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  1. Man Utd four points clear of City
  2. City have lost six of last eight games
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By Tom Rostance

All times stated are UK

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  1. Post update

    As the revellers from Old Trafford continue to drift past our office and into the evening, it's time for us to say good night.

    See you all next week!

  2. Post update

    Monday night's game which rounds out the weekend is Liverpool v Newcastle. It was a cracking game in 1996 so it's live on Monday night every year. Forever.

  3. Post update

    Man Utd 4-2 Man City

    Gary Lineker

    BBC Sport

    Gary Lineker
  4. 'We were really poor'

    Man Utd 4-2 Man City

    Man City

    A clearly disconsolate Pablo Zabaleta: "A derby is always a special game and the game that players and fans want to win. Unfortunately it was a disappointing afternoon for us. It is hard to understand how we can play so well for 20 minutes and then be a different team. We had no reaction in the second half, we were really poor. We can play much better. The reality is that we are not playing well, we are far from our best. With six games to go we have to push hard to get into the top four.

    Pablo Zabaleta

    "When you are not playing well and not creating chances it is hard. Normally with this team we do much better but the third goal was game over. You have to give credit to United, they were the better team.

    "The criticism doesn't affect the team, the media can say what they want. Football is like that. We will fight until the end. We still have confidence in the team, we can be good again."

  5. Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Abhie Speaks: Jokes apart City should keep Manuel Pellegrini and kick the overpaid blokes out of the team. At least six or seven of them. Rebuild on cards.

    Daniel Connellan: This game summed up City's season - Bright start, ridiculous collapse.

    Paul Collins: With all the talk of Yaya Toure. Don't ignore that David Silva was atrocious today too. As was Jesus Navas again.

  6. Sergio A-go-go

    Man Utd 4-2 Man City

    Man City

    I doubt Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero will care right now but as well as scoring his 100th goal for City he has moved back to level top scorer in the Premier League with his brace this afternoon.

    19 goals - Sergio Aguero, Diego Costa, Harry Kane

    17 - Charlie Austin

    14 - Olivier Giroud, Alexis Sanchez

    12 - Saido Berahino, Eden Hazard, Wayne Rooney

  7. Text us on 81111

    Pellegrini needs time

    Daniel in Coventry: Manchester City shouldn't sack Manuel Pellegrini, he needs time to build his side as all managers do. However I think City will sack him soon as they're still in that stage where they want instant success in the league and Europe. It's wrong but that's the modern game.

    Roy in Dundee: City fans are quick to forget that they are nothing more than a yoyo club with a very rich owner. Thanks to FFP we are seeing that once the Sheikh stops bankrolling their club it will go back to where it was.

    Craig in Manchester: As a United fan, I feel sorry for Pellegrini. It took Sir Alex Ferguson three or four years to get a trophy. If he'd have been sacked, a whole generation would have grown up with no history. Pellegrini picked his line-up. It's up to the players. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

  8. 'It's great to be a United supporter now'

    Man Utd 4-2 Man City

    BBC Radio 5 live

    Louis van Gaal

    Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal, speaking to BBC Radio 5 live: "I was very pleased because the fans are pleased and we are playing for them. The fans have not always had a good time because started very bad. But still they were supporting, and now the results are coming back. It's great to be a supporter of Man United right now.

    "That is the most pleasant memory - you have seen the arousal of the fans. I cannot complain about the fighting spirit of my team because the first 15 minutes Manchester City dominated and scored. We equalised and regained confidence and then from there we played a fantastic match. Of course I think maybe we could have started this form earlier but the last 20 matches we've been good and better than most of the Premier League."

  9. United set for third place?

    Man Utd 4-2 Man City

    Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal to BBC Sport: "I'm very proud and very happy for the fans. It means a lot for the fans and we want to give it to the fans. The players heard the boost from the crowd.

    "We are now four points ahead of City in third place which is very important because it gets you automatic qualification into the Champions League. We started badly, there was a lot of stress building up and because of that we went 1-0 behind. But we have good team spirit and came back. The second half was fantastic.

    "Against Tottenham and Liverpool, I was talking about the first half, but now I am speaking about the second half performance. We are making steps in our process and it's too early to expect it (the perfect performance). The goal we set was to get into the first four and I'll be very pleased if we reach that goal. I said it would not be easy and we still have six matches to play. It is not done yet but we are on our way."

  10. Post update

    Man Utd 4-2 Man City

    Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal says he told chief executive Ed Woodward at the start of the season that it would be very difficult to finish in the top four this season. They are looking very good for that - at least - now.

  11. 'We must fight until the end of the season'

    Man Utd 4-2 Man City

    Man City

    More from Manchester City boss Manuel Pellegrini. He said: "It is very difficult to be in fourth place. We have difficult teams in the Premier League. We have just four points behind United, five points with Arsenal.

    "We must fight until the end of the season. For the club, for me, for the players it is very important to be in a position for the Champions League. We have six games more to try to do it. We had been in second place all season. We have six games to go."

  12. Captain Marvel chuffed

    Man Utd 4-2 Man City

    Bryan Robson twitter

    Former Manchester United captain Bryan Robson is pretty pleased with the performance of the Red Devils.

  13. Post update

    Man Utd 4-2 Man City

    Manchester United go to Chelsea next weekend for what could be another barometer to test for how far they have come...

  14. 'I don't understand'

    Man Utd 4-2 Man City

    Man City


    Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini said: "I think they were the best team. We started very well and in the first 20 minutes we could have controlled the game. After the second goal we lost the way we were playing and United scored more goals.

    "I don't understand why a team only plays so well in the first 20 minutes. We dominated, created chances, we had the ball. At 1-1 United started growing and their third goal gave them the confidence they did not have before.

    "It is not just one problem, the same team played well for 20 minutes. Maybe it's a lack of class at this moment. I don't know."

  15. Text us on 81111

    Matt in London: This is what new managers mean when they say they need time with a squad before the good results start coming in. Jose Mourinho said he would need a year before he could make a title challenge, and here he is a year later, seven points clear at the top of the table with a game in hand. Louis van Gaal said he would need time to revise the squad after a horrendous start to his career at United, and now here they are, thumping their rivals and eyeing up a move for second place. Sports fans - have a little faith in your managers!

  16. Post update

    Man Utd 4-2 Man City

    Manchester United have now picked up more points then they managed in the whole of last season - with six games still to go. Quite the turnaround.

  17. Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Shane Long: Louis Van Gaal has done a tremendous job in the last few weeks. I for one didn't think we had this run of form in us. Fantastic.

    Haylen West: As a United fan it's been a long time since I've had the joy of watching them play against City. It is so pleasing to see.

    Jake Taylor: Man United winning against City is a big step for their recovery from last season.

  18. 'I am very happy for the fans'

    Man Utd 4-2 Man City

    Man Utd

    Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal: "It's three points! We are four points ahead of fourth in the table and I am very happy for the fans. I have seen what it means for them. They always support us when the results were not good.

    "It's the best atmosphere I have seen here. A fantastic result. I must bring Michael Carrick off the pitch with an injury which was a bit stupid from me as some players didn't know we only had 10 men. That was not so smart!

    "We started very badly. It was not Manchester United, we were very nervous. I don't know why. We had no pressure on the ball. I don't know why. But when we scored the goal, from that moment we had more confidence.

    "The second half was much better."

  19. 'A magnificent win'

    Man Utd 4-2 Man City

    Man Utd

    Ashley Young

    Manchester United goalscorer Ashley Young: "It's a magnificent win. We knew we had to get three points. It was disappointing to go a goal behind, but we showed the character to get back and no-one else was going to win when we went ahead. It's an amazing feeling to score a goal and get an assist."

    Asked what he has done differently in his good run of form, Young replied: "I've just listened to what the manager said and I wanted to repay him.

    "We're just taking each game as it comes. We've played Tottenham, Liverpool, Aston Villa and had this derby game so we just wanted to get wins and we have another difficult game next week."

  20. Text us on 81111

    Nick in Herts: All these clowns (including Robbie Savage) calling for Manuel Pellegrini to be sacked are the sort of armchair fans that make me sick. They're still the champions and every club has bad runs from time to time. Let him try and rebuild, why the need for a new manager?

    Will in Liverpool: Genius from Savage. A team going through a bad period... Better sack the manager!

    Dominic Gammon: Keep Manuel Pellegrini but check out how players are bought in and are they value for money.

  21. Annus horribilis

    Man Utd 4-2 Man City

    Man City

    Manchester City have lost five Premier League games in 2015, one more than they lost in the whole of 2014.

    A terrible year.

  22. Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Sunday Peter: For sixth time in eight games, City fell by the wayside. Appalling!

    Tom Hutchings: Man City need to watch their backs, Liverpool have a game in hand, with their next four games being against Newcastle, Villa, WBA and Hull.

    Belfast Kopite: Some Man City fans starting to sound like Chelsea fans of recent times. Sacking a Premier League-winning manager is not the answer!

    Get involved. Tweet us using #bbcfootball and text us on 81111. You can also leave a message on the BBC Sport Facebook page or on Google+.

  23. 'The atmosphere was crazy'

    Man Utd 4-2 Man City

    Juan Mata

    Manchester United goalscorer Juan Mata said: "In the first 10 or 15 minutes City were brilliant but after that we showed character and came back. It was a massive result and everyone from United is happy.

    "The atmosphere was crazy, it's something we will never forget. We have six games to go and have to keep going. It's one more step towards the Champions League, it's a big win and a boost to the confidence. But Arsenal are a great team and City and Liverpool will stay fighting until the end."

  24. Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Jerry Aldini: Yaya Toure should have stayed in bed today. He played like he was still in it.

    Stephen Shaw: 11 unpaid City fans would have given a better account of themselves.

    Nathaniel Amoaku: Some good news for City fans. Sergio Aguero has remembered how to score.

  25. Text us on 81111

    Nick in London: If you'd done an 11 of "United misfits" earlier I'm pretty sure each scorer today could have been included. Just needed Bebe to come on and score a screamer to really top it off.

    James Marshall: Louis Van Gaal certainly turned things around at Man Utd. Not sure I would trust him with the purse strings though.

    Luke in Telford: United are so comfortable that they can afford to bring on the luxuries. Falcao and Di Maria's exclusions are proof that United have a team, not individual stars.

  26. Dire straits

    Man Utd 4-2 Man City

    Man City

    In the ultimate results business, this run of form may be hard to defend..

    Man Utd 4-2 Man City

    Crystal Palace 2-1 Man City

    Man City 3-0 West Brom

    Barcelona 1-0 Man City

    Burnley 1-0 Man City

    Man City 2-0 Leicester

    Liverpool 2-1 Man City

    Man City 1-2 Barcelona

  27. At the top


    Manchester United will be looking at second place now, while City will be worrying about fourth.

  28. Post update

    Man Utd 4-2 Man City

    Ashley Young collects his man of the match award, a sight that would not have seemed possible for most of the last season or two.

  29. Post update

    Man Utd 4-2 Man City

    BBC Sport pundit Robbie Savage at Old Trafford

    "You could see the reaction from supporters after the game the belief in the Manchester United fans. Louis van Gaal has really got the fans on board. This was a big test and they've passed it with flying colours."

  30. 'City have had their day'

    Man Utd 4-2 Man City

    BBC Sport pundit Robbie Savage

    "This City squad has had its day. This is a point in City's future where they have to rebuild, and they have to change their manager. There has been complacency and tactically they have been poor as well."

  31. Post update

    Man Utd 4-2 Man City

    Ashley Young echoes Robbie Savage in calling his team's win 'magnificent.'

    Full reaction to come from all involved today.

  32. Post update

    Man Utd 4-2 Man City

    BBC Sport pundit Robbie Savage at Old Trafford

    "I think Manchester United were magnificent. It was a dominant performance and with the exception of Sergio Aguero City were very poor. Some great attacking play from United and Phil Jones and Chris Smalling were fairly solid at the back. They were deserved winners. Since that Tottenham game they have really grown in confidence."

  33. Post update

    A wonderfully eloquent text from Mike. The FA should sign you up.

  34. Text us on 81111

    Mike in Liverpool: "Not sure what this weekend's games tell us about the Premier League other than entertainment takes precedence over quality. Defence, never high in the minds of British clubs, is receding in its relative importance. Our clubs have struggled in Europe due to defensive naïveté and tactical ineptitude. Chelsea have the Premier League's most balanced and quality squad but were found out in the Champions League.

    "As an Arsenal fan I see my team flatter to deceive every year when the pressure is off and we are already out of the knock out phase of the Champions League. When this happens year after year it signifies a need to strengthen. This is true for all English clubs. Buying big doesn't always equate with buying quality. It brings questions about building squads, tactical flexibility, defensive preparation and sometimes pragmatism. The problem is some of these will come at a cost of entertainment - the cornerstone of the Premier League's success - never mind the quality, feel the excitement!"


    Man Utd 4-2 Man City

    A stroll in the Sunday rain for Manchester United. City were excellent for 15 minutes and dismal for 75.

    Could they even finish outside of the top four? At this rate they could. That's six defeats in eight games in all competitions.

    Old Trafford scoreboard
  36. Post update

    Man Utd 4-2 Man City

    How many of this Manchester City side will be at the club next year? Despite protestations from inside the club you feel a major clearout is just what they need.

  37. Post update

    Man Utd 4-2 Man City

    Sergio Aguero has now scored 100 goals for Manchester City. There are three minutes added on. Another City goal would make life interesting...

  38. Post update

    Man Utd 4-2 Man City

    BBC Sport pundit Robbie Savage at Old Trafford

    "It's great movement from Sergio Aguero for the goal. It's a consolation but still not enough from Man City today. He's been the bright spark for City."

  39. Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Peter Collins: Manuel Pellegrini can't motivate the players? It's the Manchester derby, they shouldn't need it! Not his fault players are lazy.

    David Simpson: Overpaid players at City. Just doesn't give room for passion. They showed no respect for this occasion.

    Blackburn Lad: It's all very well saying sack Manuel Pellegrini but who would City get to replace him? Bit of a poisoned chalice.

  40. GOAL

    Man Utd 4-2 Man City - Sergio Aguero

    A consolation, which is no consolation. Pablo Zabaleta gets forward for possibly the first time all game and cuts back for Sergio Aguero, whose shot goes in off the post and via the hand of David De Gea. Zero celebration.

    Sergio Aguero scores Manchester City's second goal
  41. Post update

    Man Utd 4-1 Man City

    United will end the game with 10 men as Michael Carrick picks up a knock and the lead is so comfortable, he can just have a sit down in the dugout. They've used all of their subs.

    Michael Carrick applauds the Manchester United supporters
  42. Post update

    Man Utd 4-1 Man City

    BBC Sport pundit Robbie Savage at Old Trafford

    "The difference between United and City without the ball is ridiculous. City without the ball have been really poor."

  43. Post update

    Man Utd 4-1 Man City

    It feels a long time since Manchester City took the lead doesn't it? An awful day for the boys in blue.

  44. Text us on 81111

    Will in Kent: Yet another loss for City today. Manuel Pellegrini needs to go. I don't believe a nice guy is enough to be a good manager. The players need someone with an attitude to manage them to get the best out of them because this just isn't working. Its always so predictable attacking football with no mentality to defend.

    Ethan in Rufford: What has happened to City? Awful performance.

    Tom in North Wales: You have to look at that City squad when they consistently turn to a 36-year-old on the bench to get them out of trouble.

  45. Post update

    Man Utd 4-1 Man City

    Angel Di Maria almost gets in again as Eliaquim Mangala is caught out of position. Manuel Pellegrini shields his face behind the brick surrounds of his dugout. Sacked in the morning? Sacked in the summer?

  46. Post update

    Man Utd 4-1 Man City

    Angel Di Maria runs at the City defence and has a shot blocked, Wayne Rooney is then flagged offside as he looked to pick up the pieces. Marouane Fellaini is replaced by Radamel Falcao. Anyone can get a game these days.

  47. Post update

    Man Utd 4-1 Man City

    Sergio Aguero has hardly touched the ball since half-time but he tries a first-time volley from a long way out - over the bar.

  48. Post update

    Man Utd 4-1 Man City

    Alan Green

    BBC Radio 5 live at Old Trafford

    "A standing ovation for Juan Mata. It's good that a player of his technical ability has started to be appreciated by Louis van Gaal - he's too good not be part of things."

  49. Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Mustafa Bux: Manuel Pellegerini should have been sacked after the Palace game. Woeful.

    Rishi Verma: The body language of the Man City players tells its own story. Lacking in confidence and form, they're simply not interested.

    Musbau Niran Famuyiw: I do seriously think Pellegrini should be allowed to see off the season and then a decision can be taken.

    Get involved. Tweet us using #bbcfootball and text us on 81111. You can also leave a message on the BBC Sport Facebook page or on Google+.


    Man Utd 4-1 Man City

    4-1 up and time to bring on a £60m signing. Suddenly life is rosy for Manchester United and their fans. Angel Di Maria replaces Juan Mata.

  51. Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Johnny Magrinho: 4-1? A few weeks ago Manchester United didn't look capable of scoring twice in a game let alone four times against the champions. Incredible.

    Rob Williams: This may be be the type of football that gets United into Europe - but it certainly won't win Europe. Louis van Gaal still has much work left.

    Fissuh H Kelelom: I never believed until today that United are really back. Anyone still in doubt?

  52. Post update

    Man Utd 4-1 Man City

    Phil McNulty

    BBC Sport chief football writer

    "The Stretford End taunts Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini with "You're Getting Sacked In The Morning" as he stands in his technical area. This is getting very ugly for City and Pellegrini - it was only just over a year ago that David Moyes was getting the same treatment from the visiting fans here. What a turnaround."

    Manuel Pellegrini
  53. Post update

    Man Utd 4-1 Man City

    It's been a long time since Old Trafford enjoyed a game as much as this.

    City heading for a sixth defeat in their last eight games. Relegation form.

    United celebrate their fourth goal
  54. Post update

    Man Utd 4-1 Man City

    BBC Sport pundit Robbie Savage at Old Trafford

    "They could go and get five and six now. Look at the body language of Manchester City's players! They know they are getting annihilated. What are we seeing here from this City defence? Did Mangala really cost £32m? I think he was playing everyone on side. I think we are looking at one team going one way, and another team going another way. On this performance they are miles behind this United team."

    Manchester City look on after conceding a fourth goal

    Man Utd 4-1 Man City

    Frank Lampard, who probably wishes he was taking in some cafe culture on the Lower East Side with Christine right about now, is on for City as United also make a change, bringing on Marcos Rojo for Phil Jones.

  56. GOAL

    Man Utd 4-1 Man City - Chris Smalling

    It is getting embarrassing! Chris Smalling is the latest to score as he is totally free to head in Wayne Rooney's free-kick from the left. Woeful defending. Indefensible defending.

    Chris Smalling scores United's fourth
  57. Post update

    Man Utd 3-1 Man City

    United playing ole stuff now, into the feet of Marouane Fellaini and out again, Ashley Young buzzing around. This could get embarrassing.

  58. Post update

    Man Utd 3-1 Man City

    'You're getting sacked in the morning' sing the United fans towards Manuel Pellegrini.

    Is he on his way out?

  59. Post update

    Man Utd 3-1 Man City

    BBC Sport pundit Robbie Savage

    "Manchester City's back four are absolutely all the over place. Defensively they have been awful. The gap between Demichelis and Mangala is massive. It's a great weight of pass from Rooney to Juan Mata and it's a great finish through Joe Hart's legs.

    "A fantastic derby performance from Manchester United, who have been superior on every part of the pitch. This City team needs rebuilding - they have been battered by United today."

  60. Post update

    Man Utd 3-1 Man City

    It's been a stale second half but that third goal for the hosts will surely kill the game off. City have been flat since the restart and now they need two goals to claim a point.

  61. GOAL

    Man Utd 3-1 Man City - Juan Mata

    Game, set and match? Juan Mata continues his fine recent form with a third goal as United catch City on the break. Marouane Fellaini wins it back, Daley Blind pops a quick pass into the feet of Wayne Rooney and he frees Mata in behind.

    Possibly offside, Mata keeps his cool to run in on goal and nutmeg Joe Hart.

    Juan Mata celebrates United's third goal
  62. Post update

    Man Utd 2-1 Man City

    BBC Sport pundit Robbie Savage at Old Trafford

    "David Silva has gone more centrally now and that's where he can influence things a bit more."


    BBC Radio 5 live

    Are Manchester United on the right track? Do Manchester City need changes this summer? Whatever you want to talk about, the lines are open for 606 on BBC Radio 5 live. To talk to Kelly Cates and Ian Wright, phone 0500 909 693.

  64. Post update

    Man Utd 2-1 Man City

    Jesus Navas may be the fastest winger in the Premier League but that's not all what it's about. Good buy on Fifa mind. Where it is.

    In the real world, how can City get back into this game? A deflected Frank Lampard goal maybe?

  65. Text us on 81111

    Jim in Cambridge: Jesus Navas must be the worst winger in the Premier League. Awful.

    Michael in Essex: Manuel Pellegrini has been found out this season. We need to reinvest or he needs to go.

    Dan in London: That Ashley Young missed sitter, both defensively and offensively sum up how poor the quality has been in this league this year.


    Man Utd 2-1 Man City

    James Milner in some pain after he's clattered by Phil Jones - no booking for the United defender though. Samir Nasri is coming on for the visitors, and he does indeed replace Milner.

    Samir Nasri replaces James Milner
  67. Post update

    Man Utd 2-1 Man City

    BBC Sport pundit Robbie Savage at Old Trafford

    "Maybe Ashley Young was worried about Joe Hart coming off his line with the header. It was probably just offside anyway."

  68. Post update

    Man Utd 2-1 Man City

    A terrible header! Ashley Young is offside so it doesn't really matter, but that was a horrible effort. Unmarked, six yards out, and he barely made contact. Closed his eyes and hoped for the best...

    Ashley Young misses a chance
  69. Post update

    Man Utd 2-1 Man City

    That's better, Yaya Toure and David Silva swapping passes in a tight pocket of space on the edge of the area but Toure's left-footed shot is easily blocked by Ander Herrera.

  70. Post update

    Man Utd 2-1 Man City

    The Manchester City who looked like taking United apart in the opening minutes are nowhere to be seen. The Manchester City who won the league last year are not really evident to be honest.

  71. Post update

    Man Utd 2-1 Man City

    BBC Sport pundit Robbie Savage at Old Trafford

    "Marouane Fellaini's got his eyes on the ball all the time and is using his arms for leverage. It's not an intentional elbow on Martin Demichelis."

  72. Post update

    Man Utd 2-1 Man City

    Martin Demichelis gets an arm in the face from Marouane Fellaini, ref Mark Clattenburg whistles to stop the game for a head injury and Demichelis springs to his feet instantly. Clatts' face is a picture. You've been done.

    Martin Demichelis
  73. Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Niklas Lanwehr: Yaya Toure scores 20 goals a season no-one cares about him not tracking back. This season it's obvious he's a liability in big games.

    Vinodh Natarajan: Wayne Rooney has had a very quiet game, not legging runs, losing passes, he could come off.

    Andrew Smith: Not surprised to see Vincent Kompany come off he seemed to hold his thigh before he made that rash challenge in the first half.

  74. Post update

    Man Utd 2-1 Man City

    BBC Sport pundit Robbie Savage at Old Trafford

    "What a scrap there! Joe Hart made a mess of the free-kick, but recovered with a save. Great pressure from United."


    What a stramash! Wayne Rooney's free-kick is clawed out by Joe Hart, United keep it alive and Michael Carrick has a follow-up brilliantly saved by his England team-mate. Fernandinho boots a clearance into a team-mate's face, all the hallmarks of a classic goalmouth scramble.

    City get away with it...

  76. Post update

    Man Utd 2-1 Man City

    Slow start to the half, in contrast to the first 45 minutes which flew by at drum and bass tempo. Wayne Rooney wants a free-kick but Juan Mata is then tripped seconds later in a dangerous area. Free-kick given.

    Wayne Rooney tripped
  77. Post update

    Man Utd 2-1 Man City

    BBC Sport pundit Robbie Savage at Old Trafford

    "Three substitutes warming up for Manchester City. When will Manuel Pellegrini think about making an attacking change?"

  78. Post update

    Man Utd 2-1 Man City

    Good defending from Michael Carrick to stop Jesus Navas bursting down the right. The pass was undercooked from James Milner though - he had plenty of grass to hit. Navas would have been gone.

  79. Post update

    Man Utd 2-1 Man City

    City have Samir Nasri, Edin Dzeko and Frank Lampard on the bench if they need them, but they craft a decent opening straight away, David Silva chesting down a cross from the right but he loses his footing at the crucial moment.

  80. KICK-OFF

    Man Utd 2-1 Man City

    Game on!

  81. Text us on 81111

    Tom in Durham: With all the talk of Manchester City falling so far behind Chelsea, it might be forgotten that should they lose today, City will only be four points ahead of Liverpool in fifth (if Liverpool win their game in hand against a terrible Newcastle side on Monday). Unthinkable?

    Alex in Norwich: Good result so far for Utd but Van Gaal a genius? Spending £59.7 million on Angel Di Maria only to warm the bench. It may have worked in this game so far, but it's about a fiscally prudent as letting Greece run your bank account!

    Ashley in Salisbury: City need to come out looking for a fight in the second half, Manuel Pellegrini can no longer inspire the players like that. He needs to go.

    Get involved. Tweet us using #bbcfootball and text us on 81111. You can also leave a message on the BBC Sport Facebook page or on Google+.


    Man Utd 2-1 Man City - Kompany off

    Confirmation that Yaya Toure is now City's captain. Vincent Kompany is off, Eliaquim Mangala on. Can he beat Marouane Fellaini in the air?

    Vincent Kompany leaves the pitch
  83. Post update

    Man Utd 2-1 Man City

    Here come the sides out of the tunnel, huge ovation from the home fans.

  84. Post update

    Man Utd 2-1 Man City

    Vincent Kompany is indeed coming off at half-time. We believe he injured his thigh when fouling Daley Blind.

  85. Kompany off?

    Man Utd 2-1 Man City

    The debate over whether Vincent Kompany should have been sent off will rage on, but he may well be coming off anyway. Eliaquim Mangala is going through a long and intensive warm-up at half-time.

    Manchester City midfielder Vincent Kompany
  86. Post update

    Man Utd 2-1 Man City

    I count that five times that Phil Jones has a look at Sergio Aguero before Aguero put City ahead - yet he still seemed surprised that the Argentine was behind him for a tap-in!

  87. Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Jeffrey James: Credit to the United players for not making a big deal about that Kompany challenge. Could've been off.

    Khan Karn: Never ever a red for Kompany, 20-years-old ago that wouldn't be a yellow. one legged tackle, no booking for me and I'm not a fan of City.

    Senn Ranson: Don't think Kompany's challenge was a red. Besides, don't want City to have an excuse at full-time. United lead deserved.

  88. The task at hand

    Man Utd 2-1 Man City

    Manchester City have not won any of the last 86 Premier League away games where they've trailed at half-time, last winning in April 1995.

    That is ridiculous.

  89. Kilbane Q&A on Facebook

    Earlier today we put some of your questions to BBC pundit Kevin Kilbane.

    Check our the BBC Sport Facebook page for Kevin's answer on a wide range of subjects, including his tip for manager of the year, Arsenal's recent form and the promotion prospects of his former club Preston.

  90. Post update

    Man Utd 2-1 Man City

    If the scores were to stay like this, City would be 12 points behind Chelsea and lodged in fourth place. United would go four points above them and just one behind Arsenal.

    Manuel Pellegrini
  91. Mario, Mario, Mario

    Man Utd 2-1 Man City

    Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli reacted to Sergio Aguero opening the scoring at Old Trafford by tweeting. I imagine he's had to turn off his notifications now...

    Mario Balotelli
  92. Post update

    Man Utd 2-1 Man City

    BBC Sport pundit Robbie Savage at Old Trafford

    "Great start by City and they deserved a goal, but United have been in control ever since. Vincent Kompany's been lucky to get a yellow card - it was excessive force and out of control. It ticks a few boxes for what you would consider a sending off."


    Man Utd 2-1 Man City

    Phil McNulty

    BBC Sport chief football writer

    "Manchester City came out trying to deliver the quick knockout but Manchester United stayed on their feet despite that early setback and now have that lead to protect. A superb game helped by some poor defending. Plenty more where this came from you suspect."

  94. Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Chris Mitchell: Poor challenge and equally poor decision from Mark Clattenburg and his assistant. Reckless and out of control. Lucky boy Vincent Kompany.

    Ade Williams: Vincent Kompany has been VERY lucky there.....VERY lucky!

    Callum Anderson: City beginning to lose their composure - characterised by Kompany's tackle on Daley Blind.

    Get involved. Tweet us using #bbcfootball and text us on 81111. You can also leave a message on the BBC Sport Facebook page or on Google+.


    Man Utd 2-1 Man City

    And breathe...

  96. Text us on 81111

    Richard Clarke: The 'genius of van Gaal' as Simon from York puts it, is to recognise Moyes' signings are better than his.

    Richard obviously has a few issues with Simon's thoughts - see the comments after 25 minutes.

    Get involved. Tweet us using #bbcfootball and text us on 81111. You can also leave a message on the BBC Sport Facebook page or on Google+.

  97. Post update

    Man Utd 2-1 Man City

    Well played Phil Jones. He does really well to tackle Sergio Aguero as he tried to dart around him, and then starts a counter attack which is almost ended by Marouane Fellaini.

    He dives on to Antonio Valencia's cross but brave defending from Pablo Zabaleta knocks it clear.

  98. Post update

    Man Utd 2-1 Man City

    TWO MINUTES added on to an enthralling half. High in entertainment if not quality.

  99. Post update

    Man Utd 2-1 Man City

    BBC Sport pundit Robbie Savage at Old Trafford

    "Oooof. It was a lunge in from Vincent Kompany, a rash challenge. You have to say that is a borderline because his studs are up, he's caught him high up but the referee has probably just about got it right."


    Man Utd 2-1 Man City

    Vincent Kompany is worried. Referee Mark Clattenburg takes a long, long time to decide whether his lunge on Daley Blind is a reckless one and after consultation with his linesman goes for a yellow card.

    Kompany thought he was off there. It wasn't a great challenge, his foot was high. Did City get lucky there?

    Vincent Kompany tackles Daly Blind
  101. Post update

    Man Utd 2-1 Man City

    BBC Sport pundit Robbie Savage at Old Trafford

    "That was wonderful defending by Valencia. If only Aguero would have looked up to see the options available to him in the middle."

  102. Post update

    Man Utd 2-1 Man City

    Phil Jones loves a backpass - he's played more passes to his keeper than anyone else. And City should do better there!

    Where was United's defence? James Milner slides Sergio Aguero down the side, there's only Antonio Valencia back for United but he manages to stop Aguero from squaring to the free David Silva.

  103. Post update

    Man Utd 2-1 Man City

    Fine move from City as Sergio Aguero rolls his defender and finds Fernandinho, who sneaks a smart pass around the corner to James Milner. He has all sorts of space and time, but leans back and plants a horrible shot into the Stretford End.

    Sergio Aguero turns Phil Jones
  104. Post update

    Man Utd 2-1 Man City

    Marouane Fellaini causing more damage, bringing the ball down and finding Wayne Rooney - but the flag was up against Rooney. Someone needs to get a hold of Fellaini for City.


    Man Utd 2-1 Man City

    A gem of a pass from Yaya Toure almost has Sergio Aguero in on goal but that man David De Gea sweeps up again, David Silva is then booked for a crunching tackle on Juan Mata. Can't take your eyes off this.

  106. Post update

    Man Utd 2-1 Man City

    Phil McNulty

    BBC Sport chief football writer

    "Manchester United's fans are loving this. Every tackle being cheered thunderously. They have been on the receiving end of three successive defeats to Manchester City here at Old Trafford so safe to assume they want this to be payback time - but given the standard of defending on show so far it is also safe to assume there will be more chances."

  107. Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Ian Brennan: That completes the transformation of Fellaini from last year's flop, to this year's rock. Great scenes.

    Paul Lummis: Clinical finish by Fellaini, who responds by celebrating in typically awkward fashion.

    Brett Mills: David Moyes signings are having the biggest impact on Man Utd's changing form and fortunes!

  108. Post update

    Man Utd 2-1 Man City

    City respond well to going behind, James Milner in the thick of it again and wins a corner, which Martin Demichelis heads comfortably wide.

  109. Post update

    Man Utd 2-1 Man City

    Marouane Fellaini - as Gary Lineker points out - was possibly marginally offside as he headed United ahead. But if he was, it was incredibly marginal.

  110. Post update

    Man Utd 2-1 Man City

    Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker

  111. Post update

    Man Utd 2-1 Man City

    A goal and an assist for Ashley Young, a goal for Marouane Fellaini, while Angel Di Maria and Radamel Falcao sit it out on the bench.

    Kleberson and Eric Djemba-Djemba are coming back in the summer.

  112. Post update

    Man Utd 2-1 Man City

    BBC Sport pundit Robbie Savage at Old Trafford

    "I said before the game that Fellaini would be the key man in the match. It's a great ball from Ashley Young and he's got his head where it matters. Joe Hart got a hand on it but he couldn't keep it."

    Manchester United celebrate their second goal
  113. GOAL

    Man Utd 2-1 Man City - Marouane Fellaini

    Manchester City's defensive frailties exposed again as United come from behind to lead! Daley Blind backheels to Ashley Young, his cross is superb and Marouane Fellaini is free to thump in a header.

    I mentioned earlier that he could be a weapon against the City defence. And he has been. Of mass destruction.

    Marouane Fellaini scores Manchester United's second goal
  114. Post update

    Man Utd 1-1 Man City

    Yaya Toure rolls away from Chris Smalling with a lovely touch but he doesn't get a free-kick as he falls to the ground. The early break-neck speed of the game has subsided slightly now.

  115. Text us on 81111

    Simon in York: Is anyone still doubting Van Gaal's genius? He's taken Ashley Young and turned him into a truly elite forward capable of keeping the likes of Angel Di Maria out the side. He has the managerial Midas touch.

    Andy in Armagh: Absolutely crucial for Manchester United to hit back so soon after falling behind. Hopefully this will spark them into life. Game on!

    James: Man City will not be winning the league this season but to finish below United would be to much to bear. City really up for this.

    Get involved. Tweet us using #bbcfootball and text us on 81111. You can also leave a message on the BBC Sport Facebook page or on Google+.


    Man Utd 1-1 Man City

    James Milner is the first man in the book for a cynical check on Ander Herrera. A definite booking. Interestingly Wayne Rooney has only had six touches in the first quarter of the game - the fewest of any outfield player.

  117. Post update

    Man Utd 1-1 Man City

    David De Gea off his line again, racing out to clear away from James Milner who was in behind the United backline. Milner is basically playing up front.

  118. Post update

    Man Utd 1-1 Man City

    Gael Clichy bombs on down the City left and whips in an early cross, Sergio Aguero is well blocked and David Silva can't get a shot away in the aftermath. End-to-end stuff. Jose Mourinho would hate this. No control in midfield at all.

  119. Post update

    Man Utd 1-1 Man City

    David De Gea deals with a dodgy backpass brilliantly and in fact starts another United attack down their left, but Daley Blind runs out of room. The first 20 minutes have flown by.

  120. Post update

    Man Utd 1-1 Man City

    Phil McNulty

    BBC Sport chief football writer

    "What a start. Manchester United needed to strike a blow as they came under siege and it came from Ashley Young. City have not taken a backward step and the atmosphere inside Old Trafford is deafening. More goals in this surely."

  121. Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    John Dunthorne: Ah, one of those games when the defences do not turn up. Great.

    Liam Stones: Ashley Young still couldn't stay on his feet even when he's scoring!

    Bunmun: Wow, anything can happen in this Manchester derby. Jones and Smalling don't look comfortable.

  122. Post update

    Man Utd 1-1 Man City

    United had not been at the races but they're level now and the home crowd smell blood. Crystal Palace striker Glenn Murray had a field day against this City defence last Monday and they haven't dealt with any direct balls down the middle yet. Marouane Fellaini could be a weapon for United today.

    Manchester City kick off
  123. Post update

    Man Utd 1-1 Man City

    BBC Sport pundit Robbie Savage at Old Trafford

    "What a game! Gael Clichy got a block in on Ashley Young, but the ball fell fortunately for the United man and he was quickest to react. It's a really open game so far."

    Ashley Young celebrates his goal against Manchester City
  124. GOAL

    Man Utd 1-1 Man City - Ashley Young

    Route one! This is rubbish defending as United level in Sunday League style. David de Gea lumps it downfield, Ander Herrera puts in an early cross and the City defence are all over the place. The ball hits Gael Clichy on the back and drops for Ashley Young, who swivels sharply to slam into the open net.

    Lovely finish.

    Ashley Young scores United's equaliser
  125. Post update

    Man Utd 0-1 Man City

    Phil McNulty

    BBC Sport chief football writer

    "Manchester City hit Manchester United with a whirlwind start here last season and scored early through Edin Dzeko. This is no different and Sergio Aguero's goal had been coming from the first whistle.

    "It has been a devastating opening burst and Louis van Gaal's side need to clear their heads here. City fans exultant and Manuel Pellegrini in his technical area demanding even more players move forward. The normally understated Chilean pumped his fists in delight when Aguero scored in front of the Stretford End."

  126. Post update

    Man Utd 0-1 Man City

    The home side have been totally off the boil in the opening stages. They have had one wake-up call.

    Boos around the ground as Gael Clichy escapes a yellow card again - that's two tackles which could well have been bookings avoided.

    Gael Clichy and Juan Mata
  127. Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Andrew Morris: City all over United and that goal has been coming. United at sixes and sevens. United are in for a long day.

    Samo Alfred: Man City will vent their anger on Man Utd. Said that a week ago. It just started!

    Shohidur Rahman: Shocking start, absolutely shocking. United need to wake up.

    Get involved. Tweet us using #bbcfootball and text us on 81111. You can also leave a message on the BBC Sport Facebook page or on Google+.

  128. Post update

    Man Utd 0-1 Man City

    Manuel Pellegrini dialled up his celebration to 11 for that opener. Normally a man of few emotions, he gave that the big one. This is a very important game for the Chilean.

    All City so far.

  129. Post update

    Man Utd 0-1 Man City

    BBC Sport pundit Robbie Savage at Old Trafford

    "Well you have to stay great play from Manchester City, but there was so much miscommunication between Michael Carrick and Juan Mata. Neither player picked him up. It's poor defending and Sergio Aguero was unmarked to tap in. They've probably deserved the lead."

    Sergio Aguero scores
  130. GOAL

    Man Utd 0-1 Man City - Sergio Aguero

    Surgical. City dissect United easily and score a wonderful goal. James Milner finds David Silva on the left of the area, he looks up and picks out Sergio Aguero for a tap-in inside the goalmouth.

    Some textbook ball-watching from Phil Jones there. No appreciation of what - or who - was behind him. A deserved lead.

    Manchester City celebrate Sergio Aguero's goal
  131. Post update

    Man Utd 0-0 Man City

    Fernandinho with a crunching tackle in midfield - that's got the game going. Good spell for City.

  132. Post update

    Man Utd 0-0 Man City

    BBC Sport pundit Robbie Savage at Old Trafford

    "That's where Manchester City can exploit United in wide areas, but Jesus Navas needs to show more confidence with his finish there."

  133. GREAT SAVE!

    Man Utd 0-0 Man City

    A great chance for the visitors! It's route one stuff, a clearance from defence and Jesus Navas breaks the offside trap to skin Daley Blind, He powers into the box but has to shoot from a tight angle as there's no support. De Gea blocks it solidly at the front post.

    City on top - and Michael Carrick has to make a great tackle to stop Yaya Toure sweeping in the corner.

  134. Post update

    Man Utd 0-0 Man City

    David Silva with a wonderful ball down the left to find Sergio Aguero but Chris Smalling does well to shut him down. Yaya Toure gets the ball 30 yards out but decided not to shoot. Worth a go in these conditions.

  135. Post update

    Man Utd 0-0 Man City

    BBC Sport pundit Robbie Savage at Old Trafford

    "A very nervous start from Manchester City, giving the ball away in dangerous areas. But Joe Hart is a picture of calm in goal behind them."

  136. Post update

    Man Utd 0-0 Man City

    Joe Hart on his toes to stop Wayne Rooney latching on to a loose ball, fine goalkeeping.

  137. Post update

    Man Utd 0-0 Man City

    Before the game Manuel Pellegrini said that James Milner 'can play up front' and he is very close to Sergio Aguero in the opening stages. David Silva is left of midfield, I expected those two to be the other way around. Gael Clichy wit the first reducer of the day - he avoids a yellow card though.

  138. KICK-OFF

    Man Utd 0-0 Man City

    City get the game up and running, great noise inside the stadium.

  139. Post update

    Man Utd v Man City (16:00 BST)

    I'd imagine it has been a while since United fans looked forward to derby day. Are they favourites? Neither manager would admit so before the game...

  140. Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Man Utd v Man City (16:00 BST)

    Alex Haworth: Haven't looked forward to a Manchester derby this much for years. I'm confident that King Louis can mastermind another big win.

    Sonny ‏Charles: A Manchester United fan, but couldn't see a single one of our defenders making that combined Manchester team.

    Richard Elliott: Massive test for Kompany. He's prone to over-committing in the big games and I fear this time will be no different.

    Get involved. Tweet us using #bbcfootball and text us on 81111. You can also leave a message on the BBC Sport Facebook page or on Google+.

  141. Post update

    Man Utd v Man City (16:00 BST)

    The rain lashes down as the sides line up on the centre-circle. Cracking atmosphere, as you'd expect...

    Manchester United and Manchester City line up
  142. Post update

    Man Utd v Man City (16:00 BST)

    No visible reaction from Yaya Toure. He's a brilliant player at times but he's never exactly 'pumped' is he?

  143. Post update

    Man Utd v Man City (16:00 BST)

    Here come the teams. Definitely a day for long sleeves in my book. It's all fairly friendly in the tunnel, international team-mates shake hands and back slaps, there is rarely any needle these days it seems. The days of Gary Neville blanking Peter Schmeichel or his own brother are gone...

    Joe Hart is always Mr. Vocal though. 'Come on Yaya!' he shouts. 'Get pumped up! It's your day!'

  144. Derby Day A-Z

    Man Utd v Man City (16:00 BST)

    T is for thrashings

    Derbies are traditionally tight, cagey affairs. Not always in Manchester.

    Whether Blue or Red there are scorelines to haunt and laud.

    City's 6-1 wrecking job at Old Trafford in October 2011 confirmed them as title, as well as local, rivals.

    United's 5-0 home win in 1994 featured an Andrei Kanchelskis hat-trick against a City side slipping south fast.

    That result in turn was seen as long overdue pay-back for City's famous 5-1 win over United in 1989 - a result dubbed the Demolition Derby that heaped pressure on a relatively recently installed Alex Ferguson.

    Read more of our A-Z guide here

  145. Post update

    Man Utd v Man City (16:00 BST)

    BBC Sport pundit Robbie Savage

    "Yaya Toure probably owes Manchester City a performance. He's sometimes a hindrance because of his lack of urgency to chase back and win it. Think of what Wayne Rooney does when he loses the ball - he chases back and fights to get it back. Toure needs show more of that, especially in a Manchester derby."

  146. Post update

    Man Utd v Man City (16:00 BST)

    Is that Manuel Pellegrini admitting that the title has gone...?

  147. 'Kompany is 100% fit'

    Man Utd v Man City (16:00 BST)

    Man City

    Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini: "Vincent Kompany is 100% fit, he has been fine for the past few days he has no problem.

    "James Milner is always an important player for us, he can play in different positions. He was not 100% fit for the last game but now we hope he can see a more normal performance.

    "We cannot put the season right with one performance. In this moment this game is for the fans, to be the team that dominates the city. We are fighting against United for the second, third and fourth places in the table.

    "Both teams need to be at their best. It is always a close game."

  148. 'He's no Kevin Nolan...'

    Man Utd v Man City (16:00 BST)

    Sergio Aguero

    Sergio Aguero has not scored in any of his last six competitive appearances for Man City.

    Aguero has been stuck on 69 Premier League goals (level with Luis Suarez and Kevin Nolan) since February 21.

  149. Post update

    Man Utd v Man City (16:00 BST)

    Alan Green

    BBC Radio 5 live at Old Trafford

    "Although Manchester City are closer to Liverpool in terms of points I think Brendan Rodgers would probably want them to win at Old Trafford today. Why? Because Manchester United have a much more difficult run in than City so maybe look more likely to drop points."

  150. 'A different United'

    Man Utd v Man City (16:00 BST)

    Man Utd

    Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal: "You start the match better if you have the momentum but a derby is always special. There are factors you cannot control as a manager. We have to wait and see.

    "I never play a role to my players. I only prepare them like I always do. We know the qualities of our opponent.

    "We are a different United to the first game against City this season. We lost that game but now we are in a better shape."

  151. Post update

    Man Utd v Man City (16:00 BST)

    BBC Sport pundit Robbie Savage at Old Trafford

    "Irrespective of the result in the Manchester derby today I can't see any of the current top four dropping out of the Champions League places."

  152. Snow in the area

    Man Utd v Man City (16:00 BST)


    Radamel Falcao and Angel Di Maria are not included for Manchester United this season, and I wonder what the South Americans make of the fact that it is currently snowing just outside Manchester.

    The Manchester Evening News also report that "gusts in the city centre have reached 35 mph, with more rural areas seeing 50mph-60mph."

    It's just like Madrid guys. Honest...

  153. Stat Attack

    Man Utd v Man City (16:00 BST)

    Manchester United have lost their last four league games against Manchester City; they've never lost five in a row.

    Sergio Aguero has scored four goals in his last three Premier League matches against Manchester United.

    The Red Devils have shipped 11 goals in their last three home clashes against City - losing them all.

  154. Four in a row

    Man Utd v Man City (16:00 BST)

    Manchester City have won their last four derbies. Here's a rundown.

    2 November 2014:

    Manchester City 1-0 Manchester United

    Sergio Aguero

    Sergio Aguero scored the only goal after Chris Smalling's stupid early red card for United.

    25 March 2014:

    Manchester United 0-3 Manchester City

    Yaya Toure

    Edin Dzeko scored in the first minute and added a second after Yaya Toure's low drive as David Moyes' final derby ends with a battering.

    22 September 2013:

    Manchester City 4-1 Manchester United

    David Moyes' first derby is equally one-sided thanks to goals from Aguero (2), Toure and Samir Nasri. Wayne Rooney's late free-kick offered little in the way of consolation.

    8 April 2013:

    Manchester United 1-2 Manchester City

    Goals from Sergio Aguero and James Milner cancel out a Vincent Kompany own goal to give City a win - but United still led the title race by 12 points in Sir Alex Ferguson's final derby...

  155. Post update

    Man Utd v Man City (16:00 BST)

    Phil McNulty

    BBC Sport chief football writer at Old Trafford

    "Old Trafford's tannoy announcer - with great gusto and at full volume - welcomes supporters to "the world's greatest football club." Fair to say he is slightly biased - and also fair to say some of the time-honoured gestures of disapproval aimed in his direction from Manchester City's fans suggest they do not agree with him."

  156. Will you still need me, when I'm 34?

    Man Utd v Man City (16:00 BST)

    Vincent Kompany

    A criticism of Manchester City of late has been that their side is starting to look, well, old.

    You could say 'settled' but City captain Vincent Kompany turned 29 on Friday, while players such as Yaya Toure, Pablo Zabaleta, Aleksandar Kolarov, James Milner, Edin Dzeko and David Silva are all also now senior statesmen within the group.

    It's effectively the same team which won the title in 2012 but Kompany does not believe major surgery in the summer.

    "This team doesn't need restructuring," he said.

    "I would say it's more about refocusing. These criticisms about age come and go with form. If you are in good form and you're having a good season, then people say it's your experience that got you there.

    "If you're having a bad run of form, like we are now, then age is the problem.

    "We have to think outside of what people say. We've not been as good as we could have been. That's the bottom line and we need to solve that. But I can only speak from what I see and, looking around the dressing room, I haven't noticed that this team is coming to an end."

  157. Post update

    Manchester XI?

    Is it fair to say that neither side are blessed with a great defence at the moment?

  158. Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Manchester XI?

    Samuel Small: The Manchester side would be: De Gea, Zabaleta, Kompany, Rojo, Blind, Yaya, Herrera, Di Maria, Mata Silva, Rooney (4-2-3-1)

    Bradley C: Combined United and City team: De Gea, Zabaleta, Jones, Kompany, Blind, Carrick, Herrera, Silva, Young, Rooney, Aguero.

    Peterwari Soberekon: My Manchester XI has to be the Man Utd starting line up... City have been garbage so none of them deserve a place in my team.

  159. Derby Day A-Z

    Man Utd v Man City (16:00 BST)

    Mario Balotelli
    Image caption: Balotelli scored the first two goals in City's 6-1 success at Old Trafford in October 2011

    W is for 'Why always me?'

    Who could forget Mario Balotelli's iconic celebration after scoring in City's 6-1 win at Old Trafford in 2011?

    Balotelli had been in the news after fireworks were set off inside his bathroom in the build-up to the derby and provided the spark on the pitch with a brace in City's biggest derby-day win.

    Read more of our A-Z guide here

  160. Post update

    Man Utd v Man City (16:00 BST)


    What would Eric say? I mean, honestly...

  161. Post update

    Man Utd v Man City (16:00 BST)

    Not many early adopters to the seats at Old Trafford in the poor weather as the home side come out to warm-up. Skipper Wayne Rooney leads from the front.

  162. 'City's title defence is over'

    Man Utd v Man City (16:00 BST)

    BBC Sport pundit Robbie Savage

    "A slack attitude will be unacceptable in the derby, and the City players will know it. Put it this way, if that happens at Old Trafford, then their fans will definitely let them know.

    "For me, City's title defence is over now but, let's face it, it had effectively ended before they lost at Crystal Palace on Monday.

    "The important thing for them now is to finish the season well.

    "Ideally, that would mean finishing second and above United but, like their chances of beating their neighbours, that also looks far less likely than it did a month or so ago."

    Read more from Robbie here

  163. FULL-TIME

    QPR 0-1 Chelsea


    A performance of champions? Chelsea had one shot on target all game and put it in the net. They are seven points clear at the top, 11 above Manchester United and 12 above City.

    You can follow all of the reaction from that game in a separate page - click here to follow action from Loftus Road.

  164. Manchester XI?

    Man Utd v Man City (16:00 BST)

    Manchester XI

    As part of Sunday's 5 live Sport a handful of Manchester United and City fans have chosen their combined Manchester team of the season.

    Here's the team they came up with…

    De Gea, Zabaleta, Kompany, Demichelis, Clichy, Carrick, Herrera, Milner, Silva, Rooney, Aguero.

    What are your thoughts? Do Yaya Toure, Juan Mata and co deserve to be left on on current form?

    Get in touch at #bbcfootball, pop on to the BBC Sport Facebook page or BBC Sport's Google+ area.

    You can also text us on 81111 in the UK only - don't forget to say who you are and where you are texting from.

  165. Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Paul Moore: As a City fan it is seriously worrying me that we haven't been hammered off United in years now. It seems well overdue. I hope I am wrong.

    Tim Craven: Imagine a year ago, being told Manchester United had bought Di Maria and Falcao. And Young and Fellani were keeping them out the team.

    Mathew Penistone: Manuel Pellegrini finally changes his formation in a big game....though last time he did that Arsenal beat them 2-0.

  166. Post update

    Man Utd v Man City (16:00 BST)

    The sun may be baking Loftus Road but it's a filthy day in Manchester, cold, windy and wet. If there was any more encouragement for a slide tackle or two needed, these conditions could be just the tonic...

  167. 'Everybody's talking at me'

    Man Utd v Man City (16:00 BST)

    Louis van Gaal quote

    Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal has had plenty of supporters in his ear this week by the sounds of it.

  168. GOAL

    QPR 0-1 Chelsea - Cesc Fabregas

    A big late goal for Chelsea sees them move seven points clear of Arsenal once more.

    You can follow minute-by-minute updates on that game in a separate page - click here to follow action from Loftus Road.

  169. Derby Day A-Z

    Man Utd v Man City (16:00 BST)

    R is for Rooney

    Wayne Rooney, Manchester United
    Image caption: Wayne Rooney's bicycle kick against City in 2011 was named goal of the season and, subsequently, the goal of 20 Premier League seasons

    The shinned screamer. Wayne Rooney's late bicycle-kick winner at Old Trafford in 2011 ensured his place in derby history.

    It was the most famous of 11 goals that the 29 year-old has scored against Manchester City.

    He has found the net in the fixture than any other player from either side. City's top scorers are Joe Hayes and Francis Lee with 10 each.

    Read more of our A-Z guide here

  170. Who wants it?

    Man Utd v Man City (16:00 BST)

    Vincent Kompany

    City may have won the last four Manchester derbies in a row, but City captain Vincent Kompany says Manchester United have regained their desire to win the derby.

    Defender Kompany, 29, told Football Focus he believes Louis van Gaal's side will be desperate to end that run.

    "For a long time I felt we wanted it more, but I think they've been hurt pretty badly and they'll want it just as much now," the Belgian said.

    "They have their games against Liverpool, which are very important to them. For us, this is the most important game.

    "In previous years I think we wanted it more but things change."

    Make no mistake - both sides will be desperate to win this afternoon...

  171. Join the debate at #bbcfootball

    Manchester XI?

    As part of Sunday's 5 live Sport a handful of Manchester United and City fans have chosen their combined Manchester team of the season.

    The results suggest - to me anyway - that both sides have a fair amount of work to do in the summer. But who would you pick? And why?

    Manchester XI

    Get in touch at #bbcfootball, pop on to the BBC Sport Facebook page or BBC Sport's Google+ area.

    You can also text us on 81111 in the UK only - don't forget to say who you are and where you are texting from.

  172. Post update

    Man Utd v Man City (16:00 BST)

    BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty at Old Trafford

    "It is like the depths of winter around Old Trafford as wind and driving rain set up the prospect of difficult conditions for the derby between Manchester United and Manchester City.

    "It was only just over a year ago that City's 3-0 win here saw them go 15 points clear of a Manchester United side floundering under David Moyes having played two games less.

    "Now, under the leadership of Louis van Gaal, United are a point ahead of City. Recent history is against United, however, with City having won the last four derbies - and the last three at Old Trafford.

    "United will have the confidence after wins against Spurs, Liverpool and Aston Villa put them on course for the top four while City have lost their last three away games at Liverpool, Burnley and Crystal Palace."

  173. Team News

    Man Utd v Man City (16:00 BST)

    Man City

    Manchester City make two changes from the team which lost at Crystal Palace. Pablo Zabaleta replaces Bacary Sagna at right-back and James Milner comes in for Edin Dzeko.

    City XI: Hart; Zabaleta, Kompany, Demichelis, Clichy; Navas, Milner, Toure, Fernandinho, Silva; Aguero

  174. Team News

    Man Utd v Man City (16:00 BST)

    Man Utd

    Manchester United make one change - Chris Smalling comes in for Marcos Rojo.

    Man Utd XI: De Gea; Valencia, Jones, Smalling, Blind; Carrick, Herrera, Fellaini; Mata, Young, Rooney

  175. Post update

    Man Utd v Man City (16:00 BST)

    The reverse in form in Manchester has been startling in recent weeks and months.

    Champions City have lost five of their last seven games in all competitions - that's relegation form - while Louis van Gaal's United have put together a run of five straight league wins to move into third place and once again look down on the boys in blue.

    A home win today and City *could be 12 points behind Chelsea with six games to go. Surely that would be too much?

    *Chelsea are currently drawing 0-0 with QPR. Follow that game in full in this page.

  176. Chucked it away...

    Man Utd v Man City (16:00 BST)


    "In the last three months we have thrown it into the garbage."

    Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini neatly summarised his side's recent form in his pre-match briefing with several national newspapers.

    A glance at the Premier League table as recently as 10 January shows that champions City were level on points with Chelsea at the top of the table, a huge nine points clear of rivals Manchester United.

    But three months of regular trips to the tip have left City behind United going into the second derby of the year - something that even the most optimistic United fan would have found hard to believe at the turn of the year.

    This afternoon, it's showdown time at Old Trafford. Will United continue to pour on the pain for Pellegrini?