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  1. Sharjeel (59) & Latif (59*) share stand of 107
  2. Hales (37) & Roy (21) top scorers for Eng
  3. Wahab 3-18; Imad 2-17; Hasan 2-24
  4. England win Super Series 16-12

Live Reporting

By Phil Dawkes and Bibhash Dash

All times stated are UK

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And that's a fitting way to end our live coverage for the day - with smiles. Here's the moment Pakistan fans had the biggest smiles in Manchester, as Babar Azam hit the winning runs.

It's been a pleasure bringing all this wonderful cricket to you. Join us in October for England's winter tours, but until then, it's goodbye from the live-text team. Bye bye!

Ebony Rainford-Brent

Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

Pakistan have been playing with smiles on their faces. We have enjoyed the cricket they have produced. The spirit in which it has been played has been brilliant.

Pakistan team
Getty Images

England coach Trevor Bayliss on Sky Sports: "The game was all about momentum tonight. The way we were going allowed Pakistan to get on top. We didn't show urgency with our running. We played like pretty boys at one stage.

"It is a concern if we do lose the last game of a series. We want to win every game. You can coach all you want but it's got to come from within.  

"The ceiling is still very high. We're still looking at how well we can play. We're looking at how we can become a bit more consistent."

Graeme Swann

Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

This tour to India will be very hard for England. The wickets will be absolute dust bowls. They have Ravichandran Ashwin, who is a brilliant bowler. Every England player has to have a clear game plan on how to play spin.

'No decision on Bangladesh yet'

More from England captain Eoin Morgan on TMS: "I haven't made a decision on Bangladesh yet. I have had two weeks of busy cricket. I have a few more days now to think about it.

"The decision will be based on if I feel safe going out there to play cricket.

"It is something [captaining England] I will want to continue to do. Since taking over I have loved being captain. I feel we are still on an upward curve."

Eoin Morgan
Getty Images

Andy Zaltzman

Comedian & BBC Test Match Special statistician

This is Pakistan's fourth win over England in T20Is. It is only the fourth time England have lost a T20I with five overs to spare.

England captain Eoin Morgan on TMS: "Since the end of the 50-over World Cup we have played about 22 players who have been very strong for us. There are some strong players who are unlucky to miss out. But you need to play your strongest side not to lose touch.

"This summer has been quieter than an Ashes summer so it was a chance to go full strength.

"It is always nice to take stock. Nothing we do ever surprises us. It is important to remember you need to put in hard work."

Man of the match - Wahab Riaz

Wahab Riaz is named man of the match for his figures of 3-18 in four overs for Pakistan.

Wahab Riaz
Getty Images

Captain's view

England captain Eoin Morgan on Sky Sports: "Pakistan bowled really well, given the conditions. We felt in the game when we were batting, the night sky fell and dew came on. We needed about 185. It's not an excuse. It's just what happened.

"In the one-day series our bowling has progressed more than our batting. Credit to bowlers. We didn’t have enough runs on the board tonight. But things are really bright at the moment.  We are showing ability and courage with the bat. We are on an upward curve."

Khalid Latif got to his half-century with a six as well, and a result that had looked inevitable from over six, was eventually sealed with a four, Babar Azam doing the honours. Pakistan finish their tour with two wins, following their victory in the final ODI.

Graeme Swann

Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

There wasn't enough clever thinking from the England bowlers. They needed to learn from their own batting and take the pace off. They thought they could come out and blow Pakistan away.

Sharjeel was taking the lead in Pakistan's opening stand, and he fittingly reached his half-century with this massive six.

Sharjeel reaches 50 with a six

If England began their batting cautiously, Pakistan were the exact opposite. Openers Sharjeel and Latif raced the total to 73 inside the powerplay. Sharjeel, in particular, showed very little fear.

Sharjeel flicks it away for boundary number eight

Ebony Rainford-Brent

Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

You could see that energy in the Pakistan players. Sharjeel is not one for running around the edge but he made that extra effort in front of this very vocal crowd.

What a brilliant way to finish off the tour. And indeed, the international summer. England may have dominated the ODI series, but Pakistan have turned up at this crash-bang-wallop fest and delivered exactly what their fans wanted. Winning and winning in style. This was a Real Madrid Galactico performance, like Novak Djokovic handing out a double-bagel, like a Lewis Hamilton lights-to-flag.

Sharjeel and Latif both finished on 59 in the end, the latter unbeaten. Their 107-run opening stand blew England away.

Graeme Swann

Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

That win at Cardiff spurred Pakistan on and gave them a boost. Their flight home is tomorrow so it was all or nothing. But also, their bowlers bowled so well. They had a plan for every batsman.

Pakistan win by 9 wickets

That's it. Babar finishes things off by punching Plunkett through cover for four and the Pakistan bench rises with roars and fist bumps. The crowd have got fire in their eyes and bellies as the vuvuzelas treble their volume levels. Eoin Morgan walks off like he's just had a really bad A-level result delivered on the back of a stern note from the principal.

Pak 135-1

Greater Manchester council may want to put a restriction on noise levels. Pakistan are one away from victory as Babar easily pulls Plunkett to mid-wicket for two runs.

Andy Zaltzman

Comedian & BBC Test Match Special statistician

Six runs needed off six overs. I'll just work out the run rate for you.

Pak 130-1

Pakistan need 6 to win

The sense of inevitability covers England a little bit more in that over from Rashid. Pakistan knock a few singles about, then Babar Azam cuts him for four to send the fans into roars yet again. They can walk it from here.

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M Chuzzle: In Tests you can carry a captain, if they're a brilliant tactician. Not so much in Twenty20. When will Morgan start producing?  

Paul Cotterill: I'm not one to over-react at one underpar performance but every England player should be sacked immediately for ever.

50 for Latif

Latif launches it off Moeen. He gets to his half-century by walking down the track and letting fly over mid-wicket. There's an emphatic Shearer like celebration as he stands batting arm raised. A four after that puts the visitors within 14 of an amazing win.

Pak 110-1

Ooof! England nearly had two wickets in that last over. Not sure what Babar Azam was thinking but for a man who injured his hammy earlier, he had a massive charge down and nearly got himself stumped. Buttler, sadly, fails to hold on to the ball.

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Jeffrey Yeung: Seems like England are in a hurry to finish this super series off vs Pakistan by getting thrashed.

Michael Bairstow: Australia's T20 record would have been under threat if Pakistan had batted first. Simply awesome display.

He's gone now, but here's how Sharjeel passed 50 in the grand manner with a six...

Sharjeel reaches 50 with a six


Sharjeel c Moeen b Rashid 59 (Pak 107-1)

Anti-climax alert! Sharjeel brings the noise levels down several notches by trying yet another slog but getting caught by Moeen Ali. Rashid gets a wicket as Sharjeel charged down and scooped it way way high. Moeen did well to hold on to it I think, as it was finger tips in the end!

Sharjeel hits another big shot but is caught by Moeen Ali

Graeme Swann

Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

That looked absolutely dead to me. Thumping into middle stump.

appeal - not outPak 107-0

Business as usual for Pakistan as Latif whacks Moeen Ali into the stands for a big six. Interestingly, Moeen had a big and good-looking shout for lbw before that but it was not given. Unlucky.

Graeme Swann

Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

Pakistan are the ultimate mercurial team. They are either red hot or stone cold. They are definitely the former tonight.

Pak 100-0

Target 136

A score that looks satisfactory in many different ways. Pakistan see out another calm over but two singles take them to triple figures. Adil Rashid has a sharp contrast to his first over. There's a bloke in the crowd with a homemade sign saying "start the car". Yep, it's time to get the seat belt on and stick the indicator on.

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PitchedOutsideLeg: On the subject of those extra toilets you mentioned at 3 overs. The way this is going, England about to meet their Portaloo.

Steve: During the interval of the Shawshank Redemption at The Lowry, a six from Old Trafford just landed on the stage... 

Pak 98-0

Slightly awkward, as Moeen was predicted to be given a pasting but he actually produces one of the calmest overs of the innings. However, I fear dot balls can't help at this stage. Only a burst of three or four wickets will do.

Boom Boom is still loving this game

Brilliant batting Khalid&Sharjeel. This is Pakistan style, we need this aggressive approach in all T20s & ODI matches. Joy to watch!

50 for Sharjeel

Pak 93-0

Seriously. Has Sharjeel recorded Bake-Off and is just desperate to catch it sooner rather than later? Cake can do that to you. He launches Rashid for two humongous sixes, the second of which goes so high in the air the floodlight ducked out of the way. Both were plonked over the mid-wicket boundary and Sharjeel gets to his half-century in some style.

Sharjeel reaches 50 with a six

Ebony Rainford-Brent

Ex-England batter on BBC Test Match Special

England need to change their lengths. They need to go to death bowling. They can't go to Moeen Ali now as Pakistan have been targeting him all summer. It could be carnage.

Pak 77-0

Target 146

Stop the presses, run through the town with a bell shouting 'hear ye, hear ye', put a note on a speckled pigeon and send it far and wide. We've had an over without a boundary shot. Ben Stokes is the lucky England bowler, as we enter the post-powerplay period. Four come off the over, though Stokes still managed to bowl an ugly wide delivery that needed Buttler to use his side step technique again.

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Flat Track Bully: Remind me again why Mills and Wood aren't playing? Bizarre decision by the England selectors.  

Francis Edwards: People always said Pakistan are hit and miss, I feel that's England at the moment. Worked against Sri Lanka but not Aus and SA.

Pak 73-0

Will Pakistan fans be demanding a refund if this finishes early? Probably not. They'll probably carry the team off on their shoulders at this rate. 

England bring on Joe Root. Is this desperation? Or just a genius tactic that will yield rewards later? For now, it's a bit of the former as Latif keeps pace with his batting partner with a couple of fours, the first one excellently bisecting mid-wicket and long on. 

Graeme Swann

Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

Is this the same game? England really struggled to get the ball away but Pakistan are going ballistic. That shot from Sharjeel - what a pick-up that was. A massive hit anywhere in the world.