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  1. Post update

    As routine a 5-0 win as you could ever wish to see in the end for England then. Sheffield Hallam put up a good fight but the class showed through in the end.

    Join us on Sunday for a potentially marginally more interesting game against Estonia. Over and out...

  2. Post update

    England 5-0 San Marino

    Chris Waddle

    Former England winger at Wembley for 5 live Sport

    "England have enough quality and their group is weak. They will qualify. It's all about France and the European Championships."

  3. Manager reaction

    England 5-0 San Marino

    England coach Roy Hodgson: "What people have to realise, whatever they say, in the first half of these games when a fit and healthy team get 10 men behind the ball, there's no space to play."

  4. Post update

    England 5-0 San Marino

    Chris Waddle

    Former England winger at Wembley for 5 live Sport

    "It will be a harder game for England against Estonia, but to be honest I still expect us to get a result."

  5. Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    A Karim: 5-0, could have been more. England didn't need to get out of second gear! I don't see what the problem is!

    Ian Marks: Oh come on! Are people really having a go because England "only" won 5-0? Good lord...

    Rich Hemsley: Why are people moaning that England "only" scored five? They played brilliant football and played well as a team.

  6. Manager reaction

    England 5-0 San Marino

    Roy Hodgson

    England manager Roy Hodgson: "Job well done. The crowd were fantastic, they've had an enjoyable night. We could have had more but I can't fault the players. I'm really pleased.

    "We won very comfortably and added five goals to the tally. We had no space to play in the first half but kept plugging away and it would always open up.

    "When San Marino tired we created some very good occasions. What was learned was that the players have the ability to do the right thing for 90 minutes. At 5-0 when we lost the ball we had three or four players sprinting back to win the ball back. That type of desire is very commendable."

  7. Post update

    Thanks to Mrs. Peter in Edinburgh. England won at a trot then.

  8. Text us on 81111

    William in London: You can't say that was a bad performance. It could have easily been 10, but what does it matter if you're playing San Marino and created so many chances?

    Neil from Dent: Even when we win 5-0 people still moan. Whey are some England fans so negative.

    Peter in Edinburgh: Re 21:33 - My footy-loving, horse-riding wife says a 'trot' is slower than a canter, which is slower than a gallop...

  9. Post update

    A classic typo there - Chris Waddle did not call for a 4-4-3 formation, though England could have played without a keeper tonight to be honest...

  10. Post update

    England 5-0 San Marino

    Mikoliunas scores for Lithuania

    What's next for England? Estonia on Sunday, a 17:00 BST kick-off. Estonia lost 1-0 to Lithuania tonight.

  11. Post update

    England 5-0 San Marino

    Chris Waddle

    Former England winger at Wembley for 5 live Sport

    "England definitely needed wingers, especially when you're playing poor opposition. They could have used four wingers, using the full-backs too, as San Marino were so narrow.

    "And I'd like us to be more flexible as a team. The diamond formation worked well against Switzerland, but our players should be able to adapt at this level and we should have played 4-4-2 or 4-3-3. We just seem so rigid in what we play."

  12. Player reaction

    England 5-0 San Marino

    Jack Wilshere

    England midfielder Jack Wilshere: "We did what we had to do. We knew we would win, it was just a matter of keeping going. Once we scored we knew we could get a few.

    "We showed them respect. I enjoy getting forward and it was nice. It wasn't against one of the best nations in the world but we had a job to do and we did it."

  13. Post update

    Spain have been beaten! There's a cat amongst the pigeons.

  14. Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Peter Collins: Germany scored more against Brazil than we have against San Marino...

    Fernando Caviedes: 5-0 is not enough. A poor team performance. No improvements.

    Nick Southwell: Solid if not slightly unspectacular from England. You can only beat what's put in front of you.

  15. Post update

    England 5-0 San Marino

    Chris Waddle

    Former England winger at Wembley for 5 live Sport

    England celebrate

    "There was always only ever going to be one result tonight. San Marino put up a great fight in the first half but tired badly in the second. And while they were at the races they stopped England playing, which is a concern. But a comfortable win for England in the end."

  16. Post update

    England 5-0 San Marino

    Robert Green

    QPR and England goalkeeper at Wembley for 5 live Sport

    "It was always going to be an England win and if they'd taken all their chances it would have been 10-0. Maybe it was a little lacklustre in the first half, but you have to ask yourselves how well England were really going to play against a team who had absolutely no intention of playing."

  17. Pain for Spain

    Elsewhere in Europe

    Slovakia celebrate a goal against Spain

    What a night for former Chelsea winger Miroslav Stoch. The 24-year-old is a national hero in Slovakia after scoring the late winner for the hosts in a 2-1 against holders Spain. Stoch headed the winner after substitute Paco Alcacer equalised in the 82nd minute.


    England 5-0 San Marino

    Polite applause. A cover drive for four. England have won at whatever slower than a canter is. A gallop? That sounds faster than a canter. Whatever horse is for 'stroll'.

  19. Post update

    England 5-0 San Marino

    England have had 32 efforts tonight, 16 of which are on target. But don't be telling those stats to Roy Hodgson. He'll have to get the swear jar out.

  20. CLOSE!

    England 5-0 San Marino

    Adam Lallana

    Lovely touch from Adam Lallana sparks a move and Andros Townsend sees a low shot cleared off the line! Unlucky.

  21. Post update

    England 5-0 San Marino

    Wayne Rooney hammers a shot wide. Start the car.

  22. Post update

    England 5-0 San Marino

    It's going to end at five, and Alan Green is happy enough with that. No seriously...

  23. Text us on 81111

    Ben from Belfast: That Wembley attendance is nearly double the population of San Marino.

    Jack in Stoke: Pretty sure people moaned about Townsend's inclusion over Dyer, Routledge and the like. Boom to his critics.

    Stephen: Late travelling back from London to Wilmslow. Initially hacked off missing football but reading this, probably got the more exciting gig looking out the train window at the dark...

  24. Post update

    England 5-0 San Marino

    Robert Green

    QPR and England goalkeeper at Wembley for 5 live Sport

    Andros Townsend and Wayne Rooney

    "This is a pretty meaningless game but the one positive you could take is that it looks like a spark has set off Andros Townsend. He might now be kick-starting his club career. So maybe a few people can take a few positives from this game, even if the whole team can't."

  25. Post update

    England 5-0 San Marino

    Wayne Rooney has a header saved, San Marino keeper Aldo Simoncini has had a decent game this evening. He concedes 4.4 goals on average so just below par for him...

  26. Post update

    England 5-0 San Marino

    Five is about par I reckon. Call the dogs off Roy.

  27. Post update

    England 5-0 San Marino

    Chris Waddle

    Former England winger at Wembley for 5 live Sport

    "The ball clips off Della Valle and the goalie's rooted to the spot. I don't know if Wayne Rooney will try to claim the goal but it wasn't going in. It must be an own-goal."

  28. Post update

    Elsewhere in Europe

    Cesc Fabregas

    Time is running out for holders Spain, who still trail Slovakia 1-0. Cesc Fabregas has been denied by a fine save by Matus Kozacik, who has also frustrated Diego Costa and Sergio Busquets with excellent stops.

    There are still no goals in the other two games in England's group between Lithuania and Estonia and Slovenia and Switzerland. Austria lead away to Moldova 2-1, while it's 2-2 between Macedonia and Luxembourg.

  29. GOAL

    England 5-0 San Marino - Alessandro Della Valle (OG)

    Wayne Rooney

    Unlucky son, unlucky. Wayne Rooney tries to put a cross in, it hits Alessandro Della Valle on the shoulder and loops past the keeper and into the net. Nothing he can do about that.

  30. Post update

    England 4-0 San Marino

    The attendance at Wembley is a very creditable 55,990. Not to be sniffed at.

  31. Post update

    England 4-0 San Marino

    Alan Green

    BBC commentator at Wembley for 5 live Sport

    "San Marino are making a change. I think it's unfair for them to have to take players off. They could do with extra bodies on the pitch."

  32. Post update

    England 4-0 San Marino

    Chris Waddle

    Former England winger at Wembley for 5 live Sport

    "Since the purple patch Andros Townsend had for England we haven't seen anything like it for Tottenham. But this was a great strike, coming inside and hitting it early. Lots of pace and just inside the near post."

  33. Post update

    England 4-0 San Marino

    San Marino have a free-kick! The furthest forward they've been all half and it's straight at Joe Hart. Can England counter? Adam Lallana ends up with the ball and fires at keeper Aldo Simoncini.

  34. Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Alex Reilly: Rooney has 42 goals but he still hasn't scored a David Beckham v Greece kind of goal.

    Mark Duffell: It should not be ignored that Rooney has missed two absolute sitters now. Against San Marino.

    Nick Uta: It's embarrassing how poor Rooney is. Can't beat the San Marino goalkeeper one-on-one? Surely the final nail in the 'world class' coffin.

  35. GOAL

    England 4-0 San Marino - Andros Townsend

    Andros Townsend scores for England

    Danger here - Booom! Lovely strike as Andros Townsend runs at the retreating backline, gets it on his left foot and thumps home from 20 yards. Straight through the keeper like an undercooked prawn curry.

  36. Post update

    England 3-0 San Marino

    There are 20 men in the penalty area most of the time now as England just set up base camp on the edge of the box. Pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, shoot...

    No danger.

  37. Post update

    England 3-0 San Marino

    Adam Lallana goes on the hunt for that elusive goal, burrowing through a few tired tackles before eventually being closed down. The men in blue look very, very tired now.

    Cramp strikes one man. The old 'big pitch' at Wembley story...

  38. Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Josh Jackman: Appalling decision from the linesman there. Got to feel bad for Adam Lallana.

    Jon Evans: Worst refereeing I've seen for a while. Allow the goal and then disallow it wrongly. Shocker.

    Mathew Ashley: What is the point of goal-line technology then if you're going to disallow a perfectly good goal?

    Goal-line technology, Mathew, isn't used for offside decisions...


    England 3-0 San Marino

    No more goals for Danny Welbeck tonight as he is replaced by Andros Townsend.

  40. Post update

    England 3-0 San Marino

    Adam Lallana is robbed of his first England goal then. He looked happy enough about it but I wouldn't be. Anyway, who wants to score next?

    Three-nil is not enough is it?


    England 3-0 San Marino

    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Adam Lallana

    Stand down! The goal is chalked off. Here's what happened, Wayne Rooney was in again, he played it back to Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, whose shot went in off the heels of Adam Lallana, who is eventually flagged offside. He looked onside to me...

  42. Post update

    England 3-0 San Marino

    Rickie Lambert must be desperate to get on. There are more goals to come - and that should be another! Wayne Rooney beats the offside trap and has all sorts of time, he tries to chip the keeper who makes another save.

  43. Post update

    England 3-0 San Marino

    Phil McNulty

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer at Wembley

    "England's half-time substitutes have already made an impact. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain set up Danny Welbeck's goal and has looked dangerous, while Adam Lallana's fast feet have caused San Marino problems.

    "I wonder will England manager Roy Hodgson be back in Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers's good books after taking Raheem Sterling and Jordan Henderson off at half-time? Rodgers, remember, was very unhappy that striker Daniel Sturridge was injured on England duty."

  44. Post update

    England 3-0 San Marino

    Teddy Sheringham

    Who would you pick first - Stanley Matthews, Teddy Sheringham or Danny Welbeck?

  45. Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Henry Winter of the Daily Telegraph: Welbeck moves alongside the likes of Stanley Matthews, Wilf Mannion and Teddy Sheringham on 11 England goals.

  46. CLOSE!

    England 3-0 San Marino

    Better, much, much better from England as they pop off three or four one-touch passes and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain flashes a shot wide. And then a great save from Aldo Simoncini to keep out a header from the Ox. Fine stop again.

  47. Post update

    England 3-0 San Marino

    James Milner's cross is blocked and the ball is played back, with Joe Hart winning a cheer from the fans for a very rare touch. Just play fly keeper. Nearest goes in?

  48. Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Peter Crouch does 'the robot'

    Mike Hall: Peter Crouch should be filling his boots in matches like this.

    Ash: This England attack makes me miss Crouchy up front. Higher goal/game ratio than any of the players on the pitch tonight.

    Brent the Cynic: I think Ray Lewington deserves the assist for the last goal. If he keeps this shouting up he's on for Man of the Match!

  49. Post update

    England 3-0 San Marino

    It's not often you're unhappy with a 3-0 win but I expect plenty of England fans will still feel underwhelmed by this display. I'm not sure what, if anything, Roy Hodgson has learned so far.

  50. Post update

    England 3-0 San Marino

    Chris Waddle

    Former England winger at Wembley for 5 live Sport

    "You'd think England will kick on now. San Marino look a very tired team and it was very poor defending, giving the ball away very cheaply. And Danny Welbeck does what he does to score the goal, getting across the keeper. England have started this half with so much more tempo."

  51. Post update

    England 3-0 San Marino

    England are hungry for more goals now. It's an all-you-can-eat buffet, it just depends how high England want to pile their plates without fearing ugly looks from fellow diners.

    Wayne Rooney has a free header but fails to capitalise.

  52. GOAL

    England 3-0 San Marino - Danny Welbeck

    Danny Welbeck scores for England

    Pick that one out! Horrible defending from San Marino and team Arsenal capitalise. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain steals it from a defender, squares to the near post and Danny Welbeck smashes home his 11th goal for his country.

  53. Post update

    England 2-0 San Marino

    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain immediately thrashes a cross across the box and Jack Wilshere is close to connecting with a pass to James Milner. More tempo so far.

  54. KICK-OFF

    England 2-0 San Marino

    Carlton Palmer of England

    Steve H has nailed the big issue of the day there. All white is not all right is it? Bring back navy shorts I say!

    Anyway, back on the pitch we are playing again.

  55. Text us on 81111

    Darren: A set-piece and a penalty against the world's worst team? Massively uninspiring.

    Carl in Reading: Jack Wilshere's proving just how average and vastly over-rated he really is. I find his Twitter feed more entertaining than his football.

    Steve H: Why oh why don't we wear navy shorts any more? We're certainly not Real Madrid!


    England 2-0 San Marino

    Double change for England. Adam Lallana and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain on for Raheem Sterling and Jordan Henderson. Brendan Rodgers will be pleased.

  57. Post update

    Elsewhere in Europe

    Diego Costa and Martin Skrtel battle for the ball

    It's all going to plan at Wembley but elsewhere in Europe there are some shocks on the cards.

    European champions Spain trail Slovakia 1-0 at the interval while minnows Luxembourg, who have never qualified for a major tournament, have come from behind to lead away to Macedonia, Stefano Bensi and David Turpel on the mark for the visitors.

    It's goalless in the other two games in England's group between Lithuania and Estonia and Slovenia and Switzerland. Russia are 1-0 up away to Sweden while it is 1-1 between Moldova and Austria.

  58. When Killer met Keano

    Football Focus

    Roy Keane

    Roy Keane has got a book out, and he's gone to town on his relationship with former United boss Sir Alex Ferguson.

    Here's a snippet from this weekend's Football Focus, when Kevin Kilbane met up with Keane.

    "What would I say to Sir Alex? I haven't got a clue. Truthfully, I'd probably have a go at him? Yeah? Why not? What are you talking nonsense about us, talking rubbish about me and other lads who have done well.

    "And he'd probably defend himself, take a running jump as you'd expect. But I don't see why we should just accept it - it was all about power and control for him. I'm 43 years of age, am I supposed to be frightened of him? You've got to take them on. Football is a small world, so I'm sure we'll cross each other, and I look forward to it."

    Football Focus, BBC1, Saturday, 1.40pm. Do not miss that!

  59. Post update

    England 2-0 San Marino

    England v San Marino half-time match stats
  60. Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Gavin Evans: Did Roy Hodgson really just fist pump England scoring a penalty against San Marino?!

    Phil Colling: An acceptable scoreline at best. Not a great match.

    Von Blade: Hodgson out. If this England team was any more negative we'd be antimatter.

  61. Post update

    England 2-0 San Marino

    Chris Waddle

    Former England winger at Wembley for 5 live Sport

    "I've got to question Roy Hodgson's tactics in that first half. I'd have played two wide men in order to break this San Marino side down. We have looked dangerous from set pieces but in open play we've been nothing to write home about."

  62. Post update

    England 2-0 San Marino

    What's par from here then? Five or six?

    Roy Hodgson may be worried that his side only looked like scoring from free-kicks or corners, but he'll take 2-0 now.

  63. Post update

    England 2-0 San Marino

    Aldo Simoncini

    Just before that England penalty, San Marino goalkeeper Aldo Simoncini made a really fine save.

    But what's it like to play in goal for San Marino?

    "I get frustrated from time to time," Simoncini told the BBC this week. "Nobody wants to lose in football, even less by big scores. But we know very well that some opponents are simply out of reach for us."

    Read more from the big man here.

  64. Post update

    England 2-0 San Marino

    Phil McNulty

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer at Wembley

    "Fairly routine - England two up and the platform set to rack up more in the second half."


    England 2-0 San Marino

  66. Post update

    England 2-0 San Marino

    Chris Waddle

    Former England winger at Wembley for 5 live Sport

    "A set-piece caused the problems initially and San Marino just couldn't clear their lines. And Wayne Rooney put that away with class. A top penalty kick - nobody saves those. Very good. The scoreline is good but the performance has not been great."

  67. Post update

    Elsewhere in Europe

    Slovakia v Spain

    And the best goal celebration of the night goes to... Slovakia's Juraj Kucka following his effort against holders Spain. It's getting tasty between Liverpool's Slovakia defender Martin Skrtel and Spain's Chelsea striker Diego Costa with the pair trading insults at one another. Spain boss Vicente del Bosque looks thoroughly miserable as his side trail 1-0 with half-time approaching.

  68. GOAL

    England 2-0 San Marino - Wayne Rooney (Pen)

    Wayne Rooney

    Forty-two England goals for Wayne Rooney. You do not stop them, high and hard, and right in the corner. Penalty perfection.


    England 1-0 San Marino

    That is a penalty at any level! Wayne Rooney is almost decapitated by a swinging boot and does well to get out of the way of it.


    England 1-0 San Marino

    That is brilliant! What a save from Aldo Simoncini as he tips away a Danny Welbeck effort! Top save.

  71. Post update

    England 1-0 San Marino

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Wembley

    "By San Marino standards this is nip and tuck - they have even been in England's half and had a shot. Lack of atmosphere and lack of excitement is making for a surreal night at Wembley. England need to step this up - very average so far."

  72. Post update

    England 1-0 San Marino

    Pace, tempo, drive - all have been lacking but here comes Jack Wilshere, into the box before finding Raheem Sterling whose powerful shot is well blocked. Calum Chambers then tackles himself down by the corner flag and the bal trickles out of play.

    England were 2-0 up at this stage two years ago.

  73. Post update

    England 1-0 San Marino

    Chris Waddle

    Former England winger at Wembley for 5 live Sport

    "I think England will win but I was expecting a lot more, I have to say. I just think that tactics are wrong. I'm surprised Roy Hodgson hasn't played two wingers. Very surprised."


    England 1-0 San Marino

    James Milner

    Jordan Henderson's low cross causes mayhem in the box but Jack Wilshere and then Danny Welbeck can't force it home.

    James Milner is then booked which must have been top of the 'do not do' list for tonight. Silly.


    England 1-0 San Marino

    The sounds of a Mexican Wave echo around a semi-full Wembley.

    Did you know, it takes about 30 people to get a wave going inside a football stadium?

    In 2002, scientists from the University of Budapest in Hungary studied video and built a mathematical model to describe how it works.

    A critical mass of people is required to get a wave under way, and scientists predict that waves are more likely to occur when spectators are not already over-excited - such as during flat periods in the game.

    Wembley's the perfect Petri dish, then.

  76. CLOSE!

    England 1-0 San Marino

    Great feet from San Marino captain Andy Selva as he brings it down and finds Matteo Vitaioli out on the left, he cuts in and gets a shot away and it almost forces Joe Hart into making a save. Into the side-netting, nice try.

  77. Post update

    England 1-0 San Marino

    Phil Jagielka puts San Marino under pressure
  78. Post update

    England 1-0 San Marino

    Not even the vanishing spray can raise a cheer at Wembley. James Milner eventually gets the free-kick in, goalkeeper Aldo Simoncini clatters into Gary Cahill and the ball whips past the far post.

  79. Post update

    England 1-0 San Marino

    England seem content with 1-0 for now, lots of passing around in midfield but little penetration. Steady on.

  80. Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Luke: Whoooopy...

    Brendan Bennett: It was good, but it wasn't quite Jagielka at Anfield...

    Nick Bruzon: Missed the goal attempting to construct a pyramid of Ferrero Rocher. It worked though!

    Other stackable hazlenut confectionaries are available...

  81. Post update

    England 1-0 San Marino

    Danny Welbeck

    Danny Welbeck links up well with Kieran Gibbs to waltz into the box, he could shoot but tees up Jordan Henderson, who hits hard and low but it's well blocked by Fabio Vitaioli.

  82. Post update

    England 1-0 San Marino

    Alan Green

    BBC commentator at Wembley for 5 live Sport

    "This game has been so depressing, and the weird thing is that San Marino will play exactly this same way despite whatever the score becomes. It must be very hard for people who made the decision to attend tonight to be getting anything out of this game."

  83. Post update

    England 1-0 San Marino

    Roy Hodgson looked marginally pleased with that opener, but Wembley remains pretty quiet. Most of you voted for six to seven goals tonight remember.

  84. Post update

    England 1-0 San Marino

    Chris Waddle

    Former England winger at Wembley for 5 live Sport

    "I don't think the referee got any help from his assistants there. The goalkeeper was tripped up coming for it, but he was reckless."

  85. Post update

    Elsewhere in Europe

    A horrible mistake by goalkeeper Iker Casillas sees holders Spain fall behind away to Slovakia in Group C, Genoa's Juraj Kucka giving the hosts a 17th-minute lead from a free-kick which the stopper should have saved.

    Former England manager Fabio Capello is celebrating in Sweden after Aleksandr Kokorin puts Russia in front in Group G.

    Staying in Group G, Austria are 1-0 up away to Moldova thanks to David Alaba's penalty.

  86. GOAL

    England 1-0 San Marino - Phil Jagielka

    Jagielka scores

    We have a goal! Phil Jagielka heads in from a corner after Raheem Sterling had a shot saved. It looks like it may be disallowed as goalkeeper Aldo Simoncini comes for it and falls over. But he is actually tripped by his own player and Jags has a tap-in.

    Jagielka scores
  87. Post update

    England 0-0 San Marino

    The Great British Bake Off final was far more interesting than this Dan, I can't lie to you. An under-proved scone is not exactly edge-of-the seat stuff but it still beats this - oh hang on...

  88. Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Josh Jackman: I want my massacre, dammit!

    Dan J Pinchy: Was looking forward to watching a football match tonight... glad I recorded Bake Off...

    Will Pedley: Why not draw San Marino out? Just give away a corner...

  89. Post update

    England 0-0 San Marino

    If my Sunday League side were playing England tonight, I reckon we'd be behind by now. Several of the lads would be struggling and someone would have had a fight with Jack Wilshere.

  90. Post update

    England 0-0 San Marino

    Danny Welbeck

    A shot from Wayne Rooney, that's's better, curling in from 25 yards but it's easily fielded by Aldo Simoncini. Danny Welbeck then leaves Manuel Battistini in a heap after standing on him accidentally. He's alright though, as you were.

  91. Post update

    England 0-0 San Marino

    John Murray

    BBC commentator at Wembley for 5 live Sport

    "There's a real cricket atmosphere inside the ground tonight. Just the gentle hum of chatter, particularly as so many young people are in the crowd after the Football Association lowered the prices to £25. But so far, 15 minutes in, England have created almost nothing..."

  92. Post update

    England 0-0 San Marino

    England need wingers then, that's the consensus. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Adam Lallana and Rickie Lambert look like the likely attacking options on the bench.

  93. Post update

    England 0-0 San Marino

    Robert Green

    QPR and England goalkeeper at Wembley for 5 live Sport

    "San Marino are packing the centre of the pitch, so the only way is around them. You are only really playing on half a pitch, making the game all the more congested. San Marino aren't interested in going forward. England need their wide men to get hold of the ball and have overlapping runners. Without that wide play England aren't going to break through."

  94. Post update

    England 0-0 San Marino

    Chris Waddle

    Former England winger at Wembley for 5 live Sport

    "England are far too narrow - you can't rely on your full-backs to give you width. I'm surprised Roy Hodgson hasn't seen this already and made a change, bringing on a winger. England need to stretch the opposition wide."

  95. Post update

    England 0-0 San Marino

    Phil McNulty

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer at Wembley

    "Eerie atmosphere inside Wembley - gentle hum of noise as England supporters wait for what everyone regards as the inevitable. Must be a strange one to play in as well."

  96. Post update

    England 0-0 San Marino

    The best yet from England as Jack Wilshere frees Raheem Sterling with a razor-sharp pass - but Sterling's shot is saved and he was offside.

    Got to be quicker and smarter from England to get past this back six.

  97. Text us on 81111

    England 0-0 San Marino

    Chris from Bristol: A lot of people are complaing that England are playing four at the back. Do you really think the full-backs will do any defending?

    Duncan in Richmond: I hope Joe Hart has brought a couple of good books with him!

    Stevie B: I disagree with Rob Green (19:09), you may as well say non-league teams should be excluded from the FA Cup. We all like to see minnows and possible giantkillers, even in international football. How else will a fledgling team get experience and progress? It would be the same old teams every time, with the outsiders not getting a look-in.

  98. Post update

    England 0-0 San Marino

    Kieran Gibbs

    England waste a free-kick in a decent position before a Kieran Gibbs cross flashes across goal. England had three men in the box against six San Marino shirts.

  99. Post update

    England 0-0 San Marino

    James Milner is practically playing as a third centre-back, which I would suggest is three too many. In answer to my earlier question, no, San Marino are not going to have a go. They have retreated to the 18-yard line.

    Roy Hodgson is wet, and there's nothing he can do about it. Thanks to a previous England boss, umbrellas are of course banned.

  100. Read all about it

    England 0-0 San Marino

    Aldo Simoncini just gave away one of the more unusual free-kicks in internationals. If you want to read more about the 28-year-old - and about how he survived a horrific car accident - then check out James Gheerbrant's interview on the BBC Football page.

    It's top notch.

  101. Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Gary Lineker

    Match of the Day host

    "Not even worth pretending that a game against such weak opposition is remotely interesting, except for England's strikers. Fill your boots!"

  102. Post update

    England 0-0 San Marino

    Chris Waddle

    Former England winger at Wembley for 5 live Sport

    Wayne Rooney attempts a shot

    "England are moving the ball quickly enough, but they are just playing in front of San Marino. They need to get it wide, but at the moment they are playing into San Marino's hands."

  103. Post update

    England 0-0 San Marino

    Arsenal and England full-backs Calum Chambers and Kieran Gibbs are pushed well up the pitch as you'd expect, with Chambers finding Wayne Rooney in the area, but his shot is blocked.

    All England, no goals. Yet.

  104. Post update

    England 0-0 San Marino

    Chris Waddle

    Former England winger at Wembley for 5 live Sport

    "I cannot remember a keeper making a mistake like that, especially in international football! Well, the rules must be different in the San Marino league..."

  105. Post update

    England 0-0 San Marino

    The footballing equivalent of a cricketer being out for handling the ball - as San Marino goalkeeper Aldo Simoncini gives away a bizarre free-kick!

    He pats down a cross before then picking the ball up, handling it twice. England have a free-kick inside the penalty area which Wayne Rooney hammers in and Simoncini punches it clear.

  106. Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Matthew Barker: Sort that national anthem out! That was awful!

    Charles Nurick: England should coast past San Marino. But people expecting them to score 10+ goals need to give the opposition some respect.

    Ian Talbot: I guarantee that fans will boo at half-time and the papers will have it in for Hodgson tomorrow.

  107. Post update

    England 0-0 San Marino

    Phil Jagielka is called into action at the back for England, as he had to reach for a header to clear away from in front of Andy Selva. Are San Marino going to have a go?

  108. Vote result - goals, goals, goals

    With England expected to thrash San Marino, we asked how many goals you think Roy Hodgson's side should rack up this evening.

    The answers are in, with 35.8% of you saying the Three Lions should be notching six or seven times, while 17.1% think England should be getting into double figures. Full results at the top of the page.

    Thanks for voting.

  109. Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    England 0-0 San Marino

    A reminder of our talking point for the evening.

    How do you think you would get on against England? If your Sunday League team, school team, University XI or pub side played England at Wembley, what would the score be?

    Essentially, do you play for a side who are better than San Marino?

    Get in touch at #bbcfootball, pop on to the BBC Sport Facebook page or BBC Sport's Google+ area.

    You can also text us on 81111 in the UK only - don't forget to say who you are and where you are texting from.

  110. Post update

    England 0-0 San Marino

    A reducer! No messing about from Nicola Chiaruzzi as the number eight clatters into Raheem Sterling. You'd do the same if you played at Wembley...

  111. KICK-OFF

    England 0-0 San Marino

    Under way! England have the ball...

  112. Post update


    Diego Costa

    Diego Costa starts for Spain in their Euro 2016 qualifier away to Slovakia in Group C. Costa's Chelsea team-mate Cesc Fabregas is also in the team. Fabio Capello's Russia are away to Sweden in Group G, while all of England's Group E rivals are in action, with Lithuania hosting Estonia and Switzerland away to Slovenia.

  113. Post update

    England v San Marino (19:45 BST)

    Start the national anthem in a different key Mr horn player? Why not mix it up a bit? Yeah sure.

    Confused faces all around before they twig that this is indeed God Save the Queen. Here we go...

  114. Post update

    England v San Marino (19:45 BST)

    Roy Hodgson

    The players are out at Wembley, and Roy Hodgson is not happy about something! Not happy at all.

    The crowd looks somewhere between League Two play-off final and FA Vase.

  115. No easy games

    England v San Marino (19:45 BST)

    San Marino's manager Pierangelo Manzaroli

    San Marino's manager Pierangelo Manzaroli took charge of La Serenissima earlier this year off the back of a surprise win for his under-21s against Home Nations opposition.

    Wales' 1-0 away defeat in September 2013 was a shock, the winner coming from one Juri Biordi in the 22nd minute.

    And, back in 2007, Steve Staunton's Republic of Ireland side stuttered to a 2-1 win over San Marino. As the British press put it at the time: "Ireland came within eight seconds of suffering the most embarrassing result in their history."

    Coach Staunton's bullish reaction at full-time? He praised his team's "heart, spirit and fight" for grinding it out for those precious three points...

  116. Team News

    England v San Marino (19:45 BST)

    Who's your daddy, and what does he do?

    One accountant, one clothes shop worker, a ceramics shop worker, an office clerk and one factory worker. . .welcome to San Marino's starting line-up.

    San Marino: Simoncini (accountant), F Vitaioli (clothes shop worker), Brolli, Della Valle (ceramic shop worker), Palazzi (professional at Italian fourth division club Rimini), Battistini, Chiaruzzi, Tosi (office clerk), Hirsch, Selva (youth football coach), M Vitaioli (factory worker).

  117. Post update

    England v San Marino (19:45 BST)

    Phil McNulty

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer at Wembley

    "England captain Wayne Rooney is just eight goals shy of Sir Bobby Charlton's record of 49 for his country - so he may see this meeting with San Marino as the perfect opportunity to eat a little further into that gap. Manager Roy Hodgson insists the result is all important but an emphatic margin of victory must surely be expected.

    "Plenty of empty seats around Wembley, with the top tier almost deserted, but a crowd of around 50,000 has been predicted, which would represent a respectably turnout."

  118. LINE-UPS

    England v San Marino (19:45 BST)

    England: Hart, Chambers, Cahill, Jagielka, Gibbs, Henderson, Milner, Wilshere, Welbeck, Rooney, Sterling. Subs: Foster, Clyne, Baines, Delph, Shelvey, Lallana, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Townsend, Lambert, Forster.

    San Marino: Simoncini, Palazzi, Fabio Vitaioli, Della Valle, Brolli, Battistini, Hirsch, Tosi, Chiaruzzi, Matteo Vitaioli, Selva. Subs: Benedettini, Cervellini, Stefanelli, Lorenzo Gasperoni, Golinucci, Buscarini, Alex Gasperoni, Valentini, Mazza, Muraccini.

    Referee: Marcin Borski (Poland)

  119. Post update

    England v San Marino (19:45 BST)

    Lots of people are passionate for football Lee. But not many get the chance to face England at Wembley do they?

    Or do San Marino deserve their chance? And Gibraltar?

    What do you think?

    Get in touch at #bbcfootball, pop on to the BBC Sport Facebook page or BBC Sport's Google+ area.

    You can also text us on 81111 in the UK only - don't forget to say who you are and where you are texting from.

  120. Get involved via Facebook

    Yaseen Hassim: The bookies laughed at me when I put £20 on a 3-0 San Marino win... they won't be laughing when I'm £1 million richer!

    Steve Preece: England won't make double figures.

    Lee Jay Fryer: I salute the San Marino team. They don't play football for money and fame, they do it because they are passionate for football.

  121. Post update

    England v San Marino (19:45 BST)

    Fifteen minutes away from kick-off and the only line-up I've seen from San Marino so far has 10 players. Mavericks.

  122. Roy's view

    England v San Marino (19:45 BST)

    England coach Roy Hodgson on ITV: "We need to see a continuation from, in particular, what we saw against Switzerland and, to some extent, Norway. Those performances gave us encouragement.

    "We are playing opponents not of the level of the last two - that poses problems though. We've set players objectives tonight. Fabian [Delph] we are sparing because he took a nasty kick at the weekend. With the other game coming so close we are resting him and also giving Jack [Wilshere] the chance to play further forward."

  123. Follow Russia!

    England v San Marino (19:45 BST)

    If England need any pointers on firing in the goals, they can have a word with the Russian U19 side who thumped non-league Cheadle Town 22-0 last weekend.

    The Russians were 9-0 up at the break against the Cheshire side and despite making wholesale changes, added 13 more in the second half.

    Russia U19s scored in the fourth, 13th, 18th, 25th, 30th, 33rd, 38th, 42nd, 44th, 46th, 47th, 50th, 54th, 57th, 62nd, 67th, 68th, 69th, 73rd, 76th, 80th and 83rd minutes.

  124. Post update

    England v San Marino (19:45 BST)

    Robert Green

    QPR and England goalkeeper at Wembley for 5 live Sport

    "On an evening like tonight England will have relatively little coming at them, so players can be given license to play more freely. If I was Nathaniel Clyne I'd be a bit annoyed. He played well in his last England game, a cap is a cap, and he'll be wondering when, if he doesn't play tonight, he will play again."

  125. Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Kritt Normsaskul: The England v San Marino result has already been decided. The question is the winning margin.

    Chris Clarke: England can't win tonight. If they don't win by five or more they're rubbish, but if they destroy them then who cares, it's only San Marino...

    James Chester: To Chris in West Hampstead (19:03). San Marino already have a club side in Italy, San Marino Calcio, who compete in Lega Pro/B.

  126. Post update

    England v San Marino (19:45 BST)

    BBC Sport Chief Football Writer Phil McNulty at Wembley

    "England face familiar opponents in San Marino here at Wembley tonight after scoring 13 goals without reply against the minnows in two World Cup qualifiers.

    "There is a heavy Arsenal influence in manager Roy Hodgson's side as England attempt to build on their important opening Euro 2016 qualifier win in Switzerland. Calum Chambers makes his first start and he is joined Kieran Gibbs, who makes his first international start for four years, Jack Wilshere and Danny Welbeck.

    "The outcome will be the expected one against a San Marino side ranked joint last in World football at 208th in the Fifa rankings - but Hodgson and his players will want to make this an emphatic win ahead of Sunday's game in Estonia."

  127. Away the lads

    England v San Marino (19:45 BST)

    San Marino team
  128. Post update

    England v San Marino (19:45 BST)

    Robert Green

    QPR and England goalkeeper at Wembley for 5 live Sport

    "I don't see the point of this game as a competitive fixture. The smaller countries should play in their own competition. This sort of game doesn't develop San Marino at all. Goal difference doesn't even matter any more in this competition, so really what's the point?

    "I played a game here for England against Andorra a few years ago and it was the most boring game I've ever played in, because they just refused to attack."

  129. The danger man

    England v San Marino (19:45 BST)

    England have decided to pick a back four tonight, and they will have to keep an eye on the dangerman up front, Andy Selva.

    The 38-year-old is his country's record goalscorer with eight goals, and no-one else has scored more than two.

    Man on!

  130. Vote for goals

    England v San Marino (19:45 BST)

    England are expected to run up a cricket score this evening, but what would represent a good night's work for Roy Hodgson's men? We want your views on how many goals England should score against San Marino - the world's worst team. You can vote now at the top of this page.

    The vote will close at kick-off and we'll let you know the results once the match is under way. Terms and conditions can be found here.

  131. Post update

    England v San Marino (19:45 BST)

    Ever the professional, England manager Roy Hodgson says performance is more important than scoring lots of goals tonight.

    The Three Lions, who won 2-0 in Switzerland in their Group E opener, have not scored fewer than five goals in four previous meetings with the joint-lowest ranked team in the world.

    "It's about performance," Hodgson said.

    "At no time in my talks with the players have we mentioned the number of goals scored."

    Should he?

  132. Text us on 81111

    Jenni: If the England players have brought their shooting boots with them this evening then this game could honestly score 10, 11, 12 goals at Wembley tonight. Wayne Rooney could also take a huge step towards England's all-time international scoring record.

    John: All the talk today has been about how many goals England are going to put past San Marino tonight. Who cares? As long as the performance is up to scratch the result will follow. England's qualification group is of a poor standard - goal difference and qualification for Euro 2016 is never going to be an issue.

    Chris in West Hampstead: Monaco has a similar population, and plays as a (now very successful) club side. Surely San Marino would be better off in the Italian domestic league? This game does nobody any favours.

  133. Post update

    Just look at that ball! Wouldn't fancy heading that...

  134. Post update

    England v San Marino (19:45 BST)

    Graham Taylor

    Former England manager on 5 live Drive

    Jimmy Greaves

    "Nothing against Wayne Rooney, who I believe has improved a great deal in all aspects and his presentations as captain have been very good, but how many goals in how many games, compared to Jimmy Greaves? Jimmy was a fantastic goalscorer.

    "Wayne will pass him if he scores four tonight, but consider how many more games than Greaves it has taken him. I have a lot of time for players like Jimmy Greaves, a real genuine goalscorer."

  135. Record breaker?

    England v San Marino (19:45 BST)

    Wayne Rooney

    Captain Wayne Rooney could become his country's third-highest scorer of all time tonight, with the Manchester United forward four goals away from surpassing Jimmy Greaves' tally of 44. He could even break the whole record if he really enjoys himself, with Sir Bobby Charlton top of the pops on 49 goals.

    "I haven't specifically gone out of my way to look at the record but it's there and if I can overtake him this week, or in the coming weeks or months, that would be great," Rooney said.

    "But I'm not going into the game thinking I've got to beat Jimmy Greaves' record.

    "The most important thing for us is to perform well and win games."

  136. No easy games?

    England v San Marino (19:45 BST)

    As well as a 13-0 defeat by Germany, San Marino have lost 11-0 to the Netherlands, 10-0 to Norway and Poland, 10-1 to Belgium, and 9-0 to both Ukraine and Spain.

    They have lost 8-0 on six occasions, including to England, and conceded seven goals on 10 occasions.