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  1. Post update

    Portugal 1-0 Argentina

    Raphael Guerreiro's late winner was Portugal's one and only effort on target.

    Argentina managed three, but it looked like both teams had already switched off mentally once their two captains had stayed back in the dressing room on 45 minutes.

  2. Post update

    Chris Bevan

    BBC Sport at Old Trafford

    "I'm not saying we've missed Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo much but until Portugal scored, the loudest cheer of the second half was for a pitch invasion by an Argentina fan. Still, at least we have a winner."

  3. Post update

    Portugal 1-0 Argentina

    The teams trudge off towards the tunnel, neither look that eager to get back to the dressing room.

    They might not like the reception they get when within earshot of the paying public either. There are whistles and jeers as Martin Atkinson puts this dog of a game down.


    Portugal 1-0 Argentina

  5. GOAL

    Portugal 1-0 Argentina - Raphael Guerreiro

    Who had Raphael Guerreiro as first goal-scorer then?

    The 20-year-old substitute left-back dives in to head home unmarked as the Argentina defence go AWOL.

    And that is all but the last bit of action.

  6. Post update

    Portugal 0-0 Argentina

    A low cross from the left, skims off the surface hits Portugal striker Eder on the chin and bobbles well wide.

    And it is probably the best moment in the second half.


    Portugal 0-0 Argentina

    Erik Lamela going in on Nani. It is hardly clash of the tackling titans, but Lamela goes in sufficiently clumsily to earn a yellow card.

    Ricardo Quaresma squanders the free-kick with an ugly shank off his toe.

  8. Post update

    Portugal 0-0 Argentina

    The crowd are showing admirable faith in the Manchester transport infrastructure. Plenty still sticking around for the final ten minutes despite little sign of any entertainment emerging from this kickabout.


    Portugal 0-0 Argentina

    Portugal coach Fernando Santos takes matters into his own hands. He tells William Carvalho, a regular gossip column gooseberry, to get stripped and takes Tiago off before he gets himself sent off.

  10. Post update

    Portugal 0-0 Argentina

    Tiago has got the mood all wrong here.

    With the game meandering along with little purpose or urgency, the Portugal midfielder leaps in with a scissoring sliding tackle.

    In a competitive fixture he would be walking. Here, he is spared with just a stern final warning from referee Martin Atkinson.

  11. Post update

    Portugal 0-0 Argentina

    Chris Bevan

    BBC Sport at Old Trafford

    "You can tell a crowd is bored when they do a Mexico Wave with 20 minutes to go, and it is now on its fourth circuit of the stadium. Radamel Falcao is staying firmly in his seat, but even he must be tempted."

  12. Post update

    Portugal 0-0 Argentina

    Suddenly cheers, jeers and the sound of seats slapping upwards as people leap to their feet.

    But, in the absence of anything of interest on the pitch, the crowd are making their own fun with a Mexican wave.

  13. Post update

    Portugal 0-0 Argentina

    Chris Bevan

    BBC Sport at Old Trafford

    "Cristiano Ronaldo's early exit might mean Old Trafford's matinee idol has finished his show for the night but Argentina have just sent on the pantomime villain in these parts, Carlos Tevez.

    "Not the greatest welcome back to Manchester for Tevez, who is greeted by a cacophony of boos - from City and United fans, I would imagine - as he jogs on to the pitch."


    Portugal 0-0 Argentina

    Well that didn't take long. Angel di Maria gets the hook on the hour mark, with Tottenham's Erik Lamela on in his place.

    Carlos Tevez is welcomed back to Manchester with a grumble as he replaces Gonzalo Higuain.

  15. Post update

    Portugal 0-0 Argentina

    Chris Bevan

    BBC Sport at Old Trafford

    "It's all gone very flat here, as you would expect with the best two players on the planet having disappeared from view. It will be very interesting how long the neutrals in this crowd hang around for now they know they will not be seeing any more of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo tonight.

    "If and when Angel Di Maria gets hauled off then the Manchester United fans here might lose interest very quickly, for starters."


    Portugal 0-0 Argentina

    Former Chelsea midfielder Tiago does a little Riverdance rendition on the shinpad of Javier Mascherano to pick up a booking.

    Mascherano does not have happy memories of Old Trafford. When playing for Liverpool, he was shown a straight red in a 3-0 defeat against United in 2008.

  17. Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Jay on Twitter: If I were at Old Trafford right now, I'd expect half my money back. Nobody came to watch Argentina vs Portugal


    Portugal 0-0 Argentina

    This game is spluttering and stuttering like an old banger. More hold-up and re-jig as Tiago Gomes comes off injured to be replaced by 20-year-old Raphael Guerreiro for Portugal.

  19. KICK-OFF

    Portugal 0-0 Argentina

    Atmosphere punctured by the substitutions, we are back underway.


    Portugal 0-0 Argentina

    It looks like it is a superstar truce.

    Lionel Messi is off with Nicolas Gaitan introduced.

    The crowd murmur their discontent as the announcements are made.


    Portugal 0-0 Argentina

    Portugal are back out and Cristiano Ronaldo's Old Trafford return is over.

    He, Pepe and Danny all make way with Eder, Jose Fonte and Ricardo Quaresma on in their place.

  22. Post update

    Chris Bevan

    BBC Sport at Old Trafford

    "Lionel Messi may have had the better first 45 minutes and he also went closest to breaking the deadlock, but it was Cristiano Ronaldo who stole the show at half-time, walking off to a standing ovation from the Stretford End and returning the applause as he walked off.

    "The Portugal fans are here in greater numbers than their Argentine counterparts, but that Ronaldo reception was definitely down to his past exploits on this pitch for Manchester United."

  23. Post update

    Lionel Messi

    Like a little blue and white comet shooting across the Old Trafford turf, Lionel Messi has left a tail of red-shirted defenders trailing in his wake on several occasions.

    Argentina have had six shots at goal, two on target. Portugal have managed just two effort, both wide of the mark.

  24. Post update

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    That is no way to greet Martin Atkinson. Cristiano Ronaldo comes over all Agincourt on his return to England.


    Portugal 0-0 Argentina

  26. Post update

    Portugal 0-0 Argentina

    A Cristiano Ronaldo shot stings, imagine what it feels to get the boot that propels them in your chest.

    Cristian Ansaldi doesn't need to. The Argentina defender feels the full force as Ronaldo swings his right peg at a volley and catches only ribcage.

    It was accidental, and Ansaldi is back into the action.

  27. Post update

    Portugal 0-0 Argentina

    Chris Bevan

    BBC Sport

    "It's a strange atmosphere at Old Trafford, even considering this is a friendly on neutral ground. Keep your eyes closed and you would still know when Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are on the ball, or even near it, because of the screams and the whistles.

    "Otherwise, the game is sometimes being played in near silence and you can even hear the occasional yell from the managers and players."

  28. Post update

    Portugal 0-0 Argentina

    Martin Demichelis has got the job of marking Cristiano Ronaldo at corners and is banking on the strength of his grappling arms rather the spring in his ageing knees.

    The Manchester City man keeps Ronaldo earth-bound as Bruno Alves heads Nani's corner against his team-mate.

    Portugal are getting into it after a sharp start from Argentina.


    Portugal 0-0 Argentina

    Joao Moutinho also has his name taken after a cynical shoulder barge on the edge of the box.

    Lionel Messi can't administer more severe punishment though, clouting a free-kick over the top from a good position.


    Portugal 0-0 Argentina

    Argentina defender Cristian Ansaldi sends Cristiano Ronaldo tumbling. Not a lot of malice in it, but Cristiano Ronaldo's pace means that the collision looks dramatic.

    The yellow card pops out of referee Martin Atkinson's pocket.

  31. Post update

    Portugal 0-0 Argentina

    The crowd ohh, ahh, but the cheers stick in their throats as Cristiano Ronaldo hammers high and over the top from a tight angle after twisting and turning Facundo Roncaglia.

    Danny was unmarked in the middle. But it would take some nerves to tell Ronnie what to do.

  32. Post update

    Portugal 0-0 Argentina

    Argentina are dictating terms so far. There are wave after wave of Albiceleste attacks, not quite a storm, but it is getting choppy out there.

    Javier Pastore heads the ball into Beto's gloves from Facundo Roncaglia's cross in their latest raid.

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    Jay on Twitter: Was that payback from Nani?

  34. Post update

    Portugal 0-0 Argentina

    Angel di Maria

    That is one way to win your Manchester United place back.

    Nani, on loan at Sporting Lisbon, lands all eight studs on Angel di Maria's shin, sending the Argentine to the turf clutching and writhing.

    Louis van Gaal looks down from the posh seat with his spectacles on the end of his nose and will be relieved to see United's record signing back and running, albeit gingerly, after treatment.

  35. Post update

    Portugal 0-0 Argentina

    That is the sort of quality that QPR have not missed at all this season.

    Jose Bosingwa, now at Trabzonspor in Turkey, badly over-hits a cross when he had time to pick out his man.

  36. Post update

    Portugal 0-0 Argentina

    Chris Bevan

    BBC Sport

    Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi

    "There is a lot of noise whenever Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi are in possession, and it gets louder the nearer they get to goal - rising to its highest volume yet when Messi played that neat one-two and hit the post.

    "The cheers are mixed with some jeering from the Portugal fans whenever Messi gets the ball, but Ronaldo is the only player to have been booed by his own fans in the first few minutes - when he left a Portugal free-kick near the edge of the Argentina box for Nani to take."


    Portugal 0-0 Argentina

    If this was a rap battle, Lionel Messi has just swiped the mic and landed a decent comeback.

    The Barcelona man gives and goes and his pace gets him in behind Tiago Gomes before Pepe has a chance to step up.

    Goalkeeper Beto comes rushing out to close the tight angle, but Messi's stabbed shot gets between his legs and only stays out thanks to a deflection off the inside of the near post.

  38. Post update

    Portugal 0-0 Argentina

    Ole! Ole!

    Cristiano Ronaldo disappointed the crowd by turning down the chance of a pop at goal from a free-kick a full 40 yards out, but that is more like it.

    The Portugal superstar feints twice, sending an Argentine midfielder slipping and sliding about in front of him like a drunken sailor.

  39. Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Your nominations for players who overshadowed their team-mates are coming in on text and Twitter.

    Rian Hoskins: Historically, Gheorge Hagi for Romania and Roger Milla for Cameroon or for a current example: Henrikh Mhikitarayan for Armenia

    Harry Clark: Liverpool and Luis Suarez last year?

  40. Post update

    Portugal 0-0 Argentina

    The first shot in anger comes off the instep of Angel di Maria and is only a whisker wide of Beto's far post from 20 yards.

    Argentina are buzzing about purposefully, pressing high and hard. It has been several gears up on the usual friendly pace so far from the South Americans.

  41. Post update

    Chris Bevan

    BBC Sport at Old Trafford

    Radamel Falcao

    "Not sure what the attendance is but the numbers have been boosted by United striker Radamel Falcao, who is in the crowd. Don't think he paid £60 for his ticket though."

  42. Post update

    Portugal 0-0 Argentina

    After some lusty anthems we are up and running.

    Cristiano Ronaldo grinned his way through Portugal's song. He looks happy in familiar surroundings.

  43. Post update

    Chris Bevan

    BBC Sport at Old Trafford

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    "No prizes for guessing which players got the loudest cheers when their names were read out by the Old Trafford stadium announcer ahead of kick-off.

    "Nani got a ripple of applause to show he has not been completely forgotten around these parts, but most of the Portugal players were greeted by silence, apart from a certain Cristiano Ronaldo. For Argentina, Angel Di Maria got a decent reception, but it was nothing compared to the cheer that Lionel Messi got."

  44. Post update

    Portugal v Argentina (19:45 GMT)

    Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have been cranking out Dixie Dean-style numbers for their club sides for years. And their international stats are not too far behind.

    Ronaldo v Messi

    And if a picture paints a thousand words, this BBC Sport video does more than justice to the eight figures above.

  45. Post update

    Portugal v Argentina (19:45 GMT)

    Chris Bevan

    BBC Sport

    Old Trafford

    "Old Trafford is likely to be around two-thirds full tonight, with late sales probably not helped by the fact punters had to stump up £60 if they decided to pay on the gate, and the entire top tier of the stadium will remain closed.

    "The fans that are here to watch Argentina play Portugal for the eighth time - or, far more likely, Lionel Messi face Cristiano Ronaldo for the 27th time - seem very excitable, though.

    "They made a huge noise when the two best players on the planet emerged to warm up - Ronaldo trotting out first ahead of the rest of his side, while Messi was content to mingle with his team-mates - and continue to scream loudly at the pair whenever they go near a ball ahead of kick-off."

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    Get Involved

    Head, shoulders, and torso above the rest of their team-mates, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are the men attracting all the camera-phone love as the two teams warm up.

    In honour of the two main men, we are looking for your nominations of teams that have been dominated by one star.

    Georgi Kinkladze at a mid nineties Manchester City? George Weah on international duty for Liberia? You get the drift...

    #bbcfootball and 81111 on text to give us your nominations.

    George Weah
  47. Post update

    Portugal v Argentina (19:45 GMT)

    Chris Bevan

    BBC Sport at Old Trafford

    "Just two Manchester-based players - Angel Di Maria and Martin Demichelis - in the combined line-ups of Argentina and Portugal - or three if you count Nani, but that would be cheating a bit because he doesn't live here at the moment.

    "City trio Sergio Aguero, Pablo Zabaleta and Willy Caballero are all on the Argentine bench, but the most important thing is that the two men who most people here have paid quite a bit of money to watch - Lionel Messi and former United favourite Cristiano Ronaldo both start."

  48. Post update

    Scarf sellers outside Old Trafford

    BBC Sport's Nick Hope at Old Trafford: "A few hours ago I bumped into the self-proclaimed 'three Johns' selling Messi / Ronaldo scarves ahead of tonight's friendly international between Argentina and Portugal.

    "Sales are going great," says one who's been here since 10am.

    "Everyone wants a Messi or Ronaldo souvenir which is good for us because we're cleaning more than we would for a United home game - where most fans already have all the gear."

  49. LINE-UPS

    Portugal v Argentina (19:45 GMT)

    Portugal: Beto, Bosingwa, Bruno Alves, Pepe, Tiago Gomes, Tiago, Moutinho, Andre Gomes, Nani, Danny, Ronaldo

    Argentina: Romero; Roncaglia, Otamendi, Demichelis, Ansaldi; Biglia, Mascherano, Pastore; Di Maria, Higuain, Messi.

  50. Post update

    Argentina v Portugal

    Well, the burger-floggers and scarf-sellers have been doing good business around Old Trafford since around midday and tonight's crowd will have more than shoddy offal and shiny acrylic to keep them warm.

    In addition to the football's two supernova, there is a constellation of lesser stars to keep the blood flowing.

    Manchester United's record signing Angel di Maria, Paris St-Germain string-puller Javier Pastore and Napoli spearhead Gonzalo Higuain are all in town.

  51. Post update

    As of last week, only 15,000 of Old Trafford's 75,731 seats had been bought up to see Manchester United old boy Cristiano Ronaldo and perennial pub-argument rival Lionel Messi slug it out in a Portugal v Argentina friendly.

    Organisers are hoping that 50,000 will actually click through the turnstiles tonight. The Daily Mail estimate that they will attract only 40,000.

    Considering United and City's last two home league games attracted a combined total north of 120,000, where might Manchester's football fans be tonight?

  52. Post update

    Cristiano Ronaldo at Old Trafford

    "Hellooo!? Hellooo!? Anyone out there?

    "Are you sure we booked it for today? I've got Nani feeding the electricity meter with a stack of pound coins, but with the bulbs in these floodlights I'll have to ask Real for a raise. Again."