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  1. Team A (140 all out): Phil Tufnell, Graeme Swann, Ebony Rainford-Brent, Charles Dagnall, Harry Judd, Dom Joly, Naga Munchetty, Adam Garcia, Jamie Laing, Miles Jupp, Simon Hughes, Laura Wright
  2. Team B (143-4): Charlotte Edwards, Michael Vaughan, Yohan Blake, Andy Parsons, Marcel Somerville, Greg James, Lydia Greenway, Simon Mann, Ali Mitchell, Fazeer Mohammed, Ed Smith, Isa Guha
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Live Reporting

By Amy Lofthouse

All times stated are UK

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Right, this lot will be back behind the microphones tomorrow at Headingley for the second Test between England and West Indies.

Thanks for your company, and, of course, happy anniversary to Test Match Special.

We'll see you tomorrow. Until then!

BBC Sport

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Joey McConnell-Farber‏: The TMS 60th anniversary match is surprisingly good to watch, just a load of cricket people having a lovely time

Tuffers is very much hirpling off the field. He looks genuinely quite downcast.

Team Boycott win by six wickets!

Simon Mann takes a breath - and carves Tuffers' fist ball away for four! A six wicket victory for Team Boycott!

Captain Tuffers removes his chain from around his neck. He'll bowl the final over...

Vic Marks

Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

Anyone know what happens if its a tie?

Dan Norcross responds with "it's a Super Over!"

Team Boycott 139-4

Ali Mitchell, who has been compared to Bradman and Boycott by our commentary team, pokes away her first two balls before a flamingo shot keeps the ball off her stumps! She sees out the over. Two runs from the final over are needed for victory.

Team Boycott 139-4

Need 2 runs off 10 balls

A stunning boundary save from Jamie Laing saves four runs! He flicks the ball back from in front of the ropes as Greg James nabs two - and he'll have to leave the field! He's gone beyond the 30 mark. It's Alison Mitchell to come in and steal the glory.

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RJ: The TMS cricket match is the best thing I've seen on the BBC in ages.

Team Boycott 137-4

Simon Mann goes for the big shot to win, he scoops Graeme Swanns' delivery high into the air - and it drops safe!

Team Boycott 136-4

Simon Hughes is back on, with his rather unhealthy figures of 0-23, and he gets worked here and there by Simon Mann and Greg James for a series of singles. Greg James then swats a short delivery for four! Team Boycott are within five runs of victory...

Stephan Shemilt

BBC Sport at Weetwood Park

Judging by number of photo requests, Marcel is the most popular man in Leeds.

Marcel Somerville

Team Boycott 125-4

Need 16 runs from 18 balls

A thick edge goes flying through third man and Dom Joly takes the hit, letting the ball smash into his knee cap to save four runs.

Team Boycott 122-4

Charles Dagnall has bowled, for the first time in his career, consecutive short balls! And he's given Simon Mann some pelters to go with it. And again! James Taylor signals wide, before changing his mind. That's a no-ball, and a free hit for Simon Mann!

Stephan Shemilt

BBC Sport at Weetwood Park

Explaining herself to the coach. "I was playing for the turn."

Lydia Greenway

Team Boycott 121-4

Here's Jamie Laing - ooh, and he nearly bowls Greg James first ball! A disgraceful moon ball - Aggers generously calls it a "lofted full toss," I'd prefer bit of filth, personally - is given the treatment and hoiked away for four. And that's huge! Greg James swats the McVities heir into the crowd for six!

Team Boycott 107-4

Tuffers has abandoned fielding/captaincy duties to go sign some autographs.

Dan Norcross

BBC Test Match Special

Everything seems to be in slow motion at the moment. I can hear Simon Mann's hip creaking from here.

Team Boycott 103-4

Need 38 runs from 36 balls

I'll give Andy Parsons his credit. He certainly looks the part as he straps his pads on. Greg James offers up a return catch to Tuffers but not even a Tufnell in his heyday would have got down quickly enough to snaffle that one up. Another quiet over ticks by.

Team Boycott 99-4

Target 141

Simon Mann has a boundary! A bit of short filth from Swann is given the treatment as its carved through mid-wicket and into the ropes, where a member of the crowd does the tidying up.

Dan Norcross

BBC Test Match Special

Tuffers had the ball on a string in the nets. He bamboozled Harry Judd.

Team Boycott 94-4

Yohan Blake is currently on commentary talkign to Dan Norcross about Usain Bolt. Which has massively confused me as I completely forgot what sport I was meant to be talking about. A fine bit of fielding at long-on from ERB limits Greg James to a single.

Stephan Shemilt

BBC Sport at Weetwood Park

Daggers has found some Mexican friends... and a stick of rhubarb.

Charles Dagnall

Team Boycott 88-4

Target 141

Four! A bit of leg theory from Swann goes drifting down to the boundary, courtesy of a little tickle from Simon Mann. Swann thuds a delivery into Greg James' pad, just to keep the Radio 1 DJ honest.

Here's that joke ball from Simon Hughes. Michael Vaughan middled it, to be fair.

Simon Hughes bowls a suspicious ball to Michael Vaughn

Team Boycott 83-4

Here's Simon Mann. To call his pace snail-like would be unfair to snails. He gets off the mark to his second ball, though.

Dan Norcross

BBC Test Match Special

Swann and Tufnell are the Laker and Lock we never saw.


Somerville b Tufnell 0 (Team Boycott 80-4)

Double spin now. Here's Tuffers! And he's bowled Marcel for a three-ball duck! What a middle-order collapse this is...

How's stat?!

Andrew Samson

BBC Test Match Special statistician

Graeme Swann betters his opening over in Test cricket - he got 2-7 on his debut.

Team Boycott 80-3

Need 61 runs from 66 balls

A double wicket-maiden. Take a bow, Graeme Swann.

Hat-trick ball

In Swann comes. James leaves - and there's a huge appeal for a stumping! No dice, though. Greg James survives the hat-trick.

Dan Norcross

BBC Test Match Special

This could be a world record. A first-ball duck and then two wickets with his first two balls.

Greg James walks to the crease to face the hat-trick ball. Swann jogs over to give him a quick word of advice before he bowls...


Greenway b Swann 0 (Team Boycott 80-3)

Swann's on a hat-trick! Lydia Greenway takes a step back into her crease and the ball spins straight past him and onto the stumps.

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Malcolm Emmett‏: Good to see Michael Vaughan has still got it.


Blake b Swann 1 (Team Boycott 80-2)

Graeme Swann, looking a tough greyer than I remember, is on - and he's bowled Yohan Blake first on! Blake is fuming with himself! It was full, there to be cracked for six - and he's missed it. Stumps all over the show.

Stephan Shemilt

BBC Sport at Weetwood Park

Edwards admits she didn't know the third umpire was in play. That's no excuse for not running your bat in.

Charlotte Edwards

Team Boycott 80-1

Target 141

Blake cracks his second delivery down to third man and Laura Wright chooses that moment to pull off a cracking bit of fielding! The ball hits her foot, she flicks it up like a footballer, before catching the ball and firing it back in. Fine work!