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  1. Final result: Wright 10-11 Van Gerwen
  2. Wright misses six darts to win match
  3. Semi-final result: Wright 10-9 Taylor
  4. Semi-final result: Van Gerwen 10-7 Anderson
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Live Reporting

By Jay Freeman

All times stated are UK

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  1. Van Gerwen wins Premier League

    Result: Peter Wright 10-11 Michael van Gerwen

    So there we have it, Michael van Gerwen continues his dominance of darts with his third major title of 2017.

    Those six missed doubles to win the title will haunt Peter Wright I'm sure, but he has too much talent not to add to his UK Open crown.

    Thanks for joining myself and Jay Freeman this evening.

    Until next time, goodbye

  2. 'I can't believe I missed those doubles'

    Result: Peter Wright 10-11 Michael van Gerwen

    Peter Wright tells Sky Sports:

    "I've got to learn, go back to the practice board and get him next time.

    "What I've learnt over the years playing Michael, I used to rush it, but I've learnt play your own rhythm.

    "I can't believe I missed that many darts at a double, but fair play to the champion."

  3. 'It was a crazy game'

    Result: Peter Wright 10-11 Michael van Gerwen

    Michael van Gerwen tells Sky Sports:

    "I think it was a great final. I had a great comeback, but then he missed six darts for the match. I don't know how he did, but who cares, a win is a win.

    "This was a really crazy game, we know sooner or later Peter will win a really big title, he didn't do himself any favours today. I kept myself cool and relaxed.

    "It was a really great moment for me. I feel fantastic."

  4. Post update

    I really thought Peter Wright had it there. He's usually so good on double eight, but that's what pressure can do. The six missed darts for the match were such a mixed bag.

    He'll still receive a cheque for £120,000 - so not a bad night's work. Still heartbreaking for the Scot though.


    Result: Peter Wright 10-11 Michael van Gerwen

    He's done it! MVG picks up his third Premier League title finishing double four.

    But you've got to feel for Peter Wright, he missed six match darts in the previous leg and looked completely broken in that last leg.

    Van Gerwen champion
  6. Post update

    *Peter Wright 10-10 Michael van Gerwen

    Absolute agony for Peter Wright.

    He misses SIX DARTS for the title on double eight. Outside, inside the wire.

    Van Gerwen punishes him by finishing double 10.

    And we're down to the final leg.

  7. Post update

    Peter Wright 10-9 Michael van Gerwen*

    One away! Peter Wright closes out the leg on 96 at the first time of asking.

    Can he do it? Don't forget he'll have the throw if it comes down to a final leg.

  8. Post update

    *Peter Wright 9-9 Michael van Gerwen

    Level again. MVG doesn't muck around on double 10 and it comes down to three legs.

    No matter what happens, this will be the closest Premier League final of all time.

  9. Post update

    Peter Wright 9-8 Michael van Gerwen*

    MASSIVE for Peter Wright.

    The pair trade 180s, but Wright pins double 11 to move two away from the title.

    Is this going all the way? If it goes to 10-10, Snakebite will have the darts.

  10. Post update

    *Peter Wright 8-8 Michael van Gerwen

    All square. MVG is on absolute fire.

    After landing his sixth 180, he finishes 94 on double top in two darts.

    It's the Van Gerwen surge we expected.

  11. Snakebite wobbling

    Peter Wright 8-7 Michael van Gerwen*

    180, 42, 180 from Van Gerwen and then double top to finish and we're back on throw.

    Peter Wright had a chance on double 12 but missed.

    Snakebite is wobbling.

  12. Post update

    *Peter Wright 8-6 Michael van Gerwen

    MVG makes if four-all in the 180 stakes but then messes around on his doubles.

    He eventually lands double 4 and it's a two-leg game.

    The great Dutchman has won four of the last five legs.

  13. Post update

    Peter Wright 8-5 Michael van Gerwen*

    Peter Wright needed that.

    After missing a couple of doubles, he returns to pin double 8 with Van Gerwen also lurking on 16.

    Three more legs needed for the biggest title of his 47 years.

  14. Post update

    *Peter Wright 7-5 Michael van Gerwen

    Van Gerwen is motoring now.

    The world number one lands his third maximum and finishes 86 on double 16.

    No smiles from the Dutchman. He looks angry.

  15. Break of throw for Van Gerwen

    Peter Wright 7-4 Michael van Gerwen*

    Is the comeback on?

    MVG still hasn't found his scoring power, but his finishing is just about okay.

    67 in two darts for the big Dutchman to break Wright's throw.

  16. Post update

    *Peter Wright 7-3 Michael van Gerwen

    They're back out after a short break. Wright to throw...

  17. Post update

    *Peter Wright 7-3 Michael van Gerwen

    Peter Wright was getting a bit of lip from the crowd during his semi-final win over Phil Taylor.

    But they're behind Snakebite now. He looks bouncy and full of life up there. Getting over the line is his next hurdle.

    Peter Wright
  18. Post update

    *Peter Wright 7-3 Michael van Gerwen

    Blimey how Michael Van Gerwen needed that leg before the break.

    The Dutchman is in deep trouble, but keeps his cool to finish 65 on double top.

    Can Wright keep his composure for his biggest-ever title?

  19. Post update

    Peter Wright 7-2 Michael van Gerwen*

    Absolutely magical darts for Snakebite.

    A 177 leaves him on 20 which he finishes at the second time of asking.

    Wright only needs four legs to be Premier League champion. Wow.

  20. Wright breaks back

    *Peter Wright 6-2 Michael van Gerwen

    This is superb from Peter Wright.

    The Scot fires in his third max to leave 41 after nine darts and finishes on double 16 for an 11-darter.

    There's almost a stunned silence at a packed out London O2 Arena.

    O2 Arena