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  1. Watch in-play video highlights
  2. India's first win of the tournament
  3. Kohli makes unbeaten 55 for India
  4. Malik 26 and Shehzad 25 for Pakistan
  5. Match reduced to 18 overs each by rain

Live Reporting

By Phil Dawkes and Stephan Shemilt

All times stated are UK

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Ind 119-4 (India win by six wickets)

Kohli and Dhoni end the match in style! Kohli hits Irfan for four, Dhoni goes one better with a six and then claims the winning single. The hosts are back in the tournament in style, with a win against their fiercest rivals.

We have cheers, fireworks and huge smiles at Eden Gardens, with Sachin Tendulkar the head cheerleader waving a huge India flag.

Ind 119-4

India are back in this tournament in style! They have won this game at a canter in the end. Kohli smashes a four, Dhoni goes one better with a six before then getting the match-winning single. 

Huge cheers, fireworks, big smiles. What a different picture from 10 overs ago.

Ind 106-4

To think, just a few overs ago, India were seriously rocking. What a different atmosphere we have now at Eden Gardens.

Ind 106-4 (Target 119)

Afridi has bowled out. The skipper has been unable to rescue his side. India need 13 off 18. And they have two of the coolest customers in the game at the crease. 

50 for Kohli

Ind 105-4

What a player this lad is. He brings up his 50, off 34 balls, with a four and a single. He is winning this game for India.

Ind 99-4 (need 20 off 24 balls)

Mohammad Amir is back, with one remit - dig Pakistan out of a hole. But Kohli has kept his head superbly during this innings, even when others were losing theirs. And he and Dhoni steer four singles before the former ends the over with a luscious drive for four. Timing, placement, class.

Ebony Rainford-Brent

Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

"Kohli is up for this. He's such a classy batsman. This is a difficult wicket to bat on but he's making it look easy."

Ind 91-4 (need 28 off 30 balls)

The wicket may have checked India's progress but it doesn't halt it. Kohli, carried by the huge cheers that greeted the arrival of MS Dhoni as his partner, drives Afridi for four. Dhoni, who casually hasn't bothered with a helmet, gets off the mark with a single.

Only wickets will rescue Pakistan now.

Ebony Rainford-Brent

Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

"That wicket might be a little bit late for Pakistan - they are going to have to do something special to win from here."


Yuvraj c Sami b Wahab 24 (Ind 84-4)

Is this too little, too late for Pakistan? Yuvraj looks to fire another one on the pull but doesn't quite catch it and is caught by Mohammad Sami just in front of the rope at cow corner.

Ind 80-3

The noise is deafening. Yuvraj rocks back and plants a short Wahab ball over cow corner for six. These two are winning it.

Charles Dagnall

BBC Test Match Special

"This partnership between Kohli and Yuvraj is keeping India in the competition."

Ind 80-3

The noise is deafening. Riaz digs one in short and Yuvraj rocks back and cleanly smashes one over cow corner for six. These two are winning it.

Ind 74-3 (Target 119)

A brilliant over for India, all thanks to Kohli, who adds to his earlier six off Malik with a whip-punch in front of square for four.

Ind 70-3

The crowd are on their feet as the 150th tournament six is swept over backward square by Kohli. India are wrestling back control.

Ind 60-3 (Target 119)

Pakistan go for a change of pace, turning to Wahab Riaz. But Kohli responds by pulling his first ball flat over midwicket for four. Wahab hits back, though, and restricts India to just two more runs. Steadily, these two batsman are grinding their side back into contention.

Ebony Rainford-Brent

Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

"India starting to look much healthier now with these two playing well. There haven't really been any fireworks but they've kept the score ticking over."

Latest scorecard

Match reduced to 18 overs per side

India 54-3 from nine overs

Batsmen: Kohli 15, Yuvraj 14

Fall of wickets: 14-1 (Sharma 10), 23-2 (Dhawan 6), 23-3 (Raina 0)

Bowling figures: Amir 2-1-3-1, Irfan 2-0-12-0, Sami 2-0-27-2, Afridi 2-0-11-0, Malik 1-0-8-0

Pakistan: 118-5 (Malik 26, Shehzad 25)

Full scorecard

Ind 54-3

The scoreboard requests that fans 'make some noise'. I think they're too busy chewing their nails. There are a lot of knees bobbing nervously on the Indian bench. Shoaib Malik continues the spin assault and gets a few to grip and turn dramatically. India are still able to take him for eight. A good response from the hosts.

The win predictor gives India 77%. Hmmm.

Ind 46-3 (Target 119)

Afridi is getting it to dart and nip, slide and spit. India prepared this surface but Pakistan are enjoying it more at the moment. Kohli and Yuvraj are smuggling singles whenever they can.

Ebony Rainford-Brent

Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

Mohammad Sami

"It's interesting to see such different approaches. India were all about the spin but Pakistan are really backing their seamers to get the job done."


Pak 40-3


All happening at a baying Eden Gardens. Superb steer for four by Kohli, booming drive by Yuvraj, who is then fortunate not to find mid-on with a mis-hit. Kohli, for his part, is calm in the cauldron, turning a couple of his pads, bringing applause from Sachin Tendulkar.

Ind 28-3 (need 91 off 72 balls)

Shahid Afridi is probably the last man the Indian batsmen wanted to see with the ball in his hand in these circumstances. New man Yuvraj Singh and Kohli, who had to watch last over's carnage from the non-striker's end, cope pretty well with the whippy spinner, but the turn makes it tough to score.

Ind 23-3 (Target 119)

Sami celebrates

That is some scream that Sami let out when he took the second wicket. He doesn't get a hat-trick but he has done enough damage. India are really struggling now.


Raina b Sami 0 (Ind 23-3)

Never mind hearing a pin drop. You could hear it hit the turf even if it was wrapped in cotton wool now. Sami claims two in two as Suresh Raina goes back and also plays on. The red lights flash in the bails. The alarm bells are screaming in the India dressing room.

Ebony Rainford-Brent

Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

"That's an important wicket for Sami, because he'd taken some treatment. It was a tight line and Dhawan was trying to work it, maybe trying to do too much with a ball that wasn't there."


Shawan b Sami 6 (Ind 23-2)

Mohammad Sami is tossed the cherry as the seam assault continues. Dhawan is initially up for the challenge as he steers a decent first ball square between two diving men for a precious boundary. But later in the over he goes back to a shortish ball and plays on. A hush descends across Eden Gardens again.

Ind 18-1

It has been said before and it will be said again; you can't judge until both teams have batted on a track. India are struggling to get the ball away and the Pakistan players have a skip in their step. Not least of them, Mohammad Irfan, who makes up for a messy first over with a neater second. Just the two runs off it.

What a terrible t20 pitch prepared.... For the biggest game of the tournament!! #disappointed 😏

Yet more confusion about the way this pitch has been prepared. This time former England wicketkeeper Matt Prior has his say.

Beyond me why India would play two huge games on such bad wickets?! Surely they'd back themselves on the best surface #WT20 #IndvsPak

Ind 16-1 (Target 119)

Virat Kohli is the new man but Shikhar Dhawan has the strike. A tip of the cap to Muhammad Amir. This pitch is all about the spin, but Amir has tamed it in his two overs with a bit of zip and some good length. 

Ebony Rainford-Brent

Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

"That was not an easy catch. The ball was in the air for years. Good pace from Amir, Rohit got it right at the toe end of the bat."


Sharma c Malik b Amir 10 (Ind 14-1)

Amir strikes! It is just short of a length and draws Sharma into a mistimed stroke that sends the ball flying skywards. It is up for an age before dropping for Shoaib Malik to claim. You can hear a pin drop.

Ind 14-0

61,377 inside this stadium, according to the big screen. Now that is a crowd. Most of them are cheering as Sharma rocks back and cuts India's first boundary off Mohammad Irfan. Shahzad has to look sharp at point to prevent Sharma finding the boundary again a few balls later, but nobody can do anything about a pull that sends the ball spinning away to the rope. Really good over for India.

118 is a great total on such a turning track .. But did green caps picked the right team or not I think they got it all wrong picking Sami .

Ebony Rainford-Brent

Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

"Even though Amir has got good pace, the ball isn't doing anything."

Ind 4-0

Amir, charging in left-arm over with some decent wheels, chucks in one wide but otherwise finds a good line and length. Steady start from India. Four runs to get the innings under way.

The guys in the scoreboard know it's all about #WT20! What a game of cricket we have on here! #INDvPAK

The guys in the scoreboard know it's all about #WT20! What a game of cricket we have on here! #INDvPAK

The players are back out. Rohit Sharma takes his guard, Shikhar Dhawan stands at the non-strikers' end. Mohammad Amir has the ball. Here we go...