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  1. Post update

    So thanks for joining us on a day that will never be forgotten by Northern Ireland fans - even those who haven't been born yet.

    Let me leave you with the words of Dana.

    "When yer man gets the ball, Northern Ireland has it all,

    "Oh we're off to Spain, never mind the rain, when yer man gets the ball."

  2. Post update

    If you want to watch this again - and if you support Northern Ireland, why wouldn't you - it's repeated on BBC Red Button tonight from 22:30-00:45 BST.


    Tommy Cassidy

    Northern Ireland substitute Tommy Cassidy revealed in 2010 a problem he and Gerry Armstrong had after the game.

    "Immediately after the game finished, myself and Gerry Armstrong were taken away for a drugs test," Cassidy told the Lancashire Telegraph.

    "We were both so dehydrated that it took us an hour and a half to give a sample.

    "We were sat under armed guards, next to Fifa doctors and officials, and it was just so funny that it took us so long. We simply couldn't pee.

    "We tried and tried, drinking water, lager and even wine to help us. Gerry drank so much alcohol that he was little bit drunk.

    "He was singing 'Danny Boy' and all sorts. It was hilarious - even one of the guards began to sway to his singing."

  4. Post update

    Spain coach Jose Emilio Santamaria: ''It is sad and lamentable that our goalkeeper played three games without even touching the ball and in the three attacks against us they scored three goals.

    "We did not play a lesser game than we played against Yugoslavia. We dominated from beginning to end and had the misfortune that in one counter-attack a goal was scored against us."

  5. Join the debate at #82Spain

    Nigel: Cracking performance, amazing victory, heroes every one.

    Christopher: WOW!! We've done it! Its all gonna go off now and there's going to be a party like the country has never seen before! Yeeeesssss!

  6. Post update

    Irish Football Association president Harry Cavan: "Our success here in Spain already means that the development of the game in Ulster is already assured for a long period.

    "The money we earn here will be used to ensure all-round progress at every level of the game in the province."


    Here's a great anecdote from Billy Hamilton in a BBC Northern Ireland webchat 12 years ago.

    "When we beat Spain, we had to move onto Madrid and the hotel we were going into, the Yugoslavian team from our section had to pack their bags and get out because they were that sure we were not going to beat Spain.

    "We actually crossed them on the stairs!"

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    Ricky, Omagh: What a performance, the term 'midfield terrier' must have been invented for wee Dee McCreery, what a player he was! I think our skipper would make a good manager someday!


    Gerry Armstrong

    Former Northern Ireland striker

    Gerry Armstrong

    "It changed a lot of things because I was with Watford at the time and we had just got promoted. Obviously, no-one fancied Watford to do particularly well in the First Division the following year, yet we finished runners-up and just behind Liverpool.

    "So we had a magnificent season and that was a springboard for me to go to Spain and play for Real Mallorca. That two years playing in Spain gave me an insight into Spanish football and I've been working on Spanish football for Sky now for 18 seasons."

  10. Join the debate at #82Spain


    Andrew: That was 'wee' Northern Ireland doing what we do best, beating the big boys against all of the odds. That's what we're famous for.

    Ian: How good was that, almost as good as the first time.

  11. Post update

    Dexys Midnight Runners

    Dexys Midnight Runners have just released a single earlier today from their upcoming Too-Rye-Ay album.

    It's called Come On Eileen.

    I'm no music journalist but I can't see it matching the success of their 1980 number one, Geno.

    Either way, if you're interested - you can get a copy at your local Woolworths or Our Price.


    Spain went into a group with England and West Germany.

    The West Germans qualified with victory over Spain. The other two games were goalless.


    Northern Ireland's victory meant they topped Group 5 with four points with Spain coming second on three.

    They advanced to the next round in a three-pronged group with France and Austria. Unfortunately they finished bottom on one point and went out. Billy Hamilton scored twice in a 2-2 draw with Austria, and Gerry Armstrong scored his third goal of the World Cup in a 4-1 defeat by France.

  14. Post update

    Sports editor Malcolm Brodie has just called through his match report to the Belfast Telegraph, starting off with "Magnifico, magnifico, magnifico".

    Unfortunately the copytaker replied: "Yes, OK, Malky, I heard you the first time."

  15. Post update

    Spain 0-1 Northern Ireland

    John Motson

    BBC commentator at Estadio Luis Casanova

    "Bingham must be wondering how much longer this stoppage time will go on? And he's blown! Northern Ireland have done it! The proudest moment in Irish football history surely!

    "They have won the group! Northern Ireland go into the second phase against all the odds, their supporters celebrate, and my word rightly so. A fabulous performance. Billy Bingham embraces the goalscorer Gerry Armstrong, and Northern Ireland are the surprise team of the first round of the 1982 World Cup.

    "They beat the host nation in Valencia, and even though Spain go through, their fans are chanting: 'Out, out' because they know their team has come off second best."


    Gerry Armstrong

    Former Northern Ireland striker

    Gerry Armstrong

    "Without a shadow of a doubt it was the best moment of my career. Every player wants to play in the World Cup finals but to play in the World Cup finals knowing you have to win and you're playing the host nation in their own backyard, you do it against all the odds and go down to 10 men.

    "You couldn't write the script for it. I was very fortunate that I was in a brilliant team with some fantastic guys, who worked tremendously hard. Pat Jennings was probably the only world-class player we had but I was fortunate that the guys I played with all gave 120%.

    "It's just part and parcel of the folklore in Northern Ireland, that team went on to qualify for the 1986 World Cup as well. We went almost six years undefeated at Windsor Park - we were a real force to be reckoned with. We beat West Germany home and away, we beat a lot of teams at Windsor Park. I just think that was part of a special era and I was just fortunate to play with some fantastic guys and players and qualify for two World Cup finals."

  17. Post update

    Spain 0-1 Northern Ireland

    Spain also progress to the next round but the home fans are furious with what they've seen here. The hosts finish second in the group and face England in the next round now.


    Spain 0-1 Northern Ireland

    Can you believe what you've seen here?! Northern Ireland, with 10 men for 30 minutes, have held on to beat hosts Spain and reach the second group stage of the World Cup.

  19. Post update

    Spain 0-1 Northern Ireland

    Pat Jennings save

    Spain almost equalise with practically the last kick of the game. Miguel Alonso's long ball over the top is set to bounce into the top corner but Pat Jennings just about keeps it out.

  20. Post update

    Spain 0-1 Northern Ireland

    John Motson

    BBC commentator at Estadio Luis Casanova

    "I make the 90 minutes up now, we are going into time that this Paraguayan referee may have added on for stoppages. I hope he can tell the time. They've played a minute over already. There are whistles coming from the crowd but the one we are waiting for is the referee's. Northern Ireland are in suspense here. Billy Bingham's nerves are frayed."

  21. Post update

    Spain 0-1 Northern Ireland

    We're in stoppage time now. Restless home fans are whistling.


    Northern Ireland have the ball in the corner, Martin O'Neill was doing keepy-ups. We're in injury time.

  23. Text us on 81111


    Anonymous: Great to see the second half of the match. I was sat on the stairs too scared to watch in 1982!

    Please do not forget to include your name and location with any text message you send in.

  24. Post update

    Spain 0-1 Northern Ireland

    Two minutes until stoppage time. We won't know how much injury time there is as referees don't have to tell you back here in the 1980s...

    Jose Antonio Camacho shoots but it's straight at Pat Jennings.

  25. Post update

    Spain 0-1 Northern Ireland

    John Motson

    BBC commentator at Estadio Luis Casanova

    "When you think how poor Northern Ireland were in qualifying, how well have they risen to the occasion here. If only they could hang on it would cause the biggest shock among the second round qualifiers. Nobody thought they would make it through, except perhaps the Irish themselves and their belief has come through so strongly."

  26. Post update

    Spain 0-1 Northern Ireland

    Martin O'Neill runs forward - this is Northern Ireland's first break in what feels like a lifetime. A couple of team-mates come up to support him but he gets his pass wrong. He's exhausted, they all are. This had been an immense team performance.

    If Spain draw, lots will decide if Northern Ireland or Yugoslavia qualify by the way.

  27. Post update

    Spain 0-1 Northern Ireland

    Jose Alesanco heads wide from a corner. Four minutes left.

  28. Post update

    Spain 0-1 Northern Ireland

    Juanito bursts into the box but Martin O'Neill tackles him and it's a corner which comes to nothing. Five minutes to go.

  29. Join the debate at #82Spain

    Adam: Heart in mouth moment! We've somehow survived that one.

    Brian: Slightly crazy keeping from Jennings just then!

  30. Post update

    Spain 0-1 Northern Ireland

    A feint rendition of 'You'll Never Walk Alone' coming from the Northern Ireland fans now. A delighted pocket of fans in a massively unhappy stadium.

  31. Post update

    Spain 0-1 Northern Ireland

    Jimmy Hill

    BBC pundit at Estadio Luis Casanova

    "That was the nearest Spain have come for some time, there was a Spaniard who had a chance from point blank range but he appeared to duck out of it.

    "There was no foul again - the Irish defenders did just as they have done throughout this game - they stood up and played it fairly as they have have done magnificently, all of them.

    "But the Irish just don't have the strength to attack the Spanish half of the pitch - it's almost like a training session where one team attacks and the other defends, and that is how it's going to be until the end."

  32. Post update

    Spain 0-1 Northern Ireland

    It's a 9-0-0 formation against a 0-0-10 one now.

    Rafael Gordillo has another shot on target but it's saved by Pat Jennings. This is unbearably tense.

  33. Post update

    Spain 0-1 Northern Ireland

    Eight minutes to go in Valencia. How are your nerves?

  34. Join the debate at #82Spain

    Paul: How well are John McClelland and Chris Nicholl playing? World class - that's how well. Hang in there...

  35. Post update

    Spain 0-1 Northern Ireland

    How have Spain not scored there?

    A wonderful cross comes in from the left which Quini fails to get his head onto. It falls at the back post for Enrique Saura, who makes a mess of it and doesn't get a proper shot away.

  36. Post update

    Spain 0-1 Northern Ireland

    Rafael Gordillo has a shot on target for Spain - they haven't had too many of them - but's straight at Pat Jennings.

  37. Post update

    Spain 0-1 Northern Ireland

    This is one of the classic backs-to-the-wall performances. Only 11 minutes left to hold on now.

    Jimmy Nicholl does brilliantly to take the ball clear for Northern Ireland under pressure from Juanito. But Spain just come again. it's attack versus defence by this stage.

  38. Join the debate at #82Spain


    Christopher: Watched game at home and electric went out midway during second half! No 50ps for the meter - got a clip off my mum for swearing.

  39. Post update

    Spain 0-1 Northern Ireland

    John Motson

    BBC commentator at Estadio Luis Casanova

    "Spain would still go through if they only lose 1-0 but can they risk it? Tonight at the very climax of his career at the World Cup, Pat Jennings's performance could see Northern Ireland qualify for the second round.

    "Jennings hasn't let the atmosphere of the occasion one bit and that has spread through the ranks.

    "What do Spain do? Do they chase the game and get an equaliser, or do they accept defeat? It's a perplexing situation for the host nation."


    Spain 0-1 Northern Ireland

    Sammy Nelson comes on

    Northern Ireland make a second change - it's Sammy Nelson, a 33-year-old Brighton defender, who comes on for 17-year-old attacker Norman Whiteside.

    It's just a case of 'can Northern Ireland hold on' now?

  41. Post update

    Spain 0-1 Northern Ireland

    Jimmy Hill

    BBC pundit at Estadio Luis Casanova

    "If you find that your next door neighbours have not got their set on, do them a favour and tell them to switch it on because this last 20 minutes is going to be exhilarating. Ten Northern Ireland players, all of them heroes, are holding out against the Spaniards to get through to the last stages. It's wonderful to look at, and let's hope they do it."

  42. Post update

    Spain 0-1 Northern Ireland

    Spain have a corner, which they take immediately - they are in a real rush here. The ball comes into the box and Quini, who was apparently kidnapped for 25 days last year, blazes over from 10 yards out - he really should have hit the target there.

    Will Spain live to rue that miss?

  43. Post update

    Spain 0-1 Northern Ireland

    Jimmy Hill

    BBC pundit at Estadio Luis Casanova

    "They have no sense of fair play this Spanish crowd, Chris Nicholl touched nothing but the ball but they were screaming at the referee to try and influence his decision.

    "Northern Ireland have stood up as good defenders and not given the ref the slightest chance to award a penalty - as Nicholl did there - but that didn't stop the crowd screaming their heads off."

  44. Post update

    Spain 0-1 Northern Ireland

    A reminder that Spain would also go through, as group runners-up, with this scoreline. However if Northern Ireland score a second, then Spain are heading home. Well they are home already but you know what I mean.

    However, this is nothing like the West Germany v Austria match earlier today. Spain are pushing hard for an equaliser, there's no arranged result here.

  45. Post update

    Spain 0-1 Northern Ireland

    Gerry Armstrong is basically playing as an extra defender now - so are all of the Northern Ireland players to be fair.

    Magnificent stuff from the 10 men - just over 20 minutes to go. Can Northern Ireland see this out for their finest hour?


    Gerry Armstrong

    Former Northern Ireland striker

    "I knew they were going to throw everything at us but they seemed to be devoid of any idea of how to break us down. We just double-covered in the two wide positions.

    "We were just very comfortable, whenever they put crosses into the box John McClelland and Chris Nicholl looked very comfortable in the air. We were always going to win balls in the air.

    "There was only one moment of hesitancy when there was a ball lobbed over. There was hesitancy between Chris Nicholl and Pat Jennings and Pat made it look so comfortable in the end, he just flicked it over one player's head and caught it with the other hand. He flicked it with his right hand and caught it with his left."

  47. Join the debate at #82Spain

    Nigel: Shocking decision, but you can't raise your hands in 1982. Even to wave gently in your opponent's direction.

    Andy: I can see a few clubs in Spain having a look at Gerry Armstrong after that goal...

  48. Post update

    Spain 0-1 Northern Ireland

    John Motson

    BBC commentator at Estadio Luis Casanova

    "A man short, the task now increases for Northern Ireland. Mind you they have been up against the odds right from the beginning of the tournament. When things go against them you almost expect them to produce even more in terms of team-work and togetherness."

  49. Post update

    Yer Man

    Naranjito is not a patch on Northern Ireland's genius mascot - 'Yer Man'. A smoking football fan who is inexplicably bringing a suitcase with him to the World Cup.

  50. Post update


    Which leads me onto this.

    World Cup mascots are something else altogether normally. But this year they've really surpassed themselves this year with Naranjito the orange.

  51. Post update

    Spain 0-1 Northern Ireland

    Northern Ireland actually have a chance as Billy Hamilton heads wide.

    Spain fans are throwing oranges at keeper Pat Jennings, according to John Motson.

  52. Post update

    Spain 0-1 Northern Ireland

    Jimmy Hill

    BBC pundit at Estadio Luis Casanova

    "If I were Camacho I wouldn't be able to sleep tonight, my conscience wouldn't allow it. We've only seen the incident once but it looked to me like he created all the disturbance. Camacho got away with it and Ireland are up against it."


    Spain 0-1 Northern Ireland

    Gerry Armstrong

    Former Northern Ireland striker


    "It was disgraceful. There was hardly any contact at all. To be fair Camacho didn't do too much, it seemed to be the linesman and the referee, who were South American.

    "They decided that he was going to be sent off. There was minimal contact - I think he squared up to Mal, who pushed him away in the chest. But he didn't go down, he didn't feign injury, it was just a poor decision from the referee.

    "Then you start to wonder, are they going to try to do all they can to keep the host nation happy? The result meant that they went through but unfortunately they went through to a much tougher group and that didn't go down too well with the Spanish."

  54. Post update

    Spain 0-1 Northern Ireland

    John Motson

    BBC commentator at Estadio Luis Casanova

    "The Peruvian linesman made the referee's mind up for him. It's the red card for Donaghy for having a go back at Jose Camacho. Billy Bingham's team are down to 10 men and he says: 'What did you do Mal?' There was definitely a tussle and there appeared to be contact but it's Donaghy who's been punished and not Camacho."

  55. RED CARD

    Spain 0-1 Northern Ireland

    Mal Donaghy

    Northern Ireland defender Mal Donaghy is sent off for pushing Jose Antonio Camacho. That seemed harsh, very harsh.

    There was contact but it didn't look overly violent or aggressive.

  56. Join the debate at #82Spain


    Joe: I love how the match has been videoed, those waves on the screen bring back memories.

  57. Text us on 81111

    Tom: That was poor defending from the Spaniards - they should have dealt with it. They need a new centre-back pairing. There is a 14-year-old from Valladolid called Fernando Hierro or something who is rated very highly in Spain. I suspect that this is something of an over-exaggeration.

    Fernando Hierro, you say? I'll keep my eye out for him. Not that I've been born yet.

  58. Post update

    Spain 0-1 Northern Ireland

    The home fans are making a deafening noise. Spain have a corner but Tommy Cassidy runs the ball clear and the danger is gone.

  59. Post update

    Spain 0-1 Northern Ireland

    Jimmy Hill

    BBC pundit at Estadio Luis Casanova

    "They deserve everything they've got. They ignored the fouls against them, ignored the danger, ignored the pain and carried on with resolution.

    "They are a good running side, more than Scotland, and can frustrate their opponents. Perhaps they don't have the class, but they have all the will in the world to run for their country."

  60. Text us on 81111

    John, Richhill: Went to Windsor for all the qualifiers. Where am I tonight when we have a chance to go to the second stage of the World Cup? At the Maysfield Leisure Centre at a Barbara Dickson concert! Gutted. Keeping up to date on my transistor!

  61. Post update

    Spain 0-1 Northern Ireland

    Every player bar Spain keeper Luis Miguel Arconada is in the Northern Ireland half. There are 35 minutes for the visitors to hold on.

  62. Join the debate at #82Spain

    Jonny: What a run by Gerry Armstrong and a great cross from big Billy. Hope we can hold on for the win!


    Gerry Armstrong

    Former Northern Ireland striker

    "Pat Jennings for about four or five years was probably the best goalkeeper in the world.

    "Gianluigi Buffon is the record world transfer for a goalkeeper at £37m. I don't think Buffon is actually as good a goalkeeper as Jennings.

    "He gave us so much assurance because even when they got through the defence we knew they still had Pat to beat and that wasn't too often."

  64. Post update

    Spain 0-1 Northern Ireland

    John Motson

    BBC commentator at Estadio Luis Casanova

    "Pat Jennings is so good at point blank range - we have seen that so many times in his career. The angle didn't wholly favour the attacker, and Jennings knew exactly where to be to narrow the angle even further and make the stop.

    "The whistles now are for Spain who are up against it in a way that wasn't expected in this first round group. One was beginning to think there wouldn't be any shocks among the second round qualifiers but can Northern Ireland be the surprise package as they were in 1958. They are playing for each other tonight in a way they haven't quite managed before."

  65. Post update

    Spain 0-1 Northern Ireland

    Roberto Lopez Ufarte has a great chance to equalise from 16 yards out but his low shot is saved by legendary Northern Ireland keeper Pat Jennings.

    Huge moment in Valencia.


    Gerry Armstrong

    Former Northern Ireland striker

    "I knew once we scored that was it because we were so tough to break down.

    "We were really comfortable - they had Satrustegui and Quini as their two front men. They were putting crosses in and I just thought they were never going to score."

  67. Post update

    Spain 0-1 Northern Ireland

    Can you believe what you've seen at the Luis Casanova? As things stand Northern Ireland win the group and Spain go through as runners-up.

  68. Join the debate at #82Spain


    Curtinio: Arconada... ARMSTRONG!!!!


    Spain 0-1 Northern Ireland

    Northern Ireland bring on Tommy Cassidy of Burnley for Stoke City midfielder Sammy McIlroy, who was booked in the first half.


    Spain 0-1 Northern Ireland

    Gerry Armstrong

    Former Northern Ireland striker

    "It came from one of the few opportunities we created. It was just after half-time and I was playing slightly in front of Jimmy Nicholl, he was playing at right-back and I played about 10 yards in front of him to give him protection.

    "Lopez was a dangerous, quick left winger and he had to get past me before he got to Jimmy Nicholl. Gordillo was the left-back, he had his socks round his ankles and he used to push forward all the time.

    "I sort of half anticipated his pass and intercepted it just outside our own box. I remember running with the ball for about 30 or 40 yards and Xabi Alonso's father, Miguel Alonso, tried to kick me to stop me but I kept going and I put it out wide right to Billy Hamilton.

    "Billy did fantastically well down the right side, he got past Tendillo and put in a fantastic cross which tempted the keeper, Arconada, to come for it and once he came out and made the mistake the ball came in my direction.

    "I thought 'keep it low and hit it hard' and that's what I did. Fortunately it went through Arconada's legs and into the back of the net and we took the lead against all the odds and what everyone else believed."

  71. Post update

    Spain 0-1 Northern Ireland

    John Motson

    BBC commentator at Estadio Luis Casanova

    "A mistake by Luis Arconada - he is not the best goalkeeper in Europe on that form. Gerry Armstrong drives it through him and through the defenders legs for the 100th goal of this World Cup and what could be a priceless one for Northern Ireland.

    "Armstrong has scored both their goals in Spain and their crucial goals in qualifying and he was on hand again, after starting the move in his own half. If it stays like this Northern Ireland would qualify and so would Spain, with Yugoslavia going out."

  72. GOAL

    Spain 0-1 Northern Ireland - Gerry Armstrong

    Gerry Armstrong scores

    Can you believe it?! Gerry Armstrong gives Northern Ireland a remarkable lead. The Watford player breaks a Spain attack up, charges forward and plays the ball out right to Billy Hamilton.

    Hamilton runs down the wing and his cross is only parried by keeper Luis Miguel Arconada. Armstrong is there to fire past him for a famous, famous goal.

  73. Post update

    Spain 0-0 Northern Ireland

    The ball is spending most of the time in the air in the opening minute of the second half.

  74. Join the debate at #82Spain

    Peter: Spain 0-0 N Ireland. The home crowd are growing restless, the Spanish players reckless, our players are tiring, dare we dream...

  75. KICK-OFF

    Spain 0-0 Northern Ireland

    Northern Ireland kick off the second half. Spain have made a change, Quini comes on for Jesus Satrustegui up front.

  76. Join the debate at #82Spain

    Charlie: Wouldn't it be great to one day see Spain playing beautiful football rather than this? Shan't think it too likely, mind...

  77. Post update

    Apart from the Falklands War and the World Cup, what else is going on in I hear you ask?

    Well, the first total rail strike since 1955 is taking place.

    Bad news of you living in London too - the Underground is also striking meaning the two transport systems are striking simultaneously for the first time since 1926.

    Across the UK, unemployment has increased by one person every minute since Thatcher's government took over in 1979, a Labour MP says.

  78. Post update

    Northern Ireland have a big name on the bench in Tommy Finney.

    Not the former Distillery (and Preston) winger though - it's Cambridge United's 29-year-old midfielder.

    Will we see him at some stage?

  79. Text us on 81111

    Steve, Coleraine: We haven't really tested this keeper Arconada yet and I personally think he looks a bit nervous. A few more inviting crosses into the box and he might flap at one and give us something...

  80. Post update


    Of course this game is not the talk of the world. In the United States a lot of water cooler chat has been about Steven Spielberg's new film 'ET', which came out over there a couple of weeks ago. It's about an alien apparently.

    Sadly it's not hitting British and Irish cinema screens until December but by all accounts it'll be worth a watch.


    Spain 0-0 Northern Ireland

    John Motson

    BBC commentator at Estadio Luis Casanova

    "Half-time arrives with the match finely balanced. Spain would be all right but Northern Ireland have to do more. The crowd are getting their breath back after a first half full of incident, but not much of it in the goalmouth.

    "Some of the challenges really make you wonder what the Spanish players have to do to get sent off. If Spain go any further in this competition, Fifa have to be very careful with the choice of referee for their matches, because a Latin American referee was never going to be sensible."

  82. Post update

    It's been a tough year in Northern Ireland so the country could do with some cheer.

    This year began with a continuation of the violence that had marked 1981.

    Against a background of 20% unemployment and serious blackspots around the country, the De Lorean sports car company in Dunmurry closed in May with 1500 workers laid off.

    In April, Margaret Thatcher's declaration of war on Argentina for occupying the Falklands saw a downturn in Anglo-Irish relations.

  83. When Yer Man Gets the Ball


    Of course the soundtrack for this World Cup for any Northern Ireland fans has been Dana's 'When Yer Man Gets the Ball'.

    Come on now guys, you know how it goes.

    "When yer man gets the ball, Northern Ireland has it all,

    "Oh we're off to Spain, never mind the rain, when yer man gets the ball."

    I feel that song will really stand the test of time.

  84. Mixed bag

    Spain 0-0 Northern Ireland

    It's been a mixed tournament for British teams on the whole.

    England are in the next group stage after winning all three Group 4 games, against France, Czechoslovakia and Kuwait earlier today.

    But Scotland are out despite beating New Zealand 5-2 in their Group 6 opener. They lost 4-1 to Brazil and then drew 2-2 against the Soviet Union, who knocked them out on goal difference.


    Spain 0-0 Northern Ireland

    It's goalless at half-time - this result sends Northern Ireland out and Spain and Yugoslavia through.

    It only takes one goal though...

  86. Join the debate at #82Spain

    Ross: How many red cards if this match was being played now?

  87. Post update

    Spain 0-0 Northern Ireland

    John Motson

    BBC commentator at Estadio Luis Casanova

    "This is getting completely out of hand. McIllroy was clearly hurt but was violent in the way he hit back. There is verbal warfare as well, somebody needs to cool this down. With a few minutes before half-time I rather think the whistle will come as a relief to everybody and give the players a few minutes to cool their tempers.

    "The number six Jose Alesanco, who I saw at Tottenham playing for Barcelona in the Cup Winners' Cup, can be ruthless. He is lucky to be on the pitch. There is not much football being played at the moment, certainly not by Spain. Like so many countries in the past, and particularly Argentina four years ago, they are pushing the referee as far as they dare."

  88. Post update

    Spain 0-0 Northern Ireland

    David McCreery

    David McCreery goes on a jinking run before he is crunched to the ground by Jose Alesanco. Alesanco wasn't even booked.

    This is one of the dirtiest first halves of football I've seen.

  89. Post update


    Of course plenty of Northern Ireland fans will be watching this down the pub.

    Relish the 54p beers everyone. I suspect they won't be this price forever.


    Spain 0-0 Northern Ireland

    Sammy McIlroy is booked

    Sammy McIlroy has stamped on Enrique Saura and enters the book. He's very lucky not to be sent off.

    We just need to get to half-time now, this is becoming a bloodbath.


    Spain 0-0 Northern Ireland

    Billy Hamilton is booked for fouling Miguel Tendillo, who is holding his special area in pain.

    Jose Alesanco now kicks Hamilton in the back of the legs but he gets away with it.

  92. Post update

    Spain 0-0 Northern Ireland

    Jimmy Hill

    BBC pundit at Estadio Luis Casanova

    "Northern Ireland have done very very well to be 0-0 at this stage of the game. They have taken a lot of fierce tackling and it takes a lot of courage to keep at the Spanish defence knowing that that kind of challenge is waiting. It must be said that the Spanish people are very warm off the pitch, which we know too well, but they can be disgusting on it."

    I think there'll come a time, Jimmy, when you probably can't say things like that.

  93. Post update

    Spain 0-0 Northern Ireland

    Just as Northern Ireland were coming back into it Jose Alesanco heads over the crossbar under pressure from Chris Nicholl.

    Think Billy Bingham will be happy to get the lads back in at half-time goalless.

  94. Text us on 81111

    Ricky, Omagh: What a team we had in '82! By the law of averages, wee Norn Iron will be back at the World Cup, never give up! Cmon Gerry, burst that Spanish net!

  95. Post update

    Spain 0-0 Northern Ireland

    Northern Ireland starting to come out of their shell a bit now, like an 18-year-old at a disco after two glasses of port and coke.

    The game is starting to become a bit more even now.

  96. Join the debate at #82Spain

    Bazza: This Spanish team are a disgrace. Get into them boys!

  97. Post update

    Spain 0-0 Northern Ireland

    John Motson

    BBC commentator at Estadio Luis Casanova

    "The crowd are jeering their tactics of taking their time but Northern Ireland know they have got to force the game a little bit, they have got to score if they are to stay in the World Cup."

  98. Post update

    Spain 0-0 Northern Ireland

    Norman Whiteside whips in a fantastic cross from the left but Billy Hamilton didn't gamble and wasn't there to head it home.

    You have to gamble, Billy.

  99. Post update

    Spain 0-0 Northern Ireland

    Manchester United's 17-year-old Norman Whiteside has a shot on target for Northern Ireland but it's straight at Luis Arconada.

    At least he tried to score though, a few of his team-mates could do with following his example. Remember a goalless draw and they're on their way home.

  100. Post update

    Spain 0-0 Northern Ireland

    Jesus Maria Satrustegui heads another effort wise. He's going to bury one of these sooner or later.

    Nice to see a chance in front of goal though after all that wrestling. What is this? England v Honduras in a friendly in 32 years' time?

  101. Post update

    Spain 0-0 Northern Ireland

    Jimmy Hill

    BBC pundit at Estadio Luis Casanova

    "The Spaniards are being ruthless and cynical and if we are not careful, from what we have seen already, I am afraid the game will go on to be a disgrace to football."


    Gerry Armstrong

    Former Northern Ireland striker

    "I saw Miguel Alonso kicking lumps out of Martin O'Neill near the corner flag, there were a lot of bad challenges between Jose Alesanco and Miguel Tendillo and myself and Billy Hamilton.

    "There was a lot of tension, they obviously wanted to win the game and show their superiority in front of their own fans. We were quite a physical side and I think they felt they also had to be physical."

  103. Post update

    Spain 0-0 Northern Ireland

    The game is really starting to boil over now - both sets of players are going in very whole-heartedly.

    Spain get a free-kick as Billy Hamilton fouls Luis Arconada but as Jimmy Hill tells us "goalkeepers get a lot of protection these days".

  104. Post update

    Spain 0-0 Northern Ireland

    John Motson

    BBC commentator at Estadio Luis Casanova

    "Whether Juanito is actually faking it and making it look bad I don't now - he is known to be a bit of an actor sometimes in the Spanish league, he can really pile it on. We've got to keep an eye on him because he is clearly out to hold a vendetta against one or two Irish players."

  105. Post update

    Spain 0-0 Northern Ireland

    Juanito is down on the ground now after a clash with Norman Whiteside off the ball (and the camera). No-one is booked however.

  106. Post update

    Spain 0-0 Northern Ireland

    Jimmy Hill

    BBC pundit at Estadio Luis Casanova

    "A lovely shot of Pat Jennings there - he's in middle age by some standards but is still a wonderful athlete."


    Spain 0-0 Northern Ireland

    Spain's Juanito has been booked for tapping Sammy McIlroy on the head. You can't raise your hands back here in 1982 - everybody knows that.

  108. Post update

    Norman Whiteside against Yugoslavia

    Northern Ireland have the youngest World Cup player of all time.

    When Manchester United teen Normal Whiteside played against Yugoslavia, he was only 17 years and 41 days old - almost six months older than previous record holder Pele.

    "I beat Pele's record and other people pick up on that fact," he told BBC Sport.

    "And that brought with it a lot of pressure, not just from the local media in Spain, but the world's media because of the record.

    "I was out to do my job. It doesn't matter if you're 17, 19, 21 or 25, I went out to do my job, which was to play football."

  109. Text us on 81111

    Andrew, Armagh: Pat Jennings, Jimmy Nicholl, Mal Donaghy, Martin O'Neill, Sammy McIlroy, Billy Hamilton and Norman Whiteside; the names just roll off the tongue. We Northern Ireland fans really were blessed with a number of great players back in the 1980s. Those were the days!

  110. Post update

    Spain 0-0 Northern Ireland

    Northern Ireland said their plan was to sit back for the first 20 minutes and gauge what Spain are all about. They're certainly doing that so far.

    But you can't score without attacking. Will Billy Bingham's plan pay off?

  111. Join the debate at #82Spain

    Marc: Whiteside looks to be a great prospect. United should keep hold of him.

    James: They're going in hard on young Whiteside. Let's hope they're sleeping on McIlroy and Armstrong!

  112. Post update

    Spain 0-0 Northern Ireland

    Jimmy Nicholl has crunched Jose Sanchez down to the ground. Free-kick in a dangerous position for the Spaniards - but Roberto Lopez Ufarte's kick is beyond Jose Antonio Camacho.

  113. Join the debate at #82Spain


    Former Northern Ireland midfielder David McCreery on Twitter: Watching the game with the family. Gerry Armstrong do you score in this game btw?!?

  114. Post update

    Spain 0-0 Northern Ireland

    Xabi Alonso

    Spain's number four in 1982, Miguel Angel Alonso, had a kid back in November called Xabi.

    I wonder what he will go on to do - would be too much to hope for him to play in a World Cup surely, let alone win one?

  115. Post update

    Spain 0-0 Northern Ireland

    It's getting a bit tasty on the pitch now, both sets of players are clashing at every opportunity. You can't see this game ending with 22 players on the pitch somehow.

  116. Post update

    Spain 0-0 Northern Ireland

    Of course we appreciate you watching this game on BBC 1. We know you have the choice of three British channels so we're glad you're here with us.

    In November, they're bringing out a Channel Four. Four channels?! Is the world going mad? How are you meant to decide which of them to watch?

  117. Join the debate at #82Spain


    Chris: Trailblazer Jimmy Hill advocating video replays way back in 1982.

    Nigel: First time round I was in hospital getting my tonsils out. Going to enjoy watching this with a glass or two of wine.

    Matthew: How did we ever manage without the clock and score in the top corner of the screen?

  118. Post update

    Spain 0-0 Northern Ireland

    Spain have a corner - you feel it's only a matter of time before they score. Jesus Satrustegui heads just wide from the set-piece.

    How long can Northern Ireland keep the Spaniards out?

  119. Post update

    Spain 0-0 Northern Ireland

    Northern Ireland are just about holding on at the moment - Jesus Satrustegui heads just wide of the post.

    Only the 85 minutes to go...

  120. Post update

    Spain 0-0 Northern Ireland

    Big chance for Spain, Roberto Lopez Ufarte is through on goal but Pat Jennings - who made his international debut before team-mate Norman Whiteside was born - is out to smother the threat.

    That was a hearts in mouths moment for Northern Ireland.


    Gerry Armstrong

    Former Northern Ireland striker

    "The mood in the camp was always good. The camaraderie in the Northern Ireland team was fantastic, everyone got on well with each other and we were all mates.

    "We worked hard and we had a fair amount of success. To qualify for the World Cup was something special for us all. We didn't want to miss the boat, we wanted to make sure we performed as well as we could.

    "There was no real pressure on us, I thought all the pressure was on Spain as the host nation and the team that had to achieve. So all the pressure was on them and none on us."

  122. Post update

    Spain 0-0 Northern Ireland

    John Motson

    BBC commentator at Estadio Luis Casanova

    "It's worth noting that tonight's referee has never before taken charge of a match between European sides. He told me that the only English speaking team he's taken charge of before was the New York Cosmos in the United States. There are still question marks then against the referees and Fifa's appointments."

  123. Post update

    Spain 0-0 Northern Ireland

    Northern Ireland have a free-kick already. Jimmy Nicholl hits it into the box but it's cleared.

    Spain counter-attack and Miguel Alonso shoots wide of Pat Jennings's post.

    A lively start in Valencia.

  124. KICK-OFF

    Spain 0-0 Northern Ireland

    Spain get us under way...

  125. Post update

    Spain v Northern Ireland

    John Motson

    BBC commentator at Estadio Luis Casanova

    "There is a a frightening fanaticism in the Luis Casanova stadium. It's built like a huge drum. An absolutely feverish following for Spain. It's party time out in the streets but it's very serious for Spain's manager Jose Santamaria, whose reputation hangs on how they do at the World Cup."


    Gerry Armstrong

    Former Northern Ireland striker

    "I believed we could win the game - we actually had more belief than other people because most people had written us off.

    "We'd drawn our first two games, we were disappointed to draw with Honduras, we thought we should have beaten them.

    "We drew the game against Yugoslavia which was a tough one so we were undefeated and we knew we were a very side for anyone to play against. I was confident that we could beat them but we knew it was a tall order."

  127. Join the debate at #82Spain


    Andrew: Can't get a bookies to take a bet on Armstrong first to score...

  128. Post update

    Spain v Northern Ireland

    Garth Crooks

    Tottenham striker

    "Northern Ireland have a hell of a job to do. I have played under similar circumstances in Barcelona, in the Cup Winners' Cup, and when the crowd starts to get at you it can be very difficult. I have to echo Lawrie's sentiments and say: I just can't see them getting a win tonight."

  129. LINE-UPS

    Spain v Northern Ireland

    NI line-ups

    Spain: Arconada; Gordillo, Tendillo, Alesanco, Camacho; Alonso, Saura, Sanchez; Juanito, Satrustegui, Ufarte. Subs: Quini, Gallego.

    N. Ireland: Jennings; J. Nicholl, Donaghy, McClelland, C. Nicholl; McCreery, O'Neill, McIlroy, Whiteside; Armstrong, Hamilton. Subs: Cassidy, Nelson.

    Referee: Hector Ortiz (Paraguay)

  130. Post update

    Spain coach Jose Santamaria has named his team, he makes one change - Enrique Saura, who scored after coming on against Yugoslavia, comes into midfield for Jesus Maria Zamora, who has a knee injury.

  131. Post update

    Spain v Northern Ireland

    Lawrie McMenemy

    Southampton manager

    "Northern Ireland are such a tiny soccer nation they have won to get here really. Spain have done so badly and have had so much stick even from their own supporters that I think Ireland could just get the backlash tonight. I can see them possibly getting a draw. I would love them to win it but I can't see it."

  132. Post update

    There's been a bit of chat from the BBC pundits about video technology.

    Jimmy Hill, who is in Valencia, says: "There is an artificial aid the referee could use tonight. There is a replay board - it would be possible for the referee if he wished, and if Fifa would allow it, to have a replay of an incident on that board and then make a decision. I wonder how many years it's going to be before that comes into the game."

    But Southampton boss Lawrie McMenemy is not convinced: "Asking people to use big screens, it's not going to happen. If it was going to happen it would be in America. They've tried it there, they've tried stopping the game for commercial breaks and so on. It won't work. The referee has to be in charge."

    You can watch that back in the tab above us in a minute.

  133. Post update

    John Motson

    BBC World Cup Grandstand commentator

    "Sitting here in the stadium tonight, you have to say the task facing Northern Ireland is monumental."

  134. Text us on 81111

    Neal, London: Couldn't get flights to Valencia but 30 of us gathered in a central London pub eagerly awaiting kick off. Just bought this on 7" record... "I'm yer man, I'm yer man, and I'll be in the stands, cheering Northern Ireland to do the best they can...." M'on Norn Iron!!

    Derek, Writtle: I tell you one thing - if Ireland do get their noses in front Spain will just lose their heads and start kicking everything in sight.

    Kevin, Epsom: Luis Arconada is such a great 'keeper that it'll take something really special to beat him tonight. The man simply doesn't make mistakes.


    Billy Hamilton (r)

    Striker Billy Hamilton told BBC Northern Ireland: "Billy Bingham was very good at motivating players. He would make you feel 10 feet tall when you went onto the pitch. He never made you feel second best. He had a very good tactical plan.

    "He knew that if we could swamp the midfield that would stop the Spaniards passing through us and getting into the box.

    "If they got into the box he knew they would dive and try and get penalties and that and if you watch the game again you will see most of the defending was done just outside our box.

    "He just told us to feed on the crumbs we would get a chance during the games and hopefully we would take it and that's what Gerry Armstrong did."

  136. Join the debate at #82Spain

    Phillip: We have exceeded expectations getting to this stage with a chance but the party ends tonight. Shame George wasn't here.

  137. Post update

    Spain manager Jose Santamaria: "From what I've seen of them, they defend well and Whiteside, Armstrong and McIlroy look threatening."

  138. Post update

    Spain v Northern Ireland

    Northern Ireland manager Billy Bingham: "Spain are basically a counter attack team so to go forward with all flags flying would be a mistake.

    "We'll look at them for a while and then start to go forward a bit more. We finished strongly against Yugoslavia in 100 degrees and in 95 degrees in our second game, which seemed to tire them even more.

    "It's taken us two days to recover but I am happy to say we are ready again and looking forward to a good battle with Spain."

  139. Post update

    David Icke

    Former professional keeper, and now BBC presenter, David Icke has just given a ticketless Northern Ireland fan a golden ticket for tonight's game.

    What a nice, level-headed guy.

  140. Post update

    Spain v Northern Ireland

    Martin O'Neill

    Northern Ireland captain Martin O'Neill: "Let me put it this way, we would be very disappointed to come off the field at nil each.

    "We would rather come off losing two or three and having attacked them. That seems like a paradox but a goalless draw does us no good."

  141. Post update

    Spain v Northern Ireland

    Northern Ireland midfielder Sammy McIllroy: "We're really looking forward to the game. We haven't scored many goals in years, let's hope it comes tonight.

    "You have to have a look at them in the first 20 minutes then have a go at them. We hoping for a good game."

  142. Post update

    Earlier today we had one of the most infamous matches in World Cup history.

    West Germany and Austria played out a 1-0 victory for the Germans, which took both sides through.

    Plenty of booing and whistling at the end of the game, which ended like a training match with unopposed passes in non-dangerous areas.

    Algeria were eliminated by the result.

    I can't see Fifa allowing group matches to end at different times again after this.

    You can watch highlights of that game on the BBC Sport website.

  143. Post update

    So how has Group E come down to this?

    Well, Northern Ireland have so far drawn 0-0 with Yugoslavia and 1-1 with Honduras - Gerry Armstrong scoring their only goal.

    Hosts Spain have drawn 1-1 with Honduras and beaten Yugoslavia 2-1. Lopez Ufarte, Juanito and Saura each with one goal.

  144. Join the debate at #82Spain


    Andrew: Never been this excited about watching a repeated match. I was born in '81 so I've only ever seen clips. Must have been amazing.

    Karen: Reckon we could see a wee Norn Iron win here… Arcanada, ARMSTRONG!!!


    Striker Billy Hamilton told BBC Northern Ireland: "The team spirit was probably the best I had ever experienced. We had three weeks in Brighton before we went to Spain.

    "We had a great camaraderie; we socialised together, we trained together and we lived together and that brought us really together.

    "There were really good friendships made and there was a brotherly bond between us and it meant on the pitch we fought very hard as a team and for each other. I would put that down to one of the main reasons why we had our success in 1982."


    Our live TV coverage of the game is just kicking in now at the top of this page. Enjoy.

  147. Text us on 81111

    Andy: If Northern Ireland somehow manage to win today I'll eat paella, and only paella for a whole week!

    Please do not forget to include your name and location with any text message you send in.

  148. World Cup Gossip

    The Times reported this morning that 17-year-old striker Norman Whiteside could be replaced by the more experienced Bobby Campbell - however they were wrong.

    They also said that although striker Gerry Armstrong has been unwell, he is likely to be fit for the crunch game - they were right.

    The Guardian reports that the Spanish press are astonished at the easy going, open-door policy of Northern Ireland as they relax between training sessions at their hotel on the Mediterranean coast.

    The Daily Express is reporting that the leadership of Martin O'Neil in central midfield for Northern Ireland will be crucial to their chances.

    The Sun is reporting that Northern Ireland manager Billy Bingham says "the Irish love a big stage and there will be none grander than the Louis Casanova stadium".

    The Belfast Telegraph features Billy Huddleston and his wife Bertha, of Groomsport, County Down, in a happy mood after Billy won two free World Cup tickets to all Northern Ireland matches in a draw organised by Portadown Masonic Recreation Club, in which there were 60,000 subscribers.

  149. Join the debate at #82Spain

    Davey: Even though we'll get well beat, I'm recording the match on my Betamax, the format of the future!

    David: Disappointed big Bobby Campbell's not getting a game. Armstrong's been poor so far, doubt that'll change tonight.

    Alex: C'mon Norn Iron get into them! Hope Donaghy doesn't do anything stupid...

  150. The man to beat?

    Spain v Northern Ireland

    Luis Arconada

    Spain captain Luis Arconada was described by BBC commentator John Motson recently as 'the best keeper in Europe' - can Northern Ireland find a way past the Real Sociedad man today?


    Gerry Armstrong

    Former Northern Ireland striker

    "We were very apprehensive because we knew we had to win to qualify and with Spain being the host nation it was a difficult for us.

    "But we had belief, we had confidence in our ability and we knew that the first 20 minutes of the game were going to be very important because Spain, being the home team, were going to come at us and put us under a lot of pressure.

    "Martin O'Neill had spoken to us the night before and we more or less agreed that that was going to happen, that we would defend the best we could. We were very good at getting behind the ball and making it difficult. We knew we would create some chances and we had to take one."

  152. Join the debate at #82Spain

    Christopher: Looking forward to this. We've been promised the day off school tomorrow if we win.

  153. Post update

    At 15:00 BST we will be streaming video of the Northern Ireland v Spain game, complete with 30 minutes of build-up, hosted by David Coleman. Garth Crooks, the 24-year-old Tottenham striker, is in the studio. He has hair - that's worth tuning in for alone.

    By the way that's only available in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. So any NI fans in the Republic of Ireland have 15 minutes to get across the border to watch the game!

  154. Post update

    Northern Ireland have announced their team - no changes from the side who drew 1-1 with Honduras.

    Spain coach Jose Santamaria has yet to announce his team, although midfielder Jesus Maria Zamora has a knee injury and has only a "40% chance of playing" according to the team doctor.

  155. Join the debate at #82spain

    Just 50 minutes until kick-off at the Estadio Luis Casanova in Valencia.

    Spain haven't started particularly well in this tournament but they do have the better players and the home advantage. Northern Ireland need to win, or draw 2-2 or higher. Do they have a chance?

    Where would a win rank in the list of great World Cup shocks?

    Have your say. You can text in to 81111 (UK Only) or tweet us using the hashtag #82spain.

  156. Post update

    World Cup Rewind on the BBC

    Don't worry - this is not the strangest hangover you've ever had. Don't start telling your friends that you've become stuck in a time warp or that the BBC website is broken, we know it's not actually 1982.

    But for the next few hours let's pretend it is together. This is World Cup Rewind, and the final of our five chosen classic games. Stay with us for full text and video coverage of the 1982 World Cup match between Northern Ireland and hosts Spain, with the BBC video kicking in at 15:00 BST.

    So play along, let us know your thoughts before, during and after the game. Alternatively, let us know your memories of the game and we'll include them in our 'Fast Forward' sections...

  157. Post update

    The ARA General Belgrano, an Argentine Navy cruiser, sunk by HMS Conqueror

    This game very nearly didn't happen.

    The British government considered pulling Northern Ireland, England and Scotland out of the World Cup because of the Falklands War.

    Last month, Sports Minister Neil Macfarlane wrote a letter to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher suggesting the home nations should not go to the World Cup as "some international footballers and some administrators... feel revulsion at the prospect of playing in the same tournament as Argentina at this time".

    Luckily for Northern Ireland the Government decided not to pull the UK nations out.

    In case you've been living in a cave by the way, the war ended 11 days ago. Britain won.

  158. Post update

    Northern Ireland's options

    So what do Northern Ireland need to do? Only a win or a draw of 2-2 or higher will see them through to the next group stage.

    They have never beaten Spain before but, if they win this game, they will top Group E and therefore avoid England in the next round - the runners-up of this pool enter Ron Greenwood's group.

    Draw 1-1 and it goes to lots with Yugoslavia. A goalless draw or defeat and they're on the next flight back to Belfast.

    Spain can actually go out if they lose by more than one goal in Valencia.


    Some things in life are almost certain.

    There will never be a cooler device to own than a Walkman.


    The Soviet Union will outlast us all.

    Bust of Lenin and Soviet flag

    And Northern Ireland will not beat Spain in their home World Cup.