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  1. Gary Anderson beats Adrian Lewis 7-5
  2. The 'Flying Scotsman' retains his title
  3. Anderson hit a 170 checkout in final set
  4. Record number of 180s: Lewis 19, Anderson 15
  5. Venue: Alexandra Palace, London

Live Reporting

By Stephan Shemilt

All times stated are UK

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Or will we?

There's more darts to ease you back in to reality, more arrows to soften the crash landing.

Point your peepers towards the Lakeside, where the BDO World Championships have just got under way and will be covered extensively across the BBC.

We'll be back for live coverage of the final next Sunday. Until then, don't work too hard.

And then it was over. If Christmas means darts and darts means Christmas, then that really is your lot.

Tomorrow, we'll be back to the grind... 

The best of finals? Perhaps not, but it's been a tournament to remember.

Shock exits for Michael van Gerwen and Phil Taylor, brilliance from Raymond van Barneveld and a nine-darter from Gary Anderson.

Anderson is posing in front of the snappers on the stage. The Sid Waddell Trophy is going to Scotland for another year.


A PDC World Championship to remember and hard to argue about the winner. Can't recall Anderson having a bad game in the tournament #bbcdarts

More from the 2016 world champion

Gary Anderson: "I am getting older and the body is starting to hurt. I'll keep plodding on and will give it another shot next year."

The champion says...

Gary Anderson: "It never really happened for me. It was a scrape from the start with some good and some bad darts but I'll take it. 

"The way I've played and Aidy has played, it kind of killed the game."

Runner-up Adrian Lewis: "Neither of us could get the graft of the match, we couldn't get on with it.

"It was a strange old game. I thought I played well in the last three sets.

"Fair play to him, he deserves the title. I think he's been the best player in the tournament.

"I'm back up to number three in the world. I'll get back on the practice board and put the demons of this match behind me." 

Gary Anderson is ready to take the Sid Waddell Trophy and a cheque for £300,000.

"And still champion of the wwooorrrllllldddd...."

As he gets his hands on the silverware, the crowd chant his name.

Gary Anderson is the champion of the world. Again.

Gary Anderson is the 2016 world champion

There's pyro, there's dry ice, there's a hug between the players.

The highest quality final? Perhaps not, but it was compelling stuff.


Gary Anderson is the 2016 world champion

Lewis 5-7 Anderson

Won with double 12! Glory, glory Gary Anderson!

The Scot wins a second successive world title in a match with more 180s than any other ever seen in the PDC.

Anderson has his revenge on Lewis, his conqueror in the 2011 final.

Gary Anderson wins
Getty Images

Lewis 5-6 Anderson

12th set: 1-2

An Anderson 180 to open up. He's ahead in the leg, against the darts. He's to a finish first. He'll have 104 for the match...

Lewis 5-6 Anderson

12th set: 1-2

Anderson was pounded for four legs, but somehow found a break. This is loose, but both players are tense. Not too many signs of trebles.

Anderson finally gets it right to leave 170 - the big daddy.

60...60... bullseye?

Would you believe it? A 170 checkout for Gary Anderson! He's one leg away!

Lewis 5-6 Anderson

12th set: 1-1

What has happened to Adrian Lewis? He's just not missing. His average is north of 100, but it's still Anderson that is down to a finish first.

He can't take 121, can Lewis take 140? Both make a bad fist of it, but Anderson is back on track with D8!

He's back within two legs and has the throw!

Lewis 5-6 Anderson

12th set: 1-0

This is the big one. If Anderson holds three times, he's the champ. Lewis a 180, Anderson sets up 160.

Lewis in again, another 180, even with a dropped dart.

He's on 45 for a break. 13. Double 16? Yes! Lewis breaks! This match has come to life!

Lewis has won four legs on the spin and is back in with a shout.

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Luke Almond: Don't understand people who think darts isn't a sport! Pure drama!

Lewis wins the 11th set

Lewis 5-6 Anderson

Lewis is doing all he can here, making Anderson win it, rather than gifting it away.

Lewis batters the 20 bed, which is starting to look like it has been chewed by a dog. The Stokie will come for 74 and the set.

14? Yes. 20? Yes. Tops? The set sealed in the blink of an eye.

Lewis 4-6 Anderson

11th set: 2-0

Anderson, though, is now playing about as well as he has in the match. A 650 maximum of the tournament. Lewis still has the better average, but is 23-16 down in legs. Anderson leaves 70, Lewis waits on 40.

One at tops for the Scot? No. Lewis breaks. He's on course for the set.

Lewis 4-6 Anderson

11th set: 1-0

Lewis is such a huge man, he can almost lean from the oche and place the darts in. He responds to an Anderson maximum with one of his own, getting to 81 after nine darts.

Double 12 for an 11-darter. What a way to respond to pressure.

Lewis 4-6 Anderson

Lewis has the darts in the 11th set. He must hold, otherwise this final will be as good as over.

Lewis 4-6 Anderson

What has Adrian Lewis got left? He must win all three of the remaining sets to win a third world title.

Anderson was in this position last year. He led Phil Taylor 6-4 before being pegged back to 6-6. The Scot won the crown in the 13th and final set.

Anderson wins the 10th set

Lewis 4-6 Anderson

Now we're seeing the best of these two men. Lewis a 180, but still not enough to get ahead of Anderson.

The Scot down to a finish first, he'll have a look at 108 for the set. Lewis is back on 117.

17. Tops? A kiss on the lipstick! Gary Anderson leads 6-4 and is a set away from retaining his title.

Lewis 4-5 Anderson

10th set: 0-2

Really? Can Gary Anderson's eyesight be that bad? Lewis for tops and a hold... just low. Anderson remembers where D12 is and breaks the Lewis throw. He'll come back for the set. Win this leg and he's one set away...

Gary Anderson

Gary Anderson told me recently he can’t see for toffee and plays his game from memory. He’s world champion! #darts

Lewis 4-5 Anderson

10th set: 0-1

That doesn't hurt Anderson too much, he still has the advantage of a break. But, Lewis is improving. He needed only 42 darts to win that set. Lewis hasn't quickened his throw too.

Anderson must take 86 as Lewis waits on 36 - sealed with D8. It's hotting up.

Adrian Lewis

Lewis wins the ninth set

Lewis 4-5 Anderson

They sing for Lewis as he looks to cling on to Anderson's tail. It might not be high quality, but it is dramatic. Anderson, by the way, has missed D10 11 times in this match.

Lewis miles in front... 121? Tops? Yes! Lewis wins the set in the blink of an eye.

Adrian Lewis fans
Getty Images

Lewis 3-5 Anderson

Ninth set: 2-0

Did that stop the rot for Lewis? He flows with a 177, followed by an Anderson maximum. Time to see the best of these two? Back-to-back 180s from the Scot, leaving 58. If he can't see, how good might he be with some glasses?

Then again, three darts missed at D10, with Lewis in to punish. The Stokie to throw for the set. 

Lewis 3-5 Anderson

Ninth set: 1-0

The Ally Pally commands you to stand up if you love the darts. Lewis is under pressure, any break of his throw could be terminal now. Anderson is to a finish first, 161, Lewis waits on 76.

Anderson can't take it, so Lewis gets a look at tops. In she goes.

Lewis 3-5 Anderson

Here we go again. Anderson needs two sets to retain his title. Lewis has the darts...

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Liam Forsyth: The school Christmas holidays clearly haven't done Gary Anderson any good! His maths are all over the place.

Lewis 3-5 Anderson

Anderson gestures to the ref that he can't see. Really? You're playing very well for a man who can't see what's going on.

He blows his cheeks as he leaves the stage and exchanges a glance with wife Rachel. He's two sets to the good, but looks concerned.

What must Lewis make of it? He has to win four of the next five sets.


Anderson wins the eighth set

Lewis 3-5 Anderson

Anderson, then, for a 5-3 lead. He's looking solid now, with some heavy scoring to go with his superior doubling. He's down to 86, with Lewis miles back.

Oh my word, what's he done? Another mis-count. He had 50 left, and hit treble 20! He bust the score!

He gets another chance, but misses bull. Lewis for 138... just missing double 12.

Anderson two at D12. He goes 5-3 up, but in such bizarre circumstances.

Lewis 3-4 Anderson

Eighth set: 0-2

The pressure mounts on Lewis, but a 180 says he's not feeling it. Anderson, though, keeps the scoring high to keep pace with Jackpot. Lewis can't get a shot at 160, so Anderson comes for 161. Both men wobbly on the big checkouts, not helped by a bounce-out for Lewis.

A really, really scrappy leg, characterised by Lewis missing double five. Anderson nips in and Lewis screams in anger.

Lewis 3-4 Anderson

Eighth set: 0-1

Seven the target, remember. Anderson, all tattoos on his right forearm, gets the eighth set under way. If he holds throw throughout, he'll be the big favourite. Lewis keeps pace with his 12th maximum, but it's Anderson on the dancefloor first. Six from 127 for Anderson, who leaves 40.

Tree at tops... one needed. Simple hold.

Lewis 3-4 Anderson

Is that the crucial moment of this final? Gary Anderson will return after the break to throw for a 5-3 lead.

If I'm honest, it still seems a slightly poor quality final. We expected more than these averages of 99 (Lewis) and 98 (Anderson).

Anderson wins the seventh set

Lewis 3-4 Anderson

Solid from Anderson, scoring that keeps Lewis at bay.That red bit in the 20 bed is kept busy as the players sing for the best of them all, Phil Taylor.

Lewis gets loose, leaving Anderson with six from 130. He sets up 78 as a timely 140 gets Lewis to 36.

One dart at top for Anderson...missed. Lewis at double 18... no. D9? No! Who wants this?

Gary Anderson does! Double 10 gives him the seventh set against the darts. The champ leads 4-3 in a race to seven.

Darts fans
Getty Images

Lewis 3-3 Anderson

Seventh set: 1-2

Keith Dellor, a former world champ, is in Lewis' corner. The darts are warm now, there's 180s traded. Anderson for 104... bull? In the 25.

Lewis must take 48, you feel. What is going on? Two too high.

Anderson for D12...double six is the arrow. We have three breaks in as many legs, but Anderson is throwing for the set.

Lewis 3-3 Anderson

Seventh set: 1-1

They sing Anderson's name as he looks for the hold that consolidates the break. Is he just finding his best? A 180 says so, but Lewis is down to 81 first.

Double 12? A break back. This is blow for blow stuff, a real slobberknocker.

Lewis 3-3 Anderson

Seventh set: 0-1

Can either of these players steal a march? Lewis has the darts in the seventh set. Time for a move?

For the first time in the match, Anderson nudges his average ahead of Lewis, but both hover under 100.

Two 14s for Anderson to break? Just wide. Lewis for tops? Too high.

Anderson to break? D7 landed. Is this the surge?

Anderson wins the sixth set

Lewis 3-3 Anderson

The 20 bed is starting to bear scars of being peppered. Big noise in the Palace as Anderson come for 170 and the set. One T20, but the second one missed.

Lewis for 101 to keep in it. D12? Too high.

Anderson gets one at the bull... bullseye! Anderson takes the set and levels it at 3-3.