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  1. Post update

    Is there anything else to say? I don't think so. What a crazy, remarkable, thrilling and bonkers game of cricket.

    Deliciously, we have a decider on Valentine's Day. Join us on Sunday to feel the love.

  2. Post update

  3. Post update

    South Africa captain AB de Villiers: "We didn’t need nine wickets down tonight - I was taking a bit of strain in the dressing room. 

    "Thanks to the Jo’burg crowd, they pushed us over the line. We had opportunities to bowl them out for 150, unfortunately we missed out on that,  but I was still very happy with 260 which I thought was very chaseable. 

    "We could have made it easier but Chris Morris and the guys batting with him at the end were fantastic.

    "We were a bit naughty with my run out and a couple of other wickets were soft but England played well to get back into the game. I am just happy to take it to Cape Town."

  4. View from the press box

  5. Post update

    Chris Morris

    Man of the match Chris Morris: "We put in a lot of work on my batting so I'm really happy I can contribute. I'm very grateful to all the coaches that have thrown balls for me.

    "When Dave Wiese got out I thought we were in strife. It was tense. Luckily, they dropped me.

    "I knew if it was in my arc I could hit it far. Fortunately it came off."

  6. View from the press box

  7. Post update

    England captain Eoin Morgan: "At halfway it was South Africa's game to lose, we were 30 or 40 runs short even though Joe Root was magnificent.

    "We took wickets, which is a big improvement on the last game, and it was our game to win at the end.

    "I'm surprised, with the way we're playing, it's taken us this long to fall short with the bat.

    "The bowlers bowled out of their skin and the most disappointing thing is that we had chances. To see that fight is really positive."

  8. Post update

    I've just seen a replay of Adil Rashid's drop. It was a dolly. Morris only had 14 at the time.

  9. Post update

  10. Get Involved


    Ben Stokes

    Paul Cruse: And that is why it's a crime in limited overs cricket to not bat out your overs!

    Emre Can: Got to feel for Root, two consecutive centuries.. Only for the rest of the team to let him down twice!

    Anbu Krish: England fielding has been dreadful throughout the tour.Took some blinders and drop dollies

  11. Post update

    To sum up, I think England probably should have won that match, and been thrashed. A ridiculous game of cricket.

  12. Post update

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    Kevin Manning: Who says ODI cricket is dead? Though if you don't bat your overs out, and drop three catches then you're not likely to win.

    Stuart Owens: Only got yourselves to blame lads. Can't miss those chances in white ball cricket. Morris did well but should have been out twice.

    Jim: Makes Sunday an even better day! 3 games on Super Sunday, England v Italy and SA v England  happy Valentine's Day!! 

  14. Final scorecard

    Series tied at 2-2 with one match to play

    South Africa: 266-9 from 47.2 overs (target 263)

    Batsmen: Abbott 3, Tahir 4

    Fall of wickets: 2-1 (Amla 0), 63-2 (De Kock 27), 63-3 (Du Plessis 34), 121-4 (De Villiers 36), 143-5 (Duminy 31), 191-6 (Behardien 38), 207-7 (Wiese 21), 210-8 (Rabada 0), 262-9 (Morris 62)

    Bowling figures: Broad 7-0-55-1, Topley 8-1-39-2, Woakes 8-1-42-1, Stokes 10-0-46-2, Moeen 9-0-39-0, Rashid 5.2-0-38-2

    England 262 from 47.5 overs: Root 109, Hales 50, Rabada 4-45, Tahir 3-46

  15. Get Involved


    Jack: what a great advert for ODI cricket

    Picasosdog: back to the bad old days. bad batting terrible bowling and woeful fielding. rethink required.

    Rob Porter: England, you had the chance and you blew it. So disappointing.

  16. Post update

    Imran Tahir and Kyle Abbott celebrate

    After bowling such a good delivery to get rid of Morris, Rashid served up a complete pie to Tahir. I expected more from Tahir in the celebrations, he barely got off the square.

  17. Post update

    Shaun Pollock

    Ex-South Africa captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "England had their chances but now it's all set for a deciding match. What a great day for South Africa with the men and the women beating England."

  18. South Africa win by one wicket

    SA 266-9

    Imran Tahir celebrates

    Cut for four! As cool as you like, Tahir biffs the ball to the fence and raises his arms aloft. The number 11 makes it look an absolute doddle. England have lost the game, won it, then lost it again. We go to Cape Town for a Valentine's Day decider. What. A Match.

  19. Post update

    Shaun Pollock

    Ex-South Africa captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Can you believe it?! So disappointing for Morris. He deserved to take his team to victory and now it's on Tahir's shoulders."

  20. SA 262-9

    Imran Tahir. Last man. Pink helmet. One to win...

  21. WICKET

    Morris b Rashid 62 (SA 262-9)

    Bowled him! Chris Morris doesn't pick the googly and loses his off stump. The Wanderers is silent, then rises to Chris Morris. Un-be-liev-able.  

  22. SA 262-8

    Adil Rashid. Field up...

  23. Get Involved


    Neal Monaghan: It's like the mid 90's all over again, England have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory here.

    Jarleth Eaton: tis the hope that kills you. That was poor England.

    Ian Dobson: This is exactly the kind of thing we didn't want to happen.

  24. SA 262-8

    Dot ball, Abbott digs out a full one. One to win, the stage set for Chris Morris...

  25. SA 261-8

    Chris Morris runs

    Remember, England have dropped Morris and should have run him out. He drives down the ground, sets off, but some good fielding from Jason Roy means it's not the winning hit. One to win. Abbott on strike. 

  26. Get Involved


    Dan Stuchbury: What poor captaincy by Eoin. Woakes showing why can't be trusted. England again showing they are inconsistent. Not good enough.

    Si Holdsworth: Appalling death bowling and terrible fielding. Rashid drops a regulation catch that would've sealed it.

    Sue: Kudos to Chris Morris, what a great way to win an excellent game of cricket. Decider on Sunday - come on England!

  27. SA 261-8

    Someone give the large lady a knock, it's almost time for her to take the stage. Too short from Stokes, Morris, now batting like Don Bradman, pulls for six. Two to win...

  28. SA 255-8

    Ben Stokes...

  29. Get Involved


    Thomas Knights: Morris has played a great hand but England's fielding has lost the game today

    Henry Mboloma: Chris Morris!!!!!! Lights out!!!!!! superb innings,

    Graeme Hunt: Whatever happens this has been an amazing seesaw of a game

  30. SA 255-8 (6-4-4-1-0-0)

    A single from the fourth ball, Kyle Abbott with two to survive. Cool as you like, he leaves the first one, then defends the second. Where are England's catchers? In the South Africa dressing room, Imran Tahir waits in a pink helmet. If he hits the winnings runs, he'll probably sprint out of the Bullring.

  31. Get Involved


    Chris Mitchell: That's why Stuart Broad hasn't played ODI cricket for a year. A liability and embarrassingly poor. Time to quit lad.

    Sam James: Anyone fancy bowling a yorker?

    Liam Mellor: Despite his absolute Test heroics, is it not time we accepted that Stuart Broad just CANNOT play ODI cricket. Wrong length mate.

  32. SA 254-8

    Four more! 6-4-4. Stuart Broad is bowling half-volleys and South Africa only need nine to win. Incredible.

  33. Post update

    Shaun Pollock

    Ex-South Africa captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Superb from Chris Morris. This will haunt England if South Africa get over the line. Rashid had an easy catch to get rid off Morris but dropped it."

  34. 50 for Chris Morris

    SA 250-8

    Four through the covers! A 30-ball half-century! Chris Morris is waltzing South Africa home. For England, the wheels, hub caps, axle, engine and seat belts are coming off.

  35. SA 246-8

    Chris Morris! What an amazing stroke! Lean back, heave, send the ball over the rope. Broad's first ball goes for a maximum, the Wanderers might explode...

  36. Post update

    South Africa: 240-8 from 45 overs (target 263)

    Batsmen: Morris 40, Abbott 3

    Fall of wickets: 2-1 (Amla 0), 63-2 (De Kock 27), 63-3 (Du Plessis 34), 121-4 (De Villiers 36), 143-5 (Duminy 31), 191-6 (Behardien 38), 207-7 (Wiese 21), 210-8 (Rabada 0)

    Bowling figures: Broad 6-0-40-1, Topley 8-1-39-2, Woakes 8-1-42-1, Stokes 9-0-39-1, Moeen 9-0-39-0, Rashid 5-0-34-1

    England 262 from 47.5 overs: Root 109, Hales 50, Rabada 4-45, Tahir 3-46

  37. SA 240-8

    Stuart Broad...

  38. Get Involved


    BenFides: Why would you bring Woakes on now?! All that hard work to get on top and it's handed back.

    Rich Taylor: Chris woakes bowling himself out of the t20 squad... Oh wait.

    Andrew Gallagher: Rashid must be hoping and praying that Morris comes a cropper soon otherwise it's the naughty step for him

  39. SA 240-8 (23 to win from 30 balls)

    The England bench cuts a worried figure, I haven't seen a group of men that anxious since Father Ted got stuck in the lingerie section of a department store. Five overs to go, 23 to win. Rocking All Over The World sends the crowd wild. Is South Africa's taste in music 25 years behind the rest of the world? 

  40. Post update

    Shaun Pollock

    Ex-South Africa captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Woakes should back himself and get one on the stumps. If the batsman misses, he's out and that's the match over."

  41. SA 239-8

    England fielders try to stop the ball

    The Wanderers is absolutely electric, while England fielders in blue are scattering all over Johannesburg. Morris, swinging like a rusty gate, takes a couple through the off side, then Woakes bowls a horrible wide.

  42. Get Involved


    James Goddard: Edgbaston 2005 all over again.

    George Gray: England should have won we will lose now though and rue the missed opportunities! Sorry wifey valentines is now the decider.

    Peter Goodwin: England snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

  43. SA 236-8

    Chris Morris

    Sensational from Chris Morris! He's picked this up off his legs, nailing it right out of the screws. Six over mid-wicket. Ten off two balls. DJ Otzi's Hey Baby plays. What an awful track.

  44. Post update

    Shaun Pollock

    Ex-South Africa captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "I know Root got a hundred but if you think about Woakes' all-round contribution he could be the man of the match because of his runs down the order, his bowling and the running out of AB de Villiers. That run-out could well be the turning point of the match."

  45. SA 226-8

    Chris Woakes to come on. I think I can hear the DJ playing The Locomotion by Kylie Minogue. It's like being at a wedding, especially with the South Africans dressed as bridesmaids. First ball, Morris edges for four...

  46. Get Involved

    Text 81111 (UK users)

    SMS Message: The fielding by England has been really poor, Other throws, missed run-out and stumpings. Let's hope it doesn't cost them. from Eels in Oxford.
    Eels in Oxford.
  47. SA 226-8 (Morris 27 from 23 balls)

    Cunningly, in this tight situation, England have got Chris Jordan on the field. South Africa need 37 from the final six overs, so more or less a run ball. 

  48. Get Involved


    Ashley Paul: Please don't keep saying 'surely England have this wrapped up?'. It makes me nervous.

    Adam Wheeler: Should have been game over now. England need to be more ruthless.

  49. SA 225-8

    Fetch! Too short, Morris pulling for six. The Wanderers back to life. The men in pink remain alive. Just.

  50. Post update

    Shaun Pollock

    Ex-South Africa captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "England should definitely win this match. Kyle Abbott can stick around but it's all about Chris Morris and how many he can get. Last man Imran Tahir can't be relied upon to make many runs."

  51. SA 219-8

    It's still Reece Topley, so we wait to see if/when Broad comes back. Only one run from the first three balls, including some excellent fielding by Topley off his own bowling.

  52. Get Involved


    Chris Elliott: England are currently so good we give the opposition 5 extra wickets and we'll still win!

    Matt Harding: Odd SA scorecard. 6 out of the top 7 batsmen got 20+ runs yet not one got over 40. They got in then got out.

    John M Butt: Not impressed with Morgan or Rashid today

  53. SA 218-8

    Could England rue the lives given to Morris? He takes Stokes down the ground for a couple. 45 needed from seven overs. Run-rate not a problem, but wickets in hand certainly is. Surely time for Stuart Broad?

  54. Post update

    Shaun Pollock

    Ex-South Africa captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Morris has been a bit reckless and I don't think he needs to be yet. He should get the score down to 20 and then panic will set in among the England players. He needs to be more calculated."

  55. Close!

    SA 214-8

    Should be out again. Chris Morris takes a suicidal single, but Eoin Morgan can't hit the stumps. Morgan might even had chance to run and take the bails off. England have had enough chances to have wrapped this up long ago.

  56. Post update

    Simon Hughes

    BBC Test Match Special

    "How many times have England missed easy chances?"

  57. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "That was an absolute cuckoo. You definitely could have caught that in my mum's pinny. I can't let him off the hook just because he plays for Yorkshire."

  58. Dropped catch

    SA 213-8

    This is it, game over. Surely? No! Adil Rashid drops Chris Morris, who decides he has to play some shots. Running back from mid-off, Rashid gets both hands to it, but it spills out as he hits the ground. The sort of chance you see Chris Jordan eat for breakfast.

  59. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    England's players celebrate

    "Lovely captaincy from Morgan. I criticised him earlier but credit there. Topley bowled a perfect line and perfect length to a new batsman and Rabada knicked it. Morgan had a slip in and full marks to the captain for attacking because you need to take wickets."

  60. WICKET

    Rabada c Root b Topley 0 (SA 210-8)

    First ball! Kagiso Rabada goes for a golden duck, edging Reece Topley to Joe Root at first slip. Surely England have this match and series wrapped up? South Africa still need 53 with only Kyle Abbott and Imran Tahir to come.  

  61. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    Ben Stokes celebrates

    "It would have been a wide but the emotion is going, you want to win, you think you have to score off every ball, and then you get out chasing a wide one. Now we have a real tail-ender in and it's a different ball game.

  62. WICKET

    Wiese c Morgan b Stokes 20 (SA 207-7)

    David Wiese

    Is that the game changer? David Wiese has somehow toe-ended the widest of deliveries from Ben Stokes straight to Eoin Morgan at cover. There was no need to play at that, it would surely have been called wide. South Africa were doing it in singles, but the pressure of the situation has told. The Proteas are seven down and England might just have their noses in front.

  63. Post update

  64. Latest scorecard

    South Africa: 204-6 from 40 overs (target 263)

    Batsmen: Wiese 20, Morris 9

    Fall of wickets: 2-1 (Amla 0), 63-2 (De Kock 27), 63-3 (Du Plessis 34), 121-4 (De Villiers 36), 143-5 (Duminy 31), 191-6 (Behardien 38)

    Bowling figures: Broad 6-0-40-1, Topley 6-1-25-1, Woakes 7-1-28-1, Stokes 7-0-31-1, Moeen 9-0-39-0, Rashid 5-0-34-1

    England 262 from 47.5 overs: Root 109, Hales 50, Rabada 4-45, Tahir 3-46

  65. SA 204-6 (need 59 from 60 balls)

    Topley continues, his bowling partnership with Stokes perhaps the most tattooed in England's history. The length not quite there, Morris pulling over the leg side for a couple. Even a yorker is dug out for a single. Who are you backing? If I gave 50 to spend at the bookies, which team would be written on your slip?

  66. Get Involved


    Tim Fry: The next 3 overs are huge - 1 wicket & England take the series, 20/0 & South Africa are big favourites to take this to a decider

    CiaranTragheim: re: over 37. That's not fair on Broad at all. Can't blame him down at no. 10, he could have got a few but the 5-21 is the issue

  67. SA 199-6 (need 64 from 66 balls)

    Every run is like a little diamond to South Africa, while each notch on the score is a tiny dagger to England. Death by a thousand cuts. Tense stuff, like watching a Hitchcock film. Stokes the bowler, a two and a trio of singles. Runs not the issue, wickets the deal-breaker. If South Africa bat through, they win. 

  68. Get Involved


    Simon Goodall: All I've got to say is... What a blooming catch............

    Sean Annely: What a catch Topley! In for a tense finish

    Sam James: Maybe Topley should keep instead of Buttler?

  69. SA 194-6 (Topley 5-1-21-1)

    The ball might have just stuck in the pitch, with Behardien a touch early on it. Topley, not someone who you'd describe as athletic, did brilliantly to get low and hang on. Chris Morris the new man, Topley screaming an lbw appeal against Wiese. He's hit it, but that doesn't stop the whole England team pleading for the decision. 

  70. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "That showed tremendous character to catch that, especially for such a big man. Well done!" 

  71. WICKET

    Behardien c&b Topley 38 (SA 191-6)

    Reece Topley celebrates

    What a brilliant catch! This game twists and turns like a twisty-turny thing, with Reece Topley producing a bit of magic to remove Farhaan Behardien. The ball prodded back, Topley sticking his left paw low to the ground to cling on one-handed. Pace has done the trick for England. Whodda thunk it?   

  72. SA 191-5 (Behardien 38, Wiese 17)

    If this game gets close, and South Africa win it, I wonder if we'll reflect on the shot Stuart Broad played at the end of the England innings. At that time, they had the momentum, Rashid was on the charge. Broad went, then England were bowled out with more than two overs to spare. The returning Stokes errs too straight, with Wiese kicking four leg byes off his thigh pad. South Africa are actually doing this pretty easily at the moment. 

  73. Get Involved


    Christopher Dearing: Eoin you have to change something they're milking the spinners too easily the game is slipping away.

    Rachel T: Could do with Big Ben striking a few times here.

  74. SA 184-5

    Finally, some pace. Ben Stokes...

  75. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "This is where pressure comes into play. You have to be able to handle it."

  76. SA 184-5 (need 79 from 84 balls)

    Still it's spin, still it's Moeen, still the singles are on offer. England have enough overs in the bank to bowl at least one of their pacers, so why have they not called one back yet? The longer they leave it, the less wriggle room they will have. Sorry to bang on about it, but the situation seems to be crying out for one of the big beasts.

  77. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "It's a big call to leave both spinners on. You don't need them to bowl their full quota. Broad has bowled really well and Woakes has bowled nicely. You have to get your best seamers on now. They are allowing South Africa to get momentum and then it's harder to stop them."

  78. SA 179-5 (target 263)

    Farhaan Behardien

    I'm really not sure about this from England. They stick with Rashid, but he has looked poor since the wicket of Duminy, with this pair looking comfortable. A short ball is cut for four. They say the best captains are two overs ahead of the game, but Morgan looks behind. It's almost as if it was pre-determined that dual spin would occupy these overs. 

  79. Post update

    Vic Marks

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "If England sit back and think they've got them now, then they'll be in trouble. Somehow they have got to conjure another wicket because the runs just come so quickly here."

  80. SA 172-5

    Moeen Ali

    I'm pretty certain that the DJ has just played Nellie the Elephant, the awful 80s version that once featured in an episode of Phoenix Nights. England stick with spin, South Africa happy to milk like a maid on a stool. 91 to win from 96 balls with five wickets in hand is very doable.

  81. Get Involved


    Thisistheafterlife: "England are favourites now." Never, never, never say that. Ever. I was starting to like this match and now it's ruined.

    Tom Priestner: Root's innings is looking better and better. He's got more than the first 4 of South Africa's line up combined!

  82. SA 168-5 (need 95 from 17 overs)

    Behardien is on to a Rashid long hop, skipping back to belt a pull shot for four. South Africa are up with the rate, so England must keep taking wickets. Time to go back to pace? The Bullring is buzzing once more, as if the home fans have found a new reason to hope.

  83. Post update

  84. SA 160-5 (target 263)

    The players have taken drinks, with Eoin Morgan gathering his men for a Churchillian address. Decent cricketer, Churchill. A wicketkeeper. Behardien and Wiese are actually doing a decent job here, nudging the ball around, taking the singles on offer. If South Africa bat the overs, they'll probably win...

  85. Post update

    Simon Hughes

    BBC Test Match Special

    "I defy anybody, even the most anti-cricket person, not to enjoy this atmosphere. It's a great place to watch cricket."

  86. Get Involved

    The cleaner in action
  87. SA 153-5 (need 110 from 19 overs)

    Still spin, still Rashid. The stadium announcer gets excited when the Proteas go past 150, but the grope of Behardien to a ripping leggie from Adil shows what a bit task South Africa have ahead of them. Was that a stumping opportunity for Jos Buttler? Behardien did drag his foot and Buttler didn't gather cleanly. Even if he had got it in the gloves, I think Behardien would have got back. 

  88. Get Involved


    Joe Root and Jos Buttler celebrate the wicket of JP Duminy

    Wayne Furnell: Oh Duminy, you have had a shocker!

    Richie O'HaraBeamand: Brilliant play from England, right back in it, now!

    Ali: C'mon England! I'm (thankfully) holding off the Disney Jr channel to watch this play out! 

  89. SA 148-5 (target 263)

    I'm not sure it did keep low, Victor. It was just some pretty ordinary batting to a regulation leg-break. Duminy has run out De Villiers, then fallen on his sword. It might be best if he doesn't go back to the dressing room, but instead walks back to the hotel with his pinks and pads still on. David Wiese the new batsman. Not a whole load of batting to come.

  90. Post update

    Vic Marks

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "We were musing whether it was a good idea to bowl Rashid but we have our answer now. He bowled a ropey first over but he started to pitch the ball better, turned it a little bit, and it kept a little low and looked plumb."

  91. WICKET

    Duminy lbw Rashid 31 (SA 143-5)

    Adil Rashid celebrates with Jason Roy

    Gone! JP Duminy was looking decent, much better than his usual wet toilet paper approach, but it was never likely to last. Stuck on the crease to an Adil Rashid leg-break, hit in front, stone dead. He looks around for encouragement to review, but is snubbed by Berhardien. England are whoop whooping once more. They are favourites now.  

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  93. SA 143-4

    "Oh my word," says Jos Buttler from behind the stumps, the poshest exclamation you'll ever hear from a wicketkeeper. He's no Rod Marsh, is he? This is better from Rashid, drift in the air, turn off the pitch...

  94. Post update

  95. SA 139-4 (need 124 from 22 overs)

    The DJ continues to play the big rock anthems, pumping out AC/DC's Back In Black when Duminy cuts a Moeen half-tracker for four. Is double spin the way to go for England here? What about some pace at the new man?

  96. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "That wicket has lifted England. De Villiers was starting to hit a few but now he's out it gives the team a tremendous boost. I used to feel the same whenever we got Viv Richards out."

  97. SA 133-4 (target 263)

    Adil Rashid on, a good time to introduce the leggie for the first time. Behardien, who has the back-and-forth footwork of a rocking Weeble, reaches out to drive for four. I think this could be a close one, with potential for squeaky bums later in the piece.

  98. Get Involved


    Rob Zabrocky: Best run out ever Chris Woakes

    BigEv: Man of the match for SA tonight is the SA umpire .. no hang on Woakesy is now back in the frame

    Rex Vinorum: That is phenomenal Chris Woakes!!! What an effort!

    Alice Stainer: Brilliant play from Chris Woakes bowling, batting, fielding; plus answering a few naysayers in the process & giving us some hope. 

  99. SA 123-4

    England's players celebrate the run out of AB De Villiers

    The reaction of Duminy was telling. It was a "what have I just done?" moment as he looked back over his shoulder. England were whooping like an excited hen do. The Bullring has been pretty much stunned into silence. Farhaan Behardien is the new man. I'd be surprised if England aren't reminding JP Duminy that he's just run out TBBITW.

  100. Latest scorecard

    South Africa: 121-4 from 25 overs (target 263)

    Batsmen: Duminy 21, Behardien 0

    Fall of wickets: 2-1 (Amla 0), 63-2 (De Kock 27), 63-3 (Du Plessis 34), 121-4 (De Villiers 36)

    Bowling figures: Broad 6-0-40-1, Topley 4-1-18-0, Woakes 7-1-28-1, Stokes 5-0-23-1, Moeen 3-0-10-0

    England 262 from 47.5 overs: Root 109, Hales 50, Rabada 4-45, Tahir 3-46

  101. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "We had seen a glimpse of De Villier's brilliance and the shots he can play and I was beginning to worry about him. It wasn't a good run to go for though." 

  102. WICKET

    De Villiers run out (Woakes) 36 (SA 121-4)

    AB De Villiers

    Has Chris Woakes just won this series for England? AB de Villiers, who was starting to look imperious, is back in the hutch, run out by some athletic brilliance. JP Duminy dropped the ball on the leg side. I don't know who called, but both batsmen set off. Woakes was quick to the ball, diving and throwing in the same movement. ABDV tried to dive, but he was miles short. Huge, huge moment.    

  103. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "That was brilliant and just might have won the game. What a wonderful piece of cricket."

  104. Third umpire

    SA 121-3

    This must be out! AB de Villiers is in huge trouble. A single, Chris Woakes fielding off his own bowling, direct hit. A huge moment...

  105. Get Involved


    Pete Walker: Mo is the cap stealer. He should be number 232!

    Matt Smith: Stokes is 221, Moeen is 232. Moeen needs to organise his kit better

  106. SA 121-3

    AB De Villiers

    More cap news. We can confirm that Ben Stokes is England's official 221. Moeen Ali is 232. It's Moeen who forgot his cap/pinched one off Stokes. I'd have thought it would be the other way around.

    Back in the middle, De Villiers drives, then pulls Woakes for back-to-back fours. The Best Batsman In The World (TBBITW for short) is just starting to tick.

  107. Get Involved


    Matt Bodsworth: This is shaping up to be a cracking game of cricket. Who says you need to score 350 to have a good game!!!

    Richard Med-Revell: Catches win matches, optional to England it seems

  108. SA 110-3 (target 263)

    Excellent, excellent spot, Nick. Many times when I've played cricket, someone will ask "has anyone got a spare cap?" Is it Moeen or Stokes who has forgotten his headwear? Or, like you say, someone might have been on the rob. Do let me know if you've ever, ahem, acquired kit from a cricketer. Anonymity not guaranteed...

  109. Get Involved


    Nick Lovering: In the pic at the top of your screen, both Moeen and Stokes appear to be wearing #221 caps. Who is the cap thief?

  110. SA 107-3 (need 160 from 27 overs)

    JP Duminy

    Woakes, who conceded only 13 runs in his first five overs, tests out the middle of the deck to Duminy, who sways, then has a hook for a couple. Good rocks at the Wanderers now, full ground, lights, Castle lager. When Woakes drops short, Duminy cuts for four. The Proteas clawing their way...

  111. Post update

  112. Get Involved


    Rich Adams: Eng dishing out lives to SA like a Dad have a knock with his boy before tea in the back garden. Go on son have another go.

  113. SA 100-3 (De Villiers 22, Duminy 14)

    Are you on the way home? Got that Friday feeling? Do let me know. Better yet, send a picture, especially if you're bonding with a fellow commuter over the cricket. Moeen Ali, beard that could sink a ship, over the wicket to ABDV. Nice line, two singles from it.

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    Stuart Broad reacts to a dropped catch

    Rory Stoves: Over 17 dropped catch Over 18 lost review Over 19 dropped catch Three overs to ruin England's innings, three to let SA get away?

    Guy Morris: 2 dropped catches and an umpire's call LBW not out. Think that's the game right there

    John Gentleman: There's nothing worse than dropped catches whilst queueing in traffic

  115. SA 98-3 (target 263)

    JP Duminy

    Thanks, James. Have we discussed the pink kit-green pad combo South Africa are sporting? Looks odd. Like someone has encased a Starburst in the wrong colour wrapper. Game on at the Bullring, with South Africa rebuilding. Stuart Broad goes to the short-ball well once too often and is pulled for four by JP Duminy.

  116. Post update

    Neil Manthorp

    BBC Test Match Special

    "AB has a look in his eyes. Sometimes his team-mates see him at breakfast and say' have you seen AB's eyes?'. The reckon he gets into a zone. You just keep out of the firing line."

  117. SA 91-3 (De Villiers 22, Duminy 6)

    Duminy is struggling here and Eoin Morgan has his Achilles heel in mind with the introduction of Moeen Ali's off-spin. It's a decent first over, costing just four singles. Time for me to hand back to Stephan Shemilt...

  118. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "The crux will come. What will happen when the spinner bowls? De Villiers likes going after the spinners."

  119. SA 87-3 (target 263)

    Broad regains control, with just a single off his last three balls. And now we're going to see some spin for the first time...

  120. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    Jason Roy

    "What a wonderful dive to catch it. I was up for that. Has he dropped the match?"

  121. Dropped catch

    SA 86-3

    AB De Villiers bats

    Oh, what a moment that could be! Stuart Broad has had the wood on AB de Villiers in the Test matches and he almost has him first ball in the ODIs. De Villiers smashes him square - it goes hard to point, where a diving Jason Roy just can't quite cling on. He had it in his hands, would have been a pearler. And De Villiers responds by smashing Broad for four, then a huge six down the ground!

  122. SA 76-3

    Now that is annoying. Duminy looks gone for all money, but he's saved by a fractional 'umpire's call' on impact. The ball was crashing into middle stump about two-thirds of the way up. That's one of those you feel very unlucky not to have given out on the field.

  123. Post update

    Geoffrey Boycott

    Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "It's dangerous when the umpire has given it not out. You have to be sure."

  124. Umpire review

    Now then! Stokes hits Duminy, back pad, the verdict is not out but England want another look...

  125. Post update

    Vic Marks

    Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Where's Joe Root? He fields at second slip. It went quickly. Hales, who isn't a regular slip fielder, never looked like catching it. Root musn't be on the pitch."

  126. Dropped catch