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  1. Michael van Gerwen beats Adrian Lewis 10-4
  2. Phil Taylor beats Raymond van Barneveld 10-6
  3. Mensur Suljovic through to semi-finals after 10-8 win over Peter Wright
  4. Gary Anderson wins 10-7 against Dave Chisnall
  5. Group games best of 19 legs

Live Reporting

By Jay Freeman and Gary Smee

All times stated are UK

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Thanks for joining us

Well it's been a tremendous day of darts and I've enjoyed every second of it.

Me and Gary Smee will be back tomorrow to do it all again. Coverage starts on BBC Two at 13:00 BST and we'll be providing live text coverage on the BBC Sport website.

See you then, thank you for joining us.

Michael van Gerwen 10-4 Adrian Lewis

Adrian Lewis told BBC Sport:

"Obviously I'm a lot better than that. To get the 170 checkout, I thought I'd kick on from there but I didn't and I got punished.

"I was upset with myself but I haven't played in four and a half months. It was down to a lack of sharpness.

"Bringing your pracitce game onto the board even when you're 100% is always difficult. It's been tough and I'm disappiointed.

"MVG did his job, he was a lot sharper than I was and he deserved it."


Michael van Gerwen 10-4 Adrian Lewis

And he's done it, with a sub-100 average as well.

Michael van Gerwen might not have been at his best against Barney earlier today, but he's made easy work of Adrian Lewis.

Unfortunately for Jackpot, there's no way he can get to the semi-finals, but he performed well after coming back from injury and that 170 checkout was something else.

*Michael van Gerwen 9-4 Adrian Lewis

Twenty. One. Dart. Leg.

MVG gets double five in the end after two missed attempts. He's just one leg away.

Michael van Gerwen 8-4 Adrian Lewis*

MVG attempts an 86 checkout and misses on the bull.

BBC Sport commentator Dan Dawson almost deafens the audience by screaming BULL at the top of his lungs (thanks Dan) but alas, it's just 25.

Fortunately enough for van Gerwen, Lewis misses another 170 checkout attempt and he throws double eight to come within two legs of victory.

*Michael van Gerwen 7-4 Adrian Lewis

Adrian Lewis hits his second 180 of the match and seals victory in the leg after taking out 80.


Lewis 180
Getty Images

Michael van Gerwen 7-3 Adrian Lewis*

The players are back out and Adrian Lewis needs something special here. Despite a four-month absense through injury earlier this year, Jackpot fared relatively well against Phil Taylor, winning seven legs.

But he's going to need something truly special if he wants to beat MVG tonight. He's shown what's in his locker with that stunning 170 checkout so maybe we're in for an exciting second half!

Michael van Gerwen 7-3 Adrian Lewis*

This is a must-win game for both players and MVG is on it like a car bonnet.

He takes out 82 on his way in at the break and he's three legs from victory. Not just that but he's currently averaging 103.17 in comparison to Adrian Lewis' 87.71.

*Michael van Gerwen 6-3 Adrian Lewis

Michael van Gerwen
Getty Images

A failed 149 checkout from Lewis leaves MVG to throw double tops with one dart to break is throw.

The world champion takes a three-leg lead and we're one leg away from the break.

Could this be the tipping point?

Michael van Gerwen 5-3 Adrian Lewis*

Well well well, that's one hell of a checkout.

MVG hits 20, treble 18 and double tops to wrap up a terrific 114 checkout. He's back two legs ahead but how long will that last?

*Michael van Gerwen 4-3 Adrian Lewis

Lewis bags a 94 checkout and despite missing double tops at the first attempt, he leaves a fantastic marker and guides it in with his next dart.

Some lovely darts being played here. Both players holding throw rather well, as things stand.

Michael van Gerwen 4-2 Adrian Lewis*

MVG makes no mistake and holds his throw with a lovely double 16 to move two sets clear of Jackpot once more.

Make no mistake, neither player is messing around here. The arrows are flying in tonight!

*Michael van Gerwen 3-2 Adrian Lewis

Don't write off Adrian Lewis just yet. He dispatches a 58 checkout, finishing on double tops to narrow MVG's lead to just one leg.

The crowd barely react. They're too busy having a jolly good sing song. Fabulous.

Michael van Gerwen 3-1 Adrian Lewis*

Fast stuff, this. A second maximum of the evening from MVG is matched by a 180 of his own by Jackpot.

But van Gerwen throws double eight and takes a swift 3-1 lead.

*Michael van Gerwen 2-1 Adrian Lewis

MVG's body language looks completely different from his earlier 10-5 defeat by Raymond van Barneveld. He looks up for it.

He throws a superb double 18 after landing his first 180 to wrap up the third leg of the match.

MvG 180
Getty Images

Lewis hits a 170 checkout

Michael van Gerwen 1-1 Adrian Lewis*

The atmosphere inside the Motorpoint Arena really is something else. The Cardiff crowd are in fine voice.

And what a finish they've been treated to as Jackpot Adrian Lewis throws a tremendous 170 checkout, finishing on the bullseye.


*Michael van Gerwen 1-0 Adrian Lewis

MVG throws 127 to leave double tops and he gets it at the second attempt to break Adrian Lewis' throw in the very first leg.

Game on!

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Howard Evans: I am fancying Adrian Lewis for this one...putting my head on the block I know...

Kevin Shepherd: WOW that was a close one but well done Phil, as always it's going to be so difficult against a player of Raymond's quality.

Michael van Gerwen v Adrian Lewis

Adrian Lewis will throw first.

I am psyched.

Michael van Gerwen v Adrian Lewis

Thank you Gary.

Get ready for some sterling darts action. Two great players who need a win. I think this could be a game to remember.

Strap yourselves in. Both players have walked out and play will be under way soon.

Right, that's my lot until tomorrow!

Jay Freeman is refreshed and ready for the final match of this epic Saturday - Michael van Gerwen against Adrian Lewis.

Get your 180 graphic ready my friend!

Match stats

Phil Taylor 10-6 Raymond van Barneveld


Average - 92.53

180s - 5

Checkouts - 10/26

Van Barneveld

Average - 92.29

180s - 5

Checkouts - 6/19

'I want to carry it on'

Phil Taylor 10-6 Raymond van Barneveld

Phil Taylor told BBC Sport:

"I want to carry it on tomorrow. I want to beat Michael or give him a fright if I can.

"I'm so pleased that I've got a chance of getting through."

'Taylor was so smooth'

Phil Taylor 10-6 Raymond van Barneveld

Paul Nicholson

2010 Players Championship winner

It was great to watch. He didn't really get out of third gear.

He was so smooth it didn't look like he was under any pressure whatsoever.

He's the complete darting package.


Phil Taylor 10-6 Raymond van Barneveld

He's done it! Taylor beats his oldest rival to make it two wins from two.

Barney misses tops to break and The Power steps in to hit the same double.

I'm just doing the numbers to see if that puts Taylor through to the semi-finals - I'm pretty sure it does.

Taylor breaks

*Phil Taylor 9-6 Raymond van Barneveld

That could be your lot I'm afraid Raymond.

The Power starts leg 15 with his fourth 180, leaves himself a nice round 40 which he takes out with his second dart.

Taylor will throw for the match.

Phil Taylor
Getty Images

Phil Taylor 8-6 Raymond van Barneveld*

Taylor is two away from victory.

Two 140s in the leg leave him nicely on 32.

He goes inside but finishes next dart on double 8. Composure? You bet ya.

*Phil Taylor 7-6 Raymond van Barneveld

Better from Barney.

Double 16 is his friend as Taylor struggles to find the trebles and we're back to a one-leg game.

Taylor still has the break of throw mind.

Phil Taylor 7-5 Raymond van Barneveld*

Is that Barney's chance gone?

Both players power in a maximum, but the Dutchman misses numerous doubles.

So does Taylor before the Englishman pins double 10.

*Phil Taylor 6-5 Raymond van Barneveld

Gorgeous from Van Barneveld.

He floats in his third 180 and nails 76 on double 8 for a 14-darter.

It's still too close to call.

Barney 180
Getty Images

Phil Taylor 6-4 Raymond van Barneveld*

They're back out with Barney to throw first. It's crucial he holds his throw you feel.

Watch Suljovic beating Wright

Mensur Suljovic 10-8 Peter Wright

While Taylor and Barney take a quick refreshment, here's how Mensur Suljovic reached Sunday's semi-finals earlier...

Champions League of Darts: Suljovic pulls off another shock to make semis

Phil Taylor 6-4 Raymond van Barneveld*

Yep, Taylor does go into the break with a two-leg advantage and what composure from the defending champion.

He takes out 92 on double six with Barney breathing down his neck.

Taylor breaks

*Phil Taylor 5-4 Raymond van Barneveld

Phil Taylor
Getty Images

There's the break! First blood to The Power.

Taylor lands double 5 in a scrappy leg to move in front.

He'll be desperate to go into the break 6-4 up.

Phil Taylor 4-4 Raymond van Barneveld*

Shanghai on the 20s from Phil for a superb 120 finish and it's all square once again!

They're only averaging 90-odd apiece, but it's such an engaging watch.

Could this be the last time we see these two titans meet on stage?

*Phil Taylor 3-4 Raymond van Barneveld

Barney's throw is a joy to watch.

The Dutchman is in the red bit once again with his second 180 but leaves an awkward double 17.

He hits two to leave double 16, but hits double 8 and misses another attempt.

Taylor misses and Raymond is relieved to hit double 4.

Where is the break of throw coming from?

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Marcus de stijl: #bbcdarts this darts score caller makes Rhod Gilbert sound like Darcy Bussell

Howard Evans: #bbcdarts 25 world championship titles in this group..madness..only 2 in the other group..I blame Phil Taylor

Jmsimonson: Great to see @Webby180 commentating #bbcdarts

Phil Taylor 3-3 Raymond van Barneveld*

12-darter for The Power!

The 57-year-old lands his second 180 to start the leg and finishes 81 on double top.

He's loving it up there.

Taylor 180
Getty Images

*Phil Taylor 2-3 Raymond van Barneveld

They're firing now!

Both men exchange 180s, but it's Barney who is down to a double first and pins double 16 without any bother.

Where is the break going to come from? Neither of these great rivals is giving an inch.

Barney 180
Getty Images

Phil Taylor 2-2 Raymond van Barneveld*

And another leg with the throw, but it's a first sign of double trouble for Phil Taylor.

The 16-time world champ misses plenty at double 8 and then double 4 and double 2 before eventually finishing with his 19th dart.

Two apiece.