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  1. Phil Taylor beats Jamie Lewis 6-1
  2. Michael van Gerwen 5-6 Rob Cross
  3. Cross wins match in sudden death
  4. Semi-finals best of 11 sets

Live Reporting

By Louise Gwilliam

All times stated are UK

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  1. Breathtaking

    So, at 20 past midnight, I can finally sign off.

    A simply magical night of darts.

    Phil Taylor saw off debutant Jamie Lewis 6-1 before Michael van Gerwen and Rob cross treated us to one of the greatest darts matches of all time.

    World Champion MVG is out.

    It's Taylor v Cross in the final.

    Will it be a 17th world title for the power? Or will the 'new Phil Taylor' beat the master?

    See you on Monday.

  2. Post update

    Michael van Gerwen 5-6 Rob Cross

    "Words can't explain it," Cross continues.

    "Today I played well, the crowd helped me and they got on Michael's back, that's why I won," Rob Cross tells Sky Sports.

    "At points I felt inexperienced but I got through. I believe in my own ability and if I come out and play my best I believe I can keep with Michael every day.

    "Phil is my favouite player actually. It''s going to be special for him but at the same time I need to do my job."

  3. 'Just a working boy'

    Michael van Gerwen 5-6 Rob Cross

    Rob Cross

    12 months ago, Rob Cross was a relative unknown and not even on the professional darts circuit.

    He's now world number six and will take on 16-time world champion Phil Taylor in the World Championship final.

    Can he spoil one final party?

    "I never experienced this rise. I was just a working boy from a normal household but I believed in my own ability. Anything is possible," Rob Cross told Sky Sports.

  4. Post update

    Michael van Gerwen 5-6 Rob Cross

    Cross stepped up to nail double eight and win possibly the greatest semi-final of all time.

    I am exhausted, never mind the players.

    The crowd, though, are still going.

    "Robby Robby Cross"


    11th set: Van Gerwen 5-6 Cross (5-6)

    But Van Gerwen’s match dart also goes awry.

    Rob Cross steps up to sink double eight and he has knocked out reigning world champion Michael van Gerwen.

    Cross will take on Phil Taylor in the final.


  6. Post update

    11th set: Van Gerwen 5-5 Cross (5-5)

    Oh dear, the crowd are booing MVG. That is not acceptable behaviour.

    Both players looking nervy in this set, but Cross needs 140 for a place in the world final.


  7. Post update

    11th set: Van Gerwen 5-5 Cross (5-5)


  8. Sudden death

    11th set: Van Gerwen 5-5 Cross (5-5)

    MVG misses FIVE DARTS for the match.

    Rob Cross nails double 18 and we're into SUDDEN DEATH!!

    Rob Cross hits 25 and he'll have the darts in the final leg.

  9. MVG breaks

    11th set: Van Gerwen 5-4 Cross (5-5)

    There will be a maximum of three more legs in this match. Don't leave now.

    Rob Cross has two darts at double to move in front.

    From 48 he hits 16, and blocks the bed with his first shot at double.

    MISSED. Cross hits single 16 with his third dart.

    And MVG checks out on double 12 to lead. Rob Cross will have to find a break of throw to get back in this match.

  10. Post update

    11th set: Van Gerwen 4-4 Cross (5-5)

    Game, shot and the eighth leg.

    MVG only needs one dart at double 18.

    Cross back on throw.

    REMINDER: If we get to 5-5, the match goes to a sudden-death leg.

  11. Post update

    11th set: Van Gerwen 3-4 Cross (5-5)

    We've made it to midnight! It's New Years Eve. Well done everyone.

    Meanwhile at the oche, Cross hits 168 to leave double tops.

    MVG is waiting on double 14.

    Cross misses double 20, double 10, but HE GETS IT.

    Rob Cross is back in front and lapping up the pressure. Loves a third dart that man.

  12. Post update

    11th set: Van Gerwen 3-3 Cross (5-5)

    This has to be one of the best semi-finals I've ever seen.

    Cross on 227, needs two big trebles. He finds treble 19 and treble 20 to leave 90.

    MVG on 170 and leaves double 18.


    20, 20 and one dart at bull.

    NO, he hits 25 and MVG gets double 18 with his second dart.

    3-3 in the 11th set.

  13. Post update

    11th set: Van Gerwen 2-3 Cross (5-5)


    MVG grasps his shoulder after two stray darts.

    Cross is left on 50, he goes 18 double 16... AND IT'S IN.

    Cross leads again, MVG has to hold throw or he's out of the World Championship.

  14. Post update

    11th set: Van Gerwen 2-2 Cross (5-5)

    Cross starts the most important leg of his life with a 174 but MVG pegs him back.

    The world champion levels the set at 2-2 with double 18.

    REMEMBER: The match must be won by two clear legs.

    (If we reach 5-5 in legs, the 11th leg will be sudden death)


  15. Post update

    11th set: Van Gerwen 1-2 Cross (5-5)

    Ooooh. Five perfect darts from Rob Cross but his sixth goes into the number one bed.

    He's kicking on here. 180, 121 and now a 140 from Cross.

    That was nervy. He misses double tops and double 10, but he'll come back.

    One miss, and the second is plum. Cross leads 2-1 and MVG has to hold his throw or he is out!

  16. Post update

    11th set: Van Gerwen 1-1 Cross (5-5)


    MVG can't find double 16 for a 2-0 lead.

    Cross steps up but he blocks the bed with his attempt at double 16 and finds a single.


    MVG misses three more darts, and with the crowd whistling, Rob Cross digs one out.

    Double four it is.

  17. Post update

    11th set: Van Gerwen 1-0 Cross (5-5)


    MVG checks out 84 from under Rob Cross's nose to take the lead against the throw.

    Two more legs for Van Gerwen to make the final.

  18. Cross takes match into a decider

    10th set: Van Gerwen 1-3 Cross (5-5)

    Rob Cross


    MVG misses six darts at a double and squanders his chance to throw for the match.

    Rob Cross finally finds double four and we're level at five sets all.

    One set to go.

    Hold your breath.

  19. Post update

    10th set: Van Gerwen 1-2 Cross (5-4)

    Van Gerwen holds with a 14-darter. It's 2-1 in the 10th.

    This match could go on for days, but does anyone mind?

    Rob Cross has the darts to level the match and take it to a deciding set.


  20. Post update

    10th set: Van Gerwen 0-2 Cross (5-4)

    Both players are averaging over 103 now. This semi-final is ramping up.

    In go two 180s from Rob Cross, who checks out 83 to take a second-straight leg.

    BOOM. An 11-darter to show MVG how it's done.