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  1. Result: Michael van Gerwen 11-4 Michael Smith
  2. Van Gerwen lifts fourth Premier League title
  3. Smith beats Anderson 10-6 to reach first major final
  4. Michael van Gerwen beats Rob Cross 10-6 in first semi-final

Live Reporting

By Jay Freeman

All times stated are UK

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Result: Michael van Gerwen 11-4 Michael Smith

Well another year and another Premier League Darts campaign is over, this time with a familar victor.

Michael van Gerwen's huge 112.59 average as well as checking out 10 of 15 finishes helped him steamroller Michael Smith on the way to a third straight Premier League title.

Credit to Smith, however. In the circumstances he performed admirably as he reached a first career major final. He has a long and successful career ahead of him.

For now, I'm off to have another cup of tea and rest up after that quickfire darts action.

Thank you for joining us.

'MVG was too good'

Result: Michael van Gerwen 11-4 Michael Smith

Michael Smith told Sky Sports:

"He was too good. I tried my best but it wasn't good enough. He was that good. I'll be back next year hopefully and then I can go one further.

"Even when I'm 8-2 down, I was battling to win legs. I was still fighting and a couple of scores and it could have gone my way.

"He's number one for a reason and that's because he's the best player in the world."

Pressure cost record-breaking average

Result: Michael van Gerwen 11-4 Michael Smith

Michael van Gerwen told Sky Sports:

"I think until the break I played phenomenal. After that I saw the average and thought I could break my record but then it went wrong.

"I knew I had a chance to win the game but I wanted to do something extra. It was too much.

"He got me under pressure but I think there was only one winner.

"I know my average was great but for some reason I couldn't hold it. Maybe it was the pressure.

"I put so much pressure to win this one as it's the biggest major after the World Championship.

"I had to work really hard for this over 16 weeks and for me to retain that is phenomenal."

Result: Michael van Gerwen 11-4 Michael Smith

It wasn't to be for Michael Smith tonight, but he still wins a nifty trophy. Oh and the small matter of the runners' up prize of £120,000.

He's had worse nights..


Michael van Gerwen 11-4 Michael Smith

Dear oh dear, Michael van Gerwen's average dwindles to 112.59 and he looks off the boil, but he wraps up the win eventually!

However, a superb final from the Dutchman ends with a 112 checkout on tops and he's wrapped up a third consecutive Premier League title.

What a performance!

*Michael van Gerwen 10-4 Michael Smith

Michael van Gerwen is reacting to some missed darts as if he's lost the final already!

Michael Smith can't quite wrap up the leg as he misses double 10 but he finally nails double 5 when he returns to the oche.

Michael van Gerwen 10-3 Michael Smith*

Ouch, Michael van Gerwen misses a 116 target to wrap up the 13th leg of the match but misses tops.

He gets another shot at it, however, and pins it the first chance he gets. He moves within a leg of victory!

*Michael van Gerwen 9-3 Michael Smith

This has not been a good leg by Michael van Gerwen's standards. In fact his average has slipped to a miniscule 120!

Meanwhile, Michael Smith checkout 104 to move within six legs of his opponent.

Michael van Gerwen 9-2 Michael Smith*

Michael van Gerwen misses double 16 on a 91 checkout attempt and he looks so angry!

But he seems calmer as, moments later, he pins the double with ease to move two legs away from victory.

*Michael van Gerwen 8-2 Michael Smith

A massive cheer erupts from the O2 Arena as Michael Smith gets a second leg on the board with a supreme 125 checkout in the schemes of things.

That being said, Michael van Gerwen is still averaging well over 120 so far - 122.24 in fact.

It's going to take a lot to come back from this. As we enter the break, the Dutchman looks well on his way to a fourth and third consecutive Premier League title.

Michael Smith
Rex Features

Michael van Gerwen 8-1 Michael Smith*

That's Michael van Gerwen's third 11-darter of this final and this is absolutely stunning.

In fact he's throwing them that quickly, I've barely looked up from my screen! He nails tops yet again to seize his eighth leg of the match.

*Michael van Gerwen 7-1 Michael Smith

Oh this is just silly. We're not even at the break yet and Michael van Gerwen's opened up what could be an unassailable six-leg gap on Michael Smith.

He pins tops to obliterate Smith yet again.

Michael van Gerwen 6-1 Michael Smith*

122.42. That's what Michael van Gerwen's averaging, now. In a PDC major final.

This is stunning. He checks out an 11-dart leg on double 16 to hold his throw and even at this early stage, it's hard to see Michael Smith coming back from this sort of form.

*Michael van Gerwen 5-1 Michael Smith

Almost a tremendous 170 checkout from Michael van Gerwen, who narrowly misses the bull.

Fortunately for the two-time World Champion, Michael Smith misses double eight, leaving him a double eight finish on the way to the sixth leg of the match.

Michael van Gerwen 4-1 Michael Smith*

An easy 13-dart leg for Michael van Gerwen, who's not let up yet. He checks out on tops as he opens up his lead.

Seeing as we were talking about averages, the Dutchman is averaging over 120. Wow.

*Michael van Gerwen 3-1 Michael Smith

A hold of throw for Michael Smith, who pulls to within two legs of Michael van Gerwen.

The St Helens thrower might be behind, but he's still averaging over 109. Huge.

Michael van Gerwen 3-0 Michael Smith*

A hold of throw from Michael van Gerwen, who's not even broken a sweat against Michael Smith so far.

A reminder that the final is the first to 11, not first to 10 like the semi-finals.

*Michael van Gerwen 2-0 Michael Smith

Almost the start of a nine-darter from Michael Smith but it's not to be as his sixth dart just misses what could have been two-straight 180s.

Not to be outdone, MVG throws a second maximum on his way to breaking Smith's throw and seizing the second leg.

Michael van Gerwen 1-0 Michael Smith*

Huge 180 from reigning champion van Gerwen to get us going followed by an awesome 171.

The neon Dutchman then checks out on double 12. Lovely stuff.

Michael van Gerwen v Michael Smith

Here comes Michael van Gerwen! The O2 rocks as Seven Nation Army is played once more as the Dutchman emerges.

We are moments away from this final getting under way.

Michael van Gerwen v Michael Smith

Right then lads, better get yourselves out to the stage, eh?

Michael Smith is the first to make a reappearance at London's O2 Arena.

I wonder if he's composed himself after the emotion of that win over Gary Anderson. We'll find out shortly.

Michael Smith

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Michael van Gerwen v Michael Smith

The 2018 Premier League Darts final will be getting under way very soon!

Who do you think will win? Will Michael van Gerwen win his third title in a row? Or will Michael Smith seal a first major?

Let us know using #bbcdarts.

Michael van Gerwen v Michael Smith

You say that like I don't work hard anyway, Gary!

We're in for a fantastic final this evening, I reckon. Michael van Gerwen has averaged a huge 103.58 in the Premier League this season in comparison to Michael Smith's admirable 95.43.

But figures mean little when you're alone at the oche. Can Smith seal a first career PDC major?

Michael van Gerwen v Michael Smith

Okay, as we wait for Smith and Van Gerwen to emerge for the showpiece, I'll hand you back over to Jay Freeman.

The final is first to 11 legs, so Mr Freeman will have to work even harder to earn his keep.

See you soon.

Michael van Gerwen v Michael Smith

Michael Smith was pretty emotional after that win.

But he'll have to dust himself off quickly because he's about to face the world number one.

His record against MvG in the group stage wasn't brilliant...

He lost 7-2 in Glasgow and 7-1 in Manchester.

Where better to turn around that form than on the biggest stage of them all?

Michael Smith
Rex Features

Result: Michael Smith 10-6 Gary Anderson

Michael Smith clutches his little boy after his interview.

That's one of the reasons he's starting to win big games of darts now.

He's a changed man.


Result: Michael Smith 10-6 Gary Anderson


Average: 97.82

180s: 8

Checkouts: 9/23


Average: 95.35

180s: 5

Checkouts: 6/18

'It has been bugging me'

Result: Michael Smith 10-6 Gary Anderson

Michael Smith tells Sky Sports:

"I can't speak. I don't know what to say.

"I've made my first major final and that has been bugging me.

"Now to reach it in the second best tournament in the world, I just can't speak.

"I just didn't think it would be me, but I got it done.

"To play in this final I'm over the moon."

Result: Michael Smith 10-6 Gary Anderson

For two-time Premier League champion Gary Anderson, it's a third-straight semi-final defeat at the event.

He looked pleased for his close pal Michael Smith, but inside he'll be hurting.

The final is coming up in about 20 minutes.


Result: Michael Smith 10-6 Gary Anderson

Michael Smith
Getty Images

Brilliant from Michael Smith!!!

He's into his first ever final at a major.

The 27-year-old is almost in tears as he embraces his good friend on stage.

It was another clinical leg from Bully Boy, starting with a pair of 140s and finishing on tops.

He'll face MvG.

Michael Smith 9-6 Gary Anderson*


Michael Smith fires in two 180s and claims the leg on double 11. Anderson hit a max himself, but had no answers.

He's one away from victory.

*Michael Smith 8-6 Gary Anderson

Anderson takes out tops in another wayward leg from both.

He'll have to break Smithy twice to win here. Tough ask.

Michael Smith 8-5 Gary Anderson*

Both players are struggling on the doubles now.

But Smith keeps his head to finish double 11.

Great stuff after the disappointment of the last leg.

*Michael Smith 7-5 Gary Anderson

Oh Smithy, you had your chances there my friend.

With Ando a mile back, he misses double 15, outside, inside, and can't finish at the next time of asking either.

Anderson takes out 52. Smith hangs his head.

Michael Smith 7-4 Gary Anderson*

Brilliant from Bully Boy.

It's a ragged leg from Anderson, but Smith makes no mistake on 120, finishing on tops.

I wonder how the nerves are?

*Michael Smith 6-4 Gary Anderson

If Smith does win another four legs, it'll be the first time he has ever reached a final at a major tournament.

No pressure then!

The players are back out after the break.

Smith breaks after missed doubles

*Michael Smith 6-4 Gary Anderson

Michael Smith
Getty Images

What a huge leg that could be in this match.

Both players can't find a double for toffee, but Smith eventually finds two eights at the umpteenth time of asking.

It's a break of throw as they leave the stage.

Michael Smith 5-4 Gary Anderson*

Composure from Smithy.

He hits a 134 and 140 in the leg to leave him on 30 which he takes out on double 15.

Ando hit his fourth max and was breathing down his neck.

*Michael Smith 4-4 Gary Anderson

Michael Smith has gone off the boil in the last few minutes.

It's double 20 for the third leg in a row for Anderson to make it a level game.

Michael Smith 4-3 Gary Anderson*

We're back on throw!

Anderson takes out tops as Bully Boy messes around on 115.

This is usually where Ando switches it on.