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  1. Post update

    Wimbledon shock the world

    But that's the end of our short journey back in time.

    Liverpool and the new AFC Wimbledon of course lock horns later on this evening, live on the BBC Sport website and app, 5 live and on BBC One. Don't miss it.

    There is also the small matter of the FA Cup fourth-round draw. See you all soon.

  2. Silly walks, fitness tests and electric shocks

    Wimbledon shock the world

    Want to know more about the Crazy Gang of Wimbledon 88? Sure you do.

    Check out this excellent read from Luke Reddy. More anecdotes than you can shake a stick at.

  3. Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    T-101: what a panel - Lynam, Hill, Wilson. Could we please bring them all back for one last FA Cup final?

  4. Post update

    It is reported that owner Sam Hammam told the squad that they were all up for sale after the Cup win. A shrewd businessman.

  5. Text us on 81111

    Andrew Watson: The Liverpool team cost £6m to assemble - the Wimbledon team were sold for £10m !!!

  6. All eyes on the Euros

    That's another domestic season wrapped up then. Liverpool undoubtedly the very cream of the crop but they couldn't get the Double secured when it mattered. All credit to Wimbledon.

    So what next? Well of course the 1988 European Championship is on the horizon. Could a Dons player or two make it into Bobby Robson's squad for West Germany?

    England will play the Republic of Ireland, the Netherlands and the Soviet Union in their Group. A formality.

  7. Player reaction

    Wimbledon shock the world

    Wimbledon midfielder Vinnie Jones: "We were told it would be a battle for midfield and it surely was. But there were another nine players out there.

    "I'm just happy for the lads and I hope the lads were watching back home in the pub."

  8. Post update

    Wimbledon 1-0 Liverpool

    What a Cup final, what a shock and what a bit of programming from our esteemed colleagues Des Lynam, Jimmy Hill, John Motson and Bob Wilson, I hope you'll agree.

  9. Partying with Jimmy Hill

    Wimbledon 1-0 Liverpool

    Dave Beasant: "We were offered two tickets each to celebrate at a top London hotel or 10 tickets each for a marquee - or as we called it a tent - on the pitch at Plough Lane. So all our families were there and it was a quiet night."

    Lawrie Sanchez: "Match of the Day came live from the corner of the tent. To be able to walk over and do it live was a dream come true."

    Wimbledon at their post FA Cup final party in 1988
  10. Post update

    Wimbledon shock the world

    Des Lynam

    BBC presenter

    "If Liverpool are the team of the century, well today we've seen the turn-up of the century."

    Classic Des.

  11. Player reaction

    Wimbledon shock the world

    Wimbledon captain Dave Beasant on his penalty save: "I just tried to stand up.

    "We have watched John Aldridge's other penalties and he puts a lot to the keeper's left. He didn't do his shuffle. If keepers don't move he tends to go that way and luckily he did."

  12. Join the debate at #facuprewind

    Steve Round: Dalglish out!

  13. Player reaction

    Wimbledon shock the world

    Wimbledon players

    Match winner Lawrie Sanchez: "I only score one or two but only the important ones. This one was quite important as well. I had a special hair cut for the day and it worked.

    "It was not a penalty. Clive Goodyear played the ball back to the keeper. It was a perfectly good tackle but Dave Beasant likes to have his moment and save a penalty now and again.

    "It was a good penalty and a great save. Dave is one of the best keepers in the country, what can you do against him?"

  14. Post update

    Wimbledon shock the world

    Wimbledon boss Bobby Gould: "Do you expect us to come here just to please you in the media? We've worked hard all season. It's taken a lot of blood sweat and tears but we did it."

  15. Post update

    Wimbledon shock the world

    Wimbledon assistant Don Howe: "We spent two hours yesterday afternoon working on set-pieces when a lot of clubs would have rested. Liverpool were on top for long periods but they never really created anything.

    "There is room at the top. It shouldn't be just Manchester United or Liverpool every year at the top."

  16. Post update

    Wimbledon shock the world

    Wimbledon owner Sam Hammam is handed the trophy. He is understandably delighted.

  17. Post update

    Wimbledon shock the world

    The Wimbledon lads are out for the BBC cameras. Vinnie Jones is sporting a huge shiner. The legacy of that early challenge on Steve McMahon.

  18. Post update

    Wimbledon shock the world

    Wimbledon boss Bobby Gould singles out BBC pundit and lifelong friend Bob Wilson in the stands before also gesturing to former Dons boss Dave Bassett. That's partly for you, or words to that effect. What a lovely touch.

    Vinnie Jones looks to be on the edge of glory. Or chaos.

  19. Join the debate at #facuprewind

    Steve Pye: For supporters of the underdog, that result was perfect (to quote the current number one by Fairground Attraction).

  20. Post update

    Wimbledon shock the world

    Wimbledon's players and staff continue to lap it all up at Wembley. Quite right too. Seize the moment.

  21. Text us on 81111

    From Sheelagh: Now we know why Wimbledon are referred to as 'The Crazy Gang'. That is a crazy result, Liverpool look shell-shocked!

  22. Post update

    Wimbledon shock the world

    BBC FA Cup final commentator John Motson at Wembley

    "Anyone for tennis? That used to be the only shout at Wimbledon. But not now. They play football - and they win trophies."

  23. Post update

    Wimbledon shock the world

    Vinnie Jones

    The kitman who has been with Wimbledon for 38 years gets in on the act. Vinnie Jones, the Wealdstone Raider, cannot believe his eyes. Life will not get any better than this for Jones. A real Hollywood story.

  24. Post update

    Wimbledon shock the world

    Wimbledon team celebrate

    Bobby Gould is the last man to leave the Royal Box. What has he achieved here? It will take some time for it to sink in. Liverpool undertake a lap of dishonour to applaud their brilliant support, who stay to the end to clap Wimbledon heartily too.

  25. Post update

    Wimbledon shock the world

    Alan Hansen wears the look of regret. He surely never contemplated leading Liverpool up to collect runners' up medals this afternoon. He'll chuck that one in his sock drawer.

  26. Post update

    Wimbledon shock the world

    Princess Diana beams as she hands the trophy to Dave Beasant. He lifts it high, high above his head! Is this the start of something special for Wimbledon? A new force in English football?

  27. Post update

    Wimbledon shock the world

    Wimbledon are up the steps to the Royal Box. No messing about, no fireworks or tickertape. Dave Beasant, who can see Wembley from his home, leads them up.

  28. Post update

    Wimbledon shock the world

    BBC FA Cup final commentator John Motson at Wembley

    "This is no fluke. If you'd seen Wimbledon play as often as we have in the last few years you knew they were capable of it."

  29. Post update

    Wimbledon shock the world

    Amazing scenes. Some of the Wimbledon players can't believe their eyes. From non-league to FA Cup winners in 11 years. Vinnie Jones lifts manager Bobby Gould clean off his feet.


    Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Ian B: Regrettably I'd forgotten the late great Laurie Cunningham played for Wimbledon in the 1988 Cup Final

  31. Post update

    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    BBC FA Cup final commentator John Motson at Wembley

    Dave Beasant

    "There it is! The Crazy Gang have beaten the Culture Club!

    "It's a weird and wonderful world if you come from Wimbledon. They've won the FA Cup!"


    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon


    Watch the celebrations now via the highlights tab.

  33. Post update

    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    They think it's all over! It's not yet!

    The Wimbledon bench are on their feet as an offside whistle is mistaken for full-time.

  34. Post update

    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    Jimmy Hill

    BBC pundit at Wembley

    "This season will be written off now as the year that Liverpool played one game too many.

    "Last week, at their peak, they were brilliant. But in the May sunshine the energy and industry of Wimbledon has destroyed them."

  35. CLOSE!

    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    Liverpool resort to a long throw. And close! Steve Nicol heads over on the stretch.

  36. Post update

    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    Where are your cards referee! Again it's Vinnie Jones and Steve McMahon going toe-to-toe; stud-to-stud. Shocking tackle. But again no action taken.

  37. Post update

    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    "You'll Never Walk Alone" rings out from the stands but Liverpool still don't look like creating much pressure on the Wimbledon goal. The side who have made a monopoly of success in the First Division have simply not turned up. That's the beauty of the FA Cup.


    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    This is it. We are five minutes away from an incredible Cupset. The Crazy Gang are almost there.

  39. Post update

    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    Craig Johnston puts in a cross but it's lame and Dave Beasant scoops it up. Liverpool, you've let yourselves down.

  40. Post update

    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    Wimbledon boss Bobby Gould is out of his seat and down by the touchline. Hang on! will be the gist of his instructions I presume.

  41. LAST 10

    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    Into the last 10 minutes. Wimbledon have weathered the storm so far. Can they hang on and win this?

  42. CLOSE!

    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    John Barnes

    Chance! John Barnes, whose parents were in the studio before the game, has his first chance of the game. A header at the near post, but he bullets it wide under heavy pressure. Not at his best on the big stage. I'm sure Barnes will grow out of that though. One of the word's best attackers on his day. No question.

  43. Post update

    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    John Motson and Jimmy Hill believe Dave Beasant will be named man of the match. What do you think?

  44. Post update

    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    That's what Jan Molby can do - a wonderful 45-yard crossfield pass to find Ray Houghton. But again the delivery from out wide is poor.

    For a side with genuine claims to be the greatest team ever, Liverpool have been terrible really. Dave Beasant has had nothing to do - bar the penalty...

  45. CLOSE!

    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    Wimbledon's first attack since the break. Dennis Wise is again the architect, spinning out wide and putting a cross in which John Fashanu heads over.

    Are they really going to do this?

  46. Post update

    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    Jimmy Hill

    BBC pundit at Wembley

    John Aldridge

    "Wimbledon have been first class, they have Liverpool in real trouble.

    "It is extraordinary that when they are desperate to score, for the double, to maintain their reputation as one of the great teams of all time, they have taken off their leading goalscorer in John Aldridge."


    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    Jan Molby, who had a cracking game in the final against Everton two years ago, is now on in place of Nigel Spackman. Can the Dane lift Liverpool? Their fans still believe but it's quite flat at Wembley.

  48. Post update

    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    Electric, balletic run from John Barnes as he sprints away from two defenders - but his cross in is poor. Jan Molby is warming up. As much as he ever does, anyway.


    Join the debate at #facuprewind

    Thom Lovelock: Don't forget Kevin Keelan made the first Wembley penalty save. Didn't stop the rebound though...(for Norwich in a 1-0 defeat to Aston Villa in the 1975 League Cup final)

    db2002: Often wondered what might have happened 2 years later in Italy if England had brought on Dave Beasant for the penalty shootout

  50. Post update

    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    John Barnes has abandoned his station on the left wing to play through the middle now. What continental types may call 'the number 10 role.' He has been on the periphery all game - got to get him into the game.

  51. Post update

    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    "Come on you Reds!" is the chant ringing out at Wembley. These Liverpool fans have seen a bellyfull of success over the last 15 years or so. Can they see another famous win now? They have just over 20 minutes to score. They have 99 goals in all competitions this season. Number 100 is needed fast.

  52. Post update

    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    John Scales has in fact gone on up front for Wimbledon! More bizarre scenes at Wembley. A 21-year-old centre-half playing up with John Fashanu.


    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    There will be no chance for John Aldridge to redeem himself, he is replaced by Australian maverick Craig Johnston. He's been talking about packing in football after today to work on some sort of new-fangled boot design. No future in that Craig. None.

    Wimbledon also make a change, bringing on young defender John Scales. Five at the back?

  54. Post update

    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    It certainly looked a generous decision from the referee to give Liverpool a penalty. That's not only the first penalty missed in a Cup final at Wembley, it's also the first one John Aldridge has ever missed for Liverpool.

  55. Post update

    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    Jimmy Hill

    BBC pundit at Wembley

    "Liverpool were very lucky to get the penalty, there can be no doubt about that. The defender won the ball, it wasn't an intentional trip.

    "Maybe divine judgement decided that Wimbledon do not deserve to lose the game."


    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon - John Aldridge

    Dave Beasant

    What a save! History has been made! John Aldridge does indeed go to Dave Beasant's left, Beasant guesses right and makes the save! This is extraordinary.

    Watch the penalty again now by using the highlights tab.

  57. Post update

    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    BBC FA Cup final commentator John Motson at Wembley

    "High drama here! Never has a penalty been missed in the FA Cup final at Wembley.

    "I spoke to Wimbledon keeper Dave Beasant in the week and he said he has been studying penalties taken by John Aldridge. He expected it to go to his left. Let's see."

    John Aldridge

    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    Well then! Another big call for ref Brian Hill as he gives the Reds a penalty. Clive Goodyear on John Aldridge...


    Join the debate at #facuprewind

    Jack Degge: My Dad bought me a poster in Birkenhead market the week BEFORE the match with the banner "Liverpool FA Cup Winners 1988." Oops

    Victor Smith: it's crazy to see how much football has changed in the last 25 years, all round play is so different

  60. Post update

    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    Where's the invention?

  61. Post update

    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    Liverpool keep coming. The kings of scoring late goals will not panic. All sorts of time left. Wimbledon are chasing shadows - it can only be a matter of time until the Reds' class shows. Surely?


    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    Wimbledon's all-time record goalscorer Alan Cork comes off, replaced by former Real Madrid winger Laurie Cunningham.

    Will a player ever swap the Bernabeu for Plough Lane again? I wonder. Cork could have another big day out at Wembley yet, though time is against him.

  63. Post update

    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    The pattern has been well and truly set now. Liverpool patiently probe, Wimbledon scrap and harry. Ray Houghton's cross is easily claimed by Dave Beasant. A few tired legs out there for the Dons. It's a very warm May day.

  64. Post update

    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    BBC FA Cup final commentator John Motson at Wembley

    "There are 98,000 people here, and millions around the world, wondering if Wimbledon have set Liverpool a puzzle that even the league champions may find difficult to solve."

  65. Post update

    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    Is that handball? Wimbledon defender Andy Thorn may have got away with one there. Referee Brian Hill will certainly have questions to answer after this one.

  66. Text us on 81111

    Scott in Derby: Not a sleeve tattoo or a silly coloured football boot in sight in 1988.....those were the days!!

  67. Post update

    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    John Aldridge, scorer of 26 league goals for the champions, has barely had a sniff this afternoon. Wimbledon have done a great job on him. You get the feeling that a man of his predatory nous will get at least one good chance though.

  68. Post update

    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    Liverpool still controlling all of the ball but Wimbledon working so hard. Denying them room, space, time. The Liverpool who demolished Forest 5-0 just the other week have not been seen so far today.

  69. Post update

    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    Wimbledon pump the ball long, Vinnie Jones gambles on winning the second ball but Alan Hansen steps out to make the interception. John Barnes then nutmegs Clive Goodyear brilliantly on the right. Barnes appears to have cut his shackles, roaming away from the left wing. A free role.

  70. Post update

    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    This star-studded Liverpool side cost an eye-watering £6m to assemble. Hard to imagine.

    The XI in Red are 45 minutes away from the ultimate Cupset though. Surely men as schooled in the game as Hansen, Barnes and Beardsley can overcome a team as limited in resources and ambition as Wimbledon?

  71. KICK-OFF

    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    We are back under way in the 1988 FA Cup final. Are we about to witness sporting history?

  72. Post update

    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    Vinnie Jones puts a fresh shirt on, John Fashanu bellows a roar to his team-mates. More of the same from the Dons?

  73. Post update

    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    There goes the bell in the Wembley tunnel. Time for the second half - no changes for either side.


    Join the debate at #facuprewind

    Chris Ford: Marching band on the pitch at half time! How times change! The groundsmen would see that as monster trucks nowadays!

    Marching band
  75. Served my time

    Liverpool v Wimbledon (15:00 GMT)

    Bobby Gould

    So far, so amazing for Bobby Gould.

  76. Post update

    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    Dennis Wise thoroughly impressed me in that first-half. He looks a really classy player for Wimbledon. They'll do well to hold on to him.


    Text us on 81111

    Pete from Monaco: We were on the terrace behind the penalty save and goal - excellent day! Saw Dave Bassett in the car park afterwards as well, looking like a man who had just watched his ex-wife win the lottery!

    Mark in Dartmouth: As a 10 year old Liverpool fan I had a mullet just like Steve McMahon. My dad bought me a big bottle of Vimto for the match. Still can't believe we lost. Never touched Vimto again and never will. It's all Aldridge's fault.

  78. Post update

    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    Bob Wilson, BBC pundit at Wembley

    "We have heard that Dennis Wise is involved in about 75 per cent of their goals.

    "He puts the free-kick in, Alan Cork makes a lovely run in front of Lawrie Sanchez, a glance and no chance. That is a beautifully executed set-piece."

  79. Post update

    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    "Let's enjoy a little music before we pick up the second half."

    That's why you're the best, Des. Sure, we could have some more analysis and punditry. But how often do we have a massive marching band on the Wembley pitch to enjoy?

  80. Post update

    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    The decision to disallow that goal for Peter Beardsley is up there with the worst I have ever seen. Particularly in a game of such stature. Incredible call.


    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    Bob Wilson

    Former Arsenal goalkeeper

    "For the disallowed Peter Beardsley goal, perhaps referee Brian Hill was too quick on the whistle. He has made a few mistakes in the first half.

    "It is a difficult decision, there is a clear foul on Peter Beardsley but he has blown his whistle prematurely."


    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    Des Lynam

    BBC presenter

    "Well! If football was predictable we wouldn't bother watching it would we?

  83. Crash, bang, wallop

    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    Gary Lineker and Bruce Grobelaar

    Some views of the Wimbledon team of this era from two players who regularly faced them paint a bruising picture.

    Tottenham striker Gary Lineker: "They were mouthy and totally unpleasant to play against but you knew you were in a game and it was tough."

    Liverpool goalkeeper Bruce Grobelaar: "Dennis Wise running around the midfield, biting and kicking people, dear me."


    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    There is the whistle. Wimbledon lead. Well I never.

    Are we on for a Cupset again? Coventry shocked us last year, and now Wimbledon are at it. Referee Brian Hill is getting some flak from the stands...

  85. Post update

    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    Into stoppage time. There won't be much of that...


    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    Chance! This is what Alan Hansen is all about. Pace, power, determination, grit, fortitude, lists...

    Hansen plays a wonderful one-two to waltz into the area, he goes for a toe-poke at the near post but that man Dave Beasant is once again a wall. Good stop.


    Join the debate at #facuprewind

    Ryan King: If that goal was disallowed now, the ref would have been surrounded by a swarm of players. Much more respect in 1988

  88. Post update

    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    Eric Young stretches to cut out a Ray Houghton cross and it looks like Liverpool may go in at half-time behind. Wembley in a state of shock.

  89. Text us on 81111

    Rob, Devon: We'll never attract the best foreign talent until we outlaw tackles like the one by Vinnie Jones on MacMahon!

    Eddie White, Bournemouth: Ref needs to show a couple of yellow cards to stop these feisty tackles - only 2 subs on the bench!


    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    A huge appeal from the stands, but not really on the field, as Eric Young challenges John Aldridge in the area. At the other end, Liverpool keeper Bruce Grobbelaar comes for a cross and spills it, but Terry Gibson can't force it home.

  91. Post update

    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    Tasty challenge again in midfield between Steve McMahon and Andy Thorn. John Motson tells us that you can get 22/1 on a Liverpool win if Wimbledon are ahead at half-time.

    Where's the nearest bookies?

  92. Post update

    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon

    Well, who saw that coming? Nobody. Except maybe the players of Wimbledon themselves. Though judging by their celebrations, I'd say they were pretty surprised.

  93. GOAL

    Liverpool 0-1 Wimbledon - Lawrie Sanchez

    Goal! An incredible few minutes at Wembley. Liverpool have a perfectly good goal chalked off at one end and moments later Wimbledon lead. Dennis Wise curls over a free-kick from the left wing, Lawrie Sanchez gets above Gary Ablett and flicks a header into the top corner.

    Amazing scenes at Wembley!

    You can watch the goal again by using the highlights tab.

    Lawrie Sanchez scores for Wimbledon

    A bad refereeing decision? Judge for yourself now by using the highlights tab at the top of the page.


    Liverpool 0-0 Wimbledon

    Incredible decision! Liverpool should be ahead, it is a scandalous piece of refereeing from Brian Hill!

    Wimbledon defender Andy Thorn has a hold of Peter Beardsley's shirt as the little striker runs through on goal but he HAS TO PLAY ADVANTAGE, surely? Beardsley stays on his feet and is clean through, clipping over Dave Beasant and into the net.

    The play is pulled back for a Liverpool free-kick. But they should have a goal! Incredible call.

  96. CLOSE!

    Liverpool 0-0 Wimbledon

    Wimbledon have hardly been out of their half - but that is close! Dennis Wise does brilliantly to find a yard of space on the right of the area, he looks up and picks out John Fashanu steaming in. The big man goes for a deft side-foot strike and clips it just wide! Bruce Grobbelaar would not have got near that!

  97. Post update

    Liverpool 0-0 Wimbledon

    Princess Diana getting her own personal commentary in the Royal Box, as she is sitting next to Wimbledon owner Sam Hammam. A great character. He'll be pleased so far, as good as he could have hoped against the dominant champions.

  98. Post update

    Liverpool 0-0 Wimbledon

    Eric Young and Peter Beardsley

    Peter Beardsley cost Liverpool £1.9m last summer - a huge fee - but he has justified it all season. And he is at it again, the best player on the pitch so far. Can Eric Young get a hold of him?

  99. Post update

    Liverpool 0-0 Wimbledon

    "We love you Liverpool, we do!" rings out form the Wembley stands. That was the best of Liverpool in a nutshell. Wimbledon had no answer to their swift passing through midfield. Peter Beardsley is so hard to mark.

  100. Post update

    Liverpool 0-0 Wimbledon

    Jimmy Hill

    BBC pundit at Wembley

    "A familiar picture of Peter Beardsley conjuring something from nothing. That is his great capacity. It was just a surprise that they didn't force it home."

  101. GREAT SAVE!

    Liverpool 0-0 Wimbledon

    What a chance! How have Liverpool not scored? Great play from Peter Beardsley as he frees Ray Houghton, Houghton picks out John Aldridge, his shot is blocked and then Dave Beasant somehow keeps out John Barnes' follow-up!

  102. Post update

    Liverpool 0-0 Wimbledon

    Chance! Clive Goodyear makes a total hash of a routine backpass and Peter Beardsley is in! He tries to go round Dave Beasant but the keeper stays big and makes a great save.

    The League champions hunting down that Double now.

  103. Text us on 81111

    Duncan from Kennington: Kenny Dalglish must be hot in that big bench jacket! Wembley bathed in glorious May sunshine and the Liverpool manger is dressed for a third round tie in January, is he expecting snow?

    Steve M: Strange seeing no players grabbing hold of each other or hauling opponents to the ground in the box at corners; more civilised back then!!

  104. Post update

    Liverpool 0-0 Wimbledon

    There's an air of expectancy as John Barnes gets the ball and runs at Clive Goodyear, but the right-back does well to shepherd him out of play. Barnes & Co not hitting top gear yet but controlling the game now.

    And then another very physical challenge! Dennis Wise and Steve McMahon both go in with two feet - again there's no card! Well, referee Brian Hill needs to get a hold of this.


    Join the debate at #facuprewind

    Ash Rose: Great watching the #FACuprewind. You'd never see a reporter on the bus with players dealing cards & cash these days. Different times

    Ollie Heptinstall: Shame the FA Cup final isn't such a big occasion now. Moving it to 3pm & giving the winner a Champions League place would help.

    Martin Richardson: If you're not watching #facuprewind on BBC Red Button or here then your afternoon is less fun than it should be.

  106. Post update

    Liverpool 0-0 Wimbledon

    Our Opta stats machine is on the blink so I can't give you specifics, but I would guess that Liverpool have had about 75% of the possession so far.

  107. Post update

    Liverpool 0-0 Wimbledon

    Peter Beardsley weaves away from a man and shoots over the top. The Liverpool seven is looking like the most dangerous man on the pitch so far.

    Peter Beardsley
  108. Post update

    Liverpool 0-0 Wimbledon

    John Barnes remains an isolated figure out on the left wing. Liverpool need to get him into the game - he's a game-changer. It can only take a minute though - just ask Brazil and Argentina.

  109. Post update

    Liverpool 0-0 Wimbledon

    It will never happen Stuart.

  110. Text us on 81111

    Keith from Croydon: Literally sitting in the rafters behind the goal with the Dons fans. Can't see the corner flags. Never mind, this Liverpool defence are mean at defending corners

    Stuart in Grangemouth: They need to look at changing the rule on back passes. The keepers are just picking it up all the time. Maybe the authorities could outlaw it.

  111. Post update

    Liverpool 0-0 Wimbledon

    Alan Cork floats a header wide for Wimbledon which leads to their fans chanting "We're going to score in a minute!"

    They are staying positive behind Bruce Grobbelaar's goal. What's your take on the opening stages?

  112. We are the party poopers - Fashanu

    Liverpool 0-0 Wimbledon

    John Fashanu
  113. Post update

    Liverpool 0-0 Wimbledon

    That's more like it from Liverpool! Peter Beardsley drops off into the hole, linking up well with Ray Houghton who gallops in on the underlap. The former Oxford man has a shot on goal, but he can only toe-poke it tamely at Dave Beasant in the Wimbledon goal.

  114. Join the debate at #facuprewind

    Mike White: Dons playing some decent passing stuff - not all hoofing.

  115. Post update

    Liverpool 0-0 Wimbledon

    A very steady start from the Dons, who see Vinnie Jones shoot over from 20 yards. Liverpool a long way short of their mesmerising best so far. Complacency?

  116. Post update

    Liverpool 0-0 Wimbledon

    Jimmy Hill

    BBC pundit at Wembley

    "Wimbledon must be pleased with that opening 10 minutes. They needn't be frightened now of playing at Wembley.

    "Having come with expectations of being massacred early on by Liverpool, it has been a quiet, tactical start."

  117. Watch Jones's tackle

    Liverpool 0-0 Wimbledon

    If you missed that crunching Vinnie Jones tackle - a reducer if ever there was one - you can watch it again now by using the highlights tab.

    Highlights tab

    Join the debate at #facuprewind

    George: Watching #facuprewind still makes me sad about what happened to our club.

    Tim Schofield: There were 7 league places between Liverpool and Wimbledon. Why was this the biggest cup shock of all time?

  119. Jones on McMahon

    Liverpool 0-0 Wimbledon

    BBC FA Cup final commentator John Motson at Wembley

    "Ooof! Vinnie Jones caught him there!

    "That is precisely the sort of challenge that Wimbledon are reputed to produce. Their disciplinary record has been the topic of some discussion and referee Brian Hill will be keen to make it clear that that sort of tackle won't be allowed today."

    Vinne Jones stats
  120. REDUCER!

    Liverpool 0-0 Wimbledon

    Dearie me what a tackle that is! Vinnie Jones goes right through Steve McMahon, terribly late. How on earth has referee Brian Hill not booked him there? A dreadful challenge.

  121. Post update

    Liverpool 0-0 Wimbledon

    Those newspapers predicting an early mauling for the Dons will be disappointed so far. The underdogs have looked efficient so far, very well organised.

  122. Post update

    Liverpool 0-0 Wimbledon

    That will sting! Steve Nicol slams a hurried clearance into the face of team-mate Steve McMahon. He needs the magic sponge to revive him. But it's a free-kick for Wimbledon, dangerous place.

    Dennis Wise to take. He curls one - just over!


    Join the debate at #facuprewind

    Libby Dawes: If you have not been watching #FACupRewind of the 1988 Cup final, i feel for you. THIS is amazing TV.

    Joe T: Watching old footage from the 1988 FA Cup final. Love the magic feel, Wimbledon were proper mad dogs back then!

    Brian Elliott: Not sure how my brain is going to handle the old passback rule.

  124. CLOSE!

    Liverpool 0-0 Wimbledon

    Well that's what Liverpool can do! They carve Wimbledon open with a slick counter-attack, the ball going through Peter Beardsley to John Barnes on the left wing. Barnes stands it up, John Aldridge is steaming in but he heads over after great pressure from Alan Cork! Goal-saving challenge from Cork.

  125. Post update

    Liverpool 0-0 Wimbledon

    Some fans boo a negative pass back to the keeper from the Liverpool midfield. It's certainly a tactic which divides football fans. I wonder if anything will ever be done about it? It would certainly make life much more difficult for defenders if they couldn't let off steam with a backpass.

  126. Post update

    Liverpool 0-0 Wimbledon

    Lovely feet from Alan Hansen to break up an early Wimbledon attack, before keeper Dave Beasant launches the ball 80-odd yards. A trademark Route One attack.

    Chance here - John Fashanu has a half sighter after Gary Ablett is robbed of the ball, but his shot is tame.

  127. Post update

    Liverpool 0-0 Wimbledon

    I hope you made it to your seat in time Chris. Your lads will be in for a tough afternoon, that's for sure. But you never know. The pristine pitch can surely only help this genius side of Liverpool midfielders.

  128. Text us on 81111

    Chris from Epsom: I'm at the ground now, can't believe how hot it is. Walked up Wembley way twice. There are 98,000 here and we only make up about 10,000 (if that)! The phrase 'got any spares?' (tickets) from scousers all the way here on the train will live with me forever. Brings a lump to the throat just writing this. Come on you Dons.

  129. KICK-OFF

    Liverpool 0-0 Wimbledon

    Game on! The 107th FA Cup final is under way.

  130. Post update

    Liverpool v Wimbledon (15:00 GMT)

    Dave Beasant

    Dave Beasant switches the sides around, here we go...

  131. Post update

    Liverpool v Wimbledon (15:00 GMT)

    Here we go then. What scenes at Wembley. John Motson reminds us that some of the terracing will be replaced by the 1989 final, bringing the attendance down to 88,000. Plenty of years left in the old place yet.

  132. Arriving with a bang from nowhere

    Liverpool v Wimbledon (15:00 GMT)

    Jhn Fashanu
  133. Post update

    Liverpool 0-0 Wimbledon

    I have to say, the access we at the BBC have had with both clubs all day has been truly first-class. Long may it continue.

    Everyone ready? The Wembley pitch looks perfect as you'd expect. First man to go down with cramp in the 80th minute? It's a tradition.


    Join the debate at #facuprewind

    Andy Stevenson: So far, the #facuprewind has had Des Lynam, classical music on a pre-match montage and the Old Wembley. This is wonderful.

    Syd with a 'y': Remember as a kid how great it was on Cup Final day. Cameras on both coaches. Interviews on the pitch. Boss day!

  135. Post update

    Liverpool 0-0 Wimbledon

    Des Lynam

    BBC presenter

    "Some people down here are saying that Wimbledon can pull off an upset today.

    "They would be the biggest outsiders to win in years. You can get 11/4 on a Wimbledon win, with Liverpool 4/1 on to complete the double."

  136. Meet the Royals

    Liverpool v Wimbledon (15:00 GMT)

    Players meet Princess Diana

    What did Princess Diana have to say to Vinnie Jones? She is certainly in chatty mood, sharing a few words with all 22 players before making her way back up to the new Royal Box.

  137. Post update

    Liverpool v Wimbledon (15:00 GMT)

    Princess Diana is the esteemed Royal guest this afternoon and Wembley stands as one for the National Anthem. Almost game time. Prepare to be entertained by the clash of styles...

  138. Team News

    Liverpool v Wimbledon (15:00 GMT)

    Wimbledon team

    Wimbledon named their team last night. No changes, so Clive Goodyear gets the nod at right-back.

  139. 'Anfield South'

    Liverpool v Wimbledon (15:00 GMT)

    Liverpool walk out at Wembley

    Liverpool have spent more time in that hotel in Watford than the cleaning staff. Incredibly, this is Liverpool's 23rd game at Wembley since 1950.

    The teams are out on the pitch - to a huge ovation.

  140. Post update

    Liverpool v Wimbledon (15:00 GMT)

    Here we go, the teams are in the tunnel. Wimbledon look incredibly relaxed, you have to say. What an atmosphere down there. Plenty of shouting from the likes of John Fashanu.

    The 11 men from Wimbledon living every player's dream...

  141. Hill backing the Dons

    Liverpool v Wimbledon (15:00 GMT)

    Jimmy Hill

    BBC pundit at Wembley

    "I get outraged when people knock Wimbledon's success. It's all very well praising a side like Liverpool for their style of play but they have their pick of the best players in the country.

    "Wimbledon have not. They have found a method based on power, the long ball and a big centre-forward in John Fashanu and it works well for them.

    "What are they supposed to do - not compete?"

  142. Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Slow Hatters News: Shame Wimbledon beat us in the semi finals. Good luck Dons! Although I can't see anything stopping this Liverpool freight train

    Jaimin Tailor: Got 10/1 on Lawrie Sanchez to score first. Unlikely but you never know...

  143. Post update

    Liverpool v Wimbledon (15:00 GMT)

    John Fashanu has a laugh and a joke with BBC Sport's Gerald Sinstadt on the pitch, while Vinnie Jones looks a bit overwhelmed.

    "All the lads will be watching in Hemel Hempstead," Jones says.

    They'll be watching a bit further away than that Vinnie...

  144. Join the debate at #facuprewind

    Andrew Priestley: John Aldridge to make the headlines tonight.

  145. Join the debate at #facuprewind

    The champions versus the contenders; pass and move versus the hopeful punt; Barnes and Beardo versus Fash and Bash.

    It has all the ingredients of a cracker - but if Wimbledon concede early on you fear for them.

    Image caption: Liverpool won the Double in 1986. Can they do it again this afternoon?

    But who will triumph today? Where will the match be won and lost? Just how good is this Liverpool team? Have you been through your usual pre-Cup Final routine?

    Please have your say. Get in touch at #facuprewind, pop on to the BBC Sport Facebook page or BBC Sport's Google+ area.

    You can also text us on 81111 in the UK only - don't forget to say who you are and where you are texting from.

  146. Text us on 81111

    Andy in Armagh: Lawrie Sanchez in the starting line-up? Not again. I'm sick and tired of seeing him in midfield for Wimbledon, he offers very little in terms of attacking or a goal threat. He should be on the bench.

  147. Team News

    Liverpool v Wimbledon (15:00 GMT)

    Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish on the decision to play both Nigel Spackman and Gary Gillespie - who both have head injuries:

    "We have made the decision and it is something that we stand or fall by now. Everyone wants to play and it's unfortunate that we only have 13 players in the squad.

    "Outsiders have won the last two finals - the League Cup and last year's FA Cup - but that makes no difference to today's game. It goes down to what happens on the pitch this afternoon."

    Liverpool line-up
  148. Wimbledon written off?

    Liverpool v Wimbledon (15:00 GMT)

    Bob Wilson

    Former Arsenal goalkeeper

    BBC pundits

    "Wimbledon manager Bobby Gould rang me at 8am this morning and said 'have you seen what the papers have said about us?'

    "Is there any point in us turning up today? I'm going to ask them to present Kenny Dalglish with the trophy before the game!"

    Don't believe what you read Bobby...


    Liverpool v Wimbledon (15:00 GMT)

    Liverpool defender Gary Gillespie and midfielder Nigel Spackman both start after suffering a head injury when they collided last week.

  150. Trevor Book-King

    Liverpool v Wimbledon (15:00 GMT)

    1988 FA Cup Final match programme

    Now if I've parted with a big £2 for a match programme at Wembley (yes, that cheap), I at least expect a page dedicated to Trevor Brooking's views on football's best books.

    On this day, I am not let down. Well in Trevor. Where's the book shop?

    Trevor Brooking
  151. Post update

    Liverpool v Wimbledon (15:00 GMT)

    The BBC cameras pick out the teams arriving at the famous old stadium. Great scenes here for the Wimbledon boys. When they were in the fourth division just a few years ago this sort of occasion would have seemed a lifetime away.


    Join the debate at #facuprewind

    Richard Dyer: Not really giant killing though is it - the Dons were in the top flight and finished seventh

    Jon Barbuti: If youngsters take nothing else out of this re-run it's that Les Dennis used to be more than a poor character actor in Corrie

  153. Post update

    Liverpool v Wimbledon (15:00 GMT)

    The apparent gulf between the two teams is underlined by the statistics confirming Liverpool's recent domination of English football.

    The 17-times champions have lifted the League title nine times in the last 13 years. What a run.

    You just cannot see any other team getting a look in through the 1990s or beyond, can you?

  154. Cards on the coach

    Liverpool v Wimbledon (15:00 GMT)

    Vinnie Jones and Dennis Wise

    The BBC are live with Wimbledon's players on the team bus, and they surprise Wimbledon midfielder Dennis Wise with a screening of his appearance on Record Breakers in 1981.

    Wise's afternoon does not get any better, as Vinnie Jones takes his money off him in a game of cards.

    "I've cleaned him," says Jones. "Absolutely cleaned him."

  155. Post update

    Liverpool v Wimbledon (15:00 GMT)

    "You wouldn't have thought that they'd have to pay their own bill would you?" asks Des as the Liverpool side file out of their hotel and board the bus to Wembley.

    Steve Nicol has got a few extras on his bill. Pre-match nerves.

  156. Contrasts underlined in the programme

    Liverpool v Wimbledon (15:00 GMT)

    Glen Moore, writer in match programme: "The Reds may be shorn of Ian Rush but they stand today on the threshold of their second 'double' in three seasons - an achievement which would surely confirm them as the greatest club side of all time."

    Albert Sewell, later BBC Sport's statistician, writing in the match programme: "Wimbledon's energetic football has seen them described as 'football's up-and-under men', the 'spit and sawdust team of the First Division' and 'the side who play cup-tie football every game.'"

    Match programme
  157. If it's up there I'll give you the money myself

    Liverpool v Wimbledon (15:00 GMT)

    Les Dennis in the studio

    Des Lynam is joined in the studio by comedy greats Les Dennis and Russ Abbot. The duo both tip Liverpool to win, but Dennis reckons we are going all the way to extra time. A tight affair on the cards?

  158. Post update

    Liverpool v Wimbledon (15:00 GMT)

    Kick-off just over half an hour away then. Nerves could be an issue for Wimbledon this afternoon. How do they prepare to take on this great Liverpool side?

  159. Do it My Way, Liverpool

    Liverpool v Wimbledon (15:00 GMT)

    "To Liverpool Football Club,

    Good luck in the league and Cup final.

    All the best,



    Class from the great man. Frank Sinatra will be watching on I'm sure.

    Frank Sinatra message
  160. Post update

    Liverpool v Wimbledon (15:00 GMT)

    Alan Hansen, a wonderful talker in front of the cameras there. A future for him?

  161. Whose pie is it anyway?

    Liverpool v Wimbledon (15:00 GMT)

    Pasta? Nah. Energy supplements? Nah. Solitary, sad looking green leaf? That'll do.

    Throw in a couple of pies and some beans and that's a pretty hearty looking pre-match meal right there. Liverpool have brought their own chef down to Watford to prepare this lot. Can't take any chances on Cup Final day.

    Pre-match meal
  162. Post update

    Liverpool v Wimbledon (15:00 GMT)

    Cup finalists
  163. The ones to catch

    Liverpool v Wimbledon (15:00 GMT)

    With kick-off less than an hour away, it's worth remembering that Aston Villa and Tottenham are the most decorated teams in the competition's history with seven wins apiece.

    Aston Villa and Tottenham

    Can anyone catch them? Wimbledon have never won the Cup of course, while Liverpool have won three times.

  164. Injury latest

    Liverpool v Wimbledon (15:00 GMT)

    Nigel Spackman

    BBC Sport reporter Tony Gubba at the Liverpool team hotel in Watford: "Nigel Spackman has a two-inch cut right across his eyebrow, and Gary Gillespie has one across his nose after their clash of heads last week.

    "They are held together with stitches but can they head a football without them opening up and filling their eyes with blood?"

  165. Text us on 81111

    Liverpool v Wimbledon (15:00 GMT)

    Andrew from Richhill: I don't know about you, but I don't hold much hope for poor little Wimbledon this afternoon. Liverpool weren't runaway league champions this season for no reason. They played some great football this year and things could get embarrassing at Wembley today. This could be 5-0 or 6-0.

    Jenni in Newtownards: 80,000 people at Wembley will be a bit of a culture shock to these Wimbledon players compared to the 8,000 they normally play in front of at Plough Lane. The occasion will get to Wimbledon and Liverpool's seasoned pros will breeze through to more FA Cup glory.

  166. Fash the Bash

    Liverpool v Wimbledon (15:00 GMT)

    John Fashanu

    Wimbledon striker John Fashanu at the team's hotel: "A few of the lads have had a 24-hour bug, sore throat, can't sleep - but it could be down to nerves I guess.

    "But the mood here is great. It's a lads' day out! That's the way we do things here."

  167. Post update

    Liverpool v Wimbledon (15:00 GMT)

    BBC Sport reporter Gerald Sinstadt at Wimbledon's team hotel: "Wimbledon as a club have never been afraid of challenging preconceptions and their plush hotel does that again.

    "I recall few teams who have been more like their 'normal selves' on the big day.

    "Most players will admit that they haven't slept too well but as defender Clive Goodyear put it, 'it's like going to bed on Christmas Eve.'

    Wimbledon team meeting
  168. The Don life

    Liverpool v Wimbledon (15:00 GMT)

    Vinnie Jones and Wally Downes
  169. Post update

    Liverpool v Wimbledon (15:00 GMT)

    A Wimbledon fan tells the BBC that in six years of watching Wimbledon 'he has never seen a boring game.'

    Is long ball the future of English football?

  170. Join the debate at #facuprewind

    Liverpool v Wimbledon (15:00 GMT)

    The champions versus the contenders; pass and move versus the hopeful punt; Barnes and Beardo versus Fash and Bash.

    It has all the ingredients of a cracker - but if Wimbledon concede early on you fear for them.

    Image caption: Liverpool won the Double in 1986. Can they do it again this afternoon?

    But who will triumph today? Where will the match be won and lost? Just how good is this Liverpool team? Have you been through your usual pre-Cup Final routine?

    Please have your say. Get in touch at #facuprewind, pop on to the BBC Sport Facebook page or BBC Sport's Google+ area.

    You can also text us on 81111 in the UK only - don't forget to say who you are and where you are texting from.

  171. What is going on here then?

    Liverpool v Wimbledon (15:00 GMT)

    FA Cup Rewind logo

    Don't worry, you've not entered some sort of parallel universe. We haven't found a flux capacitor and managed to get the time machine working - it is categorically not 1988.

    But for the next few hours it is. This is FA Cup Rewind, as we look back on one of the great FA Cup occasions as part of our build up to this evening's live BBC One game, AFC Wimbledon v Liverpool.

    So play along, transport yourselves back to 1988 and let us know your thoughts before and during the game. Alternatively, let us know your memories of the game and we'll include them in our 'Fast Forward' sections...

  172. Post update

    Liverpool v Wimbledon (15:00 GMT)

    Meet the teams graphic

    Des is now taking you through the line-ups. Who will be the key men today?

  173. Post update

    Liverpool v Wimbledon (15:00 GMT)

    But football isn't played on paper. And the Cup final is the arena where dreams are made.

    Vinnie Jones

    Just ask Coventry City, who won here last year. Or Luton Town, who famously shocked Arsenal to win the League Cup just a few months ago.

    A third - and biggest - shock in a row? It could happen. Believe.