pallekele. England nudge and nurdle the singles to leave us still waiting to fist-pump the air for Alex Hales' ton.

  26. Post update

    Simon Hughes

    BBC Test Match Special

    "South Africa were 198-3 at this stage, and scored 64 from their last 10 overs - England need 65."

  27. Post update

    South Africa turn to Farhaan Behardien. This could get messy.

  28. Get Involved


    Ryan Knight: Come on Hales, see us through.

  29. Eng 198-4 (need 65 from 60 balls)

    Alex Hales moves to 97 not out. Don't throw it away now.

  30. Post update

    Shaun Pollock

    Ex-South Africa captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "This over from Duminy is the ninth from the fifth bowler's spell. So they've still got to find one more from him or Behardien, two from Tahir, two from Morkel and three each from Abbott and Rabada."

  31. Eng 194-4 (need 69 from 66 balls)

    That is a very, very good shot. Alex Hales steps back in his crease to JP Duminy and caresses the slow spinner through the off side for four - splitting the field with surgical precision.

  32. Post update

    Neil Manthorp

    BBC Test Match Special

    "It's not Hales' game, having to graft like this."

  33. Get Involved


    Stuart Mitchell: This is the sort of pace that Hales should be playing in Test matches. Hopefully someone tells him that, and he's given a chance.

  34. Post update

    Shaun Pollock

    Ex-South Africa captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "This is the best innings Alex Hales has played on this tour, he didn't do well in the Test matches but the one-dayers are more his fashion."

  35. Eng 184-4 (Hales 89, Buttler 1)

    England chip another four from their target. Will Jos Buttler reach for the pyrotechnics today?

  36. Get Involved


    David Benn (see previous over): That was a wheel. A whole complete wheel, falling off.

  37. Get Involved


    Andy Donley: There's been some outrageously awful lbw decisions in this game. Sort it out Cloete!

  38. Eng 180-4 (need 83 from 78 balls)

    I'd love to find a neutral venue and put the Headingley Western Terrace lot in with the Port Elizabeth spectators. It's really has been a splendid, toe-tapping atmosphere today. One of the best.

    Is Port Elizabeth the equivalent to the northern (I lump Edgbaston in with this) Test grounds in England? More about party than Pimm's?

    Jos Buttler charges down the track to the second ball he faces, misses and Morne Morkel appeals loudly. Not out, and the ball runs for four leg-byes. Result.

  39. Post update

    Shaun Pollock

    Ex-South Africa captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Full of entertainment, those six deliveries Ben Stokes faced. But a big blow, Morne Morkel strikes again. Jos Buttler comes to the crease but he can't play with the same freedom he did in Bloemfontein."

  40. Get Involved


    David Benn: The wheel has not exactly come off, but it's having a wobble.

  41. WICKET

    Stokes b Morkel 0 (Eng 176-4)

    Ben Stokes chops on. South Africa have another.

    Don't worry, though. It just brings Jos Buttler to the crease.

  42. View from the press box

  43. Get Involved


    VillanUK: Maybe Stokes will kick off this innings. I think it's going to be short but sweet!

    This was sent before the Stokes reverse sweep...

  44. Post update

    Neil Manthorp

    BBC Test Match Special

    "Umpire Johan Cloete has had his confidence shaken here. He made a howler in the first innings, two more mistakes in this one, and his confidence is rattled."

  45. Eng 175-3 (need 88 from 84)

    Imran Tahir runs his fingers through his hair in frustration as ball tracking shows the ball to be pitching outside leg stump. Carry on, Ben.

  46. Umpire review

    Eng 175-3

    Ben Stokes fails to connect with a sweep shot and is hit in front. The umpire raises his finger, but Ben Stokes reviews it...

  47. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "I'd love to see the Christmas Test come here to Port Elizabeth. There are lots of families here who would love to come to cricket, and I think they could sell it really well."

  48. Eng 170-3 (need 93 off 90)

    Ben Stokes joins Alex Hales at the crease. This England batting line-up has plenty left to give. They've got Adil Rashid, who has 10 first-class centuries to his name, at number 10.

  49. Post update

    Neil Manthorp

    BBC Test Match Special

    "Geoffrey, I agree with you on Behardien. He's even only a part-time bowler for his province, the sort of standard of bowling you'd expect in the nets."

    Geoffrey Boycott adds: "He wouldn't even give me a good net!"

  50. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "I feel for the England captain, in some ways he'll think 'I did what I wanted to do reasonably' as he got after the spinner and the occasional bowler Behardien with his military medium rubbish. I don't know how he gets to bowl for South Africa. Keep on bowling him, you're not going to win too many one-dayers."

  51. Post update

    Simon Hughes

    BBC Test Match Special

    "The wind would not have made that catch easy, but De Villiers executed it perfectly."

  52. WICKET

    Morgan c De Villiers b Morkel 29 (Eng 169-3)

    A big 'heave-ho', then a big 'oh no!' as skipper Eoin Morgan gets too early on a slower(ish) delivery from Morne Morkel, ends up stretching for it and AB de Villiers runs round to take a fine, tumbling catch at deep mid-wicket.

  53. Post update

    Simon Hughes

    BBC Test Match Special

    "England just need to maintain this scoring rate without taking too many risks."

  54. Get Involved


    Daniel Monks: Is there any other way to play a yorker other than to "dig it out"?

  55. Eng 168-2 (need 95 off 96 balls)

    That's the 50 partnership, off 48 balls, and England coach Trevor Bayliss applauds from the comfort of his plastic seat on the balcony.

    Trevor strikes me as a bloke who'd like to sit on his porch, chewing tobacco in his rocking chair while watching the grandkids play. He's very undemonstrative.

    As is this England run-chase. This game been shoplifted: it's in the bag.

  56. View from the press box

    Alex Hales
  57. Post update

    Simon Hughes

    BBC Test Match Special

    "Behardien's bowling is a bit like Paul Collingwood's - only not as good."

    Geoffrey Boycott adds: "You can't let him and Duminy get through their 10 overs for a reasonable amount of runs."

  58. Eng 163-2 (Hales 80, Morgan 26)

    Filthier than a dog which has just rolled in mud.

    Farhaan Behardien bowls a half-tracker and Eoin Morgan guides him through the covers for four. Next time he serves up trash, the ball is smeared over the mid-wicket boundary towards the bins at the back of the stand. Rubbish!

  59. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    Eoin Morgan hits out for six

    "South Africa have taken the leg-spinner off as soon as Morgan hit that six off him."

  60. Eng 150-2 (need 113 from 108)

    Eoin Morgan's bat is perpendicular when he's stood waiting for the bowler to deliver. So when he decides to charge poor Kagiso Rabada, he looks like a club-wielding warrior. The young bowler keeps his nerve and the Morgan shuffle brings just a leg-bye. Five from the over.

    Steady as she goes.

  61. Post update

    Simon Hughes

    BBC Test Match Special

    Alex Hales of England

    "If you're going on the Duckworth-Lewis par score, which is a guide [even if it won't rain], at this point England should have 126 - and they have 145."

  62. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "If the square-leg umpire was doing his job, he'd see Hales' back foot hadn't moved, up or down or sideways."

  63. Umpire review

    Eng 145-2 (target 263)

    South Africa's use of military medium pace in the form of Farhan Behardien is more nineties than an Oasis cassette and Tamagotchis. The only time he looks like he might take a wicket is when he chucks a wide down the leg side, the batsman wobbles ever so slightly and the keeper whips off the bails. The umpire goes upstairs, but Hales is fine. Carry on.

  64. Scorecard update

    England 140-2 (30 overs)

    Not out batsmen: Hales 74 (91 balls), Morgan 12 (12)

    Fall of wickets: 20-1 (Roy 14), 117-2 (Root 38)

    Bowling figures: Abbott 7-1-35-2, Rababda 6-0-24-0, Morkel 6-0-20-0, Tahir 5-0-31-0, Behardien 3-0-13-0, Duminy 3-0-17-0.

    South Africa 262-7 (50 overs) - De Villiers 73, Duminy 47, Du Plessis 46, Topley 4-50

    South Africa won toss

    Full scorecard

  65. Eng 140-2 (Hales 74, Morgan 12)

    Alex Hales of England

    AB de Villiers, wearing a green, floppy sunhat, tries to cajole his wilting troops in the late afternoon sunshine. There's not much he can say when Alex Hales goes for an expansive drive against Kagiso Rabada and the ball flies off the toe of the bat and for four. Smile and nod.

  66. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    England captain Eoin Morgan

    "I think Eoin Morgan has brought himself in, not just for the right-hand/left-hand combination, but because he fancies taking on the leg-spinner."

  67. Eng 133-2 (target 263)

    So, England need another 130 runs to win from 126 balls. Easy, right?

  68. Post update

    Neil Manthorp

    BBC Test Match Special

    "There's a massive difference playing in the coastal areas of South Africa, which isn't often appreciated."

  69. Eng 132-2 (Morgan 9 off 5)

    Eoin Morgan plays a golf-like shot to smash Imran Tahir back down the ground for six. Disdainfully beautiful.

  70. Get Involved


    Andrew Mills: Proper cricket going on here, a series with a mixture of ridiculous high scores and also tight bowler-led games = perfection.

  71. Eng 124-2 (target 263)

    Alex Hales has been strong behind the wicket today - scoring 27 of his runs between point and third man. That includes a delicate chop for four beyond the sprawling third man who is up in the circle. Intelligent batting.

  72. Get Involved


    Stuart Mitchell: For this approach to work, Hales has to bat through or at least see it through to a point where England are unlikely to lose.

  73. Eng 117-2 (Hales 63, Morgan 0)

    Thanks Mitch. Boiling up nicely this, isn't it?

    Selfless from Eoin Morgan, by the way. He's taken responsibility for the difficult situation here - whereas in the last game, he recognised how destructive Jos Buttler could be on the flat track in Bloemfontein.

    There's a match-sealing century on offer for Alex Hales too. Just a single from Imran Tahir's latest set of six.

  74. Get Involved


    Garan Jones: England doing the right thing keeping wickets intact - they have destructive batsmen down the order who can change everything.

  75. Eng 117-2

    England opt against promoting Jos Buttler as they did in Bloemfontein - it's a little early, so they stick with captain Eoin Morgan, their regular number four, who defends his first ball.

    And we're just past the halfway point - having kept wickets in hand and set a platform for England's run chase, it's time for me to hand over to today's "finisher", Marc Higginson.

  76. Post update

    Vic Marks

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "It skidded on to him, he was trying to run it down to third man, he got a fair bit of bat on it but only deflected it on to his stumps. Root played an old style one-day innings, doing it in a discreet manner. Boundaries are hard to come by. The game is in the balance."

  77. WICKET

    Root b Abbott 38 (Eng 117-2)

    Kyle Abbott

    Abbott makes the breakthrough again - Root comes down the track a pace, trying to guide the ball to third man but can only edge it onto his stumps. His 38 came from 64 balls.

  78. Eng 111-1 (target 263)

    Duminy, bearded and bowling in sunglasses, continues to operate round the wicket. England milk him for five singles - reaching "Nelson" (111) - but umpire Cloete isn't impressed by an lbw appeal against Root. SA have already wasted their review - and the ball-tracker shows it might have clipped the top of the stumps.

    Meanwhile, Simon Mann on TMS has given away one of today's football scores - rest assured we won't (in case you want to save yourselves for Match of the Day), but should you wish to follow the afternoon's football, you can do so here - or take in the start of the Six Nations here.

  79. Post update

    Vic Marks

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "The feature so far in this England performance has been the discipline, with both the bowling and so far the batting. A way to go yet but they are well placed."

  80. Eng 106-1 (Hales 56, Root 35)

    Morkel takes a rest as South Africa turn to opening bowler Kyle Abbott, who impressed early on and has taken the only wicket of the innings so far. We've not had many boundaries lately, but Hales eases the pressure - if there was any - by hoisting a four over wide mid-on. 157 needed from 156 balls.

  81. Post update

    Simon Mann

    BBC Test Match Special

    Morne Morkel

    "I'd much rather be in England's position at the moment."

  82. Eng 100-1 (target 263)

    A ripple of applause around St George's Park as England reach 100. This stand is worth 80 - from 20 overs.

  83. From the press box

  84. 50 for Alex Hales

    Eng 97-1

    Alex Hales

    Duminy goes round the wicket to the right-handed Hales, who forces a single past mid-wicket to bring up his fifty from 68 balls. Slow by his one-day standards, but are England pacing this innings too slow? Or just right?

  85. Post update

    Vic Marks

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    Joe Root

    "By modern English standards they are batting with quite a lot of discretion. They are on course but they could still slip up."

  86. Eng 94-1 (Hales 48, Root 31)

    Poor old Morkel is still bowling into the wind, can he force the breakthrough South Africa need? Root and Hales keep chipping away with singles, but the lost art of bowling straight has been making a comeback in this game and rewarding the seamers who have been able to avoid bowling anything loose. Even Chris Woakes has to stifle a yawn on the England balcony as four sedate singles are added. Fireworks these ain't.

  87. Post update

    Ebony Rainford-Brent

    Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

    "I would be tempted to give Rabada even just one over. He might just create something, rather than letting the game drag and these two batsmen settling in."

  88. Eng 90-1 (target 263)

    Off-spinner JP Duminy is South Africa's sixth bowler, replacing fellow part-timer Behardien - and that's a bit better from England as a tight over looks on the cards until Hales guides the sixth delivery with the spin and past short fine leg for four.

  89. Get Involved

    Email us:

    Mike Little: Re Jack Allum at 16 overs... SA's top five scored 192 in 41 overs at a rate of almost exactly 4.7. England are going at 4.33 per over - why the excitement?

  90. Latest scorecard

    England 84-1 (20 overs)

    Not out: Hales 41 (59 balls), Root 28 (48)

    Fall of wicket: 20-1 (Roy 14)

    Bowling figures: Abbott 4-1-17-1, Rababda 5-0-17-0, Morkel 5-0-16-0, Tahir 3-0-21-0, Behardien 3-0-13-0.

    South Africa 262-7 (50 overs) - De Villiers 73, Duminy 47, Du Plessis 46, Topley 4-50

    South Africa won toss

    Full scorecard

  91. Eng 84-1 (Hales 41, Root 28)

    England's victory target of 263 is still looking some distance away as Hales plays and misses at Morkel, trying to run the ball down to third man. A good line and length from the giant paceman means the required rate is creeping towards six an over. A legside wide and a quick single off the last ball are the only blemishes on Morkel's over - England need 179 from 180 balls.

    I remember the 1980s when chasing more than six an over meant the game was all but lost... that shows how much the one-day game has changed in the last three decades or so.

  92. Cricket nostalgia

  93. Eng 82-1 (target 263)

    Post-drinks, Behardien trots in for a third over, but England aren't tucking into the part-timer as much as you might have expected - just two singles and a two from it. He's doing a great job for the Proteas at the moment.

  94. England's women ready for ODI series

    While the players take drinks (and a pitch invader is apprehended by security), TMS's Ebony Rainford-Brent is preparing to depart for Benoni, where England's women begin their ODI series tomorrow. You can hear commentary on all their games on BBC Radio - tomorrow's is live on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra and the BBC Sport website from 07:45 GMT.

    You can also read England vice-captain Heather Knight's latest column on the website - it features the Women's Big Bash, Bondi Beach lifeguards, literary erotic thrillers, and yes, some cricket!

  95. Drinks break

    Eng 78-1

    Tahir's off - Simon Hughes on TMS is confused as to why medium-pacer Behardien is bowling with the wind, and the experienced pacer Morkel is now being asked to bowl into the wind. Hales clips one strongly off his legs but it's straight to the man at deep mid-wicket. England are strictly in second gear at the moment, but they need to step up to third at some point... Time for an oil change? Drinks to be taken.

  96. Get Involved


    Spurs Next Season: If Hales could get just a little bit better, he'd be outstanding! He's great already. Back him don't trounce him.

  97. Eng 74-1 (target 263)

    Chris Jordan takes a catch

    Interesting make-up of the sides today. SA went in with four bowlers, England with six - but Chris Jordan (their sixth, and most expensive bowler), while he wasn't on his best form with the ball, arguably saved them 40-50 runs with that outstanding catch to dismiss De Villiers.

    Behardien is an honest tryer, and only gives up three singles from the over. England need 189 from 33 overs at a rate of 5.72.

  98. Get Involved


    Jack Allum: Completely ridiculous that these two are batting as if it's a Test match. Required rate now nearly 6 and will rise quickly.

  99. 50 partnership

    Eng 71-1 (Hales 34, Root 23)

    Alex Hales

    The Port Elizabeth brass band may not have 76 trombones, but I can see at least four in action as Root carefully dabs Imran Tahir for four through third man with the gentle, careful touch of a Mahela Jayawardene. A well-run three from Hales brings up the fifty stand.

    Never mind the part-timers, is Tahir going to get through his full overs here? He's gone for 21 in three overs, and served up plenty of pies.

  100. Get Involved


    Iain B: What's the best de's or du's one day side we can imagine. And would Daffy DeFreitas get in?  

  101. Eng 61-1 (target 263)

    A scrappy over continues as De Kock fails to gather a routine throw, the ball hits the stumps and ricochets away for an overthrow. Were De Kock not keeping wicket, I think the skipper might be sending him away to field in the naughty corner for a couple of overs.

  102. SA lose review

    It's going to be the snickometer - "Ultra Edge" for this series - which will determine whether this is out or not. But there's not a glimmer on the flatline display, and Hales survives.

    So, De Kock has now wasted both South Africa's reviews in this match (batting, when he was blatantly out, and now wicketkeeping). The new Shane Watson?

  103. Post update

    Shaun Pollock

    Ex-South Africa captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "De Kock said there was no doubt in his mind that Hales had edged it."

  104. Umpire review

    Right. The part-timers have arrived - first up is Farhaan Behardien, whose right-arm medium is strictly of the trundling variety. But keeper Quinton de Kock is convinced that Hales has nicked Behardien's first ball for a catch, and convinces his captain to go for the review...

  105. Get Involved


    Garan Jones: I think Hales could become an unbelievable limited-overs batsman. One of the best, but not a Test player.

  106. Eng 55-1 (target 263)

    Tahir is still serving up the occasional low full toss which England could be punishing, but for now they're happy to help themselves to five singles from the bearded spinner. Hales can't quite get hold of the last ball, clearly eyeing up the mid-wicket boundary for six but only earning a single.

  107. Get Involved

    Text us on 81111

    Tom: Batting like this makes you wonder why they dropped Taylor. Should always be a place for him in a team.

  108. Eng 50-1 (Hales 23, Root 13)

    Joe Root

    Morkel gives South Africa a bit more control at the Park Drive End. Just the four bowlers used so far - they'll need to use part-timers to make up the fifth bowler's allocation. Two singles take England to the landmark of 50, Root is trying to show a little acceleration but he's not quite timing it as fluently as we know he can.

  109. Post update

    Shaun Pollock

    Ex-South Africa captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "South Africa have used Imran Tahir to pick up lots of wickets in the middle overs and will be hoping for more of the same on a surface which should suit him."

  110. Eng 48-1 (target 263)

    A mixed bag so far from Tahir - full tosses, long-hops and other deliveries which probably deserved to be deposited in the eponymous Duck Pond at the end he's bowling from. Hales helps himself to four through the covers.

    In England, Tahir has played for Middlesex, Yorkshire, Hampshire, Warwickshire and Nottinghamshire. He's one short of equalling Marcus North's record of playing for six counties.

  111. Eng 43-1

    South Africa turn to the leg-spin of Imran Tahir, and Hales skies his second ball high over mid-on... but the Notts man gets lucky as the ball lands between two fielders. Big let-off.

  112. Ireland ease to T20 victory over PNG

    Gary Wilson steered Ireland to victory in the first of three T20 games against PNG

    Gary Wilson blasted six sixes in a top score of 45 as Ireland cruised to a five-wicket T20 win over Papua New Guinea in Townsville.

    Craig Young, Andy McBrine and Kevin O'Brien each took two wickets as PNG managed just 92-9 in their 20 overs.

    Ireland were 30-3 before a stand of 53 between Wilson and Kevin O'Brien (19) helped them to 97-5 in just 12.1 overs.

    It was the first in a three-game T20 series between the sides, with matches on Sunday and Tuesday to follow.

    Wilson scored his 45 off 33 balls in the one-side affair in Australia.

    Story update

    Gary Wilson hit six boundaries in a top score of 45 as Ireland cruise to a five-wicket T20 win over Papua New Guinea in Townsville.

    Read more
  113. Eng 42-1 (Morkel 2-0-8-0)

    Alex Hales

    Morkel tries a bouncer, Hales ducks, the crowd cheers - and the Port Elizabeth band are working overtime, having kept playing all day. Hales moves to 17 from 26 balls with a couple of singles, Root has 11 from 27.

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    James in Peterborough: How can you call Roy's dismissal an off-cutter? The seam position was straight and it jagged in off the seam. Would have done for most batsmen.

  115. Latest scorecard

    England 39-1 (10 overs)

    Not out: Hales 15 (22 balls), Root 10 (25)

    Fall of wicket: 20-1 (Roy 14)

    Bowling figures: Abbott 4-1-17-1, Rababda 5-0-17-0, Morkel 1-0-5-0.

    South Africa 262-7 (50 overs) - De Villiers 73, Duminy 47, Du Plessis 46, Topley 4-50

    South Africa won toss

    Full scorecard

  116. Eng 39-1 (target 263)

    Rabada stays on for a fifth over - Hales bludgeons a slower ball over the bowler's head for four, but then nearly chops a fuller delivery onto his stumps. South Africa were 52-1 at this stage.

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    Alex Hales

    Jack Allum: England started very defensively here. Can't see why - should attack and put pressure back on the bowlers.

  118. Eng 34-1 (Hales 10, Root 10)

    "He was born to bowl, not field," TMS's Neil Manthorp said earlier of gentle giant Morne Morkel, who's into the attack for the first time. Just a smear or two of sun cream on his chiselled cheeks. Hales takes a single early in the over as he's done a few times today, he's into double figures. Root also makes double digits as he steps across his stumps and guides a four past the square leg umpire.

  119. Post update

    Shaun Pollock

    Ex-South Africa captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "It was important for South Africa to get a good start because the way Hales and Roy batted in Bloem took a lot of pressure off the team."

  120. Eng 29-1 (target 263)

    Kagiso Rabada

    Hales is proceeding in singles, Rabada is matching Abbott for line and length here, South Africa are keeping it tight with a ring of men saving one and safe to say England won't be winning this one with 20 overs to spare.

  121. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "Hales has played three or four beautiful shots and got nothing for it. That's the difference in this pitch. I think England could lose this if they don't play sensibly. They will lose it rather than South Africa win it."

  122. Eng 28-1 (Hales 8, Root 6)

    Geoffrey's right - as in the first ODI, South Africa only have four front-line bowlers (Abbott, Rabada, Morkel and Tahir) and will have to find 10 overs from part-timers. So they can afford to just take a couple from Abbott's fourth over, knowing they can tuck in later on.

  123. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "Rabada was so excited seeing Hales halfway down the pitch he couldn't get hold of the ball. If they just settle down the game will take its course as lesser bowlers come on and the fielders go out."

  124. Eng 26-1 (target 263)

    What happened there? How was Hales not run out? He plays the ball back to the bowler and charges off like a madman for a run which was never there. As the ball comes to Rabada, Hales is stranded halfway down the wicket, Root hadn't moved. But Rabada can't collect the ball cleanly, it squirms out of his hands like a bar of soap and Hales has time to regain his ground. Whoever was the winner there... it wasn't cricket.

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    Miličića Mića: Think England might miss Taylor on this type of pitch, might have been worth sacrificing one of the big hitters.

  126. Root reprieved

    Eng 25-1

    It's almost a reverse of the Duminy dismissal, where the left-hander was given lbw by Cloete to a ball missing leg stump (but SA had already used their review).

    Here, it's right-handed Root reviewing a ball that looks to be sliding down leg... it's easily "wickets missing" and Root is reprieved. All the more surprising why he had to consult Alex Hales before asking for the review.

  127. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "It only has to clip the stumps once they have given you out."

  128. Umpire review

    Big appeal for lbw by Rabada, umpire Cloete raises his finger and after a little deliberation, Joe Root signals for a review...

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    Simon Smith: This time last year that SA total would have been a daunting challenge. Now it's easy peasy, how times change...

  130. Eng 23-1 (Abbott 3-1-15-1)

    Abboott, still with a slip in, is on the money here from the Park Drive End, bowling nice and straight - knowing he can't give Hales too much width. It helps when you're backed up by your fielders, a smart stop by Rilee Rossouw at short extra cover allows Abbott to join the dots for a maiden over.

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    Ade: I've always thought of the IPL auctions as very odd. Morris for £1m, form man of world cricket Khawaja unsold, Buttler bought as basically a reserve. Do the people doing the buying actually watch cricket?

  132. IPL auction

  133. Eng 23-1

    A Hales single brings Joe Root on strike for the first time, he's off the mark as he clips his second delivery through square leg and immediately signals he wants two. Good running, given that the ball barely made it out of the fielding circle.

  134. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "He played down the wrong line - he played down Bakerloo when it was on Piccadilly. The bowler sent that down like an off-cutter, it gripped on the slow surface. Good bowling."

  135. WICKET

    Roy b Abbott 14 (Eng 20-1)

    Jason Roy

    Bowled him! Abbott has his revenge as Roy is beaten all ends up by an off-cutter which he prods unconvincingly at and loses his leg stump. Time for the man with Root 66 on the back of his shirt.

  136. Eng 20-0

    Hales faces Abbott for the first time, dabbing a quick single. But the bowler offers Roy too much width, and the Surrey right-hander - not too far from his Durban birthplace - glides him through backward point for four. The England fans in PE are soon on their feet again as Roy smears one back past the bowler and the gangly Morne Morkel can't cut it off.